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Ask to Join Shadowed Futures

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by EeviumZ, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. The following RP is currently on Ask to Join. If you are interested in joining this RP, please see the discussion thread. Posting here without the acceptance of @EeviumZ or @Captain Pokémon will force me to report you to a moderator.

    [Inner Centralis, five minutes to midnight]

    The night was quiet - quieter than usual.

    The moon had nearly reached its highest point in the dark night sky, with thousands of tiny white pinpricks of light adorning the atmosphere. On this cloudless night, one could count the stars forever.

    The moon's faint glow washed over everything in Centralis, only inhibited by the shadows of buildings or other structures. No one was outside at this hour - no one mindful of their safety, anyways.

    The quietness of the night was suddenly disrupted by a single chime. And another, and another. Twelve chimes sounded in total, signifying that midnight had arrived.

    After the final chime went silent, the night suddenly turned for the worse. Eyewitnesses would later allude to the oddities that would take place, although no one would believe them.

    The white moon and the stars turned a deep red, and the peaceful city was bathed in a hellish glow. A blood-red star formed over the city, casting a shadow over everything in it, before shattering into twelve identical fragments.

    Each fragment flew into the residence of a young teen, whether they were wide awake or fast asleep. Unfortunately for these individuals, this was not a good thing.


    Victoria Stone was in her study, her purple hair slightly covering her tired eyes. Sighing, she sat back and listened to the twelve chimes of midnight. She wasn't supposed to be awake, but she just couldn't sleep.

    Suddenly, a small red object flew through the open window of the study. The object flew directly towards the young teen, before suddenly shattering and turning to sparkling red dust.

    The dust swirled around Vic's left arm, before seemingly vanishing into her skin. Seconds later, a strange marking appeared on her left wrist.

    The teen's eyes widened in horror. Her group had heard of a mark like this, and she knew what it signaled.

    She immediately moved to the window, seeing a series of fragments just like the one that had just seeped into her arm finding their marks. Instantly, she knew what the situation called for.

    Summoning her power, a black staff with a purple crystal floating on the end appeared in her hand. She swung herself out the window of her study, landing softly on the ground - fortunately enough, her study was on the first floor. Without any hesitation, she raised her staff, sending a beacon of violet light into the sky. Fortunately, this signal would only be seen and understood by those who needed to see it - for she had just called an emergency meeting of the Chaos Society.
  2. Neon was minding his own business. Technically, he should be asleep at the moment. Not so technically, who the freak cared?

    He was in his room, severely bullying a training dummy with his wield. It wasn’t very helpful though, as he always cut it in half with one swipe of his sword, and every time he had to quickly reconstruct it. Which wasn’t the hardest thing in the world, due to his abstract allowing him to reconstruct the thing in about 2 seconds.

    He eventually got bored and jumped out his window, a pre-placed stack of hay breaking his fall. He went to his pile of sticks, picked about 30 of them up in total, carrying them to a plank of wood 5 at a time. The plank of wood was balanced on top of a stone block. He placed the sticks on one side of the plank. He then walked over to the other side and stomped on it, sending the sticks into the air. Then right before they all landed, he used his super speed to slash all the sticks into four parts each with his bright blue energy sword. (His wield.) A red fragment of sorts then landed on his arm, then just seeped into his skin. A strange mark then appeared. His eyes widened. “No...no no no no...” He then looked at the sky, and saw a violet beam in the sky. He sighed and quickly ran to the area where they had been meeting in secret. He was obviously the first one there, thanks to his abstract.
  3. As the clock hit midnight, Gabriel sat on the roof of his porch just outside his bedroom window, he always enjoyed laying down to count the stars even if doing so at this hour annoyed his parents, but they were fast asleep and Gabriel tended to look for constellations, always fascinated by the shapes that the formations of stars took. However, one star seemed a lot different from the others, it glowed red and seemingly split in to multiple ones that fell from the sky, not like comets, but like something else, something unusual. One of these so called star pieces headed directly for Gabriel who flinched and tried to evade, but the piece burrowed in to his skin before he could react, and that was saying something due to his decent reflexes, but when he noticed the strange marking on his skin, a chill ran down his spine.

