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Private/Closed Something Something Digimon RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by StellarWind Elsydeon, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: We need to find a real name for this blasted thing, and as soon as we have one I'll rename this thread. But about time we got this rolling!


    Meital Klein was doing something typically Meital Klein-y.

    That is to say, she was standing in the backyard garden of her house, staring at a rather large female Argiope trifasciata that recently set up a web there and making indeterminate little happy noises to herself.

    It was a rather lucky find for her – autumn wasn’t generally the best time for arthropods, especially the schizophrenic sort of autumns that her part of Israel got, when the days flipped from cool and rainy to searing, humid, positively summer-like heat at the drop of a hat. This particular afternoon was one of the few in-betweens - where the sky was partly cloudy and the temperatures were nice and chilly. Perfect day for sitting outside in the garden for a while. Or standing and squeeing at spiders, as it turned out.

    It was exactly the sort of thing she needed to make this day get infinitely better after another long day of dealing with utter idiots – or, as most people around her called it, high school. Not that she disliked studying – quite the opposite, seeing how most of her free time was spent exploring and researching things. No, what really drove her off the wall was the company - having to spend hours per day surrounded by what she was convinced were the shallowest, most vapid people on the planet Earth was headache inducing, to say the least. All her contemporaries seemed to do is obsess about appearances, social status and whatever lowest-common-denominator pop culture item was in vogue at the time – that is, when they weren’t manipulating and backstabbing each other through an intricate web of gossip-mongering and general fakeness. Meital generally liked webs – but that one could sod right off.

    At least nowadays they largely left her alone. They tried this sort of shit on her in middle school, of course - but while some people might have let that drag them into crushing insecurities, Meital possessed the rare sort of personality that allowed her to turn adversity into confidence. She was content with who she was, with what she looked like and with what she liked - and that made her a rather difficult target. There probably were rumors and slander, of course – but everyone had those about them and she never really bothered to keep track. She had better things to do than keep up with this sort of bullshit and most of these things had something to do with arthropods. Insects, arachnids, crustaceans – if it had segmented legs and an exoskeleton, she was all over it. Most – if not all – of her immediate contemporaries seemed to find them gross or creepy. She found them adorable and made no bones about people knowing exactly how she feels. She was the weird bug girl and proud of it – and anyone who had a problem with it was not the sort of person she’d want to associate with, anyway.

    It suddenly occurred to her that she should probably take a photo of the spider while the lighting was still good - She hasn’t featured a spider on her blog for a while and this lovely little lady could be a great addition. Reaching into one of her many pockets, Meital extracted her phone and turned it on – it wasn’t what one would call the latest model, but it had a really good camera and did what she needed it to do. That was good enough for her. Meital was a rather practical, utilitarian sort and generally valued functionality over appearances – and her own appearance spoke volumes of this. She kept her slightly wavy dark-brown hair in a shortish, low maintenance cut and often wore outfits that had lots of pockets, often in neutral earth tones and greens, with little jewelry aside from her trilobite necklace and a pair of small teardrop-shaped earrings. Today was no exception – she wore a light brown utility vest over a greenish-grey T-shirt, dark green cargoes and dark brown combat-style boots. With her tan complexion and honey-brown eyes, she almost looked like she was trying to blend into her surroundings.

    She has barely managed to position the phone to take a shot when suddenly, a powerful gust of wind disturbed the spider’s web, causing its occupant to drop to the ground and scuttle off to hide from what may have been an oncoming bird. It was no ordinary gust of wind, though – it was too abrupt and had the distinctive smell of ozone, as if the air was electrically charged - probably exactly what it was, considering the sparks that manifested in her peripheral vision. Meital rapidly turned her head towards this new disturbance, only to see… something… drop down to the grass by a nearby hedge with a soft thump, a few errant sparks fading out into nothingness in its wake.

    It was clearly an electronic device of some sort, but unlike anything she has seen before. It was blue, roughly the size of a smartphone – perhaps a little larger, definitely thicker – but its design was not right for a smartphone. Its general shape was that of a sleek rectangle with rounded corners and dark-grey hand grips, but its bottom-right side seemed to have a wedge taken out of it and its bottom-left side angled gracefully upwards towards the grip. The front of the device was dominated by a large cover of some sort - darker than the rest of the device and framed with thin white bands along its sides. There were two buttons – one along the side, where a power button would be on a phone, and one underneath the cover, where a home button would be.

    Her eyes, however, immediately jumped to the small screen that seemed to display the time.

    Suddenly, she felt very uneasy. A part of her brain – conditioned to be constantly on the lookout for suspicious objects – screamed at her to stay as far away from it as possible, call the police, it may be a bomb. But that couldn’t be right. For one, to the best of her knowledge terrorists haven’t mastered teleportation as of yet – and even if they had, why would they target a random house rather than a public place? It just didn’t make any sense.

    Anyway, it looked a bit too coherent and advanced to have been cooked in some terrorist’s garage.

    Against her better judgment, Meital picked the device up and looked it over. The front featured a small logo – a stylized DTD – on its bottom right corner and some kind of an arrow-like banded design along the bottom left. The back of the device appeared to feature the same logo, but larger, and the banded arrows surrounded it. There was some kind of a scanner on the back of the device, but like the rest of the device, it seemed to be inert.

    “Well this is… new.” She murmured to herself “Shitty timing, but…”

    She soon realized that her comment had another layer – the clock was not set according to her timezone. She wasn’t even sure according to what timezone it was set. The internet would probably know - but even if it did, she doubted it would know anything else about the device. It occurred to her that maybe she should attempt to activate it and attempt to extract more information about it – but if this device was sent over by someone capable of teleportation, who knew WHAT would happen?

    Curiosity got the better of her. She pushed the button.

    For a second, nothing happened – then the cover seemed to snap open and disappear in what almost looked like a dissolve into pixels, revealing a large, blank touchscreen. Blank, save for two words that appeared on it shortly after.

    “… Commencing Upload?” she read. “Upload of what?”

    Then there was the flash of light and the feeling like she was dissolving. Zeroes and ones danced in her peripheral vision before that too was taken from her. Only two words ran through Meital Klein’s head as she disappeared.

    “Ahhhhhh, blyad.”


    The first sensation that came back was the sound of waves and what might have been seagulls, dial-up modems or both. Then the scent of saltwater and the faint feel of spray against her face. Then the strange device she was still holding in her hand. In the sort of tingly, hazy sensation of coming to after oversleeping, reality reasserted itself – or at least, she thought it was reality. Something was not quite right.

    Where the hell was she?

    Hazily, Meital opened her eyes and pulled herself up into a sitting position. For a second, she thought she might have hit her head somehow. She was on a beach, that much was certain – but it wasn’t any sort of beach she has ever seen before. She was currently in a small sandy enclave of what appeared to be an otherwise rocky beach. The water was a deep greenish-blue – almost artificially so – and some of the rocks that were submerged in the water seemed to be covered in a strange, wiry type of seaweed. In the opposite direction, the beach seemed to stretch on quite a ways, clumps of grass stabilizing the sand as the land behind it rose into what appeared to be a forested hill. It made her think of assorted photographs she’s seen of beaches in different places around the world – only masterfully photoshopped together. The sky, though, was nothing that belonged on Earth. The only thing it had in common with what she registered as sky was its general location above her. The rest… her mind couldn’t really process it exactly – it was a myriad of colors that she felt like her eyes were not supposed to be able to see, a veritable cornucopia of lights and shadows, zeroes and ones, clouds and circuitry. Ribbons of data coalesced overhead like the rings of Saturn, forming and erasing. Her eyes were drawn to it and at the same time pushed away. It was beautiful. It was terrifying. It was alien as fuck and she loved it.

    And then, her mind registered a presence - watching her from the safety of a nearby tide pool was a creature that looked even more alien than the sky.

    “Oh look!” Meital giggled “A kitten!”

    The “kitten” in question resembled what most people would call a pillbug – except it was the size of a large housecat and its body was a variety of colors that resembled ancient bronze in various states of corrosion. Nevertheless, its carapace had an odd metallic sheen and what almost appeared to be vague circuit-like relief on each of its plates. It regarded her with a curious, intelligent red-eyed look, an iridescent flash of light running across lighter teal protrusions on the sides of its plates for a moment as it twitched two pairs of antennae – the lower one much longer than the upper one.

    Most people would probably be a little wary of what was obviously an alien creature – but Meital was too far into squee-mode to notice. She took a step in the creature’s direction – and the creature, in response, retreated a little deeper into the tide pool.

    “It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you.” She said, a grin on her face “I just… Oh my god you’re adorable!”

    “… You really think so?” the creature chirped quietly. Meital did a double-take for a second – caught by surprise – before her excited grin came back full force.

    “And you talk too!” she said “Yes, yes I do! Oh wow. If this is a dream, it’s the Best. Dream. Ever.”

    “Well, I don’t know about that…” the creature responded, scuttling a little closer “But yes, I can talk. Thank you, I don’t get that often. If you don’t mind me asking… You’re a human, aren’t you?”

    “Last time I checked, yeah.” Meital nodded “What are you, though? You remind me a little of those deep sea giant isopods I read about online, but I certainly don’t remember them being as colorful… Or talking… Uh. This is probably going to sound crazy but, er, can I pet you?”

    She reached out a hand, placing it on the rock but still a safe distance away from the creature, letting it come to her. The creature seemed to mull it over, then slowly approached her, lightly brushing its antennae against her hand. It tickled a little – and she could help but giggle a bit as she brushed her fingers gently against the creature’s back plates. They were surprisingly smooth and warm, and felt like a mixture of metal and chitin. The creature’s eyes seemed to glaze over contently as she did so, and it emitted a sound that could be a series of clicks, a purr or both.

    “Well, you’re not too far off.” The creature said “I’m Isomon. Crustacean Digimon. Pleased to meet you!”

    “Nice to meet you too, Isomon. I’m Meital.” The girl replied, then paused for a moment as the word sank into her mind “But… Digimon? As in… Digital Monsters? Like the card game?”

    “I don’t know about a card game, but yes, Digital Monsters.” Isomon replied. “This is the Digital World, after all.”

    “Wow. Of all the obscure children’s card games, this is the last one I expected to fall straight into. I wonder if I’ll ever get the chance to run into a few of my favorites… But how did I get here?” Meital blinked, holding up the blue device in her hand “The last thing I remembered was this thing acting up.”

    A flicker of recognition appeared in Isomon’s eyes.

    “But that’s… well, that explains everything.” Isomon responded “This thing you’re holding is a Digivice. A Digital Touch Device, to be precise. It is a construct of the Digital World, designed to form connections between Humans and Digimon. You’re saying it brought you here?”

    “Seems to be the case. It sort of appeared in my back yard while I was trying to take a photo of this really gorgeous spider. Scared her off, sadly. I hope she’s okay. In any case, I picked it up and figured I might as well try to turn it on – y’know, try to figure out if it has some kind of owner information on it or something – and… well yeah. The next thing I know, I was here. Talking to another adorable arthropod. That can actually talk back. Oh wow. No one’s going to believe this when I get back home. Still... Why me? And how did this thing find me? And can it get me back home, too?”

    “Well. I could try to take a look at it, if you don’t mind.” Isomon responded “I have a sort of knack for interfacing with machinery.”

    “By all means.” Meital grinned, placing the device on the rock – noticing that not only the cover was back up, but the time display was blank. The device was now completely inert. She furrowed her brow a little. “Assuming whatever brought me here didn’t break it.”

    “Let’s see.” Isomon twitched its antennae and then adjusted them - the lower antennae reaching to the sides of the cover while the upper ones rested against the base of the device. Numbers seemed to dance behind the creature’s eyes for a moment, then it retracted the appendages and turned its gaze back to the human.

    “And… Done.” It said “The Digivice is in perfect working order. It’s simply on standby mode, waiting for you to find your partner Digimon and link up with it. I don’t know if it can get you home, though. Something else sent it to your world. Probably as a last resort, really… you’ve picked a terrible time for a visit.”

