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Private/Closed Something Wicked in the Air

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Krisseon, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

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    Kalos was a vast, wonderful region, filled with happy people and pokemon alike. Vibrant cities, plentiful farmlands, whimsical forests and beautiful beaches all throughout for everyone to enjoy. But even in such a lovely region, there lies a dark mystery that the natives didn't like to talk about.

    The Chamber of Emptiness was a phenomenon in itself. However, what really made it stand out in the minds of Kalosians was the Legend held within its dark walls.

    Once a year, if a passerby were to enter the Chamber at sunset on the day that splits the year in half, precisely, it is said that they are spirited away to another reality, only a single item left where they once stood in the Chamber.

    Or so the Legend goes. No one had ever returned to explain what really happens...


    It was a warm summer evening along Route 22. The sun was setting, painting the sky with rich pinks and oranges. There was a calmness in the air as the creatures of the day got ready to settle in for nightfall. All but those who approached the well known Chamber on that specific night, with only one thing on their mind.

    16 year old Kantonian, Georgie Bernard, was one of them. Georgie was well known in her hometown of Kanto for managing to defeat all of the gym leaders despite only having fire type pokemon, beating the odds stacked against her with her creative tactics and incredibly strong bond with each of her pokemon. Though she was still unable to beat the Elite Four. This loss devastated her after all her years of hard work and endless training. After some time to sulk, and an important short-lived friendship with a kind soul that helped her recover, she decided she would take a break from the life of a trainer and explore outside of her region for inspiration on what she wanted to do next. Through this journey, she'd chased a few legends and enjoyed the hunt. It was new and exciting.

    And thus, here she was, staring into the dark abyss that was the entrance to the Chamber of Emptiness. A determined look was etched into her features, and an equally determined Flareon stood at her side. She looked down at her trusted companion, just as he looked up at her.

    "This is it Pepper. The Chamber of Emptiness. Looks spooky..." She sighed, forelorned. "Reminds me of Ami..."

    She dug into her sporty crossbody bag, pulling out a small pokeball shaped music box. She opened it, instantly smiling as the familiar tune began to play. Inside there was a picture of her family. Her mother and father, and her two sisters. It helped to calm her in times of need. This item was given to her by her mother when she turned 10 as she was getting ready to go out into the world and become the best pokemon trainer she could be. She still remembered that day like it was yesterday, and a great sadness settled in the pit of her stomach when she thought of...

    She blinked a few times and snapped out of it, closing the music box and gently placing it back in her bag. Now was not the time to get distracted with sad memories. Pepper tilted his head, empathetic. Not a word needed to be spoken, as everything he wanted to say danced in his green eyes. She smiled at him and picked him up, hugging him tightly, earning a purr of happiness.

    "You always know just what to say Pepper! Now let's go see what this stupid cave's got to offer!" She announced confidently. Pepper released a few small fire sparks from his mouth as he chirped in excited agreement, jumping back down. Side by side, they entered the Chamber.

    Inside was dark, having no way to gain natural light. She looked to Pepper who instantly nodded. He breathed out slowly, making a small flame to light up the empty cave. Georgie looked around, spotting some old torches hanging along the walls. She grabbed them and lit them with Pepper's breath, then hung them back on the wall, a plentiful amount of dancing fire now lighting the cave. The shaking of the flames made twisting shadows and highlights along the uneven, rocky walls.

    "That's better!" Georgie smiled. From the corner of her eye, she noticed something shining. Taking a closer look, she realized there were several items littered about the cave.

    A bronze pocket watch.

    A microphone that looked like it was used quite often.

    A capsule containing mysterious pokeballs. One being a luxury ball and the other being a primer ball. One item to be shared between two people, maybe?

    A pristine camera, still in it's case. There seems to be a note tucked inside it. Perhaps a note of who it may belong to?

    A beautiful twine necklace, looking hand made, with psychic, ghost and dark charms.
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  2. For Shay, life wasn't happy either.

    He spent most of his life trapped in his room in his two different homes, one in Sinnoh, and one in Kalos. Shay had secretly lied to his parents numerous times before, and he was used to all the abuse he recieved for his actions. He was able to hide the fact he beat a the gym leaders of Sinnoh, but before he could defeat the champion and become one himself, his father disrupted the battle, ending it before it even began. He told him he was not allowed to do such dangerous things, and he was grounded for a whole month.

    But anyways, Shay got ready for school, and he thought to himself, 'What if instead of going to school, I explore Kalos a bit more?' Shay gave a slight smirk, and put on his school outfit, with his regular clothes hidden in his backpack. He put on his watch that he forgot had a picture frame inside. The picture inside said 'You are perfect', but after the Champion Incident, Shay forgot all about the fact that it was the watch his parents gave him when it was his 14th birthday, and it was a day they actually loved him for once. He walked outside, without even waving goodbye to his parents.

    Then, he ran for it. He went the opposite direction of his school, and he ran for a few blocks until finally reaching a faraway area. He noticed in front of him was a cave, and walked in, hoping for some adventure. He had heard a music box just when he walked in, and noticed some light coming from in front of him. He walked up to the light and noticed a girl with a Flareon staring at a couple of mysterious items littered around the cave. "Hello?" said Shay.
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  3. So what if it was dangerous?
    Tiara knew the legends surrounding the Chamber of Emptiness. She knew that many trainers who entered never came back. However, that didn't deter her. Her curiosity was not about to be shoved into a corner.
    As she entered the Chamber, she saw something that confused her - several items scattered around. A microphone, a pocket watch, what looked to be a fragment of a keychain - all completely random objects.
    Her Glaceon, Frost, stayed close to her side. She was very protective of her trainer, and wasn't about to let her be harmed.
    Two other people were already in the chamber - a girl and a boy. Her guard immediately went up; she wasn't the most social person in existence.
    "Hello? Who are you?" she called.
    "Glace?" Frost echoed, in a similar tone of voice.
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  4. Alex was with a tour group at the moment. He was a sixteen year old boy who had come all the way from Unova. Though his card labeled him as a ‘trainer’, Alex much rather preferred to be called an explorer. He often shyed away from battles and had only ever gotten the Trio badge from his home region. In fact, he was also fairly new to this whole ‘trainer’ business, as he hadn’t left home when he was eleven, but rather, just the year before when he was fifteen. Now, even though having not gotten even a fourth of the way through the typical gym challenge that most trainers embarked on, he was in Kalos. What person in their right mind would turn down the chance to travel to a whole new part of the world for free? Not him, that was for sure.

    Shisha, Alex’s Pidove whom he had taken care of ever since finding it as an egg in the snowy grotto near Icurris City, fluttered off of his shoulder and perched itself on the brim of his hat. Carefully, it balanced itself and cooed in enjoyment of the scenery of Santalune City.

