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Stark's Sig Shop/Gallery (Requests: OPEN!!!)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Stark, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. Reopened :)

    I figured I'd give something back to you guys who helped me improve so much since I was here ^^ So I'm opening this up again. I'll post some of the signatures I make for myself in here as I make them too, because I know some of you guys don't just request blindly at every thread they can and do actually appreciate the artwork for what it is. :)

    So. Some of my work, in no particular order:

    My whole gallery


    [​IMG] <-- My favourite









    How to request:

    Give me as little or as much information as you want :) If you give me less, I'd prefer that because I can do what I want to do, what I think is best. However, if you want to give me more information, by all means do so. At least give me the subject and, if you want it, text.

    I do, have three rules:
    1) Your Post Count on the forum MUST be 100 or higher.
    2) Do not rush me! It'll be done when its done. I do have a full-time job after all.
    3) For goodness' sake, use common sense. I also reserve judgement to decline or ignore requests.

    I know I used to whip these up in the space of a few hours at most, but times have changed I'm afraid. Now I can take a few days :p

    Tl;dr version: Request away, but only if you have 100+ posts.


    Gooooooooo :D
  2. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Ohboy LoN your sigs are like the most beautiful things I've ever seeen ♥

    I love all the different effects you use, and how awesome all your subjects look. I'm no expert on signature making, but it's very obvious that you put a lot of effort into all of these and you really have a good eye for design :}

    My favorite is Carmen's sig. Everytime I see one of her posts I have to stop and admire her little Jumpluff on its little cloud~ The colors on that one are fantastic and I love the text.

    I'd like to make a request! :D

    I really love Koromori because he is wacky, so I was thinking something like-a this~

    This cutesy picture for the subject

    And the background could be all blue and black with little blue or black hearts everywhere.

    And then a little white text somewhere that says "aslkjaslksd" or just like a mashing of the keyboard. 'Cause I feel like that's what Koromori sounds like, hehehe.

    Thanks LoN, and I can't wait to see more sigs up in hyaaaar~ ♥
  3. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Sure Virgil, I'll get right on this :)

    I don't know when I'll finish it off - I usually sig when I get the inspiration to xD So it might be done in a few hours or possibly a few days. I assume there isn't a rush? :D

    And thank youuu for all the lovely comments ♥
  4. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    LoN-sensei, it's terrific to see you back taking requests on the forums, as it makes it easier for me to stalk your wonderful sigs as they are made. >:3

    The second and third sigs (with characters from FFXIII that I don't know >>) are so crisp and clear and amazing that I can hardly stand it. Just the amount of crisp detail in them, and how you draw the eye to them and just the focus of them. The lighting is incredible and woks so well with the render. The brush strokes and various other techniques are just so soft and subtle, I just love it. They compliment the background and render so amazingly, you're just a master of your craft, LoN. You don't have too much going, which really draws the attention to what the render. Brilliant.

    I still love that Neoshadow one. Just the way the eyes glow on it has always struck me as amazing. Not to mention the amazing background, and the effects on and around the Neoshadow. It's just so insane.

    The one you made for Carmen is just so much love personified that I just want to steal it and hug it. It's just so whimsical looking and playful, and all of the little subtle details that you included in making it really astounds me (you doing a tutorial for it really helps me appreciate this one).

    I really can not wait to see what you do here on out, LoN. *adds your thread to long list of art threads to stalk* :3
  5. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Heeeeeeey Red, nice to see you commenting ^^

    I was thinking I might do a tutorial for that Neoshadow one, it came out nice :D Thank you for the nice post <33333

    Also. Virgil -


  6. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Ooooooh, that Koromori sig is very lovely, LoN, but then again, all of your sigs are~ Those Final Fantasy sigs look amazing, with very beautifully matching effects on them, and they almost look as if you took a screenshot from the game(s?) and made it sig-sized!~

    I has a request(as if you didn't see that coming :p):
    This pic of Nobunaga Oda, with the text "Devil King of the Sixth Heaven", and perhaps some sort of deliciously evil-looking background or something :3