    "You've gotta be kidding me..." Gabriel said as he looked back at his window, then at the mark... then at the strange purple beam in the sky. "Guess it's time." He muttered to himself and held his arms out as if he was about to give someone a hug, two clouds began to seep from his hands and take the forms of strange scythe like weapons, a bit small for scythes, but far too big to be kamas. Gabriel stepped off of the roof of his porch and seemingly fell through the ground as if it was water, often at times, he jumped out of a shadow that was closer to his destination only to fall in to another one, much like a dolphin in water. As he arrived at the meeting place, he noticed another individual was already there, out of one of the shadows in the area, Gabriel slowly elevated his body out while his body looked like it was covered in a strange black sludge, but this 'sludge' behaved a lot more like a gas as it 'dripped' and faded from him.
  4. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Sabel was outside, talking with some friends who also couldn't sleep. He wasn't sure why, but he felt something ominous was coming, and he couldn't completely rest because of that.
    He knew it was silly, but he couldn't help it. So here he was, talking to other kids he found wandering as well, as they complained about their insomnia or messed up sleep schedule, until he felt something...odd.
    His arm felt weird, not itchy, but Sabel tried to scratch it anyway. Immediately, he felt cold. There it was, the purple marking he and the others spoke about.
    He almost screamed, until he heard the others murmuring about a light. Looking up, he saw the light, bright violet, shining through the night.
    Oh no. Please no.
    To excuse himself, he faked wanting to sleep, and wished them luck as he left. As he left, they wished him luck as well.
    Oh the irony.
    He swung across the city, swinging by using his abstract , until he made it to the meeting place. When he made it, the first thing he noticed was the same marking on the others. The thought made him hold his tightly.
    "Oh geez. What are the chances? Please tell me those are just ironic tattoos" he weakly laughed, attempting to lighten the mood. Not the most appropriate thing to say, but oh well.
  5. Inhale, exhale.

    Maia tracked the movement that her own breath made across her skin, memorizing the feeling so that she could block it out and focus on her surroundings instead. She also changed the position of her body, moving from where she was bending backwards to where she balanced on her forearms, body tipping backwards in the air to form an upright letter 'C.' Her Wield, strapped across her back, brushed lightly against her legs, a solid and comforting presence.

    Nighttime—when most people slept and there was a slight chill in the air—was the best time to do these excercises.

    She took another deep breath and went through the same motion over and over, identifying the currents that prickled her skin and categorized them. A normal breeze rustled the papers on her desk as it drifted through the open window, but beyond that she could feel the way the leaves of the tree near her window rubbed against each other, or the wingbeats of insects that disturbed the air.

    Maia blinked open her eyes as she felt the air move over her skin ever so slightly in a way that broke the pattern and prodded her from her meditation; something had changed. Carefully so as to not lose her balance, she turned her head to look out the window in time to see the sky bleed crimson. Her eyes furrowed with concern, but she hardly had the time to consider the oddity before her senses screamed danger.

    Maia's heart picked up its beat and she straightened out her body from it's complex pose, moving to a kneel. Halfway through, however, something rushed through her window and headed directly toward her left arm. She hissed in surprise, gripping the arm and watching as red dust seeped between her fingers. When she released her arm, the skin below was imprinted with an odd marking that gave her a sinking feeling. She rose to her feet and rushed to the window to look for the source of whatever shard had hit her, only to see a beacon of violet slash through the sky.

    Maia didn't have an Abstract that allowed her to speed or teleport to the Chaos Society's meeting place. As such, she was forced to jog at her usual pace and, when she arrived, it was no surprise to see some of her allies already there, and Sabel arriving just before her. She rubbed at the mark on her arm as he spoke and, despite the unease that she felt, offered a small smile.

    "I wish I could say that," she said, before her smile faded. "Do we...know who it was?"
  6. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Johnny was walking down the street on a moonlit night when a large man grabbed his collar from inside an alley. "You better have money ya' skeleton." The man had his wield out, only a dagger, but he had a tight grip on John's collar. "I blew most'a it already. Ya were too slow fatass," he replied with a nonchalant tone. The man angrily flung Clear further into the alley. Johnny flopped on the ground and slowly got back up, but the man now blocked the exit. The dagger-wielding mugger charged at Johnny, who quickly brought out his wield and turned into an ice statue. Upon hearing the wield clang off his defense, he exited his ice form and brought the giant axe down upon the man, catching him in the shoulder and cutting two-thirds of the way through. As he dissipated his wield, Johnny heard the chimes of midnight, followed by a blood red light. A bit of red descended upon Clear, and he watched as it turned into dust to envelop his arm. He rolled up his sleeve to look at the effect, and saw a purple mark. Johnny smiled, amused. There was now a purple light, and looking above the buildings it appeared to be a beacon. He summoned his wield once again, and the axe's fan started to spin. he lowered it to the ground, which froze in a second. Johnny stepped forward onto the ice and began to slide with the fan creating a continuous path to slide on.

