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SSBC -Episode 1-

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Satoren, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. A familiar fanfare rang through the stadium, but was quickly drowned out by the roaring applause of the crowd that had gathered on that day. Strange devices with large TV screens flew through the bleachers, broadcasting a closer view of the events happening on the field below. Groups of tall, box shaped robots scrolled up and down the stairways, dispensing snacks from their fridge-like bodies to the hungry patrons at a moderate price. This was the Pokecharms Coliseum, a technological marvel if there was ever one; much like the any other landmark of the fantastic city of the future.

    Today the stadium was packed, filled with citizens both living and otherwise. Those that had built the structure figured that a perpetually populated stadium, be it for whatever event, would better motivate those organizing the event, and the players and performers that would be headlining the festivities. Hence, each and every seat in the coliseum was outfitted with a virtual projector and speakers to simulate a crazed fan should the seat remain empty for the majority of the event. If the seat had an actual crazed fan, the projector would simply remain inactive until the time that it would be needed again. Logical thinkers over at the R&D questioned the installation of such a feature, saying it was crazy to add them. Those same logical thinkers were subsequently removed from the city, forgetting of the pun-ridden motto of Pokecharms- “Wii’re crazy and we’re proud.’

    The falsely crowded stadium and canned applause turned out to be a very useful feature indeed, as there were simply too many events being held at the coliseum for any one person to attend with a religious conviction. Such was the case today, when a casual fighting tournament was being held by a fairly large group of citizens. Friends and oddly related family members had gathered to witness yet another epic match between veteran fighters for the highly coveted ‘bragging rights.’

    Meanwhile, high atop the field, seated in the exclusive ‘Staff Skybox,’ a lone figure sighed. He slouched in the Skybox’s exclusive Staff recliners and partook of the exclusive Skybox refreshments, smiling quietly and enjoying his luxurious accommodations. RX enjoyed a good fight every now and then, but he would’ve more enjoyed actually being in the fight then watching it from the sidelines, or at the very least had a team he could actually root for. He could hardly do any cheering for today’s match, as he had never bothered to keep track of the fighters’ records. He came to this match not so much out of interest but mostly because it was his duty as a staff member to act as Master of Ceremonies for any formal Pokecharms event. Still, he had never seen them fight until today, so this might still be an interesting experience; if not simply so he could gather intel on the fighters.

    Suddenly, a small device flew up towards the Skybox. From behind the glass panes of the room, RX could see it was one of the many free-roaming automated cameras of the stadium, and that its lens were currently focused on him. Time to get to work, RX thought. Putting away his food and drinks, the young man than stood up and walked towards the camera. As he cleared his throat, the applause automatically died down. The virtual audience looked up to the live feed being broadcasted to the numerous floating televisions as RX then gave a short speech. Despite having little interest in the matter, RX could certainly feign passion in how he gave the opening remarks; though it seemed that he was beginning to go off tangent. He started giving a very brief description (to the best of his abilities) about the fighters and his views on how the match might turn out. Somehow, he had ended up discussing video game tier lists and other complex mechanics. No sooner had he finished did the applause again raised its volume. Having done its job, the flying camera hovered off and down towards the field to resume documenting the ensuing battle while RX returned to his seat.

    As he watched a delayed broadcast of his own speech, he couldn't help but point out all the flaws in his presentation.(Randomly changing the speech's point of interest apparently wasn't one of them) Ah well, it was a decent speech nonetheless. Still, RX would've thought that someone who was more talented in literary works would have been better suited to give the opening remarks. As he took a sip from his drink, he suddenly pondered about the Staff member he was filling in for with regards to today's event. Sem usually wasn't one to suddenly vanish without so much as a message, but it had been a good two weeks already since he was last seen anywhere in the city. Of course he did have a life beyond Charms that head to cater to, but he usually had more than enough time to be in the city to attend to his duties. This was all very indeed, he thought as he returned to his seat to watch the match.

    ooc: OHSNAPWUT wat is this horribly short post?! Well, it has occurred to me that I shouldn't be the one opening this RP, given that the focus is on the fighters (who should post in here right away =0) But I am opening it under the technicality that it is my idea to begin with so nyan~ So anyways, this is a public RP, in a sense of the word. There are RPers who have already filled out the slots for this little adventure, so if you're not one of those people, no posting! But wait, RX, how is this a public RP if you won't let me join? =0 Well simple, dears. Anyone can join this RP, but they have to first take part in the SSBC Discussion thread located in scenic RP Discussion first. Oh, and you also might want to post a bio here, mostly for the lulz, but also as a bit of an initiation of sorts.
  2. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    A partially false crowd stopped its mighty cheer as one of the moderators, RX, stood to make a speech. Although he started off talking about the two contestants, the speech quickly diverged from the topic into something about video games and tier lists, before RX finally sat once more, causing new applause to burst from the crowd, possibly even louder than before.

    Atop the bleachers, a figure stood, veiled in shadow, if momentarily, and more for dramatic effect than anything. To add to the effect, the young man’s retinas were glowing bright red as he looked down onto the battlefield where he was to fight another of the Charmsians, recreationally of course. As RX finished his speech, Tailon decided to make his entrance, fading into the shadows he had formed, disappearing completely.

    Moments later, on the battlefield, a portal opened toward one end, formed seemingly of fire, ice and lightning, but shaped more like a black hole than anything else, which wavered and shook, seemingly not stable. Out of it, Tailon rose into the air, arms crossed and eyes closed. The Arcanist opened his eyes, revealing their natural, brown color, smirked, then opened his arms forcefully, dispelling his portal in a burst of magical energy, then calling it back to himself. The magic formed itself around Tailon’s left arm, as well as forming a sword like shape in his right hand. In a flash of white, a large, heavy looking gauntlet appeared on his left arm, all the way up to the shoulder, while Tailon’s personal blade, Stinger, appeared in his right hand. The sword was not particularly large, about the size of a cutlass and of similar shape, though the sword was unique, and gained its name, from the large, stinger-like projections coming from the handguard and the bottom of the handle. The Arcanist looked at his gauntleted arm, raising it to his eyes for a quick inspection before running it through his unkempt, dark hair, adjusting his gold-trimmed, black cloak, and brushing off his t-shirt and jeans. Seemingly ready at last, Tailon took a battle stance, ready for the appearance of his opponent.

    OoC: So it begins :3 Also kinda shortpost D':
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  3. (10... 9... 87654321GO!! :3)

    Brawls: A fierce duel between two or more opponents in a test to see who truly is the stronger. You don’t need a real reason to challenge someone. You could be trying to accomplish a grand quest to save someone or exact revenge. You could be on a mission to prevent your opponent from becoming too powerful. You could be the one trying to become too powerful, by eliminating competition. However, here on Pokecharms, people had brawls just for entertainment and bragging rights. However in the end, after every single battle, it always brought them back to square one, no matter the result. That’s why Brendan doesn’t take part too in these local duels often, and usually isn’t around to watch. The teenaged acrobat had his own plans for the day.

    Brendan was making sparks fly with a torch cutter as he welded the items on his workbench together. RX’s speech echoed through the room via a television set in the corner. The sound of cheering had a strange echo about it. This was not just from the room, but the fact that the room was only five blocks away from where the stadium was. The cameras did an excellent job of zooming in on the right people to maximize the effect of anticipation for the match, even if it was the same old story. Two guys challenge each other, spar a bit, and somehow, nobody sees the end of it. It then results in pretty much a draw, there were hardly winners or losers in these brawls; they just don’t end. So the betting is more about who puts up the better fight rather than who wins. Nevertheless, Brendan pulled up his facemask, exposing his sky blue eyes and clean white hair to the dim light in the workshop. Now, he could get a better look at who was fighting today.

    Tailon was the first to arrive. An older member of the community, and of higher standings too, Tailon was known for taking elements from the classic pokemon move “Tri-Attack”, wielding the elements of fire, thunder, and ice. Thus he was a very talented user of the arcane arts. His opponent, Blazikid, who had not appeared on the field yet, was a younger member. He only had control over fire unlike his opponent, but he was known for being physically stronger, and having a knack at surprising people. Betting wise, people would go for Tailon for a safe and generally simple bet, but the more risk-taking gamblers would go for Blazikid to try and earn more. However, that’s for the people in the stadium. Brendan was here instead, tinkering with his new toy.

    Brendan lifted the lightweight metal vambraces, and tested the hatch on the top of each one to check if they opened properly. Inside was an empty compartment, the next stage of Brendan’s construction of his newest prototype. He lowered the volume on his TV so that it wouldn’t disturb him in this delicate stage of the procedure. He picked up a cylindrical object the size of a roll of film and gently pried it open, revealing a small compartment within. Brendan grabbed a pair of tweezers to delicately pick out a small, narrow blue stone that pulsed a gentle light: a crystal shard. A mysterious object Brendan brought with him from… well where he came from. It was a curious specimen that was able to produce a large amount of energy. Brendan was hoping that he was finally able to find a new use for his little trinkets. He carefully laid the shard into place in the cylinder and closed it shut. The cylinder itself began to pulse gently now. Brendan then carefully laid the cylinder in its place in the vambrace compartment, and began the delicate procedure of wiring it up and strapping it in. By the time he had finished this vambrace as well as the other one, the match on the television would be just about over.
  4. OoC: Waiwaiwait, I'M the underdog? *Blows raspberry* Thanks Brendan! :p

    BiC: Blazikid loved battles, which was the main reason why he had joined this brawl. That and he had never fought Tailon before, not even in chat. As RX, a member Blazikid respected for his artwork, finished his speech which had turned from a quick Bio to video game tier lists, which Blazikid didn't pay attention too. He watched Tailon enter the field, and decided it was his turn. He grinned, and started to transform. His legs were the first to go, his torso and head following soon after. As he completed his transformation into a living flame, he kept the grin wavering in the flame, adding something a little more sinister. The pillar of flame roared upwards and to the field, landing on the field with a loud roar and explosion. The flames went out and in their place was a figure with huge leathery wings, seemingly made out of dark purple flames. As The figure revealed the grin that Blazikid had kept, he opened his wings and transformed into flaming bats, or as Zelda fans would recognise, Keese. As they disappeared, a boy stood on the field, dressed in a black hoodie, red shirt and jeans. He held a wicked grin on his face, and as a wind blew down his hood, a long mane of feathers came into view. Yes, FEATHERS. Blazikid was unlike any other Charmsian that he knew of, as he was part pokemon. He held out his hand, and a deep red blade with a ruby inlaid in the hilt appeared, he held his other hand by his side and it erupted into the same colour flames as the pillar he had been earlier.With a loud laugh, and weapons in hand, Blazikid joined the brawl.

    OoC: Please don't hit me for more than one reason. :x
  5. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Ah, it was the perfect day for a brawl. Blue skies, green grass, and a not-so-packed stadium which looked rather packed. Gotta give credit to those silly admins and moderators or whoever it was that came up with such a strange idea; then again, Pokecharms had always been a strange place. People cheered and jumped and waved their fists in the air before the brawl had even commenced.

    A lone girl sat at a keyboard just outside off the stadium, with her own little virtual orchestra standing around obediently. Her name was Lyni, better known as Shiny around here. She was usually the one who sort of directed the music that played at every event, be it a ball, tournament, brawl, or even a walk, by playing on her keyboard. Her music would be expressed through the virtual orchestra, complete with strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and even guitars, pots, pans, and a Chinese two-stringed violin. The only reason why she was here today was to play music to add some dramatic effects for the brawl today. Hey, at least she was being paid in cookies.

    She was never much of a fighter herself and didn’t enjoy watching brawls herself, unable to stand the thought of fighting people she knew. Recreationally it was okay, like here, but if she was ever to be caught in a civil war... of course, in a tight-knit community like Pokecharms, that could never happen. That isn't to say she didn't know how to brawl, though; on the contrary, her nimbleness and speed made her a formidable opponent, and she could dish out some nasty wounds with her laser-fan, ice-whip, or even her viola which she used for, well, musical purposes.

    But enough about the girl who wasn't even fighting this time. Anyways, as Lyni glanced upwards, she noticed a floating television set hovering nearby, with an image of the awesome RX projected on it, who was giving a speech about the brawl and yadda yadda. Glancing upwards at the Staff Skybox just a little ways above her, she noticed that the real RX wasn't speaking, but rather sitting down in his chair with a somewhat bored face. The 'Charmsian then looked back at the television, which had changed its focus from RX to stadium.