    P.S.: ILU ♥ and there's no rush at all, so take your tiiiiiimmmeeeeee~
  7. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Eeeeee thanks LoN! :D

    The sig is fabulous and I'm gonna use it right awayyyyy
  8. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    [18] <Tun> ...
    [18] <Tun> wh-what
    [18] <Tun> LoN
    [18] <Tun> Virgil's sig is amazing O:


    Nooooo but seriouslyyeerjnoaijekds
    I ♥ it. It's all pretty and lined and I love the little boxes with its tooth/heart and then the designs in the background are OH MY GOD ili ♥

    Your sigs make me want to start sigginngggguuh. But I feel there is no point because there are already so many amazing siggers around </3 I am also in love with the sharpness of your favourite sig and the swirly line of light and stuffs. c: S'nice~ And the 'Make My Wish Come Truuuueeeee' one is so pretty with the effects and all. :>


    ilu Adam
  9. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    What, you mean like this one?


    Thankies for the comments Elise <3333

    Also, Sho, I'm gonna open up GIMP and save an unfinished file of your sig to my desktop so I don't have an excuse to procrastinate XD
  10. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Aaaaargh your sigs are so cooool.

    I love the computerised effect on Virgil's sig and the amazing frosty effect on Tun's.

    Also. The Jumpluff sig. Possibly the best sig. Evar.

    It looks so cool an cloudy and has a nice 'handmade' effect.

    If you haven't got any requests, I'd like to make one. Could you have a Togekiss bursting through the clouds or something equally cool, and have it all in black and white and have it saying Monochrome is the New Colour and then have 'Toastie' somewhere on it as well.

    Thanks so much aaah I can't wait~
  11. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    I have a request, if you'd read, and you already have a sig.
  12. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    LoN, your Snow and Jumpluff sigs are by far some of the most beautiful pieces of art I've ever seen in this media. And yes, quite rightly I feel I should say that you have transcended mere "end of post" territory and have entered a new realm - the very limitation of size imposed on your work give them a depth and quality which I fear would be diluted if they grew in size.

    It's a wierd feeling, like having thoughts bubble out of your head, riding around in colours of emotion.
  13. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Its funny you should say that - because that's exactly what some of the sigs up there are, a snapshot of my emotions at a given time, preserved in signature form. No prizes for guessing which ones, I'd say they'd stand out :)

    Thank you for the lovely comment Tatile <333333 Maybe I'll finally go to sleep now, having read something as nice as that :)

    Oh, and its interesting you should mention the smaller canvas I have to work with. Most of the time when I try to move out into a larger piece like a wallpaper, they are rather 'diluted' like you say. Except one piece I've made... Which no one here will ever see, I'm keeping it to myself because it has special meaning to me :)
  14. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Double post because I can:

    For Shocariiiii :)


    My request slot is still taken though, I have another one I need to finish up - I'll post it in here as well when its donedid :)
  15. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    * Tun flails.

    El oh eeennnn
    That has to be like one of the coolest sigs everrr ♥

    I am in love with all the sparkly purple business goin' on~ (which is totally not biast because purple obviously isn't my favourite colour nope nup noooosirree /sarcasm :V) And all the swirly, outer-space/cloud-looking stuff looks phenomonallll <33 or however you spell it

    Just thought I'd drop by to say how lovely that sig is~ ♥

    what no i'm not stalking your thread
  16. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Thank you Elise ^.^

    Good to know everything I did works in it ^^
  17. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    I already said this in chat, but I'll say it again(in full): asdka dlsakdjfa oierjad qodj nv a;dfijadspifn adsfvna dsifjaokdvnao oainf1!!1!1!1!!

    It looks soooooooo amazing, and to me, the background looks as if it's flashing through things on Nobunaga's "To Conquer" list; with that gray cloud/smoke on the left being like a fire, next to that is like some people in the background(well, the one person looks like another Nobunaga, so he's busy conquering his fears or some other deep stuff :p), and the far right looks like space, with a...planet? in the corner. Which is awesome, 'cos space is ftw. It also seems as if there is a blade or something coming from his wrist on his arm(XD FMA ♥), which looks pretty sweet as well(I've no idea what any of what I've just listed actually is, btw. It just looks super epic).

