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Private/Closed RWBY: Legends of Humanity RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Generation Sect, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Sterling smiled as Chartreuse got up and put a hand on her shoulder. "No need to apologize, sister. You're still with us and with me by your side, it'll stay that way." He said with a friendly wink as he put an arm around her shoulder whilst he listened to Josh... someone he already didn't like because of his arrogance. "I'll help find us some flags, sure mate." He replied bluntly before he heard his ironic question which forced him to laugh. "Oh no, someone as 'tough' as yourself shouldn't have any trouble now, should he?" He asked rhetorically with clear sarcasm.

    After his sarcastic remarks, he turned his head back to Chartreuse. "Seems like your aura's used up... I hope we don't get into a fight with another one of those big Grimm; You got this 'New moon' thing you wanna see through, don't you?" He asked in the hope to motivate and/or comfort her, one Faunus to another.
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  2. "...sister..."
    The word rung in her head. Sterling probably didn't understand what that meant to her. In her past, she had people really close to her...No, Chartreuse. You can't think of this right now. Sterling is a strong guy protecting you and you are...strong...you are...you are going to protect him to.

    Pulling herself together, she wiped the tears from her eyes. Through a bit of pain, she took him by the hand and went toward the others with him. "So....I guess we have to get more flags since I broke that one, huh?"
  3. The Grimm let out a screech, stumbling before losing control over its own movement as it was completely frozen over. Smirking as it slowed its movement, Topaz leapt up, grabbing its large golden stinger. Before it could attack with the tail, he grabbed Vim and sliced the end right off. The Deathstalker yelled in pain, the heavy tail-end slamming down on top of it, cracking the armor. "It's open." Topaz said to himself. Spotting a crack the pincer wasn't in, Topaz shoved Vigor right into it, raising his leg to stomp the blade down through the scorpion and finish it off for good.

    After a few moments, he grabbed the sword and drew it out again. The Deathstalker slowly began to fade away as Grimm did, and Topaz walked back over to Aryle. "Good showing." he nodded. "Thanks for having my back." Sheathing his blades, he picked up the flag again. "You see a good way back?"

    Now that they had the flag and had proven themselves in a Grimm fight, Topaz considered their task done. The flag alone was all they needed to complete the entrance exam, right? It wasn't like they needed to find their future teammates and help them out. Their mission was complete, and they had no idea who'd be forming the other half of the team. Topaz and Aryle were partners for the rest of the year, and that's all Topaz knew about his future at the school. They just had to get back to the teachers with the flag, and they were done for the day.
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  4. Dia looked down the cliff’s edge. Her eyes picked out certain parts of its terrain before she found what she truely wanted. The diamond based huntress to be, was looking for where the rubble below created a sharp incline that then shifted into a slow ramp. Her attention was on her weapon, locking it in it’s shield form as she spoke to Josh, “do you mind piggy back rides? I think I’ll be able to sled us down?”
  5. A sigh of relief escaped Aryle's lips as the monstrous Grimm finally faded away as Topaz managed to strike it down after she managed to pin it down. Her eyes soon returned to normal as she loaded the arrows she had on hand back in her bow which she folded to its holster on her back as she picked up the flag and walked over to Topaz as she set it between them.

    "No problem. If we are to be teammates then we need to learn to cover for each other. As far as where to go...well, when I scanned the area there seemed to be a relatively clear path over towards the mountain. We can take it and go from there to find the way out once we find out "team" as I did not spot any Grimm along it." Aryle explained to Topaz, during which she moved about the immediate battle area and picked up various scattered arrows used to battle the Deathstalker and loaded them back up.

    Now that the immediate threat was dealt with, they needed to move out. All she hoped was that whoever had been grading them would see her skill set and ability to work with someone well rather than just say she is a support role. But that would have to be worried about later as she picked up the flag and motioned for Topaz to follow.
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  6. Hearing the response from the girl, Ryan gave a shrug. "From what the instructors told us, I guess that's the case." He replied nonchalantly then chuckled a bit from the very awkward lines he heard from the girl in front of him. He turned his sight and began looking around the area around him. He seemed to hear a lot of actions happening from different point further away but he didn't let that take the front of his attention as he instead turned his sight back towards Olive. "Well since we're a team now, I should introduce myself. My name is Ryan Green, nice to meetcha."
  7. "You what a WHAT???" Josh said, upon hearing Chartreuse saying that she broke a flag. "How utterly incompetent do you have to be to-"
    He stopped. Antagonising people who he'd be stuck with for years probably wasn't a good idea. "I mean, that's an unfortunate error but we can find more flags."