    Upon arriving at the destination, Clear found that he wasn't the only one by far that would stay up this late. "Hey, it seems as if this club ain't batshit crazy after all! I jus' gotta tattoo like the ones you guys were talkin' about. Whaddya guys say that this means 'gain?"
  7. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Lilith awoke with a violent sneeze. Glittering red dust scattered with the gust of air, before swirling in an unseen current to twist into a spiraling purple pattern on her arm. She blinked at it stupidly with luminous amber snake eyes, before she shot upright and hit her head on her bed’s headboard. Dammit. You’ve gotta be fricking kidding me. Her wield formed in her left hand, shimmering into the shape of a scale-patterned flute, before she leaped out of bed and activated her secondary Abstract.

    Snakeskin attribute; speed. Now, speed isn’t typically a characteristic mark of a snake, but some can slither at over ten miles per hour. Her speed boosted considerably, Lilith jumped out her window towards the violet beam, playing a quick trill on her flute to summon Enji, her go-to black mamba snake summons. He coiled around her neck as she ran, raising his upper fourth as she approached. “You all talking about these things?” the girl asked darkly, holding out her wrist, palm-up. The dark purple mark twinkled innocently in the dim light. “Just about wet myself when I saw it, curse the damn thing.”
  8. Travis Dragonfountain had been trying to piece together what happened when his childhood sweetheart, Natalie Leonidas, disappeared. He had also been figuring out stuff about his wield when a red fragment went into his left shoulder and it started glowing purple.

    "Great," Travis cursed, then whispered, "I promise I will find you Natalie."

    Travis gave off a warning shot using Long Range Flame Shot to give a message that he was on his way, he went into Pyrokinetic form.

    A bit later Travis arrived, he was definitely later than about half of the group, out of breath from usage, and moved slowly the rest of the way. He saw Lilith and Johnny talking about the mark.

    "Mine's on my left shoulder," Travis noted as it was glowing through his captain's coat.
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  9. [OOC: Just realized I forgot to post my character bios, my bad. I'll post it later.]


    The meeting was taking place in an abandoned building, more than large enough to house the entire Chaos Society. Victoria's staff glowed in her hand as she sat down at her spot at the head of the makeshift table - also known as a large piece of rubble that was flat enough to function as a table.

    "Sit down, all of you. This is gonna be a long one." She exhaled, noticing that some members of their group were missing. "I think you all know why we're here." She raised her arm, revealing the mark that had been the topic of many a heated discussion.

    "Looks like I've been marked. Which essentially means we've got twenty-four hours to figure out what the hell these things are before I vanish for good." Her wield vanished as she put her arms on the table. "I want all observations from your experiences in the past thirty-eight hours, and I want them now."

    Recently, the disappearings had been the main topic of discussion at the Chaos Society's meetings. So much so that Victoria had requested/ordered everyone in the Society to take note of any strange things they saw during the evenings and report back.

    For someone who had essentially been told that they were going to disappear in a day, Victoria was remarkably composed, seemingly channeling her anxiety into anger. She kept her abrupt and to-the-point demeanor, her violet eyes staring down the society.
  10. Neon sat down and put his feet up on the large piece of rubble and twiddled his thumbs."You're taking this remarkably well." He said to Victoria. "Like me." He said, putting his arm up and showing the same mark. He looked at the rest of the group, although some of them were missing.

    "And it doesn't seem that only us leaders have these marks." He said while sighing. (Hahhahahaha, did you really expect us NOT to add a detail where both our ocs share the role of leader in the group when we share the role of owners in the rp?) "That means at least most of us will almost certainly disappear in 24 hours. Short story short, these marks suck." He said, attempting to lighten the mood. He seemed to be barely keeping his casual demeanor together.

