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Snowypeak Ski Resort

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Weeds, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Tyson looked out of the train's window at the white scenery on his right. Mt. Coronet was towering there, its peaks covered in white snow. The drive from Sunyshore had been a long one; they'd been sitting still for hours. Leaning towards his shoulder was Linda, his girlfriend, and at his feet was Spirit, his faithful Arcanine. Shade, Illy and Forest were securely in their pokeballs at his belt. A voice rang out from the speakers. "We will arrive at Clearlake Station in about fifteen minutes."

    Tyson gently shook Linda to wake her up. "Wake up. Honey, wake up. We're there." he said.

    Linda woke up, looked sleepily around her and yawned. Tyson smiled. "Had a good nap?" Linda looked back at him, also smiling. She gave him a short kiss on the lips and stood up to take down their luggage. Tyson bent down to wake Spirit up. "Wake up ol' buddy. Time to get off the train."

    Spirit looked up and yawned hugely, then collapsed down on the floor again. "Hey, it really is time to wake up." Tyson said, shaking the Arcanine. "The next stop is Snowpoint. Wouldn't be nice to leave you here, eh? We'd be many miles apart."

    Finally Spirit got up, but he was very grumpy. Tyson helped Linda take down the bags, and as the train stopped, the trio stepped out on the station platform. As the train chugged on, Tyson, Linda and Spirit found their way to a bus headed for Snowypeak Ski Resort, along with a group of people that had also stepped off the train at the same station. They found two free seats and shortly the bus set off.

    After about ten minutes they arrived at the ski resort. Linda went off to buy ski passes and Tyson carried their bags up to the hotel room, with assistance from Spirit, of course. They arrived at the room, Linda coming up five minutes later. The two spent the afternoon shopping, had dinner at a fancy restaurant, and then went to their hotel room for the night.

    Tyson woke early that morning. He looked at Linda to his left, she was fast asleep, and so was Spirit. He didn't want to wake them up so he dressed, quickly ate a banana and left a little note with the text "Gone skiing" at his pillow. He took his skiing gear and walked over to the slopes.

    Five minutes later he was racing down the hill at a great speed. There was nearly no one else in the slopes this early, so he had the mountain all for himself. He stopped at the foot of the mountain to watch the sun slowly climb over the peak. The whole valley was shining gold. This wasn't too bad, he thought to himself, smiling in the sunlight.

    OOC: I was originally planning on having this as a fanfic, but this way others can join in too, if there is any interest.
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  2. Near the foot of the mountains of Snowypeak Ski Resort, Daiko had got it. His Wartortle's training had been complete. There was no longer a small, energetic Wartortle, but a large powerful Blastoise, who towered over Daiko. He couldn't belive his eyes; his Blastoise, that he had put in decent training for battles, had finally evolved after coming all this way!

    'Blastoise! I knew you could do it man! We came this far for everything!' He thrust his left arm into the air and looked around the valley, shining a golden yellow. He looked with his giant Water-type at his side. He knew this was a message of victory. Blastoise belloed his cry and shot Hydro pumps into the air, that fell down making beutiful crystal-like rainbows. He pulled out a basic pokeball, aiming it at Blastoise. 'All right Blastoise, return!' He shot into the sphere-like capsule.

    Daiko fell onto the shining snow, after going through so much hard work. He wasn't actually staying at the Ski Resort for the skiing experience, mainly for a room to stay in for a few weeks, nice food, and a way to spend all the money he earnt fighting trainers for a bit of luxury. He looked at his new shiny watch and saw how early it was. He had the nice veiw all to himself. 'Amazing.' He said to himself.
  3. (No one said we had to be human...)

    Aura struggled to get free from the snow. Curse this Air Water! It was cold, but she didn't really care. She liked the cold, but it was tempting fate to stay around for too long.

    Truth be known, Aura was lost. When... when her trainer and fellow Pokemon had... left... Aura had wandered into the wilderness. She'd become slightly more 'primative' during this time. She walked on all fours, and hardly ever used moves. But anyway, she had wandered for ages, until one blizardy night, she'd collasped, begging the Fire Wolf to save her. Of course, even though Sinnoh wasn't the Fire Wolf's region, he had come. It was his duty, to help and protect all Fire types or wolves. Entei had given Aura a gift, seeing as she had no pack of her own. She could talk with any living creature on the earth in her own language, and they would hear her in their language, and vise versa. He then blew his fire on Aura, giving her strength, then had disappeared, as if only a memory.

    These thoughts rolled around Aura's head as she struggled through the snow, deep as it was. Suddenly, the snow was compacted. She no longer sunk down in the snow, so only her head was visable. She was in a clearing, completly divoide of marks, except for those two parral lines running the downhill. A figure seemed to be making them. A human figure. This figure then got on this strange seat, which then was airborn on some wires, heading uphill.

    "That looks like fun!" Aura exclaimed loudly, making the human look around. "Opps..."

    She quickly scurried over to the place where the chairs turned around, a much easier task, and jumped on one of the floating chairs as they went past. Up they went, higher and higher. Aura giggled, then realised that she was going back downhill.

    "Hey! I don't want to go down! I wanna go up!" Aura cried, jumping up and down.