    As the cheering around her roared up again, Lyni saw Tailon emerge onto the scene, with a flashy entrance of a black-hole like thing and fire, electricity, and ice. As she waited for Tailon's opponent to appear, the girl began playing a nice opening song, cheery, uplifting, and fitting for a fight. Then, after a pillar of fire suddenly erupted from the middle of the field, Blazi appeared in front of Tailon. Quickly changing the music slightly to match his entrance, Lyni and her orchestra began frantically playing something that sounded oddly similar to “Mars” by Holst.

    She never really enjoyed playing for events as unpredictable as these; she had to change the mood of the piece every so often, and a little blunder, even if others couldn’t catch it, would put her in a foul mood for up until the next time the sun went up.

    This was going to be one long, long day.

    ((OOC: Yes, I am one of those people who follow you around to play your theme music. :p Not really, but that would be fun and tiring XD))
  6. Secad, instead of watching the fight that was being annoyingly blared from her television, was reading in their special ambassador's apartment. She had recently picked up a copy of Flowers for Algernon and was trying to lose herself in the rodent-meets-man-and-gets-smart novel as usual, but for some reason, Fi had to blast the volume.

    Secad, becoming irritated, called for the rodent to turn down the volume from her comfortable tan suede armchair on the other side of their parlor. It was interfering with her concentration, as well as deafening.

    Fi was sitting on a blue cushion a few feet away from their small television that was set on the floor, with the remote nearby. They didn’t watch much television, so they saw no reason to buy a large one. The gerbil was sprawled out on her white tummy, tail twitching slightly.

    Fi scoffed in reply, pressing the ‘down’ on the volume control with a pink-padded paw. It amused her to watch two 'novice pyrokinetics' duke it out.

    Secad mocked her lovingly, calling her the 'best pyrokinetic ever,' pushing her brown sideswept bangs further across her pale forehead, rolling her eyes. The Pink Floyd fan turned another page, trying to concentrate again on her pleasure reading.
  7. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    A mighty pillar of fire and many Keese heralded Blazikid’s appearance on the field. The half Blaziken boy summoned his weapon, a sword Tailon hadn’t seen before, and stood at the ready. It seemed Tailon had the first move here.

    The young man smiled, standing to his full height, and aimed his open palm at his opponent. Hi irises began to glow slightly blue, and powerful winds started to move toward him, slowly condensing into a small ball in his palm. After about 30 seconds, Tailon had tiny, rotating ball of pure air in floating in front of his hand. The Arcanist smirked, the glow left his eyes, and the ball wavered, then lost its integrity, sending a massively powerful burst of air forward, which was soon channeled toward Blazikid, now infused with ice energy. For good measure, Tailon slammed his blade into the ground, sending three small waves of earth after Blazikid.

    OoC: Attackshortpost ahoy o:
  8. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Karu enjoyed varied types of theatrics, even some ridiculous or silly things. Sometimes even tournaments such as this drew his fancy when he grew bored in the ocean. Sitting amongst the stands he had little motivation to cheer yet he was content the battle would be ferocious enough to hold the interest of everyone present ... Though if the brunette was honest, he'd just wanted something to do and today's match felt like the ideal thing.

    Leaning back to place his feet on the chair in front him, he was becoming quite irritated by the hologram jumping about in the way of his view. Still, these toys were toys of the superiors. A speech echoed from the staff box. What he caught of it made him smile, someone had trouble staying on one thing without too much depth. Giving a shrug as the speech ended, Karu calmly rose as he joined the applause and strode across to where it looked like a few holograms were broken in the stands. Non-functional with even some sparks from the speakers. Concerning as it was he took up his comfortable position again and promptly bit down into a pale blue lollipop he had procured from his pocket. Delightfully sour.

    As he watched battle unfold with varying shapes and forms of ice and fire be tossed to and fro he found himself curious to joining such things himself, albeit unlikely he could bare being away from his precious coral reef long enough. Still the male mulled it over in his mind as he savoured his candy of choice and kept careful eyes on each move the two made. It was quite exciting to be in the fray he was sure. Gut reactions, planning strategy on the move, watching for traps, picking out weaknesses and holes in the enemy defenses.

    Such as he'd thought earlier: Battle could be invigorating.

    OOC: Shortpost fail. x-x Sorry.
  9. Blazikid analysed the attack coming towards him, and realised that being hit by the ground waves wouldn't be good for him, but being hit by the winds would be the lesser of two pains. With that, he backflipped into the air, avoiding the ground attack but getting hit by the chilly wind. At least the cold was taken care of by his inner fire. While he was in the air, he spun around, sending two flames at Tailon. He then held out his sword as he spun, creating a beam of ruby flame, sending this as well at Tailon. He landed, the ground a little soft after the ground waves. He looked at Tailon, and threw his sword out sideways, it dematerialising. He then stood back, closed his eyes, and focused on the air in front of him. A ball of shadows started condensing in front of him, using his umbrakinesis that not many Charmsians knew about. He then opened his eyes and let out a fearsome roar, sending a ball of pure darkness hurtling at Tailon.

    OoC: Betcha didn't know about that ;)
  10. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    And with the entrances, the battle was on! Glancing upwards at her little screen again, Shiny noticed that Tailon was summoning some sort of elemental energy into his hand, a slight glow in his eyes, and thusly changed the music to something not as fast, yet still filled with tension. As time went by, the girl began wondering if Tailon was actually going to attack. Then, quite suddenly, he released a sudden gust of wind at Blazi, along with bits of ice and a shockwave from the earth. With that, Shiny’s fingers began flying around the little keyboard furiously, while the holographic orchestra hammered/sawed/blasted away on their own instruments. It almost sounded like snowflakes were falling amidst an earthquake.

    Blazi had neatly avoided damage from the rippling earth, but had failed evading the icy wind from above, and thus the phrase ended with a loud bang on the keyboard, from the orchestra. From his movements, Lyni wondered if Blazi had even intended to avoid the air blast, but no matter; he was injured, and therefore the girl played something a little mellower. Oh, looks like he just shot some fire at Tailon while he was in the air, before throwing some sword out. Shiny then made the percussion play a little more, building the tension once again. Then, as Blazi surprisingly used some sort of umbrakinesis on Tailon, the girl added some trombone and tuba parts to make the music sound a little darker, and let the strings tremolo on a low d minor chord at a piano.

    Bored out of her mind now, and wanting to take a break from watching the two fight (even though the fighting hadn’t even lasted more than ten minutes yet), Shiny let her camera scan the crowd in search of people she knew. She only spotted one person, besides RX, who was in the staff Skybox: Karu. He totally stood out from the hooting and hollering virtual audience, with his calm demeanor and signature lollipop. It would be nice if she could actually talk to him… but she’ll just talk to him later. She had to do this job well first before she could even get her lunch break.
  11. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Blazi had made the better decision and taken the distraction shot instead of the comparatively more powerful wave of earth. Using the attack to remain aloft, he had launched a few relatively weak attacks, compared to his usual repertoire anyway, a pair of flames and some fire launched off of his sword. The first was easy enough to counter, as Talon simply absorbed the burning energy to replenish his own. Then, with a sudden movement of his right arm, Stinger split the other attack, deflecting it to both sides of the Arcanist. Tailon was confused at the lack of power behind Blazikid’s attacks, when he heard a mighty roar from across the field. The young man looked up at his opponent, only to see him launching a dense ball of shadow, a talent Tailon did not know Blazikid possessed. As fast as he could, the Arcanist slammed his gauntleted palm into the ground in front of him, summoning three fairly tall walls of stone. The ball impacted with the first wall, breaking it instantly, then slammed into the second, taking a second or so more before shattering that as well. The third wall held up slightly longer than the previous, but fell to the powerful attack as well. The shadowy ball struck before Tailon could react again beyond crossing his arms in front of him to keep it from exploding directly in his face, and the Arcanist was forced to take what remained of its power, forcing him back a foot or two, though still on his feet, before he was able to force the ball to separate, sending the remaining energy crashing around him, and leaving some smoke hovering in front of him from the magical reaction.

    Suddenly, within the smokescreen, a blue streak slashed through the film of black, revealing Tailon, crackling with electricity up to the eyes. The Arcanist stabbed his blade into the ground and removed his duster, sending it off to whatever dimension he stored things in, leaving him to fight in his t shirt and jeans. Suddenly, almost literally in the blink of an eye, Tailon took up Stinger once more, and launched a bolt of pure electric energy at his foe, dashing behind it at blinding speeds in order to attack with Stinger, swinging about four times before launching a much stronger punch with his gauntleted hand.
  12. Blazikid had barely enough time to react to the electricity before he was shocked, sliced and slammed. He didn't exactly like the electricity, his skin stung from the sword cuts and being punched in the face by a gauntlet didn't improve his mood. In fact, it made it worse. As Blazikid got up he had a wild look in his eyes, and his hair was starting to smoke. He stood tall, the look and smoke gone for the moment, and for a second he looked human. That was before he burst into flames. Blazikid was in something he called his Blaze mode, the humanized version of Blaziken's Blaze ability. He growled, a deep, gutteral animal growl, and lunged forward to Tailon, swinging his sword in as many different ways as he could think of, and in between the slashes, peppering Tailon with fireballs and shadow balls. He then leapt backwards, and putting one foot back, focusing all his Pyrokinesis and Umbrakinesis into a massive ball, sucking the flames off his body. He then swung around and sent the comet sized hellstorm orb at Tailon. He styepped back and gasped, a little bit low on energy after that assault.
  13. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Karu sighed to himself as he sat up. Some disapproving comment was muttered. He was all for a good battle, even a burst of shadow magic made a nice turn but hey, once earth comes into it it's just something he's seen over and over and over again. The memory of his first geokinetic made the pinpoint scar on the bridge of his nose itch... God did he hate that guy.

    Mentally phasing out of the battle the deep blue eyed male lightly bit into his lollipop as he pondered over the three earth wielders who'd taken personal significance in his life. Compared to the first the newer were much more pleasent.

    Scratching at the scar again Karu found his attention back on what was around him, having found his lollipop borken in his mouth. With a small sigh he ate up the remains and tossed the stick into a bin. What a waste ... The brunette was in a poorer mood for the loss of one of his favoured pleasures. Sighing once more and sitting up in his seat he toyed with the crystal in his shoulder armour, purely decorative of course.

    Karu chuckled lightly to himself at the thought of it being actual magic infused as he took his hand aware and his attention turned for a moment as he swore he felt eyes upon him. For one it'd have his blood filtering through it and - Meh, just another way to kill. Sitting back in his chair somewhat restlessly he eyed the fight with a lick of a second lollipop to calm him, if any kind of battle was to get out of hand the elemental wouldn't mind letting out a touch of - ... not steam, just boiling water. As eager as he was the aquatic entity was he'd not be so reckless as to overstep some degree of politeness and simply leap into any fray. If a threat came to him he'd fight back or perhaps try a more diplomatic solution.
  14. Fi laughed at her new discovery of Blazikid's umbrakinesis. She didn't know that about the 'novice,' so that could really change her expected outcome. This was a little better than the beginner smackdown she expected. The darkness comet was truly different. She should try that sometime, but with complete flames. Perfect spheres were hard to manage. The flame wanted to go everywhere!

    Secad simply rolled her eyes and turned her attention to the book. Fi's rants at the television were entertaining, but she had gotten that book for a reason.
  15. The two figures did their dance in front of the crowd. Some were real, and others were holograms that were unnecessarily installed to make the feel of the fight as energetic and pumped as possible. The fighters would feed from the crowd's energy, longing to give them a show worth cheering for. It seemed like a distant memory now, but there was a point when the lone figure standing atop the stadium would have been on the stage; fighting for the thrill of battle and the enjoyment of the masses. Now Chadwyck came with a much darker purpose, and he had just about finished watching the pair throw their pathetic attacks back and forth.

    His normal attire had been slightly altered, but for the most part it was very much the same. It consisted of a plain white tee-shirt, black jeans, and a studded black belt hanging loosely around his waist. Heavy boots were strapped up to halfway up his shins. The only part of his ensemble that had actually changed was the black, biker-cut coat that flapped in the wind as he overlooked the arena. Where it would have normally been all black, there were now several spots where red, stitched looking hearts had been sewn on. Along with a bright red 'K' on the right breast of his coat.

    It was time to interrupt this sparring match and let the real fun begin; after all, who didn't enjoy a good brawl?