    Josh wasn't very enthusiastic about any part of Dia's plan, but it was the best bet he had in getting down the ravine.
    "Ok. Fine." He said, momentarily sucking up his pride. "Get us down there."
    He moved to hop on Dia's back.
  8. “See you two at the bottom! Best not take to long or you’ll miss all the best fun,” Dia heaved him up onto her back and waved to the other two people as she leapt off the cliff. She looked over her shoulder at Josh as wind whipped past them, the rock covered ground frowning closer with each passing second, “so I’ve never actually done this! Well I’ve done cliff jumping but never with a person holding onto my back! Try not to move around to much”!

    She pulled her shield under her feet as they started to get into range, her semblance activating to help soften the blow as the metal met rock. Dia crouched and pulled back, skidding down the slope like it was winter and they were sledding. Her mouth broke out into a grin, “wooooooooo”!
  9. Sterling grinned as he watched the pair make their way down the ravine, ow they went about it made him let out a light chuckle. "That looks like fun, want me to give you a piggyback for this one, Chartreuse?" He asked as he looked back at the bull Faunus. "And don't worry, I can easily carry you; I've carried my little twin sisters back home, so this'll be a piece of cake." He added as he folded his arms and patiently waited for Chartreuse's response.
  10. "Uh..sure."

    She was a little bothered by what Josh started to say, but was not in a position to care to much. Today was pretty much her fault and she could not defend that away. For now, a piggy back would be cute. With a small blush, she went over to Sterling.
    "I've never really had an 'older brother' figure...You could be fun to be around. Shall we catch up to the others?"
  11. Josh screamed the whole way down. "This. Absolutely. Isn't. Fun!"
    He managed to hold on for longer than he himself thought he'd be able to, but his grip slipped near the bottom. He rolled down the last few metres of rock, and groaned as he got up. He noticed just in time that he'd accidentally knocked a rock loose above him, and raised his shield. It shattered on top of the shield. That could've hit me...
    He wasn't in the clear yet, because behind him, he heard a noise. He turned to see red eyes staring back at his. Grimm.

    (One of y'all can decide which Grimm it is)
  12. Sterling smiled as she turned his back to Chartreuse and picked her legs up to give her a piggyback ride. "Up we go!" He said as he hoisted her and jumped a little to make sure he kept a good hold on her. "Well, you wouldn't be my first little sister, but we Faunuses need to look out for one another. Besides, you got somethin' you wanna see through... all I wanna do is get strong, so we can help each other. Now let's have some fun!" He said and concluded with a shout as he charged toward the ravine without warning and immediately jumped.

    "Look out below!" He warned as he started to slide down the slope with a big grin on his face. "Woo! How's this for thrills, eh Chart?" He asked, the fact his ears twitched and heard the potential sound of a Grimm... he had far too much fun as he slid down the slope to join Dia and Josh.
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  13. "A mountain path..."

    Gazing off into the distance, Topaz was able to spot the path Aryle was talking about. It was a steep, rocky climb, but clearly meant to be taken, judging by the many handholds and paved paths it had. "I see the path." Topaz nodded for confirmation. He fell in behind Aryle, keeping an eye out for Grimm. Putting Vigor on his side, he popped out the cartridge currently in Vim to reload the gun.

    "I'd say we did a fair job covering each other in that last fight." Topaz said. "For a first fight, after all. I've heard Deathstalkers like that have needed full teams to take out in the past." As they approached the cliff, Topaz began to think. What about the rest of the team? How could their styles change things up or play into the existing dynamic? Plus, while Topaz was absolutely a close-ranged fighter, what could Aryle do with that Dust from different positions in battle? That ice attack was devastating to the Grimm from afar...

    "...it's a bit surprising there haven't been any other students in our path." Topaz commented. "In approaching this mountain, shouldn't we be nearing the common drop zone? For instance, the forest to the east of the mountain. There could be other students there. Have none of them come our way yet?"
  14. As Aryle climbed with Topaz, she was mindful to scan the area with her Semblance as her eye shinned brightly and she used the enhanced scope to scan ahead along the mountain path and of course to the sides and behind them as well. Her scouting powers proved quite useful so far as Topaz was quick to praise their work to take down the Deathstalker. Pointing out if on rumor if nothing else that in the past entire four-man teams were needed to conquer one and how they covered each other well. Aryle was suprised to see Topaz praise her this

    "Yeah, but we shouldn't jump for joy yet. You were incredible and handled yourself like a pro. But we still got work to do." Aryle said, as she tried to remain humble and focused on the outside like some stone cold badass. But on the inside...

