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Tell Us About YOUR Cringy OC!

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Merciless Medic, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. The title explains it all. Just tell us about your OC, who you think is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu or is just plain cringy and should be thrown into the abyss and forgotten forever. Now, we are only talking about YOUR OC, nobody else's. We don't want to just force someone to show their OC here; that's not nice! I would recommend only stating your OC that YOU had made (and no one else's), and tell us why he/she/it was so cringy in the first place, or a Mary Sue. If it was an OC that was made in a collab, then you can either tell about the portion of the OC you made, or ask the other creator and have them agree on posting it here. We don't want to get crapped on by everyone getting all butthurt about their OCs being mentioned here when they were made to be a secret because of how horrible they really are. I'm the kind of person who'll keep my OCs and try to make them acceptable as much as I can XD but with remnants of what they were still in there.

    I'll give you an example down below about my terrible OCs (that I somehow keep tweaking just so they are fit to RP with on this website ^^'''):

    If you have seen this character, then that means you've just encountered or have roleplayed with my character that I've been heavily tweaking for 14 years now. I just can't seem to let her go. ^^'''

    She had a specific type she specialized in (Psychic, Ghost, Dark). With each type, she could bond with that Pokemon a lot easier, including Legendaries. Her mother had caught every single Pokemon including befriending Legendaries. She then caught more Legendaries and she can utilize aura powers in more ways than a Lucario can, like creating limbs with them and transforming into that Pokemon of her type. She can also utilize moves of those certain types or of those certain Pokemon, like using Night Slash or Flamethrower (from Houndoom).

    She also could Mega Evolve more than one Pokemon at a time (of course, limitations), and also can use multiple Z-Moves at a time, and can fix up older TMs, so they won't break.

    Of course, the aura powers had limitations, she was still quite a Mary Sue. And then she had a dimension all to herself and her family after the Creation Trio and Arceus created it for her family a few generations back after her great-great grandfather accepted a trial. I had to put severe flaws and limitations to make them slightly okay. She's still a Mary Sue though. They could also go through dimensions to different areas. These could be from the Gen I games where only Gen I moves and Pokemon existed, to the remakes of those Gen I games, and even more infinite possibilities. Hell, even having megas in the HeartGold/SoulSilver timeline.

    Also, depending on my mood and which area they were in, one of my characters could fall for a person in the anime or games... I've had my character crush on Cilan, Paul, Gary, Red, Falkner, Maxie, Archie, N, Cress, Chili, Cheren, Grimsley, Siebold, and more I can't remember. ^^'''

    I have six more of these Mary Sues/Gary Stus, and they are siblings to Shade XD in the Pokemon universe.

    Outside of the Pokemon universe:
    Every time I had a universe to plant an OC in, it'll always be my staple character (Shade), and she'd always be every single creature in that universe, and if that wasn't stretched, I'll stretch her even more and make her slightly edgy and immortal. Yep... And she'll even break up an existing, canon relationship, so she can get at that handsome hunk, and the other female wouldn't even bat an eye and go for another person, and she could also pep talk anyone out of their REALLY DIFFICULT addictions! If that doesn't make it even worse, she is a shapeshifter and has the power to destroy and recreate several universes at once (heavy limitations here!), so I decided to give her a Power Cap (which basically matches her power with her opponent's). Although, that still doesn't destroy her gross Mary Sue-ness

    Yea, I have had enough talking about her. XD She's too OP!

    I'll keep adding more to this post, so if you really want to see the horrible monstrosities that are my characters... Go ahead!

    I never realized how horrible these OCs were. XD Let us have a gander at your OCs!

    Even though we are posting our OCs on here to see how horrible they truly are, nobody should be flaming or slandering the maker of these horrible OCs. The OCs shouldn't mirror the person's personality and whether they are a good person or not, no matter if the OCs were actually based off of the creator's themselves or not. If I see anyone making fun of the creators of the OCs (unless it's all in good fun and it's obviously seen as that, since the meaning of a sentence is very difficult to tell through the internet) then I will report them, and they should say good bye to participating in this thread.

    Other than that, have fun! :D
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  2. Sadly many of my worst OCs have been lost to the dregs of the Internet, as the site in which I started role playing on no longer exists. This is probably a good thing for my sanity, but kinda sucks in the context of this thread. However, I do recall a rather frustrating OC for you all.

    I had a trainer called Katie when I first joined this site, who was a psychic teenager who looked like she'd walked straight out of My Immortal (yes, including the "really big bobs" and "thin enouff to be anorexic" elements that are common in that fanfic), complete with the obligatory shiny Charizard. Being a psychic meant that I was often writing my character knowing what the other character's thoughts were... which is kind of game breaking in itself because she could just know things to advance the plot for no reason. What was more cringy to me though was her backstory.

    Naturally, being the gothy teenager that I was, my character's needed a dark and horrible backstory to make her super special and sympathetic (which seems easier to do than develop a personality, apparently). So, she was orphaned, adopted by Clair (for some reason?), physically abused by Clair, and then Clair attempted to murder her and Katie killed her and burned down all of Blackthorn City in the process with her Charizard? Not that having abuse as a backstory is a bad thing - hell, one of my OCs at the moment was in a physically abusive relationship - but you've got to approach it with some level of sensitivity. It can't just be an excuse to brood and whine and try and make people feel sorry for you without any negative psychological impact whatsoever. Anyway after traveling for a while she somehow got mixed up in the events at Spear Pillar and was killed in a too-good-for-this-sinful-earth way, saving the life of her newly hatched Riolu, who went on to become her own character for a little bit. Not terrible in the usual sense that Mary Sues are in being stupidly overpowered, but I think my complete butchering of concepts is more annoying in my opinion (at least I can justify being crazy powerful in it being just plain fun).

    Edit: I ran her (or what I remembered of her) through some Mary Sue Tests. 16 for Snapdragon's and Springhole.net's is 51. Ouch.
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  3. Another thing I want to add about my character: Shade.

