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Open Sign-Ups for Pokemon Adventure: Kanto Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by GrenadierShaw, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. This new RP I've decided to make is going to be based on Ash's adventure to the Pokemon League. If you would like to join I need to see if you're qualified. Send me a PM containing the following. (copy and paste this message below and fill in! I'll go ahead and give you one).

    Sexuality (Gay, Straight, Lesbian, etc..):
    Companions or Relationships:
    Region: Kanto


    Name: Oliver
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality (Gay, Straight, Lesbian, etc..): Gay
    Pokemon: Egg (F), Shiny Charmander (M), Shiny Gardevoir (F), Dewott (F), Abra (M), and Frogadier (F)
    Companions or Relationships: None Currently
    Appearance: Wears black khaki shorts, with a white striped polo. Has Black and yellow sneakers, with a Team Plasma baseball cap.
    Region: Kanto
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  2. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Name: Nick Wilson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Sexuality (Gay, Straight, Lesbian, etc..): Bi
    Pokemon: Poliwag, Wartortle, Gyarados
    Companions or Relationships: None currently
    Appearance: White skinned, about 5’8, black hair, blue leather jacket, black T-shirt, black jeans, black boots
    Region: Kanto
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  3. Hello! I would like to sign up for this. Would it be OK if one of my OCs was a more powerful trainer, i.e - full team of fully evolved mons?
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  4. Of course! Just make sure not to be a Mary Sue or any other kind of person that seems so perfect and unbeatable. Now, remember, everyone starts off as friends in the Kanto region getting ready to go get their first pokemon and start their adventure. But in my case, my character will have most of his pokemon already because he's had them since birth. So of course, also be sure to copy and paste the "form" I made, so everyone knows who you will be! @Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette Accepted! And @EeviumZ Accepted!

    Also we only have a few spots available for this RP, so make sure to use the form, send me a PM, and get ready to have fun!
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  5. Okay! My main character will be a new trainer, I’m just using this one to appear from time to time.
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  6. Sounds good! Looking forward to RPing with you all!
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  7. A'ight! Here are my characters. Added a couple details to the bio.
    Name: Allison Gracie Silverstone (Allie)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Sexuality (Gay, Straight, Lesbian, etc..): Aromantic/Asexual
    Eve the Eevee (F)
    Moon the Shiny Ralts (F)
    Companions or Relationships: Talia Silverstone (Older Sibling)
    Appearance: Standing at a height of 5'7, Allie has long electric-blue hair and brown eyes. She typically wears a simple white t-shirt or tank top and faded denim shorts with white running shoes. Occasionally, she wears a black ribbon in her hair.
    Region: Kanto
    Personality: Bright, bubbly, and filled with charisma, Allie can come off as a bit immature. Very little can bring her down, and the littlest things can fill her with joy. She has a passion for what she does, always looking for new adventures. However, she does tend to be a bit rash and gets herself into situations that she's not prepared for.

    This is the character that I asked about. She won't always be here for reasons that will become evident. Yes, the Mega Evolution is moderator-approved (I can screenshot the conversation in which I was accepted if you require proof). And I'm the least likely person to overpower it... I'm more likely to underpower it, frankly. xD
    Name: Talia Verdance Silverstone
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Sexuality: Straight
    Harmony the Togekiss (F)
    Melody the Altaria (F, Holding Altarianite) (Moderator-Approved Mega Evolution)
    Treble the Gardevoir (F)
    Cadence the Meowstic (M)
    Soprano the Lapras (F)
    Aria the Primarina (F)