    “… The way I see it, I got yoinked into an alien world and the first creature I meet is adorable AND friendly. Can’t be that bad, can it?” Meital grinned, and the teal projections along Isomon’s sides had a ripple of red run through them. It seemed to be fighting an urge to curl up into a ball – and Meital realized that it was probably an equivalent of a blush. “Sorry. I can’t help it. Just stating facts. I do that.”

    “Well, thank you again.” Isomon chirped “But with the spreading corruption zones driving Digimon mental and tearing the world apart… Whatever’s causing this is not your average glitch, and it sure isn’t a Digimon of any sort I’ve heard of. If Digivices were sent into your world, it must mean that the Digital World itself is getting desperate -”

    “So let me get this straight. This gadget means that I was randomly picked by a parallel world, loosely connected to a form of creature-based merchandise, to help save it from some arbitrary destruction by forming a bond with a digital monster?”

    “Pretty much, yes.” Isomon nodded.

    There was a pause.

    “… I think I’m turning Japanese.”

    “What’s ‘Japanese’?”

    “Trust me,” the girl sighed “You don’t want to know.”


    For a world under the threat of destruction, the beach seemed very calm and peaceful. The girl and the Digimon walked side by side through sand and rocks, the crustacean keeping up surprisingly well. A cool ocean breeze was blowing and the odd light show in the sky provided an almost surreal, dream-like feel to the setting. The two were currently en route towards what looked like a lighthouse in the distance, in a direction she assumed was north (the compass she kept in one of her pockets couldn’t orient on where it was no matter what) – Meital thought it seemed to make a natural place to head towards in search of more lifeforms, while Isomon admitted that it was always curious about the landmark but never risked getting close to it. When Meital offered it to come with her, it seemed surprised but happy – and the two were now idly chatting as they pressed on.

    “Hey, Isomon?” Meital asked “What can you tell me about this area?”

    “Not much, really.” Isomon responded “It’s a beach and there’s a lot of it. I haven’t really travelled too far beyond it land-wise. It’s really beautiful underwater, though. I wish I could show you, but you humans don’t seem like you’d be able breathe underwater.”

    “Guilty as charged, I’m afraid.” Meital grinned “So in a sense this is as much of an adventure to you as it is to me!”

    Isomon paused for a moment, mulling it over, then twitched its antennae.

    “Yeah, I guess it is!”

    “Well, I couldn’t ask for a better companion.” The girl smiled. “This is going to be awesome.”
  2. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Tick. Tock.

    Kyle stared at the clock longingly. It could not be ten o’clock fast enough. Never in his life had the fourteen year old boy longed so greatly for curfew.

    His parents were hosting a social event in their city penthouse. The guests were mostly people that worked with his mother, plus a publisher or two that his father had coaxed into looking at the book he was working on. As such, Kyle was the only child here. Every so often, one of his mother’s coworkers hovered around him, running through one of a list of average compliments.

    Kyle was dressed up, of course. He wore a white dress shirt and black tie, with black pants and loafers, which really hurt his feet. Said loafers had a bit of an elevated heel, and made the boy look slightly taller than his actual height of 5’3”. His parents made sure he got a lot exercise and ate properly, so he was fairly lean.

    His blond hair and blue eyes set him apart from his parents. His mother had explained it as being his genes, but Kyle had entertained the thought that he was actually adopted several points in the past. Surely his real parents weren’t this high strung?

    Either way, Kyle was a polite kid. He addressed the party goers as Sir or Ma’am, and listened to their gibberish. But it felt like it was taking a toll on his sanity. So, the second he had an opportunity, he exited the living room, onto a balcony overlooking the city. New York was as pretty as ever. Even better, it was actually quieter out here than it was inside.

    That was where he first saw it. A strange red device, that kind of looked like his mother’s iPhone. Kyle tried to ignore it at first, thinking that a guest had forgotten it and would be back shortly. As the minutes dragged on, however, the boy felt himself drawn to the odd device.

    Finally, he gave in, and picked the device up. He’d check it out for a minute, and then take it in to his parents to ask if they knew who it belonged to. The first thing he noticed was the screen was protected. It was an odd sort of cover, though. It had a small screen of its own in the center, on which the time was displayed in military format, though it was off by several hours. In the lower right hand corner was a logo, DTD. He’d never heard of that company.

    Kyle pressed the white button on the front of the device, and to his dismay nothing happened. It was a touch screen, and that was the only button of any sort on the front. So he turned the device over, and was presented with the letters DTD again, much larger this time. Nothing on the back, either. In fact, there was only one other button the boy could locate. It was on the side, about where the power button would be on a phone.

    No other choice, hopefully he wouldn’t get in trouble for this. Kyle pushed the button. And, surprisingly enough, the screen popped right open. How on earth did that cover fit in there?

    He was jarred from his pondering by text suddenly appearing on the screen. “Commencing Upload?” He read aloud.

    And, once again, he didn’t really have time to ponder. There was a flash of light, and then he blacked out.


    Jab. Jab.

    Someone was poking him. He could hear waves breaking. In fact, it felt like he was soaked from the knees down. He opened his eyes, it was bright out. What happened? He was at home, there was a light, and now he was here.

    Jab. Jab.

    “Hey, kid?”

    Kyle looked towards the source of the voice, and… Oh sweet lord what was this thing!? Some blue and white lizard looking thing was leaning over him. It had a yellow “V” on its forehead, and a small horn on its snout. Looking down, Kyle noted three sharp claws protruding out of an otherwise rounded foot. In total, the thing looked like it stood just a little over half of Kyle’s height. Right. Stay calm. It didn’t appear to be hostile to him, and it spoke English.

    “Am I dead?” he asked the blue creature.

    “Hope not! ‘Cause that’d mean I’m dead too,” the creature replied, “An’ I dunno about you, but I kinda like livin’.”

    Kyle sat up. Not dead. That sounded like a good thing, but honestly it just brought up even more questions.

    “Who- What are you?” he asked. Opps. That was a bit blunt. He hoped the creature didn’t take it the wrong way.

    “I’m Veemon, a Digimon,” the creature answered.

    “What’s a Digimon?” Kyle frowned.

    “You mean you don’t know?” Veemon’s brow furrowed. “How’d ya live here without ever-”

    Veemon was staring at Kyle’s hand. Looking down, the boy noticed that he was still holding onto the odd device. The thing had caused him nothing but grief; he should never have touched it.

    “Oh man, you have a Digivice! That means you’re a Tamer!” The Digimon exclaimed.

    “Digivice? Tamer?” Well, this creature wasn’t making any sense. “Could you, uh, run all this by me?”

    Veemon nodded, “A Tamer is a person who has a Digivice.”

    “Well, obviously,” Kyle thought. Best not to say that out loud.

    “They’re humans who partner with Digimon,” Veemon continued, “The Digivice acts as a link between ‘em. Working together an’ utilizing the Digivice, a Human an’ Digimon are more powerful than they could ever be alone.”

    “Can I not be a Tamer?” Kyle asked, “I kind of miss being home. Where are we, anyway?”

    “This is the Digital World,” Veemon answered, “You were brought here for a reason, Tamers don’t just happen. Our world’s in big trouble! Everything’s gettin’ corrupted, an’ I bet you bein’ here means you’re supposed ta fix said corruption!”

    “I’m sorry Veemon, but I’m not very good with computers,” Kyle answered. “Is there any way you can send me back home?”

    He stood up, and looked around. The ocean went on seemingly forever behind him, while the beach stretched a distance to either side. There was a hilly area beyond where he was, and a forest beyond even that. One thing stuck out to him though: there was a lighthouse in the distance. Looking up, he noticed that the sky was… Something else. The boy didn’t exactly know how to describe it.

    “What, go home?” said Veemon, “No, I can’t do that; I assumed you brought yourself here.”

    That was right! He pressed the power button on the device, and it caused him to wake up here. So maybe if he pressed the button again… Nothing. The Digivice wasn’t responding to him. The cover was back on the screen, and it wasn’t even telling him the time anymore.

    ‘Uh, oh, I think it’s broken,” he frowned.

    “Broke? But that’s impossible!” Veemon replied.

    Impossible or not, it wasn’t working. He handed the device to the Digimon, who blinked in confusion.

    “I don’t know what to do with it, so maybe it would be best if you keep it,” Kyle said.

    He removed his waterlogged loafers and socks, before rolling up his pant legs until they were half way up his crus, as his mother liked to call the lower leg. He picked up his socks and shoes, and started walking towards the lighthouse, to hopefully find some help there. He wasn’t going to give up that easy.

    “Hey, hey, wait!” Veemon called, rushing after him. “I can’t do anything with this, I’m a Digimon. Only humans can use these things.”

    “Listen, Veemon,” Kyle frowned, “I took it from a party, without meaning to. It probably belonged to one of the guests.”

    Veemon shook his head, now walking next to the boy, “No, it brought you here for a reason. You’re here ta fight Chaosmon, and save the Digital World! That has ta be it.”

    “Fight?” Kyle stopped so quickly that it took Veemon a moment to register that he’d done so. The Digimon turned to face him.

    “Yeah!” He nodded, “Fight an’ beat ‘im, ta save our world from destruction.”

    “I’m only fourteen, I can’t fight!” he stammered.

    “Really? ‘Cause ya look like yer in pretty good shape!” He smiled, “But don’t worry, your Digimon Partner’s the one who does the physical fightin’, yer just the strategist!” He paused for a minute, before his face fell, “You do have a partner, right?”

    “I didn’t even know what a Digimon was until you told me, Veemon,” Kyle sighed.

    “Right, I forgot in my excitement,” Veemon nodded, “Hey, I bet your Digivice will start workin’ once you have a partner!”

    “Maybe, Veemon but I…” Kyle paused.

    Veemon was making a face. A hurt looking one. And Kyle knew why, even if he didn’t exactly want to acknowledge it. Veemon’s world was in danger, and he believed that Kyle could help him. And Kyle was basically throwing that back in his face.

    “I guess we can try,” he conceded. Kyle accepted the Digivice back from the Digimon, and pocketed it. “But I still want to go to the lighthouse and see if anyone can at least give me directions.”

    Veemon nodded, and the two started off towards the lighthouse again. They went for about a minute in silence, before Kyle decided to speak up again.

    “So Veemon, do all Digimon look like you?”

    “Huh? No, I’m a Veemon,” the Digimon replied, “Not all Digimon are Veemon.”

    Kyle frowned, “But, I thought your name was Veemon?”

    “It is,” Veemon nodded. “I’m Veemon, an’ I’m a Veemon. Not too difficult to wrap your head around, right?”

    “I guess?” Kyle wasn’t too sure about that. He hoped he never had to talk to two Veemon at once.

    Apparently picking up on his tone, Veemon continued with, “That’s right, you humans have special names for each other. I never asked ya yers!”

    “I’m Kyle,” the boy answered.

    “Well it’s a pleasure Kyle!” Veemon smiled, “an’ I’d like to personally welcome you to the Digital World. It may not look like much, but it’s home ta me!”

    Home. Kyle nodded. “Say Veemon, don’t you have anywhere else to go?”

    “Oh, you want me gone?” The Digimon said.

    “No! I just thought you might have prior engagements, family or friends?” Kyle stammered.

    “Nothin’ like that, no,” Veemon shook his head, “I’ve been travelin’ alone for a while now.”

    “I’m sorry to hear that,” said the boy. Veemon had no prior engagements, but was a traveler. He might know this area, and it would certainly help to have someone familiar with this world around him. “Would you mind sticking with me for a while? I don’t exactly know this place.”

    Veemon’s eyes lit up, “Really? I’d love to! It’s always better when you have company! Heck, you can even give me one ‘a those special human names if ye want, since I saw you were confused earlier.”

    Kyle laughed, “It’s a deal.”

    “Shake on it?” Veemon stopped, and offered Kyle his hand. The boy leaned down and accepted it.

    “Sure. It’ll be great travelling together with you… Lloyd.”
  3. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    James Alvarez had been working on installing a custom dash into this old car the entire damn day.