    Yes! Whose the huntress whose the huntress you are you are! You the best, around...nobody's gonna take me down!

    Aryle's attention both inwardly and on the outside shifted over to Topaz's next question as they moved along the path as he found it odd that they had not encountered any other students to this point. Which had been shocking as even with her own enhanced vision she had yet to spot a student or pair close by them.

    "Hard to say, I have not seen anything yet. Maybe the Grimm caused them to spread out and we were lucky enough to meet a patch of thin but strong Grimm. Hard to say." Aryle said with a shrug unsure what else she could guess as she focus her gaze and applied her full Semblance scouting power to that forest in the East as she tried to see if she could spot anything or anyone from their position.
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  15. Realising the impression she had given off, she brushed some dust off her pants, trying to regain composure as she similarly brushed off his introduction, looking past him as she looked to the deeper canyon area. Where the good points were, right? Eyes on the prize, Olive.
    "Right. Well, I've wasted way too much time so far- I wanna actually drop something IMPRESSIVE before the exam ends otherwise I'll look useless." Walking off past him towards the incline, she squinted, looking down as she judged the potential of, well- nothing. She was expecting much more activity, and this was what panicked her. This could mean all the good Grimm and Flags were dead and taken already, respectively. There had to be some kinda way around and down- she was sure, with her Semblance, she could take another drop, but the close area didn't seem promising at all...
    That was when her eyes seemed to lock onto another way down, and not wanting to just sit and stare, she instantly took off with no other explanation, running off to the right, running far past the trees that she had been stuck between prior. Both of the glinting bronze knives grasped between her left hand, she kept her focus on the target area. A steep, rocky area- but if she was going DOWN, she'd get a lot of momentum up, and a better view of any nooks and crannies on the way. She wouldn't put it past the teachers to try and hide things in certain areas- or Grimm to lie in wait.
  16. Josh noticed movement in the shadows of the ravine and raised his shield, blocking the impact of a Boarbatusk rolling right towards him. The hit rippled through his body, and he stumbled a few steps back.
    He jumped to the side as the Boar tried again, and it hit the side of the ravine, causing another rock above to dislodge itself and fall right behind him. They were going to have to finish up this fight quickly, or that section of the ravine might collapse in on him.