    Now I'm sure you know that your not ment to jump on a ski lift, so now the chair was bouncing around wildly. Aura let out a wordless cry, then jumped off the floating chair, falling to the ground with a thud.

    "Owww..." Aura howled as she slipped downhill.

    She finally jerked to a stop, and she could see another human lying in the snow at the bottom of the hill. The one making the lines in the snow was... Aura looked around, and saw the human, who was hurting down the slope on stick things, right in Aura's direction.

    "MEEPP!!" Aura screamed and threw herself out of the way, causing the human (was it a male?) to look at her, wild eyed.

    Aura quickly realised what was wrong. She'd spoken what to him was his language, and coming from a Pokemon, that was very, very odd. Aura quickly turned, towards the warm building, and ran as fast as her little legs could carry her.

    (I hope it's ok, me being a Pokemon and all. I just didn't want to use Katie this time... for reasons which I'll keep to myself)

    (Second Edit: I've changed my character. It is now a Riolu called Aura, whom Tyson will be rather familiar with.)
  4. "Jaynette hun, you're here to relax, not train." Mrs. Larke sighed and grabbed her daughter's arm. Jaynette, who was a serious pokemon trainer, had whipped out her pokeballs the minute they arrived at the Ski Resort.

    "Lemme just finish this one off!" Jaynette shook free of her mother's grasp. "Falcon, Ember!" She commanded her Monferno, who nodded and released a weak stream of flames from his mouth. The Snorunt that they had been battling let out a small cry and fell over. Jaynette smiled and pulled a great ball from her back. Tossing the blue ball at the fainted Snorunt, she crossed her fingers. "C'mon," She prompted the Great Ball as it shook, "Catch the darn thing!" At that moment, there was a small click and the ball stopped shaking. "Cool!" Jaynette exclaimed, tossing her chocolate brown hair over her shoulder. "I caught a Snorunt!"

    Mrs. Larke shook her head amusedly and pulled Jaynette off towards the hotel.

    "Ah, yes. Toby and Jaynette Larke. We have your keys right here." A middle-aged woman with short, curly blonde hair and teal eyes smiled, and handed Mrs. Larke the keys. Her name tag read, "Loretta" "Your room is on floor two, number one-oh-four. The pool is down the right hallway," Loretta gestured towards the pool. "And the resturaunt is right up those stairs." The woman's ruby red lips never stopped smiling. Though her eyes said, "God, I hate this job."

    Toby Larke returned the same pasted-on smile. "Thank you." She dipped her head graciously, than walked off, her luggage in tow. Jaynette followed suit, except Falcon was pulling her luggage.

    "Mon! Ferno!" The Monferno said unhappily, coughing. Flames spurted out of his mouth.

    Jaynette shook her head. "Stop being such a crybaby." She scolded him.

    Just then, a Vulpix ran in. She looked frightened.

    "Mom, you go up, okay? I'll meet you." Jaynette called, her eyes never leaving teh Vulpix.

    "But, there's a bathroom in the--"

    "I don't think I can make it!" Jaynette turned to her mom and jumped up and down. Mrs. Larke gave her a look and then walked off.
  5. (Hey, so many people have joined! That makes me happy! :D

    To Aura: You have to be human in this RP. Nooot! Being a Vulpix was actually a good idea. Chibi would be happy. ;))

    A lot of things suddenly happened at once. There was a huge boom and a Blastoise not far off had fired a Hydro Pump into the air. A part of Tyson said "Hey, nice attack!" but another part, the dominant one, said "Showoff!" And as Tyson was making his way down the hill again, he suddenly saw a Riolu, and Tyson must've still been tired, because he thought he heard it speak. But pokemon couldn't speak, right? He blinked, and the pokemon disappeared.

    Linda appeared as he came down, a grumpy Spirit at her side. The Arcanine was not happy about being left in the hotel.

    "Hey, did you see that Blastoise over there?" she asked him after a short hug. "It looked really impressive. I'd like to interview the trainer." Linda was a reporter at "Battler's Journal". "We need a "Trainer-of-the-week"."

    Tyson sighed, but Linda had already walked over to the trainer. "Hello, my name is Linda Blackheart, I'm a reporter for "Battler's Journal". I saw your Blastoise, and I was wondering if you'd be interested of an interview?"

    (Sorry the post isn't longer, gotta go eat some doughnuts with a friend :D)
  6. (Mind if I join?)

    Katsu rubbed Kendor's head, the Glaceon on his shoulder. The crisp snow was amazing from where he sat on Arlie's back, his Staraptor, as they circled the ski resort. Katsu smiled and the unsaid command was answered as Arlie dived. Kendor shifted, compensating for the downward motion as the ground rushed up to meet them. Arlie gave two powerful sweeps of her wings, kicking up the snow and safely landing onto the ground. Katsu jumped off, throwing his other four pokeballs into the air.

    "All right, everyone. We're here."

    Katsu's other Pokemon appeared around him, Kit, his Flareon, appearing on his other shoulder. He stroked her ash colored fur, smiling lightly. Mano, a Gallade, and Heon, an Empoleon, stretched as Sly, a Lucario, looked around. Sly looked at Katsu, a you've-got-to-be-kidding-me expression on his face. Katsu shrugged, both Eevee evolutions shifting at the known movement. "It's not like I didn't warn you. Kendor, Kit, off."