    He then looked at his fellow leader. "Well, since you asked so nicely." He said sarcastically, but a friendly kind of sarcastic. "The situation we have been 'researching'," he said, adding air quotes to the researching part, as they really just snooping around, not researching. "is a real mystery, along with being really strange and hard to figure out. Two kids have gone missing in the last two days. First was Billy. 13, nice kid, but kinda naive. His wield was pretty powerful, it was some sort of huge mace. Second was Dave. 14, kinda an asshole." He said frankly. "He had a powerful wield too. Some sorta electric dagger or something. Was capable of doing surprising amounts of damage, especially to people. Overall, the two people are in the age range we have noticed that all the disappearing victims seem to be in. The two of them also had particularly powerful wields. This supports our theory that the victims are in the age range of 12-17, and have particularly powerful wields." He reported.

    He then looked at the rest of the group. "So, how about you all? Got anything useful to report?" He said in a casual but stern tone of voice. He also emphasized the 'useful', as every once in a while, someone would say something useless, wasting everyone's time.
  11. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    "Do I have anything to report? Not unless you wanna hear about an everyday asshole going to the market so he doesn't starve, no." Johnny scowled, before switching to a giant sarcastic smile. "Oh! I know! Maybe ya'd like ta hear about how the sky turned red before some glitter gave me a weird tattoo!" He paused for a second, then shifted his face back into a frown. "So someone's pulling teens off the streets, eh? I've kicked the shit out of at least one pedo in mah l life. I ain't worried."
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  12. "Both of you, too?" Maia wondered aloud. She wasn't normally the type to speak up so early in these meetings, but she felt especially rattled tonight. Vic and Neon had spearheaded the movement to investigate the disappearances; if they disappeared along with the rest of the Society, there would be no one to look for them, and that was a thought that Maia didn't want to dwell on. Sure, not everyone in their ragtag group got along all the time, but ever since she'd met them she worried about who would be the next to disappear.

    She listened to Johnny with a scowl as he seemed to downplay the recent disappearances. Speaking of members of their group who didn't get along...

    Maia fidgeted with the bowstring on her Wield, feeling the air hum around it as she pulled it taut and let go again. She then looked to Sabel, Lilith, and Travis, who'd all mentioned their own marks too, before moving to take off her left glove to show hers.

    "I doubt it's just some creep who's into teens," Maia pointed out, and took a breath. "I don't know how useful it is, but I was just meditating and doing my exercises at home, like usual. I was reaching out with my Abstract, hoping that if anyone else disappeared, maybe I could sense something useful." She rubbed at her eyes with her newly uncovered hand. There were dark circles beneath them.

    "Anyways, tonight followed the pattern that I've been seeing recently. It was quiet and still--moreso than it should've been. I couldn't even feel any bats or owls. When I sensed a change in the atmosphere, I looked to see that the sky had turned red like Johnny said, and when I looked out the window to see if I could get a closer look, something..." she struggled to find an accurate word, and held up her left arm, now uncovered to show the mark. "...attacked me, I guess? Left me with this. I thought I was the only one until I got here. That's all I saw."
  13. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Tenon wasn't at the meeting, well not yet. He was playing five-finger-flay, one of his favourite games. He could see a red fragment flying towards his arm, but it was his high score or this thing. What he wasn't expecting was the fragment to dig under his skin. Tenno's concentration quickly slipped, with the blade stabbing into the side of his middle finger. After cursing for minutes, he decided to check the mark. It didn't look too out of place, on his heavily scared arm. He slipped out of the 2nd floor window. Using his fall speed Tenno made a wave if small knives using his abstract. He let the wave carry him to the purple beacon. As it sped up, behind it was a much different site. The floor had clear cut and scratch marks.

    Tenno decided to make the ride slightly interesting. He directed it towards the side of a house, where he transformed it into one large blade made of smaller knives. He rode on the walls of the houses, going so much quicker. He was approaching the meeting place much more quicker than he expected. Tenno jumped off his knife, launching it at the building. It spun through the air before craching through a window. Tenno launched himself into the window, using his abstract. He skidded on the floor before crashing into the back of Lilith's legs. He stood up, brushed himself off and acted like nothing had happened. "So, how are you guys doing? I just got a mark to meet santa clause, is that a good thing?", he smiled, flipping his knife.