    Two more sets of red eyes caught his attention, glaring directly at Dia, Sterling and Chartreuse. As he was distracted, the Boarbatusk behind him rolled past him, making a beeline straight for his newly united 'team', while the two in shadows rolled up and prepared to attack as well.
    "Behind you, idiots!"
  17. Dis dropped and rolled, pulling her shield up to block the blow. She dug her feet into the tumbled mound of rock and stone with a bared snark of effort as her semblance slowly started to waver, the reinforcement giving under the use in the jump, “hit it while you can and I’ll try to keep its attention on me. Let’s show these things why it’s not their lucky day”!
  18. Josh nodded and ran up to the Boarbatusk. All of his strikes glanced off its armour, but bashing it with his shield had much greater effect. The boar flipped on its side, and Josh stabbed at the weak underbelly. The boar rolled into a ball again just in time to deflect the blow and stand back up. It rolled at him, but this time he was prepared.
    He stepped to the side and slammed his shield into it. The Boarbatusk fell on its back beside Dia, and Josh turned back to Sterling and Chartreuse.
    "You two - don't just stand there!" he shouted. "There's two more Boarbatusks behind you, distract them!"
  19. Dia slammed the pointed bottom of her shield into the stomach, pushing it deeper before ripping it free. She wiped the sweat of her brow and grinned over at the other two trainees. Her shield was settled on her right arm again, “you guys got this! Stomach is the soft spot”!
  20. Sterling grinned at the chance for more fighting as he gently put Chartreuse down. "Alright, save one for me!" He said as he got out his weapon and let the spikes protrude from it. When one of the Boarbatusks charged toward him, he quickly jumped to the side with a flip and went to swing his weapon against its chin, that way the stomach was more accessible and he wasted no time at all. The wolf faunus snarled as he swung his weapon even harder at the stomach which caused the Boarbatusk to get hurled into the air with a squeal, Sterling readied his stance as if he were in a baseball game and swung his weapon directly at the Grimm when it was near the ground, the impact caused the boar like Grimm to instantly fade into dust.
  21. Not noticing if her partner had fully kept up, Olive had managed to reach the point she judged was good enough for her plan- far enough down to the narrow end of the mountain path area... and suddenly stopping, knives tucked away by her belt, she truly didn't bother to slow down... as she turned around, taking a hop over the ledge to her left, heading straight down the path as she let herself fall. Perfecto! Directional energy forwards down the path- and the other force acting on her, attempting to pull her down to the ground with a crash. But she had her ways around that. After all, that pesky force was gravity. Something she was now apt at manipulating. Bringing her knees up to her chest, curling up into a ball once more as she wrapped her arms around them, hurtling down the path, a purple glow around her as she kept straight on- she wasn't intending to hit the ground any soon. GREAT! She was gonna do it, show Napier, show everyone- show... Herk... c'mon, deep breath, calm down, just find some kinda target. A Grimm. A flag. But as her eyes quickly darted from side to side, she couldn't see anything- it was all a blur, she was moving far too fast to catch on to anything useful. Damnit there had to be something, she didn't execute this entire air slide manoeuvre and waste her Aura for a whole mountains worth of nothing- it was then that her darting eyes caught a flash of something in front of her. She couldn't quite tell in the second she had to react, and with no time to stop, she only hugged herself closer into a cannonball as she braced for impact. "OH CRAP-"
  22. Oh. He left her. Of course, he left her! She should be able to fight! Or at least, that is what Chartreuse thought. WiShe was with a huntsmen before coming here. Yeah, the huntsmen died, but...I can do this! I'm not a weak baby! I was abandoned once before, this isn't anything. And at least Sterling is still around. This will work out. She believed it would. Though this time, she didn't feel up to singing.
    Without her aura, she drew her scythe sword and charged the Grimm that was left for her...However, she wasn't really in the best of conditions to fight or even be left the way she was...
  23. Now, Josh was kind of an idiot, but he could tell that Chartreuse would need help defeating the last Boarbatusk. (Really, he already thought that the Faunus members of the team would need help regardless, but he wasn't gonna admit that). As he watched the Grimm roll towards Chartreuse, he raised his gun and fired at the rocks above the Boarbatusk, sending a few tumbling down on top of it. This wasn't enough to stop the Grimm's momentum, but one large stone landed in front of it.

    The Boarbatusk squealed as it fell lopsided on the ground, skidding to a halt on its side right in front of Chartreuse. Josh pointed at Sterling.
    "You with the ears! Kill it!"
    Josh looked a little further in the ravine, where a flag sat planted into the ground. Probably what the Boarbatusks were guarding.
    "I'll go grab that." he said, then added in a softer voice, "impressing Headmaster Lionheart by grabbing tons of flags, here we come."
  24. Sterling turned to Josh with slight annoyance at how he told him what to do and merely responded with a growl. Even though if he wasn't told, his instincts would have told him to tear the Grimm to pieces if it tried to hurt another Faunus... and potential teammate for life. The wolf Faunus readied his weapon and charged at the Boarbatusk with a loud snarl before he leaped upward only to slam the weapon down directly on to its head hard enough to crack its skull like mask a bit before it slowly faded to dust. "Okay... I think we need to focus on getting more flags, don't you?" He asked as he rested his weapon on his shoulder.
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  25. Oh...she was saved...By Sterling. Ah. Aha. Ahahaha. ME. SAVED. AGAIN. BY THIS MAN! Why was she even trying to become a huntress? Twice today Sterling had to save her. Twice! There was no reason for this foolishness to happen. She had been fighting before. She knew how to make the freaking weapon she wielded, the least she could do is be competent. But no, she had to go and drain her aura.
    "Okay...I think we need to focus on getting more flags, don't you?" asked Sterling, as he rested his weapon on his shoulder.
    "Y-yeah," replied Chartreuse, completely calmed by the look on his face...and what she swore were sparkles going around his body.

