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Sinnoh Region Pokémon and Changes Coming to Pokémon Go!

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    Turtwig tease.png

    At long last, Sinnoh Region Pokémon will soon be coming to Pokémon Go! A brief teaser trailer (which truly is just a tease) has been released alongside the announcement, as well as news regarding upcoming gameplay changes for the mobile game.

    The teaser is sadly all we've received for the Sinnoh Pokémon news, and no dates have been given for when they'll arrive, but hopefully they'll start popping up sooner than later!

    In other news, several fairly notable changes are coming to Pokémon Go's mechanics. The first set of tweaks will affect Pokémon migration and appearance rates. Niantic has shared a list detailing the changes:
    • In the future, the weather in your area will have a reduced effect on Pokémon appearance rates.
    • As you're exploring an area, a greater variety of Pokémon species will appear over time and at varying rates.
    • Certain areas, like parks and nature reserves, will contain a larger variety of Pokémon species.

    Giratina Pokemon Go.png

    The remainder of the changes will affect Pokémon effectiveness in battles, the majority of which being hefty stat rebalances. This list of changes looks like this:
    • CP values will be adjusted to improve game balance.
    • HP values will be adjusted to close the gap between Pokémon with the highest HP and those with the lowest HP.
    • Defense and Stamina values will be rebalanced to increase the worth of highly defensive Pokémon. The rebalancing will retool defense-focused Pokémon to instead outlast opponents in battle rather than merely taking too long to defeat.
    • Lastly, like with the HP values, Defense values are being adjusted to narrow the gap between the highest and lowest defensive Pokémon.
    Niantic has stated that the gameplay updates will be happening "in the coming weeks" but, again, no exact dates have been given.

    If you're still avidly playing Go, are you excited for these changes? And if you're someone who's already abandoned the game, will the Sinnoh Pokémon be enough to rekindle your interests? Share your thoughts in the comments and long live Lucario!
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