    @Night's Shadow
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  14. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "Aw nooo, not Billy. I love that guy." Sabel lamented. "But, he's not alone." he continued, showing his mark.
    "Didn't even notice it. I was hanging with some insomniacs and then BOOM! Kidnapper calling card on my arm. Sorry about the lack of info, I wasn't expecting today to be my doom."
    Hearing the others speak, however, gave him enough information to understand that there was something relating to a red light. Which... wasn't the most constructive, but was a good enough oddity to focus on.
  15. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Johnny grimaced as Tenno crashed through the window. "Great, now the mental one's here too. Whatevah, did anyone bring munchies? Donuts are the most interesting thing to happen at one'a these meetings." He paused to wait for an answer.
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  16. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    July woke up in a pool of her own blood, her wield in her hand, she sat up and dusted herself off, she had been practicing singing in her usual quiet place when a mugger had jumped her, she had activated her wield just in time as the burly dude stabbed a knife straight through her chest and she died, that had been half an hour ago and now she was perfectly fine, she heard the chimes and watched as a red shard thing flew at her before turning to dust and leaving a marking on her arm. She then noticed the signal for an emergency meeting and deactivated her wield and ran to reach the location "God I hope I'm not late" she muttered.

    She finally reached the location and entered through the door, completely forgetting that the front of her sweater was currently drenched in her own blood she stood panting as she attempted to catch her breath, "sorry I'm late, I'm assuming this meeting is about the mark that appeared on my arm a little while ago, I'm assuming others have them too" she said before turning to look around the group waiting for an answer.
  17. As Gabriel looked around at everyone, all he did was lean against a wall with his arms folded. "I'm sorry, but even if I knew about what happened during my past day or two, all I can say is that nothing out of the ordinary happened. And I'd remember anything different that happens in my rather boring life, all I was doing was looking at the stars before I ended up with this." Gabriel said as he lowered his coat sleeve to reveal the marking and turned his head to see June, the sight of her blood soaked look made Gabriel blink in surprise and summoned his Wield. "What the hell happened to you?" He asked as he pointed his weapon at her.
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  18. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Tenno smiled at Jonny's comment, "Aww you think I'm mentally unhinged too." he said, patting Jonny on the head. If I'm gonna go missing, might as well make the most of it, he thought. Seeing Gabriels little wield threat made Renno smile even more. "No need for violence people, cause if you want violence I can just about kill everyone in this room. That would be a fun game actually! How many people can Tenno kill before being killed?", Tenno laughed, tapping his knife on Gabriel's wield. "So I'm guessing I'm not the only one that is gonna go missing?"

    @Shadow_Pup @Red Gallade
  19. "No one wants violence here and no one would find your idea of a "game" fun." Gabriel said as his Wield faded from his hands. "I just got surprised by the fact someone came here after looking like she took a literal bloodbath." He said as he looked at July. "What even happened for you to get in such a state?" He asked as he returned to the wall to lean against.
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  20. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    July gave a shrug, "well I was mugged and the dude stabbed me, I didnt have time to change cause I got this mark and then saw the thing about an emergency meeting and rushed over to see what was going on" she said matter of factly and smiled at the two boys "Also shouldn't we try to avoid violence as much as possible, I mean if one of us gets taken wouldn't that help with the investigating".
    @Red Gallade @Schrift007
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  21. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Murphy was sitting up against his bed, head arched back with a book atop his face. He was all tuckered out and enjoying a whimsical dream. The only thing that brought the boy out of his out of his slumber was the odd red light of the sky that gleamed through his bedroom window. Murphy’s neck straightened and the book slid off his face onto his lap. He soon noticed a suspicious mark that was planted on his wrist and began to have a better idea of what was going on. As he yawned he said “That’s just very inconvenient timing,” half considering letting himself fall back into the depths of his dreams. Murphy had a bit more willpower than that though, and so he left his room and tiptoed out of his house as not to wake his parents or siblings.

    Rubbing his eyes under his glasses once more, Murphy began walking leisurely to where the Chaos Society had planned on meeting.

    Once he had arrived, it had become apparent just how late the boy was. He wanted to apologize, but truth be told Murphy didn’t feel all that sorry. He took his seat and dropped his upper body onto the table, hoping to make up for the sleep he was missing. Murphy raised his hand, calling out “Present” as to confirm his state of attendance in a rather patronizing way.
  22. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    (OOC: Aw, come on. Maybe tomorrow I just won’t sleep. XD)

    Lilith almost sicced Enji on Tenno before she realized it was just him. She scowled bad-temperedly as the snake hissed, baring his fangs. “Is this a joke to you?” she growled, before rolling her eyes. “Nevermind, of course it is, it’s you.” She blinked at Victoria for a second as the others gave their recollections. “If it means anything, I was asleep,” she offered in a way that made it seem like she thought her information was useless. Which it probably was, but whatever. If her 1% contribution meant they figured out what the hell was going on, then you’d better believe she’s giving it.
  23. "Victoria, Neon, I know very personally about these strange marks, I saw it on Natalie's left cheek, then twenty one hours later, gone, 13 with a dual rapier set as her wield, each rapier having a different ability," Travis explained, tears hanging in his eyes, "I'm still trying to find her."