    With a fierce shake of her head, Chartreuse shot to her feet. That was not ok. That was a crush. She was almost forming a crush for him. No. No. No! Okay maybe...I won't deny myself but...Just no. Gods, I just met him! If I go for him now, how in the ever living hell am I going to be able focus in on studies at the start? And then there is my need to goddamn fight...I look like a complete fool. I don't need to add to it with being complete ditz in love right now. Chartreuse.
    "Control yourself!" yelled the faunus, slapping her cheeks. Though she may not have been subtle in it, Chartreuse was graced with the heaven sent excuse of there being flies around her. It 100% disgusted her entirely that those things were there, but then she realized she had fallen into a mud pile prior. Being a bull faunus, it seemed the bugs had a way of finding her. "...I'm going to catch up to the others now....Thank you for saving me...Sorry for looking like a complete idiot when I'm your partner..."

    Defeated by her own logic and the world, she lowered her head before walking on.
  26. Aryle's focus to the east left the west to Topaz. He looked over the side of the mountain, scanning it for anything that could be useful or any notable marks in the solid rock surface. Looking it over, he noticed...

    ...a lack of disturbances. "Doesn't seem like many Grimm come to this mountain." he remarked. "No Hunters, either. At least not recently." Topaz took note of Aryle's reply. "Dispersion by Grimm seems likely. Or perhaps they all wanted to risk the chasm instead of explore the dunes. Either is certainly poss-"


    Topaz cut himself off, raising a hand as he heard a noise. Hopefully Aryle got the message. Slowly, he approached the source of the sound. There seemed to be some sort of cave in the ground, ready to burst open at any time. The front entrance seemed to be weak, and yet... Well, by entrance he meant the weak pile of rubble that had hidden the cave before. It looked like a part of the roof had been smashed down... A natural occurrence, or the trap of a clever-

    Topaz moved to run down the mountain as soon as he realized. Unfortunately, he wasn't fast enough. A massive leg blasted forwards from inside the cave, sending a hail of rubble right at him. Fortunately, Aryle was in range. He chose to conserve his Semblance, instead using his Aura to block as much of the rubble as he could. The rocks still launched him off his feet, sending him rolling against the ground with a grunt.

    Moments later, a large, tarantula-like Grimm - a Matriarch Arachne - burst forth. It sneered with fury, smashing its eight long legs against the ground as it bolted for Topaz.

    ...only for some girl to suddenly slam into its armored rear leg.
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  27. "WATCH OUT!"

    Aryle had been sharp to keep track of Topaz, alerted to his hearing of the tremors before she followed him to the source of the cave, and quickly she activated her semblance as she was unsure what but knew something about this was wrong. Her view of seeing through objects had not been the best, even she needed not x-ray vision to tell what was happening as she gave her warning cry to Topaz.

    Though as she did so, the ground began to crack as debris shot towards them. Aryle was quick to act as she fired several arrows in succession to break apart the larger rocks before they slammed into Topaz or herself before she aimed to grab him and use an arrow with rope to pull them back some distance to a nearby tree to gain safety distance.

    Aryle prepared herself as this large spider Grimm appeared from the cave & ground, and naturally she pulled a pair of arrows on her bow ready to strike...until someone slammed into one of the creature's legs which was enough for Aryle to pause in confusion.

    "This day just gets better and better...." Aryle mumbled to herself, before she fired a pair of arrows as her target was a pair of joins on the opposite side of the spider from where this other presumed hunter to be crashed into as she had a pair of explosive Dust tips with the aim to try and detonate two of the creatures joins and take its legs out from under it.
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  28. The balled up girl crashed straight into one of the heavily armoured Grimm’s legs with what could only be described as a loud smack and an ‘UFF’. Despite her attempts to brace for it, she still felt the wind knocked out of her lungs as she loosened up, falling flat and backwards onto the ground, quickly leaning her top half back up as she coughed up some dust. Not her proudest moment. Had she not been trying her best to use her Semblance at the time to lighten herself, maybe she would have taken less of a hit. Shaking her head and shaking away the thought, she looked up, to figure out where she had landed, only to see-
    Oh why.
    It could have been literally anything.
    Why did it have to be a Spider?!