    Both jumped off his shoulders at the comment, aware it had only been an option. Kit instantly started whining of the cold snow. Katsu rolled his eyes. "Ride on Arlie, then. You're not getting back on my shoulder, though."

    Kit became silent, following Katsu as he headed towards the town with the other Pokemon.
  7. Aura raced 'round the corner, not bothering to look where she was going, and crashed into a humans leg.

    "Uh oh..." Aura said (in what she thought was Riolu)

    The human girl's eyed widened. Her eyes seemed to hatch an idea as Aura backed away.

    "Out of the frying pan, and into the oven!" Aura exclaimed, looking around wildly for an way to escape.

    She spotted an open window, and quickly darted in that direction.

    "Hey come back!" The human cried, trying to grab Aura.

    "Ummm... NOOO!!!" Aura screamed as she clawed her way up the window, and fell... into hot water.

    "AHHH!!!" Aura exclaimed, moving her little legs in an attempt to keep above the water.

    Aura hadn't come across water in large quantities. Well, she had, but she'd never swum. So, without the knowledge to keep herself above water, Aura slowly sunk under...
  8. This post isn't an rp post at all. I'm just informing everyone that this rp is now closed. If you want to join, pm me. I'm also waiting for the first posters to reply again.
  9. OoC: Silly me! I just realised this RP is closed for people who haven't asked to join... XP.

    BiC: Daiko quickly got himself up off the cold snow and focused straight at the young woman in front of her. He looked her up and down, and stared at the microphone in front of his face.

    'An Interview? Sure, but actually...'

    Daiko was filling with even more adrenaline then ever, as it fumed through his body and soul. The wind echoed trough his yellow, spiky hair. It was a perfect time for a battle, and he could sense the spirit of a trainer coming even closer. Daiko jumped onto a small snow hill, towering in front of Linda. The Sun shone on him, making his shadow envelope Tyson and Linda. His voice boomed across the mountain, almost as if he was making avalanches around the area. 'I am Daiko Storm of Fortree City! I would like an interview but,'

    Daiko pulled out Blastoise from his pokeball, who towered above the couple, both the pokemon and the boy's eyes flashing. 'FIRST OF ALL, I WANT TO CHALLENGE...YOU!' Daiko pointed straight at Tyson with his index finger, as his Blastoise roared. Daiko jumped down in front of Tyson, the snow around him fying up, around his jump impact. 'If you challenge me, it's gonna be a hard, lightning-fast barrage of Water-type power! I hope you will accept my challenge! What's your name, anyway? I've seen you around these parts.'

    Daiko knew this trainer would be a great ally and friend, and was burning inside to know his name.
  10. OOC: Yes, I read the Pm:s I was bombarded with, apparently you weren't the only one confused by my post... So: This RP is closed for members that haven't joined already, Pm me if you want to join. I'm sorry if I baffled y'all.

    "Oh great,"was Tyson's reaction, "the showoff wants to battle." But he could see the trainer's excitement, and he was affected by it too. The man grinned. "I'm Tyson Ridgecrest. I'll gladly accept your challenge." By his side Linda rolled her eyes, a here-we-go-again-expression on her face. Spirit, however, was in attack stance, his fur bristling, completely ready for battle.

    "No," Tyson said to the Arcanine. "I won't be battling with you. Water beats fire, and that Blastoise is no Magikarp-leveled thing. I'll be battling with someone else." Spirit looked at Tyson, his face showing his shocked feelings. Then he retreated to behind Linda with a low growl.

    "Linda, did you bring along my other pokemon?" Tyson asked. His girlfriend stuck her hand into her backpack, grabbed a small pocket-belt and tossed it at Tyson. Tyson caught it in mid-air, and dug out a pokeball. "Shade and Illy are too weak for that Blastoise, so I'll have to use him, even if it's unfair..."

    Tyson looked up at Daiko. "I will be battling you," he said, releasing the pokemon in the pokeball onto the ground in front of him. "with Forest!"

    "Eeexxeegg!" the Exeggutor exclaimed happily, bouncing around in the snow. "You can have the first move," Tyson told the other trainer. "So I can plan a good counter-strike..."
  11. Mano stopped, looking to the left. Katsu stopped to the Gallade's left, also looking in the same direction. Katsu smiled, starting in that direction. "Come on, gang. There's going to be a battle and I don't want ta miss it."

    His Pokemon were instantly on his tail as he climbed towards the battle. He found the two opponents in less than two minutes and smiled, seeing the Blastoise and the Exeggutor. He settled on the snowy ground, his Pokemon either on the ground around him or in the trees for a better view.
  12. 'Ohoho~' The cream-haired coloured Trainer murmured, fixating a battling pose. 'Blastoise, we have a type disadvantage here! But we can take him on, right?' Daiko turned to Blastoise. The Exeggutor jumped on the spot, waiting for Blasoise to attack. Daiko saw the scenery was making a perfect advantage for his battle. 'Tyson!,' Daiko cried. 'I hope you understand that you're not going to have a moment's chance for a counter-strike, 'cause I'm using a defenceve move! Blastoise, get into your shell and use Iron Defence!' Daiko commanded the Blue Pokemon, who instantly tucked his limbs, duel-cannons, tail and head into the brown defenceve shell, before it turned into solid iron, and stayed still. Daiko was pratically waiting for the next attack. 'Tyson, I'm really looking forward to seeing what your Pokemon can do, so please make it fun!'