    He waited for the moment to come, and then, he saw it. The ideal opportunity for attack was practically hand delivered to him as Blazikid summoned all of his strength into a massive orb of flaming shadows. Chadwyck could make quick work of it. He reached out his right and and felt the flames beckoning to him from within the attack; they disliked being fused with the shadow that they would so readily destroy with their vibrant lights. Chadwyck readily obliged and reached out to the flames with his consciousness. He commanded that they expand.

    The ball began to do just that, as it hurled through the air it swelled and stretched, ready to burst. Chadwyck also helped with this portion by leaping with his full might into the air; and within seconds launched a condensed ball of blue flames into the heart of the sphere, a split second later there was a brilliant explosion. Like a firework that had reached the end of its fuse, the giant ball exploded in a brilliant flash of fire and shadow. And falling through the it all, toward the dead centre of the ring, was Chadwyck.

    There was a crash, and the next thing they saw was Chadwyck rising slowly from the crouching position that he had landed in; the platform beneath his feet was cracked from the force of his impact. He looked at both fighters, turning his head deliberately slowly from one to the other, glowering at them both with hazel eyes that were subtly glazed over with a smirk that meant he was there on business, his violet-brown hair rustled gently by the wind. He looked, then, at the staff box, his smirk evolved into a full smile. He reached up with his right hand and drew his blade that rested in the sheath on his back: a silver blade with violet flames engraved down the flat edge, a red heart dangling from a silver chain on the hilt. The sword was heavy, being five feet long and half a foot wide, but it was wielded with ease.

    Then, with the fake members of the crowd still cheering, not being capable of conscious thought and discerning this newcomer as a threat, he thrust his left hand out to the side. At that instant pools of shadows began to open up all over the arena, and instants later what appeared to be shadows with suits began to rise from them. They were vaguely humanoid in shape, wearing black suits with varying numbers and card suits embroidered into the coats. On their faces they wore white masks that had differing expressions with numbers and suits that matched their coats. They were armed with handguns that propelled razor-blade-playing-cards. With a wave of his hand, Chadwyck set them all off, attacking whoever was nearest to them in the crowd, not distinguishing between hologram and real spectator. It didn't matter, they were fulfilling their purpose, attacking anything and everything that appeared as a target.

    Chaos soon erupted within the stadium. Several spectators began to panic, others tried to fight, but in the end it all become beautiful discord. Chadwyck turned his attention back to the two fighters in the ring with him; glaring at them with a hidden sorrow, while smiling maliciously as he began to rise slightly off the ground with the aid of his electrokinesis. He raised his sword and swung it in a wide arc, a wave of blue flames following the path of the blade.

    It didn't matter if Talon or Blazikid attacked him, he would deal with them if the need arose. For now he focused on continuing the attack, ordering the numbered suits this way or that with a motion of his hand. He eyed the staff box, knowing that at any moment they would attempt to interfere and stop the attack. Chadwyck thrust his palm toward the box, and flash of lightning that appeared in an instant streaked across the gap between him and the room. The attack would be strong enough to cause significant damage.

    With another look around the stadium he began to hover a little higher and admire the chaos.

    The black attack had been successfully launched.
  16. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    What the heck.

    That was all that went through Lyni’s mind as some nasty disturbance sent a bunch of static through her personal TV. She blamed the camera’s close proximity to the battle; if it hadn’t been so close, it might’ve been able to avoid that bright flash caused by whoever. Surely it couldn’t have been one of the competitor’s doing, or at the very worst, they were trying to cut off her connection with the stadium as some sort of cruel joke. Because she was unable to see what was going on in the arena, the music stopped abruptly, and the holographic orchestra disappeared as the girl tried to fix her television. Muttering to herself in frustration, she finally was able to reconnect to the stadium...

    ... only to find that some strange figure was standing in the middle of the stadium. The image was still extremely blurry, so Lyni was unable to tell who, or what, the figure was. But if she had read the rules correctly, it had stated very clearly that no one was supposed to bring in extra help from the outside, and no one was supposed to step in to help. So why was this figure here?

    As the dust cleared out, the camera’s automatic lens cleaning activated, allowing the musician to be able to see the scene a little clearer. Pressing a button on her television to make the camera zoom in, she saw that the figure was wearing some sort of black jacket with hearts stitched all over it in an almost grotesque manner. Its form was similar to that of a particular Charmsian she had admired for so long... but no, that had to be a mistake. But just to make sure, she pressed the zoom button one last time. As the figure’s face became clearer, astonishment and denial made its way across Lyni’s face. No, it wasn’t possible, it couldn’t be!

    Why did it have to be Chad? Why did it have to be the one person that she had admired for all those years? Why did it have to be the guy whom she had tackled for autographs so many times? Why? Frustrated tears made their way down her cheeks, and she angrily pounded her fist on her keyboard, sending a loud screeching noise through the stadium.

    Looking up again, she saw that the virtual crowd was now flickering, leaving the real members exposed to Chadwyck’s strange shadowy minions or whatever they were. No, no... Karu was there! And RX! And all the other innocent members! Whatever respect she had for the man vanished almost completely at that very instant. Almost.

    Determined to go help her friends, Lyni abandoned her keyboard and ran around the large stadium and emerged, panting, through the doors of the arena. The chaos looked a lot worse in person than on the screen; people screaming, others trying to put up a fight. And in the middle of it all was Chadwyck, the really nice guy who had suddenly decided to show his darker side today for some reason. After debating whether to help those in the crowd or go down there and fight Chadwyck herself, the girl finally admitted that, no matter how much she would’ve liked to deny it, she never would’ve been able to hurt another Charmsian, even one who had suddenly gone insane or whatever.

    Just as Lyni tried to make her way around to some frightened member, a sudden blast of lightening distracted the girl. She glanced upwards, and saw that the Skybox was damaged. To what extent, she couldn’t tell, but she decided against trying to save whoever was in the Skybox. The staff was rather well known for being able to defend themselves, anyways. Lyni turned back around and rushed forward, undoing her hair before tying it back up into a lone, low pigtail. At first glance, one would’ve thought that the action was pointless, but a closer look would’ve shown that the girl was now holding some sort of silvery object in her hand; somehow, her hair band had transformed itself.

    Glancing around and making sure that no one was too close by to get hurt, she turned a red knob on the object, and at first it seemed as though nothing had happened. However, the girl slashed through the air with her weapon, and several televisions suddenly were cut in half, the dust revealing several lasers coming from the silvery object in Lyni’s hand. And, if that wasn’t enough, icicles began forming in the air, poised in an attacking position at the surrounding shadows.

    Then, several shadows suddenly appeared seemingly out of nowhere and attacked the girl. Cursing to herself once for her ignorance, the girl re-aimed the icicles and impaled several shadows with ice, and slashing several others with her laser-fan. Several more shadows appeared, only to be impaled by shards of ice made by the girl cutting through the icicles with her laser-fan.

    And all the while, Lyni stood by her original thought from the morning: this was going to be one long, long day.

    ((OOC: Long fail post is long and full of fail. But eh~))
  17. Brendan eventually raised his finished product from the table. Admiring the craft that was done completely with his bare hands: A pair of metal vambraces with undersides that held the pulsing crystals and a strap to help secure them in place. Now that he had a product, Brendan needed results. So he rolled up his sleeves and secured the vambraces around his own forearms. He then flicked a switch under each vambrace and the circuitry within activated and allowed the flow of the crystal’s hidden energies into generators to power his newest gadgets. A faint blue glow enveloped Brendan’s forearms, and followed them in a lazy manner, floating in place before fading. Satisfied with the first test, Brendan rolled down his sleeves, hiding the vambraces underneath. The glow was hidden away as well, except when Brendan moved his arms. Everything looked in place, though whether it had the properties Brendan was trying for would have to be seen to.

    Before Brendan could test his new toy out on his own, a sudden flash and the sound of an explosion echoed. Obviously the battle at the stadium had just got intense. Brendan looked at the TV in the corner once more, to see something he wasn’t expecting. A third figure was now on the battlefield, and everyone that was physically real had stopped and were confused by the appearance of him. Brendan brought himself closer to the TV as the camera zoomed in on the intruder. Brendan recognized him at once. The only real difference was the addition of red hearts and a K on his biker-cut coat, but there was no mistaking the boots, the studded belt, and the odd hair color combination of violet and brown.

    Chadwyck. He did it again.

    As soon as Chadwyck drew his sword and the mysterious figures in suits began to appear all over the stadium, Brendan was sprinting out the door. Instead of going down, Brendan went up onto the roof of the apartment building he resided in, hopping from building to building as a means of escaping the panic in the streets below. It was only five blocks away, but Brendan could have been going for about an eternity. He had faced Chadwyck before, just over a year ago in fact. Though he only barely made it, and he needed the aid of several of his friends. Then again, he was stronger now, he knew all the tricks Chadwyck had up his sleeves, or at least most of them. Brendan on the other hand was constantly evolving his combat, and was going to be one hell of a surprise should a duel come from this.

    Brendan finally reached the last rooftop, a short jump away from the stadium itself, Brendan made a swift jump and landed on one of the lights that were there to shine on the stage during nighttime brawls. Now he had a full view of the chaos that infested the stadium. Chadwyck himself hovered in the center of it all, directing the suited hostiles with simple hand gestures. Brendan considered his options, should he focus on the minions before somebody got hurt, or go for Chad, the ringleader? Either way, he wasn’t exactly hidden, perched on a stadium floodlight in the middle of the chaos.
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  18. Fi watched the televised battle intensely, waiting for that fireball to hit. It was going to be so delicious seeing Talon get up from that one! It could even be a one-hit-knock-out!

    However, that never happened. It suddenly exploded, right in the center of the field, which was most likely not Blazi's intention. Fi raised an eyebrow in confusion, not seeing the practicality of this. The dust and smoke cleared, revealing someone. Someone with brownish-purple hair and a biker jacket. A well-known fellow, active in 'Charms and quite funny.


    Fi called over to Secad in surprise, not knowing what to make of it. This was a two-person fight, not a brawl! Secad, getting up from her brown recliner and closing her book, walked to the gerbil's side. She didn't know what it was. Why would Chadwyck violate the rules?

    Chadwyck emerged with a smirk on his face, eyes glinting. His coat looked funny, as well did his weapon after he drew it. The sword looked abnormally large, but the purple flames were more remarkable. Both the blade and the coat had red hearts, but the coat had a red K. It obvious meant something, but what? Was it his new personal mascot? 'The Dancing Kandy Hearts' or whatever?

    Going into a somewhat 'spectator football' style rant, both of them started to loudly 'discuss' that Chadwyck should get off the field, as it was not his fight. They immediately shut up in shock when he summoned white-faced card-like soldiers with card-shooting guns on the field through shadows.

    Fi swore, and Secad chastised her, but the pale human was swearing internally herself. This wasn't good. This looked like an assault. They had seen assaults, but it was often with creatures Fi's size. When they were about human-sized, it looked a lot more dim in outcome as she saw the little card-things start chaos, shooting the spectators, not caring whether they were holographic or not. Chadwyck started his own attack, blue flames trailing over the purple-flaming sword, however that worked. That was blasphemy of colors. At the very most, it should be a very pale or dark trail, not a completely different color.

    Secad shut up her mental rant about the colors of the fire. Sure, they could--

    Fi gave Secad a mental whack, hearing her rant. She asked where the stadium was, as if there were Gerbolians there, their reputation was screwed. Well, and so were the lower-level Charmsians, so they should better help.
  19. The Staff box was crushed from the roof inwards by the powerful surge of lightning. Its glass windows shattered into fine dust, then rained down on the bleachers below. A loup clap of thunder soon followed, rumbling through the coliseum and out towards the city for all to hear. Chadwyck’s attack had certainly hit its mark, decimating the quarters and those inside it with tremendous energy; or so it would seem.

    A low, humming sound could be heard amidst the rubble that was once the skybox. It was slowly growing louder and louder; until finally, it stopped. There was a brief pause, then a dull click before something very fast and very loud blasted its way through the debris and towards Chad’s general direction. A couple of the strange black creatures nearby instinctively leapt upward, defending their superior from the sudden attack, only to have themselves blasted backward, headlong towards their master. Meanwhile, from the gaping hole that the mysterious force had come from; a figure emerged.

    aReX stalked forward, his arms reassembling themselves from their previous form. Following behind him was a large orange, creature with a yellow ring around its neck; and cradled in his arms was RX. The two coughed and breathed deeply, they had been completely caught off guard and would have no doubt been crushed beneath the rubble were it not for aReX’s innate ability to detect high energy readings withing their vicinity. Not only was the android able to forewarn the pair, but he was also able to absorb most of the lightning’s electricity, a useful feature if there ever was one for a robot. This sudden acquirement of energy then allowed aReX to use the sonic cannons built into his arms to devastating effect, clearing a path out of the debris and taking out some of these odd invaders with it.