    This is like, never leaving my sig. Ever.

    [me=Shocari]glomps LoN with a passion[/me]
    #17 Shocari, Jul 21, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  18. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Wow, just holy crap wow... The colors and feel of that sig are absolutely insane LoN-sensei. The purple smoke feel of the brush strokes is incredible looking and really accents the render masterfully. That render is so crisp and clean and just amazing, and the purple wisps just bring out the best in it. The light in the top right corner adds awesome depth to the sig as well.

    You're seriously too frickin' good LoN...

    [me=Sir Red]is really tempted to stab you and steal your talent >>[/me]
    (Just kidding, ilu LoN~)
  19. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery


    Lookit I'm so bad I've been procrastinating again D:

    This is why I've only got one request slot now xD Which is still occupied, by the by.

    Thanks for the comments you two ^^ Really great to have critique, even if its a bit garbled (*cough* Sho :p)

    Edit: Guysssss. I procrastinated again :'(

  20. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Aaaaaahhh, that siggy is so ♥

    The effects are so lovely and smoothly fading~ The light looks all nice and soft yet ... vibrant. :V And the little swirly bits in the corner are so nice and eeeheeee~

    * Tun demands moar D:<
  21. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    I already fan-gasmed to you about your Aqua sig in chat earlier, but now I think I can use a few more words then I did then to properly express just how incredible it is.

    The aura-like smoke type dealy behind Aqua is incredible looking, she just appears to be melding out of it and coming right at me. The texture on the tendril brush strokes look amazing and really go with the background terrifically.

    I adore that render as well, it's just so epic and beautifully placed and accented. Everything just compliments it so well. It's seriously a wonder my head didn't explode from how awesome it is. O.o

    So in conclusion, I love it, and ilu LoN. :3
  22. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    'Bout time I replied here, don't you think? :V

    Firstly, let me start by saying that your signatures are beautiful. There really is no other word for them - from the typography to the image effects and composition they are simply stunning beautiful. You always manage to position everything in just the right place, so that the whole signature has a sense of balance and mood. Your backgrounds are wonderful. I love how you place the written elements perfectly around the image, without separating it from the overall composition of the signature. Everything sits together brilliantly. I always enjoy looking at your sigs, they always look so interesting and epic. It's great to see you back here with a shop, but it's even better to see your new gallery forming. Keep going, you must ♥

  23. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Thanks you guys ^^

    Its soooo heartwarming to read things like that :D Although I wouldn't go as far as saying perfection, Ferne!

    Messages like these just give people the drive to go on and continue to improve with their work. So, tomorrow... Rain, your request shall be done >=O

    Or the day after D:

    Edit: So it turns out my new Aqua sig got like... er. Sixty favourites overnight on deviantART. Wut.
  24. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Can you make me a sig?Latias flying in the skies and it says "Soaring around the skies"?
  25. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Nope, if you read the thread you'd see why you're never getting one now.

    Also, note to Rain- As I'm in hospital tomorrow, I'm not sure when I'll get your request done. I might do it soon because I have loads more time, or I might not because I feel blegh. Regardless, you'll be the first to know :)
  26. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Rainy Rainy Rain I'm so sorry this took forever D':

    [me=LoN]cries forever and ever and ever and ever[/me]


    http://loncolossus.deviantart.com/art/R ... -173846111

    Hope you like it :)

    The one request slot is again... open. Request at your own peril o.o'
  27. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    OHMYGOSH!!! I love this sooooo much!! Thank you!! It was worth the wait, don't worry ^-^ -Jumps up and down-
    #27 Power Metal Maiden~, Aug 3, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  28. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    *Roundhouse kick*
    D'erm, I thought I new what I wanted... Well, I'm on a bit of a Beatles kick right now. So you could make me a Beatles siggy. Find whatever pic you can make work. As for colors, what ever color mood you're in for. Just not pink. For text... "Let me take you down..." would be nice.

