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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Shiny Pyxis, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    So everyone knows that summer's started, right? (June 21st is the first day of summer if you're in the northern hemisphere, anyways). So, where're you heading out during the break? Or, if you're not going out of town, anything special happening around town?

    For me, I'm going to the Northeast, more specifically from Washington D.C. to New York to Boston sometime in July. Totally looking forward to this trip, because for the past few years the only places my family and I have been exploring are those nature-esque places (Yellowstone, the national parks in Canada, Hawaii for volcano stuff). Plus, my cousin lives up there, and I haven't seen her in forever. XD

    I'm also going to a summer camp soon-ish, one that I go every year for church. I'm soooo excited, because every day, for worship, the place is like a rock concert or something, with people jumping around and screaming and everything~ And I also get to eat slushies every day, and trust me, you'll want to if you went to a place that's rather hot and humid.
  2. I'm going to Washington State to visit some family. I'm flying from Florida so it'll take ,like, five hours. we're gonna see Mt. St. Helens, go fishing and crabbing, chill in the hot tub, and lots more, Plus, I can own my cousin Zack in Pokemon. I can't wait!
  3. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Meanwhile in the UK...

    Summer is too hot. x-x I decked it during midday. Moving on I plan to have as much fun as possible, calling in on friends and getting my first job! Which isn't fun but I'll be damned if it doesn't pay well~ Plus guitar lessons through summer.
  4. Apparently, my parents have plans to send me to my grandfather's house on the Ohio/Pennsylvania border. If it happens then I can't wait to get away from the Vegas heat.
  5. YAAAY SUMMER! :D I start my lawn care job next week with my neighbor who owns a landscaping business. I'm going to upstate NY with my friends as I do every year, just to camp in the woods and play some paintball (and Pokemon lol.) My band and I got a gig (finally!) in August, so thats going to be cool (I also played at a grad party, but I didn't get paid, unfortunately.) I'm also going to be playing some soccer and stuffs, so my summer is packed. Tomorrow is also my last day of school. I'm also seeing the band Skillet in concert this summer! W00t
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  6. Oh my gosh I LOVE Skillet!! I saw them last December when they came to chattanooga.

    Anyways, I guess I'll just be hanging out with friends and family, as usual. Plus I'll be spending time with my girlfriend as soon as she gets back from vacation. Plus my bro's coming in from Hawaii in a few days. Besides that, not much.
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  7. Like Karu in the UK, I'm meeeeelting here in Georgia (the state, not the country). Seriously, it's boiling here D: My summer is going to be a busy one. I'm doing research in a grad school prep program which is fun but a ton of work (and I get paid for it hurr). My summer isn't all work though. I'm going on a road trip to Kentucky with some really good friends so that'll be awesome. At the end of July, I get to go to a massive church conference for the campus ministry in Chicago ^_^ I've never been there before so I'm uber excited. I hope we get to go to the beach while we're there.
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Whee. Summer's here, even if it doesn't really feel like it yet.

    This summer should be great fun. On June 30th I'll be heading up to Toronto to hang out with friends and family for about 9 days, and during this trip we'll be in Ottawa for a couple of days (I've never properly visited it before). It'll be a neat experience and, while unplanned, one of the day's we'll be there is Canada Day. :)

    After that I'll be spending most of my spare time at the cottage, enjoying the beach, catching up on some much needed R&R, and helping my brother prepare for his upcoming wedding in August. We'll have friends staying with us mid-August leading up to the wedding, and after the wedding I'll be heading back to Toronto (road trip this time! 8D) for about a week to attend Fan Expo Canada 2010. ^_^ (And yes, Keri's the bestest friend I'll be visiting with multiple times this summer XD)

    In closing, this'll mark our first summer at the cottage with high speed/wireless internet. All I can say is... about bloody time. :p
  9. I'm taking some summer courses, as well as going to the dojo a lot to work towards my black belt. This weekend, I'm going to my nephew's for his birthday party. Gosh, his father is a great cook!
  10. Summer vacation in the low lands have already started! Let's see....

    A job for the first week, Belgium, sleeping untill twelve o' clock. That pretty much sums it up.
  11. Mine starts mid-July, at least my break from school does anyway.

    Most of which is spent in hospital again, like last year~ Oh joys.
  12. I'm totally looking forward to this summer, mostly because I'll be heading home from Northern Ireland to go home and visit my family and friends in California in July before coming back here in August for the next year of my internship, which is going to be pretty darn exciting. At home I just intend to do what I used to do before arriving here in the UK, hang out with friends everyday, go random places with my family, just simple stuff like that. It'll be nice to get away from the pressure of living on a fixed budget and making sure I have enough money for bills and whatnot.

    Other than that, I just intend to eat at all the places they don't have here, starting with In N Out and going from there. Seriously, I haven't had a burger better than decent in a long time.

    Also, Blarg, you'll going to enjoy that concert. Skillet is amazing live, got to see them last fall; it was amazing. Though, that was also partially because they were playing with Relient K ♥
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  13. I'm in the UK at the moment and it is too hot! I thought it rained on London all the time.

    After I get home I'll probably be lazing about. I'm probably going to hit up the Stampede for some midway food and to see animals. I'm also going to try to get outside and exercise more. My family might be taking a trip to Disneyland but I'm not sure if I'll go, all this airtravel this year has murdered me and LA is WAYYYYYYY too hot for me.