    Daiko's adrenaline was put on standby until the next attack, as the bitterly cold air flew around the area, in the form of a breeze.
  13. Tyson was chuckling a little for himself. So, Daiko had started off with a defensive move, eh? He had just thought of Forest's own weakness in this cold landscape, but they were going to have a great battle anyway.

    Instead of replying in words, Tyson chuckled, loudly this time, so Daiko could hear. "Forest, load one up," he ordered his Exeggutor. One of Forest's heads smiled at him, the others fully concentrated on the attack. So, Daiko had started off with a defensive move, eh? Meaning it would take time, just what his own attack needed.

    (Sorry, I know that was short)
  14. Katsu recalled all his Pokemon except for his Glaceon. He made his way around, wanting to get a better view. He scratched at the faint Riolu mark on his wrist under the gloves he wore. It was bothering him again but there was nothing he could do. The mark was permanent and the only reason why he was able to talk to his Pokemon. Though they didn't talk much, it was nice when communicating in wild situations. Battles the power wasn't really used. That was more on a trust level than a verbal level.

    He found a spot behind the now ready Blastoise using Iron Defense, Kendor leaping to Katsu's shoulder for a better view. Katsu, unconsiously, started stroking Kendor's body, ready for an interesting battle.
  15. Daiko could tell by the looks on the focused Exeggutor's head that this next attack would be powerful. The cold air was slowly warming, could it be a solar based attack? Daiko couldn't really tell, the look on his own face proved it. Blastoise lay on the cold snow, waiting for a command. Daiko wasn't the only one who could laugh as he slowly started to grin, then chortling as he explained the situation to Tyson.

    'Listen now...Tyson. Just because Blastiose is a naturally slow Pokemon, doesn't mean he always has to be! I have trained old Blastoise here to become adaptable for all situations' Daiko pointed as fast as the upcoming attack would be. 'BLASOISE, USE THE AQUA JET RAPID SPIN COMBO, NOW!' Blasoise popped back out of his shell, and charged violently at Forest with a somewhat aura of water surrounding him down the snowy hill, the snow turning to slush, and this offensive move was also being used to pick up a really high speed. Blastiose got back into his shell and spun extremely fast at Forest, so fast, trees could be chopped down. This was going to be a painfully strong attack.

    (Sorry, mine was short too XP)
  16. Tyson's eyes widened in surprise. The Blastoise was that fast? It was much to early, but still Tyson gave the order. "FIRE!"

    Forest released the energy stored in the center of his head and shot a Solarbeam, a weak Solarbeam, mind that, straight at the oncoming Blastoise. The orange-yellow beam raced over the ground at an incredible speed, its heat melting the snow below. Daiko had missed one thing. The Blastoise was coming straight at Forest, almost ensuring a hit.

    (Sorry, that was short too, but hey, were in the middle of a battle, posts will be shorter as we fight)
  17. Katsu smiled, watching the battle. Kendor stood, eager to join. Katsu chuckled, placing a hand on Kendor's head. "Be patient. We'll have a battle soon."

    The Blastoise was fast and that made Katsu's adrenaline run. Fighting something so skilled would be a treat, even if the battle was lost. He was interested on how this match would end, since Exeggutor had a disadvantage with the landscape.

    Even still, some Pokemon, which he had seen from experience, can be trained to adapt to environments that don't really work well with the Pokemon type. Those types of battles have always been exhilarating and hard to tell the outcome with. With that in the back of his mind, he still had money on Blastoise. Speed is one key in a battle that tends to come in handy.
  18. Blastoise flew back, the golden energy from the Solarbeam digging straight into Blastoise's shell. He hit the snow mound with a tremendous bang as his weight made an impact on the snow. Blastoise popped back out of his shell, and looked dazed but soon started to growl angrily. Daiko had saved this for when he needed to even out the odds. Blastoise was ready to start getting serious.

    'Blastoise, use Hail.'

    Blastoise roar filled the sky and suddenly, dark clouds gathered around and large chunks of hail started to stream down from the sky. It pelted Blastoise rapidly, but being a Water-type, it didn't affect him one bit. Daiko put up his blue umberella, and knew it was a good idea to use Hail. Besides, Forest was having enough trouble coping with the enviroment, so this would make it even harder for him to cope. Then Daiko commanded the next attack.

    'Blastoise, Blizzard.'

    Blastoise roared even louder as a icy-mist enveloped him, as it grew bigger and bigger, until Blasoise fired it - directly at Forest. With the Hail now on the battlefield, Forest was going to have a hard time surviving this.
  19. Katsu got as close as he could to one of the trees next to him, Kendor curling up on Katsu's head like a turban. The ice type wasn't affected by the hail but he made sure that Katsu wasn't harmed. Katsu kept his eyes on the battle, watching and learning.

    Katsu couldn't sit still. He shifted, wanting to get closer, to participate. He smiled as Kendor chirped, voicing his need for a battle.

    "Patience, Kendor," Katsu said, his voice low. He had a wry smile on his face as he said, "We'll have a battle soon."
  20. Aura clung onto the Mudkip as tightly as she could, which made the water Pokemon complain.

