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Showdown at the Orre Hotel

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Abnaki_Knight, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. Kay watched in fascination as the Eevee took the Thunder Wave and simply shook it off as if it did almost no damage whatsoever. The battle went on for a couple minutes before Theo decided to try and capture the pokemon. He threw a Nest ball at the normal type, but it saw the ball coming and moved the the left as the ball fell to the ground.

    Smeargle attacked again with Thunder Wave and when the jolt came in contact with the Eevee, Theo quickly took out a pokeball that looked very expensive and threw it. A red light flashed from the ball as it enveloped the normal type and soon the Eevee disappeared. The ball itself rocked back and forth on the ground, bringing forth a small sort of dust cloud around it before it stilled.

    "Nice job," Kay commented. "Are you alright?" she added when she noticed that he was holding his arm as if in pain. The breeder searched through her bag and opened up another item ball, releasing an ice pack from within. She handed it to him before walking back over to the bike. "We better get back...I think the rest of the trainers are finished and waiting back at the hotel."
  2. OOC: Hoilday Check! How many won't be around a computer during Christmas?

    BIC: When the ice pack was place on his shoulder, Theo's pain melted fast but a faint surge could still be felt.
    "We better get back...I think the rest of the trainers are finished and waiting back at the hotel." Kay said heading to the bike.
    Theo shook his head as he got up. "Only if they left the hotel before the bus did. Look." He point with his good hand as the bus came speeding up to the osais. Getting on his bike he continued, "But yeah lets get back."
  3. ((OOC: Finally found time during the Christmas season to post again :o ))

    Kay giggled at the faces of the trainers who had decided to take the bus to the oasis. Few seemed annoyed, and she guessed the ride there wasn't very comfortable.

    "But yeah let's get back." The black haired breeder got on the bike and they sped back to the hotel.

    "Okay...I gotta register your Eevee with Wes and the others." Kay mumbled, putting out a gloved hand. When Theo handed her the expensive looking pokeball she muttered a "thank you" and a "I'll see you around" before making her way over to Wes.

    "Theo's caught an Eevee. A male, I presume." she told them, all business now, as she released the Eevee, and began manually checking it for any fatal wounds of sorts. One of the ladies in a suit wrote down the information as Kay measured and weighed the Eevee. The normal pokemon squirmed as she sprayed it with a small orange and red bottle and ended up biting her finger. "Ow..."

    "Alright, Eevee, you're good to go." Kay stood up, wiping her hands on her jeans before returning the pokemon back in its ball. She got up and went over to the old man who was still manning the front counter.

    "Where's Theo's room? I have to return his pokemon to him." The old man wrote down the number and she ran up the stairs, checking the numbers on the door as she went by.

    "This should be it..." the breeder told herself as she knocked on the door timidly. "Theo? You there?"
  4. When Theo and Kay arrive back at the hotel he handed the newly caught eevee to her and went back to his room. Inside he released all of his pokemon. Web planted himself on Theo shoulder, Shuckle and smeargle sat on the bed wacthing Tv. Porygon-Z Came out of his computer and Rhydon was the only one left inside it's ball. Sitting down at the computer he saw the transfer was complete. Unplugging the PDA from it he began to look over the data he had.
    "Theo? Are you there?" came a voice from the other side of the door.
    "Yeah, come on in," he said setting down his PDA. Kay walked in. "Done registering I guess," Theo added.
  5. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Once they arrived Fredrick took the Great Ball containing Tony's newest Pokemon to be registered. Tony was sure to give the man his room number so he could deliver the Pokemon to him once he was finished. Once inside his room, Tony released his team from their Poke Balls. He would need them all to be in a good condition for the tourney.

    "You marked my page, right?" Seth asked as soon as he was out.
    "Of course," Tony grinned, before passing him the book.

    Tony busied himself with checking his Pokemon. He had gotten through Seth and Flynt, and was half-way through Jake, when someone knocked at his door. Fredrick was waiting for him on the other side.

    "Well, here's you Pokemon, ready for the tournament," the man said, before handing him the Great Ball.
    "Thanks, see you," Tony said, before closing the door.

    He finished checking Jake, bandaging a cut on the Lucario's left arm. Afterward, he moved on to Blitz, then Sasori. Both were fine. With nothing else to do, he pulled out a Manga book for himself to read.

    An hour later his PokeNav rang, bringing Tony back to the real world. He answered it, and the monitor showed Tabitha, one of the Admins of Team Magma.

    "Vacation's over, return to Lilycove," the man scowled.
    "I can't sir, I'm in the middle of something," Tony sighed.
    "What could be so important that you would disobey a superior's order over?"
    "I've found Wes, running a tournament in Orre, I think it would be a perfect opportunity to gather intel," Tony explained.
    "Fine, but as soon as this Tournament is over, you are to return to Lilycove, and I expect a full report on what you find."

    Tabitha hung up with out another word. Tony sighed, how was he going to be able to get close enough to the CEO of a major corporation without endangering himself or his Team?
  6. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OOC: It's been a while hasn't it? ;D

    Retrieving the Poke Ball, Dean said, "I suppose we should go back, huh?"

    "Yeah we are supposed to go once your Pokemon is ready, give it here, I'll register it when we arrive." Cali replied, reaching for the newly caught Pokemon.

    Dean handed her the ball, then turned to Salamence. "We need a ride old buddy." Dean said to the massive creature, feeding him a Poffin as he passed his head. Salamence lowered his wing, allowing both humans and Sparky to climb aboard, then took off with several mighty flaps.

    After a short flight, the Dragon Pokemon made his landing in the same parking lot the bus had arrived in that morning. "Thanks a lot, you were a great help!" Dean called to the Pokemon as it flew off for home.

    "I'll go register this." Cali said with a smile, before entering the hotel.

    Entering the hotel himself, Dean decided he may as well tend to his Pokemon, as there were many battles ahead. After a few quick patches and a Potion, all his Pokemon were quite content, sitting on the floor eating Pokemon food, as Dean lay on the bed with a handheld game.

    Cali appeared in the doorway, Poke Ball in hand, "Got your Gligar all registered!" she said, smiling.

    "Thanks, I think I'll have a nap until the tournament starts, see you later." Dean said, and went back to his game.

    "Alright then," Cali said, leaving the Poke Ball on the bedside table, "see you soon."
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  7. OOC; Yeah I'm going to say this dead.
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