    It was around 7 PM in the Los Angeles suburbs, and slightly warm for late autumn. James was wearing a white t-shirt, with a brown leather jacket tied over the waist of his jeans. He was wearing a pair of brown strapped goggles with black rims over his eyes, though they were more than a bit useless, he was simply installing a plastic fixture. When he heard his mother calling from inside the house, James’s immediate reaction betrayed him, and his forehead slammed into the inside of the door as he tried to pull himself out of the car.

    “Ow! Fuck…” he exclaimed, and hearing his mother calling again, shouted back, “Sí, ma, ya voy!”

    Rubbing his head, James stood up out of the car properly, slamming the door shut behind him and locking it up. “This thing is going to kill me before I even start driving it…” he said to himself, starting to move toward the door into the house.

    And then something very peculiar happened.

    From behind him, James heard an implausibly loud gust of wind, and smelled the distinct scent of ozone in his garage. Not altogether uncommon, but the radiant glow from the emergency backpack he kept in the garage told him something or other was up. James approached the bag, rifling through a few pockets until he found the source, a device similar in design to a smartphone, but slightly larger, and not matching any current models (he kept up with all of them, of course). The device looked as if it had just come fresh off of an assembly line, not even the slightest handling blemish. In the center of the impossible screen cover, the time for a completely different time zone. He stood, absentmindedly swinging the backpack over one shoulder, and pressed the button on the upper right side of the device. The screen cover seemed to disappear, and James silently mouthed the words “Commencing Upload” blinking bright on the screen.

    In the next instant, a bright flash of light, and a feeling of falling apart at the seams overtook him. “Well, there’s no way that can be good,” was the last thing he was able to say before disappearing from the garage completely.


    James was awakened by what he instantly hoped was water, followed immediately by him throwing himself into a sitting position. James found himself sitting in the sand, looking out onto a vast ocean, seeming almost painted against the backdrop of an altogether alien sky. Looking around some more, James quickly realized, in quick succession, that the beach stretched on for what seemed like ages, he was a few feet from a lighthouse, and there was a tiny elephant sitting next to him!?

    “Hello?” James said to the elephant, clearly confused.

    “Hello, I am Phantmon!” The elephant, Phantmon apparently, replied.

    “You are a tiny elephant.”

    “I am Phantmon!” Phantmon insisted.

    “A little, puppy sized elephant.”

    “I have a name! I am Phantmon!”

    “Right, ok, so you’re Phantmon. Are you the one who sprayed me before?”

    “You were sleeping!”

    “Yeah, ok, I was sleeping, right. And…where was I sleeping, exactly?”

    “We’re in the Digital World! I am Phantmon, a Mammal Digimon!”

    “Ok. What’s a Digimon?”

    “Digimon, it’s short for Digital Monster!”

    “You are one excitable puppy-sized elephant.”


    “Right, Phantmon. So you’re saying I’m in a Digital World, and, I guess I was sent by this thing?” James held up the device he had found in his bag what seemed like minutes ago to show Phantmon.

    “So you really are a human! A human with a Digivice!” Phantmon nearly shouted, causing James to instinctively scoot back a few inches, “You were sent here to help with the danger! The chaos and the glitches!”

    “Danger? This place seems…idyllic!” James retorted, “Besides, this thing’s obviously busted,” he continued, clicking the activation button a few times to show Phantmon that the device had become inert during their conversation.

    “I think you just don’t have your partner yet!” Phantmon nearly shouted again, “When you find a partner, your Digivice will start working again!”

    Just then, James looked up and realized someone was approaching the lighthouse from the beach, the sun reflecting at him from some part of their outfit. Near their feet, a smaller figure scuttled along the rocks with surprising speed. James lifted Phantmon out of the way somewhat, then stood up, waving at the person in the distance and shouting, “Hey! Over here!”
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  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    In all actuality, the lighthouse was quite a bit closer than it first appeared to the girl and her new traveling companion when they started their trek – Although, to be fair, between admiring the scenery and conversing with Isomon, Meital lost track of time rather easily and wasn’t entirely certain how long they have been walking.

    One thing that Meital noticed about the Digital World was that visibility was stunning. Everything seemed a bit more vivid in some way than it did on Earth. It was a subtle effect – not pronounced enough to give the sort of feeling of being too smoothly rendered and vivid – but it was there. But even at normal Earth visibility, it was pretty hard to miss the other human – a dark-haired male in a white T-shirt and blue jeans - currently standing at the foot of the lighthouse, waving and yelling as if he wasn’t in an alien world full of potential threats – some of which were definitely humanoid, if memory served her right. Not exactly what she would call the brightest move.

    “Then again, most of the humanoid Digimon look a bit more imposing than me.” She thought. “Certainly taller”.

    She waved back briefly in acknowledgement (if only to point out that yes, she saw him, he didn’t have to make himself such an obvious target). Turning her eyes to Isomon, she couldn’t help but notice that the creature was walking a little slower now, lagging just a little behind her. She regarded it with a curious look for a moment, but the crustacean Digimon did not meet her eyes in return.

    “What’s up, Isomon?” she asked.

    “Nothing.” Isomon responded, quietly “I’m just… not very good with strangers.”

    “You seemed to do just fine with me.” Meital smiled. “Relax. Just be yourself. We’re going to have to deal with them anyway, might as well make the best of it. Besides, if this guy’s here for the same reason I am, he’s likely to be on our side.”

    “And if he isn’t?” Isomon chirped, a hint of worry in its voice.

    “Then you’ll just have to hold my flower, because I’ll have to personally kick his ass. Somehow.” Meital grinned for a moment, before assuming a straight expression “But don’t tell him I said that.”

    “Well, okay. I’ll try.” The Digimon twitched its antennae and picked up its walking pace again “But I didn’t even realize you had a flower. Is that common with humans?”

    “Can’t say it is, no… And I don’t actually have a flower, either.” Meital shrugged “It’s a long story. I’ll explain later.”


    As she got closer, Meital could make out more details about the other human. Although he was taller than her, he also seemed a little younger, somehow – though she couldn’t tell if it was something about his face or his apparent demeanor. She could also see he had a leather jacket tied around his waist and – she couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at this – what looked like a pair of goggles on his forehead. What’s more, there was a Digimon by his side – one that resembled a very small elephant with a rather large gem on its head. Didn’t seem like any species of Digimon she has ever heard of – but then again, she never heard of Isomon before she met her current companion either. Clearly there were many more Digimon species in this world than the ones that existed in the card game. The thought excited her – surely some of these unknowns could be arthropods as well? Literal programming bugs, if you will…

    She contemplated a few possible designs before realizing that she was now within talking (as opposed to shouting) range from the boy and the elephant creature. She waved again, then extracted her Digivice from one of her numerous pockets, showing it to the two strangers.

    “Hi. I don’t suppose you have one of these, too?”
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  5. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The two of them had been walking for what felt like fifteen minutes now. Kyle had shed his tie along the way, and opened up his dress shirt. He was wearing a white undershirt underneath, of course! As for Lloyd, well, the two of them hadn't done too much talking since they shook hands. Both of them were focused on traversing the beach.

    Kyle was actually starting to regret his decision to take his shoes off. His feet had already gotten a few cuts from where he wasn't paying attention. Small things that didn't bleed for long, but they stung nonetheless. He was actually beginning to consider moving towards the grass, but for now he stuck with the sand, rationalizing that at least here he could see what was in front of him.

    The lighthouse could only be a few more minutes away. The building loomed overhead. It was a giant square structure that, to be honest, looked kind of familiar. It was three tiered, with small statues on the corners of the top of the lowest tier. Another, much larger, statue stood on top of the whole thing. It was light in color, and looked very solid.

    "Is that the Pharos Lightouse?" Kyle asked.

    "What's that?" Lloyd replied.

    "The Lighthouse of Alexandria!" the boy continued, "I bet it is! How did it get here?"

    Scanning the area around the lighthouse, Kyle noted that some of the rocks out in the water looked very square. In fact, they were also the same color as the lighthouse itself. The sea wall of the lighthouse, broken down by the ocean. The building itself, however, appeared to be in great condition. The boy wished he had a camera on him.

    "I dunno, I'm a traveler, I'm 'fraid," Lloyd shrugged, "So yer guess's good as mine."

    As interesting as the lighthouse was, Kyle quickly saw two things at its base that were much more important. Two humans, who appeared to have Digimon with them. Kyle's eyes lit up.

    "We're not alone here! Do you think they're Tamers too?" The boy asked.

    He didn't wait for an answer however, quickly running off towards the two. Veemon watched him for a minute, before sighing and hurrying after. Kyle covered the rest of the distance to the lighthouse in what must have been record time. He stopped a few yards from the two humans- one male and the other female- taking care to give them space in case they were hostile.

    "Hey!" he waved, "I was beginning to think I wouldn't see another human around here."

    It appeared that Lloyd wasn't as fit as the boy was, leaning over and panting heavily once he caught up.

    "Ye gotta warn me 'fore you run off like that!" he said.

    "Er, sorry Lloyd, I just got excited!" Kyle replied.
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  6. Wyatt Crawford was starting to regret not wearing bringing a sweatshirt with him on his bike ride. He'd never been very good at accepting Autumn weather, and always hoped to enjoy a few more warm days before Winter officially started. He was a strong advocate for optimism, but he knew that his leisurely Summer bike rides were over. Besides the fact that he was too cold to go any further, he had to turn back anyways because he had no idea where he was going.

    Wyatt hung out Jacob a lot, mostly because he lived in the same building and they were in the same grade, but this was the first time their plans had included other people. Unfortunately, those other people had been the ones to choose where they'd all meet up, and Wyatt didn't have a clue how to get there. Since his plan of hopping on his bike and just winging it didn't work out, he was going to have to get actual directions.

    He reached his apartment building and walked his bike onto the elevator and back into his home. He was opening a bottle of water from the fridge when his cousin Jordan stepped into the kitchen. She was living with his family while she found a place of her own. "Hey," She greeted him as she started to put a kettle on for tea. "Were you just out riding?"

    Wyatt nodded. "Do you know how to get to Crackwillow Park?"

    "Nope." Jordan answered. He figured as much, she'd only been living in the city since the start of Summer. "Did you need to look it up? I'm on your computer right now so let me just get rid of a few things." The two walked into Wyatt's room where Jordan had been using Wyatt's desktop computer. He didn't mind that she used it, since he never touched the thing. In fact the only time he ever used computers was when his class was assigned to the lab at school.
    He sat down and stared at the screen, which had lots of pictures, with "Hamilton Quilts" displayed on each one. "What are you working on?"

    "Ugh, I have to make fabric tags for a quilting company. I hate it." His cousin had just finished college and was working as a graphic designer, but to Wyatt it seemed like she hated her job. "You can just minimize it."

    Wyatt moved the mouse around, not sure how to start searching. "Here," Jordan offered, reaching over and minimizing all her work, as well as opening up a search engine. She was aware of her cousin's lack of knowledge when it came to electronics. The two talked a little more until a loud whistling from the kitchen alerted Jordan that her water was boiling and she left to finish making her tea.

    Wyatt had just begun typing, a lengthy process for someone who had to search for each key individually, when something went wrong with the computer. The screen made a sparking noise and flashed white, and Wyatt felt himself being blasted by a gust of cool wind. The screen went blank. He knew enough about computers to know that this was not supposed to happen. He also knew that Jordan would be very upset when she found out that all of her work was gone. As he rose out of the chair, he stepped on something hard; Jordan's cell phone.

    He picked it up quickly, praying that the screen wasn't cracked, but before he could check he saw his cousin walking back from the kitchen, a mug of tea in her hand. "Did you find it?" She asked.

    "Uhh... yeah." Wyatt mumbled, eager to disappear before she yelled at him; this wasn't the first time he'd messed up her work on the computer, and he knew from experience how mad she could get. Slipping out the door, he pulled Jordan's phone out of his pocket to see just how much damage he had done.

    He didn't recognize the object in his hand. The white and red exterior looked too expensive and new to belong to anyone in his family. Before he could even form a question, the screen flicked to life with the words, "Commencing Upload."