    However, Alex’s time with the tour group would be short lived. As they approached the edge of Santalune, the guide would share a small piece of Kalosian folklore. This being that of the Chamber of Emptiness, a cavern just on Route 22 that was fabled to be capable of warping Pokémon and Trainers alike into an entirely new reality. Of course, Alex wasn’t one to believe in things like that. Sure, there was the story of the Two Heroes who used Zekrom and Reshiram to form the region of Unova, which turned out to be true. There was also the legend of the Swords of Justice, and also the legend of Victini back at home as well. But these things almost always seemed to turn out to be true; legends involving Pokémon. This, however, was a much different situation. This was, to him, a silly little tale meant to scare people for fun. A reality warping cave, seriously?

    Nevertheless, Alex wanted to explore it. No, he didn’t believe in the story, but he was the adventurous type. So, although he didn’t expect to find much, it was always fun to go places where few have been. Alex eagerly squeezed through the crowd of people that he was with and took off down Route 22, not knowing just how long it would be until he came back...

    Although he could only see some of Shisha’s talons gripping on to the end of his cap, Alex rolled his eyes upwards to look at the small bird as he spoke. “Shisha, you heard what the guide was saying about that cavern right? We’re gonna go check that out.” In response, the Pidove cooed happily, excited for yet another adventure into the unknown.

    Once the pair eventually reached the mouth of the cavern, Alex would pause to admire the beautiful pink and orange sky. For a moment, he retrieved a glass prism from his backpack and held it up to the sun. From it, shone a small rainbow created from the fracturing of the suns rays. “This... this is something you would have loved to do...” he whispered to himself.

    He shoved the prism back into his bag and turned so he and Shisha could view the opening into the Chamber of Emptiness. They shuddered, almost in unison. Yes, they were adventurous and both wanted to explore it, but they also had one other thing in common: anxiety. Alex took a deep breath and took off his hat, turning it so the two looked each other in the eyes. “Alright Shisha, I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine. We can do this.” In response, the flying type would chirp confidently before he set the hat back on his head.

    Upon entering, Alex would first see the shadows dancing along the walls. Quickly, he traced the dark paths back to the others in the cave. He also took note of the items that littered the Chamber’s floor. With him also in the cave, that made four people. However, he had failed to hear those who were inside greeting each other and figured they were in a group. A group of trainers could be bad news for him. Seeing as how they all appeared to be quite experienced, and the items on the floor, he quickly jumped to the conclusion that they were thieves of some sort. Perhaps they made up the story, just to protect their hideout?

    As he began to turn to exit the Chamber, Alex swore he could hear yet another person approaching from outside. Could it be another thief on their way? He decided not to take chances, and moved silently along the wall of the cave until he could situate himself behind a stalagmite. At this point, he was shaking in fear and the fact that Shisha had flown into his pack wasn’t much help either.

    That’s when he spotted it, a camera just on the floor not to far from his hiding place. Maybe, just maybe, if he could snap a picture of the group of thieves he could expose them if he managed to get out. Alex’s arm outstretched and he picked it up off the ground, doing his best with the limited light to get it out of its case and ready to use. All he would have to do then was snap a shot just at the right time...

    Once whisked away into the “Lost” reality, Alex would find himself there with the rest of the trainers he had spotted in the Chamber of Emptiness.

    OR if it doesn’t get that far...

    Alex would fail to get the camera out of its case, and lose his balance to end up falling out from behind his cover.

    Once whisked away into the “Lost” reality, Alex would find himself alone... despite having seen the trainers from the Chamber of Emptiness just before.
  5. Ty was walking next to his Sylveon. He was looking for this rare flower that is said to appear once a year. He held the necklace that he bought when he was in the city earlier this year. He looked up to the sky. It looked like it was going to rain. He found a small cave and walked to the entrance. He sat down on the cave floor. Sylveon laid down by him with her head in his lap.

    He must have dozed off. He did not remamber how he got into this part of the cave there were other people around as well. He looked around and noticed rhem talking and that there were items on the ground.

    He felt the necklace felt warm. When he opened his eyes and looked down at the guitar necklace. It seemed ro glow with a sort of energy like it was ment to be in this place.

    He looked to his Sylveon who seemed to kind of sniff the air. She bounded over to the girl with the flareon. Ty followed trying to calm his pokemon down. When Sylveon got to the flareon she sniffed and started to try and play with her.

    Ty looked up to the Trainer to apologize when he recognized who the girl was. It was his old friend from Lavender town. "Georgie? Is that really you?" He looked very happy to see his old friend.
  6. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Loah Getcha was walking around the chamber, has it started to rain, he decided to enter, he saw some people , then looked down to see items, he took the pocketwatch as he didn't have one, Loah quickly put it in his bag before asking "who are you all?"
  7. For a solid year, a scientist had left her home to study the phenomena behind the Cave of Emptiness. Sadly, she hadn't returned. Her family became more and more distraught as they went on for days, weeks, and months without hearing from her. Most of her family members were having nightmares about horrible things happening to her, especially one such individual with flaming locks of hair.

    His body was frequently covered in sweat when he would wake up from the nightmares and tonight was no different. He could just imagine how terrified she must be. Was she kidnapped? Maybe she was still alive and just couldn't contact them, but she would usually contact her family every other day. She would never stop contacting them for so long as she was pretty family oriented. Maybe she's-....

    No, he will not think of that! She has to be alive. She just has to be.

    After obtaining his chosen Pokemon for this mission, he set foot out of his large home and into his ranch. He didn't bother to say goodbye to his family because, in his eyes, he was going to find her and bring her back, no matter the cost. Determination and courage, as well as a bit of fear, could be seen in his eyes as he looked up at the night sky, the cool air brushing his tall and muscular frame. He whistled, and a draconic figure flew about above him before landing beside him, the flame on the Pokemon's tail illuminating enough of her body. She was also worried about her trainer's sister, as evident by the soft and disgruntled look on her face, and she was going to help him get her back.

    He climbed up on her saddle that he made for his Charizard and, after a few strong flaps, they were up in the air, flying from the north part of Mt. Moon to the Cave of Emptiness in Kalos.

    ~~~~Several Days Later~~~~

    The cool air of the oncoming night fueled the young man and his Charizard with more energy to look for his long lost sister. Maybe she got trapped in the cave and lost signal? Hopefully, that was the case. After taking a short pit stop at Aquacord Town and reviewing the notes that his sister had excitedly sent him about the cave and its weird phenomenon, he became worried. If these notes and rumors were true, did the cave swallow her up? She had this theory of it being a portal to another dimension (her and her dimensions...), but he always waved it off as her obsession and that it couldn't have been real. But maybe she was still alive, just trapped in this cave. Maybe the thing she was searching for had found her instead.

    After a good but uneasy breakfast, he recalled his Pokemon except for his Charizard and hopped on again, eager to get to the Chamber of Emptiness before it got any later. The moon was high in the sky tonight and the full phase of this moon was illuminating everything underneath it with an eerie pale glow.