    Olive rather quickly and instinctively jumped to her feet as she backed up, as fast as possible, trying not to fall over her own feet as she put some distance between her and the colossal Grimm.
    Finding herself a satisfactory distance for the shivers to stop, at least for now, she grabbed onto the bronze chain with one hand- holding tight onto one dagger with her left hand, she used her grip on the chain to swing the other one around in the air above her head, like a lasso, gradually building momentum- letting it go at the right moment so that the dagger flung towards the Grimm, slamming into the same leg she had crashed into, almost like a petty act of revenge. That, and she had to start somewhere.
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  29. In the distance, a sliding sound could be heard as it gradually grew louder, Ryan had his black plunged into an Ursa's throat and was using its body as a sled as he rode it down the ravine walls. "That girl just jumped in head first, I don't even know what to think of that." Ryan had a grin on his face, an expression of pure disbelief was present after the scene he had witnessed moments prior.

    Arriving near the bottom, the snake faunus witnessed his partner who seemed to be engaged against a huge spider Grimm. "Seems like we got company." Jumping off the disintegrating grimm's body, Ryan flung the Ursa at the spider before breaking his fall with a roll and standing up beside Olive. "We what do we have here?" He ten noticed two more figures nearby. "And who are those two?"
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  30. Back down in the ravine, Josh ignored whatever Sterling and Chartreuse were doing and casually strolled over towards the flag, which sat stuck temptingly in a rock.
    'Surely,' he thought to himself. 'The Boarbatusks were the only Grimm guarding that flag. After all, what are the chances of me getting attacked by a Grimm like I did in this exact same scenario at the beginning of the trial?'
    Josh hoisted himself up on top of the rock, grabbed the flag, and lifted it up above his head. For all of two seconds, he held it up triumphantly, feeling a completely unnecessary boost to his ego for picking up a single flag.

    Then that pride was immediately dashed when the rock began crumbling and fell apart as if the flag stuck in it was holding it together, which is absolutely not how flags were meant to work. Josh had just enough time to comprehend that something was probably inside the rock, before it fell apart below him. As he landed, he felt something gripping onto him from all sides, and opening his eyes, he found himself covered in Baby Deathstalkers, each one around the size of a shoe. He'd just destroyed a Baby Deathstalker Den! And now, the swarm of scorpion Grimm was carrying him away into some tunnel deeper into the ravine.
    To say that he screamed was an understatement. He shrieked.
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  31. As Topaz regained his focus, he heard a solid thunk as something slammed into the legs of the Arachne. Aryle had pulled him away successfully, so he drew Vigor in rifle form and fired a few shots to keep his momentum going. He could use this.

    Aryle fired her explosive arrowheads right for its legs. Unfortunately, the Matriarch Arachne turned towards Olive, causing the arrows to tink off of the armor. The Grimm prepared to attack with its large hoofed leg, Olive's knife plinking off the armor... when the arrows exploded. The Grimm screeched in rage, feeling the fire sear it even if the armor blocked most of the explosion itself.

    That, of course, was when the fourth fighter entered the field. The corpse of an Ursa was suddenly flung on top of the Matriarch Arachne, impaled now on the sharpened point of the top of the leg armor. The Matriarch Arachne reached up its mouth to the beast, tearing off its head and consuming it as the corpse turned to dust.

    Topaz built up enough momentum. Suddenly flying back, he landed feet-first into the leg of the Grimm. The velocity of the hit caused the Matriarch to stumble off-balance as Topaz's Aura shattered. He hit the ground, but pulled out his guns. "ARYLE, NOW!" Taking advantage of the opening he had just created, he began to loose bullets through the opening of the knocked-apart legs. Most of the shells bounced off of the Grimm's main armored body, but some hit the underside, causing it to let out another screech of pain.
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  32. Finally properly understanding the scope of the situation, she barely managed to catch her dagger as it came flying back to her, obviously with no success. She watched as the chaos continued around her, trying to figure out exactly what the best move was in such a situation- compared to what she was seeing, she almost began to feel inadequate again. Think Olive, think... her eyes widened as she turned to her partner, quickly hopping a few steps back as she began to spin the dagger around again by the chain, this time in a smaller arc just in front of her fist, as if winding it up. Her words were awkwardly spaced, as if having to stop for breath.
    "Alright, uhh- you. Sorry I kinda forgot your name already and I'm not good with that stuff- Doesn't matter! I think I got a way we can help smack this Grimm and maybe get some attention-"
    Finally loosening her grip on the chain as she span the dagger around in an arc once more, she let it extend out, the blurred circle now wider as it sped up even more.
    "I'm gonna throw this thing as high into the sky as I can get it- and I need you to jump up and grab onto it right near the blade- got that?!"
    She didn't have time to explain how she had reached the conclusion, but most of what she had seen of his ability so far came from crashing into things- and she didn't think her weapon would do any real damage to this thing if she went straight in. But if she could toss the dagger up into the air in a straight line, hold it in place with the light gravity of her Semblance, and THEN transmit her semblance through and from the chain to him once he grabbed it... she could hopefully lighten him up enough to the point that she could swing him over behind her using the chain, until he made contact with the nearest cliff behind them... and then, all she needed to do was throw him back DOWN as hard as she could, and turn off her Semblance at just the right moment, to practically slam him onto the Grimm at full force. Like squashing a spider with a boot. At least, that's the mental image she wanted- in this situation, the boot was far smaller than the spider in question.
    It was then that she heard the crash, the screeching, as the Grimm went off balance, and she didn't have any more time to waste.
    She panicked, raising her hand that span the dagger as she spun it around above her head once more, this time letting it loose upward as it rocketed into the sky, glistening bronze followed by the chain- until it finally reached its limit, as high as the chain could go. This was the point where it would be yanked down by the force and begin to fall back down- closing her eyes and concentrating, the glowing purple energy seethed through the chain all the way to the tip of the blade JUST in time, remaining still and extended, like a thin bronze pillar in the air. Question was... how long would she be able to keep it up...
  33. "On it!"