    In August I'll be moving to Toronto to go to school there. x) It looks like I'll be living with some friends in the condo they're renting. Fun fun.
  14. Well so far my summer has been pretty boring, and I figure it's probably not going to get much better since I start summer school in two weeks (those damn history classes...)

    It's been rather hot these past few days, and I'm up north, so I can't imagine how it must be down south.

    There's this large river in my neighborhood with a dock that you can jump off of... Most of my summers involve lots of trips to that river, it's a good way to keep cool. I see this summer being no different :)
  15. I am currently staying with my dad in North Carolina all summer since I live with my mom in Missouri during the school year. But basically I am just staying home playing xbox and pokemon ;D because it is to hot outside to do anything else.
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  16. Right now, Im in Gran canaria. Lovely, sunny weather, for two weeks. I was going on hiatus, but the resort we´re staying in had a net cafe. Perfect. Afterwards, my sister, my mum, myself and four of my aunts are heading off for a week at a music festival. I don´t have any set plans after that, but this summer, i´m going to try and do more things than I ever did.
  17. 52Crossroads

    52Crossroads Formerly Gya

    you guys suck. i have work. back breaking labor, outside, in the heat. it passes 100 degrees F daily here. and its always muggy. *sigh* but at least i have a pool here at home so i can relax once i get off work. and im happy for the money. but thats about all i have planned this summer.
  18. I'll be going out to Hershey Park near the end of July :D

    That and I'm going to art lessons in a week for a week c:

    And the rest of my summer will be lazy :p
  19. The only good thing about summer is my birthday and when it ends. I don't like being hot and muggy all the time and, honestly, I'd rather freeze myself than be scorched in this unbearable heat. :|
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  20. Amen to that, Andrew.

    Plus I don't tan worth a flip
  21. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    im going to egypt with my brother, nanna and grandad on august 10th after that ill probably run out of things to do.
  22. I just got back from visiting my family in a small town in Illinois for the first half of the week. The second half, I was in Chicago for Lolapalooza. I left a day early, though. It was really, really fun. The museums were interesting, particularly the Field Museum. I had to leave early for that, too. D: I'm also planning on going to northern Virginia to see more of my family in the end of August.
  23. Sadly, I've spent all of my summer here and with my dad. It's like going through rehab for computers out in the country, I even felt like I was detoxicating @_@; But I did learn how topass time using my surroundings.

    THough its kinda sad, I won't be able to go on a vacaqtion until Senior cruise, which is 2 years from now.
  24. All through my summer I've been at my home, watching my little sister while my mom is at work and my step-dad is somewhere else, plus my brother has community service. :p Mostly during my boredom time I've been playing my Pokemon games, drawing (free-handed or on the computer), listening to music or ebing on the internet. :p Not that much of an eventful time.
  25. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Im back from egypt it was hot my main goal for the next week is to buy dragon quest IX
  26. Goodness, I already have plans for next summer. I'm going to take some classes during the summer to ease into college full-time.
  27. This summer, I've mostly been at home. Not much exciting has happened except for recent family drama. However, I have been to two different places- the Philadelphia Zoo and the beach. So, it's not like I could complain or anything like that. Going to the Philadelphia Zoo, even on a rainy day, was possibly the most fun I've had this year so far. I saw animals I honestly didn't expect to see, and loved how clean it was compared to the outside of the zoo. (Philadelphia isn't known for its sanitary streets, after all.) I'd like to go there again, only this time with certain 'Charmsian friends XD
    You know who you are Tun, Rain & Middy
    Going to an actual beach and swimming has also been a blast, although I kind of wish that there wouldn't be annoying relatives. I love just floating in the ocean, smelling the fresh air, then diving under and twirling like the Little Mermaid. Plus, it's been at least three years since I've actually swam before. This was also the first time my skin didn't tan to an extreme.

    I've also improved on male anatomy and even successfully do a few poses and new stuff. I'll get around to uploading them some time this year. I'm also making a list of places I want to go some time in my life, which has also been inspired by this summer. Unfortunately, that list will always be a list of empty promises and unfulfilled dreams due to the fact that I have no money and thefactthatmyparentsarelazyandcheapbastards.
  28. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Normally I loathe summers with a burning (no pun intended) passion - the ever so wonderful combination of heat and humidity make me want to flip out and murder something.

    However, THIS particular summer was made awesome by the first two weeks of August, which I've spent in Florida with my dear beloved SCT~ ^^ This current particular week is kind of hell due to a Phys II exam re-take I have on September 2nd, but after that I've got some time to relax before my next semester of uni starts on October 10th.
  29. How sweet, Stel. I loved that picture with you flipping off the ocean.

    October tenth? Is that a common start time from where you are from? Most people (in my area) have classes that begin early September or mid-late August.
  30. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    See, our holidays over here in Israel are arranged differently than yours (as they're based around Jewish-appropriated-from-whatever-paganistic-traditions-that-they-felt-like-stealing-holidays-from holidays as opposed to Christian-appropriated-from-whatever-paganistic-traditions-that-they-felt-like-stealing-holidays-from ones), and so semesters and schoolyears are designed with different time constraints in mind. But from what I've seen in my university at least, first semesters tend to start around October. xD
  31. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    OH NOES! School tomorrow my final year of boringness

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