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Ask to Join Seven Together (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by GalacticDeg, Aug 16, 2018.


What should I do?

  1. Stay in the current town

    1 vote(s)
  2. Probably get called to the B2W2 starting area, Aspertia City.

    3 vote(s)
  1. ROLEPLAY: https://pokecharms.com/threads/seven-together.19795/

    Seven trainers are sent by each Professor to Unova's Nuvema Town. (B2W2 Pokemon)
    The Professors have spotted something odd there in Unova.
    What it is, they don't know.
    What they do know, is that the thing needs to be located.

    Follow the Pokecharms rules.
    Don't join, to quit after one post. If you're an idiot like this and do it without explanation and don't post, I will remove your role and let it free for someone else.
    Romance, please don't go too far with it.
    Please try not to swear. It's not banned, just don't take it too far.
    If you want a shiny, ask me first. No shiny starters.
    If you have permission for a legendary and want to use it, ask me first.
    Catching Pokemon is not as easy as it is in the game! Space out your captures!
    You start with only a starter, and can catch more later.
    You can catch more than 6, but you only have 6 on a team.
    If you want a Pokemon that's not in Unova, you can either wait because we might move region, or ask in Discussion.
    No nicknames for Pokemon. It gets really confusing. geez that was a lot of rules...


    Age 13-15:

    Name: Jayden Chambers
    Age 13-15: 15
    Nationality: Kanto
    Appearance: Jayden has dark green hair (dyed, not natural), the 'caesar cut' from SM/USUM. Except, the side of his hair is black like Guzma. His hair has a small blade of hair that sticks upwards. His eyes are light blue, and his skin is light brown. He usually wears a plain white long-sleeved t-shirt and has charcoal-black cargo pants. His shoes are usually black boots. He's the average size for his age, and slightly overweight.
    Personality: Confident, likes to shout and let out excitement. He is adventurous, but knows where to stop. Likes to act like a leader.
    Skills: Good cook. Large knowledge of Pokemon.

    Pokemon: Squirtle
    Moves: Water Gun, Tackle, Tail Whip
    Personality: Really shy and likes to cling onto Jayden.

    Kanto - Jayden Chambers (@GalacticDeg)
    Johto - Prescott Harmenta (@EdgyCarrotPeels)
    Hoenn - OPEN
    Sinnoh - Kritana Amin (@SS-I Never)
    Unova - Justin Hardin (@ThatJustin’sASpy!)
    Kalos - Courir Blanc (@Fraseandchico)
    Alola - Zoey Addison (@Jodie.xox)

    Your character will have a Starter from their region, a device to call their Professor, 10 Poke-Balls and a few personal items from their family.

    Team Pixel are a small group of Pokemon Trainers based in the Alola region. Their theme is similar to the Aether Foundation as they want to be better than it, they want to be the best researching group ever. So, they got information of a strange thing in Unova, and travelled over there quickly. They're on the hunt for it and don't plan on being stopped by a bunch of 10 year-old children. As they want to give a good example, they use the happy and popular Pokemon so they can't be stopped. Types they like to use are:

    Electric (Fits with Pixel and research, and it has Pikachu in it.)
    Fairy (Fairy-types are considered mostly cute and positive.)
    Normal (same as Fairy-types)

    There would obviously be exceptions, but that's the types they like most
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  2. Name: Zoey Addison
    Age 13-15: 14
    Nationality: Alola
    Appearance: Brown hair just above waist, sort of wavy, red shading at bottom. White crop top, tied up skirt with litten colours and pattern on, like a Hawaii type skirt. White skin, but pretty tanned. Grey eyes, brown eye shadow matching skin.
    Personality: She's grown up around Pokemon, being from Alola. She really cares about them, and she's a good fighter that sometimes prefers strength over looks in her Pokemon. She's kind, up to making friends and having a chat. She doesn't really know everything about places or Pokemon, but she just learns along the way.
    Skills: Dances routines with Pokemon, sort of like Pokemon shows for Alolan villages. Good at getting Pokemon to like her.

    Pokemon: Litten
    Moves: Ember, Scratch, Growl, Leer.
    Personality: Confident, loves doing shows with Zoey, up to any fight, prepared to get stronger, curious, likes walking by Zoey's side if not distracted.
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  3. @Jodie.xox you are accepted! Just one thing, you do know grey eyes usually indicate that someone's blind, right?
  4. As in like grey-blue, like not blue but more of a grey type colour if you know what I mean, @GalacticDeg
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  5. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    I can’t get a bio up yet, I have some things to do, but can my OC be from Unova?

    Name: Courir Blanc
    Age 13-15: 15
    Nationality: Kalos
    Appearance: Similar to Calem from Pokémon X and Y, but with green eyes, a white coat, and grey trousers, wears blue roller skates, and has sunglasses on his head, blonde hair.
    Personality: overconfident, however very trusting, and slightly naïve, kinda flirty, very imaginative. Loves pokémon.
    Skills: Roller skating, battling, Caring for Pokémon.