    He felt himself moving before he opened his eyes; he was being carried. Though he felt groggy, he was jolted awake when he was dropped to the ground. Wyatt looked up to see a furry white creature gazing down on him with glaring red eyes. "I can tell you're new to this world, but even you should know the forest is no place for a nap. There are dangerous Digimon in there."

    "I... What?" Was all Wyatt could manage. There were too many confusing things going on at that moment that he couldn't find the words.

    "What exactly is it you're asking?" The creature spoke calmly.

    "What did you just say?"

    "The forest is filled with dangerous Digimon."

    Repeating himself didn't help, Wyatt was still lost. "I don't know what that means." He admitted.

    "Digimon?" He asked. Wyatt nodded. "We are the ones who live here in the digital world. I'm Ginghamon."

    "Oh. I'm Wyatt." It seemed weird to introduce himself to a Digimon, since he didn't even know they existed until now. Wyatt took in his surroundings. He could already tell he was sitting in grass, and now he saw he was in a large empty field. He could see the forest that he had apparently been napping in. "So you found me in there?" Wyatt asked, pointing to the forest.

    Ginghamon didn't bother to turn his head to look at where Wyatt was pointing. "Yes. You were passed out in the middle of the woods so I brought you over here where it's safer for someone like you. Did you need anything else?"

    Wyatt finally stood up, brushing grass off his butt. "Um, yeah. I don't know where to go."

    "Where do you want to go?"

    "I don't know."

    "That's not very helpful." Ginghamon frowned.

    "I guess just where everyone else is. Is there a visitor center or something?"

    The Digimon paused to think. "There's a city not far from here. I will take you there." Ginghamon decided. "It's relatively safe." He added.

    "Ok, sure." Wyatt said, not sure how he felt about being 'relatively' safe. In fact, he realized as he and Ginghamon began walking, he wasn't sure how he felt about anything right now.
  7. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The person in the distance waved back at James, which he took as a signal to stop his shouting and waving. He stood in relative silence, as silent as it could be with Phantmon jumping around near him babbling about his clothes, hair, and basically everything about his appearance, which was apparently quite alien to him. The girl and her little arthropod companion soon arrived at the lighthouse. She waved, then took a device nearly identical to his own, save for its color scheme, from her pocket. “Hi. I don’t suppose you have one of these, too?” she asked him.

    James raised his own Digivice, which he was still holding in his right hand, in reply, and said, “I suppose you found this little guy,” he indicated the isopod at her feet, “just after arriving, sorta like how I found the puppy-sized elephant here?”

    “Phantmon!” Phantmon retorted from his spot to James’s left.

    “Phantmon,” James said, “so I guess we were sent here by these things to stop some sort of ill-defined danger…?”

    Before the conversation could continue, another human arrived on the scene. It was another boy, seemingly a bit younger than James himself, trailed by a small, blue, humanoid, "Hey!" the boy said, waving, "I was beginning to think I wouldn't see another human around here."

    “Well I guess you’re in luck! I suppose you have one of these too,” he said, raising his Digivice again, “I’m James, and this is…” James paused, and looked back at the girl, “I never actually got your name!”
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  8. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Well, that confirmed it - there were more humans here and apparently they were there for the same reason she was. That made sense - if the Digital World really needed help to the point of sending for reinforcements from Earth, it wouldn't put all its DigiEggs in one basket, so to speak.

    Before she even managed to reply, another human arrived on the scene - another male, this one definitely younger than she was. He was a blue-eyed blond, slightly shorter than her and rather strangely dressed - as if he was plucked from some official event. He, too, had a Digimon following him - one that Meital recognized rather easily as a Veemon - these were one of the more well known creatures in the card game, after all. As for the small pachyderm - its name was Phantmon, apparently.

    Isomon scuttled a little closer to her again - and she gave the creature a reassuring smile for a moment while listening to the other two humans have their brief exchange - following which the dark-haired one, James, pointed out that he never actually got her name.

    "The name's Meital." she responded with a nod "And really, it's more like Isomon found me rather than the other way around."
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  9. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Apparently these two humans also had Digivices. Kyle wondered if that was true of every human he might run into here. The boy also noticed that the two of them seemed to have Digimon with him, an elephant and a... Pill bug he guessed? Strange looking creature. Anyway, Kyle dug his own crimson Digivice out of his pocket and showed the two of them.

    "Uh, yeah, I have one, but it's not working," he said. True to form, the clock on the cover was still off. He pocketed the device again, glancing from the boy, James, to the girl, Meital.

    "I'm Kyle, and this is Lloyd," he said, pointing first to himself and then the Digimon by his side.

    "Veemon," the creature corrected.

    "Veemon, yeah," Kyle nodded, "Sorry, I just call him Lloyd." He was quiet for a moment, before stating, "I, uh, guess since you guys have Digivices you also woke up around here?"
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  10. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    So, these two haven't found their partners yet, either - from what she saw, both James and Kyle's digivices were as inert as hers. Interesting.

    "Well, I know I did." she replied, pointing in the direction she came from "The Digivice popped up in my back yard - literally out of thin air - and... uploaded me, I guess? I woke up on a sandy bit of the beach, a bit of a walk in that direction. Figured the Lighthouse here would be my best bet for finding some answers."
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  11. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Herbert sat outside in his backyard doing his 7th grade Math homework by porch light. He had no plans on going back inside until it was time for bed, and why would he? It was a beautiful Fall night. The cool air meant there were no mosquitos and the sky was so clear that the stars were as vibrant as ever. Herbert would much rather be looking at the stars than trying to solve for x. It’s not like he’d ever use this crap in real life anyway.

    Suddenly the porch light started flickering causing Herbert to look up from his studies.

    “What the heck?” he said noticing the lights in the house flickering as well. He looked up at the sky to see a white light zipping across. It at first looked to be a shooting star, but it was way to close. The light got brighter as it descended into the woods behind Herbert’s house with a bang.

    “No way! A meteorite!” the boy shouted with excitement. He had never seen one of those before in his life. He threw down his pencil and ran inside to grab a flashlight. He already had his shoes and camo jacket on from sitting outside so as soon as he had his red flashlight, he was back out the door before his parents could blink. Herbert darted for the tree line with his light shining on the ground in front of him. Moving at a brisk pace, Herbert wandered through the woods swishing the light side to side so as not to trip or step on any critters.

    Herbert stopped as he got deeper into the woods. He thought the meteorite had land in this area somewhere, he was sure of it. Really he was just guessing, but how in the world could he miss a crater, even a small one? Then Herbert noticed to his right several trees that looked like they had only just recently fallen. His light then caught the glimmer of something shiny lodged in one of the trees. Surely that was it! Herbert ran over to the object only to find, instead of the rock he was expecting, something that looked like one of those newfangled smart phones all the kids in his class used. He got to his knees and slowly reached for it. Something that fell from outer space so fast that it glowed white should still be hot. And yet, as his hand got closer and closer he felt no temperature difference. Much to his surprise the object was quite cool when he finally touched it.

    “What is this thing?” he said to himself. He tried pulling it out but it was stuck in that tree pretty good. He put the butt of the flashlight in his mouth, placed his left hand on the tree to brace himself and started wiggling the phone with his right hand to pry it out. Herbert planted his right foot on the tree for more leverage until finally the phone can out.

    Herbert took the flashlight out of his mouth and shone it on the device. The phone was mostly a beautiful shade of green with some white thrown in as well. On the cover was a clock but the time was all wrong. Well it did come from space. Maybe the time was correct on Mars or wherever this thing came from. He started fiddling with the device trying to figure out if he could use it to call someone, or something, to let them know he had found it. Obviously he pressed a button he shouldn’t have because the entire screen dissolved in a way that should not be possible with the words “Commencing Upload” appearing on the screen. The device made a static noise before engulfing Herbert in a bright light. He saw his skin peel away but rather than muscle or bone underneath, his body was outlined in a wireframe. It looked like it should have hurt, but all Herbert felt was a tingling sensation before everything went blank.

    “Mmmmm…” moaned Herbert as he got up off the ground. It was daylight now. He looked around to see trees in all directions. He must have passed out in the woods last night. That would be the first time that’s ever happened. Sure he’d been camping, but that was intentional. Not like this. And that dream. Herbert started to wonder just how much was a dream. Was the meteorite a dream? The Martian phone? That freaky light show? That definitely was, no question. In any case, Herbert needed to get home right away or his parents would kill him for being out all night.

    “This ain’t right.” the boy said looking around. He’d gone out into the woods all the time but he didn’t recognize any land marks. Calm down. It was dark. All I have to do is try to retrace my steps to get my barrings. Herbert took a step forward only to hear a crunch beneath his feet. He looked down to see that he was standing on the strange device from the previous night. What was more surprising was that he was standing on grass! Grass did not grow in his neck of the woods, at least not like this. The ground he was used to was covered in dead leaves and sometimes fungi. What’s more, closer inspection of the surrounding trees showed that they were all nonnative species. Herbert wasn’t sure what kinds they were, but he knew they weren’t any found in South Carolina.

    Herbert reached down and picked up the phone. The screen was completely blank and no matter what buttons he pushed nothing on it would change. He must have broken it when he stepped on it. Was this thing responsible for taking him here? If it was, it was broken now and wouldn’t be taking him back.

    “Dang contraption!” he yelled chucking it into a bush causing something to yelp. Herbert mentally berated himself for mindlessly throwing it. Now it had hit some unsuspecting animal. Jumping out of the foliage was an oversized blue polliwog with four limbs, the front ones looking more developed than the stubby back ones. In the insanely large amphibian’s mouth was the phone.

    “Well I’ll be darned! I’ve never seen a polliwog as big as you! This really is some alien world isn’t it?” said Herbert not really expecting an answer. The amphibian spit out the phone.

    “Dummy! This is the Digital World! What kind of Digimon doesn’t know that?” the creature rudely chastised.

    “Whoa it talks!” the boy yelled in surprise.

    “Duh! You are such a moron! Did you hit your head or something?”

    “Must have. That’s the only way I can explain such a weird dream.” Herbert shrugged. If the Martian phone was real, then this part must be the dream. Either that or he really was talking to an immature frog monster.

    “Dream this Whatever-mon!” The Amphibian took a deep breath as it turned its ‘head’ to the sky and started waving its arms. Herbert looked at it in confusion until a big ball of water fell from the sky leaving him soaked. “Suck it!” taunted the polliwog.

    “I don’t know how you did that you rascal, but you’re gonna get it now!” shouted Herbert.

    “Uh-oh!” The polliwog grabbed the phone in his mouth and took off running in the woods. It may have known its environment by heart and been small enough to scurry into a small crevice or capable of hiding in a pond, but this time it picked a fight with the wrong outdoorsman. Herbert was able to easily maneuver around the trees and jump over logs until finally jumping down and grabbing the little miscreant by its back legs.

    “Awww let me go letmego lemego!” it screamed trying to free itself.

    “Not until you give me some answers and apologize for getting me all wet!” negotiated Herbert.

    “Fine, I’m sorry for getting you with my Wrapping Bubble attack.” it groaned sarcastically.

    “Good. Now tell me what you are and where we are.” inquired the boy.

    “You really are a stupid Digimon. I’m Otamamon, an Amphibian Digimon. And like I told you earlier, this is the Digital World.” Otamamon answered.

    “What’s a Digimon?” Herbert asked cluelessly.

    “Are you serious?” questioned Otamamon in disbelief. “You are such a moron. Digimon, Digital Monsters, it’s what all of us are. Every sentient lifeform in this world is a Digimon. Don’t tell me your mind somehow got data wiped.”

    “I’m not a Digimon though. I’m a human, and my name is Herbert.”

    “Whatever you say Humon. Now let me go already!” demanded the amphibian impatiently.

    “Right. A deal’s a deal.” Herbert agreed living up to his end of the bargain. That didn’t change the fact that he was still in an unknown world with no idea where anything was. “Say Otamamon. Do you mind showing me around? I’m not quite familiar with this world and if I’m gonna be staying here I might as well get to know the place.” Otamamon let out a snide giggle as if saying ‘yeah right’ but then he got a fun idea. He could mess with Humon by leading him in circles through the forest.

