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Private/Closed RWBY: Legends of Humanity RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Generation Sect, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Without thinking too much, Ryan jumped out of the bull with no hesitation head and was now freefalling through the air. Being so high up, the snake Faunus had a literal birds eye view of the playing field below him. "Wow, that ravine really is huge, not to mention the numerous Grimms that are said to be down there." He thought to himself before snapping himself back to reality when he realized he was falling a couple hundred meters towards the cold hard ground.

    "Oh right, I should find a way to land safely." He thought to himself as he grabbed his claymore blade from his back. Glancing around, Ryan noticed an Alpha Beowolf nearby. He did not see Olive who was in front of it as she was blocked by the Grimm's body. "Alright, I'll use that." He thought to himself as he positioned himself in the air and began descending towards the wolf Grimm.

    Turning his blade in a downwards stabbing hold, Ryan let the blade pierce the Beowolf's back with the momentum from his fall. The wolf seemed distracted by something else, which Ryan used his advantage. If the initial stab didn't kill the Grimm, Ryan electrified his claymore to both make sure he kills the wolf and to apply a counter force to soften his dramatic descent.
  2. Emerald boots with ruby bow ties on the front stomped across the ground as Chartreuse Garnet Rose ran across the dirt of the ground. She wielded Bulldozer Thorn, her Scythe Sword, with extreme precision and managed to cut several Beowolf in half along the way to her goal. The young girl's yellow stockings became blood soaked over green rose emblem as did the tri colored ruffle skirt she wore. Of course, since it was Grimm blood, it evaporated. That was a nice effect. She didn't have to worry about washing it off. Unfortunately, a bit of blood she would have to wash off ran over her emerald halter top when she was scratched. The yellow undershirt even got scratched.
    "Alright," said Chartreuse, adjusting the yellow rose choker on her neck. She then glanced down at the black bracelet on her wrist, specifically the white fang. "I'll just have to be a bit of monster back, if your gonna piss me off."
    Chartreuse took a battle stance, positioned her body to lunge forth, readied her sword, and...began singing? Yep, singing. Go forth and spread the love Little Huntress girl. A little tear formed in her eye when she started to sing. Like a rose you'll bloom and grow so quickly. Stay as you are. I'll cast my magic far so that you can just be your true-self. Chartreuse sliced and diced her way through the Beowolf before her. An image of cute girl bursting forth in her mind. Green eyes, a cute mini dress, and smile that always cheered her up. That wavering gaze we feel as one: An illusion brought on by a fever dream. I can't smile, the thought lingers a while of our perfect world - it's doomed to fail.
    Sooner rather than later, a Grimm she wasn't expecting appeared. A bear Grimm. Just great! Now she probably had to use her aura and semblance. She hated that. Her powers weren't developed enough for more than one hit. She's have to do this like her; Chartreuse would need a strategy other than hack and slash. Unfortunately, the Grimm's bear claw came striking down to snap her out of her strategy planning. I can feel it in my soul tonight. Premonition knocking at the door. BAM! Chartreuse was hit by the claw of the bear again. It knocked her against the side of the slope. She stood to her feet with a frown on her. The song from her friend wasn't strong enough. Or, no. More rather, Chartreuse wasn't strong enough. Although the song itself held no power, the thoughts behind it and the love written into it was always a strength to the Huntress in Training. However....."No. Verte wouldn't be saying this. Verte....Verte....." Suddenly, an image of a girl lying in a small puddle of blood with a Grimm growling over rushed to Chartreuse's mind. "Verte fought to the end!" Her eyes began to glow a faint yellow when she picked up singing again and ran for the Grimm. See the moonlight fade away and beginning this parade of pain is a...New Moon!
    Chartreuse changed her weapon to its scythe form and began cutting at the Grimm. It roared in pain, but manage to rear back. "I'm weak for now, Verte." It rushed its claws straight down for the Huntress' head when a yellow aura solidified over her. It deflected the attack before shattering into broken gems that faded away. Chartreuse, untouched and ready to kill, put the scythe's blade at the Grimm's waste before cutting the thing clean in half once the trigger for the folding mechanism was pressed. Upon defeating the Grimm, Chartreuse ran on toward one of the flags with her sword back in hand. She sang a final verse of the song as she wiped the falling tear from her eye:

    If I stay hopeful I can see our future,
    A dazzling shower of stars through the sky.
    I'll overflow, I'll see how far I can go,
    With you here by my side forever more!
    The beginning we'll both share is a new moooooon.