    Pokémon: Chespin
    Moves: Vine whip, Rollout, Growl, Bite.
    Personality: Brave, but not very trusting.
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  7. @Fraseandchico Chespin is so cute, though I literally say that for every starter, they're all too cute xD
  8. I also chose Chespin because Chesnaught is my favourite Pokémon.
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  9. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Ok, I can finally post now!(Yes, @GalacticDeg I meant later today)

    Name: Justin Hardin
    Gender: Male
    Age (13-15): 14
    Appearance: Wears light grey clothing: A zipper hoodie, shirt, sweatpants, and bright red shoes. Wears a pair of black headphones around his neck, and a black backpack. An Xtransciever is seen on his right wrist. Has thick dirty blonde hair, deep brown eyes, and pale pinkish white skin. Stands at 5'10".
    Personality: Caring of others, being more selfless than selfish, and will help out when needed. Is decent in social situations, and becomes very awkward when it comes to relationships. Treats his Pokémon as family.
    Skills: Is an expert when it comes to Unovan Pokémon. Technology expert, and an average battler.

    Pokémon: Oshawott
    Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun(around level 7)
    Personality: Is normally sharing the mood of those around it, especially Justin. Normally curios, and questions what it’s trainer does sometimes.

    Please tell me if I need to change/fix anything!
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  10. @ThatJustin’sASpy! accepted.

    I remembered that Unova is just Gen 5 Pokemon, not even Pikachu is in it. If you guys don't mind, would it be fine to include other Pokemon in areas of the region where they fit (e.g. a Slowpoke on a beach)?
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  11. (may i join this please, for the johto slot?
  12. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Name: Jake Hibiki
    Age 15
    Appearance: Orange eyes,Brown hair,wears a beanie.Brown trousers and a Lugia patterned T-Shirt.
    Personality: Energitic,yet cautious when danger lurks..
    Skills: Has a special Bond with Johto Pokémon,and is a great stragiest.

    Pokemon:Chickorita (lvl 12ish)
    Moves:Tackle/Poison Powder/Growl/Razor Leaf/Synthesis

    (Applying for the Johto spot btw)
  13. @TheGoldenDragonite @malcolm debourg

    Well, we've got two people for the Johto slot. Malcom, make your Johto bio, and I'll pick.

    Also, The Golden Dragonite, a few things. Nationality (under age) is missing, we don't need levels, and if there was, it'd be 5. A Pokemon only has 4 moves (I know, I didn't specify it, but more than 4 makes it confusing) and can you please expand on the Personality of your Pokemon? Thanks.
  14. Name: Kritanta "Kri" Amin
    Age: 15
    Nationality: Sinnoh
    Appearance: Kritanta is a fairly short indian girl, standing at 5'04" feet, with tan skin and long, luscious black hair that reaches her hips. One of her eyes is brown, while the other is hazel in color. She is fairly lean in figure. She is mostly seen wearing a crop top with a leather jacket over it, skinny jeans, and a pair of high heels. She was also wears glasses (sometimes her perscreption sunglasses as she thinks it makes her look cool).
    Personality: She is very determined when it comes to reaching her goals, and will stop at nothing that blocks her way. She can come off as very serious, but once you get to know her she can be a really good friend/ally as she is willing to work with those she trust. At times, she can be a bit insecure but will always hide it. She's also bisexual.
    Skill: Pokemon battling and art

    Pokémon: Chimchar
    Moves: Scratch/Leer/Ember/Fury Swipes
    Personality: He is an Adamant Nature, making him very loyal to Kritanta. He is always up for a Pokemon battle and isn't afraid to show his stuff. He's also very sympathetic towards his trainer, and is always there when she's having the hardest of times.

    I hope this is good enough! :D:'|
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  15. @SS-I Never accepted! Sounds like 'Never accepted'.. or 'I never accepted'..... but you are 'accepted'.

    We just need Johto, and any ideas people can come up with, and we're good to start! Oh, and @o5ter too for Hoenn.
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  16. Name: Luna Akon
    Age: Just turned 13
    Nationality: Hoenn
    Appearance: Quite pale skin, bright blonde hair usually quit straight, blue eyes. She’s skinny, tall, wears a tank top, leather jacket, miniskirt, leggings and light blue trainers.
    Personality: Usually thinks to deep, amazing with befriending/caring Pokemon, loves books. Also sort of strange, quirky.
    Skills: Reading quite fast, caring and playing with Pokemon.