    Companions or Relationships: Allie Silverstone (Younger Sister)
    Appearance: Unlike her sister's flamboyant appearance, Talia prefers to remain modest outside of performance. Standing at a height of 5'11, Talia has long brown hair with bangs and brown eyes to match her sister's. She usually wears a forest-green blouse with blue denim jeans and black combat boots. She also wears a grey hoodie sometimes, if only to conceal the Mega Bracelet on her wrist.
    Region: Kanto
    Personality: Talia is very charismatic, but definitely not as extroverted as her sister. She tends to keep to herself when off stage, preferring not to get recognized or noticed. She's quite intelligent, albeit a little socially awkward. She cares for Allie deeply and would throw her life on the line for her.
    Note: Talia is well known - near celebrity status - for her music and Pokemon Performances.
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  8. I actually feel like joining or something but I am not so sure (Since I kinda want my character unknown name and appearance wise, also depends on what options would be starters since I am fond of ghost pokemon like duskull)
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  9. So far we have only a single spot left! @EmoKitty21 Accepted! Now eventually everyone will need to have a mega evolved pokemon or a legendary pokemon. If not everyone can get it, its alright.
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  10. I suggest planning ahead for that, though. AKA planning how your character is going to get it. MegaEvos are REALLY hard to get accepted for (I got declined for a trainer with around four years of experience), I spent several hours writing out the backstory for mine.
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  11. oof, guess its going to be hard
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  12. Yeah I have heard it is quite hard to get one approved. I would love to get one approved, but it takes a lot of work. By the way here is my character.

    Name: Alex Cromwell
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Gay
    Pokemon: Crystal (Vaporeon, Male) Frost (Glaceon, Female), Star (Togapi, Female, Is not part of his battling team.)
    Companions or Relationships: None yet
    Appearance: Alex has very pale skin. His body is slim, but toned from a lot of running and swimming. Long flowing platinum blond hair goes down to the middle of his back. It is very straight and looks almost white in color. Phoenix has some very beautiful eyes. They are a bright vivid blue, and surrounded by long black lashes. On his right arm he has a watercolor tattoo of a forest with pokemon playing around. For clothing, he tends to wear a lot of dark colors. His go to is a black band tee, black ripped skinny jeans, a dark purple flannel shirt tied around his waist, and dark purple converse. He does have a few other changes of clothes in his black bag that he carries everywhere.
    Region: Kanto
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  13. ^ Emo, you put Phoenix in your appearance.
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  14. welp -shrug- have fun rping while I prob do nothing else except wait for my rp to gain enough RPers to start..
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  15. Oh Yeah I changed the name at last minute. I will fix that.
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  16. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    @Diamond_Aequitas I changed some stuff in my bio can you please check to make sure it’s alright for the roleplay.
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  17. So. We need only 1 more person, and hopefully, he or she comes up soon. Also @PokeStop31 I didn't accept, cause we weren't needing a mysterious dude. Sorry.
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  18. Name: Celeste Masters
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21 -22
    Sexuality: Bisexual (sorta, still not sure, discovering herself)
    Occupation: Professional Trainer, Pokémon Behaviorist

    Personality: Extremely intelligent, methodical, and analytical, Celeste has always been more interested in Pokémon than people. Through her travels and meeting with likeminded individuals, she has grown wise and empathetic. She could easily establish deep friendships and bonds with Pokémon, treating them as an extension of her family. As a result, once she became a trainer the Pokémon she would train would be closely bonded with her and with the other members of the team, giving their full trust to one another and spurring each other on in battle, becoming more and more like family. She’s kind, generous, and compassionate. Her true passion shows when she’s training and even more so when battling, she gives her all into every battle, her passion, drive, and will for high level competitive battling knows no peer, her Pokémon share in her mindset and passions both on and off the battlefield, celebrating every victory and learning from every defeat. She has an aura of confidence and command about her that translates onto her Pokémon.

    Sylvia (Sylveon, F),
    Kayo (Alolan Ninetales, F),
    Sycorax (Gliscor M),
    Tempris (Shiny Volcarona, F),
    Lucas (Lucario, M),
    Aegis (Shiny Aegislash, M)

    Companions or Relationships: Mother, Father, Grandfather, occasionally Ani Humeri

    Appearance: Typically seen in a shorter white tube top with a violet Pokéball design on the lower left side and a vertical black stripe down the front right side. Occasionally seen with a dark purple cropped zip up hoodie with an oversized hood and a yellow Pokéball pattern on the back, a silver necklace with Sylvia’s Pokéball attached to it, she also has a specialized wristbands on each of her wrists that holds her on hand Pokémon (three on left and two on right). She wears a pair of three finger gloves that cover her thumb, index and middle fingers. She wears dark purple loose waist baggy cargo pants, a black belt with a Pokéball design buckle and a long piece of white cloth tied on the right hand side that hangs slightly past her knee from the belt loop of the pants, and a pair of thick-padded black and white skate shoes. She also has a white messenger bag with a black Pokéball design on it that she keeps her other belongings in. Her long unkempt hair hangs a bit past her waist and swept backward from her forehead leaving only a few strands hanging down her face.