    “Sure thing! Right this way Humon!” Otamamn said cheerfully.

    “No, I told you, my name’s Herbert!” the boy corrected.

    “Yeah, yeah, sure. Follow me and I’ll take you were ever you want to go!” the Amphibian Digimon said with a grin. His tone changed though as a shrill howl echoed through the forest.

    “Is that some kind of wolf?” asked Herbert.

    “Not just any wolf, The Big Bad Wolf himself! Fangmon! If he finds us, we’re done for!” Otamamon cried in a panic. “Follow me, I’ll lead you out of the forest Humon.”

    “For the last time, my name’s Herbert!” the boy corrected again.

    “Herbert, fine. Let’s just get out of here! If Fangmon catches us, he won’t stop hunting us until he eats us up! Now let’s go!” ordered the polliwog. Herbert grabbed his Digimon phone off the ground before running after Otamamon. Ever the optimist, he was sure they’d make it out of the forest before running into this Fangmon character. Just in case, he kept his eyes peeled, looking in every direction for trouble. While Otamamon was more keen to run like heck, Herbert erred on the side of caution by moving at a slow steady pace so as not to show any panic and to conserve his energy.

    A while later the two safely emerged from the woods. Surrounding them now was an open field of green grass with the tree line behind them. This also made the first time Herbert could clearly see the sky and what a sky it was! It looked like something out of an art museum. It was like nothing Herbert had ever seen before. Yup. Definitely an alien world. Or Digital World as Otamamon insisted. Is this really how computers looked on their insides? Was this why so many people were addicted to the internet? It almost made him wish he was more tech savvy. Almost.

    “I’m impressed Otamamon. I’ve never seen such a small water critter with such short hindlegs move so quickly on land before.” Herbert teased deciding to put his wonder aside for now. Oh course he’d never seen a critter quite like Otamamon either.

    “Oh be quiet moron! I may get beat up all the time, but I ain’t about to become someone’s prey!” retorted the amphibian.

    “You get beat up all the time? Do you have trouble with bullies?” the boy asked with concern.

    “Pff no! Just a bunch of jerks that can’t take a joke.” he replied. By now Herbert was sure Otamamon was a boy and he had a pretty good idea why Otamamon always got beaten.

    “Ya know, if you stop the name calling and acting rude to people you won’t get hurt.” he advised.

    “Screw that! It’s way too much fun!” Otamamon said with a laugh. “Anyway, I don’t feel safe staying this close to the forest’s edge with Fangmon still lurking about.”

    “I don’t get it. You live in that forest right? So how do you usually hide from Fangmon?” questioned Herbert.

    “First of all, I usually don’t wander into his territory. Secondly I can hide underwater in my pond if he ever came into my area but that won’t do you any good. You don’t seem to know anything about how the world works so you’d be eaten for sure!” explained the polliwog.

    “Well I’m happy that you’re worried about me.” Herbert thanked.

    “Pfff please. I’m calling you stupid for being stupid. Anyway, I’ve heard there’s a city not too far from here. There shouldn’t be any dangerous Digimon there for us to worry about.” said Otamamon scurrying ahead.

    “Alright whatever you say.” Herbert said following the little critter. Maybe at this city he’d learn more about the Digital World. He doubted there’d be any other humans there but who knows. The bright side was he at least didn’t have to do his homework now.

    Unknown to both Herbert and Otamamon, they were being watched by glowing golden eyes from the woods…
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  12. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OoC: I felt really bad for Kyle

    “I woke up right here at the lighthouse,” James told the boy, whose name was apparently Kyle, “it made a weird noise in my emergency backpack, when I found it I guess it uploaded me, just like Meital here. Then this little guy woke me up.” He indicated Phantmon.

    “Speaking of my backpack!” James near shouted, quite suddenly. He turned around and quickly scanned the area, then bounded over to the backpack that had been lying on the floor, which Phantmon was poking at with his trunk. “I noticed that your clothes are a bit innapropriate, Kyle, was it?” James picked up the backpack and brought it back over to the other two, “This thing’s been packed with clean clothes and long lasting food n’ crap for like two years, there’s no way any of it will fit me, but you might be able to find something?”
  13. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Kyle nodded, "Yeah, I woke up on the beach a ways back that way. I found my digivice at a party. I was worried that it's real owner would get mad at me for taking it, but I guess there wasn't one before me."

    The boy zoned out for a moment, lost in thought. He came back to find a backpack shoved in his face.

    "Oh, no! Thank you, but I don't want to impose," the boy stuttered.

    "Ah, come on," Lloyd interjected, "Free stuff's free stuff. He's givin' it te ya, after all."

    Kyle glanced from Veemon to James. After a moment, he reached out to accept the backpack. "Are you sure it's okay?"
  14. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    "Yeah, 'course dude, no es nada," James told Kyle, waving off his question.

    Having had the object he was so curious about taken away, Phantmon had wandered over closer to the others. The little elephant noticed Isomon, who had been silently sitting near Meital's feet the entire time they'd been talking, and began accosting the other Digimon with curious looks and short trumpeting noises from his trunk.

    "I guess you'll have to change in there," James said, pointing a thumb at the lighthouse, "unless you feel like walking all the way over to the edge of the woods."
  15. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Kyle nodded, and accepted the backpack. That done, he walked towards the lighthouse, doing his best to not stop and look up at it. Veemon stayed behind, so the boy would have some privacy.

    The inside of the building was just as grand as the outside. But unfortunately Kyle didn't really have an opportunity to enjoy it right this second. He opened James's backpack and pulled the clothes out. White socks, green cargo pants, yellow t-shirt. Kyle was worried about the older boy's clothes not fitting him, but apparently the 'two years' remark wasn't an exaggeration, the clothing fit him fairly well.

    Well, it was maybe a little long for him, and the pants hung at his waist just a tad. That wasn't a problem though, Kyle wore a belt as part of his suit, something his father insisted on. The other boy's shoes were, unfortunately, a no go. Upon hitting puberty, Kyle's feet were among the first things to grow, which apparently wasn't the case for James. He would have to use his loafers for the time being- as soon as they were dry, at least.


    As soon as Kyle moved out of sight, Veemon let out a heavy sigh. He reached his arms above his head and stretched, muttering something under his breath, too quick and quiet for anyone else to catch. At present, the other two Digimon were busy talking to each other, and he didn't feel any obligation to join their little chat.
  16. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    While the two boys seemed to get into a conversation about backpacks and clothes, Meital found her attention drifting as the reality of her situation began to sink in, penetrating the veil of excitement that fell on her the moment she realized that she, indeed, was in an alien world and traveling around with the most adorable creature she has ever met.

    For one, how exactly was she going to explain her disappearance to the folks back home. Reaching into one of her pockets, she pulled out her Cellphone. Nothing. The device was there, alright, functional - but the signal indicator had no bars whatsoever. While a part of her found the irony incredibly delicious (you'd think that in a digital world you'd be able to find a decent connection!), she couldn't help but wonder how was she supposed to contact home - and even if she did, what would she tell her parents, anyway?

    And there was another aspect that she worried about. With her compass on the fritz, an unfamiliar alien sky and no way to access the internet or any navigational applications, her only means of navigation here was relying on landmarks and possibly asking the locals for directions. Not all the locals would be friendly. And most of them had bigger teeth than she did.

    And furthermore, what was safe for humans to eat on this world? Were there things the locals could digest but humans couldn't? Sure, she wasn't hungry now, but who knows how long she would be here. Survival here might be a challenge. She had some useful gear with her, of course - she had all these pockets for a reason - But she certainly wasn't equipped for a long journey - and by the looks of it, neither were the other humans.

    We'll just have to manage somehow. Adapt. Doesn't look like we're getting back anytime soon, after all.

    Her train of thought was interrupted when she felt (more than she saw) Isomon curl up into a ball. Apparently, Phantmon was staring and occasionally trumpeting at it (him? her? how does one even ask without coming off as rude?) - and the shy creature wasn't really sure how to respond. Nevertheless, she realized that the elephant was curious about the new arrivals and was trying to be friendly.

    Crouching down so she was more or less on eye contact level with the small mammal Digimon, she smiled at it while brushing her fingers against Isomon's plating reassuringly, causing the creature to uncurl a little.

    "Hello." she smiled "Phantmon, was it? Isomon is a little shy around strangers, I'm afraid."
  17. It was a longer walk to the city than Wyatt was expecting. Ginghamon remained about two paces ahead of him. Despite being much shorter than Wyatt he was a faster walker, which bothered Wyatt because he never considered himself slow until now. As they moved, Ginghamon was answering the many questions Wyatt was coming up with.

    "Ginghamon? What country are we in?" He puffed out, slightly out of breath.

    "We're in the Digital World." Was all the Digimon responded with. It wasn't the answer Wyatt was looking for, but the information did help somewhat. He was definitely in uncharted territory, possibly the first human being ever to explore these lands, and that was exciting.

    "What's there to do in the city? Are there any restaurants or anything we can go to?"

    "No, there are no restaurants. It's just a city. There's buildings, and the occasional Digimon, but there isn't much to do there. You'll have to find your own food like everyone else."

    Wyatt was beginning to feel a bit lonely now. Here he was in an unknown place, and the only person he'd met so far didn't seem to want to socialize with him very much at all. And now he was about to go to a city that was clearly abandoned from the sounds of it, and then he'd be on his own. He kicked a rock as they moved from grass to a dirt trail that stretched into the distance. He thought he could see the city but it was difficult to tell.

    "Do you live in the city?" Wyatt asked.


    "Do you live alone?"


    Maybe he could convince him to stay just a little longer. Even though Ginghamon wasn't the friendliest guy in the world, Wyatt did enjoy his company, and he felt safe around him. "Where's your place, then? Is it back in the woods?"

    "I don't have one. I travel."

    "Oh." Wyatt said, bummed out that he couldn't stay at Ginghamon's house and maybe raid his fridge or pantry. "Where do you stay when you travel? With family?" The Crawfords almost never took vacations unless they could stay at a relative's house.

    "No. I can't stay with family."

    "Why?" Wyatt normally wasn't the pushy, interrogating type, but being here was making him very inquisitive. And he found Ginghamon to be very curious, he couldn't help but want to know everything about him.

    "They disowned me long ago."

    Wyatt didn't even mean to stop walking, but he halted right in his tracks, slightly stunned. He was about to ask what happened, but Ginghamon clearly sensed that question coming and gave his answer before Wyatt could ask.

    "We are a nonviolent Digimon, and to engage in combat is to go against everything we stand for. Our claws are tools, not weapons. I broke that rule in self defense, but it didn't matter. I was still seen as a savage, and a threat to our community. I am not welcome back."

    "That's awful! How could they do that?"

    "It's our way. I am the one at fault, and I believe their judgement was fair."

    Wyatt couldn't help but feel angry. Ginghamon was clearly wronged, and he seemed too brainwashed to even realize that. If it had happened to him, Wyatt would never have sided with the people who disowned him. "Well, I believe that everyone has a right to stick up for themselves. I think it's brave what you did, not savage."

    "Thank you, Wyatt." Ginghamon said politely. They began walking again, this time in silence, but it was comforting. He felt more of a connection to Ginghamon now that he knew more about him, and he was no longer taking personally the unfriendliness he felt from the Digimon. And the break from walking must have been good for Wyatt, because now he had no problems keeping up pace with Ginghamon, their steps practically in sync side by side.
  18. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Phantmon became very excited at being acknowledged by Meital and replied, "Yes! I am Phantmon!" He tried to run over to her and Isomon, but his short legs made it more of a hopping sort of action.

    James noticed that Phantmon had left his side, and after a quick, slightly frantic check of his surroundings, he realized where Phantmon had moved to, and followed him over. "I don't think Phantmon has much experience interacting with anything," James said to Meital, while Phantmon began slowly walking in circles around the curled up Ismon, oblivious to them, "he acts like he was just created with intelligence and left to figure out the rest on his own..."
  19. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    "He does act a bit like an excitable toddler, doesn't he?" Meital nodded at James, watching the elephant creature currently orbiting her and her companion like a strange little moon with a trunk. She found the situation almost amusing, although judging by the quizzical looks Isomon gave her from within its curled up form, it probably did not share the amusement and was wondering when would it be finally safe to come out.