    She has a lot of talents a person 30 years old probably wouldn't need or have in that excessive number. I'm not going to go into detail, but she has musical and artistic talents, as well as other kinds of talents as in acting and whatnot. And since I'm that kind of person, I used to think of her like another person, which made it difficult for me to give her trials and tribulations, when I liked dishing them out. I also slightly based her own concept of life and stuff like that off of me, since I was too lazy and couldn't think up of any way she could be any different. She also had all the powers of the world, since she was a part of everything, and she even had unique powers of her own, effectively nullifying everyone's uniqueness in the universe while being unique herself.

    So yea, that was it. Just a quick update XD
  4. Super cringey, but my super old OC Troy was edgelord supreme, complete with being a Dark-type trainer and a horrible backstory involving wanting to use the power of super-ancient Pokemon to revive his dead love and somewhere along the way becoming a sadistic tyrant hellbent on taking over everything and losing every last vestige of his humanity blah blah blah There was even a fanmade Absol evo so you know it's legit. The funny thing is, I'm not sure where any of that even came from, it just did. Like, I know I was super obsessed with Absol and whatnot but for the life of me I can't even think as to why I was. There might still be some stuff involving him if you check the far reaches of my posts, but let's be real, that's not a place anyone wants to go.

    Like, I swear I didn't have an emo phase, but every post I made for the first two years I was on this site pretty much proves evidence to the contrary. @Shiny Lyni @Psycho Monkey and @Aura probably remember better than me, but just dear lord mid-teen me could easily have been a completely different person
  5. I was the same way. Funny thing was, I actually wanted to be goth and Shade was my go-to character. She changed just about as much as me. XD my mom wouldn't let me wear black, edgy clothes when I was in middle school, so I used Shade to exercise my fantasies. Of course, when I went into high school, I forgot about it until I started looking through my old RP stuff I managed to write down.

    They were awful and my pre-teen years had no concept of grammar... I was actually thinking about rewriting them and making them better with what I know now, but I might as well bring back my characters I made from the dead. XD they were all OP.
  6. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Sho you were so emo you had emo poems written and posted on 'Charms, and if I had the effort to dog through the archives Im sure I would find it.

    Anyway, pretty much every single one of my OCs pre-2009 was a Mary Sue in some way. A family heirloom that lets you talk to Pokemon (Sarah Fox), cursed by a legendary to have the tail of a Vulpix (Kylie Richardson), abandoned by parents with only a uniquely colored Spoink for a companion (Christine Ray)... god it was awful.

    But at least I never had a gothy emo phase.
  7. I made a Naruto OC when I was six, who I haven’t put in anything related to role playing since 2014. He also had Pokemon, for some reason. I slightly remember his bio.

    Name: Jimmy Uchiha
    Age: 15
    Powers: Knows every single ninja technique, has (about) 40 pokemon in the bank. He secretly has the power of the ten tails inside of him.
    PKMN Team: Shiny Greninja, Pikachu, Bisharp, Typhlosion, Absol, Giratina (probably not the last one, but he had to have a legendary on his team, according to elementary school me.)
    He also had an edgy history.
    His parents were killed by ninjas from the (fittingly titled) village hidden in the blood. Before that happened, his mother stored the ten tails in his totally buff arm. He is now a gym leader, but travels across regions and collects pokemon. He used to abuse them, but stopped after losing to Gold (I was in the middle of Soul Silver at that time) He beat up Naruto after he got evil, and had to kill sasuke at the end of the story because I happened to hate him and had to kill him off.
    His appearance was just as desirable. He had long and natural orange hair with a black trench coat and a giant key on his back. I also happened to like kingdom hearts at that time, but didn’t right in anything from the franchise into Jimmy’s bio because I was lazy. He also had a scar on his face and a curse mark on his buff left arm. This all ended in 2014, when I started playing Alpha Sapphire and it took up almost all my time. I also got into K-Pop and JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, so PumperPenny here had no time for poor ‘ol Jimmy Uchiha. There goes the story of Jimmy. His last words, and I quote, read as follows: “Finally, I have truly become the strongest.” Rises into Ninja/Pokemon heaven.
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  8. @Shocari You were so into Absol that during a nuzlocke of Emerald I caught one and named it Shocari because of your obsession (yes, I’m fully aware that that’s probably a little weird). I also hadn't been active on 'charms for around a year or two at the time, so it's not like I had an active reminder of it. You were just that obsessed. I don't recall you being super emo or anything but that's probably because I was also in my emo phase at the time and didn't find it weird.

    @PumperPenny I know your OC wasn't Naruto but I couldn't help but be reminded of Snapdragon's Mary Sue Test >>
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  9. Welp, here's my mega Mary-Sue from when I was twelve:

    Name: Kyoko Miyazaki

    Age: 13

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Champion of every region, and top coordinator of Sinnoh

    Pokémon: She has one of every pokemon in the world, except for legendaries. She switched them out as needed, but she mostly kept her empoleon, Misty, with her

    Powers: (Yes, she had powers, so shoot me) Killing people at a thought, transforming into an umbreon at will, immortality, and the ability to bond with every legendary pokemon in existence

    Relationships: Lyra (Best friend) Paul (As in, Paul, from the anime) (Husband) Dawn (Mortal Enemy) Maylene (Mortal Enemy) Ash (Mortal Enemy (He had a crush on her, and was always trying to steal her from Paul)

    I'm afraid it gets worse from here on out.

    Appearance: Waist-length blonde hair, melon-sized breasts, and ice blue eyes, along with pale skin. She wore a cropped black hoody, exposing her midriff, and white jeans, along with black Uggs. She also had a white, crystal-encrusted pokedex

    Backstory: She was born to an abusive mother, and alcoholic father, and she escaped with her then-piplup, Misty, at age ten. She ran away to Veilstone City, where she met and fell in love with Paul, who invited her to travel with him. She became champion and top coordinator of every region, and he proposed to her, and they got married.