    "I want my song to bring a new moon to someone's future," said Verte, huffing from having just defeated a Grimm as Chartreuse looked on in awe. This memory often reflected in the Huntress' mind. "Then, I'll be happy. I'd be able to rest in piece knowing I gave someone hope.....Eh he he hee hee. A 'New Moon'."
    "I promise, Verte," said Chartreuse, running through the ravine, "I'll carry your song forever until I am birthed a new moon."
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  3. Sterling's ears perked up when he heard the unusual sound of a rather comforting aria. "Odd... who'd be singing in the middle of a slaughterhouse?" He asked himself rhetorically and looked around once more to see if there were any flags, he noticed one and put it in his coat before he decided to follow where the song came from, eventually he sniffed a few times. "Gotcha now..." Sterling said quietly as he started to jog with his weapon in hand. He went over a small little hill and began to see the ravine along with someone who stood very close to it; A female bull Faunus who appeared to be in another world as she didn't react to the trio of Beowulves that slowly crept up on her.

    Sterling immediately pointed Da Huai Lang at the Grimm and watched his weapon transform from a dangerous Kanabo to what appeared to be a bazooka, he let the barrel rest over his shoulder whilst he got an ice cartridge out and loaded into the bazooka with a click. He got down on one knee and aimed it at the middle Beowulf. "Come on... get a little closer together... closer... closer..." The Wolf Faunus whispered, when the Beowulves looked like they were close enough, Sterling fired his weapon which caught the attention of the Grimm who all turned around to see an ice missile fly straight towards them, before they could react, they got hit by the missile and encased in a cold explosion which froze the Grimm solid.

    Sterling immediately changed his weapon back into Kanabo form and ran down the hill, once close enough, he jumped into the air with a front flip and a corkscrew before he slammed his weapon into the frozen Grimm and caused the latter to shatter like glass. "Seven..." He whispered before he slowly stood up and put his weapon over his shoulder as he smiled at the Bull Faunus.

    "You were aware of those blokes who tried to sneak up on you, right?" He asked half rhetorically.
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  4. "O-Of course I was," said Chartreuse, picking up the flag she was after. "I was just...luring them to me with my song! Duh. Nice moves by the way." She then looked down to see he had one to. Well, for better or worse they were partners now. At least they were both capable.
    "So, I see you have a moves and the ability to do what's required of you by yourself. Why don't we take on that cave over there to our right before going on toward the end of ravine? I imagine we'll rack up a lot of points if we get the flags that were placed in those caves. Their are a ton of Grimm in those, most of them too powerful for a lone huntress. But if we team up, we can get all the flags we need and make it out alive. Hopefully."
    Chartreuse had a look of passion in her eyes. She wanted the best here. A small part of her now reached out and wanted the best for....best for...."I'm Chartreuse by the way. I suppose I should of asked who you were before hatching a devious plan to outdo everyone."
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  5. Sterling chuckled lightly at Chartreuse's response. "I like you already, name's Sterling." The wolf Faunus said as he looked around the ravine before he nodded at the female bull Faunus. "Sure, the cave sounds perfectly fine, and I'll be able to sense if there are any Grimm inside before they can pounce on us." He said as he wiggled his ears lightly. "Nice weapon by the way." He complimented before he spun his own weapon and began to walk toward the cave that Chartreuse pointed at, already able to hear the growls of the Grimm that lurked within it. "Who else do you think's gonna be on our team?" He asked as he looked back.
  6. Chartreuse followed. "Who knows." She was keeping an eye out. Her weapon was in hand for any Grimm that would appear. It was creepy going straight toward death, but at least she wasn't alone doing it.
    "Let's be sure to make it out alive. I won't be able to get a new moon if we die," said the Huntress in Training.
  7. Sterling raised an eyebrow. "A new moon eh?" He asked with clear curiosity as he spun his weapon in his hand as if they took a walk in the park, clearly carefree of the dangers around them and in the cave that they slowly began to step in to. "So, is this 'new moon' the reason you're out to become a full fledged huntress?" He asked before his ears pointed upward and he held his hand out as if he silently told the bull Faunus to wait. "I can hear what sounds like two... three Grimm up ahead." He said softly to try and not get their attention.
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  8. As Ryan’s blade sunk into the Alpha Beowolf’s back, the towering creature standing above Olive in two legs, prepared to strike, it suddenly froze- Olive blinked as she instinctively raised her arm like a shield, hoping her Aura would do something or other to get her out of the situation, confused as it suddenly stopped... before the electricity from the blade crackled, spreading throughout its body as it seemed to go limp, falling to its knees, body about to keel over. Olive quickly rolled over to her side, looking for her main objective right about now...