    They left Aquacord Town and headed over to the cave. He saw a person enter already. Maybe they had lost other people, too. Did his sister recruit people to join her on her expedition or did they all go into the cave as they were curious and had gotten trapped? Possibly. He landed just outside of the cave entrance and slid off. His Charizard, despite her being a little winded, stayed out of her PokeBall this time. Along with her, his other Pokemon erupted from their PokeBalls. They were all worried about his sister, as she also took great care of them when he couldn't.

    His Pokemon looked about, the sound of people chatting only being interrupted by the large footsteps of his Charizard, Haxorus, and Kommo-o, as well as the Kommo-o's scales clanging softly against each other. His Chandelure used Will-O-Wisp, creating little balls of blue flame and set them up around the cave's walls, shedding some much needed light. His Pyroar was sniffing the ground before he found her scent. It was an old scent, and it was hard for him to pick it out, but once he did, he found her necklace. He gingerly picked it up and walked over to his trainer, who then knelt down to inspect it. It seemed like a fine layer of dust had coated the entire thing. This wasn't like her. She wouldn't leave her necklace on the ground like this, and if she took it off, she would have cleaned it every now and then. These necklaces were sacred to them, so the state of her necklace showed that something bad happened to her.

    He held the necklace softly in his hands and stared at what he saw was the last remnant of his sister. Tears welled up in his eyes before he began sobbing. He never broke down in public, and his Pokemon huddled around him comfortingly as his tears hit the floor with loud plops. He held that necklace up to his forehead and he held on to it tightly. It seemed like his composure that he had up to this point had broken down.

    His Charizard, Haxorus, Flygon, and Kommo-o laid down around him, his Chandelure hugged him from above, and his Pyroar sat there in front of him, his head down in sadness. It seemed like all of his Pokemon were grieving with him, his Pokemon also shedding tears, as they could hear their trainer sob uncontrollably and sniffling as he rocked on the balls of his heels. She was... Gone...

    But then he remembered something from the documents he had found from his sister. Items were left behind as the person disappeared. But where could she have gone? He wiped the tears from his eyes before standing up, his Pokemon following suit. He looked down at his sister's beloved necklace one last time before wearing it around his own neck. He will find her. His tirade of tears had stopped flowing, but his eyes were still red and puffy from his sobbing. He looked about the illuminated cave and saw other people were finding the other items. He felt like he knew just a little bit more about this place than the others, but he wasn't exactly too sure about the rest of everyone else's knowledge on this particular subject.

    He found that people were greeting each other and he must have looked so stupid crying and rocking in place, but his sister was gone. He shook out his sadness by shaking his head and arms before clearing his throat and speaking, his baritone voice echoing across the chamber. "I am Pyros and I came here to find my sister, who disappeared here exactly a year ago. I'm assuming her research of this place had found her and had taken her to some dimension, that she theorized was a possibility. Any items we find are possibly from other lost souls who have wandered in here and have never returned back home to their grieving families. If you don't want to end up like them, I suggest you leave. If you want to find the lost souls, like how I will find my sister, stay and we shall see what this damn Chamber did to them."

    He then walked over to the end of the cave. Nothing, huh? Interesting. Her notes said that people disappear roughly around midnight or early morning. How would they even disappear though? This was something for his sister to research and not him. Hopefully, she was alright and the things this Chamber was hiding weren't too horrific in nature. Although, his gut feeling was telling him that his hopes were going to be dashed quite soon.
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  8. All she could remember was pain, she didn't know why like she was fighting to not be in control. Her mind was hazy at first but then seemed to remember what had happened four years ago. A man in a black cloth like hers caught the siblings off guard and just suddenly disappeared. She felt herself fighting control of him feeling her soul trying to be pulled out of her but because of hee stubbornness, she refused to let this happen. She needed help to free herself along with her brother as she could sense his pain as well but still had the will to resist just like her.

    She hated this and she knew it as she seemed to struggle to wake up from this control as did her brother but for some reason they couldn't. She didn't understand why she couldn't get out of this control from him until she saw who was missing, her partner Blue a shiny Umbreon. Her brother knew this as well as his starter Pokemon Ghost a shiny Decidueye was not beside him. All the siblings could do was cry as they felt trapped and wanted to be free. All the siblings had to do was wait for someone, anybody to save them. The reaction to those tears caused the Luxury ball and Primer ball to react in a bright glow as a respond to whoever entered the Chamber of Emptiness that they are fighting for their very souls before it was too late.-
  9. Hitoshi was sitting on the ground thinking of time. How much time had passed? When did this all start? When will they arrive? These questions pop up in his head every now and then, and each time it happens he feels as if time goes slower. He didn't know about the current date or where he was, he just gave up on remembering. He only remembers the things he cares about.

    Hitoshi began to sing a song. "Tick, tock, tick, tock, the clock goes round again. If it stops, the music stops. So please just stay with me." He looked around at nothing. "When will the gears stop beating the song of rhythm? If I knew I wouldn't be asking myself Hitoshi. Myself is my sanity and so is that voice, oh and I do agree, but he is a mere poet and I am their reader, but no scholar." He stopped again for a while. But after a few minuets he began to cry. "But I suppose I am going insane aren't I? I don't want to be alone anymore. That voice is not my friend."
  10. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Georgie's attention was caught by other people entering the Chamber not too long after her. One by one, they filed in. "Oh, hey there everyone! Guess I'm not the only one interested in this place, huh? Name's Georgie! It's nice to meet you all!" She smiled, waving at them.

    While she was introducing herself to the newcomers, a Sylveon approached Pepper excitedly. He sniffed the familiar pokemon, quickly realizing who it was and got excited as well! "Flare!" He shouted happily, reunited with an old friend. He jumped around with the Sylveon, playing along with it. The owner of said Sylveon followed, and seemed to recognize Georgie. She looked at the other, her heart skipping a beat when she saw who it was. "Oh my god, Ty! I can't believe it, it's been so long!" She jumped at him, giving him a tight hug. This boy used to be her best friend, and helped her through a lot when she was younger. She couldn't believe her luck!

    Not long after, another guy who looked rather sad walked up to everyone and announced his name to be Pyros. The information he was giving sounded pretty close to the folklore the Kalosians she's met have told her. She looked back at the remaining items strewn about and smiled. She grabbed them and stuffed them in her bag for now, looking back at Pyros. "Hey man, don't sweat it! We'll find your sister and give these lost guys their stuff back then!" She looked at everyone that's gathered there, for one reason or another, and chuckled. "Together!"

    Just as she said this, an unlikely wind picked up, whipping against them harshly. It created almost a vortex around them all, whirring harder and harder by the second. The walls and ceiling began to shake and rumble, hurling pieces of rock at them. The fire that lit the cavern blew out, and they were engulfed in darkness, just before the once solid ground below them seemed to suck them in, sending them hurdling down into an empty nothingness.

    And just as soon as it began, it ended. They landed in the same Chamber, almost as if they never even fell. The flames untouched. The rock walls undisturbed.