  10. I don't think I had any family heirlooms, but since my character Shade in the Pokemon world and her family were descendants of a royal family and one of their ancestors was horrible at treating Pokemon, they got cursed by a deceased zombie Mr. Mime following them around and actively trying to kill them. It was weird....

    Nice crossover xD I remember when I was younger I had created a world where I could put my OCs and then every single character of every franchise I was ever in or know, which included Mario, Sonic (my first crush was Shadow the Hedgehog... I was that edgy XD), Soul Eater, Harry Potter (one of my crushes was Severus Snape), creatures from Halo and King Kong, Metroid, Pokemon, Digimon, Bakugan, Yu-Gi-Oh (wasn't a fan of it, but watched some shows and let them have a cameo appearance), Soul Calibur, Legend of Zelda... I can't even remember all the stuff I was in XD there were just so much! Literally every game I played and every movie I've watched, all those characters were in my world, and they all somehow got along.

    In fact, they got along so well, that when I was shifting over my crushes from Shadow to Snape, I had Shadow give me up, so that Snape could have another chance at romance. Never mind the fact that Shadow was in love of Maria or Amy or whatever, and never mind the fact that Snape loved Lily more than anyone and probably never will love anything or anyone. Also, I brought back all the dead characters from a franchise XD So Lily was alive when Snape was my character's boyfriend XD and Shadow still got along with my character and Snape just great, no jealousy, and he wasn't fed up with me yet.

    Don't ask where I got that sudden urge to do that, but eh. XD

    XD That Absol thing XD If I knew Shiny then, I probably would've done the same... If I ever got to that point in the game XD Funny thing is, my favorite Pokemon was a Pichu. Because of how you had to get it, which was breed a female Pikachu in most games, I never had one. The only time I ever got one was in Sun and Moon and they were Wild Pokemon. I almost have every Pokemon game, too, so... That's kind of sad. I'm close to go into Kanto in my HeartGold game, so maybe I'll get a Pikachu at Viridian Forest and chuck it in the daycare for a bit XD If I get it, I'm naming it Chu (if it happens to be female). Funny thing is, Shade's first ever Pokemon was a Pichu, and she didn't evolve until they started exploring the Alola region, and then evolved into the Alolan form of Raichu. So my first ever Pichu in a game was a female in Alola XD Coincidence? I think NOT!

    I had almost the exact same character. Before Shade was ever thought up of, I had a character named Daalgia (I just smooshed Dialga and Palkia together to make a name because my first games were Pearl and Diamond). When I was making up stories, I called Daalgia "Shade" outside of the games, so I could more easily pronounce it. She became the champion in every region, and became a Top Coordinator in all regions with contests. When Sun and Moon came out, I decided to keep the trend going by making her an Island Kahuna in Tapu Lele's favor, a champion in that region, and then being the Kalos Queen in Kalos. I didn't know why I wanted the grossness to continue but it did. She also had every single Pokemon, including Legendaries, and can call upon Legendaries she hasn't even seen by whistling. She could also find Shinies with ease and even befriend normally very scared or agitated Pokemon, like being able to befriend an abused Wimpod in a matter of 30 seconds. I don't remember if I gave her immortality or not, but she did have Psychic powers XD she could use Telekinesis, Psychic, Teleport, all that fun stuff. Even see into the future a bit.

    Then that was the start of how Shade got so Mary Sue-ish as my little brain then wanted her to be likeable and impossible to kill because I hated killing off characters.
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  11. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    A yes, I remember @Shocari 's emo phase well. I think I was one of the few people who actually enjoyed reading the fics involving Troy if only for my own sadistic glee. To think that was eight or nine years ago now. But I think the teenage years are cringy times for everyone since a few OCs that I had repressed until now (thank you very much! ><) came into existence when I was around 15 or 16 as well.

    One of my first RPs many eons ago was a Dragon Ball Z RP. In said RP I played an unidentified alien who could instantly regenerate from any injury such as having his flesh melted off and losing both arms (yes this really happened in RP), could use instant transmission, and could hold his own with Super Saiyan 4s. The RP had a big bad with generic rule the universe motives, but I wasn't playing a hero, nope! My character was straight up villain who didn't play well with the good guys, in fact he was straight up hostile towards them. Oh and this character was so OP that he defeated the big bad by throwing a large energy bomb at them, teleporting behind them, and holding them in place to prevent them from escaping which resulted in the easily healed injuries mentioned above. Yeah... >>

    Then there was my first Pokemon RP back in the Gen III era. It was a gijinka RP where I played as Deoxys. To be fair the villain of the RP was Mewtwo so I was only trying to even the playing field but...
  12. I have nothing to add to this thread as I don't role play at all, suffice to say however I need to add this to my watched threads list as it is just thoroughly, thoroughly entertaining... Oh please don't mind me, go back to what you were doing!

    Grabs popcorn
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  13. I had one idea, but ended it soon. The basis was that Darkri had captured Drax (his name) in his dreams and forced him to do its bidding. He never lost due to the legendary pokemon helping from the sidelines. I never liked op characters, so I stopped it.
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  14. Alright well... this character of mine was one of the more developed ones that I created when I was about three years old. (Yeah, I love to write and do some interesting stuff when I'm a bit bored from sitting in the corner after hitting my older cousin a bit too much.)

    So, even though this character didn't really have a name or anything, he was an undead dragon that was mostly down to the bone. He was the protagonist in my little story where he used to be a rich, spoiled boy that was cursed from a witch after being a bit too sassy at her. He was transformed into a little dragon and he had a week to get a true date going for at least two hours or else he would remain this way for life. Unfortunately, he failed after no girl in the nearest towns would not come even over five feet.