    That’s when the bronze glint of Equis & Troy caught her eye. Luckily for her, even if the daggers were small and thus easy to lose sight of, they were always stuck together. Skidding across the ground, she grabbed both the knives in one hand, turning to face the Grimm as it’s body began to fall. She used the energy she had left, making one improvised, quick, and sudden manuever, dashing towards it as it fell, raising one leg, and before its armoured head could hit the floor, her foot made contact with it- using the upwards push and the falling momentum of the creature to propel herself off the platform safe from the electricity, the bone-like plating. Bounced into the air, she reached her hand upward once again- but this time, rather than staring to the goal above her, she closed her eyes, focusing as she activated her Semblance once again... it was no coincidence that the hand she used to reach was the one holding her daggers, as they glew with a purple sparkle that would be hard to notice, floating as they dragged her just that little bit upwards, the impact shaking the bed of branches nestled together, just nudging the small flag to the side... but that was enough. It anti climatically tumbled down, falling with her as she turned her Semblance off and they both fell back down to the floor, her feet crashing back into the ground, no time to look up as she opened her eyes, only for the flag to fall onto her head, bouncing off as she blinked. That wasn’t very cool. She was happy no one was around to see it, leaning over to pluck the thing off the ground, looking down at it, flag in one hand, knives in the other, studying her prize as her gaze slowwwly drifted just a little bit upwards- causing her to finally notice the other person who had landed upon the Grimm and caused that sudden reaction.
  9. "Uh, s-sup. So how bout those Beowolves huh?"
    Topaz let out a sigh. Vim quickly reformed into a sword before he sheathed his blades. "If we're stuck together, we should get a move on."
    Out of all of the people, why would I be stuck with her? ...not that there's anything wrong with her. Topaz pondered. She seems... effective as a combatant at least, if the ashes behind her are any indication. I should get to know more about her.
    As Topaz began to walk off, scanning the area, he started talking. "I'm a hit-and-run combatant, specializing in up-close-and-personal interactions. My weapons are Vim and Vigor, dual swords capable of shifting into machine guns. My semblance allows me to focus exclusively on the battle, negating any and all pain until the fight is over." Topaz essentially gave Aryle his combat profile. "How about you?"
    While he waited for Aryle's own self-exposition, he gazed out over the horizon. He saw a few flags in the distance... but they seemed awkward or dangerous to get to. Cheap, as well. If they wanted good standing in school, they'd need a better flag.
    Which meant they'd have to look further in.
    Topaz scanned the area, searching for any signs of human disturbance. He found little, the winds having wiped the prints away a long time before his arrival. He did, however, find a bush with a broken branch. The break seemed to indicate it was tension, like someone walking into it.
    Focusing his observation on that general area, he found something odd. A tree?
    "There might be a flag there." He pointed towards a dead tree that seemed fairly out of place. "At least, it's worth a look."
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  10. Josh stood and took in his surroundings. He shuddered as he realised that he was right beside the ravine.
    'If I fell slightly to the left, I would've fallen down there,' he thought.
    But, to his right, he saw something that lifted his spirits instantly.

    There, was a large patch of tall grass, that rose almost to his neck. A large boulder was barely visible in the middle of the grass, and atop it, was a flag.
    Not a Grimm or fellow student in sight. He smirked, this was almost too easy.
    He should've learned not to tempt fate at this point.

    He approached the rock. The grass was harder to push through than he would've liked, his sword only pushed it aside, rather than fully cutting it down like he expected. He swung harder, and this time managed to sever the tops of a few blades of grass, but it didn't really help as much as he thought.
    Grass crunched under his feet, as he reached the rock, and climbed onto it. He grabbed the flag and prepared to climb down, when he noticed a rustling within the grass. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something jump out of the grass.

    Eyes widening, he raised his shield just in time to avoid getting swallowed by the attacking Grimm. He managed to keep his grip on the rock, and raised his sword, beating the head of the beast back below the grass. But a King Taijitu has two heads.
    The other head burst out from behind him, and he only narrowly moved out of the way in time. This time, he wasn't able to hold on, and slipped off of the rock, falling on the ground. And he dropped his shield. Oh no.

    "Help!" he shouted, desperately jumping back onto the rock. He felt something below him, and kicked at it, but it just bit down over his leg. The King Taijitu's head rose out of the grass in full, holding him upside down with its mouth. "HELP!"
  11. "Yes," said Chartreuse, walking to his side and inspecting the wall, "I'll get a new moon for myself by becoming a huntress. And then..." She followed a path that didn't have a cooling feeling to the air. She turned gesture for her companion to follow. "..I'll be giving the rest of the world one to." Chartreuse was ready to fight with her sword drawn in case the Grimm triggered to them, but she tried keeping her quite. The three were eating something because of the rotten smell in the area. Let's hope that ain't a human. I don't want to see....Shit....