    Georgie's heart was going a million miles a minute. "W-what just happened..? Is.. is everyone okay?" She looked around at everyone else, confused. Did anything even happen at all, or was she going crazy? She honestly wasn't sure. Pepper was clinging to Sylveon, terrified of whatever they'd just experienced.

    "I... I need some air..." Georgie announced, feeling a bit claustrophobic. She ran towards the exit, not far from where they were, and stopped dead in her tracks, her heart dropping. This was impossible... It couldn't be true. It just couldn't be, there was no way this was real!

    This... was not Route 22. It was just... gone. The Chamber was now surrounded by a dense, sickly looking forest, bathed in a light hue of greyish green. It was dark and foggy, and the air was stagnant. So still it was almost hard to breathe, as if the very forest was going against its nature, trying to take away life, instead of give it. This place wasn't right. Nothing about this was right.

    Up above, the sky was completely grey. No clouds. No sun. No moon. It was a colorless nothing, and in the center of it, a giant, menacing crystal. Held inside it was an almost unreal blackness. A void, with equal nothingness. It was emanating different hues, cast along the land they'd yet to see. Along with it, the looming feeling of dread and hopelessness that penetrated the very minds and souls of those in its presence.
  11. At hearing those who had entered the cavern after he had, the sense of dread in his stomach subsided. These weren’t thieves, they were all just trainers. Skilled ones, at that. Alex whispered quietly to his partner. “Hey, Shisha, you can come out; there’s nothing to worry about. They’re just exploring, just like us.” Once the tiny bird Pokémon heard his words of comfort, the Pidove fluttered back out and landed on top of his head. “Way to have my back there buddy,” Alex teased, knowing he probably would’ve hid in the backpack if he was small enough too.

    Since the others didn’t seem to be bad, Alex would stand up to go and talk with the others, still holding the camera. When he opened his mouth to introduce himself, that’s when it happened. It felt almost as if there had been an earthquake, and the light that once was in the Chamber was no more. Confused, he watched as the girl with the Flareon rushed out of the cave with the announcement of needing air.

    Not knowing what had happened, Alex decided to follow behind her. Upon reaching the mouth of the cave where she stood, he was able to see this strange new place they were in. The feeling of dread that had just recently gone away washed over him again, along with a million terrible thoughts. The one that stuck out was, of course, the tale surrounding the cave that he had simply dismissed as a hoax. It was clear to him now that it wasn’t fake. This was it. This is what the Chamber did.

    His eyes traced the girl’s line of sight to rest his own on the giant crystal. It seemed almost as if to shout at him with that blackness beyond pitch black. What was this place? Alex could feel his heart beating in his chest, almost like it was trying to burst out and run away. Shisha, still on his head, trembled in sight of what shouldn’t have been there.

    Alex turned to the girl and spoke up. “Is... is this what that story was all about? Are we...” his throat seemed to dry out as he choked out the last bit of his question, turning to look behind him at where the other trainers were, “...stuck here?”
  12. Ty was happy that Georgie remembered him. It had been a long time since thay had seen one another. He remembered how he helped her in the past.

    That was until the room started to shake. Sylveon held just as close to Flare as she could. She was scared of the room and how it shook. Ty had held onto his friend until the room shook. She broke the hug he had her in and ran to entrance of the cave. Which he was still confused on how he got here by the way.

    When Georgie fell he knew he needed to calm her down. He walked slowly up to her. He knelt down and put his arm around her shoulder. "It is going to be ok. We will find away out of here. Maybe those items are the way to do it. Do you think that is how the others were able to leave out of this room? Maybe we have to leave something as well." Ty looked to the big loud guy. He seemed to be upset about something. Ty looked to his neck. There seemed to be two necklaces. He was on the ground before crying and holding it to him. That must mean that it meant a lot to whomever he came to find. "Maybe it has to have meaning as well."
  13. Tiara let out a small cry when the wind picked up, squeezing her eyes shut. She instinctively moved her hands to her shield, gifted to her by her parents, but found that it was missing.
    The legends are true...
    Though she was apprehensive, she was slightly curious about what had happened. She looked around in wonder, her eyes adjusting to the darkness relatively quickly.
    She followed the other trainers out of the cave. Though she didn't intend to be social, maybe they would know where they were.
    She noticed the massive crystal, seemingly calling out to her, drawing her in. The other trainers seemed anxious and worried. Frost nudged her leg, gesturing to the Trainers. "Gla-glaceon?"
    Tiara shook her head. "No. I'm not talking to anyone."
    Frost nudged her leg again, a stubborn expression on her face. "Glaceon, glace-ceon!"
    Tiara stared at the other trainers, contemplating. Maybe talking wouldn't be so bad.
    She approached the trainers, slowly and apprehensively. "Uh - hello. My name is Tiara. Does anyone know where we are...?" she asked quietly.
    Frost walked over to one of the trainers, who looked very upset. She looked up at him, before putting her paw on his foot, obviously trying to comfort him.
    Tiara couldn't help but smile. Frost had always been extremely empathetic, and always wanted to make people feel better. She walked over, smiling faintly.
    "I'm sure there's a way out of here. We'll be fine..." she reassured, although she wasn't so sure herself.

    From the shadows, a girl watched the trainers. She was barely visible, just a shadowy figure.
    If anyone looked closely, they would see a rather odd sight. The girl seemed to be a split between two people: a pink and girly side, and a dark and evil-looking side. Both sides seemed to merge and fade into one another, creating one very strange... person? However, it was clear that this was very much one being.... although a strange one.
    The girl smirked, an psychopathic expression on her face. Her expression was cruel, and she seemed not mentally stable.
    "Hehe.... it's that time again..." she whispered. "They will soon see... the mistake they've made.... hehehehe..." Her voice was high pitched, and seemed both incredibly cute and horrendously creepy at the same time.
    Putting on her cutesy facade, she approached the trainers. She waved cutely, and did a small curtsy.
    "Hi! My name is Mia Luxae, what's yours? What are you doing here? I'm here to help, I promise!" She giggled lightly.
  14. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Georgie looked at the boy who stood next to her, questioning out loud the same thoughts in her own head. "I... I don't know... I didn't think the Legend would be true. How could it actually be true? It's insane!"

    She paused when she felt Ty put his hands on her shoulders. She looked at him, trying to process everything. "The items? You think...?" She gasped, jumping up suddenly as a thought crossed her mind and began aggressively rummaging through her bag. Her music box. She needed her music box! Where was it? "No! Where is it!?" She exclaimed angrily. It was nowhere to be found. She knew it was in her bag when she entered the cave. Pepper ran to his distressed trainer, pawing at her leg.

    She paled as the realization truly hit her. This was part of the Legend. Ty was right, their most important items must have been left behind. Looking at the girl named Tiara who had timidly asked where they were, Georgie could only think of one possible place they could be. "We're where the Lost ones go..."