    Now, onto his powers... this little guy has quite a lot for his size. He can use parts of the bones on his body like using various tools. (Like temporarily making his arm into a shovel or even using his leg as a tool to open doors at one point.) He can also roar so loud to where even a lion would plead on its knees if it was loud enough. He can regenerate his body if he loses a part of it, even his head. Lastly, he can summon duplicates of himself to fight amongst him in combat. (The worst part was that there wasn't actually a defined limit though.)

    Yeah so all in all, he might seem a bit adorable for a little undead dragon, but he's a bit beyond the lines of being just overpowered. I might actually make a revision of him as a fossil Fakemon with the exact characteristics he had in the story. (With his powers being substantially revised of course.)
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  15. I wrote a short story in fifth grade called "Gross Burger" and there was a ghosr named Spooky who purposefully poisoned a burger that was going to a person he didn't like (who for some reason shared the name of a kid I didn't like in my class. Oh well.). The person ate it and choked violently until he died while Spooky laugued unceremoniously. He dumped his body in the cemetery and was not apprehended by a local police officer who asked for a burger.

    This OC has the most basic and underwhelming name, murdered a man via food poisoning, and got away with it and everything turns out fine for him. Does this count as a Gary Stu? Because I hate him.
  16. Well, the only thing Gary Stu-ish would be getting away with murder, with cops not investigating it, so partly XD
  17. Surprisingly, I didn't have too much of a problem with this. Emphasis on "too much of a problem". Because the ones I did find...
    Hoo boy.

    I didn't ever really think of making Pokémon OCs as a possibility (until later, of course), so (un)fortunately I don't have anything of that nature to share. I learned what a Mary Sue was fairly early, some time around fourth or fifth grade; not as early as it could've been, but I didn't have the stereotypical "eggdy 12 yaer old oh cee donut steel!!!1!!" I guess. There's probably a much better way to phrase that, but you know what I mean.
    But I was digging through my old art the other day just to see what awful things my old drawing hand thought was good so I could do improvement redraws when I came across a sheet detailing a bio and fairly poor depiction of a Wings of Fire OC. Probably from third or fourth grade, but I don't date my drawings, so we'll never know.
    If you don't know what WoF is, then I'd suggest checking it out. I don't read it anymore, but it's pretty good if you like dragons and being mildly distressed.

    But regardless, you're here for the terrible characters. So I present to you: Dream the... dragon. Ugh.
    Dream was a rainwing-nightwing hybrid who was basically just a rainwing with selectively chosen bits of nightwing anatomy. It's worth noting this was before the end of the first series (wherein I won't spoil, but if you've read it you know what happens) which makes it 10x worse. Not only being a hybrid, she was also an animus, had the "standard nightwing powers" of foresight and mind reading (once more before the arc, but that didn't make it any better). She could also spit venom like a rainwing, because nine year old me wasn't satisfied with all of those powers, was she. I made a "handicap" that she couldn't spit fire like a nightwing, which just goes to show that just because you put a limitation on something, that doesn't mean it isn't instaneneously not overpowered. Oh yeah, and she owned one of the dreamvisitors. Y'know, the one that is one of three in canon? Yeah. She found one of the other two, for some reason. And that's where her name came from.
    I wasn't (and never have been) really into shipping, but I think she had a crush on Glory because she was my favourite character. Just don't ask how third grade me clairvoyantly knew my future.
    Looking back, I honestly can't believe I was 100% serious about this. She almost seems like a joke OC made for satirical purposes.
    I don't know about her backstory, but just think of the edgiest most Mary-sueish thing possible. There you go. It fits right in with the rest of this hot garbage.
    She was written in as being lazy as hell though, so I guess some things never change.

    Dear god, Dream was... bad. Really bad. The good thing is, I've improved a lot from then to now, so there shouldn't be any more Dreams popping up anytime ever from me. Poor Glory, she didn't deserve this.
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  18. Not sure if this counts or not, but I had a "Fakemon" that was literally the son of Arceus. He was super OP (I remember him having one form in particular were his BST was something like 800-900) and had a very edgy backstory. From what I can remember, this son of Arceus was originally born a human (I know...) but after being bullied by some kids and enraged, his body started to change until he turned into his Pokemon form. Unfortunately he couldn't change back, so he ended up depressed and started seeking revenge on not only the bullies but the whole town. He used some alternate, super OP version of Judgement on them, destroying the whole town and killing everyone. Eventually Arceus found out about this and the two ended up in some sort of fight, where the son ended up winning (ugh...). Really cringeworthy stuff. I mean, I was only 10, but still...
    A also had another cringy, Mary Sue Fakemon. Also a legendary. So, in one of my earlier regions I had a mythical duo. Both of these Pokemon came from another dimension (*sigh*) and would occasionally visit the Pokémon world. Well, and unamed evil team found out about them and decided to capture them both and experiment on them. Ya know, for "the evilz". They only managed to capture one (the "older sister". Yes they were both Female and related) and they performed painful experiments on her. At some point they come up with a drug that when given to a Pokemon would cause their bodies to change and become more powerful (think of it as mega evolution, but permanent). So they gave her this drug and she transformed, as expected. Infuriated, she escaped, destroyed the whole team base, and fled back to her dimension and her sister. She ended up becoming this super edgy "why me" "I'm a freak" "humans are scum" type Pokemon. She was also super OP.
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  19. Well, that counts!! And that's very interesting XD the only OP fakemon I made was a tiny robotic bird that resembled a Skarmory, but had so many things packed into its 2 foot body, that it could just about any and every kind of move, except for some Legendary moves.

    Riverrunner, I also had an OP dragon XD she was from the Legend of Spyro universe, she was a Purple dragon and was born before Malefor (or at one point, made her a female twin to him). She's super powerful and she could copy a breath ability with ease and already had two unique breaths, which were light and dark. Later, I changed her, so she was a chromatic copycat, copying the breath abilities of others, but not being able to fully master them. Her unique breaths were still the same, but I made her and Ignitus crush on each other at one point.... eugh...
  20. I have one in particular that I don't even know WHAT THE HECK I WAS DOING at the time.