    Chartreuse knew what she had done as soon as she had stepped down. She stepped down on one of the flags she didn't see because of the lack of light. Of course, picking up the broken little mess and pocketing it was easy. Hard part? Those Grimm turned around with a mouth full of flesh--ready to eat more. The swallowed, let out a howl, and woke up something larger that roared deeper in the cave.
    "Great freaking job Chartreuse," said the girl, downing herself. She assumed Sterling was right behind her the whole time."Alright, Sterling! We need to kill these Beowolf and get the hell out of here before whatever that is gets to the entrance and blocks us from getting out! We can fight better in the open and in the light. Watch for the Beowolves eyes and glowing marks to know where to attack!"

    Chartreuse put her weapon into scythe for and then charge one. For whatever reason, the other two charged by her and went for Sterling. Damnit!
  12. Sterling could smell what the Grimm ate from where he stood, but couldn't tell exactly what it was, when Chartreuse accidentally alerted the Grimm, he merely looked at her with a straight face. "That could'a gone better, mate." He said nonchalantly as he readied his kanabo for the Grimm that started to charge toward the group. "Don't need to tell me twice!" He said before he noticed a pair of Beowulves charge toward him. "Damn, I'm popular today!" He said before the rows of spikes on his weapon began to spin whilst he swung his weapon hard at the first Grimm who thought it was a good idea to charge straight at him and instantly knocked it back whilst it turned to dust.

    "Eight!" He shouted whilst the other Beowulf tried to run around him and attack from behind, the wolf Faunus quickly rolled forward and turned to face the Grimm, he swung Da Huai Lang at it and crushed it's skull between his weapon and the wall of the cave which caused the latter to rumble lightly. "Crap... I need to watch where I swing." He said as he watched the Grimm slowly dissolve into black dust. "Nine." He counted as he turned to Chartreuse and began to ready his weapon in case the bull Faunus needed a helping hand... and to prepare in case whatever remained in the cave charged toward them.
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  13. Aryle's attempt at a formal conversation started seemed to fall on deaf ears, though she had gotten her newfound partner to talk and was quick to follow him after he had made the gesture...though it quickly dawned on her that this guy was was just a joy to be around as he seemed to outline his bio as if he had been filling up a business application.

    This guy seems fun at parties...

    Still, since he had shared his information with her about his skills and since they had become partners if the rules were to be held she felt it was only fair she do the same.

    "Alright, well I prefer to fight from a distance myself with rapid fire precision. Lunalight Whisper is my weapon of choice, a bow and arrow that can work itself into a two sided staff and also loaded with Dust-laced arrow heads for that added punch. My semblance allows me to have a greater field of vision with binocular and greater perception. My blood type is AB." Aryle said, as she trailed off in an attempt to lighten the mood before she too gazed upon the flags that Topaz had seen. Or rather that one he guessed from a dead try.

    "Could be a flag, could be a trap. Either way it is worth a look...though we should be careful." Aryle advised to Topaz as she assumed rightful skepticism until proven otherwise.
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  14. Binocular perception... an interesting Semblance. Topaz thought. “Your Semblance seems to work perfectly with mine. When my Semblance is activated, all I can see is the ground at my feet and the foes before me. With yours, you’d be able to watch my back and cover me easily. And with my Semblance, I could deal with foes before they’d reach you. Seems we were lucky in our pairing.”

    Her analysis of it being a potential trap was certainly fair. “Agreed.” Topaz nodded. “There’s also the possibility someone got here first and took it while we were fighting, however unlikely it is. Let’s move.”

    Topaz dashed out, keeping an eye out for potential danger. When he came within fifteen feet of the tree, he skidded to a halt, circling it from a distance to be sure of no danger. When he saw a lack of Grimm or traps of any kind, he slowly walked closer. “Looks clear to me.” As he approached the tree, he saw a slit in the tree. Like something had been forced in. Topaz gave it a quick knock on the side, and heard the sound. “Hollow. Seems like we’ve got a winner.”

    Topaz drew Vim from his side, slashing upwards. He slashed a crevice right down the middle. He drew Vigor, putting both swords in the hollow tree before shifting them into gun form. The old, dead tree was torn open by the shifting metal. Topaz quickly shifted them back before grabbing the flag within.

    He looked it over. The flag bore the symbol of Haven Academy, and its colors too. The green background illuminated the golden symbol of Haven Academy on front, the same symbol held aloft atop the main facility. It was lined with silver. Topaz looked at it. “I’d need another flag to compare to be sure, but it seems like this flag is second-best, presuming the best flag we could get is golden. ...I don’t think going for a golden flag is worth it when we already have a good one. Would you agree?” He asked, turning back to Aryle.

    What he didn’t notice, however, was the hill next to him. Small feet began to scuttle over it, a golden tail raised into the air as the Grimm approached, the scent of man calling it forward.

    A Deathstalker approached the pair.
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  15. "Run, run, run!" Chartreuse ran by and grabbed Sterling as she headed for the cave entrance. "Giant. Thing. Coming."