    RX patted the large Buizel on the arm, asking his savior to put him down. By habit, he then wiped the dust off his clothes as Zilla ran over to his android accomplice. It was indeed fortunate that the mammoth mammal decided to come watch the match with his best friend. RX thought the same, and was very much impressed with aReX’s energy output. But now was not the time for praise, and so the young man leapt off of the ruined skybox and down towards the bleachers, where several of the charmsians and invaders were doing battle.

    The strange, black minions turned their head towards RX and aimed their weapons at him. No sooner were they about to pull the trigger did a huge mass of orange fur block their sights. Zilla picked up one of the scrawny grunts and hurled it towards the others, knocking them out like bowling pins. aReX was hanging onto his shoulder, his face bearing no emotion as usual. Zilla called to RX, telling him to leave the small fry to him while he manaed to seize control of the situation. Under normal ciscumstances, a Pokemon like Zilla shouldn’t be able to speak to humans, but under normal circumstances, Pokemon didn’t have a mechanical construct with them that could translate their verbal calls into coherent sentences for humans to hear.

    RX simply nodded and dashed towards the field, narrowly evading a shot fired by one of the strange creatures. Zilla quickly intercepted the said minion and began swinging him around, knocking out the other grunts.

    Questions were flooding through RX’s mind. Just what was going on? What were these strange creatures? Why are they attacking the Charmsians? And why is Chad they’re leader? He hoped he could get those answers as he approached the floating figure that only moments ago, tried to destroy him.

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  20. The minions were running wild, attacking anything and everything that got in their path. It didn't matter whether or not they were high level or low level 'Charmsians, the constructs continued to battle regardless. This was bad news for Shiny, as several of the suited shadows began to encircle her as she made her way through the crowd. If they had faces, they would have most likely been smirking as they raised their respective card-shooters and readied to attack the girl. She had already dispatched several others, but there didn't seem to be an end to them. Every second it seemed that more portals were opening and more suits rose from the pools.

    Chadwyck, meanwhile, had his own problems to deal with. His strike at the staff box had done its job well, the skybox being reduced to nothing but a pile of rubble. However, he wasn't expecting a counterattack so suddenly; but that's exactly what he got. Shockwaves rattled their way toward him, blowing straight through the rubble that was formerly the staff box and cutting straight through the air at him.

    Several of the minions attempted to protect their superior, leaping in the path of the attack and taking the brunt of the force. Only now they were being hurled through the air like projectiles toward him; but the young man simply rolled his eyes and clenched his fist before him, encasing it in flames. With a wave of his hand there was a wall of searing fire between him and the incoming attacks. The suited shadows were reduced to ashes the second they passed through the barrier; Chadwyck didn't care that he had to dispatch them himself, there would always be others.

    The second thing that he had to deal with was the remaining force of the shockwave, it was much more powerful than he had originally thought and his minions did indeed take most of the force; however it didn't stop the attack from blasting through his barrier. Instinctively, Chadwyck slashed an upward vertical slash with his sword, slicing through the force flying at him.

    Now that the attack was dispatched, albeit in a much more unrefined way than he would have liked, the dual kinetic was able to see where the attack had originated. RX hadn't been alone in the skybox, Buizilla and aReX were there as well. Chadwyck had seen the massive Buizel and the robot butler before, but never had much contact with either of them; but he knew enough to deduce that the attack had originated from aReX. From his vantage point he noted that the trio went their separate ways, and the giant Buizel was going around easily overpowering several of the minions. That couldn't be allowed to continue.

    Chadwyck held his palm downward, parallel with the ground below him, and a massive black pool opened. Only nothing rose out of this portal. Instead, several of the suited shadows jumped into it; sinking into the ground as if the portal were some sort of inky tar-pit. Seconds later, two noticeably larger minions rose from the pit. They looked identical to the smaller counterparts, only they were bigger and each of them were numbered '10', one from the house of clubs, the other from the house of spades. They tilted their heads in opposite directions simultaneously, looking up at Chadwyck for direction. The young man obliged.

    With another wave of his hand they each knew precisely what to do. The ten of spades looked at Buizilla and aReX and began lumbering its way through the chaotic crowd toward the pair, raising a pair of card-shooters from within its coat.

    The other, the ten of clubs, turned toward Blazikid and Tailon, after all Chadwyck couldn't be expected to deal with every 'Charmsian who decided to put up a fight. The creature raised its hand high and slammed it into the ground, cracking the stadium floor beneath it and sending several inky tendrils cutting through the earth toward the pair of fighters.

    Chadwyck turned his attention to RX, who was walking across the field toward him; the dual kinetic lowered himself and stood on equal ground with RX. Even with all the battles and discord around them, everything seemed to go quiet as they faced each other; a wind caused by some nearby explosion slightly ruffling the pair's clothes.

    The young man smiled, slamming his blade into the ground beside him and cracking his fingers. Sparks leapt off of them as he did so. He pointed a palm at RX, ready to attack without holding anything back. But then something happened.

    For the slightest fraction of a second, Chadwyck hesitated; his smile wavered as he looked on at the person standing opposite him. It was at that moment he noticed Brendan perched atop one of the stadium lights. For whatever reason he decided to alter his priority target; and he decided to catch Brendan off guard. With his palm still pointed at RX, Chadwyck focused his energies and suddenly shifted his hand, casting a bolt of electricity through the air; not at Brendan, but at the light he was perched upon. Once the lightning hit, the power surge was too much and the light overloaded, resulting in an explosion. No doubt Brendan would avoid it, but it would hopefully catch him off guard.

    Instantly, Chadwyck grabbed his sword and rushed forward; his eyes focused on RX as he tore the blade from the ground. He flipped once, bringing the blade around and slashing into the ground; a wave of flames cutting out in several directions toward his opponent.

    But, for a reason he couldn't fathom, he had refrained from using his full force. Perhaps he was toying with them, or maybe it was something else. Either way, things were going to get interesting very quickly.
  21. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    A low hum came to the ears of any who were listening, though due to the conflict below, it was doubtful anyone was. The humming slowly turned into the roar of an engine bursting with flame, and it was all too late when the large form of a ship appeared over the stadium. It slowly made its way over the top of it, letting any onlookers see the detail that encompassed it.

    The bow of the ship had a sleek design to it, a lovely white flowing around the glass windows that signified the space within. The white curled back to the sides of the ship that made it look almost as if it had a mane, painting itself over the light blue exterior of the ship. The crown of the head-like bow jutted out to cover up what looked to be some sort of central hub, and down into a beard-like design in between the two cannons peeking out from its form. There was more white flowing over the stern and hull of the ship, expanding into what looked to be feathery wings and a tail that wrapped around the blue-ish flames that propelled it forward, making the theme of Reshiram apparent. Expanding outwards from in between the wings was a large tower, almost a platform of sorts as it beheld what looked to be a crown atop it.

    Near the bow of the ship, the many windows proved useful to a figure that was standing inside, looking down on the stadium as it etched its way into view. A soft sigh escaped feminine lips before they curved into a small smile, as if taking in the splendor of it all. Metal boots paced in anticipation as the white cloak she was wearing billowed after her in every step. The armored female came to a stop in the center of the windows, emerald eyes peering over the rims of round glasses from beneath brown hair. Her pale peach skin was only visible in her face and neck as the armor covered her from head to toe, blue symbols etching their way onto the front of the suit and the back of the cloak to belie an intricate crown, one that would be familiar to any who played chess as the symbol of the Queen.

    Dwayna DragonFire turned her smile into a smirk when some of the windows changed to viewing screens, zooming in on the chaotic mess below. Through that mess, an old adversary in another conflict popped onto a screen, the situation only fitting in that they would be enemies once again. Some part of her had realized the memory of a reconciliation, but that was quickly wiped away with thoughts of the plan. She slowly raised her arms as the smile on her face grew to a fully-fledged grin, a soft sound heard as another figure behind her pulled a lever.

    The hull of the ship began to open, and out of it came small white spheres that glowed with an internal blue light. The spheres gathered together in clumps and out of those clumps began to form figures of what looked to be giant pawns. Features smoothed over the faces of the figures and appeared as androgynous men, the blue symbol of a Pawn making its way on to each of their costumes. The first soldiers of the White army stood and stalked their way towards the Black soldiers, as if to try to strike fear into the hearts of any who opposed them. Some of the soldiers also stalked towards the Charmsians who weren't on either side, beckoning them closer and at the same time looking ready to lunge for an attack.

    Dwayna turned on her heel and walked towards the back of the ship, passing the figures that bowed before her as she walked along the halls. She took an interior elevator to come to the top of the tower at the stern of the ship, at which she stepped out walking towards another figure. She fell to one knee and bowed her head to her superior, one who was known as the King of the White Faction, the first step of the plan successfully executed under their command.

    After all, in chess, the pawns go first.
  22. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    You know, small one, it's generally a good idea to wait for permission to post before actually posting. On top of that your post is complete rubbish. Can you look at the size and complexity of the posts above yours and then honestly tell me that the three lines you posted is ok?

    I'm not going to warn you, but I highly suggest that you read the RP rules and shape up before posting again.
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  23. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Sem stood, looking out of the glass wall at the fighting that was happening down below. Their sudden appearance most certainly had put hope into the hearts of the Charmsians below - but the massive white ship was not full of allies, as they would soon find out.

    The Administrator didn't look at all like he normally did. He was human, like he had used to be years before. He had changed his form back when his plans began to form. Most Charmsians still weren't used to see him like he was - they were used to an adorable creature that was barely as tall as a small child. Running around in the form of a cute mammal could be fun, but it was also good to change things up, and many things had changed recently for Sem. The plan today was for an official reveal of the White Faction, along with a few other things.

    Human Sem wasn't all that tall, standing at just 5'5", which was slightly below average, which meant that he was still shorter than most Charmsians. His frame was about average, so he wasn't thin, but he also wasn't wide. He was wearing a cerulean-colored button up shirt, un-tucked, along with a pair of snug-fitting, straight-legged, white jeans. On his feet were a rather nice pair of light blue leather sneakers, with white laces and a white stripe going down on either side of the shoe. Over his shirt he wore a white trench coat that went down to his mid-thighs. A teal scarf hung on his neck, and the ends of the scarf were slightly longer than the trench. Also around Sem's neck was a pendant in the shape of a raindrop, which was something he wore in his previous form as well. The pendant itself was sapphire in color, but hung on a black cord. On his either shoulder of his coat was a silver insignia of a crown.

    Sem's face was smooth, with no facial hair to speak of. He was twenty, but he could pass as someone as young as sixteen, which was something he had mixed feelings over. The young man's hair was dark - short in the back but longer in the front. A fringe swept just above his right eye, covering his eyebrow and part of his eye. The fringe stood out for the streak of white that ran through it. His cerulean eyes gazed without sympathy at the Charmsians struggling below.

    He changed his stance, shifting his weight onto his right leg as he crossed his arms. Their struggle would be over soon enough, hopefully without casualties. Of course, if one or two them happened to die then it wouldn't be so bad, right? It was for the greater good. He watched as his minions were unleashed upon the Black soldiers as well as the Charmsians. They had looked like pawns at first, but they sprouted limbs, and carried chessboard-styled shields and swords.

    It had begun.

    Sem continued to watch the chaos for a few moments, keeping a close eye on the member he knew as RX, his 'wife', or so he was. Sem had long ago let ago of any attachments had had with any of the Charmsians - evening abandoning his 'daughters'. Sem had also been keeping a close eye on Chadwyck since the start. Chadwyck would be a problem to deal with, but nothing they couldn't handle.

    The sound of metal boots against the ship's pearly marble floors alerted Sem to the arrival of Dwayna, and he turned to greet her. She, unlike him, was decked out in shining armor, and she looked quite stunning and intimidating in it. Sem didn't particularly like armor, and what he wore wasn't much like what the rest of the White Faction wore, but he didn't mind it. The lady lowered herself onto one knee before him, as he was her superior, but he bowed to her as well. She was the Queen, and that deserved just as much respect in his mind. In chess, the Queen was the most powerful piece, and the same could easily be said about Dwayna. The woman was immensely powerful, and she knew how to use it.