    In fifth through seventh grade, I had a "PokeFusion" between Pikachu and a Lillipup one time. It doesn't sound bad right now, but the thing is that she was blue and the leader of a team of other PokeFusions (A recoloured Latias and a PokeFusion of Charmander/Riolu that wielded a sword). I think she was almost a Mary Sue at the time, which I tried my best not to make her a complete Mary Sue, but it was so cringeworthy....

    Every time I see my old artwork of her, I always end up thinking: "What the heck was with me at the time?"

    I've had so many other OCs based on other shows due to my indecisiveness, but that one character that was a PokeFusion really made me question what made me create her.

    Edit: I think I understand one more thing about the "cringy-ness" of my character. In my opinion, she had the most disgusting colour palette since it only consisted of shades of blue. Which, blue is my favourite colour, but it was just that one shade with occasional dots of purple... Monochromatic blue wasn't really a good idea.
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  21. Okay so... I actually made parts of my character mentioned earlier into a cute little Fakemon! (And the proof is below.)

    Species: Toiroca
    Category: Lil' Undead Pokémon
    Appearance: Toiroca is a small, dragon-like Pokémon that is primarily gray, while his underside is that of a light shading of cream coloring. His body is made of a light layering of firm calcium that keeps everything intact. His head is moderate in proportion to his body, as he has modest gray eyes, a tiny nose composing of two dots and a short horn on his head. Four small teeth and a pale blue tongue can be seen when he opens his mouth, as his teeth are in their respective corners. Several small, dark gray plate-like protrusions composed of keratin run from the back of his head, to his short, stubby tail. The scales gradually become smaller the closer they are to the tip of his tail. He has small hands with five fingers each and small feet with three toes each that lack any claws or even any type of nail whatsoever.
    Native Region: Vietbac
    Poké Browser Number: V−066
    Poké Browser Entry A: "It has been said from ancient folklore that an arrogant boy was cursed by a wicked sorceress and found himself as this mysterious, ancient Pokémon after failing to love others for who they were. It can be heard crying at night if one were to really listen in, as each moon reminds it of another day from a dreadful mistake committed."
    Poké Browser Entry B: "It is often seen as a quiet and lonely Pokémon, since it tends to phase away through the nearest wall if disturbed. A harsh wind revealed what is concealed in its body to a passing girl, who almost perished that very day."
    Type: Dragon Dark
    Gender Ratio: 3 Males : 1 Female
    Height: 1'9" / 48.26 cm
    Weight: 19.2 lbs / 8.71 kg
    Catch Rate: 5 (0.66%)
    Hatching Time: 18204 to 23042 steps
    Base Friendship: 0
    Egg Groups: Undiscovered
    Leveling Rate: Slow
    Poké Browser Color: █ Purple
    Possible Starter Moves (Advanced): Pummel Rush, Shadow Bound, Draco Comet, Draconian Roar, Unholy Blade, Sinful Milieu, Umbrage's Demise.
    Evolves Into: Eitaoca
    Ability: Ungodly Aura (When the attacker makes contact with the Pokémon, the attacker takes 25% of the damage inflicted upon the Pokémon and may have their defense and special defense decreased by 25% for three turns.)
    Hidden Ability: Death or Glory (While in combat, the Pokémon's HP decays at a constant rate of 20% + 30 every 3 seconds if the Pokémon does not damage an enemy Pokémon within 10 seconds. Damaging an enemy Pokémon heals 3% HP every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds. The effects stack, but cannot occur more than once every 1.25 seconds and only while not having any status conditions or being healed by medical items for the last 30 seconds. This is the signature ability of Toiroca.)

    With that out of the way, I suppose it will be time for take 2. (I will have to be a bit brief since this character might be like more than just borderline legendary caliber overpowered if I had to be honest.)

    So, about back in 2011, I had quite the obsession with having baby characters in the RPs I were in. About in the middle of June, I had a character in the baby form of Druddigon. However, this was not just your everyday young Druddigon... he was one that was kidnapped by my fan made villain team of Team Sigma and had various strands of DNA in his body.

    After undergoing those somewhat painful experiments, the little Pokémon had the abilty to change his type into any other type at will. (The worst part was that he could mix and match without any sort of penalty in mere seconds... He could be an Ice/Fire type to resist ice type attacks or become a Dragon/Grass type to allow himself to relax against a Raichu spamming thunders at him.)

    All in all, he was way too overpowered for me to RP with for even a full day just because of what he was capable of. (Though he still remains in my nice old notepad full of my past characters that remind me of the good old times.

    Even though he does give me a few questions every now and then, the main one that keeps coming back is: Why did I give him that much power in the first place?
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  22. Tarak0na

    Tarak0na Guest

    I never got around to illustrating them (which I am eternally grateful for) (or maybe I used 3D pony maker to illustrate them? I think they were like red and black), but I had an Alicorn MLP OC named Princess Bloodmoon who was trapped in a crystal, and liked ponies trembling in fear, and disliked justice, the mane 6 and daylight...

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  23. I remember when I had a Mario OC. I can't exactly remember his name, since it was a really long time ago, but I do remember that I was just a kid when I first had him. He was actually just a purple Mario with red boots, and that was everything there was to his appearance. I also used to give him extremely overpowered moves since I didn't like weak characters in gaming. I also used to make him the star of roleplays, with him being the main character ALL THE TIME.

    I'm so glad I threw him into the trash. I have better OCs now.
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  24. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    I make plenty of terrible OCs that I am deeply ashamed of, like the Pokemon Champion I designed who was only nine years old and owned every single Pokemon in existence, including legendaries, but one of mine has reached the very top ... Firefly the RainWing-NightWing hybrid.