    "Watch it! You'll ruin my lovely skin! You'll dirty it!"

    Aura didn't bother trying to answer, it was too cold, dispite the fact that she'd fallen in a hot spring.

    "There you go silly Riolu! You'll need to be more careful next time! I might not be around to help you!" The Mudkip turned and swum off.

    Aura shivered. It was colder out here than it was in the water. And there was a wind chill as well. Aura let out a small wimper.

    "Why me..."

    She looked around, searching for the aura of warmth, as only Riolu's and Lucairo's could. There appeared to be a brilliant fiery aura from somewhere outside which carried with it a hint of irritation and a obvious hint of masculine smell. Going from instinct, Aura started running, towards the fiery aura.

    Outside, it was hailing. It threatened to stop Aura's progress, but she wasn't going to stop now. Not when the aura was so much hotter and stronger. It must be close.

    Then Aura spotted the heat source. A huge Arcanine, heavily muscluar and burning with the fire within. Just this alone would have drawn Aura in like a moth to a light. She started running again. As she got closer, Aura wondered why it was getting colder, instead of warmer. It puzzled her.

    Suddenly, out of nowhere, a blast of ice cold hit. Aura swore aloud, loud enough for everyone in a 10m radius to hear, just before she fainted.
  21. Katsu leaped to his feet, looking in the direction of the yell. Kendor complained, leaping to the snow. Katsu ignored the complaining Glaceon and pulled out a Pokeball.

    "Come on, Kendor," Katsu said, the Glaceon disappearing. He put the Pokeball back and pulled out another. "Sly, I need your help."

    The Lucario appeared before him, instantly glaring at him. Katsu ignored the glare and started walking, putting the Pokeball away. "A Pokemon yelled. I need you to find it."

    The brisk walk turned into a jog as Sly snapped, "And you know the Pokemon's this way....how?"

    Katsu shot Sly a sarcastic smile, not liking the Lucario's attitude. He brought his hood closer around his head, bracing against the cold as he ran. The black coat, snow pants, and boots were smart purchases, and compact. He shifted the gloves on his hands, pulling out mittens and shoving his hands into them.
  22. Daiko rushed down the snow mound, staring blankly in front of the Riolu that sounded like it talked. He held it's head in his left arm and looked up at Tyson, still with his Exeggutor bouncing around. Daiko raised his hand to beckon Tyson,

    'Tyson, get out some decent quality potions,' Daiko said boldly. 'We're gonna have to treat this little Riolu and finish our battle later,' he called as he pulled out a revive. 'Blastoise!' Daiko called his Water-Type. 'Call off the Hail, this battle is finished for now!' Blastoise carried a slightly annoyed expression on his face as he roared, the golden Sun returning to the frosty area. The Riolu had obviously talked then, and Daiko wanted to find out what a talking Pokemon was doing here, and what it could tell the people around him.
  23. Katsu slid down the mound of snow after the Lucario. Even if he had tried to avoid the people, Sly had a different plan. The Lucario landed lightly in front of the trainer, eyes on the Riolu. In an instant, Sly was ready to fight, growling.

    "Easy, Sly," Katsu snapped, sliding to a stop next to the Pokemon. The Lucario relaxed but was still alert. Katsu looked at the Trainer with the Riolu in his arms. Katsu placed his had in his pack, his fingers wrapping around a hyper potion as he waiting for the other trainer to respond. The Lucario at his flank was getting antsy and Katsu knew he would have to call Sly back soon. "Is there anything I can help with?"
  24. Daiko turned and looked at the Trainer with his shiny Lucario, it's eyes glowing with a feirce aura. Daiko set the Riolu on the ground, and sent out his Swellow from his basic Pokeball. Swellow turned and seemed to be acting feirce with the Lucario.

    'Calm down now, boy.' Daiko reasurred. 'Yeah, I could use some help. See my Swellow? He'll take you to Snowpoint City. Go to the nearest Pokemon centre, and get Nurse Joy. tell her what's going on, then take her back here on Swellow to help heal this Riolu.' Daiko patted Swellow on the back and murmured in his ear. 'Come on Sellow, take this guy to Snowpoint. Swellow's wings whooshed out, as he beckoned Katsu onto his back.
  25. Katsu nodded and climbed onto the Swellow's back. He gently patted the Pokemon's neck, muttering, "It'll be quick and then you'll be done with me."

    He looked at the Trainer. "We'll be back."

    The Swellow took off and Katsu threw a Pokeball into the air.

    "Follow with Sly, Arlie," Katsu commanded the Staraptor as it appeared. The Swellow gained altitude quickly. "Let's get there as fast as you can carry me, Swellow."

    The town was in view shortly there after and Katsu leaped off with still several feet between him and the ground. He landed, rolling, and entered the PokeCenter at a sprint, his Lucario on his heels.

    "Nurse Joy," Katsu said into the empty PokeCenter. "I need your help."

    "What can I help with?" the Nurse Joy asked, coming in from the back.

    "There's a wild Riolu hurt and I need you to come with me," he stated with a stern voice. "We need to go now."