    Dwayna's presence told Sem of what he had already seen - the dispatching of several pawns into the battlefield. Indeed, the White Faction had been present on the battlefield for several minutes by that time. The plan was progressing smoothly from what the King and Queen saw from the screens that hovered around them, and so it was time for the next phase to begin. Sem walked over to a extravagant computer setup, which consisted of many holographic screens and keyboards. He quickly and effortlessly tapped a few of the buttons, bringing up a window. Sem began typing a command into the window and then hit enter. What he had just done was issue a command to all of the pawns on the field - they were to capture Charmsians and bring them to the ship. There the Charmsians will be assimilated into the White Faction.

    Sem had his own goals as well, and quickly turned to another figure that was in the room. On the far wall, sitting in an elaborately decorated chair, was a young woman. She sat, back straight, one leg crossed over the other, and with both hands resting on the arm rests, and had an ever confident smile on her face.

    Lysis Fox.

    She, like Sem, wore more modern clothing. Miss Fox was wearing a white suit. The jacket looked as if it was made for her, and the white trousers clung to her thighs like a second skin before becoming a bit looser. On her feet she wore a pair of white stilettos, which were held on her feet with an assortment of white straps. The shoes appeared expensive, and they likely were knowing Lysis. They were made very durable, and the heel was even platinum-plated metal, which made any kick lethal. The top she wore under the white jacket was light blue, and it was a button up top as well, like Sem's. Hers went all the way up her neck. The color of the blouse matched the color of the material that went around the hatring of her white fedora. Her skin was pale, like that of a glass doll's. Her raven hair was worn down, and styled in a wavy manner. On the woman's hip was a sheathed broadsword, and her iconic pistols were no doubt hidden inside of her jacket.

    She caught Sem's eyes with her own midnight-blue eyes and she stood. On either shoulder of her jacket was the symbol of a battlement etched in silver - identifying her as the rank of Rook. Lysis stood by Sem and hooked arms with him. Sem turned and nodded to Dwayna before Lysis teleported him and herself out of the ship.


    The duo reappeared on the battlefield in the center of the stadium. RX was close, as was Chadwyck, along with Blazikid and Tailon. Lysis knew what to do and set about her task immediately.

    Six of the Black minions nearby aimed their weapons at her, but dealing with them was a simple matter. Lysis, using her telepathy, dove into their incredibly simple minds and impressed one single word into their brains: protect. They immediately lowered their weapons and formed a small protective ring around her. Pawns rushed in and formed another ring of protection around the black suits - the pawns fought off close ranged attacks while the suits fired from behind. Lysis stood at the center of her ring, looking as confident as ever. The rings moved with her as she walked, and attacked anything she instructed them to. She herself pulled out her Strata: her identical semi-automatic pistols. She aimed one at Blazikid and the other at Tailon and fired. Three of the suits also fired upon Blazi while the remaining three fired at Tailon.

    Sem walked quickly through the battlefield as a weapon flashed into his hand. It was a meter-long, straight, broad blade. He cut down a black suit while blocked a shot from another by summoning a thick segment of ice. With a simple swing of his sword it suddenly changed its form. The blade became segmented, being connected by a chain. Sem swung the serpent sword at the enemy that fired at him, as it had easily just tripled in length. The weapon coiled itself around the being's head, and with a simple tug from the Administrator the enemy was no more.

    Chadwyck and RX were now within range. Sem immediately summoned a large amount of liquid and threw it at Chad - the water would freeze on contact with anything. The hydrokinetic looked at RX for a brief moment and blinked, but then he swung the serpent sword at RX.

    OOC: Just a note: the pawns and the mind-controlled suits surrounding Lysis are free game - pick them off as you wish.
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  24. Both Secad and Fi were quite frustrated when they got lost trying to find the stadium in the eclectic combination of streets in ‘Charms city. People needed help, and they were dashing off in the opposite direction from it, among all the pretty sprite shops and pictures. What great ambassadors they were, Fi thought sarcastically. It’s not like they could whack anybody with a five-foot-two bo staff from yards away. Yep, Secad’s favorite red oak bo staff was brought with them, as they didn’t want to risk amputating innocent people’s limbs with a flaming katana.

    However, when a great white flying ship crossed the sky, they saw help. Obviously, that was the way to the stadium. The gorgeous ship looked styled like a white, geometric Legendary Pokemon, looking familiar, but Secad couldn’t pick out which.

    Secad called over to Fi, mentally as to exert less energy. Fi zoomed over from her behind the dark-haired human on a fireball, being excited by the presence of the assumably friendly ship. Fi proposed merging in order to travel more quickly, as they wouldn’t have to keep track of two bodies, only one. Secad agreed, putting down her staff to concentrate better.

    Fi climbed upon Secad’s back, allowing herself to relax and melt. Yes, literally. The white gerbil spread and stretched over the human’s features, painting them, changing them. As the legs were touched, Secad’s green-clad ankles and black Conversed feet stretched into digitgrade white paws and pink pads, sharp nails growing from the toes. The same happened with the arms, with the addition of human-like hands with some padding and claws. They felt their minds touching even more than usual, becoming almost one, with a slight separation that allowed free thought for each. Fi’s and Secad’s faces stretched, making Fi’s larger and Secad’s pale face more animalistic. Finally, the brown eyes of Secad were overshadowed with the red of a gerbil.

    Secad commented to Fi in a dramatic way, earning a mental whack that meant ‘Let’s get going!’ Miffed, Secad picked up her bo staff and the anthropomorphic gerbil leapt into the air, catching a good wind, summoning fire to help continue their movement towards the stadium. However, when they reached the edge of the stadium, little white knight-type creatures were pouring off, into the fray. No, they weren’t helping—they were assaulting innocent people (And Gerbolians!) with the dark-colored card creatures.

    Both Secad and Fi swore as they landed, earning another mental chastisement from the other. They landed near the edge of the circle, at a rather clear place. Unfortunately, another well-known ‘Charms member was attacking. An Administrator! The water-controlling being was attacking Chadwyck with instantly-freezing water, and thrusting at (gasp! Another member!) RX with a serpent sword. Why such as revolt? They thought a Gerbolian revolt was much more likely, with the little representation they got here.

    It took a second, but the two put the pieces together. Water, sword, drama…Sem! He wasn’t an Aquamor here, he was human! That was odd on its own, but, oh well.

    Secad/Fi directed a bolt of flame at the thrown sword to slow it down, while taking a short leap over next to RX to hopefully block it with the bo staff. Hopefully Mr. Smashy was strong enough to take it, Secad thought, using her pet name for her staff. If not…
  25. Suddenly, the Skybox exploded again, this time from the inside. The explosion caused a group of minions to go flying towards Chadwyck, forcing him to eliminate his own troops to protect himself. Then, from the gaping hole in the skybox, two figures came out. Well, if you could count a giant weasel and a destructive robot as figures. Brendan has only seen the huge Buizel named Zilla and the android known as aReX through pictures drawn by RX himself, but never in person has he seen them. Both of them were frightening forces of battle, and proved their worth as several suited minions were obliterated. So far, the counterattack seemed to be going well enough that Brendan could easily just sit this one out if he felt like it. Then again, that would never happen.

    His ears suddenly picked up a sound he was all too familiar with; the sound of electricity crackling through the air towards him. Brendan leaped from the floodlight just in time as the electricity struck the floodlight and overloaded it, causing a massive explosion that would have toasted Brendan had he still been there. Brendan fell to the stadium and rolled as he landed, quickly standing up to take in his surroundings. He found himself with four black suits directly in front of him with their weapons poised. The four minions simultaneously fired their armaments at him releasing four projectiles that cut through the air as they journeyed towards him. Brendan knew that there was no better chance to test his new tools. He flung one arm in an arc around him, the energies from the vambraces trailing through, forming a momentary wall. The projectiles struck this and ricocheted back the way they came, striking the black minions, one took it to the head and went down quickly, the others got hit in the arms and dropped their weapons in surprise. Seizing the opportunity, Brendan pounced on one of the suited opponents and elbowed him in the chest before bringing his other arm up and into the space between his head and neck, bringing him into a back flip before falling on his back, and he moved no more. Brendan picked the dropped firearm off the ground and emptied the deck magazine into the two remaining opponents, leaving the card bullets poking out of the two minions as they fell silently to the floor.

    Brendan was just about to leap at another group of suited troops when an ominous roar echoed through the stadium. Brendan looked up to see a massive white ship cruising over the stadium. It was so tall that Brendan couldn’t even see the top of it, though there was no mistaking the huge engine that made the ship look like a Reshiram. But what was it for? That question got answered soon enough. From the ship, a countless number of orbs emerged and formed themselves into a miniature army of knights with diamond patterns running down their swords and a grid of black and white squares as the emblem for their shields, who entered the fray in a wild frenzy. At first, Brendan thought they were allies as they struck down some of the black suits, then one decided to try and cleave at him. So much for helping stem the tide. Brendan retaliated by sidestepping, kicking the knight’s shield with enough force to drive him back. Then he dropped to the ground and kicked at the soldier’s legs, bringing the rest of his body down. Brendan yanked the sword from his gantlets and drove it into the space in the helmet where his face would be. The knight jerked slightly before falling still. Brendan then used the pawn’s weapon as his own and engaged numerous minions from both sides of the full out war, quickly ending each individual conflict with disarms followed by dismemberments.

    Then Brendan noticed the odd ones out in the conflict. Two rings of guards, one of pawns, the other suits. Something wasn’t right about this unexpected cooperation. Brendan strained his eyes and caught a glimpse of a young woman with wavy black hair and an attire consisting of the colors white and blue with a matching fedora. Brendan didn’t recognize this figure as Lysis, the companion of Sem, but he knew that anyone that would aim weapons at Tailon and Blazi wasn't here for a friendly picnic. Brendan stabbed the stolen sword into the chest of a knight that tried to strike him and left the weapon there, pulling out a small box; Brendan’s growing trademark. Brendan reached his hand into the box, it’s unknown technologies compressing his hand as it went in and reached for one of the many weapons within this secret trove. Brendan pulled out a coil of wire with small devices planted at intervals apart from each other, forming a trail of explosives all the way down the cord. It had a handle with a switch on one end, the trigger for this weapon. Brendan loosened the knot that held the rope together and gripped the handle in one hand and hung the rest of the rope loosely in the other. He then took two steps forward, flung the rope at the group and flicked the hand with the handle, sending waves down the entire rope, straightening it out and giving it velocity. The rope quickly did its ensnaring work, wrapping itself around one of the pawns of the ring twice before it reached out and engulfed the next, then it hooked onto two suits of the inner circle before the rope reached its length. Brendan then flicked the switch and watched the fireworks.

    The charges detonated one after the other, two exploded uselessly before the trail reached the first person ensnared, Each explosion was small but powerful, the radius of a basketball and powerful enough to incinerate anything within that radius, as it did so with each opponent that got ensnared. An opening in the ring was now visible, leading to the young woman within. Brendan quickly closed the gap between them and struck.
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  26. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Lyni was having so much trouble trying to get rid of all the card-gun wielding shadowy soldiers that Chadwyck had released on her. Seriously, the things never ended... though they were easy enough to destroy, more and more just kept coming at her like radio waves that were constantly being emitted from the radio station. And to make matters even worse, Chadwyck had shot a beam of electricity somewhere above her head. As she looked up, Lyni noticed a lamppost explode, with a figure jumping away from it as if he had just been perched there earlier. Of course, Lyni was punished for her momentary lapse in concentration; as black minion had shot a card-bullet at her, giving her a cut on her right cheek, the girl thought that the day just couldn’t get any worse.

    How wrong she was.

    Just as she thought she might have had a chance at defeating most of Chadwyck’s minions, a large shadow slowly crept into the stadium, making the girl temporarily distracted. Looking up, Lyni noticed a beautiful white ship making its way above the stadium. Odd, she didn’t remember there ever being something like that at Pokecharms before. Perhaps someone had sent an SOS message to the administrative board, and thus allies were coming in to help? Oh please, let that be it!

    But of course, that wasn’t the case. White orb-like things began dropping down from the ship, which soon turned into something that looked a lot like pawns in a chess game, only more humanoid. At first it seemed as if there was hope for everyone, as several black minions were destroyed by the white pawns’ attacks. However, several were making its way towards Lyni herself, and their poses weren’t exactly welcoming to the musician.