    So yeah. I've always lurved your works. That's why I did the sig schooly. They're always clean and smooth and purty. And yeah. Just the way that everything ends up flowing is really cool and perfect.
  29. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    The Beatles... good bit of Britishness :D

    I shall get to it soon, Rayn :) But I apologize in advance if it ends up like the other Rain's, in the sense it takes forever :'(

    I have an idea in my head already, though. Lets hope I can get it out into signature form without murdering it xD
  30. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Gyark, why haven't I popped in here for a while? D:<

    Let me just sayyyy that Rain's sig is nyeeeewheehoooawwchhkchkiigghhhnnnrrrgghhhbkifexj9.Ú. Mmkay? Mmmmmkay. ♥

    No, but seriously, it's super pretty and all of the effects look dead nice (yarf, my accent is kicking in D':) and the writing is so nice and neat and quirky~

    Rain might have said that she wanted it completely greyscale, but if not, I may have added like a swirly purple/blue/pink bit and maybe some other slightly-coloured patches.

    But really I have no idea soooo

    Yeah, it's lovely ♥

    I'm hoping the Beatles one will be a masterpiece (I mean fffff what's the chances it won't be when you're making it? but aaanyway;) because I'm a reeeaaally big fan and I just have a feeeeelling it's going to look fantabulous ♥

    I'm also totally looking forward to the one you mentioned in chat~! I'm sure all of your future stuff will be like amazinnggguh ♥
  31. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery


    How's this, Rayn? I went for a simplistic sepia style in the end :)

    And also, if you guys could give me some critique for this second one, it'd be much appreciated. Its whats been taking up most of my time this week, its a banner for a deviantART group called Triple Threat which is a fan group for Aqua, Fang and Lightning. Quite big actually ^^


    PS: Thank you for the lovely comments, Elise ♥
  32. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

  33. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    It's definitely not what I would have done, but the picture is so famous that you get it anyhow! And and and it's like they're talking a walk there! It's brilliant! Exclamation point!

    Nomura's Angels is awesome as well. I love the lighting on that one and how there's sparkles everywhere too. The only thing I don't like is that color of blue for the words. Maybe pink like Lightning's hair?
  34. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery

    Its in the works :D Expect it in the next year or so hopefully before Friday, as thats when I'm off on holidaysss ^^

    I just had to use that image as soon as you said The Beatles ^^ Glad you like it, Rayn :)

    And thanks for the comments on the other one, as well. I giggled a little when you said make the text pinker, the image you see there is after me pinkening it already after someone said that in chat xD
  35. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery (Requests: Closed)

    ...oh hey look, I have a thread?


  36. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery (Requests: Closed)


    I love love love love love this one :D
  37. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery (Requests: Closed)

    Why are you so amazing, LoN? :O I'm quite serious, your new sigs are something to behold, my good man.

    I particularly like the "Just a Nobody" one. The lighting is splendid and really compliments the stock beautifully. Also, the font is just insanely amazing. You really have a terrific sense for typography in sigs, and I feel like that is one of the hardest things to grasp. It's just so frelling awesome. :V

    The other one has terrific lighting too, but I have no idea who the stock is. |D
  38. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery (Requests: Closed)

    Aerith from FF7 :)

    Thank you for the comments ^^ I was working mostly on typography for these two, although in the second one I also had an image of contrast that I wanted to portray. The fonts actually really annoyed me, because that's the one thing I haven't sorted on my new PC yet - they're just default Windows 7 fonts :p

    I can do a tutorial for one of these if anyone is interested~
  39. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery (Requests: Closed)

    I thought it was her based off of the hair, but the shadows on the face threw me off because she almost looked man-ish. |D

    And I would love it if you could do a tutorial of the "Just a nobody" sig. :3
  40. Re: LoN's Signature Shop/Gallery (Requests: Closed)

    Cool, I'll probably do one for both~
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