    "I suppose it only makes sense for some Rookies to be child-like. Assuming Phantmon is Rookie-level, that is." she said "I can't say I've ever seen a Digimon like him before - and I've seen plenty of Digimon. Not in person, obviously - just card art. But still!"
  20. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Kyle tore his gaze away from the architecture. Surely the others would be interested in looking at it with him when he brought up what it was. He should get back to them as quickly as possible. He zipped up James's backpack and folded up his formal clothes. The pant legs were still wet, he would need to leave them out to dry somewhere. It didn't feel right to just leave them on the floor of a monument like this, though.

    Kyle exited the Lighthouse of Alexandria and strode over to James and Meital. He noted that Veemon was standing off on his own, though the small blue Digimon quickly hurried to join him when he saw Kyle was outside again. The boy wondered if Lloyd was a bit shy? He seemed fine with just Kyle, but this was a larger crowd after all.

    He'd think about that later. For now, Kyle offered James his backpack. "Thanks so much," he smiled, "I promise I'll take good care of them." He motioned to the clothes he was presently wearing, which was a bit difficult since he had James's backpack in one hand and his old clothes folded over his free arm.
  21. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    It felt like they had been walking forever. Just how big was this field and how far was it to the city anyway? Herbert put his hand on his stomach. He had no idea what time it was, nor how long he had been knocked out in the forest. What he did know was that his last meal was supper at his house and now he was hungry again.

    “Say Otamamon. What kind of food do they have in the city?” he asked hoping for a good meal. Herbert at least knew that Digimon had to eat. Otherwise there would have been nothing to fear from Fangmon. Then again, there was no saying that what Digimon ate was palatable to humans.

    “I told you, I’ve never been to the city before. I’ve only heard rumors about it. Stop asking dumb questions already!” snapped the amphibian.

    “It was not a dumb question!” yelled Herbert defensively. “I just want to know what you Digimon eat that’s all. Being a big city, I’m sure there are restaurants or something.”

    “We Digimon typically hunt and forage our own food. I go for moss, algae, insects, and small fish. Really anything that’ll fit in my mouth and won’t put up a fight. What do you normally eat?” he asked sarcastically to mock the boy.

    “I’ll eat whatever my parents put on my plate. If I don’t, I don’t eat.” Herbert said simply. With Otamamon’s answer he was resigning himself to hunting the creatures of this world to survive. It would be kind of weird however if they were as talkative as Otamamon. How could he kill another creature that could talk and understand what he was saying? Plus there was the issue of not having a gun or a fishing rod. Maybe he could make a spear or something. That’s when he noticed the amphibian staring blankly at him.

    “Parents? What is a parents?” he asked in confusion.

    “You don’t know what parents are?” the boy asked in shock. Maybe Digimon had another name for them he figured. “Parents are the people who raise you and take care of you since the day you’re born. Don’t you have a mom and a dad?”

    “You say some pretty stupid stuff sometimes you know that? Digimon hatch from eggs and fend for themselves from day one. I’ve heard that there are some villages in this world where Digi Eggs and Fresh Digimon are cared for by older Digimon, but there aren’t any of those around here. Anymore dumb questions for me idiot?”

    “These ain’t dumb questions! And I’m not an idiot! I’m new to this world and I just want to know what kind of world it is and what I need to do to survive here!” Herbert yelled in frustration at the polliwog’s crass attitude. He didn’t ask to come here, it just happened! He pulled the phone or whatever the heck kind of device it was from his pocket and stared at it. It was because of this thing. This was all its fault. And now the stupid thing was broken! Herbert squeezed the device tightly and was getting ready to throw it again when someone called out to him.

    “Excuse me. You there.” said a kindly voice. Herbert turned around to see the small figure of an old woman wearing a dark red dress with her head wrapped in a black shawl. Herbert was both amazed and relieved to see another human in this strange place. Before he could speak to her and ask the hundreds of questions Otamamon wouldn’t answer, she reached a trembling hand into the pocket of her dress and pulled out a red flashlight. Herbert’s flashlight. “Does this belong to you child?” she asked. Herbert felt his pockets. He was sure he had had it on his person but it was nowhere to be found. That was the real deal in her hand.

    “Thank you so much ma’am. I must have dropped it when I arrived in this world.” he said gratefully. As the boy reached to retrieve his flashlight, Otamamon noticed a golden gleam appear in her eyes.

    “Slamming Attack!” he shouted lunging at her and tackling her to the ground causing the woman to let out a weak yelp.

    “Otamamon! I’m surprised at you! I know you’re a jerk and all, but attacking a defenseless old lady is low!” berated Herbert.

    “You idiot! That’s Fangmon! He’s known to disguise himself to appear less threatening to his prey!” said the amphibian defensively. The old woman got back to her feet but her face had changed. Her mouth was wider and her eyes were narrower and glowed gold. The tale of Little Red Riding Hood ran through Herbert’s mind. ‘Gee Grandma, what big teeth you have. All the better to eat you with my dear!’

    “You’re very perceptive for a tadpole.” the old lady said in a deep guttural growl. Her form then exploded into a lithe red wolf with three long purple claws on each paw, its legs wrapped in black leather belts, a long bushy tail, and a long snout filled with razor sharp fangs. Herbert may not have been the best at fractions, but he estimated that the head was about a third of the monster’s body. Something as scrawny as that thing was probably very hungry too. “I’ll just have to eat you first!” Fangmon slammed one of his large front paws on top of Otamamon and opened his mouth wide.

    “Let him go you bully!” shouted Herbert. He picked up his flashlight and started bashing the Demon Beast’s head. Fangmon only glared at him before whipping the boy to the ground with his tail. “Don’t worry, you’re time will come once I’ve had my appetizer. I won’t let my catch get away.”

    “That’s what you think dumbass! Lullaby Bubble!” Otamamon called spitting out a large pink bubble at the wolf’s face. It popped on the wolf’s snout releasing a strange melodic sound that caused Fangmon’s eyes to grow heavy until it fell asleep. Herbert ran over and pulled Fangmon’s paw off of Otamamon.

    “We’re even now, so let’s just run like hell before he wakes up!” the tadpole said urgently.

    “Don’t have to tell me twice.” acknowledged Herbert. This time he made sure he had both his flashlight and his Digimon gizmo so that Fangmon would hopefully be unable to follow their scent.

    The duo ran as far as their legs would take them until their stamina wore out. At that time they noticed two figures in the distance. One looked human enough, but then it could just be another Digimon in disguise. The other looked like a bipedal bear.

    “Great, another predator.” Herbert sighed. He was already out of breath and panting heavily. If that thing saw him, he wouldn’t be able to out run it.

    “Don’t worry. That looks like Ginghamon. They’re a gentle species who wouldn’t hurt a Flymon.” assured Otamamon. In fact, that’s what made them so much fun for him to pull pranks on because he knew that no matter what he did, they would just turn the other cheek without harming him.

    “And the person with him?”

    “Hm… Looks to me like another Humon. But he seems a bit different then you. Heh. Maybe this idiot won’t be as clueless as you.”

    No way! Could that really be another human? There was only one way to find out! If Ginghamon was as friendly as Otamamon implied then most likely that the person he was with was friendly too.

    “Hey there!” the boy shouted to get their attention. “My name is Herbert and this little critter is Otamamon. What are your names?”

    OOC: I’m thinking we can use Fangmon as our starter villain sort of like Kuwagamon that all five of us need to work together to beat. Or if Tailon or whoever had a better idea for a starter villain, than Fangmon can just be a nemesis for Virgil and I to deal with before uniting with the other group.
  22. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    “Like I said man, it’s not a problem. You can put the old clothes in there first though,” James told Kyle, “we should probably take turns carrying the thing anyway, it’s got some supplies in it that we could prob’ly use.”

    James paused, looking around at the almost alien world, then asked “So what exactly is our plan of action here? I mean, we’re in a completely different dimension, I don’t think the standard ‘wait until some rescue crew shows up’ is gonna cut it.”
  23. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Put them... In the bag? Well, if the boy said so. Kyle opened the bag and put his old clothes in.

    James did bring up a good point. They couldn't just stand around here, as much as Kyle liked this lighthouse. He slung the backpack over his shoulder absentmindedly, not exactly knowing what to say.

    "Yer here ta save us!" Lloyd interjected. "'S why the Digivices brought ya here in the first place!"

    "Well, before we do that," Kyle added, pointing at the lighthouse. "This is the Pharos of Alexandria! Built circa 280 BCE and was damaged by several earthquakes until the last stones were used to build a fort in 1480 CE. It was the first ever lighthouse, and the one that all later models were based off!"

    The boy shook his head, realizing he'd gone off on a tangent. "Anyway, lighthouses are beacons. We were all brought here to it. There might be something inside it that can help us out?"
  24. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Thank you, Captain Tour Guide. Meital inwardly smirked for a moment, but her smirk changed into a grin soon after. She knew all too well what it was like to blurt out factoids about subjects one was passionate about - deities knew that she would go into encyclopedia mode if an interesting arthropod presented itself.

    Guess I'm not the only one.

    "Couldn't hurt to check it out." she nodded "I'm rather curious as to why a long-gone monument from Egypt is standing, more or less intact, in what is otherwise a completely alien world. I somehow doubt it's a complete coincidence."
  25. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    "Sure, let's see what's up inside this thing!" James agreed, "Phantmon, you coming?" he asked the tiny elephant, to which Phantmon immediately broke his orbit around Meital and Isomon and followed James as he began to walk toward one of the Ancient Wonders of the World.

    "Maybe there'll be some answers inside!" James said brightly as he stepped through into the building proper.
  26. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    "To adventure, then!" Meital grinned "Coming, Isomon?"

    If the exterior of the lighthouse was impressive, the interior left Meital at a loss for words. The entrance led to a great hall, a wide spiral ramp lining the interior of its walls and stretching high up to a ceiling she could barely even see. The walls of the structure appeared to be composed of white, marble-like material - though it was smoother and warmer than any marble she has ever seen, and its patterns of venation seemed almost deliberate - vaguely resembling circuitry in appearance - and almost seemed to shine with their own light at times. The hall's floor was largely made of the same marble-like material - and at its center was a large, circular mosaic depicting a globe that possessed a haunting resemblance and yet some striking differences from Earth, surrounded by depictions of the rings she saw in the sky and almost hieroglyphic glyphs of what she assumed were Digimon - some of which more familiar to her than others. Meital counted about thirteen of them, all fairly humanoid, though many were caped or winged. Angels? Or perhaps Knights?

    Time has not been kind to this mosaic. At sections, the colorful stones that composed it seemed almost... eroded, somehow. Some of the knight figures and large swaths of continents and seas were only barely recognizable - a rather jarring contrast to how regularly maintained the structure appeared to be. For a structure largely open to the elements by ways of doors and windows, the interior was largely clean and bereft of sand. Something here did not add up - and the mystery only deepened when she realized that save for the sounds of sea and breeze echoing through the hall, the structure was almost eerily silent - Not a living soul, Digimon or otherwise, seemed to be present.

    As she surveyed her surroundings for a moment, Meital wondered if the building has been abandoned recently and in a hurry - perhaps due to the corruption that Isomon mentioned - or were whatever inhabitants it may have had simply located on a higher tier of the lighthouse. The spiral ramp looked daunting - she wondered how long would it take to climb, or indeed if it was even meant to be climbed.

    Her gaze shifted to Isomon. The small crustacean's eyes seemed fixated on the circular mosaic, as if drawn to it by some invisible force, but it did not move from her side - though was it due to the creature's natural timidness or another reason, she could not tell.