    Thinking quickly, Lyni summoned her ice-whip and, with two weapons in hand (since the enemy count was now doubled), hacked her way through the sea of black and white. Okay, so plan A didn’t work. Looks like she had no choice but to get rid of the motherboard of the system.

    Unfortunately for the girl, she had completely missed seeing two figures come down from the white ship amidst the flurry of chaos, so seeing Lysis and the humanoid form of Sem was a great shock for her. Seriously, Sem? As a human? She had probably seen him in this form maybe once or twice, but seeing him like this still came as a great shock for her. Apparently they were the boss of the white group, if their outfit of whiteness said anything about their affiliation. And to make matters even worse for her, Sem was her “daddy”- was, that is, until he had unexpectedly abandoned her one day without any explanation whatsoever. It would be hard to forget that relationship she had with him if she ever had to face him.

    Just great. Two powerful members who’ve caused all this mess on a completely normal day, and both just so happen to be people she had admired and had a special attachment to. How was she ever going to fight them?

    Then, she noticed Brendan running towards the field as well, and remembered that he, along with Karu, Tailon, Blazi, and RX were still on her side. And somehow even SecadFi had joined in the fight, blocking a blow from Sem’s serpent sword with her own staff. She still had support, and she still had allies to protect. After closing her eyes for a moment and giving a silent prayer of thanks, Lyni quickly summoned up as much energy as she could and rode, at full speed, on a cloud of ice towards the center of the stadium, destroying a few black and white soldiers in the process. Even if she wasn’t going to be able to fight, at least she could provide support for her allies that needed it, protecting them whenever she could.
  27. Blazi watched in shock as his hellstorm orb exploded, knocking the flames off his body and his body off his feet. He got up in time to see Chadwyck land in the middle of the field. He looked at them, then drew his sword. He thrusted a hand out to the side and pools of shadows brought strangely dressed humanoid figures onto the ring, and sent them out to attack. Chadwyck turned his attention back to Blazi and Tailon, and sent a wave of blue flames at them. Blazi snapped back into things as the wave rushed towards him, and spun out of the way in time. Chadwyck sent a bolt of lightning at the staff box, which then proceeded to explode. The rubble started to settle, but then was blasted out by a powerful shockwave, knocking a few of the black figures into their superior who summoned a wall of flames and incinerated them. Blazi looked at where the staff box was and saw a robotic figure come out, followed by a large orange Buizel cradling RX. Zilla, as the buizel was called, then put RX down, and started smashing up the suited figures. The robot helped, and RX started to run towards the field.

    Chadwyck held his arm downwards, and a black portal opened up. Several of the grunts jumped in, and two large figures came out. One of them went after Zilla and the robot, while the other turned to the fighters and hit the ground, sending inky tendrils at them. Blazi stopped paying attention to the fight around him and started focusing on the fight in front of him. He jumped over the tendrils and brought out a revolver from mid-air. He aimed and fired six shots at the creature, before sending that back to the place it came from and summoning a whip. He had made this whip from a creature he defeated during the fallout, and it was able to score deep cuts in stone. He unwound it and slashed it at the creature, attempting to slow it down. He kept slashing and didn't notice a shadow pass over the stadium. White orbs fell from the sky, forming into short, stocky creatures with swords and shields. He just continued to slash at those as well as the large creature, and managed to make several fall.

    A bullet whistled past Blazi's cheek, cutting a small gash. Blazi stopped his attack and looked towards where the attack came from, seeing six suited figures and several Short creatures surrounding a woman, who Blazi recognized as Lysis Fox, a character of Sem's. Three Suited creatures fired at Blazi, and he instinctively help up an arm, receiving three diamond shaped projectiles embedded in his forearm. He cried out and lashed his whip at the suits, the whip extending at his will. The whip cut through one of the suits, before wrapping around one of the armored creatures swords and bringing it back to him. He caught it, and dematerialized his whip, gripping the sword in his hands. He noticed the chessboard pattern on it and realized that the armored figures were pawns, and the suits would be cards, giving the symbols and numbers on them. Blazi looked back to the giant Card, and grinned, before running towards it with the Pawn sword in hand.
  28. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Just as he was to step out and leave, something interesting happened. Everything erupted into chaos about him, shadow figures, white chess pawns, stronger memebers donning strange colours and forms. He'd barely moved, not even out of his seat whilst it all burst into pure unrest. A scream leapt from somewhere along with explosions and the sound of electrical objects and components breaking by one means or another. Something was hanging in the sky... That would be 'fun' to deal with too.

    Rising from his chair another explosion emitted from the skybox again. How people loved to make their ways in the world. Dusting himself off calmly he became aware of both pawns and shadow creatures ascending the slopes of the stadium whilst pawns in human form rushed down to meet them in battle. He supposed he was fortunate enough to have been THIS far from both forces...

    Breathing magic into his lollipop as he took it from his mouth he took note of various people, of course they'd been there but he wasn't one to notice things right away. With a small sound of approval he tossed the now radiant blue candy forward into the darker ranks as they prepared to fire with a crushingly dense sphere of water pulsing outwards as the lollipop broke on the shield of a shadow creature. Reaching for his belt he frowned with realisation. He hadn't worn one today.

    Rising up to his full height with a great vision of irritation upon his face he motioned his hand through the air as the white pawns advanced past him, an aquatic tendril leaping out from his hand to wrap about the head of one of the little playing pieces. Clenching his hand into a fist in his usual fashion of magic the water density altered, causing the pawn's head to crumble. Withdrawing the tendril the annoyed teen turned his attention and did the same to the nearest pawn on the opposing side.

    It soon became clear to him that this 'passing' squad was actually one of two, both now neatly encircling him with jeering motions and mocking clangs of weapons. Well since everyone was deciding to take up coats of arms and such, he felt the need to do so himself. Passing his hand over the crystal fitted into his spaulder he felt degree of satisfaction overcome anger as it shifted into the form of a four leafed clover and adopted a green hue. For both aesthetic and combat effect he felt necessity dictate the action of summoning another sphere of water to expand from himself, the light blue sparkle of magic within shaped into the same symbol his crystal had adopted.

    Once the water subsided he neatly dropped into the smooth indent he'd left in the stadium. Tiny in camparison to the whole thing but he was sure some repercussion would catch up with him later. For now he felt he should more or less try to help what Charmsians he could see band together !

    ...Or so he would if he carried some weight in the matter. Everyone would go about their own plan and he knew it but still, it was nice to think. Turning eyes skyward he felt his mind fill with memories of a war since past. Maybe employing the same technique would be the key to felling this intricately designed giant of an airship. Less questions, less questions ... Casting aside thoughts and considerations he dashes down the stairs of the stadium towards the larger bulk of shadow soldiers with the faint glow of magic emminating from his hands, growing along his body with an end result of him gliding neatly through volleys of gunfire. Not to say he was evading all of it, he still felt the pain of it colliding and a sudden thankfulness for him not walking.

    Forming both of his aquatic tendrils he severed several cards as he collided with their thicker soldier line, now on his feet once more with bands of the same magic remaining around where gunfire had hit. The tendrils sperated from his hands into orbs of water, gliding through the air and enemies as he swept his hands along.
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  29. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

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    Tailon’s attacks landed with little resistance, and it seemed Blazikid hadn’t yet mastered a counter to electricity. The Arcanist loosed a manic laugh as he fell to the ground, landing crouched opposite his opponent. The half-Blaziken, however, was not amused, and charged, engulfed in flames, and began some impressively fast swordplay, which Tailon countered to the best of his ability, parrying with Stinger nearly move for move. Focused on the swordplay, however, he could do nothing to counter the fire and dark barrage Blazi had fired in-between attacks. The Arcanist fell to one knee from the barrage of darkness, though like before, the fire wasn’t too bothersome, it still stung somewhat. Blazi had let up however, and instead jumped back to launch what could only be described as a meteor of hellfire.

    Suddenly, however, the orb of dark and fire exploded, sending a shockwave out between the two combatants. Tailon shielded his eyes from the blast, then looked up again, only to see Chadwyck standing in the middle of the field, seemingly summoning a multitude of humanoid figures in suits. The pyro-electrokinetic turned to Tailon and Blazi and swung his sword mightily, launching a stream of blue flame at the two fighters. With little time to think, Tailon slammed the ground with his gauntleted fist, forcing up a pillar of earth just barely wide enough to keep the flames from hitting him. The Arcanist dropped the wall, only to see Chad summoning two, much larger suited figures. The first moved toward a robot and an enormous Buizel, while the second made its way to himself and Blazi. The half-Pokemon launched his attack first, firing a revolver at the creature, and slashing at it with some form of whip. As Blazikid attacked, the sky darkened, dropping a number of white orbs onto the battlefield, which quickly morphed into stocky beings with swords and shields, vaguely resembling pawns.

    Tailon stood to his full height, taking a small bottle filled with blue liquid from his pocket, and popping off the cork with his thumb. The Arcanist drank, then dropped the bottle and grinned as he felt power course through his body. Electricity began to crackle around him once more, and the young man dashed off, slowing down at the larger enemy to attack, Stinger infused with fire, he swung twice, moving upward diagonally, then aimed a punch at the side of its head before kicking off its shoulder into the center of a group of pawns. Talon immediately began fighting the creatures, launching small waves of fire, ice, and lightning as Stinger flashed through the air, cutting down pawn after pawn. Tailon’s irses glowed red with fury as he prepared the final blow, gathering the energy that had remained in the air into his gauntlet, then smashing his fist into the ground with a force that cracked the earth, launching fire, ice, and condensed electricity into the sky, which began falling like meteors around him, destroying anything in their path.

    Tailon then turned his attention back to the large suit as the nearest him fell, and saw Blazi already charging at the figure. The Arcanist joined the charge, fire trailing behind him as he caught up with Blazi, still grinning, and jumped to take the first swing at the creature.
  30. RX barely had any time to react to the events that were swiftly transpiring before him. He wanted to block Chadwyck’s assault in hopes of conversing with him during the brief stalemate, but before he could do that, a familiar deluge of water had bowled his opponent away. He wanted to thank Sem for his well-timed rescue, but was caught off-guard by the waterbender’s own attack towards him. His mind reeling, RX would never have been able to block the serpent sword’s strike.

    Fortunately, RX carried with him a friend and guardian who managed to parry Sem’s blow. The sound of blades clashing rang through the battle field as a large, jet black blade hovered inches above RX’s head, stopping the serpent sword in its tracks. Quickly, RX motioned for Morpheus to swing the blade away from him, his thoughts having picked themselves up from the floor.

    The two exchanged looks with one another; RX’s own was one of confusion and sadness. He looked up at the magnificent ship floating overhead. It’s sleek allowed it to cut through the sky like a sword through paper. It had the most advanced technology and weaponry at its disposal; the greatest airship ever conceived, and it was now being used to terrorize the already chaotic Pokecharms Coliseum and its attendants. Rx could only wonder why; why was his greatest creation being used like this, used by Sem? And just what was Sem doing here, attacking the citizens of a city he was governing? RX could see it in his beloved wifey’s eyes. No, those were not Sem’s true eyes. Something was wrong, none of this made any sense.

    RX sighed and peered down on the ground. Suddenly, he dashed forward towards the young man he adored so much. The shadow beneath his feet swirled and twisted to life, forming a dark platform under him. Without warning, he leapt forward at Sem and just as abruptly, the shadow under him engulfed them both; snapping them up like a large oyster shell. It swirled and metamorphosed briefly, taking the form of a large, black egg before sinking down into the earth. Where it was going, only RX knew. He wanted answers. And the only way he was going to get them was away from all this confusion. The young man mouthed a sorry to his friends who he had to leave behind amidst the chaos, but he was confident that they would be adequate enough to defend themselves for the timebeing.

    As Zilla tumbled through a mass of black minions, a new set of opponents had joined the fray. These odd creatures were about the same size as the black grunts, only they were a bright white as a stark comparison to them. They’re rounded heads and cylindrical bodies seemed like a familiar shape, but the buizel wasn’t sure where he had seen such a form before. They were armed with large checkered shields and shortswords, and they intended to use them. One of them raised its weapon up high and motioned its comrades to charge into the battle. The lot of the white minions galloped into the stadium, engaging all comers, Charmsian or otherwise. This fight was quickly going out of control. Zilla didn’t think it could get any worse. But as he punched one of the odd white soldiers away, he then realized that a very large shadow was looming over him.