    Once the cave was exited, Chartreuse turned and readied her weapon for what was coming. She tightened her body, readied her aura, and was not going to lose. Losing was death. And she couldn't die. Not now. Getting Sterling killed would also be hella lame.

    "Sterling, that Grimm charging for us is giant. I hope we can do this..."
  16. Dia was laughing, bouncing from rock to rock as she headed for the target with the wind blowing through her hair. The newby huntress was on a adrenaline high with a grin on her face and heart pounding in her chest as she listened out for anything that could be a fun way to maybe meet new people and take down grimm in the same shot. She had pulled through a couple of weaker beowolves earlier but was honestly surprised to having not seen more as she expected more of a challenge from the exam into the school, “maybe someone’s making noise. Probably attacking all the cool kills”.
  17. Sterling's ears perked up when he heard the roar of a large Grimm deep within the cave followed by footsteps that got louder and louder, he quickly followed Chartreuse out of the cave and immediately changed his Kanabo into a rocket aimed directly at the cave entrance, he didn't fire straight away despite the fact that it could cause the cave to collapse on top of whatever laid inside, but other huntsmen and huntresses could be inside and the threat may not be as big as the roar lead them to assume.

    Sterling's eyes widened in surprise when a large gorilla like Grimm stomped out and let out a mighty roar whilst it repeatedly thumped its chest, a Beringel. "Fire in the hole!" The wolf faunus shouted before he shot a fire dust missile which whistled as it darted directly into the Beringel and consumed it in a fiery explosion. Sterling changed his weapon back in to a kanabo as he heard a small crumble come from the ground the smoke covered. "Look out!" Sterling shouted as he immediately dashed in front of the female bull faunus as a boulder was tossed toward her, Sterling let the rows of spikes spin as he swung Da Huai Lang as if he was in a baseball game, the kanabo directly hit the boulder and shattered it in to pieces.
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  18. The other head of the King Taijitu rose out of the grass, moving closer to Josh. Josh swung his sword at it, desperately trying to beat it away. He managed to get one good hit on the Taijitu's neck, but it wasn't enough to deal any real damage, and the sword slipped out of his hand. "No!"

    Seeing no other option, he jabbed the end of the flagpole into the throat of the Taijitu Head biting his leg. Thankfully, this caused it to let go, instead of clamping down harder. He fell on the ground and sifted through the grass, grabbing his shield and sword. He stood up and bolted, activating a mechanism in his sword and shield, which combined into a rifle. The Taijitu recovered quickly, and began chasing him.

    In the distance, Josh saw Dia. "Help! Please!"
  19. The diamond loving girl shot forward when the damage came into view. Her heart pounded in her ears. With a spin she unlocked her arm from Star Smite’s strap, fingers pressing its button as they passed. She gripped her weapon as it extended and used its weight to throw more power behind her arch downward against the beast. The snake’s other head forced her back. It’s fangs clipping her arm before she steadied her feet for another push forward. Dia didn’t stop, hooking another blow.
  20. Chartreuse gasped in shock. This freaking over grown monkey Grimm was really trying to squash them. Someone needed to teach it how to fight like a man, er...woman. Do Grimm have gender? Oh, whatever. Time to act!
    Chartruese took her sword and ran around to its back while it was distracted by pounding away on Sterling's weapon. The beast was scaring her to an extent, but her adrenaline kept her going. She had to help Sterling...She could help him...She wasn't useless here...Her new moon was waiting for her and he would be someone she kept around...
    "Take this you oaf!" Chartreuse brought her sword down toward its back but it didn't end like she planned. The creature spun around due to her words and slapped her to the side. Her weapon landed beside her and she lurched into a ball of pain. When the creature planted itself over the top of her and was about to slam down with all its force, she activated her gem aura semblance. This was either going to save or kill her. She hoped for the first option so she could retaliate...As time seemed to move slowly, she wondered what Sterling was doing. Then,the world went black and her aura drained away. The grimm patted her its chest and roared, before going back toward Sterling to attack.

    After a few moments passed, Chartreuse --hair a mess and forehead bleeding -- forced herself up with her sword. She wasn't going to let it end this way...and she wasn't going to let anyone else die if she could move. With a look of determination in her eyes, she ran forward with her weapon ready to slice and dice.
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  21. As Aryle listened to Topaz explained how his semblance worked and listed possibly ways their abilities could feed off of each other she had to admit that his logic appeared sound. They seemed to cover each other's weaknesses well enough, so even if she felt Topaz had not been the most "warm" person she could have been stuck with he would be valuable on the field and vice versa.