    Current Region: Kanto

    Region of Origin: Kalos

    Originally born on her family’s estate near Cyllage City in the Kalos Region. Her family was very wealthy, but lacked warmth and love. Not because her parents were bad people, just their jobs kept them away from home most of the time. Her father was a renowned on-the-field- Pokémon researcher, and her mother was a famous Pokémon breeder, known to have breed the Pokémon of Elite Four champions and master coordinators alike As a result she was mostly raised by her grandfather who lived on the family estate. From a young age, Celeste was able to form deep and meaningful friendships and bonds with all kinds Pokémon. Her grandfather attributed this due to her lack of interaction with other children and people, she treats the Pokémon she meets as if they were people, individuals, and befriends them as such.

    Her grandfather, a former Ace Trainer and Veteran Competitive Battler, saw massive potential in the young girl due to her ability to form strong bonds with Pokémon, and began teaching her the basis and basics of Pokémon battling. Celeste took the lessons and knowledge in stride. On her tenth birthday she wanted to set out on her Pokémon journey with her best friend/ Pokémon at the time, a wild Riolu she had been friends with ever since she met him in the small forest on their family estate, but much to her disappointment, her parents told her no, for now, and instead her mother gave her a Pokémon egg and told her to take care of it, raise it, and once she understands the full responsibility of having Pokémon, then she will be allowed to go on her quest.

    The egg eventually hatched into an Eevee. Celeste named her Sylvia since she had planned on evolving it into a Sylveon, her favorite Eeveeloution. After months with Sylvia, playing, bonding, and having practice battles with her grandfather to train, the day finally came when she would prove to her parents that she is now ready to start on her journey. It was the week of her eleventh birthday when they returned home for their visit, something that she was used to for as long as she could remember.

    Celeste showed her parents the progress she had made with Sylvia, her parents were beyond impressed with the progress that Celeste had made and agreed to let her go on her journey. It was their gift to her, in addition once she got the ok to go, her best friend Riolu challenged her and Eevee on the spot to a battle. With her parent’s blessing and her grandfather watching with interest. The battle begun right in the middle of Celeste’s birthday celebration.

    The battle was harder than anything Celeste had ever encountered, Sylvia was at a type disadvantage and Riolu was no slouch, showing off his speed, precision, and determination. When the battle had ended, Sylvia stood victorious, standing by sheer will power alone. After the battle Celeste’s grandfather handed her a Pokéball. She looked at Riolu and he nodded back, he was the first Pokémon she would capture.

    (More of a summary, still WIP)

    From that point on, Celeste began her goal of becoming one of the greatest Pokémon trainers of all time, someone that even League Champions will admire and respect. She would study hard in-between battling, training, and traveling, looking for powerful Pokémon and where to find them. Carefully constructing her team Pokémon one at a time making sure each member of the team fits with the rest. The trust and bond between Pokémon and trainer and Pokémon and Pokémon on her team was incredibly strong.

    It took her 6 years to assemble her team, travelling across 7 different regions, spending roughly a year in each training, looking for her desired Pokémon, and challenging the gyms in each region along with any other battling establishments such as the Battle Frontier and Battle Tower whenever available. But she always stayed away from the Elite Four, she heard stories about their skills and power from her grandfather’s stories and from then always wanted to be a champion and she had made it a goal to herself that once she is ready, she will challenge them in succession starting with the Kalos League, once she acquired every badge in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos.