    The orange Pokemon looked up, his mouth agape at the spectacle high above their heads. A second ship had arrived, seemingly out of nowhere. In fact, it wasn’t even completely there. A massive chunk of the ship was missing, and in its place was a gigantic, swirling black vortex. The large doll saddled on Zilla’s back began to fidget around. ‘Time-space irregularity’ it alerted, but Zilla wouldn’t understand what that meant. For anyone else, it seemed perfectly clear that the ship was warping itself directly into the battle field. Looking at its black hull and ominous, dark aura, the buizel gulped. It didn’t look like it was on their side.

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  31. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Dwayna had traveled back down to the viewing chamber, several more events unfolding as chaos spread in beautiful lines within the Colosseum. It was breathtaking, to see the strife that was happening, and yet there was this feeling that pinged in her heart. Her face remained in a neutral position this time, not sure whether or not to be happy or sad because of everything that had happened, was happening... would happen.

    One of the view screens caught her attention, involving her king and RX. She knew that they had a history, but her feelings of sorrow were suppressed to a point where she barely realized it was there. She watched in semi-horror as her leader was whisked away in a sudden torrent of shadow when RX charged, the both of them disappearing into a showy black egg. Her king had been kidnapped, and his personal Rook was still beneath her on the scale of things.

    A slow smile crept over her lips as she realized what this meant, a soft chuckle echoing softly off of the chamber walls. She couldn't deny that somewhere in her mind she had wanted this, and didn't bother as she beckoned a minion to give her a helmet to wear. The silvery helmet with dragon-like frills at the sides covered her head, making her indiscernible from who she really was, so her identity would remain a mystery. She was in command now, since there was no one else fitting at the moment to take Sem's place.

    A sudden rush of all the alarms going off came to her ears, all of the view screens turning to a singularity that had appeared from nowhere. A shiver ran down her spine as a large figure came out of it, the opposite of her ship coming clear into view. The Zekrom airship stared her in the face, drilling into her new psyche as hatred began to boil in her veins. A swift order was made to charge the weapons and to fire as soon as they were ready. She wickedly thought to herself that in chess, the white side was meant to go first, and hoped that the same would apply for them.

    She stepped back into the ship's tower where she transferred herself to the teleportation device that had been specially built for her. Dwayna stepped through and in a dramatic blaze of silver and sapphire (emerald sadly not in their uniform color spectrum) crashed down to earth in the center of all the chaos, sword and shield materializing in hand. She turned to the black agents and searched for the adversary from so long ago, the one who had started the chaos.

    Chadwyck came into her range of view, and the white ship opened fire just as she sprinted forward to slash at him with her sword.
  32. Chadwyck heard the torrent before he saw it, but he had encountered it many times before. Enough times for him to act instinctively and, turning on the spot toward the freezing-water, he thrust his hands forward in a wedge-shape. His flames followed suit, creating a white-hot wedge around him that deflected the water in different directions. It was now to be a three-way dual between himself, RX, and Sem; at least that's what he thought before the moderator leapt forward and engulfed Sem, dragging him through the ground in a black egg.

    Chadwyck glared at the place where they had disappeared, slamming his blade into the ground in a flurry of sparks. He hated missing out on a fight, though now the white faction was missing a valuable member of their party. Without the hydrokinetic they were without a huge portion of power, and while normally Chadwyck made it a point not to praise an opponent, he knew that Sem's power was great. In a straight fight, it would be too close to call between them.

    He turned toward the sky as a familiar shadow spread across the stadium, the Zekrom ship of his faction warping its way to the field of battle. The warrior smirked as the ship appeared; it was about time they showed up to give him some help, not that he would need any. He heard the hum of weaponry, there would be a battle in the sky opening up soon enough; but at least the ship would distract the white ship while he focused on the ground.

    The young man turned, having spotted an important looking member of the white faction walking toward him. The figure was decked out in full armor, complete with a helmet that obscured their identity. Not that it mattered, gaudy armor or not they would still burn. He raised his sword and rested it on his shoulder, smiling to show that he was more than accepting of the fight the new challenger was proposing.

    The figure sprinted toward him, bringing the sword down and attempting to slash him. Rather than block, he jumped up and over the figure; who he could tell now was a woman. Up close he could see the way she carried herself and her body shape. He twisted one-hundred and eighty degrees as he flipped over her, still smiling as he landed behind her. He brought down his own sword at the white-armored warrior, flames trailing in an after-image of his blade as cannons rang out above them.

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  33. After her block, Secad/Fi were mostly being ignored. She had played her part. RX would not be chopped in half. He and Zilla, his large Buizel, could hold their own in a fight. Everything was still so odd. However, the white-furred Gerbolian ambassadors had to check.

    Secad/Fi broadcast a message asking if there were Gerbolians present around the stadium, hoping that no news meant good news. If there was no response, it was not their fault in court. Gerbolian law was funny like that.

    Goody! After waiting a few seconds, blocking their way out of the fighting pack, they felt no feedback. Now they could focus on the task at hand. That was getting those who could not protect themselves the heck out of this place!

    Secad mentally called to Blazi and Tailon, the first she could think of, as she had recently seen them on television, asking how they could get the lower-leveled Charmsians out into safety.

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  34. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

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    Sem saw the flames hit his serpent blade, but they did little to stop it. The young man shot a glare at the source of the fire - Secad, and briefly considered attacking her. He decided against it, seeing as there were bigger fish to fry - bigger fish named RX. The moderator had been able to block the blow with his own weapon, and now looked at Sem with a mix of emotions.

    Had Sem ever seen RX with that kind of hurt on his face? Not that he could recall. What did it even matter? Sem grinned, staring back with a cold gaze. So what if the young man's feelings were hurt? It wasn't important. The plan was what was important, and if RX's lingering sentiments could prove useful then Sem would use them to the fullest extent.

    With a flick of his wrist the serpent sword flew back towards him, resting in a coil at his feet. The look in RX's eyes changed. Determination shone through, causing a wry smile from Sem. RX charged, shadows swirling beneath his feet. Sem flicked his wrist again and the serpent sword came back together into a solid blade. The hydrokinetic pointed the sword at RX and waited, but RX never actually attacked, and within moments the both of them were swallowed by a glob of darkness.


    Lysis looked to her right, her attention having been caught by a series of minuscule explosions, causing a break in her ring. The source of the attack appeared to be charging towards her in the form of Brendan Savem. Blazikid had killed one of her mind-controlled suits before running away, but she ignored him. Lysis Fox turned on her heel and faced Brendan head-on. Her minions turned in sync with her - the three remaining suits fired at Brendan while the pawns stood ready.

    The young woman loved war, and she felt like she was on a high from the action, high on adrenaline, high on herself. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Sem being dragged down through the ground, but he was fine - he could take care of himself for a while until she went to rescue him. Queen Dwayna seemed to waste no time in taking charge, firing upon the Black ship and entering the fray herself.

    Brendan lunged at her with a stolen sword. She responded by unsheathing her own sword, blocking the blow as she held the blade in a reverse grip. A smile of delight broke upon her face as she raised her gun over the hilt of her sword and aimed it at Brendan's head. not hesitating to pull the trigger.
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  35. The Boundary was a place that was both within the world of ‘Charms, yet not an actual part of it. It had no specific location, no landmarks one could familiarize with; in fact, it was a vast, black void of nothing. And yet, at the corner of one’s eye, it would seem that there was something moving about in the abyss. One could get the feeling that there was something living within the boundary, or perhaps even that the boundary itself was alive.

    RX had traversed the boundary many times. It wasn’t like he was the only person who could reach it; just about anyone could, in fact. However, very few dared to do so as the world’s nightmarish atmosphere proved to be fairly disturbing to the unprepared. However, if ever you wanted to reach a place beyond that of Charms, a trip through the Boundary was the fastest way out one world and into the next. This time though, RX came to the strange place for a different reason.

    Amidst the blackness that spread across the Boundary, it would’ve been difficult to see that small dome was forming from the shadows. As quickly as it rose from the ground did it crack in two, depositing two familiar figures into the dark realm. RX would’ve felt safer confronting Sem back on his ship, and could very well have taken him there; but he could not risk compromising the location of his beloved airship and its precious ‘cargo;’ especially now that there were traitors within the system. Still, of all the people who would lead a coup against Charms, why was it Sem? He was one of the Administrators of Pokecharms, he had all the power he needed, he had friends at ‘Charms. What could have made him decide to do what he did? RX was going to discern the truth from him; One way or another.

    He wanted to approach Sem; to sit and talk about all this. But he had to be cautious. Sem didn’t look like he cared at all that he was against RX, against Charms it would seem. Staring at his good friend, RX asked solemnly what was going on. What was it that Sem wished to achieve with this coup? Could he have been threatened perhaps? Forced to do all this against his will? There was a large window of time in which Sem wasn’t around, yes. Perhaps it was then. What Sem hiding something? RX demanded he tell him. Confident that at least in the Boundary, they could be safe from prying eyes.

    ooc: Short post is short :x Imma have to wait for Dark Soul for the Black Ship intro before I regain control of Zilla.
  36. Sem

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    Sem soon found himself in a dark world, RX being the only other living thing that could be seen. Sem had no doubt that RX wanted to "talk" privately, away from all of the fighting. The questioning expression in RX's eyes confirmed it.

    Sem closed his eyes and cracked his neck - the cracks sounding more like ice being crunched. He reached inside of his white trench and pulled out a small sphere. It was undoubtedly a Pokeball, but one that had never been seen before. It was pure white, with a light blue ring around its center. On the top half of the ball was a silver crown, signifying how strong it was. The balls were developed with the intent of capturing Charmsians so that they could be brainwashed. The King's Ball was reserved for only the most powerful of adversaries.

    Sem held it up so that RX could see it. The Administrator looking RX in the eye, a small grin on his face. He didn't need to explain himself, not to anyone, not even RX. The ball was a challenge. Would RX fight back for the Charmsians' sakes or would he refuse and allow himself to be captured?

    Sem was about to find out as he threw the device at RX.
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  37. -Three days before, 1:26 AM-
    The moon was beautiful this night, hanging there in all her crescent glory. Dark Soul smiled as his fingers flew across the keyboard of his laptop, while he wrote a little poem- In a separate document, alongside the first post of a RP he was doing with Tunduli soon.

    Under the stars, he saw the twinkling lights of PokeCharms City, the city he loved and lived in. From the edge of this cliff, simply called The Cliff (Of which many fell off, bedazzled by the spell of the Suicide Game), offered a great view of the city and the forest that surrounded it. He loved coming to this place at night whenever he got tired of scouting the back alleys for opponents to fight. No one else seemed to like this place, being all barren rock so high up- But Dark Soul loved the plainness of it, and the height especially. It was a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, get inspired, write and train his powers.

    His feet dangling hundreds of feet above the ground, he sat on the edge of the cliff. A little message popped up in the lower right corner of the screen- The laptop energy was getting low. He sighed and saved his files, after which he closed the laptop. He hated the fact that he couldn’t just power up his laptop using his elecktrokinesis. As soon as he could afford to, he would buy a new laptop with a longer battery span.

    As he shoved his laptop into the backpack laying by his side, he laid down on his back with his hands folded beneath his head. He should probably go back home, if he didn’t want to be completely cranked tomorrow.

    Just as he stood up and slung his backpack around his shoulder, he heard a sound behind him. He swirled around- And saw nothing. Or did he? It was like the shadows had gotten darker for some reason…

    He shrugged and started walking towards the road that led from PokeCharms City to the Cliff. There, his currently unnamed mobile was parked; Jokingly called the Darkmobile or Wieldmobile by some, this shiny black car was equipped with high-tech gadgets. Originally a black Audi Locus, one of the most bad-ass cars in existence in his opinion, he had added stylish wings of the same colour, along with a stronger engine, a built-in strategical computer.
    Seeing as ‘Charms City had a habit of getting into heavy trouble, he had also equipped it with two grenade vaults in the back. The front and back lights could be automatically removed, equally automatically replaced by two short launchers, which would shoot grenades towards the enemies. But the most ingenious gadget were silver pads in the rubber steering wheel, which allowed him to shoot lightning at enemies from inside the car- or create a lightning shield around the car.