    None the less, Aryle would nod as she followed Topaz as he seemed to consider her position that the tree might be a trap or had reason for concern, but he pressed on cautciously as she kept back to scan the area just in case someone or something tried to get in the way; bow at the ready.

    And even as Topaz secured what appeared to be the right flag, it seemed her judgement was fair as Topaz's blind spot was covered by what appeared to be a massive Grimm as Aryle had her bow trained to it.

    "Heads up! Got a big Grimm behind you!" Aryle called out to Topaz to let him know what was coming before she fired a pair of arrows towards the Deathstalker as her aim was to try and strike it in the face with a pair of explosive laced Dust arrows.
  22. That’s not good.

    The Deathstalker cried out as the arrows blasted it in the face, the searing heat from the explosions causing it to stumble back. Topaz used that time to leap off of what was left of the tree, landing on top of the hill and next to the Grimm. He quickly shifted Vim into its assault rifle mode (holding the flag in his right hand and thus unable to use both swords), blasting at the Deathstalker from close range. Unfortunately, his bullets bounced off. “Damn it, his armor’s too thick.”

    Turning to face Topaz, being the nearest opponent, the Deathstalker swung its claws out towards him. Topaz raised the flag out to hold one of its claws open, firing through the armor into the exposed flesh of the claw. The Deathstalker recoiled in pain as Topaz tore the flag back. He turned back towards Aryle. “Do you have anything that can pin it down?”

    Before she could answer, however, the Deathstalker moved on the offensive once again. Topaz whirled around just in time for the large golden tail to slam into his chest, sending him flying back. Topaz crashed on the ground past the hill, the flag and Vim both spinning away from him in the impact as his aura glowed orange, barely maintaining. The Deathstalker leapt from the hill, moving towards Topaz - and it was now closer to him than Aryle was.
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  23. Good. The Taijitu was distracted. Now Josh could run away try to find some easier flag to grab-
    He began to leave, but one of the Taijitu Heads slammed into him. He was thrown back, but held onto his weapon. He dove behind a rock, and started shooting at the Taijitu. The head reared back in pain, and lunged at him again.
    This time, Josh wasn't quick enough and was nearly swallowed by the head, but he reverted his weapon into sword-and-shield mode and stabbed upwards, piercing the roof of its mouth. He stumbled backwards as that Taijitu head fell limp on the ground.
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  24. Dia has somehow managed to climb onto her side’s back, being flung back and forth as it tried to toss her away. The only thing that was holding her one was the wound she had carved with her shield and that was starting fail. The hunters in training clicked the button upon her weapon, expanding it into axe mod before starting to climb higher.
  25. As the wild Grimm fell, Ryan began little by little start to see what was hidden behind the beast’s monstrous body. When the creature finally fell and began to dissipate, Ryan made eye contact with the girl who was previously hidden behind the Beowolf’s mass. “Oh uh, hello there.” He casually spoke with a small wave of his hand.

    Ryan pulled his blade out of the corpse of the disintegrating wild Grimm and stepped off its back.
  26. "Chartreuse!" Sterling shouted as he watched the Beringel swat her away and attempt to run toward and finish her off, but after what he didn't know was her semblance, the wolf faunus angrily charged at the gorilla Grimm with a loud battle cry as the rows of spikes on his weapon began to spin and emit a sound similar to a buzzsaw. "I'll break every bone in your body!" He shouted furiously as he readied his weapon mid charge... but showed no sign of any semblance being used other than his light grey aura appear around his body for a brief moment.

    Sterling jumped high enough that he could jump over the Grimm's head if he wanted to, but the distance wasn't far enough to do so as he front flipped and headed straight for the Beringel's face, his front flip somehow managed to change into a sideways corkscrew and attempted to hit the Beringel as hard as he could in the face, but the gorilla Grimm quickly raised it's arms to successfully block the attack yet still let out a cry in pain, upon closer inspection, the spikes on Da Huai Lang began to spin, dig into and rend the Grimm's jet black flesh, it easily tore off tiny pieces of it's arms and expose the red within, but the Grimm was about to retaliate and headbutt Sterling, unaware of the other faunus that approached it from behind, unlike Sterling who only hinted it with a morbid, wolfish grin.
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  27. The Alpha Beowolf Grimm finally dissipated into dust, while Olive blinked in confusion, staring.
    It seemed eye contact had been made.
    Twin bronze daggers in one hand, flag in another, she once again awkwardly blinked, before fully processing it, remembering the rules that Napier had explained. She was now teamed up.
    “S-sooooooooo... uhhhhh...”
    She awkwardly tapped the knives against her leg, trying to jog her memory as she struggled to think of anything to really say. Come on, talking to one person you didn’t know couldn’t possibly be any harder than fighting Grimm, right?
    She sighed at her own indecision, before simply deciding to introduce herself as she began to relax once again.
    “I’ve got this flag, so assuming we’re sharing points or whatever, that’s a start, right?”
  28. Woosh!