    Pepper's ears perked and he tensed as an unusual girl wandered out of the woods. Georgie looked at Pepper, then up at the girl approaching them. She was surprised at her appearance for a moment, but she was never the type to judge someone by their looks. Something did seem off about her, though. She looked at the others, deciding she would investigate while they all reoriented themselves.

    She walked outside of the cave slowly, instantly feeling the strange pressure change and thick stagnancy. "Um, hello Mia. I'm Georgie... Do you know what this place is..?" Pepper stayed glued to Georgie's side, on high alert.
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  15. Mia giggled lightly. "Of course! You're basically in an alternate world, where everything's dark and gloomy and whatnot, but that's okay! Oh, and it's kinda difficult to get back to where you came from, but you'll get out, probably... Anyhoo, you just gotta follow the rules of this place and you'll be fine!" Her malevolent side came through ever so slightly. "But if you don't... if you disobey... then I wouldn't want to be you, hehe.."

    Tiara was slightly put-off by Mia. There was something strange about her, something... evil. She certainly didn't seem like someone who had malicious intent, but she couldn't be sure.
    "Are you from the other dimension too?" Tiara asked warily. "From the world we came from, I mean?"

    Mia's confidence faltered slightly, as this was a rather difficult question to answer without revealing her true colors.
    "Uh... I dunno. I've been here for so long that I don't remember, you know?" She giggled nervously.
  16. Pyros was startled at the shaking of the cave and the sudden darkness that engulfed him. His Pokemon created a dome around each other and him to protect him, but they slowly straightened out to see that mostly nothing has changed. Raising an eyebrow, he looked about to see people were already at the entrance. Walking up to the entrance, he heard Georgie say something about her music box being missing. At that moment, he felt a weight was released from his neck and he looked down. He wasn't wearing his necklace! All that remained was his sister's necklace. He looked up to see a strange girl. Half of her seemed like it imbued evil. He growled. None of his Pokemon were liking this lady's looks anyway.

    As if by unanimous demand, Zarda stormed up to Mia and roared at her, fury in her eyes. The 30-year-old Charizard didn't trust anything here and she sure as hell didn't trust this "thing". Her tail whipped around wildly and the flame became whitish red. Pyros never saw her get so aggressive, but they had a mission to do. They had to find Shade.

    Meanwhile, Nokus, his Haxorus, and Dunes, his Flygon, got defensive and stood behind Pyros in a battle-ready stance. General Scales, the Kommo-o, ran up alongside Zarda and clanged his scales furiously. He wasn't going to let this thing get anywhere close to them. Shika the Pyroar and Chandela the Chandelure stayed in front of Pyros in an aggressive stance, as well.

    The thick miasma of dread was starting to make Pyros's Pokemon a lot more aggressive than usual, and he could feel the effects were starting to get to him, too. His hotheaded nature coming out, as well as his natural distrust of most people. If this thing has been here for so long, then the feeling of this place must have gotten to her. He yelled at her.

    "I sure as hell don't trust you. For as long as you have been here, you might as well be an enemy from how this place makes everyone feel. Get out of our way, or else!" he roared. His voice carried out more than usual, which was weird, but he thought it was just the acoustics of the place around them.
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  17. Hitoshi felt an odd feeling as if he had felt it before. He stood up and looked around. "This feeling, it feels like I have remembered something. Is it time again? If they are back, then they might have my gears, the gears to tell me of my time. That girl must have already come to meet them." Hitoshi went in the general direction of where he felt that strange feeling. After a while of walking, he climbed up a tree that was just near the group. Once he got to the top, he looked around and saw that strange girl talking to the newcomers. "Oh no, is she feeding them a new batch of lies? Or is she just having a talk? That mind demon really does mess with us all. I am glad those Pokémon know better than to trust her at all. Did I just say that Pokémon are right? Must be the mind demon!" He continued to watch the event unfolding in front of him.
  18. He chuckled sensing trainers inside the chamber. He appeared out in front of them with an evil grin. "So more trainers have entered this chamber hehe that means more to put into the lost" he laughed evily as a Gengar stood next to him with the same firm expression. "Who will be next to join the lost hehe!"he said in a hood hiding his face. "Like how I placed two to the lost in here" he added.-
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    Loah was stunned to the new environment. . But even more when a trainer came in and said something about the lost "okay. . Is this a joke?" He asked, starting the panic a little
  20. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Georgie gasped and just barely moved out of the way in time to avoid the angry pokemon barreling towards the strange girl, tripping and tumbling to the ground. "Ow! Geez!" She shouted, agitated as she rubbed her head. Pepper stood his ground, a bit concerned for the raging pokemon. This kind of aggression was not normal.

    "Dude! Pyros! Chill out man! You're freakin' me out!" Georgie shouted, standing up and dusting herself off. "She didn't even do anything yet!"

    As the scene was unfolding, another person in a hood who sounded like a boy appeared before them. "Who are you!? And we're not lost! We're..." She paused, looking around at her surroundings for a moment in futility. "Okay, maybe we're a little lost. But still! Why is everyone going crazy about it!?" She shouted, crossing her arms in aggravation.
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  21. He chuckled laughing a bit evil. "I meant become the lost in the chamber so maybe I'll start with you!" He said sending Gengar after the girl with the Flareon as a Shadow ball went straight for her and the others. Meanwhile the Luxury ball and Primer ball started to glow brightly as the Pokemon inside knew who this person was as he was the one that made their partners become the lost of the Chamber.-
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  22. Ty was not about to let this stupid guy with a gangar take his best friend and turn her into someone completely different. He walked up to were Pyros was seeing as he was thrown across the room as the raging pokemon came forward.

    His voice seemed to be calming but held a tone of forgetfulness in it. "You will not be doing that to my friend if I can help it. Come on out Lola." With that a shiny Lopunny came out of the pokeball that Ty threw up in the air.

    "Lola get in front of Georgie and block the Gangar's path with a jump kick and then use shock wave to try and paralyze it. Don't let it near her." Lola noded and sprang into action. She bounced herself over the other pokemon and landed right in front of Georgie. Lola waited for the Gangar to get close then she jumped into the air and batted the Gangar back with her foot.

    Ty's voice seemed to grow. The guitar that had been on his back in it's case was gone. It was made for him. He and his grandfather made it together. Ty usually soft spoken words seemed to get louder as he grew angrier. His voice seemed to dripped in that emotion. His words seem to sting anyone who hears them to hurt. It seemed that Ty could target one person. He chose only one logical that posed a threat. "You will not be causing us harm."

    The necklace seemed to glow around Ty's neck. It was an unsual desgin. It looked very old but in really good condition. The guitar shapped pendent seemed to rotate upside down. Ty's seemed to glow white. His whole soft demeanor had changed. He went from caring and nice to someone cold and sadistic.

    He walked up to the trainer of the Gangar. And slammed his finger into his chest. "You will not be bothering us. You sack of growlithe shit. I will not have you messing up my plans with you going off all willy nilly. Now you two had best leave before you see what my powers can really do." The voice that came out of Ty did not seem like his own. It had an older way of speaking. It took on a darker tone. It seemed that whoever it was, was mad that they would interfere in their plans this early. The tone suggested that if they did not leave then they would deal with someone a lot more powerful then they are.