    She is absolute crap. I now realize that hybrids are actually a lot weaker than full-blooded dragons and do not get every single power other dragon tribes have, but I was stupid then. So, as daughter of Queen Glory (RainWing) and Deathbringer (NightWing), she had both RainWing venom and camouflage, and she also was born under three moons (I'm sorry she is so terrible), which gave her both mind-reading and prophecy. She had a NightWing’s strength, but a RainWing’s lazy personality. She was also an animus, but I have no idea how that's possible, because no one in her family actually has animus blood. So, basically, she was the most over-powered OC I ever created. I am not proud of her.
  25. That sounds absolutely fascinatingly horrific. :D To be honest, I'll give you points for creativity and honesty. XD

    And @GreninjaTrainer013, that just sounds like Waluigi (ba-dum-tssh).... sorry, not sorry. XD But cool.

    Ow the edge indeed, @Tarak0na. Goodness, and I made a similar MLP OC when I didnt even watch the show. XD She was black, had dragon and pegasus wings, had dragon horns and a unicorn horn (which was broken), had mystical white designs all over body, and was always either chained up and beaten or running away from something and always depressed... wow...

    @Kiraru, I am not surprised that this popped up. XD I would like to battle it with my own OP Pokemon OC, and see how well they fare.

    @Absol_Chiliarch, why so blue? XD Sorry, that was bad. But yea, that.... that sounds pretty awful, but also hilarious at the same time. XD
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  26. I always make sure not to write OCs that are overpowered Gary-Stus or cringy characters. However, even with all of my effort, sometimes I screw up. So far, I haven't made an OP character, but instead an insanely cringy one.


    A few months ago (maybe like six or seven), I had a character in an RP full of chaos and broken plots. You see, at the time, in real life, I was going through a weird little experience- questioning sexuality! Hooooo doggy. Well, this bled into the RP. My lil' fella (the character, not a euphemism) had these same issues. So at one point, he got aroused by some other boys. Christ almighty man, it was pretty cringy. So bad, in fact, that Teapot got involved and gave me a *gasp* slap on the wrist.

    Kiraru, I think you might've been in the RP. And FrostCrispz.

    Bad times.

    I'm so sorry that you two had to be in that RP with me.
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  27. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Okay, good, this is still active

    Does anybody watch My Hero Academia?

    What if I told you all I came up with the "edgy fire-and-ice" boi with a dark past as a little kid, before he even existed.
    And on top of that, gave him enough weapons to supply America.
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  28. So... mine's a DBZ OC. I'm gonna show it like a character sheet just because I want to.
    Name: Haknues
    Race: Saiyan
    Backstory: His native universe was Universe 13, one of the universes destroyed by Zeno. Quickly before he died along with it, he was transported through both universes and time to the Conton City of Universe 7. He had trained for years and years and eventually the plot of XV2 happened.
    Move-set (I'm using the XV2 move-set that I made for him):
    -Recoome Kick
    -Shadow Crusher
    -Maximum Charge
    -Android Kick
    -Dragon Fist
    -Final Shine Attack
    -Future Super Saiyan
    -Spirit Slash
    His power is around the same as Super Saiyan Blue Goku in the Goku Black arc of DBS, meaning that he's weaker than most of the main TOP characters.
    I dunno, I think he's not TOO cringy, but he's kinda lame and boring. Maybe I could make some written works to really flesh out a story for him.
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  29. @ManyAchievables
    This character really isn't that bad, but I can see where the lameness comes in. If you give him a personality, he will come out as a more fully fledged out character. All in all, he doesn't seem like a bad character, and he is reasonably powered compared to the main characters of the universe. I think you should make a story for the guy, I'd read it.

    @Pro Hero Dekiru
    Well, aren't you a psychic? XD I made a male character before the Best Wishes series of Pokemon came out. He was basically a guardian of the forest and his name is Rinji. He had a love for Grass-Types and they were his preferred type to use in battle. He was also like a ninja up in the trees and was born in a village that revered Grass-Types. When Iris came along, I saw all those similarities with the 3-stage evolution Pokemon, their place of birth, their love for Pokemon, and their acrobatic skills. XD His first Pokemon was an Oddish, which had the same base stats as an Axew. XD The only things that were different between the two were their gender, type preferences, the fact that Oddish has a branched evolution, and their personality. He also had an Eevee that he used to beat the Battle Frontier alone when it came to Kanto (yea, definitely not a Gary Stu there).

    Oh boy. That sounds like a riveting read (sarcasm alert). XD But that must've been hell for everyone involved. I feel sorry for you. XD But, I'm glad you got yourself figured out, but I'm sorry your self-discovery led to the RP being even weirder. It could've been worse, though. XD
  30. Ooh, this is still on I see. I suppose I'll give another one of my way too powerful / out of hand characters that I had back in the early times of primary.

    This character was a dinosaur of some sort, though I could not find the exact type of dinosaur it was related to even by a close-up measure. The character had a somewhat longer neck and a very stubby tail, along with feeding off of plants and plankton as his primary form of nutrition. However, the size was not in relation to the normally huge dinosaurs, since the character was only about one and a half feet tall as a result of this character being about the equivalent of a human toddler.

    Now, you might think that it was just a normal, everyday juvenile dino that would just be going about with its average life. But, nope... not at all. What makes him extremely overpowered was the telekinesis he had, and it was not like your average psychic actually being right for once. I'm talking like being able to use mind control to an extreme degree, halting incoming attacks as if they had never happened and even being able to survive in inhospitable environments for unusual amounts of time.

    This little dinosaur kinda made me feel a bit embarrassed after I revisited my little notebook from my early childhood. I was just glad that I didn't use this character in any sort of real role playing area aside from my little stories in said notebook.

    After a bit of second thoughts, I thought that it would be an interesting idea to try to take some characteristics from this character; then make it into my own Fakemon. (Of course, with the features being drastically reduced to a way more reasonable level than the far overpowered properties the Mary Sue character had.)

    The database will be PMed upon request once it is finished later.