    The Nurse Joy nodded and followed Katsu out of the PokeCenter. She climbed onto Swellow's back as he started to run in the direction which he had just flow from. Jumping into the air, Arlie came under him and caught him. Sly was on his tail, easily making the jump. The flight was quick and Katsu kept in the air with Arlie and Sly as Swellow landed and Nurse Joy got off.
  26. (Sorry for posting inability)

    Tyson was glad to see that Forest's Solarbeam had hit full-on, yet the Blastoise only seemed angered. What it did next both impressed and scared Tyson. The combo of Hail and Blizzard could be absolutely devastating, especially for the grass-type Forest. Tyson was going to order Forest to use Light Screen, but he saw the Blizzard heading off-target, towards... Spirit. And a little Riolu standing at his side.

    Tyson was not worried about Spirit. They had trained Ice-attack countering before. Using Ember he managed to create a heat-shield that protected him from the attack. It was the little Riolu that Tyson worried for. The poor thing was hit head-on, and its reaction made Tyson's eyes widen.

    It swore. In human language.

    Daiko called off the battle, and Tyson ran over, hyper potion already in hand. A brief nod from Spirit assured him that his trusted friend had come to no harm. A boy had just left for Snowpoint city on a Swellow, to get nurse Joy. Daiko held the Riolu in his arms as Tyson arrived. Linda arrived as Tyson started spraying the potion on the Riolu. "What's happened?" she asked. "The poor Riolu here was hit by a Blizzard." Tyson replied, not taking his eyes off the little pokemon.

    Suddenly Tyson had an idea. "Linda, my bag," he said, extending his arm. Linda gave him the bag, and Tyson started digging in it. "I should have a Lum berry around here somewhere..." he explained. He found the berry in question, opened the Riolu's mouth and helped the pokemon chew and swallow the berry. "That should help," Tyson said. "Lum berries are famous for curing nearly all pokemon diseases." Still, Tyson hoped that the guy on the Swellow would return with nurse Joy soon.
  27. Aura couldn't help it. She gagged. What was that horribly bitter taste? Oh no, wait. It was lovely and sweet now. No wait, it was dry, no, spicy, no sour. Ugh... bitter and sour... it was enough to force Aura's eyes open. She gasped, suddenly cold all over, and tried to curl up into a ball, but found that she was being held.

    Looked like the humans that were battling had found her... and probably heard her exclaim. Hopefully they had thought it was someone else... hopefully... But Aura didn't believe in hoping. Nothing happened unless you did it yourself.... well almost nothing, she thought, thinking of the fire wolf.

    Speaking (or thinking) of fire, there was that brilliant aura again! Agh!!! And it was sooo masculine! It was drving her INSANE!!!

    Aura wanted to squirm around, to get out of these arms, and to just bury herself in the Arcainine's fur. But she didn't have the strength...

    Awwww... that just sucked...

    There was a thud, as if something had landed nearby in the snow, but Aura didn't care, not until she was roughly given to someone else. She wanted to protest, to cry out, make them stop, but she couldn't... She felt herself being whisked away, back inside the buildilng... she was given some kind of chemical... and... then... everything... went... black...
  28. Tyson followed nurse Joy and the other trainers inside. The Lum berry seemed to have helped, as the Riolu had seemed less tense after eating it. Yet he hoped that nurse Joy could help. Spirit followed Tyson inside, but something seemed wrong with him. He wanted to go to the Riolu's side, yet he kept himself restrained. Linda followed with Forest, who was very irritated about his battle ending so abruptly. But the matter at hand was of greater importance.


    The Weavile was watching the trainers enter the building with the Riolu, which had spoken. Maybe she was one of them? The Weavile couldn't help but wonder.
    "Slash, come here," it said. A Scizor arrived at the Weavile's side.
    "There was a Riolu down there," the Weavile explained. "And it spoke. I believe it might be one of us."
    The Scizor stared at him in disbelief. "One of us? But weren't we the only ones to have gone through that process?"
    The Weavile kept his eyes on the people entering the big building. "It seems we aren't."


    Jason sighed and wrapped his coat tighter around his shaking body. Why had this mission been assigned to him? Why was he the one that had to withstand the frikkin' cold north Sinnoh? Then again, Team Galactic payed quite a deal for this job to be done.

    In his mind Jason went through the details of the mission. An ancient artifact, buried under the mountain. He was supposed to blow away the peak with an extremely powerful bomb. At the same time he was supposed to create an avalanche that would cover the Snowypeak Ski Resort.

    Jason pulled out the bomb from his bag, and set the timer on 5 min. Then he released his Skarmory. "Let's get out of here," he said, and they swooshed away.
  29. (Woah, talk about a quick reply!)

    "She should be ok now...." Aura heard the kindly voice say. "That was quite a nasty attack. You should be more careful with attacks like that. It doesn't take much of that to knock out a lot of weaker Pokemon."

    "Thanks Nurse Joy." Another voice said. "Would you like a lift back?"

    "No, I should be alright, but thanks for offering. Good bye. And watch that Riolu for a few days."

    "Bye Nurse Joy." The male voice from before.

    "Goodbye." A younger, higher voice, but similar to the Nurse's.

    "Thanks." A deeper male voice.

    "We'll take good care of her." An even deeper voice.

    Aura kept her eyes shut. She instead let her other senses explore. It smelled like... a mixture of blood and sickness... along with the smell of snow. There were the same voices from before... a horrible taste along with a lingering bitter/sweet/dry/spicy/sour flavour... She could feel a hard surface under her fur... and... OH YES!!! She could feel that blazing masculine aura again! And to Aura's delight, she had the strength to move! Aura lept up onto her feet, and searched around for the Arcanine.