    "What are you thinking, Isomon?" she murmured.
    "There's more to this place than meets the eye." the creature replied, quietly, touching its antennae to the ground "There is some kind of power flowing through these stones and it seems to converge on that circle in the center... but I'm not sure why exactly."
    "Maybe we should take a closer look?" Meital nodded, making her way towards the circle with Isomon closely following. Perhaps a more in-depth analysis could shed some light on the mysteries of this place.
  27. Wyatt had a feeling they were getting close, even though another dense forest was ahead of them, blocking any view he might have been able to get of the city. Ginghamon hadn't spoken for quite some time, and Wyatt was almost afraid to break the silence by asking how much farther they had to walk. As his thoughts wandered, he cast a glance at Ginghamon's stern face and for a second a rogue thought invaded his mind, begging the question, could actually trust this Digimon? He immediately pushed the thought away, and did the same with the feeling of guilt he felt for thinking that.

    Suddenly, Ginghamon's leaf-like ears twitched, and he turned around, leaping into position in front of Wyatt. "Hey there!" Wyatt turned around and saw that they were being approached fast. He felt a great relief when he saw another human, since he was starting to feel like he was the only one in this world. Now it seemed like a stupid thing to believe. The human, a boy probably around the same age as Wyatt, wasn't alone, and Wyatt guessed the creature walking beside him was another Digimon.

    "Stay behind me." Ginghamon practically growled. He seemed ready to defend himself from these two, but Wyatt couldn't see what was so threatening about them.

    "My name is Herbert and this little critter is Otamamon. What are your names?" Herbert called out as he and Otamamon came closer.

    "Ginghamon, they're harmless." Wyatt said, pushing past the Digimon who tried to grab his arm to stop him from approaching Herbert. Ginghamon growled, annoyed at what he believed to be foolish and naive behavior.

    "I'm Wyatt, he's Ginghamon." Wyatt said, flashing a friendly smile. "He's a Digimon." He added, though as an afterthought he figured that much was probably obvious. He thought he saw Otamamon roll his eyes, but he might have imagined it.

    Before anyone could say another word, an unmistakable howling sound pierced through the air and lasted what felt like forever. "What was that?" Wyatt asked, turning first to Ginghamon and then to Herbert and Otamamon. The two gave him a quick explanation of Fangmon and some details of their earlier run in with it. Wyatt could now see why Ginghamon had been so cautious earlier; this really was a dangerous place.

    "Well, luckily it sounded pretty far away," Wyatt started, "maybe it's going in the other dir-" his words were cut off by another loud howl. And this one sounded close.
  28. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Kyle followed after the other two humans, back into the lighthouse. Veemon hurried after him, probably not wanting to be left outside, alone. He hadn't noticed the designs on the floor of the first time he went in. Though, to be honest, he was more concerned with looking up than down last time.

    The picture of the globe caught his eye very quickly. It resembled Earth, in many ways. Except large chunks of land seemed to be missing. Some places had water instead, while others... Kyle didn't know how exactly he'd describe how bits of the globe looked, but for some reason those areas sent a chill down his spine. Tearing his gaze away from those areas, he saw what almost look like a series of islands, or possibly even a land bridge, connecting what looked like North America to areas that reminded him of Europe and Great Britain. It was hard to tell from this angle and distance, though.

    As he got closer, he noticed the figures. Thirteen in all, though some of them were in very bad shape. He knelt down over one, running his hand over the carving. The figure was in good condition, and actually shared a passing, though stylized, resemblance to Veemon! Though its proportions were much more humanoid, and it was heavily armored.

    "Hey Lloyd? Do you recognize these guys?" Kyle asked.

    The blue Digimon moved to Kyle's side from where he was standing at the doorway.

    "Some of 'em look familiar," Veemon nodded. He pointed to the one Kyle was leaning over. "This un is, eh... Magnemon?" He then pointed to two of the others, "That's uh... Centaurmon? And Omegamon."

    Kyle stood up, looking over the figures in question. One looked like a six legged centaur, with a horse's head and a face on its chest. The other looked humanoid, wearing a suit of armor and a cape. Though it appeared to have extra heads attached to its arms. Strange looking creatures. Kyle wondered if most Digimon were more like them, rather than like the relatively normal looking three he'd encountered so far.

    "Seein' as there's thirteen a these guys total, I'd bet they're th' Royal Knights," Veemon explained, "heard of 'em while travelin'. It's said they protect the world from evil. Doin' a pretty shit job if ya ask me." The Digimon suddenly covered his mouth. "Eh heh, sorry 'bout that."

    "Royal Knights, huh?" Kyle frowned, wandering closer to the center globe. He'd lost himself in his thoughts, and wasn't exactly paying attention to what Veemon was saying, or where he was going.
  29. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    “I’m Wyatt, he’s Ginghamon.” introduced the boy with a smile. Wyatt pointed to his companion. “He’s a Digimon.” he added.

    Thank you Captain Obvious. Otamamon thought to himself. To him it appeared if all Humon were a bunch of idiots. Herbert however was beaming with excitement. He could hardly believe it. The other boy was an honest to god human in a world filled with monsters! He hardly noticed Ginghamon’s apprehension towards him and Otamamon as all of the questions he wanted to ask Wyatt ran through his mind. Were you a native to the Digital World? Were there other humans? What kind of food was suitable to eat? How do you deal with predators?

    As if on cue, that familiar bloodthirsty howl rang through the air paralyzing Herbert and Otamamon with dread.

    “What was that?” asked Wyatt cluelessly. Well that ruled out Wyatt being native to this neck of the woods if he was unfamiliar with the area’s most terrifying predator.

    “Really? Are all of you Humon so dense?” asked the amphibian rhetorically.

    “Be nice!” scolded Herbert. “That’s Fangmon. I can say from experience that he is vicious and particularly dangerous. Ya know how in the stories the Big Bad Wolf disguises himself as Grandma to so he can eat Little Red Riding Hood? Fangmon can do that too. If Otamamon hadn’t put him to sleep somehow, we’d both be goners.” he explained quickly.

    “Well, luckily it sounded pretty far away. Maybe it’s going in the other dir-” Wyatt was cut off by another howl, this one louder than before meaning Fangmon was probably closer.

    “Wyatt! Ginghamon! Are you two familiar with these woods?” Herbert questioned pointing towards the forest up ahead. In this open field they were sitting ducks, but maybe if they went in there they could finally shake him. “Is there someplace we can hide or take shelter to get away from him?” he asked urgently.

    “Yeah like a pond.” Otamamon threw in snarkily. What he wouldn’t give to be near a body of water right now. Even so, the tadpole knew deep down that once Fangmon had set his sights on prey, they would never escape. They could keep running for now, but at some point they would either have to fight or resign themselves to their fate.'
  30. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The lighthouse interior was nothing if not impressive. James, however, was more interested in finding out more about their current situation, and after a bit of staring at the mosaic on the floor, turned his attention toward the ramp that spiraled up into the upper levels of the structure. After all, going up would give them a better view of the area around them, wouldn't it?

    "Hey, uh, guys?" James said to the room at large, "I think I'm going to head up, maybe get our bearings and see where we can go from here?"

    Despite the uncertain wording, the boy was already making his way up the ramp, his little elephantine satellite in close pursuit, mostly looking around like a child exploring a new place.
  31. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    "Any luck?"
    "Just a moment. There's a lot more data than I expected."

    Meital watched her Crustacean companion work with interest. Isomon was in one of his analysis trances - numbers dancing behind its eyes, its antennae gently against the edges large mosaic at the center of the room as it paced alongside its edges, the girl closely in tow. She was dimly aware of the other two humans - one seems to have begun an ascent up the spiral ramp whilst the other was engaged in a conversation with his partner about the hieroglyphic creatures on the outer rim of the mosaic - but right now, her mind was more occupied with Isomon's analysis. The creature completed a single orbit around the mosaic and was now walking onto the circle, following a conduit of power that only it could sense, finally pausing at the center of the design, retracting its antennae and looking up at Meital.

    "This is amazing. This Mosaic? It's not an integral part of the floor, nor is it a static element. Its data shifts to accommodate for changes in the environment... It's sort of a monitoring station. The entire structure is." Isomon nodded "There's a bilateral flow of power from the top down and back up again... and there's definitely something - or someone - very powerful at the top."

    "Think it might be friendly?" Meital asked, cocking her head to the side a bit.

    "We could ask it." Isomon nodded "The entire thing is a levitating platform. I think it goes up to the second tier of the lighthouse - and from there it's a shorter climb up a spiral staircase to a chamber where the power source seems to be. I think it might be a Digimon."

    "Guess there is some life here after all. Could be worth looking into." Meital nodded "Might as well round up the rest of these people... preferably before James gets out of earshot."

    Part of her was entertaining the notion of letting the boy take the scenic route, a note of amusement flicking through her mind as she pictured the boy and the elephant fist-shaking at the platform like a cheesy cartoon villain. But nah - she wasn't THAT evil.

    Still cracked her up, though.

    "Hey, guys!" she called out "The mosaic on the floor is an elevator. Probably a better way to get higher up on this thing. besides, didn't they ever warn you about stairs?"
  32. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Meital's shouting brought Kyle back into the real world.

    "Huh? An elevator?" The boy blinked.

    That's what she had said, right? The floor was an elevator? How did that work? There weren't any cables or anything to haul it up. Nor was there any obvious means to make it go. So did the whole floor rise up, like a pillar? And how did they activate it?

    The boy approached the mosaic, Veemon following when the small Digimon realized that he no longer had Kyle's attention. Kyle found himself subconsciously avoiding standing on the areas that didn't look quite like water or land. Instead, he found himself standing on what he supposed would be the south Atlantic. Now they he could see them better, there were definitely some sort of land bridges connecting what looked like the US and Canada to the UK, and France. Such an odd map.

    Lloyd, in the meantime, kicked at the mosaic twice. The Veemon crossed his arms, before looking over to Isomon. "If this is 'n elevator, how're we supposed ta make it go up?"

    The Digimon had positioned himself close to Kyle again, assuming that the center of the mosaic, approximately where Kyle himself was standing, would be the safest place to be in the event that this actually was an elevator, and not the other Digimon messing with them.
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  33. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    "An elevator?" James said from halfway up the ramp, stopping short, "Sure beats the hell out of my plan."

    Rather than walk back around the small section of spiral he had already covered, James picked up Phantmon in both arms and hopped down the three or four feet back down to the floor, then made a beeline for the mosaic.

    "It's a good thing you said something, I could've been walking up esa pinche rampa for ages," James said as he let the squirming Phantmon drop back down onto his feet on the tile below.
  34. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    "If this is 'n elevator, how're we supposed ta make it go up?"
    Clearly fighting the urge to curl up, Isomon briefly turned in the Veemon's direction, brushing its antennae against the surface of the mosaic, as if searching for something.
    "I'm not sure. There's probably some kind of an interface, but its exact location is-"

    "It's a good thing you said something, I could've been walking up esa pinche rampa for ages."

    As soon as Phantmon made contact with the surface of the mosaic, a change took place. An array of lights shot across the mosaic from its center to its sides, surrounding it in a pillar of radiant light. There was a faint rumble as the mosaic twisted slowly, Detaching from the ground and softly rising - a levitating platform. The edges of the pillar seemed to almost solidify, forming a guard rail of sorts, and power seemed to well up underneath the platform, a soft vibration flowing through the stone itself as the room was filled with a rising humming noise.

    "Way to go, Isomon." Meital whistled.
    "Thanks, but that wasn't me..." the creature blinked. "Either this is an automatic system or-"
    "Or whatever is up there knows we are here." the girl nodded, giving her surroundings a quick look around, before realizing that whatever was going on, it was about to happen NOW.

    "Well, whatever it is... HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS!"

    ... And the platform shot up the pillar of light.


    According to all laws of physics that ever were, Meital and the rest should have probably fallen to the floor as the platform launched itself skywards - however, it seems that Inertia itself has forgotten to exist. Something was definitely unusual about this world - and the physics engine was apparently a part of it.