    Aryle's eyes shinned as her semblance locked onto the targets that Topaz had opened up for her, this was a golden moment and as she pulled four arrows back she was dead set on taking advantage of it. It was helped that another pair of students also seemed to be battling it with one also making a large opening as Aryle had to block them out though appreciated the aid.

    For now she had one job and one job only.

    Aryle would load her fire-tipped Dust arrows and fired them in rapid succession; two then four then eight were shot in sets as they all flung to the opening made by the kicked apart legsas her aim was to fill the opening of Topaz's charge with arrows which would then burst and if all worked the way it should have set everything inside the opening of the Grimm ablaze as the arrows would try to pierce its flesh. Her semblance would make certain she would aim for the precise weak points and not very her aim by so much as an inch.
  34. Before her future teammate could be eaten alive, Chartruese found herself using her sword scythe to slice the grimm to pieces. She was unable to finish one off before it had jumped and pinned her to the wall. She thankfully killed it before it could kill her by impaling it.

    "I've already lost one person in life to these things," said the teenager, looking down at Josh with a bleeding face thanks to the charge of that one grimm. "Try not to die when we just met...Or maybe you should...I won't care and be hurt as much. But to be honest that's lame. You're not allowed to die until we all graduate together. And then its illegal for you to die."

    She extended a hand to him after putting her weapon away.
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  35. While Ryan was focusing down the ginormous Grimm in front of them, Olive's sudden request snapped his back to reality. "Uh, alright. What do you have in mind?" He asked before shutting up and listening to the girl's plan. "Uh, ok I can do that. But what exactly is your plan-" Before the snake faunus could finish his sentence, he jumped a bit when a screeching coming from the Grimm was suddenly heard and then turning to the sight of Olive's shouting and throwing her dagger into the air.

    "Ah crap! Guess I'm doing this now." Having been caught off guard and not having enough time to fully reorganize his thoughts, Ryan started to move. He ran towards the walls of the ravine and used his momentum to begin running up the vertical slope before using the same force to swing upwards off a loose stone with his tail, gaining a lot of air and managing to reach the dagger. The snake faunus grabbed onto it as instructed before looking back down towards Olive. "So what now!?"
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  36. Olive watched as things began to get a little more tense- if she wasn’t directly at threat currently, she would have been on the edge of her seat- but it seemed her faith wasn’t misplaced, Ryan doing even better than expected and reaching the blade just in time. She let out a grunt of effort as she tried her best to keep her Semblance activated, the purple energy pulsing through the chain of the dagger, keeping Ryan afloat in mid-air, as she looked up to him, trying her best to summarise what needed to be done as fast as possible. And, well- what more needed to be said?
    Immediately after, she began to feel her grip on it loosening... damnit, this all came down to how fast she could turn her Semblance off- no time to think about that! Gritting her teeth, she swung the dagger in her hands downward as gravity returned to normal for both Ryan and the rest of the weapon, swinging him down directly onto the Grimm.
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  37. (NOTE: For sake of consistency and reviving an accidental auto, @Grand Master Koop has given me his next post's text to add to my own.)
    Hearing Olive shout the next part of her plan, Ryan has to take a moment to process things. “Wait wha-“ Before he could finish, the snake Faunus felt himself get flung towards through the air towards the spider Grimm. “Whoa! This was your plan?” Shouting in the air in a slight moment of confusion and disbelief, Ryan quickly reorganized his situation in his head and decided to act with what was given to him. “Ah well, might as well use this.” He mumbled as he tightened his grip on his blade.
    Letting go of the dagger and grabbing his claymore with both hands then bringing it above his head, the snake Faunus made use of his momentum and swung the full force down on the spider Grimm with his entire body.

