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Teh Shiny Arts of Tun

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Tunolipede, Jun 5, 2010.

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    Anyways, here is some stuff.

    Random MSPaint Drawings/Requests
    "Me" (that looks nothing like me), Blaziken using Fire Punch (requested by DarkSoul), Drifloon, Mareep Gijinka, Reina (a PRP character), Twi the black+purple Smeargle, Mijimaru (OR HOWEVER THE HELL ITS SPELT), A Blaziken being Fire Punch'd by an Infernape, an Absol, and a shiny Umbreon. :>

    MSPaint Sigs
    Flygon Master's sig, Blazikid's sig, Aura's sig, Indie's sig, Naany's sig, Pixel's sig, Psy-teen's sig, and Dark Soul's sig.

    Traditional Shiznits
    Demon Girl, Swirly Canvas, Balloon Kidnappers, Tini, Jacques, Nibbles, and my Japanese Cat Spirit (the Japanese in the top right says "Me? Insane? Never.")

    I'm not very good at drawing, but I hope you appreciate my stuff. :3

    Requests are OPEN

    Wheeeeee heeeeeeeeeeee ~

  2. Tun, I'm surprised I haven't seen this thread before!
    You're a very talented individual, do you know that?
    My favorite is the Twi one~
  3. I know that I've been requesting a lot recently, but can you please do one of the Zeebedee Elite Outfit (My display Pic)? No fancy text, just Zeebedee.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hello Tun ,I has a little request for you ,Can you make me a psig like the blazikid sig but make so where it has a Salamence hat and Shirt and the text would say:"Salamence Commander All troops move out!"? That would be awesome!
    #4 Anonymous, Jun 7, 2010
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  5. Your Amazing at drawing maybe even equal to a friend of mine

    course then again she doesn't have a very wide veriety all she draws is weird Anime Cats
    & People with Cat Ears. :D
  6. Hi tun i know this will look a little stupid but can you make me a sig with a cosplay of groudon if ya can plox
  7. Pfffff.

    Two of the users that requested are banned ... so looks like I just needed to make SC's sig. :>
    Enjoy~ :D

    @Quashie: Neeen, thanks so much. <333

    @BlackAmber: Thaaaanks ~ Hah, people like that sort-of annoy me. o3o Guess it's good that I only have one of those pictures up ;D

    I drew 'Tunduli' the way she is in the 'Charms RP, in human form. :>
    And then I went over it in Paint.NET :0
    I got rid of the lineart layers :0

    Tell me what you all think. :>

  8. Tunnnnnnn I think it looks wonderful :> Especially the scarf and the hair, s'nice ♥ The plushie Teddy thing looks cutesytastic toooo ♥ sooooo I was wondering if you felt like drawing people Tangrow! Like any super duper way you wish :> I knowwwww I'm being vague but I was wondering if you could try ♥ I suppose you could look at my fallout post for a dessscription if you want but I just wanna see how you would do it ♥ if you want, it's fine if you don't~ /no enter button on iPhone is cool and stuff
  9. :0
    Scarfed Tun is scarfy. And awshumsauce. Seriously though, I heart the softer colours.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  11. Omigoshness, I didn't expect lots of praise for that one main drawing :'0 (<- happy tears <33)

    Oookkaayy, so I had a go at Tangrow but it didn't come out the best 'nd stuffs. I hope you like it anyways tho Taaaaaaaaaaan <333
    I don't have it without the lines 'nd just the colours because I was stupid enough to flatten it without saving it as a .pdn firssttt ;_____; I hope you likes anyways ♥

  12. cool ur good at drawing :)
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    And you're good at spamming. Consider this a warning. Step up the quality of your posts, or we'll be taking further action.
  14. Oh Tun it's just loverly ♥

    I do love your try at the lantern, those things are harrrrrrrrd.

    And my hood looks hooded, oh I feel so mysterrious. You also got my hair exactly like mine, it's rather uncanny ♥

    So thanksthanks for doing it 4th best friend ever next to my unicorns <333
  15. Hey, tun, would you mind making me a sig? The girl in it has long blond hair and is wearing a red shirt. Have the text say, I love Eevee, the Eevee survives. Thanks!
    Also, Tun I love you! As a friend.
  16. Tunny, for the meantime, I need an avatar. I am very bad with the graphic arts, as I don't have the 'feel' I have for physical art with pixels.