    Champion titles earned for this RP: Kalos, Unova, Sinnoh
    In progress: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn

    Any questions feel free to ask. She is older in age and an extremely powerful trainer and knows whats she's doing. Might be a bit too much for this RP but I wouldn't mind the character being a special guest or have some kind of a mentor
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  19. Absolutely amazing! Welcome to the squad @Foxex, you're officially accepted! Everyone get ready to join the RP, I'll tag you all so you can join.

    Also, the character can be in the friend group.
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  20. as much as i love MegaEvos. I kind of wanna try my hand at getting a Legendary
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  21. Good luck with that. It takes longer and is even harder to get a legendary pokemon on someone's team. There is also only certain legendary pokemon can be befriended.
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  22. yea, the two that i potentially want are on the catchable list VIctini and Zapdos, which one, i do not know, also a lot of the times Legendaries are banned in RP anyways, so maybe its better to just get a mega lol
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  23. Megas are DEFINITELY easier and much more feasible for an RP like this. An encounter situation could be feasible though.
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  24. We could see if some way along the journey we ENCOUNTER a legendary pokemon. But bonding or catching in this RP is sorta not reasonable. You can try to get a legendary, and they are allowed in this if you have permission.
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  25. @Diamond_Aequitas Do you mind giving us an RP Starter in the RP thread? Just so we have an idea of what to go on?
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  26. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator


    Remember that we have specific rules about Mega Evolutions and Legendary Pokemon, that they are supposed to be incredibly rare, and that they are not blasted cruise control for cool.

    In other words, if the lot of you start blasting me with requests, none of you will get approved. You really should be able to write compelling posts and stories without leaning on power-ups that wouldn't be common in an actual Pokemon world.

    Also, yes, when starting a thread in the RP forum it absolutely must contain in-character content in sufficient amount to give other RPers something to go on, as our rules clearly state.

    Looks like someone needs a refresher on the rules in question. Kindly read those and carry on.
  27. Didn't plan on it. One request-only item is enough for me. I ain't pushing my luck.

    Also, @Diamond_Aequitas, do our characters have to be from Kanto or just currently journeying in Kanto?
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  28. I was going to submit a permissions request for a legendary for a character and a Mega for another in the near future, mainly for the character and not for any particular RP. I feel like I will enjoy the writing challenge and character development
  29. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Yeah, I was really just mostly commenting on that "Eventually everyone's going to need to have either a Mega Evolution or a Legendary" comment the thread starter made here - No, that is not absolutely mandatory or even necessary. Not to say that I'm going to flat out refuse those (although keep in mind that legendaries captures - as opposed to just the encounter or the rare bonding situation - are definitely reserved for proven and trusted RPers, so until one establishes themselves as that, they shouldn't expect approval for one. Mega Evolutions are a bit more fast and loose on that front.) - just remember not to overdo it for both the sake of the plot (no one likes excessive power creep) and for my sake (because I'm going to have to run through all these applications and I already have quite enough on my plate at the moment ^^)
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  30. Well, guess I violate these rules. I'm most likely not going to do this RP considering I don't know much. But will create an RP thread for you guys. Considering you all deserve it more than me.

    Also, a random RP had Spanish in it for no reason, don't understand why mine is bad?

    And we said along the journey we MIGHT encounter a legendary. Not like we needed too. But the Megas I just thought would be cool. And I want to know why Amino allows Megas but not this? I know they may be rare, but still, most people in the pokemon series got them.

    Posting the new thread for the RP btw.
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  31. don't be like that, the 1st RP post on the RP thread just needs to be the start of the RP, go into it as if you were writing an opener for a book, set the setting, and write about your character and the rest of us will follow suit
  32. it's all good, just more regulation and rules here, and i personally think its for the better or else u get people running around with teams with multiple megas. i guess its just the way you worded it, don't let it get you down, RPs are supposed to be fun.

    i think the reason your RP post was bad is because you made a thread without actually kick starting off the RP for any of us to go on. as the owner you need to set the first tone/scene feel and basically be the first one to have your character do stuff the the rest of us can riff off of it and then the story will organically evolve from there
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  33. Alright then.
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