    As the pendulum strategy was put into motion, Topaz looked away from his enemy for a moment to observe Olive in action. "A gravity Semblance...?" He watched, astounded, as the girl managed to hold the faunas in the air for a full moment before sending him careening down. Topaz's momentary distraction was covered by Aryle's pair of arrows, which all hit their marks. The spider screamed out in pain as its limbs were set ablaze by the archer, four of its legs now pierced. It prepared to advance on Topaz...
    ...only for Ryan to crash down, slamming into its back with his powerful claymore strike. The Grimm's legs suddenly spread widely as it screeched again, flattened against the ground.
    Perfect opening.
    Topaz dashed forwards, his Semblance activated. Now, all that was in his vision was the ground around him, the Matriarch Arachne, and Aryle in the distance. The Grimm tried to counter of course, lifting a singular leg to stomp down on him. Topaz rolled underneath the pincer, using Vim to slash off the joint of the arm as he rose to his feet. Now past the Grimm's defences he broke into a dash, running clockwise around the main body. He slid under certain legs and leapt over others, each passed limb getting severed by his quick, sharp swords. Now all that was left was the main body.
    Its frontal armor wasn't getting pierced easily. That was obvious by just looking. Now back at the front, Topaz slid to a halt, running right for the head. With its only offensive tool left being its head, the Matriarch Arachne tried to bite at Topaz with its pincers, but the Huntsman-in-training quickly dodged out of the way. It was like a stationary Beowolf. Kicking off the ground, he flipped around onto the head, stabbing down into its neck. The scream of the Grimm was cut off as Topaz used his now fully-embedded swords to angle the head upwards. The brain was a clean shot from the front.
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  38. Sucking up his pride, Josh let Chartreuse help him up.
    "I... acknowledge the effort it took to... aid me with those Grimm " He said. Gods, why did it have to be Chartreuse. Having to be saved was bad enough, but by a Faunus? Josh literally could think of nothing worse.
    "I am... grateful for your help." He finished.

    Eager to change the subject, he turned to the group.
    "Well, I think we've collected enough flags." He said. "How about we get to this 'extraction point' and get out of here. Being thrown around in the dirt has utterly ruined my hair."
  39. Aryle had not needed to be told twice to take the shot, as she had already prepared a fresh arrow as it crackled with en electric Dust tip as her semblance eyes shinned as she used them to lock onto the center of the exposed brain. She pulled back her arrow and once she locked onto target she let go.


    Her arrow sailed through the air, it raced towards the large Grimm as she had it on course to strike the exposed brain where she aimed to pierce and shock it all the way to hell and back. Aryle grit her teeth in anticipation, this had to work...it just had to...
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    Topaz pulled out his swords as the arrow sunk itself deep into the brain of the Matriarch Arachne, an electric shock coursing through the creature. The young Stone quickly grabbed the trainee with the claymore by the arm and leapt off of the armor, allowing the voltage to utterly destroy it.
    And a moment later, the dead Matriarch Arachne burst into smoke as it hit the ground.
    "...good work." Behind his scarf, Topaz was smiling as he sheathed his blades. He looked over to Aryle, giving her a court nod. "I think we both got lucky with our partner choice."
    He then turned to the new arrivals. "Risky. But well executed. Good plan, gravity girl." He didn't know her name, but the girl with the knives stuck out to Topaz based on her Semblance alone. Her eyes were silver, too. Didn't see many of those. He looked over to the one with the Claymore. Faunas? He seemed to have a snake-like tail. It'd be interesting to see if he had any venom.
    "Aryle, time to head to the extraction point." Topaz ordered. He was acting like he was in charge already. Being the leader of a team for so long does that to you, even when with new teammates. Or teammate, in his case.
    Or possibly teammates. It depended on what Lionheart decided for the teams.
    As Topaz moved forwards, he walked past the entrance to the cave, not noticing the golden glint within it...
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