    As he was walking, he constantly had the feeling that he was being watched. Whenever he looked around, he saw nothing but the rocks and shadows…

    Suddenly, the shadows morphed. Black forms rose from them, taking on a humanoid shape of a person in a black suit and a mask decorated with what Dark Soul recognized as red card symbols; Ace, spade, all of those. He had no idea what was going on, but he quickly drew his two dao’s, taking one in each hand. There were too many of the black figures to count, and the guns that they held looked dangerous; They seemed to shoot razor-edged cards.
    He was too far away from his car to make a run for it. His dao’s raised towards the enemy, the metal glowing with golden energy, his eyes flashed from side to side to find an escape route, but he was surrounded.

    The shadowy figures closed in on him, and he started to panic. What could he do against so many? Suddenly, the answer appeared to him- He had a move specially for situations like this!

    He closed his eyes and turned both of his dao’s to the sky. Streams of lightning appeared from them and started to swirl around him. In turn, lightning shot out from the electrical tornado, burning the black humanoids on the spot. He let the energy go, and the swirl of energy evaporated.

    Lightning Swirl. A very effective move, both defensive and dangerous.

    But his victory was short-lived. From the shadows, more men in black appeared until the original amount had been replenished. Dark Soul’s expression darkened. He couldn’t do many more Lightning Swirls before he would faint from energy loss. Soon, the only option left would be to run. But how?

    One option was clear. They were standing close to the edge of the cliff. If he could manage to jump off… Then what? His knowledge of elecktrokinesis was limited; He couldn’t manage to use it to levitate like Chad and Sho could. But that wasn’t the only power he had up his sleeve- Litteraly.

    He made his decision and blasted a hole through the circle of enemies around him, the side the cliff’s edge was at. He made a run for it, jumping off the cliff without a second thought. He heard gunfire behind him and several cards sped past him while he was freefalling, but he wasn’t hit.

    He concentrated and let energy flow to his palms. Two big flamethrowers streamed from them, and he managed to direct his hands towards the cliff. The jets of fire, working as launchers, made him move away from the cliff- But he was still falling with great speed. As soon as he was far away enough from the Cliff, he directed his hands towards the ground in an effort to slow himself down. He did slow down, but not enough to prevent being smashed against the ground. The trees of the Forest of Glitter came closer at a frightening pace.
    His only hope left was to reach the Fabolous Lake’s waters, which would make for a softer landing as the forest floor as long as he would keep flying sideways like this. Well, flying?

    The feeling of victory, having escaped from the enemy, mixed with the adrenaline of being so high up and even though he was in a ridiculous and dangerous situation, he couldn’t help but smile. He had no idea who those humanoids in black suit had been, and he would be sure to report it to one of the moderators when he was back in ‘Charms City.

    Suddenly, he noticed that his energy was running low. He should’ve really trained his pyrokinesis more. The lake was already in sight; He was around two hundred feet above the ground, he estimated. He was pretty sure he would make it before he would faint…
    He woke up finding himself being dragged out of the water by two of the black masked men, but there were many more on the shore. As he fell to his knees, soaked, absolutely drained from any energy and thoroughly miserable, a dark, male figure came into his fading view. The last thing he heard before he passed out again was an evil laugh, and a comment on how he was going to be perfect for the experiment.

    The strong wind ruffled his hair as Dark Soul stood on the hangar deck, with the doors opened. The bird’s eye view was perfect for checking out the situation that was going on in the stadium below; He saw flashes of fire, water and other kinds of magic, which was logical going by so many people with kinetic abilities living in PokeCharms. The main thing to worry about was the White Zekrom ship that was hovering above the stadium like they were now, but lower.

    Dark Soul could see that the White ship looked sleek and powerfull at the same time; It was about the same size as the Black ship, although shaped like the derpish ‘fire angel’ PokeMon Reshiram. The ship would be a dangerous opponent- As much as he hated admitting it.

    The Black ship itself, of course, was a ten times better-looking. Covered in shiny, black plates, the ship was shaped like a Zekrom; The awesome Legendary, a completely black, seemingly nuclear powered PokeMon that shot blue lightning; Especially the latter ability was what he loved. The ship had a powerfull artillery, and the latest high-tech gadgets. Very much like Zekrom itself, the nuclear reactors in the ship could fire blue electricity.

    He barked an order at the pawn in the black suit next to him, and the pawn soon returned with what he had asked for; A medium-sized telescope, light but powerful. He used to see what was going on the battlefield exactly; What he saw worried him deeply. Chad was fighting Dwayna, a name that turned his blood to ice, and both Blazikid and Tailon were charging at one of the two Black card creatures. He had to do something. The problem was that the ship was way too high up; Unless he could figure out a way to fly, he’d never survive the fall.

    But luckily, he had counted on any possible situation.

    He barked another command at his assistant, and when the pawn was gone to get what he wanted, he undid his black cape, made sure his armor and boots were strapped correctly and put his mask on. The mask was shiny and black, adorned with a lightning strike from the upper right corner to the lower left corner and four card symbols, two on each side of the lightning strike.

    The black pawn returned, holding what looked like a large, flat backpack with a cord attached. He strapped the cord to his wrist, and pushed the button on a videophone on the wall. He reported for duty, telling the Black ship’s command central he was going to join the fight.

    So he jumped.

    He had always had this affinity for height. Whether it was just the adrenaline kick it gave him or something else, he loved it. And this was probably the greatest height he had ever leaped from. Even though he was falling at great speed, so fast he almost couldn’t breathe, it would take some time before he would have to deploy. In the meantime, he enjoyed the wind, cackling maniacally as he twisted and turned in the air.

    The arena was getting closer now, so Dark Soul pulled the cord. Immediately, two very large black wings were deployed from the backpack, and his falling speed decreased dramatically. It was one of Team Black’s finest inventions; The wings were unable to flap, but gliding with them was smooth and they were perfectly balanced. He couldn’t gain height with them, but they’d be perfect for getting into the stadium through the air.

    He looked up, seeing the Black ship lowering towards the stadium as well, although it was still way above him. It was probably best go get out of the line of fire; The White ship had probably long noticed their enemy’s ship approaching.

    He dived down, cutting vertically trough the air, towards the arena. At this height, the people below would probably think he was a bird- If they would care.
    As he came closer, he began recognizing people. He caught a glimpse of Sem and RX fighting before they suddenly vanished into darkness. He had no idea what that meant, but it hadn’t come from Team Black.

    Apart from Chad and Dwayna, the others on the field included Brendan, Tailon, Blazi, and some others like Karu and Shiny. There was also some sort of large Buizel. He gave it some thought; Chad would probably be able to fend off Dwayna. The bigger things to worry about were Tailon and Blazikid, who were getting closer to the mighty card. If he could fend them off, it’d already be a great help to Team Black. He just hoped Secad and Brendan wouldn’t mingle- He wouldn’t be able to defeat four at the same time. The Buizel would be easy, with lightning against water.

    By now, he had reached the arena roof; He collected electricity and fire in the form of a large orb between his two palms, and aimed it between Tailon and Blazi and the Black card as he flung it down.

    The ball of energy exploded, blasting the Arcanist and the hybrid of their socks. The explosion whipped up a load of dust, which was a perfect situation for him. He landed in the middle of the dust and smoke, that covered the card creature as well, retracted his wings and waited until the dust cleared.

    When it did, Dark Soul was standing right there. Both of his dao’s were in his hands, and a wide grin could be seen trough the open mouth part of his mask. The big card creature was right behind him, roaring with all it’s might.

    Blazikid, with whom he had once been friends, and Tailon the artistic Arcanist, were now his enemies. And being a true Black warrior, he would stop at nothing to destroy them.

    The dao’s shone gold, and he shot a ray of lightning at both his opponents as he ordered the card creature to attack them as well. Overhead, he heard gunfire as the Black ship had arrived, levitating directly opposite of the White ship.

    (OOC: This version of Dark Soul is egocentric, arrogant, bloodthirsty and merciless. In other words, have fun ^^ Now I had to go trough a shitload of posts, so there might be story mistakes. If you find any, please tell me here in OOC or PM me. The red text is my theme song.)
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  38. Tailon joined in with the attack on the creature, and they both began wearing away at the creature. Blazi struck it with an almighty blow, and flew back a couple of meters, and was about to continue attacking when he felt a presence. He looked up and saw a black ship, styled like Zekrom, warping out of nowhere. Despite it being styled after his favourite Gen V Legendary, he felt an immense hatred towards it. While he was looking up at the sky however, he didn't notice something happening to his arm. The sword he was holding was slowly being covered in a purple flame, while his arm was being covered in a white flame. The white flame began to solidify, while the purple flame turned white. With a clank, the white flame fully solidified, and the swords flame disappeared. Blazi felt something cool on his sword arm, and looked. He gasped, for on his arm was a perfect gauntlet, shaped like the wings of Reshiram. The sword had grown to be the size of a two handed, but for some reason Blazi only needed one. He dropped the sword to remove the gauntlet, or at least tried to, but the fingers of the Gauntlet wouldn't move. He shrugged, knowing that he'd be able to remove it later.

    An explosion shot Blazikid back, slamming him repeatedly against the ground. He looked up at where the explosion came from only to see dust and smoke. He got to his feet, and as the dust cleared he gasped. Standing there was Dark Soul, a friend of his. Dark's two dao's were in his hands, and the card was roaring. Blazi sighed, knowing that he'd have to fight Dark. Dark's Dao's shone gold, and a ray of lightning shot towards Tailon and Blazi, who dodged. Dark called out to the creature to attack the duo. Blazi told Tailon to take care of the card while he fought Dark. Without waiting for an answer, Blazi ran towards Dark, and started his assault.

    Blazi began slashing at Dark with his newly gained sword, the gauntlet cutting through the air behind it. While he slashed with his gauntlet hand, he held his other hand behind his back, gathering flames in it. He slashed one more time, then brought a fist engulfed in white flames hurtling towards Dark's face. He was surprised to see the colour of the flames, but still continued through, wanting to get this fight over and done with.
  39. Brendan knew that those bombs would be enough to attract attention from the woman and her remaining guards. The first to strike were the suits, having ranged weapons and all. Brendan dodged the flying cards easily with a quick forward roll while continuing his sprint. Soon enough, he was within striking range. Brendan swung his sword from the side, but his opponent easily blocked it with her own blade. Brendan took the moment to scope out her weaponry. His mind was so focused on dealing with a foe that could be stronger than he was, that he didn’t even notice the second gigantic airship with a Pokémon theme running on it. But then again, it was hard to notice when they already had one hovering above them. The person Brendan just engaged had a broadsword that she held with a reverse grip, and a pistol in her free hand, pointed at him and her finger curled around the trigger, that weapon wasn’t safe to be around, he had to get rid of it…

    Just before she squeezed the trigger, Brendan sidestepped and twirled around with the sword, narrowly missing his head. Brendan used the momentum in his twirl to raise his sword and bring it down in a diagonal slash, one that his opponent blocked with little problem. It did however what he wanted, the pistol arm was now apart from the risk of the blade: at her opposite side. However, it was once again poised to shoot, Brendan moved quickly in changing that. In one swift motion, Brendan brought up one of his legs and kicked her exposed hand, knocking the pistol in the air. Then, not wasting a second, Brendan broke contact with the adversary and leapt backwards, delivering a swift kick to the abdomen of a pawn that tried to cut him down. Finally, he raised his hand up, ready to catch the pistol as it fell towards his outstretched palm.
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    Brendan was good. Lysis had tested the waters and found that they were hot. Excellent - now it was time to turn it up. Lysis watched as her beloved gun flew through the air, ready to fall into her enemy's hand. She couldn't have that. In an instant she vanished from where she stood, reappearing in nearly the same instant in the air, catching her weapon before teleporting once again. She reappeared only a bit higher than from where she caught her weapon, directly above the young man. Miss Fox flipped her body forward and brought her heel down on Brendan.

    Brendan blocked the blow easily - holding his blade over his head to block her kick. Lysis grinned and kicked off of the blade, back-flipping away from him. She landed as gracefully as a cat, locking her midnight-blue eyes on Brendan like how a predator locks onto its prey. Lysis cracked her knuckles and dusted off her suit, putting away her pistol. She had two pistols - it was a well known fact that she always had two on her person. However, either Brendan didn't know and was hoping that the acquisition of her pistol would turn the tide of the battle in his favor, or he knew and was hoping to turn their battle into a gunfight - which was unwise as Lysis was a rather perfect markswoman.

    Either way, a clash of blades was far more exciting at the moment. She wanted to see just how hot the water could get. She pointed her sword at Brendan and smiled before vanishing again. Lysis reappeared to his left and swung her blade, activating her telekinesis as she did so. Her power filled her arms and the sword, making her swing far more powerful.
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