    After the glowing eyes and pendent stopped rotating Ty just seemed to stumble back and fall to the ground. It seemed that he had passed out.
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  23. He laughed evilly taking that punch as it was nothing but in his hands held the two glowing Pokeball of the Luxury and the Primer. "Your pathetic!" He said kicking him back to where he was. "I suggest you trainers don't make any sudden movements or I could destroy these two glowing items I have in my hand or you won't be able to save them hehe actually I can't allow you to save these two special items as they are from the two trainers I tricked to becoming the lost in this chamber hehe...hahaha!"he laughed as in his eyes was blood thirsty. The two Pokeball glowed even brighter then went to a rapid blinking glow.-
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  24. Pyros's anger could not be quelled, even when Georgie got pushed over by his Pokemon. The action of his Pokemon only seemed to make him even more angry. Why? Was it the stupid crystal in the sky? He looked over at the obviously evil monster with the Gengar and that was when he felt like he had a duty to keep everyone here safe. Being a Fire- and Dragon-Type Trainer, he had his own Pokemon use their moves against him, which was why all the scars were there. He looked over to Loah with a concerned face that was distorted into rage. "Do you think that all of this is a joke? We are all in this hellhole together and we will survive."

    He looked over to Georgie, the same look he had looked at Loah was still on his face, as if he had no control over himself. "This place changes people. If she can't remember how long she has been here, then to hell with her! We can't trust anybody who has been denizens and I hear voices trying to enter in my mind, trying to break me and make me think my sister is dead. She isn't dead, I know that for a fact. I don't know where it's coming from, but that damn crystal has something to do with it." He pointed to the sky before speaking again. "And besides, I don't think they mean lost as in being lost. With the way they said lost, it seemed to me that people who are trapped here are called that. If we don't find the people that we came here to rescue, we will all become Lost."

    He looked over to see Ty was getting aggressive and had stopped the incoming attack. He decided that this person was more dangerous, especially when he fainted. He roared at the monster and his Gengar, which caused General Scales, Dunes, and Nokus snapped their heads towards the direction of the monster and his Gengar. It was so quick, it almost looked a little creepy. Nokus and General Scales, hunched over, walked ever so slowly towards the Gengar, while Dunes flew up in the air and looked down on the Pokemon.

    Pyros growled again, and they stopped what they were doing, especially when the monster began talking way too much about what he did. So, these guys turn hapless visitors into the Lost by taking their items? Interesting...

    That was when a lady in a tattered dress appeared, her back hunched as if something broke it, and her arms and neck were spastic as she walked forwards. Cracking noises could be heard as her bones snapped out and into place multiple times. She looked over at the monster holding the spherical containers, her head shaking and her eyes black and soulless. She looked up to the sky and then laughed. Her laughter sounded shrilly and ear-piercing. "No, we can't destroy the items. It won't be fun. Besides, if we do that, it wouldn't be fair. I say you drop them, boy, and we can torture them later. Besides, they only just arrived. Let them get comfortable in this place of insanity, then we can further break them much easier. But breaking them is a lot easier to do when they have hope to begin with. So please, don't destroy the only fun we get in the long run just because you want to make it nigh impossible in the start."

    This lady, known as Angel, seemed like she has been there for quite awhile, the influence already having taken over her in a weird way. Just being around her strengthened the feeling of dread, and a clawing feeling in the brains of those near. Her grin literally stretched from ear to ear, and a dark shadow could be seen behind her. It had glowing red eyes, and the silhouette could be made out as a Zoroark.

    Meanwhile, Pyros was inching closer to Ty, so he could pick him up and get him to the safety of the group. Nokus, Dunes, and General Scales were at the ready, poised to strike at the Gengar and its awful trainer at any command.
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  25. It had only been a few minutes since they had exited the chamber and Alex was already watching a fight unfold in front of him. Why? Why was everybody so aggressive? In the back of his mind somewhere, a gear clicked as to why people always fought each other in apocalypse movies, even when it would be better to work together. People of... where they were, the place where the Lost go? It was the one from the tale, and these were the people mentioned. Unfortunately, that meant that they were also these people. They were Lost.

    At overhearing the mention of items being taken when crossing over, Alex scrambled to open his backpack, and found no glass prism. It’s true that it wouldn’t be of much use to him in this dark place, but it’s what kept him calm. Surely he’d go insane here... especially if there was a constant rumble of battle between these other trainers who have been here, or came with. He had to get out. Not particularly out of this dimension, just out of the area. If nobody was gonna focus on anything but battling, he would.

    He stood still and trembled. Why couldn’t he pick up his feet? A stray leaf blew in front of him, landing on his foot, and he took it as his cue to stop standing still. He took off running towards the forest. These trainers were experienced, they wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to fight. They’ll tire themselves out until they can’t anymore. But his Pokémon couldn’t fight. Not against all of that. He was going to find a way out, on his own or not.
  26. Hitoshi was just sitting at the top of the tree watching all of this unfold in front of him. "Tick-tock, tick-tock. I would say that was less than five minuets before everyone started fighting, wouldn't you say? I guess this batch of folks are less stable then others I guess." He looked around as people were still exiting the cave. He saw a boy (Alex) leaving the group and ran into the forest right underneath him. "Oh good, we have a runner." Hitoshi stood up and jumped down to greet the boy.

    Hitoshi landed a distance away from the boy with a calm gesture. He looked up at him and smiled. "Hey you, I am glad that you ran from there, you made a wise choice. Now before you go further, you might want to talk to me about this place, right? Before you go asking the obvious, I will list those first. One, am I lost? Yes. Two, am I insane? Its a rude way to put it but yes. Three, am I evil? I consider myself sane enough to help you." He stopped and sat down at the base of a tree. "You can run or ask me questions, but remember, you might be worse off if you find people who are not me in here." He then waited in silence waiting for the responses.
  27. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Georgie was shocked at Ty's sudden change in personality. This aggression wasn't like him at all, nothing like he was when he was younger. She gasped when he collapsed and ran to his side, pulling him into her arms protectively as Pyros approached him. She wasn't sure if she trusted this man yet or not, but listened to what he had to say. She look up at the crystal, glaring at it. "You have to fight it... This place... It's not right..." She looked back at Pyros, clutching Ty a little closer. "Stay you. Not what this place wants you to be..."

    She looked back to the hooded boy, seeing he now had the capsule with the pokeballs in it. She was surprised, as they had been in her bag earlier. "Hey! How'd you get those!? They don't belong to you! Pepper, get them back!" She shouted to her Flareon, who nodded and proceeded to use Sand Attack, kicking dirt and sand in the boy and his Gengar's faces, jumping and grabbing the capsule.