    She spotted him behind a male human, who looked startled at her sudden movement, but Aura didn't care. She took a flying leap, using a tiny bit of her leg muscle, and landed gracefully next to the Arcainine. She then proceeded to bury herself in his fur.

    Oh it was so soft! And so warm! Aura began to relax instantly, so much that she didn't notice that one of the trainers had the intentions of pulling her away.

    "You have such lovely fur..." Aura said, but it was muffled, so no one except the Arcainine heard. "It's so wa-"

    Aura was cut off as one of the trainer's pulled her away from the Arcainine.

    "Hey!" Aura complained, and instantly regreted it.

    Everyone in the room, both Human and Pokemon, was staring at her.
  30. Katsu kept a hand on Sly's shoulder as the Lucario tried to get to the Riolu's side. Katsu stood by silently as the Riolu was taken care of but Sly was restless. Katsu had to tell the Lucario several times to stand still.

    "Katsu," Sly snapped quietly. "Let me go."

    "Either be still or I'll put you back into the Pokeball," Katsu hissed, silencing the Lucario.
  31. ( ;D We happened to be logged on at the same time, for once.)

    Tyson held the Riolu in his hand, staring intensely. As were most of the others in the room. "I heard you speak," he whispered in the pokemon's ear. "I won't hurt you, yet I want to know; how can you talk?" The Riolu looked so helpless where it was being held, Tyson felt sorry about it. But he wouldn't let go of it before it told him why it could speak.


    Outside the Weavile and Scizor had been following the situation unfold inside. The Weavile reacted as the human grabbed the little Riolu. "All right, we're going to have to move. They're going to harm the Riolu."

    The Scizor gave a short nod. That was the signal for the Weavile to fire off an Ice Beam at the wall of the building, creating a big hole. The two quickly entered, to find lots of humans, some with pokemon. Damn, the Weavile though. Should've noted these pokemon! Well, there's no turning back now!

    All of the pokemon entered defensive stances, protecting the humans. The Scizor rushed at a nearby Arcanine close to the human holding the Riolu. The Weavile rushed at the human's hand, in an attempt to rescue the poor pokemon.

    Everything was interrupted by an enormous explosion up on the mountain that sent everything shaking. Tyson looked out the hole in the wall, he was the only one that moved. The sight terrified him. He turned around and shouted: "AVALANCHE!"

    OOC: Aura you should recognize the Weavile and the Scizor by now, especially after the Scizor's name was spoken. ;)
  32. Katsu cursed under his breath as the two Pokemon burst in. Sly pulled his shoulder from Katsu's grasp and stood before him, protecting him. Katsu didn't say anything for the Lucario to do. He knew better than to make this a large brawl match in such a small room.

    When the cry went up of an avalanche, Katsu worked fast, pulling out two Pokeballs.

    "Anyone not have a flying Pokemon?" Katsu snapped, his voice strong over the noise as both his Glaceon and Staraptor appeared out of their Pokeballs. Sly flanked Katsu's right, now.

    (I'll be out for two weeks starting Friday. Not sure if I'll actually have a chance to get on during then but we'll see. Have fun without me. ^_^ If need be, I allow minimal godmoding of my character. But nothing drastic please. ^_^)
  33. (I'll probably be gone most of the summer as well)

    Tyson raised his hand and was just about to inform the other trainer that he didn't have a flying pokemon, but the avalanche was faster. It struck the building with an enormous force, causing the whole hotel to fall apart. Enormous masses of snow covered Tyson, who was desperately grasping Spirit and the little Riolu. He had tried to grasp hold of Linda too, but she had been too far away. The snow caused him to somersault, flipping around so much that he couldn't tell the difference between up and down. He was about to lose his grasp of the little Riolu, but managed to keep a firm grip.

    Suddenly it just stopped. Tyson was completely still, in a position that was highly uncomfortable. Slowly Spirit's inner heat started melting the snow, creating a small cavern where the trio could sit. Tyson kept his eyes on the Riolu, waiting for it to speak.
  34. (Well you're online now as well, or when I typed that anyway. And I didn't need their names to be mentioned. It's rather obvious.)

    There was a gigantic explosion from Aura's left, causing a distraction. Aura knew that this was probably the only chance she was going to get. She tried to bite the trainer, but she still wasn't strong enough to do so.

    Then the Weavile and Scizor raced inside, snarling, but seeming startled at seeing the other Pokemon, who quickly took up protective postions.

    Then there was another explosion, followed by a sound like thunder.

    "Avalance!" The trainer holding Aura cried.

    Aura went pale, knowing that her little life could be snuffed out at any second.

    Then it hit.

    The force would have been enough to kill Aura if the trainer hadn't been holding her. She just shut her eyes and tried not to be thrown into a position that could break her. Then it stopped.

    Aura opened her eyes and found a wall of snow in front of her. The trainer was still holding on to her. That blazing aura was still there, slowly melting the snow, and warming Aura's frozen body.

    "Are you ok?" Aura managed to whisper to the trainer, who was watching her intently.