    Aryle's eyes shinned as her semblance took over as her body worked almost on auto pilot, and she worked quickly to fire several arrows; four of them to be specific as her target was the shoulders and knees as she aimed to try and squeeze her arrows through the gaps within the armor....the aim to get her lightning-tipped dust arrows to stick into or even explode against the hide at which point an electric jolt would surge from each one to work to try to paralyze it with an lightning paralysis attack.

    At the same time, Aryle moved through the trees to close onto Topaz as her aim was to quickly try to get to him and help him up so they could get moving once more and he can get out of the immediate danger zone. If the paralysis attack worked they'd have a limited period to gain distance from the monster before it would shake off the effects.
  29. "Evil beast with a wretched temper," said Chartruese, charging forward. She jumped, rearing back her weapon as far as she could. Then, she swung it forth. The Grimm let out a scream of pain, before turning to face the opponent it thought was defeated. Well, hopefully her ally had a plan, because her aura was gone now.
  30. The King Taijitu reared its head back in pain. It made the mistake of throwing its head back, to try and throw off Dia. Instead, it managed to somehow dig the axe deeper into is own head. Josh was ready to seize his opportunity to kill the Taijitu, but his sword was still stuck in the mouth of the other head. He tried to pull it out, but it wouldn't budge. Damn.

    The Taijitu launched itself at Josh, who raised his shield not a moment too soon. He was thrown back and cursed in pain as he landed, but the impact had been enough that the axe sliced its neck clean off.
    "Yes, that was all me, I did that, I am fantastic," he said. The Grimm dissolved, and he retrieved both his sword, and the flag that was previously embedded in the Taijitu's neck.

    He paused for a second as he heard the sounds of battle close by. Two others, fighting a large gorilla Grimm. Interesting. "Welp, looks like we may as well step in there, and save them with our ("but mostly my", he thought internally) amazing combat prowess."
  31. Dia grinned at him with a raised eyebrow. She shrunk her axe back into its shield form and slipped into securely onto her arm with a roll of her shoulders. The girl ran her free hand through her bangs before she started to run past him, “Sure! Last one there is a rotten banana”!
  32. tink

    The arrow hit its mark. Electricity surged through the Deathstalker, causing it to stumble and slip, skidding across the ground as it remained immobilized. The brief respite allowed Topaz to grab Vim and the flag, the latter of which he threw over towards Aryle like a javelin. He needed to test a theory, running over towards her.

    When the Deathstalker regained motor control, it began turning... but looked past Topaz. No, now it was looking over in Aryle's direction.

    So I'm right.

    "It's attracted to the FLAG!" Topaz shouted. "The Grimm wants it for some reason! That's why it kept attacking me!" Overtaking the still-sloggy Deathstalker, Topaz leapt onto its back, changing the forms of Vim and Vigor once again. He fired up at the Deathstalker's tail from directly underneath, causing it to shriek out. The Deathstalker swung the tail again, but this time Topaz dodged it, remaining on the Grimm's back. He carefully worked to maintain his balance, despite the shaking of the beast.
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  33. Rotten Banana?
    What an immature, stupid thing to say. Josh Whitman wasn't going lowered himself such childish competitions! He had more pride than that!
    On the other hand, he definitely wasn't going to let himself be called a rotten banana...

    He burst into a sprint and formed his weapon into gun mode. He fired three times at the Beringel, which didn't do much damage, it definitely got its attention. Josh didn't really get a good look at the two other students because the Beringel leapt towards him and punched him to the side. He felt his weapon AND the flag he was holding fall to the ground, beside the Beringel, and he himself was sent flying towards the ravine. He tumbled right to the edge, but managed to grab a narrow ledge. He was now dangling off the side of the ravine, but at least he hadn't fallen in.
  34. Sterling watched as the Grimm looked at Chartreuse, then over to a different direction where bullets were fired, he used this distraction to kneel down and let his weapon start to transform, the spiked retracted into the barrel as it turned horizontal on the hilt and have the top open up. He reached into one of his inner coat pockets and got out what looked like a missile with a blue warhead, he stuffed the missile into the barrel and aimed it at the Beringel that had just sent the newcomer toward the ravine. "Oh no you don't!" He shouted before he fired the missile at the Beringel, it whistled through the air until it made impact and consume the Grimm within an explosion... although unlike other explosives, the air from what he fired send a cold air around the Grimm he shot at.