    As this was happening, a strange woman, hunching and cracking walked up to them. Georgie felt her skin crawl as the woman spoke. She definitely had a bad feeling about that one...
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  28. When Pyros lashed out at her, Mia's personality conveniently switched at that moment. She saw all the strange people surrounding her, let out a tiny squeak of surprise, and curled up into the fetal position on the ground, all the while pleading "pleasedon'tkillmepleasedon'tkillmepleasedon'tkillme-".
    Tiara froze during the fight, taken by surprise. Frost had tried to fire a few attacks, but was unsuccessful.
    When the new person suddenly approached, Tiara took a defensive stance, her arms crossed in front of her. To her surprise, a blue force-field like structure appeared around her, seemingly protecting her.
    "Wh-" she stuttered, unsure what was happening.
    She tapped the shield, seeing it ripple slightly. After a few seconds, it went away, fading completely.
  29. Startled by the person who had jumped in front of him, Alex took a stumble backwards. For a place that was so hard to get to, this dimension surely wasn’t any short on a population of people. Shisha cooed loudly and perched itself on his shoulder.

    Following being given the option of help, Alex did his best not to let his anxiety override his logical thinking. If he was Lost, he’s at least been here for a year. Surely enough, this one hadn’t threatened him immediately, but rather was offering to help. It seemed almost too good to be true, and it probably was, but were his other options that much better? It was either return to the crowd, run and get lost in his own, or at least give this guy a chance. “I think... I think I’ll go with the ‘ask questions’ option...” he glanced behind him, and then back to the man in front of him. “Er, maybe something simple to start? What’s your name? How long have you been here? And... why aren’t you acting like the other people who are in here?”
  30. Hitoshi nodded and thought about the questions a bit. He swiftly got up and paced in place. "Some good ones, some indeed. Well firstly, my name is Hitoshi. Second, I have no idea how this time works, when I was thrown in here, I lost my pocket watch, so I started carving dates into trees." He took a deep breath before starting his upcoming ramble.
    "Now this is an ear full, but I will first state that I remember the chamber opens up every year but when I was counting dates, I only got about a third of the way until the next group came through. After that, I lost the tree and gave up on trying to keep track, but after seeing eight groups pass through, I can base my calculations off of the cycles. So if around one hundred and twenty days passed before the next cycle, I just need to multiply by eight cycles to get how many days. so one hundred and twenty times eight is... nine hundred and sixty days.
    -If my calculations are correct, then that means I have been here about a bit over two and a half years in this dimensions time."

    Hitoshi stopped for a while trying to catch his breath. He then looked back at the person and smiled. "Oh, did I ramble? I haven't had anyone sane to talk to in a while. Thanks for letting me realize how long I have been here." He stopped for a moment again. "Two and a half years, huh?" He frowned and then looked up into the sky. "Well that's depressing." He looked at his feet and kicked a rock. "Anyway, your third question is a good one I must say. I am or was that kind of person who was patient and could wait for hours on end for something. Within the first month, I found out the best way to pass time was to sleep and ignore where I was, and also ignore that jerk inside my head. But long story short, I never was bothered to want to escape, but instead took my time. Now the others, they wanted to go home so bad that they would throw others lives here just to escape themselves. That's why they are so unstable, because seeing you makes them remember home, and they hate it."

    He stopped again to try to listen to the battle going on not far away. "You shouldn't trust me at all, to be honest. But if you do, then understand that I will do anything to get all of you out of here. If I had been gone from the real world for eight years, then nobody remembers me." He grew a frown on his face as he realized his situation. "I am sure that others will miss you if your gone any longer, so all of your lives are worth more than mine." Hitoshi then had the idea to try to change topics. "Sorry for all of my rambles, but what is your name?"
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    Loah left the cave to see two peopke chatting, not giving it any care, he walked away , his hands in his pockets "there is something wrong about this place.. really wrong..."
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  32. Fernande chuckled evilly looking to the girl. "aw come on that won't be any fun now would it, I just wanted to have some fun hehe but alright I'll agree to leave these items alone" he smiled creepily but the items he had in his hand let out a bright light blinding him and his Gengar. The moment the light disappeared from the two Pokeballs he was gone too as both of the Pokeballs dropped on the ground. They both seemed to roll a bit before they both came to a standstill with the glow becoming steady as if lighting up the cave a bit more. He huffed as he knew those Pokemon inside did that to him. "Those Pokemon will pay once I start breaking them inside!" he said softly before his presence seemed to disappear.
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    Georgie sighed in relief when the hooded figure was gone. "Good riddance..." She looked at the capsule he dropped. "Pepper, grab the pokeballs. We can't let anyone else get those." Pepper nodded and grabbed the capsule, setting it next to her against her leg. She thanked him and laid Ty down.

    "C'mon Ty, wake up! Please!" She shook him a little. She was starting to get really worried. "Please!" She shouted desperately. Just as she did, her eyes and hands began to glow an angelic white. It emitted a soothing, healing aura, much like her music box did for her. The aura glowed and pulsed against Ty where she was touching him, sending waves of healing magic into him and relieving him of his current ailments. She stared, wide eyed as this happened. She could feel the bad energy inside of Ty being absorbed into her hands, like a black hole. And just like that, the light receded.

    "Wha..?" She looked at her hands, confused, then looked back at Ty expectantly. That had to have done something good, right?
  34. Pyros watched as everything felt like it was all a blur. His mind felt weak and he stumbled backwards, holding his head in pain. What was this? He felt like something was laughing at him, taunting at him, pulling at his insecurities. He had to protect these people. He saw a couple people leave the group, but he felt powerless to stop them. His old childhood fears came back to haunt him and he gritted his teeth in fear, as well as pain from the sudden mental onslaught. The voices had appeared in his head and were taunting him about being weak, powerless, and hopeless, and that he would die out here.

    Zarda saw no use in provoking Mia and had left her to help her trainer. All of Pyros' Pokemon stopped their aggressive behaviors and seemed to return back to normal. Some of them were even holding their heads, as if they went through something very similar to Pyros. Whatever actions were taking place he couldn't fully see, and anything that was said around him he didn't hear.

    Angel could feel her aura affecting the poor, writhing man. Such a tall and burly man crippled into the fetal state made her laugh, the force of such an uproarious sound threw her backwards, her back now at an inhumane angle, as if she were being bent in half. She cracked back up to an upright posture and pointed at Pyros. It was then Pyros could feel like a hundred tiny claws were scraping and scratching behind his eyes and in his ears. He could feel his mind beginning to falter before he started glowing like a bright flame. This calmed him down some, as he realized that his Pokemon were around him. It was then that Zarda snapped up to see Angel pointing at her trainer.

    As if on impulse, her flames erupted in white hot flame as she flew towards the lady. Already figuring this was going to happen, she snapped her fingers, and her Zoroark appeared in front of her with shadow energy imbuing his claws as he came slashing them downwards. Zarda was already getting her draconic energy ready on her claws to swing from the side. Seeing the dark creature come from the shadows essentially, she changed her tactics and coated her entire body in draconic energy. Going in with a Dragon Rush, the Zoroark wasn't planning on the Charizard changing moves in a split second, causing the large Charizard to slam right into him and his trainer. This sent the two flying backwards, landing and skidding across the ground.

