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Story Collab

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Mockingchu, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. What's up everyone? I'm Mockingchu, but that doesn't matter. What does matter? An idea I have. Have you ever read 39 Clues? Infinity Ring? Basically any comic book? What's special about these books? Every different section (book or issue) is written by a different author. Personally, I love this style. So what if we were to do a collection of chapters in a grand story? We would decide on a plot, then someone would write chapter 1. The next person would read chapter 1, then write chapter 2. The chapter 1 writer would edit chapter 1 so it included a link to chapter 2. See where I'm going with this?
    Anyways, I really hope you decide to join. We can make this amazing!
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  2. That sounds interesting. I'm in.
    What are your plot ideas?
  3. Id love to join! I LOVE to wright, and on Quotev, I was told to be a pretty good author.
  4. I'm up for this! Y'all ready for this? *sees everyone's ready* Oh shoot, you're ready for that!
  5. ...Was that a LEGO Movie reference? I LOVE the LEGO Movie~! :3
  6. You betcha! I was full-on Lego Movie thinking of that line. But, @Mockingchu , what are your plot ideas?
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  7. I'm not entirely sure, but as I said in our WfaW thread, I'm edging more towards a "Final Crisis" type thing involving OCs of ours. But it's such a loose concept... so I'm open to suggestions! I'm not going to try to dictate this, I want it to be very open.
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  8. What kind of "Final Crisis" are we talking about? Like an apocalypse or something? Or preventing an apocalypse?
  9. Yes I question this as well? I may have an idea though....

    The Region was abandoned by all, trainers and Pokemon. They all left because of that one thing, that was a huge problem. (Disastrous problem of choice) was what faced these trainers, as they came to (region of choice). They were the only people in the region, sent by (person of choice) to fight this (disaster of choice). Will they defeat ___ or will they perish, wishing they ended up leaving before their fate?
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  10. I like Yellow's idea. Maybe it could be some sort of legendary Poke'Mon?
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  11. Yeah, that sounds cool! Or maybe it could be another clash between Groudon and Kyogre that for some reason Rayquazza couldn't prevent/stop.
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  12. Yeah! Me likey these ideas!
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  13. What about a really meta thing about a whole buncha OC's dealing with the writer of their stories leaving 'Charms, jumping from writer to writer in an attempt to stay alive
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  14. By Final Crisis I was referring to a DC Comics story arc, where an apocalypse was prevented, but at a big cost. But I also really like Yellow.anime's idea!
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  15. I also like Fishykarps idea. Sorry about not getting the 'Final Crisis' getup. :'|:D
  16. Didn't the crisis like, reboot the entire universe. It'd only make sense if we somehow timed it exactly as the Written works revamped for whatever reason
    Actually that would be really cool

    "Crisis on Infinite Works"
    A mysterious force is jumping to Written work serieses in an attempt to destroy them, and the heroes have to stop him. It'd be a great way to guest star all of our OCs, and even be a nice way to reboot a story of we want to
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  17. Only problem is, I don't have a series I want to or can reboot.
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    As for BBL(I can call you that, right?), I really don't know what to do for ya. Maybe you could be the villain?
  19. That was never finished, and abandoned. I even made a reboot, that was abandoned again sadly. So I couldn't use that.
  20. True, but you could still use the character. I love @Mr. Fishykarp's idea. We each have a lot of individually within the plot.
  21. I don't exactly want to reboot a story anyhow, but sure, I can use Ryan. Also, I get some of Fishy's new idea, but not all of it. Can you explain it to me?
  22. Basically, someone or something is jumping into Written Works and trying to destroy them(however that works), and the characters are trying to fight it to save their universe thing.
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  23. Thanks for clearing that up! ;):up:
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  24. sorry, I should have phrased that better
    I mean if you have an unfinished work you've abandoned, you could perhaps use this series as an excuse to reboot it or just give it some kind of finality
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  25. Yeah, that'd be nice for my Tim Wood storyline. It got dark, and it needs its old happiness. Also, it'd be wonderful if Creative Corner updated when we wrote this, but I highly doubt it will. I'll work on finishing my first "season" of Tim Wood so it can be rebooted.
  26. I just planned to drop the main characters into the scene currently happening in my story, and just watch everything explodinate
  27. So, the heroes are trying to save the thing destroying written works? I kind of like his first idea better, but both are good.
  28. WAIt, which idea is this?
  29. Oh, Cloudswift explained your second idea.
  30. Maybe it can be a combination of both. Mad from the abandonment, the villian (it would be cool if he was formerly the hero of that story), leaps out of the fourth wall and attempts to take his anger out on every other work, while the other characters try to stop him
  31. ??? I'm sorry, I don't get things much.
  32. XD I kinda got that, but not really. And I have a LOT of abandoned stories, do they have to be Pokemon? I was thinking of using my MCSM 2 series.
  33. No. I think the deal is that this "beast" is attacking all writings. Not just Pokemon. But I'm planning on using a Pokemon OC.
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  34. Same. Or my Highschooler OC.
  35. They're talking about Written Works, not RPs, Yellow...

    (No offense, or anything.)
  36. Well I truly do have a Pokemon OC from a written work. Series was deleted, but I'm still using her! Ryan is her name.

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