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The Adventure Begins

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Cyan, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. "Hey,Autumn! Come down here, please!"my mom said. I ripped my face from a book and I walked downstairs. "Your friend Shane wanted you to meet him in Professor Rowan's lab. You two do enjoy helping him out."she reported. "Okay,mom." I said. Under my breath I muttered"Whatever."I grabbed my backpack and strolled out the front door. Right before it closed, my mom called,"Stay out of the tall grass on your way to Sandgem Town!" I ignored her,because she's always warning me about things I already know. I broke out into a run, because whenever Shane and I get together, something exciting happens.

    I pushed open the door of the lab and I saw Shane with the professor. They appeared to be in deep conversation, and Shane was getting excited.I flung my bag on the floor next to the door and bolted over."What's up?" I asked. "There's going to be an important visitor here in about two hours!"Shane said. "Who?"I inquired. "The professor won't tell!"muttered Shane. He looked pretty pissed off about it. The professor looked, overall, calm. "The Champion, Cynthia, is going to visit the lab. I've told her about how much you two want Pokemon of your own, and recently, she's been breeding Pokemon so she has two eggs coming with her.She says it's easier to bond with your Pokemon if they've been with you since birth." Rowan announced. Shane and I freaked out bigtime. I had always been a HUGE fan of Cynthia, and now I was going to recieve my first ever Pokemon from her, and not only that, it was going to have been bred from her own Pokemon! If it weren't for my tomboyishness, I would have squealed aloud in pure delight.


    The squeal of the lab's door opening woke me up. Suprised, I looked around, wondering, Who did that, who woke me up? Then I turned my head and I saw an incredibly tall girl with long blonde hair in the center of the room. I jumped out of shock ( I'm a very jumpy girl ) when I realized who it was. " Cynthia!!!! O my god, o my god, o my god!!! It's really you!!!" I shrieked. My hands immediately flew to my mouth. I had screamed like a girly-girl.Yuck. And in front of my hero, too. "Sorry! I overreacted, didn't I?" Cynthia slowly nodded. My shriek had woken up Shane. He groggily lifted his head. " What time is it? Is Cynthia here yet?" he mumbled. Cynthia stifled a giggle. When Shane came to his senses, well.....let's leave it at my ears hurt alot. Professor Rowan barely lifted his head from his research papers. " Well, Rowan! Long time, no see! I guess I've met your new assistants." Cynthia said cheerfully. " Yes, you have." Rowan said respectfully. Things went on like that for a while as the two talked about what had happened during the time period they didn't see each other. When they got done talking, Cynthia pulled two objects from behind her back. I got a rising feeling in the pit of my stomach.This was the moment I had been waiting for! I reached out to grab an egg, but they were pulled back. I fell forward. "Oww!" I complained. I sat back up, and Shane came and sat beside me. Then Cynthia handed me an egg, and she handed one to Shane. "I want you to be kind to the Pokemon in those eggs and I want you to show them lots of different places." Cynthia said. "We will!" Shane and I said in unison.

    "What do you think is in your egg?" Shane asked me after Cynthia had left."I don't know, but it's sure to be great if it was bred from Cynthia's Pokemon!" I replied. Rowan was watching us and he seemed to be seriously considering something. Suddenly, the egg in my lap began to wiggle and crack."Autumn! Look at your egg!" Shane cried. Rowan got up from his reasearch to come and watch. A small blue paw popped two holes near the top of the egg and two red eyes peeked out. "Riolu!"said the thing inside the egg. "A Riolu! Amazing!" said Rowan. The rest of the egg was busted away, and the Riolu stood up. He was still in my lap. He studied his surroundings in awe, then turned and stared at me adoringly.He must have approved of me, because he plopped down and promptly went to sleep, his head lying on my chest. I started to stroke him fondly. " I think I'll call you Riley." I whispered, as to not wake my new family member. Just then there was another CRACK. "A Gible! Wow!!" said Shane. She approved of Shane and conked out on his lap. "I'm going to call her Chomper!" Shane told me. "All right, then. Autumn and Shane. I would like you to help me with my research in the biggest way possible. Can I trust you with a Pokedex? Will you fill it with all kinds of entries?" "Yes!!!!!!!!"

    Shane and I were traveling to the next city, Jubilife City. Riley was playing with Chomper and picking her up and running around. "They get along well, don't they?" I said. Shane agreed. Well, they got along until Chomper playfully bit Riley's tail. Then Riley got mad and hefted Chomper onto his shoulders and got ready to throw her."DON'T YOU DARE!!!!" I yelled at Riley. He dropped Chomper out of suprise,and he hid in a nearby bush, whimpering. Suddenly I felt unbelievably guilty."Look, Riley, I'm sorry I yelled at you. Do you forgive me?" Riley slowly crept out of the bush, then he ran to me and snuggled up to my chin and he fell asleep in my arms.I picked him up and carried him the rest of the way to Jubilife.

    When Shane and I reached Jubilife, a Pokemon contest was going on, so we went and watched it. Shane was cheering for an Umbreon nicknamed Night and his trainer, Wolf, and I was cheering for a Meowth nicknamed Poppy and her trainer, Caspian. There was also a trainer named Galain who was with a Togepi, a trainer named Ethan ( I think ) and his Wynaut nicknamed Wimsy, and a few others. Oh, yeah, there was someone with a Roselia. I couldn't catch the trainer's name, though. Once it was over, Shane and I explored the city a bit. We found something called the GTS. We went inside and I saw a Togepi running around wildly. My first thought was, Oh no, Galain's Togepi escaped. But when I looked closer I noticed that the shell pattern was different, and that she was tied to a string that, in turn, was tied to a Trainer's wrist. The Trainer was very freaked out. When I went over to say hi, he quickly said,"Don't say anything. Just take this monster away!" He tore the string from his wrist and shoved it into my palm. Then he took off. I stood there, dazed. The Togepi was dancing around in circles. She hadn't noticed that she had transferred Trainers. Shane ran over and asked " Where'd you get the Togepi?"I hadn't really had time to let what just happened sink in, so I answered I don't know. "Well, anyway,guess what? You can trade pokemon with anyone in the world here! It's a small world after all!
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    .... So were you shooting for an RP or a Fanfic here? If you were shooting for an RP, there's no need for this 'part 1' nonsense. If you were shooting for a fanfic, then this is in the wrong forum.
  3. when they start there journey other arrived to sinnoh region:

    oh this place is awsome blizz dont you think says lobo swamperrrr ,swam, says blizz yeah its a new begin and with profesor rowan experiment we can do it right i think i know form way back the champion of this region she was my wifes ex girlfriend so yeah maybe i call her whe we get there ok its going to be fun it will be fun
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    ........ No. Just no.
  5. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Stel's got it spot on.

    Luvmew, if you were gunning for an RP, this wasn't the best format for it. Read around the forum before trying again.

    Shadowloboslayer, words fail me.
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