    Travis was worried, and he wasn't one easily worried, especially since he got the same mark that Natalie had. The day she disappeared, the field he usually shot to give his arrival was riddled with cannon holes. He awaited a response.
  24. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    "That's depressing, you must be the only one here who is going to end up missing. I'll try to remember", Tenno said in a sarcastic tone. "Why don't you try smiling?", he asked, walking up to her and putting his knife on the corner of her mouth. He pulled it up, before briskly pulling away. "Never mind, I'd prefer if you didn't smile. I've seen better smiles on pianos". Tenno didn't really mind going missing, well who did mind him going missing? "If we're talking about what we did recently, well I was playing five-finger-flay on my own. Almost beat my high score till this flying thing stuck to my arm, wonder if I can carve it out?". Tenno tested his theory by digging his knife into his arm, nothing was coming out apart from blood and more blood.

    @Night's Shadow
  25. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "Yeah it's a weird thing. So you have the mark t-jesuschristwhathappenedtoyou?!" Sabel stared wide-eyed, until he heard the explanation. "Avoid violence? So I guess that blood came from peaceful means, huh?"
    Predictably, at the mention of blood, Tenno began going full psychopath, threatening people, himself, and everything else, before attacking....himself. Despite all the blood it was somehow less terrifying when Tenno was involved.
    "Stop that. Do you plan on dying before you go missing?"
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  26. Gabriel watched as Tenno gave his comments and let out a sigh in annoyance while he put his thumb and index finger to his face. "Hey, pal? Maybe now would be a g-" Before Gabriel could finish his sentence, he watched as Tenno began to repeatedly cut himself. "So..." Gabriel said as he turned to Victoria and Neon who seemed like the supposed leaders. "I know you said that we were gonna get everyone who had these markings; I didn't realize it also included..." He said as he turned his eyes to Tenno again. "...him."
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  27. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Lilith raised her flute to her lips the second Tenno approached with his knife. She glared calmly into his antagonistic sneer before redirecting his knife somewhere else in a painfully slow manner. “Unless you want a boa constrictor wrapped around your throat, I suggest you get out of my face, asshole.”

    When he withdrew his knife and stabbed himself, Lilith regarded him coolly with her snake eyes. If he bled out, it wasn’t her fault. “Don’t bother,” she said, turning to Sabel. “He’s a crazy lunatic. As opposed to a normal lunatic. He’s a crazy lunatic, which explains a lot.” Her head swiveled to Gabriel. “No kidding. I feel your pain, man.”
  28. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Johnny swat at Tenno's arm as he pat him. "Fuckin' try to kill me, ya dropped child! If ya think ya can kill me ya must be crazier than I thought!" He snickered and summoned his wield and shifted his weight onto it. "I wondah if mental illness is cured in hell. Howsabout ya find out fah me, Señor Delusional? Ya wanna pick a fight?" He noticed that Lilith had also threatened the nut job, but she backed off. Johnny knew that he wasn't chickening out, and that he would only let it end in a dead loon or the psycho backing down. This'll probably take the donut's place for most exciting thing to happen here.