    Fauna Scan Complete...
    Opening File E-058...

    A Pokémon with dinosaur-like characteristics, often found wandering around in brackish bodies of water or near rivers that connect to the vast seas. Though this species may be around the size of an infant at first glance, it is a defensive herbivore with moderately developed, atypical senses.

    Notable Features:

    1. Powerful Psychokinesis
    This Pokémon is able to move, temporarily lock objects in place and draw them within the reach of its arms by just mental effort alone. Reproduction of the same forces and pressure exceeds the Pokéarine's crush threshold if sustained for too long.

    2. Triplet Eyes
    A pair of eyes are located slightly above its tiny nose, while the third eye rests above the pair near its forehead. They are capable of discerning a wider range of light than the naked eye in shallow waters, whether the time is day or night.

    3. Echolocation
    The faint cries and unusual noises that sound closely related to tapping on a glass surface is emitted by the Pokémon at unusual intervals and is effectively sonar - if you can hear it, Tesunar can see you.

    4. Profile
    The Pokémon measures around roughly half a meter tall and bears resemblance to a humanoid dinosaur of some sort. It is observed eating leaf-like plants in the salty seas and yellow berries in large bushes when on the grassy lands close to rivers.

    5. Behavior
    It is usually passive around other wild Pokémon. This Pokémon tends to be quite defensive when threatened. It had been reported by several villagers that this Pokémon will attempt to use a slight degree of mind alteration, move revisions and a combination of psychic and water-based attacks in a fight.

    Threat Level: ██████████

    Evaluation: High threat - Avoid combat if possible, further research required.
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  31. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Ok, terrible OCs. My bad OC is a warrior cat named Flarepaw. 10x more intelligent than the other cats in the RP. She knew the leader was a traitor when everyone else was all "She did nothing." and she had no evidence. (She was still correct though). She was an amazing hunter without even trying. Just UGGGG I hate that OC so much now!
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  32. Lana The Umbreon

    Lana The Umbreon Previously Lana &amp; Popplio

    I have a total Mary-Sue character from when I was about 10:

    Name: Alex Harper
    Hair: Brown
    Age: 10
    Personality: Funny, smart, and forgetful.

    It wasn't very descriptive either...
  33. Well i still use this oc because i like his design...His name is Ozzy, he is 22 years old and he is some kind of blue/purple fox or fennek thing? Im not sure what he is lol. But he basically has some virus in his brains that he got when he was born and what that virus basically does is that if he has a very strong emotion (very happy, very sad etc) that emotion becomes 10 times bigger. So basically if he is very happy, he becomes hyper active and just laughs all the time. It stopt after like 5 minutes tho. But the cringy thing is that if he becomes very angry, he becomes all edgy and kills people because he is angry. I kinda like the concept but its just very edgy lol. He has a way bigger backstory but this is just the main thing.
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  34. I think I recall, a long time ago, I had a character for an RP on a different forum RP site called ChickenSmoothie. I had this Hitmontop named Nal who was broken powerful, despite only being a normal Pokemon. He didn't have any real special traits about him save for the fact that he'd occasionally burst into a fit of rage, his strength would multiply by I think tenfold, and he'd just go absolutely ham on everyone nearby. He also got hella faster and tougher. I think my explanation for this besides him being this experiment that didn't work out right because of two incompetent scientists who injected him with the wrong serum. Apparently, this Hitmontop ended up being capable of literally kicking down an entire row of trees in a forest without breaking a sweat thanks to that rage thing, and just so I didn't end up killing other characters, I'd just have him suddenly conk out right before landing a strike.

    I remember having fun with this guy, given his martial-art style fighting techniques, which (one time) included him hopping up to someone hanging on a tree, smashing the branch, and instantly roundhousing her in the head because she was getting super cocky about her agility. Safe to say the guy, with his incredible strength, agility, and endurance (combined with the rage multiplier by 10) was nearly unstoppable to almost everyone else in the RP.
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  35. strawberry mocha

    strawberry mocha Previously pastel imagination

    So back when I was younger,about 5,I was REALLY into vore. And I still wish I didn't find out about it to this day. I was also into Super Mario Bros,and so I created my first ever oc.
    Vampire Luigi.
    It's....hard to explain what he looks like. So Imma just describe what he was supposed to be back when I was younger;
    He was supposed to be a villain. Always imagined him eating someone. He could also shapeshift and stuff,like a t-rex or somethin'. God,those were horrible times. I did re-work him a few times,though.
    -Vamp prefers coffee over blood.
    -He also is rude and vulgar.
    -He also has a pet.
    (more may be stated as time goes on)
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  36. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    i mean okay

    I had a Danganronpa OC from when I was 12 (yes, 12. I liked Danganronpa when I was 12.)
    Name: Rin Tuoko
    Talent: Ultimate Skier
    Gender: Male (he's a crossdresser)
    Abilities: Can tell the temperature easily (is Rin the weatherman?), incredibly talented skier (woah, what a shock), can easily calm people down, good at coding video games (is this guy freaking chihiro), self-taught artist
    Personality: Shy, sensitive, will protect his friends
    Backstory: Rin became a cross-dresser after being bullied for being weak emotionally and physically. One summer, he took up skiing as a hobby and quickly became obsessed with it. After winning a championship and getting a huge following, he quickly took up the cutesy and snowy aesthetic is trademark to his brand and personality. However, he doesn't think about it much and usually just spends time in his room drawing and playing games.
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  37. strawberry mocha

    strawberry mocha Previously pastel imagination

    that oc is so freaking cute.
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  38. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    aww thanks
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  39. Not sure how cringy this is, as it seemed pretty tame when I read it over, but it's from 7 years ago.