    Even with the tunnel vision that the rapid levitation brought with it, Meital could not help but notice a change in the surroundings - past a certain point, the structure surrounding the shaft of light changed from a large, relatively rectangular chamber to a smaller octagonal one framed with pillars - the elevator breached the first tier of the lighthouse and was rapidly ascending up the second. Rows of windows zoomed past as the platform continued its climb - but at length, the elevator began to decelerate, coming to a full stop at last at what she presumed was the top of the second tier.

    The chamber where the elevator now rested - integrated almost seamlessly into the floor around it - was cylindrical and featured only few windows - though a bright light from the outside made it impossible to see exactly high up they were. The walls - still made of the same marble-like material - were now covered in rows and columns of glyphs in a language that she could not even begin to recognize. The only feature aside from that was a pair of double doors, intricately carved with glyphs of a lion-like being, currently sealed.

    ... And a voice - loud, noble, resonant.

    "You seek answers, Children of the Outer World. You have done wisely to come here. I shall dim my radiance so that you may step outside. Climb the winding stair until you reach the Chamber of Flare. I shall await you and your companions there. We have much to discuss."

    As the voice echoed through the chamber, the light outside dimmed and the doors swung open with a loud creak.

    "Well, there's a grandiose invitation if I ever saw one." Meital stretched "Might as well see what this is all about."
  35. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The platform's movement had caught Kyle off guard, to say the least. Standing in the center of the platform, away from the railings, the poor boy had nothing to brace himself against as the platform literally shot upwards. The fact that the boy didn't smash into the floor was astounding in of itself. However, seeing the walls of the building fly by them didn't do much for Kyle's stomach.

    Once the platform came to its very sudden stop at the top, Kyle fell backwards. He needed a minute or two to get his barrings. Veemon seemed similarly jarred, but kept on his feet, somehow.

    The voice that spoke to them seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere. Kyle couldn't identify a source to it. Given that their platform also didn't have any clear indication of how, or why, it actually brought them up here, the boy was going to go out on a limb and say the entire building was under control of some higher power. Which, really, probably should have come to him earlier. He was teleported to this world, after all.

    "I, uh, need a minute," the boy confessed to Meital. "Suffering a bout of Kinetosis- Er, motion sickness."

    Thankfully he hadn't had much to eat for dinner, otherwise he probably would have lost it all over the mosaic. That would have been embarrassing, to say the least. Kyle laid back and took a few deep breaths.

    "Some hero yer turnin' out ta be!" Veemon smirked, crossing his arms. The boy waved him off.
  36. Wyatt hadn't had many experiences where he was scared for his life, and so reacting in this situation was an entirely new event. He was surprised to hear the words come out of his mouth when he answered Herbert's question.

    "Yeah, in here!" He shouted as he ran towards the entrance to the woods. Ginghamon ran beside him, giving him a curious look. He obviously knew Wyatt had never been in these woods.

    "Are we ditching them?" Ginghamon asked, wondering if Wyatt was finally taking his advice on strangers.

    "What? No," Wyatt gasped, out of breath from running and panicking.

    "Then why did you -"

    "I don't know!" Wyatt said, annoyed, though more at himself than Ginghamon.

    Ginghamon sped up, leading the way now as they reached the woods. He held his sharp claws out and began hacking away any branches or bushes that were in there way, providing a clear path for them to run through. Wyatt still had to look out for roots, rocks and uneven ground, but they were able to travel through the forest fairly quickly. There was another howl as they were running and Wyatt did his best to ignore it, trying to convince himself that it wasn't coming from as close as it sounded.
  37. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    James was startled by the elevator's sudden movement, but found an odd lack of being slammed to the ground by gravity because of it. Unlike James, Phantmon had only just hit the ground when the movement began, and was now rolling about on his back and sides trying to right himself against the movement. As the mosaic elevator arrived at the top, James knelt down to help the poor little elephant up onto his feet, when the voice of a demigod seemed to speak to them from everywhere at once.

    "So there is something besides us here then, is there?" James asked no one in particular, standing back up with Phantmon now at his heel, "Hope he's friendly."
  38. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    “Only one way to find out.” Meital nodded – and with Isomon in tow, made her way out the door.


    They emerged on what appeared to be a crenellated balcony at the top of the lighthouse’s second tier. They were very high up and the view was spectacularly breathtaking - Almost dizzyingly so. On one side, the vast ocean stretched on, its color deepening and shifting towards blue the further on you looked, disappearing into a misty horizon. On the other, the forests thickened and stretched on and on as the land rose into mountains, though she could - or thought she could – make out a city somewhere In the distance.

    Turning her gaze back inwards, she surveyed the final tier of the lighthouse and the chamber from which she just emerged. It was not nearly as tall as the one that she and her companions just ascended and was cylindrical in shape. A spiral stairway coiled around it, leading upwards to what appeared to be an enclave with a curved, almost conical roof held aloft by a number of crystalline pillars, opened to the sky – and soft radiance, like that of a flickering candle, emanated from it.

    She felt something shift by her feet – and as she looked down she noticed that Isomon was clinging to her leg, averting its eyes from the outside view as much as it could - this sort of height was clearly a new experience to the creature, which was no doubt used to seeing the world from sea level or under it.

    “Just stick close to me.” She smiled reassuringly at Isomon “I don’t think whatever’s up there is going to let us fall – and even if it does, I’m definitely not going to.”

    “Sorry.” Isomon chirped, looking downcast “It’s just… I’ve never seen the ocean from so high up. I always thought that it’d be like… looking down at the sea floor from an undersea cliff. But it’s… different.”

    “Need a lift?” Meital grinned “I could carry you if this height is too much for you for now.”

    “You… wouldn’t mind?” Isomon blinked.

    “Not at all.” The girl smiled even more brightly, reaching down and picking up the crustacean Digimon the way one would pick up a cat. A flash of warmth ran along the creature’s plates as a flash of iridescent light flickered in its eyes and along its sides – and Meital couldn’t help but emit a quiet squee.

    “Come on. Let’s go. Maybe it’ll get easier on the way down.” She said and made her way to the staircase, looking back to see if her fellow travelers – and their Digimon companions – were following.

    “Coming, guys?”


    Meital was rather surprised to find both the roof and the floor of the enclave were like a mirror of polished glass - and rather self-consciously glad that she wasn’t the type to wear skirts.

    She was even more surprised at the sight of the creature that sat at the very center of the enclave on a revolving, mirror-like throne, peacefully gazing out into the horizon before it turned to face her.

    It was a tall creature resembling a cross of a man and a lion, its heavily-muscled body covered with deep red fur, a great long golden mane adorning its head and its long tail tipped with a bright, ever-burning flame. The beast – or being, was partially clad in a mechanical-looking suit of armor – bracelets on its arms, a large belt on its abdomen, a breastplate, pauldrons sporting semi-circular projections in red and white and what almost looked like a crown atop its head. Against all these pieces of armor were set strange devices – like small furnaces, emitting a soft plume of flame each. With its golden claws and its fierce blue eyes, the creature was certainly impressive looking – yet it seemed to have an air of peacefulness – an inner serenity tempered with undeniable strength.

    Meital was not overtly fond of lions – but she found herself almost admiring the creature in spite of herself. The creature gazed at her and her companions for a moment – as if appraising them – and finally spoke.

    “I am Flaremon.” The creature said “Flame of the Pharos, Custodian of the Lighthouse. I bid you welcome, Children of the Outer World – and to you who accompany them as well.”

    And with that, Flaremon nodded at the three – and their Digimon companions.

    “Doubtless, you have many questions – and I shall do my best to answer them… Though I must say, I am puzzled – five uplinks have been established in this general area, yet I find only three of you here…” the creature said, gazing out into the forest for a moment “But it cannot be helped. You are here now – and if others are to join us, they must take the path this world has destined them for. Now… what may I elucidate for you?”
  39. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Meital was apparently not one to wait. Kyle climbed back to his feet as quickly as he dared, and stumbled after her. Thankfully, his stomach had settled down by the time they made it outside. The view from the outside was amazing. At the top of the second tier of the lighthouse, they towered over the treetops. Kyle could see for miles, though nothing in particular stood out to him.

    "It's so different from the New York cityscape," the boy grinned.

    "We're bein' left behind, ya know," Lloyd interjected.

    "Oh! Sorry!"


    The creature that had called to them turned out to be a red furred lion. Though, calling it that was a bit of an understatement. It was humanoid in shape, with a long yellow mane, wearing a belt and breastplate. Despite its fierce appearance, the creature was well spoken. It called itself "Flaremon." Kyle was beginning to pick up on the fact that all Digimon had names that ended in "-mon."

    To be completely honest, what surprised him the most was the fact that there were five of them here, in this "general area." He had thought that encountering both James and Meital here had been random chance. Now it was starting to sound as if...

    "The five of us were brought here intentionally?" he asked, before realizing his question was a bit vague, "To this lighthouse, I mean."

    Before Flaremon could answer, he found himself blurting out a few more questions: "Why are we here? And why us? Just because we picked up your Digivices? Or did it have to be us specifically?"

    Speaking of the Digivices, the boy dug his out of his pocket, and showed it to the Digimon, "And they don't work anymore. Not mine, and when I last saw them not James or Meital's either."
  40. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    “Yeah! In here!” yelled Wyatt leading Herbert and Otamamon into the forest.

    Herbert could have sworn the other boy and Ginghamon were bickering about something but he couldn’t make out the words over the sound of his own rapid heartbeat. The Digimon then took the lead hacking away at the brush to make an easier path. Herbert concluded that the two were just discussing where to hide.

    “Yes, yes. Perfect plan. Leave a trail so Fangmon knows exactly where we’re going!” Otamamon yelled irritably.

    “If you have a better idea, I’d love to hear it polliwog! They said they know where they’re going so I trust ‘em!” said Herbert defensively.

    “Idiot! Did it ever occur to you that this is a trap and they’re planning to ditch us?” said Otamamon distrustfully.

    “They ain’t gonna ditch us! They seem like nice folk and you even said so yourself that Ginghamon was a gentle Digimon. ” Herbert always saw the good in people until they gave him reason to doubt. At this point he’d believe a boldfaced lie from the other boy and Digimon over anything that came out of Otamamon’s selfish mouth.

    After a while Herbert collapsed to his knees from exhaustion. He had not had a proper rest after outrunning Fangmon the first time and now not even the adrenaline rush from his fight-or-flight response was enough to fuel his body. Plus he was still hungry.

    “So where exactly is this hiding place of yours Wyatt? Is it nearby? And is there any food?” Herbert inquired panting heavily between words. He hadn’t run this much even in gym class. While sitting down to catch his breath, he noticed that something wasn’t quite right.

    “Wyatt? Do ya hear that?” he asked the other boy. Before Wyatt could answer, Herbert continued. “It’s too quiet now.” At first Fangmon was howling almost constantly to announce his presence but now the forest was utterly silent. Everything was completely still, not even a breeze. Herbert looked around nervously. Had they really lost the wolf? As strange as it was, he’d rather hear Fangmon’s howls then nothing at all. At least then he knew he was in trouble. Meanwhile Otamamon waddled up to Ginghamon.

    “So I know your species are a bunch of pansies and all, but if Fangmon were to appear in front of us right now, would you be prepared to use those claws for something useful like fighting?” he questioned. “Those two dumbass Humon back there may be taller than the average Rookie, but between them they’re stupider than a Fresh Digimon and probably as weak as one too.”

    To answer the temptation of fate, Fangmon jumped out seemingly from nowhere pinning Herbert under one of his massive paws. The Demon Beast Digimon’s hunting strategy had paid off. Psychological warfare. Howl a few times to instill as much fear as possible into nearby prey and then quietly sneak up on them once they had collapsed from fatigue.

    “I’m glad I didn’t eat you two earlier. Now I have twice as much prey!” the predator gloated gluttonously. The wolf turned his head towards Ottamamon and Ginghamon and opened his mouth wide. “Blast Coffin!” Fangmon shot a purple and black ray of dark energy at the two Digimon to hopefully dissuade them from attacking him while he fed on his first course.

    Fangmon looked down at Herbert with saliva dripping from his maw. The wolf opened his long, fang filled mouth wide preparing to take the first bite.
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