    As the smoke cleared, the Beringel struggled to move as most of it's left leg and half of it's body was frozen solid. Sterling let out a wolfish grin and returned his weapon to its kanabo form, the rows of spiked began to spin as he charged toward the Grimm with a bloodthirsty look in his eyes. "Time to die!" Sterling yelled as he jumped high into the air with a front flip and a horizontal turn, he corkscrewed down toward the gorilla Grimm and swung downward on it's half frozen head, the frozen parts of it shattered like glass as the rest of it slowly turned to smoke and got carried by the wind.

    When the battle was done, Sterling knelt down briefly in order to catch his breath, his aura glowed briefly before he turned to look at the ravine, all the excitement almost made him forget about the guy whom shot the bullets... "That bloke isn't at the bottom of that ravine, is he?!" He thought in panic.
  35. Dia sighed as her new partner was knocked out of the fight almost immediately. The shield barring maiden switched course and hurriedly jogged to where he was planted at the cliffs edge. She plopped down into a crouch. Her hands grabbing to his arms to help pull him up, back to safety. The grin on her face never left as she looked down at him, “well you aren’t a rotten banana but I wouldn’t say you are the ripest fruit on the shelf”.

    She started to rear back, pulling his weight towards her own so that she could tug him up abit more. As her heels dug into the earth she turned her head to other students, “that thing is dead right? Like no more surprises until we get this guy his weapons”!
  36. Josh wiped some dirt from his clothes as he was pulled from the ravine's edge. "Thank you. I certainly am not a rotten banana."
    He looked around, seeing no Beringel around him, and cheered. "I've done it! I've defeated the Grimm and saved you-"
    He turned to point at the two students he had just 'saved', when he noticed their distinctive ears and horns.
    "faUNUS!?" he shrieked. "I mean, no, yeah, no i'm not saying there's anything wrong with Faunus- uh."
    He coughed.
    "My name's Josh. What's up?"
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  37. Aryle was quick to grab the flag as Topaz tossed it to her, and seemed to confirm that it had not been so much that they were the target but rather the flag they held. In any event Topaz decided to be bold once he passed the flag to Aryle as he literally jumped on top of the beast as he began to strike it while he tried to hang onto his mounted position.


    Naturally, despite his attempts to try and literally ride the beast, he needed some help as Aryle fired a series of four arrows; each one had been laced with ah ice-filled Dust tips as her aim was simply; to have them land and explode over the feet & hands of the Grimm to try and coat them in ice and freeze it to the ground. Her goal was to try and pin it to the ground, or stall it there to allow Topaz to go to town on it as she stuck the flag to the tree next to her. Already working on her next plan as she reached into her pocket to pull out a little thread...
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  38. Sterling was about to walk over to the ravine when he noticed a lady had the same idea, due to how quick she ran, she likely knew the guy. He slowly walked up to see about helping only to watch her successfully pull the man up from the side of the ravine... but when the guy claimed that he killed the Grimm, he was caught off guard and laughed. "As if, how could you have defeated that bloke when you were dangling over the side; all those bullets of yours did was annoy it."

    But when he saw the guy's reaction to his ears, his smug and sarcastic expression quickly turned to slight annoyance. "Is that right, Josh?" He replied before he turned around to go and help Chartreuse. "By the way, name's Sterling." He said before he put his weapon back on his back and ran over to Chartreuse. "You okay? The Grimm seemed to have done a number on you." He asked with clear concern.
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  39. "You okay? The Grimm seemed to do a number on you."
    No, she wasn't.
    Blood spurted everywhere. Rage, pain, anxiety, fear -- all these damned emotions. It was a Grimm's call to feast. Beneath a crying Chartreuse, an old friend lied dying. She tried to comfort the girl. She even sang a song to do so. The friend reached up and gently stroke her face, her final words a plea to bring hope to someone as way to spread happiness throughout the word.
    Once she was gone, Chartreuse moved away and picked up her nearby weapon. The Grimm snarling in front of her wanted the meal it killed for. Chartreuse was now its enemy. However, a few slices and the monster was beaten. Chartreuse's emotions were running wild enough that she was able to use her semblance when the monster charged. It ended with a stab through its gut while the emotional girl screamed in frustration. "I'm sorry. This is all my fight!"
    Chartreuse stood up. Her close torn, her face bleeding, and her aura drained away for the day. She looked directly into his eyes and smiled the weakest smile she had since meeting him today.
    "I'm sorry. This is all my fight."
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  40. Trying (and failing) to not be annoyed by Sterling's comment and the fact that he wasn't the centre of attention, Josh retrieved his weapon and flag.
    "Well?" He asked. "Are you two going to help me to find more flags, or am I going to have to carry the both of you through the initiation?"

    He marched over to the edge of the ravine, and looked into it, preparing to climb down. Huh. That was a lot deeper than he expected.
    "Hey, uh," he said, not at all aware of the irony of his next statement. "Can one of you guys carry me down?"

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