    Name: Garret Canter
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Orb: Poison (Back-up orbs are Dark, Grass, and Flying)
    Why are you on the train?: I’m getting farther and farther away from Celadon City. The place where I grew up was beautiful until a population of Poison-type Pokémon appeared there and polluted the water supply. Ever since then, the streets of Celadon became dirtier and more dangerous. The murky, unsanitary environment is what depressed people into committing crimes. It’s been four years since I left that sad place. But none of that matters now. I’m looking ahead to where this train leads. I wonder what this city will have in store for me. Maybe I’ll do some sight-seeing or check out the Gym, if the place has one.

    Appearance: Garret wears a regular black hat over his head of brown hair. 6'2" in height and slightly muscular, he wears black jeans faded at the knees and a light gray shirt that has a complex design. The shirt features a Gastly whose body billows out into trails of smoke in all directions. Slightly darkening its brilliance, the Gastly is layered over the shining sun, whose rays poke out between the trails of smoke that flow from the Pokémon’s body. The very light jacket that Garret wears over this shirt is dark blue and usually unzipped. His skin is light, but not as pale and sickly as it was when he lived in Celadon.

    Personality: Despite growing up in a dismal neighborhood, Garret is not a depressed, introverted character who sees no point in life. He is driven to experience the world outside the suffocating environment in which he grew up. Garret is hardly envious of those who live a more comfortable life. He is best described as a laid-back individual who laughs off his problems, but he becomes serious when somebody mentions his past. After watching Celadon City deteriorate and his neighbors become increasingly violent, Garret is not prone to use force. When he is angry, he is somehow able to let it go with a deep breath, but for a long time afterwards he is silent.


    Celadon City was a beautiful place to live in until Garret was 10 years old, when a small population of Poison-type Pokémon in neighboring bodies of water was first spotted. When their presence was recognized as a threat, efforts to relocate the Pokémon were costly and yielded virtually no results. The population of Grimer in lakes and ponds continued to increase dramatically, and nobody could figure out where they were coming from. Garret's parents were trainers in Erika's Gym, which spearheaded the effort to protect Celadon's water supply. His mother and father were frequently called in to lend assistance, so Garret was often neglected throughout this period in his life.

    Not just his family, but everybody – from friends and classmates to neighbors – was affected by the environmental crisis. It was incredible how the disaster tore people apart. Normally, in difficult times, Garret thought, people would stick together and help each other manage. But the sheer hopelessness of Celadon’s situation caused people to fend for themselves. Garret could no longer trust the people he grew up with, who were now so embroiled in their own problems that it drove them to madness.

    They went mad over the frequent lack of running water. Only Erika’s Gym, the center of the failing water purification operation, had unlimited resources. When a riot broke out on the Gym, Garret’s father was killed. Shortly thereafter, his mother, who had persisted in moving Grimer out of the water even after it was futile, fell ill from the poison and died. Garret quickly learned that tears would do nothing for him. He was traumatized, but he would never let himself fall into a deep depression like everybody else in Celadon. He would not allow himself to become as mad as those who had taken his father’s life.

    Instead, Garret, at 16 years old, decided to leave Celadon City behind and travel the Kanto region. He wasn’t going to stick around and rot. No, Garret wanted to make his life an eventful one, so he involved himself in Gym battles while working a couple of odd jobs along the way.



    Flamingo – Shiny Magmortar


    Turrets – Forretress


    Cyclone – Magnezone


    Charge – Electrode

    Badges: Garret has 7 gym badges of the Kanto region. He has not challenged the Celadon City Gym and does not intend to. Garret understands that he can’t take on the Pokémon League without all 8 badges, but he is not interested in doing so anyway. Garret has decided that he wants to see more of the world first.

    Ribbons: Garret briefly dabbled in Pokémon Contests and won the Saffron Ribbon. While he garnered some praise for his performance, Garret didn’t enjoy coordinating as much as battling and hasn’t tried his hand at another Contest since.

    Other: When Garret was working at the Pokémon Day Care, a trainer came to check how his Pokémon were doing. When Garret informed the trainer that the Pokémon had an egg, the trainer turned it down. Garret was left to take care of the Egg, which eventually hatched into a shiny Magby that he named Flamingo. Of course, he had never before seen a shiny Magby, so he didn’t know that the Pokémon he now had was so rare. Flamingo eventually evolved into Magmortar and became Garret’s main Pokémon.
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  40. Fun Fact, one of my Cringiest OC's is one that I use currently.

    Name: Nitro Pantarei

    Race: Saiyan

    Age: 38

    Skills: * In my Signature, though I need to Update it. *

    Backstory: He was sent off of Planet Vegeta before it Exploded, landing on the Planet Yardrat.

    He learned the Instant Transmission Technique, and was the Protector of Yardrat for the 15 years he was on it for. King Arctic invaded Yardrat, Killed off plenty of Yardrats, Nitro went Super Saiyan, Yare Yare Daze. He left the Planet in search of Greater power, and didnt even stay for Goku to land after fighting Frieza.

    He landed on Earth, meeting Vathla. She took him to the Nearest town, meeting Argo Kujo, Mason Jr, and Jack Antonio Arctic. Nitro believed that Jack was the King Arctic when they first met, as the two looked similar.

    Fast Forward to after he obtained SSJ2, SSJ4, SSJ6, SSJg, SSJGSSJ, and SSJBlazing.
    The next tournament was happening, and the Team was Nitro, Yin, Kanpeki, Vathla, Argo, Akui, Mason, and Reef.

    Nitro and Mason Fused into Nison ( Potara ), and were barely able to even scratch Jiren, who was "The mortal beyond his G.o.D(God of Destruction.)" And their Potara was cut-short by Kefla coming up.
    Due to them infusing Ki into the earings to prolong their use, Unfusing took its toll. Nitro was being Electrocuted, while Mason was engulfed in Flames.

    After the two recovered, Nitro obtained Super Saiyan Blaz Blue. They were still hurting, and fusing into Masitro ( Metamorian ) Didn't help matters, either.

    They won the tournament, and wished for the universes back.

    Yeah, It doesnt seem like much, but I oversimplified it--
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