    My request: I would like and avatar of Fi and I in merged form (i.e., red-eyed-white, female anthropomorphic gerbil) doing something awesome. :p

    Please and thank you!
  17. Zomgawds Tun, you da bomb when it comes to drawing :3 I really like that picture of the girl who's saying some stuff about not being insane in Japanese (I forget what she said, so STFU haters >>), that was really well done. This is not so much of a request, but more a suggestion. May I suggest drawing a badass action shot of You, Dark Soul and Me, kicking ass just like we did in the RP? It would look... (oh gawds I'm turning into Tun now) reeeeeaaaaallllllyyy, coooolll, yuus? ♥
    I love your drawings!
  19. Good to see this is back. Slow post is slow xD

    Nyaa, four of the art thingies in the first post are requested by me. You should take the Migthyena from my sig, too! Both the Absol and the Mightyena are awesome. Please don't be sad because I've switched over to Absol and Houndoom, the sig still rocks! *Gives Tun a cookie*

    I like the ''Swirly Canvas'' drawing. Nice fingers! xD
  20. Wow. You're really good at this. Never before have I seen one of my friends signatures, and imedietly thought: I MUST HAVE TEH AWESOMEZ!
    I really like how you draw clothing on people. All the wrinkles and folds are in exactly the right place. ^^ If you don't mind, I have a request. I want a sig like SC's. My character has short blond hair w/ red streaks, blue eyes with a hint of red, wears a black hoodie, and has a saphire pendant. The penadant is oval shaped with a 3 on it and a dot above, to the left of, and the right of the 3.

    Sorry if the details confuse you. I'll happily answer any questions. ^^
    #20 Denvari, Jul 13, 2010
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  21. hey can you make me a mugshot of tsutaaja?
  22. Can I have a SC sig please?
  23. I totally agree with Toru, that pic would be soo awesome. Toru on a giant turtle's back, stabbing his sword trough it's hull, me standing on a mountain of rubble letting lightning come down from the sky onto the sword and you could be in the form of the sabergorrila. [WIN]

    I see that you're rather busy, so I'll save my request to protect your sanity. Good luck~
  24. Good luck on all the sprites! :)
  25. Hello Tun.
    Your art is going really well, I love it all!
    It`s so cool!
    Your probably busy, so I won`t request a siggy or anything.
    Anwayz, good art. I might stalk this thread~!
  26. [glow=white,2,300][shadow=white,left]if anyone needs it i can create a picture with ur profile name ;D[/shadow][/glow]
  27. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    No one cares, recoded.

    This is not the place.

    This is someone else's thread.

    You do not advertise your works in someone else's thread, much less offer to create them for people.

    Warned for spam and blatant ignorance.
  28. Dia


    aww I just took a look at your art and I gotta say--> SO FREAKING CUTE : D : D
    I seriously love em ♥

    hopefully you're not too busy.....because I would like to request one of your fabulous sigs ;D
    ((If you're too busy you can just ignore the request))

    the trainer in my avvie with;
    Dia ((Krysune))
    next to it :)

    thanks~! keep up the fantastic art~
  29. Hey Tun may I please request a sig of my user!

    Character: Profile pic (But the microsoft paint version that you do for sigs)
    Sig Phrase: Pushing Forward!
    Background color: White

    If you can do this that would be great!

    Peace Off

  30. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Can I have a mspaint sig please?
    I would a female lucario (with a crown) cosplayer with blue eyes
    Text: Lucarioqueen
  31. Can I have an MSpaint sig like Blazikid, but with a Munchlax hat, shirt, and teeth that says, "To the Refridgerator!" ?

  32. *faints* Ur pics are.........ADORABLE!!!
  33. hey KoN, if you arent busy with requsts, i was woundering if you could make a mspaint sig of Max Masters from my sprite page.
    thanks agian, pokekid
  34. These are amazing! I love your arts!
  35. I love your drawing style! And MSPaint. :-*
  36. Wow, your art is really good! No request, just a friendly comment. :)
    #36 Louie Forest, Oct 10, 2010
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  37. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    No, you may not. This topic hasn't been posted in since October, so this counts as gravedigging. Warned.
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