    The Zoroark and the lady got up, their bones snapping before they looked semi normal. The attack didn't seem to harm them too much. Startled by their reaction to the attack, Zarda knew she screwed up. Angel just laughed maniacally as she blasted another wave of insanity towards the draconic creature before running off. Zarda fell to the ground, holding her head in pain as a similar feeling could be felt. She needed to get to her trainer. Looking over, she saw her trainer was getting better, which made her feel better, as well. If he's getting better, then she can survive. Shaking her head vigorously, she managed to subdue the funny feeling to fly back to Pyros.

    As she got there, she groaned in pain and softly nuzzled his head, a sympathetic look in her eyes looking at his own scared and deranged orbs. He held her head closer to his, and the simple bond between the two helped calm him down enough to not be in so much pain. His breaths were still quick as he steadily sat up, his head still pounding. What didn't help was that the thick miasma of the air around him made him feel tired and sluggish, so everything felt like he was in a daze. He looked around, his memory fading from the angry experience he had as if an anger spell had crossed him. "What-.... Ugh-" was all he managed to say before his head began to feel like it was imploding.
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  35. Ty could feel the anguish of the others as the lady with the torn dress attack the big burly man. He needed to get up. He felt his senses return to him. He sat up slowly. His head hurt a little like it always did when he felt himslef blackout.

    Once he was in an upright position he saw Pyros on the ground he could feel his and the Charizard's pain. He felt like he needed to help. He slowly got up and walked over to Pyros. He knelt down and laid his head on his lap.

    He started to gently sing his voice soothing and calming to those around.

    "Stuck at a red light outside an adult bookstore
    His son said "Daddy what are all those x's for?
    As the light turned green, he changed the subject fast.
    He started talking 'bout football as they drove right past.

    What do yoy say in a moment like this.
    When you can't find the words oh to tell it like is.
    Just bite you tongue and let your heart lead the way.
    Lets get out of here oh what do you say.
    Seventeen years old she was out with her friends.
    They started drinkin' at some party 'til she was three sheets to the wind.
    Her momma always told her she could call no matter what.
    She was cryin' on the front steps when her mom showed up.
    What do you say in a moment like this.
    When you can't find the words oh to tell it like it is.
    Just bite your tongue and let your heart lead the way.
    Let's get out of here oh what do you say.
    Sometimes you've got to listen to the silence.
    And give yourself a little time to think.
    Her every breath is weaker than the last.
    And lately when she sleeps she talks about the past.
    Her husband knows she's tired of holdin' on.
    She looks at him and says I want to go home.
    What do you say in a moment like this.
    When you can't find the words to tell it like it is.
    Just close your eyes and let your heart lead the way.
    Oh what do you say.
    Just close your eyes and let your heart lead the way.
    Oh what do you say.
    Ooo what do you say."
    Ty had sang this in a very soothing voice his words seemed to almost swirl and dance around him. They seemed to wrap around Pyros and his pokemon. They helped him with the pain he felt in his head.

    The soothing way the song was sung seemed to calm to chamber around them. It seemed that all that was needed was a little soothing sound to calm the tension in the room.

    Even after the last word was said Ty still seemed to hum holding Pyros' head in his lap. He gently stroked his head to further sooth the big man.
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  36. So he says I shouldn’t trust him, but if I do, he’ll help us get out? That’s... kind of contradictory... but, he seems nice enough.
    “Huh? Oh, my name? My name’s Alex, and this Pidove here is my partner, Shisha.” As if on cue, the Pokémon would coo softly. “It... sounds like you’ve been here for a while, and with everybody else being what they are here... I understand if you need to ramble. It’s probably been a while since you’ve been able to do that.”

    He looked back behind him towards the large group, only to see a mess of bright light and music. What was going on over there? It didn’t seem to be coming from any of the Pokemon present. Alex turned back to Hitoshi with confused eyes. “Oh, one last question, what in the Arceus is going on over there right now?”
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  37. Krisseon

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    Georgie was a bit confused as she watched Ty get up and walk over to Pyros without a word. The battle with that creepy woman spiralled out of control pretty quickly, and she wasn't really sure what to make of it. She cocked a brow at the scene in front of her and chuckled to herself. I think someone has a cruuu~uuush.

    After everything had calmed down, she put the mysterious pokeballs back in her bag and looked around at everyone. She noticed a few were missing. With a sigh, she made a mental note to find them and make sure everyone was safe. She felt somewhat responsible for these people. She was the one that suggested they all help find the Lost together, after all...

    But for now, she needed to take care of some damage control. She approached Mia, who had been scared for her life by the angered Pokemon not too long ago and knelt down next to her, offering a hand to her up with a smile. "Hey, you okay? I don't really know what's going on, but I'm sorry that happened."
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  38. Hitoshi shrugged his shoulders. "If I knew, I would stop it. All I know is that there is a lost over there that has gone far past the point of return. The longer they stay near her, the shorter they might last. Now not to be all 'I am better than them' or something like that, but I know that her history it more broken. Back then, I used to see her meet groups that would come in, but I never bothered to stay around them, no sir. In fact, I would try to tell people like you to not trust her, she is two faced if you get the gist." He looked over there again and thought for a moment. "I suppose you don't have any special items, do you? I mentioned that I lost my pocket watch when I originally came, but nobody ever brought it to me. Come to think of it. You might have lost something too, right?"
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  39. Once the Pokeball touched her leg it glowed brightly giving her a vision on what actually happened to there trainers. A girl and a boy in a white wolf blue streaked mask and a black wolf gold streaked mask appeared in the vision and the same man in the hood catching them off guard. The both had tears sliding down there eyes saying they were sorry until they were both sucked in sacrificing their life for his. The cries of a shiny Umbreon and a shiny Decidueye was heard once they were sucked into their Pokeballs. Only the glimpse of the shiny Umbreon in the Luxury ball and the shiny Decidueye in the Primer ball was seen once that part was seen both having tears in there eyes but the girls obeyed their trainers. The vision had ended as the Pokeballs stopped glowing and remained against each other with now a slow glow inside the capsule.-
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  40. Mia got up, quivering. "The Entity... I don't want to follow what it says anymore... There's no escape for me.. and I-I j-ust w-ant t-to help you so that it doesn't get you t-too.."
    She whimpered. "It has my soul.. it make me do things, terrible things... but I don't want to hurt you... even though the Entity ordered me to kill or capture all of you... I don't want to help it! I want to be free!" She began crying, obviously not mentally stable. She was a pitiful sight to behold.

    Confused, Tiara sat down. She desperately wanted someone to talk to, but didn't want to bother anyone. She decided to keep to herself, she didn't want to be a burden.
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