    He didn't look hurt, but maybe he was slightly immune to pain. Some creatures were.
  35. Katsu's Pokemon acted on instinct. Sly had Katsu pinned to the floor just before the avalanche hit the building and Arlie was on the other side of them, hiding. Kendor used Ice Beam to create a dome around the three Pokemon and Trainer, the snow rolling over the ice. Katsu sat up, his Pokemon moving.

    "Well done, Kendor," Katsu said, looking at the Glaceon. "I want to see those kind of reflexes in a battle."

    Kendor nodded, smiling. He leapped onto Katsu's shoulder and settled there. Katsu turned to Sly. "Wait a few more seconds before you start out of here. Arlie, help him out where need be."

    Both Pokemon nodded and Katsu smiled, stroking Kendor's head.
  36. Tyson nodded silently. When the Rioulu finally spoke to him, he didn't have anything to say in return. How stupid. He eyed the pokemon more closely. It seemed to be frightened, but Tyson wasn't sure if it was him, or just the tons of snow that could collapse down on them any second. "Spirit," he said, "If you could try to lower the heat of your internal fire. The cavern is melting faster than it's freezing."

    The melted snow had actually started to freeze back into a solid form, creating a more secure prison for the three. They wouldn't be crushed, but they couldn't get out. Tyson sighed. "Any ideas?" he asked the little Rioulu. And only then he realized how strange it felt to be talking to a pokemon.
  37. Aura shook her head. "If I could use a move like Hyper Beam or something similar, we could blast our way out of here, but I don't know the moves and if I did, I wouldn't have the strength to preform them.

    Aura twisted her head to face the Arcanine, what had the boy called him? Swift? Spirit? Yes, that was it. Spirit.

    "Spirit, do you have any moves like that? If not, do any of your pokemon," Aura nodded towards the trainer," Have any moves that could break us out of here?"

    Aura was trying to remain calm, but dispite her efforts, she could feel panic gripping it's icey claws on her, or was it just the cold? She gave a shiver and squirmed out of the boys grip. Free, she darted towards Spirit and cuddled up to him, enjoying his warmth while the boy thought.
  38. Katsu smiled. "Go ahead," he said to his Pokemon, directing them to the wall that led to the outside of the building. "Let's get out of here."

    Sly nodded smiling. He faced the icy wall and used Ice Punch, Arlie following him, using Protect to keep from a cave in from happening. Kendor went before Katsu followed and Katsu crawled in after his Pokemon. Katsu pulled himself into the wide open and was impressed by how much snow had ran over the hotel. Most of the building was covered and Katsu was impressed. He pulled out a Pokeball.

    "Kit, Sunny Day," Katsu stated, the fire type Pokemon appearing on Arlie's back. Kit instantly obeyed, the sunlight getting much stronger.
  39. Tyson watched the Riolu head over to Spirit's side to cuddle in his fur, although he was too deep in thought to notice. What a dilemma. Forest could probably blast out with a Solarbeam, but there wasn't enough sunlight. The grass type pokemon wouldn't like the chill of the masses of snow above either. Spirit had his Flamethrower, but they had trained the attack to focus on heat instead of power, which wouldn't do them much good here. Illy and Shade had nearly no offensive moves, or at least nothing that helped.


    The Weavile blinked away some of the snow in his eyes, which apparently didn't help much at all. It was as black as if he'd kept his eyes closed. Not that he minded though, darkness and cold were his favorite elements. No, he was worried for Slash and the Riolu. And for the humans and their pokemon.

    Slowly the Weavile started to squiggle, increasing his movement area slowly but steadily. After a while the cavern was large enough for the Weavile to sit up and plan his next move.
  40. (I'm so sorry I haven't posted for a while! Been a bit busy, you know. And by the way, Swellow can learn Heatwave, it can be learnt by the Shard Move Tutor. And also, Daiko's Pose is very much like Volkner's pose - could there be a link? o.o)

    Daiko and Bastoise got up, Dazed and worried. As soon as Daiko heard the big explosion inside the room, he had dashed out, leaving everyone behind. A pretty selfish mistake for Daiko, but that did not matter. He had saw the snow from the avalance had solidified, leaving a glistening, hard surface. Daiko needed to contact Tyson and Co. somehow, but he couldn't find any way of Getting in. Suddenly, an idea hit him.

    Letting off a high pitched whistle, he called Swellow to his side, who flew down, beating its wings and kicking up snow. Daiko grinned, pointing at the Icy dome.

    'Hey, Swellow, you remeber the Move Tutor that taught you Heatwave? I think you'll remember I taught it to you so you had a wide variety of moves, right? Well, looks af if I've found an even better use for it! Swellow, use Heatwave and make a hole big enough for me to fit through!'

    Daiko called Blastoise to his Pokeball, and watched as a high velocity of Firepower hit the ice, making a large hole out of pure incineration. Daiko then took a few steps back, ran up to the hole and slid into it, and made an enterance into the cavern by jumping out, skidding across the floor and then holding his favourite pose, while echoing his voice around the cavern.

    'Aha! Looks like you guys are in a tight situation! Well don't worry, 'cause Daiko Storm is here to save the day!'

    Swellow immidiately flew in after Daiko, who then lay on the ground next to Daiko.

    'So people,' Daiko turned to the group of Trainers and Pokemon with a cheeky grin on his face 'What's the skinny?'

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