    Pokemon: Mudkip
    Moves: Tackle, Growl, Water gun.
    Personality: Social, loves to be the cutest, caring, never gives up without a fight.
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  17. Name: Andy Richter
    Age 13-15:15
    Nationality: Jhoto
    Long Khaki pants that have quite a few pockets, with the leg sections going down to the sneakers, a light blue polo long sleeve shirt black sneakers with a Pikachu tail thunderbolt design. Andy also packed a pair of blue jeans, a thick sweater that's mainly gray with red sleeves and tan leather boots for Tundra-like areas. As long as the clothes are clean, Andy isn't one for fashion though he could resemble a walking kaleidoscope to some. Aside from that, he will always strive to look presentable. Eye color being a chocolate brown in color

    Carries a smile of cautious optimism, keeping a close eye out for new friends or unexpected events or new areas. Andy walks with great posture giving off an air of confidence that most people will take notice of, it makes him quite easy to talk to without looking as if he's seeking attention. He is also a little bit on the thin side, and with black hair that is done in a buzz cut

    Andy is eager to observe the world around him and somewhat inquisitive. That inquisitiveness has made him very bright in terms of knowledge of nature but has also led to an unhealthy sense of danger because of it. Due to still being young, he is still a little naive, which results in him falling for pranks, such as April Fools pranks. However, when this does happen, he will see it as a learning experience and, in fact occasionally going along with it knowing full well that it’s a prank for the sake of humor. One example of this comes from Ratattas or other prankster pokémon hiding his items all over Mahogany Town, the pokémon themselves belonging to other trainers. The scavenger hunts don't bother him as he sees the pokémon as being playful or silly. Andy has high morals and won't allow anything to happen to his friends, going out of his way to try and settle disputes between other locals, even though it's clearly none of his business, telling the truth whenever he does something wrong, or just being around for people that have had bad days. This does lead to him getting into some sticky situations, however, such as people ignoring Andy during a dispute, at which point he will leave them alone.

    Andy will start out shy to any person or pokèmon but will gradually warm up to them as time goes on and strive above most things to keep his friends happy, beware he will run away from anyone that lashes out at him. Battle-wise Andy favors being more on the defensive side, envisioning pokémon battles to be more like chess matches rather than matches of power preferring to pick his opponents apart with strategy instead.

    Skills He is skilled at picking herbs and berries, as well as caring most small pokemon, as he is a breeder looking into the medical field as well (should something like that arise that is.)

    Pokemon: Chickorita
    Moves: Tackle, growl razor leaf, poisonpowder (level 9)
    Personality: Chickorita is very calm, cool and collected, not one to jump into battles, though she can defend herself no problem. If not is battle, she is around Andy or other pokemon playing around, or possibly just relaxing and catching some sun and a few Z's.

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  18. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    What do you mean by post Ideas?
  19. So, all I know is that trainers from seven different regions were sent to Unova and that the professors from those seven regions have spotted in oddity in the Unova region. I think I would like to know more about the ideas you have in mind before I make my own ideas.
  20. I think the RP should give each member of the group their own part of the story dedicated to them. And have the last part of the RP be trials that only one of the group can complete thanks to their skills.
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  21. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Okay, I think I get it. So, like you said, the oddity is in Unova? If it doesn’t overule what you had in mind, maybe it could happen in other regions too?
  22. Fraseandchico i do like the idea, I know I’m not the owner but If that idea does work, I wouldn’t like
    a part dedicated to my character, so it would be six parts.
  23. @SS-I Never - Well, the stuff I've put in the RP has been my ideas, I did mention that would nobody mind if we had the Unova region be home to all sorts of Pokemon, not just Gen 5 (like in the games, I hadn't remembered that when I made it) but nobody responded ;-;

    @ThatJustin’sASpy! - By 'post ideas', I mean, any ideas you have for the RP, post them please. No, it doesn't. Maybe we could track it down in Unova, and we activate the mystery, so it move to another region?

    @Fraseandchico - Can you expand on your idea? I'm confused..

    @o5ter - That wouldn't make sense with what I think Fraseandchico means.
  24. Sure, As an example, with my character being a skater, his trial might involve a race course while having to battle while trying to get to the end first.
    As an example of a story piece, wellll, I haven't thought of one yet.
  25. Well, that would be interesting, but Black 2 and White 2 already have Pokemon from different regions which is why I didn't think much about it. :'|
  26. That's a really cute idea. Let's not force it into the roleplay, but if the timing comes up, someone ask in Discussion (please tag me) and we can have it happen.
  27. For Halloween or another random thing we could dress up our Pokemon in costumes? xD @GalacticDeg This is the best idea ever
  28. I tried my best to draw my character luna, the mudkip fails SO BAD!
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  29. Are all of our characters taking part on the Champion challenge?
    Is there a new evil team, or is Team Plasma still up and at it?
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  30. For the idea of us all dressing up as our Pokemon could my character suggests it because I’ve a funny idea for it?
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  31. @SS-I Never If we wanna do the Champion Challenge, we can do. I think we should do it the anime-style though, with the league. That'd be fun. Evil teams though, if the mystery isn't enough, we could add an evil team... that would add much more stuff to focus on though.
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  32. Yeah, doing it anime-style is definitely more interesting than doing anything else.

    I think tying an evil team to the mystery would be quite interesting, actually. It gives ou characters an opposing force throughout their journey, and might make character interactions more interesting.
  33. I think on the evil team we should go back to the old roots, no backstory/sob story, just a bunch of evil people who mistreat people and pokémon.
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