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  29. (This post was difficult to write, but I’m trying to fit everything into this post in the order that they happened.
    Neon sighed in a mixture of annoyance and amusement. It was annoying that the teens were having some trouble getting along. But that same thing was also kind of hilarious to watch. Neon frowned at Johnny. “This is serious Johnny. Besides, your jokes at the moment are about as amusing as watching paint dry.” Neon remarked. He may be a leader in the group, but he never really spoke or acted like one. He simply nodded at Maria, not having much to say, and decided to leave that part to Victoria. Tenno then came crashing through the window and crashed into Lilith’s legs. Neon actually burst out laughing at that. It was so random and unexpected. July also came in covered in blood, but that was Vic’s problem. Tenno then threatened all of them. He looked at Tenno. “Aw shut up Tenno. Your threats are almost as hilarious as your hat.” He remarked.
    Neon sighed at Murphy’s typical tardiness. “Well at least we have everyone here now.” He said.
    He looked at Gabriel. “Eh, we just have to deal with it I guess.” He said in response.
    He saw Johnny take his wield out and threaten Tenno. Neon secretly took out his wield, ready to break up the fight and fight himself if necesarry.
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  30. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    "I wonder if hell can teach 'ya' to speak properly", Tenno shot back. "Really it's 'you' not 'ya' well formal greeting aside you should put your weapon down". Tenno was now inches away from his face, he had a knack for moving faster than the eye could see. He lifted his knife, where hundreds of crimson blades formed above the pair. Tenno's blood was now glowing slightly and his normal smile was now replaced with a grim stare. He looked firmly at Jonny for a couple seconds, before playfully tapping him on the forehead. The knives fell from the sky and turned to dust on the floor. "You crazy? I'm not going to kill a dead man", he laughed. Truth was, Tenno knew that if he attempted to attack him then Neon would join. Neon was one of the few people Tenno knew not to mess with. He heard rumours that Neon as quick as, if not quicker than him. "So what do we do in our remaining twenty four hours? Actually shouldn't we stay together so that whatever is kidnapping teens doesn't get us? Like there's no way that whoever's going to kidnap us is able to take all of us together"

    @mallard @Captain Pokémon
  31. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “It might actually be better for one or two of us to be taken,” Lilith said, thinking aloud, “namely someone with an Abstract that could send their location to the others so that we could stage a rescue.” Her snakelike glare shifted to Neon. “Someone... like me. There are some species of snake I can summon that are the size of worms, too small to be taken notice of. It could slip out, and relay the coordinates to the rest of you. Of course, that assumes they’re all still alive, and that I don’t die beforehand. It would be risky, but is a definite possibility.”

    Lilith leaned against the wall, casually reaching up to stroke Enji’s scaly body. The mamba hissed in pleasure. “Or we could just do as the psychopath says and decimate whoever comes for us. We gotta do something unless we want to end up as food for thought, nothing but a memory. Unless someone else has a better idea.”
  32. As the argument between them grew more heated, Maia removed her Wield from her back and placed it onto the makeshift table in front of her. She didn't stand, but she still wanted it in closer reach. She probably wouldn't step between a squabble, but whatever, it made her feel a little better. Between July's casual post-mugging and Tenno's...personality, there was just a little too much bloodshed too early in the meeting.

    Then came Lilith's idea, and hearing it made Maia skeptical. It wasn't that she doubted Lilith's abilities, per se, and it wasn't even a bad idea in and of itself, but there was a thought that nagged at her.

    "Has any of us actually seen anyone be taken?" She asked. "For all we know, these kids could just be bursting into flames, no kidnappers to fight or follow, right? There'd be no way to control who gets taken. I mean, I'm not saying I have a better idea, because I don't. Just that it seems way too risky to be our first choice."
  33. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Johnny's smile didn't falter as Tenno got in his face. Damn, that speed's annoying. Nothing I couldn't handle though. "Nice apology." He said after the crazy bastard broke eye contact. Clear waved his wield away and plopped down in his chair. "Now I'm itchin' for a fight, an' if I gotta wait twenny-four hours for a scrap, so be it. We really got nothin' at this point, so we cross that bridge when we get there." He looked around to see if anyone would agree.
  34. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    At Sabel's comment about violence July rolled her eyes. She listened intently as Lilith spoke and nodded, "if you were to get kidnapped you definitely shouldn't do it alone, I mean obviously the actual kidnapping can happen separately but it would be safer to have more than one person go 'undercover', right?" she said looking around to see if others agreed. When the more heated arguments began she waddled over to Neon and budged him, "uh you want me to put those two to slip for a bit, it would make the atmosphere a little less tense, but it's your choice" she said with a shrug as she pulled out her wield in case her ability was needed.
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  35. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Murphy listened to everyone's ideas and takes on the situation as he picked and scratched at the odd marking on his right wrist. He tried his best to ignore the bickering between the more rowdy ones of the group. After giving them his ear for quite a while, he planted the side of his head against the table and decided to add his own input. "You're all over complicating everything. We're all inevitably going to be taken so just let them come to us. Why go through the trouble of devising some big plan for something we know next to nothing about? That's just silly."
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