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Ask to Join RWBY: Hunter of the Huntsmen

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mr Fishykarp, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Plot and Signups at: https://pokecharms.com/threads/rwby-hunter-of-the-huntsmen.18379/

    "Sir, the new set of students have started to arrive"
    General James Ironwood nodded as he observed the Atlas Airships in the horizon, getting closer by the second.
    "Better get those alphabet fridge magnets and a list of colours then," he said
    The other teacher's eyes narrowed, "sir, was that a joke?"
    Ironwood betrayed no signs acknowledgement, but a hint of a smile appeared on his face. "It appears the first few Airships are drawing near."

    Upon one of these Airships was Joshua Whitman, who had up to that point remained silent on the ship. He could see Atlas in the distance now, and many other people were already standing up and watchingh in awe as they got closer, whispering in tight groups of three and four.
    The school was a large, silver facility, with a central building connected on all sides to varies rooms, halls and dorms. The entire place was situated atop a tall hill in the centre of Atlas, with the rest of the city sprawling out around it. Josh looked around for someone to talk to
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  2. Topaz Stone had come a long way... all the way from Vacuo, in fact. He thanked his father and his friends... without them, he likely wouldn't have been able to leave. Though it didn't matter much to him. He had made it to Atlas, and its academy. Land of the rich. Wonder what they would think of a low-class thief like himself being among their ranks? Well, he didn't steal from good people, or at all if he could avoid it. Not anymore. As the ship began to descend to land, Topaz pulled his hood down lower. He wanted to keep a low profile while he was here... though knowing the team system in place at all the academies, he wouldn't be able to do that for long with three others constantly breathing down his throat. But however long he had to himself... he wanted that time.
  3. Platina looked outside the airship windows, she tried to smile though felt too tired to do so.
    The night before boarding the airship, she stood up all evening with no amount of rest. Her own excitement kept her up as she waited for sunrise to catch a flight to Atlas. Voices of the other passengers, huddling around windows in awe, and talking over one another disturbed Platina's uncomforting sleep -- she was sleeping on the floor against the airship walls. She then forced herself up, wiping off small amounts of tracked dirt from her clothing.
  4. Evelyn leaned against the wall of the transport. With her arms crossed over her chest, she was looked out the window over the campus. She blew some hair from out infront of her eyes before moving to stretch her arms above her head. Her eyes scanned around the ship, picking up on the other people inside.
  5. “Man this is so exciting!” Yuuji Gull exclaimed making a fist and racing it into the air. The young Fawnus’ Heart was racing with excitement as they neared Atlas Academy. He tried getting to a window, but was knocked back by the growing crowds of students. This was getting annoying. He cracked his knuckles and popped his shoulder muscles by rotating his arms. Then he pushed himself forward through the crowd, by keeping his head low. However, once he got near the front, there was a brown haired boy standing in his way, while it had become to tight packed to get through around him. “If I can’t go through him or around him. I guess I’ll have to go under him.” He thought to himself. And then without a second thought he shoved himself between the boy’s legs to crawl through them.

    “Um hi,” He said to the boy as he finished his crawl and quickly stood up. “Sorry about that. I just wanted to see the academy.” He said, pushing back people who were beside the boy. Yuuji stuck his hand out and grinned. “Yuuji Gull.”
  6. Ryan sat in one of the seat with his hands behind his head. His tail was raised beside him. "Finally, I've arrived at Atlas." He said to himself. "I will become a great Huntsman just like you mom." He said after closing his eyes and bending his head down. He then turned his head around to look out the window and saw Atlas academy. He smiled. He then noticed a girl sitting near him was looking sleepy. "Hey you alright? You look tired." He said.
  7. Rivera Gorge looked out one of the many windows of the airship as it neared their destination, Atlas Academy. He'd always heard rumors that Atlas was the worst possible place for Faunus compared to the other three Kingdoms with the rich snobs, but he hoped that that was all they were. Rumors. Then again, one could never be too sure. If things seemed to be worse than he expected, he could always hide the fact he was a Faunus. It was probably the best part of his specific Faunus feature, he could hide his claws. But Rivera probably wouldn't, he wasn't one for hiding. He heard noises behind him and turned to look, seeing a crowd gathered by an adjacent window, and a Faunus trying to squeeze through the crowd. He let out a chuckle at the sight and leaned against the wall, watching to see exactly where that would go.
  8. She yawned, noticing Ryan, "Huh? Yeah... I'm fine. I just stayed up for too... Long at some point, not enough sleep... That stuff." Her voice trailed often, it seemed Platina wasn't completely awake and still kept nodding off.
    "Don't mind me... I'll be up, just give me some time..."
  9. Josh's eyes narrowed as he viewed the boy across from him. "What. Did. You. Just. Do?" He said slowly. He looked at the outstretched hand but made no move to shake it. "Let me tell you this, Mr Yuuji Gull, there are better ways to get through and crowd than crawling through someone's legs. Like maybe, I dunno, asking, perhaps?"
    Josh sighed as he reaches his hand out to shake Yuuji's, "just, don't be such an idiot and maybe you'll get the honour of being my first friend at this school"
  10. "Honor?" Rivera scoffed, more to himself. It might have been audible to the boy, he didn't know, and frankly, he didn't care. In fact, he'd like to see exactly what'd happen if he did. He sounded like a privileged rich kid. Nothing wrong with being rich, of course, but something about him just screamed privilege. Maybe it was the tone he used? Well, so far nothing happened to the monkey Faunus, so perhaps Atlas wouldn't live up to its discriminatory reputation. That was something Rivera could live with.
  11. Ryan watched as Platina kept nodding off as they spoke. "Alright then, if you say so." He responded before turning back to face the window behind him. He watched the scenery fly by as they approached Atlas Academy.
  12. Indigo, so far, hadn't hidden his extreme surprise at how beautiful the scenery was. He, for one, had never expected to be on the way to Atlas Academy. It was a long shot. He had, after all, harmed a 'fellow' and usually thought Atlas was where the rich snobs went, but he had to keep his eyes open for any chance to enjoy Atlas. As he stared out at the scenery, he blinked rapidly. Was this all there was? He had anticipated some sort of revelation, something worth remembering. But he couldn't feel anything as he stared at the towers of the houses below.
  13. Rotguss looked out of the window, Atlas, he couldnt believe he was accepted to the academy, especially not with his Semblace.
    He looked around at the other students, he was supposed to warn as many students as he could about his semblance, unless he wanted a fatal mix up which he didnt, but he didnt know where to start or with who, his ears dropped as his unsureness began to evolve into nervousness.
  14. After shaking the boy’s hand, Yuuji gave a wide grin. “I can’t promise anything at this point. Idiocy is my specialty after all.” Behind him, his dirty blonde tail waved behind him, seemingly to have a mind of it’s own. “So, what’s your name anyways? I mean, if we’re gonna be friends, I gotta know your name. Unless I name you Angry McAngerson. Wait is that your name?” The boy seemed to be filled with energy as he spoke excitedly.
  15. Out of the corner of his eye, Rivera spotted a Faunus boy who seemed to be having trouble with something. Was he nervous? Rivera wasn't sure, but figured he should help the boy. Better than just standing there and waiting for them to land. The wolverine Faunus stood up straight and walked towards the wolf Faunus before he extended a hand for a handshake. "You seem nervous. Something you need help with there, buddy?"
  16. “Who am I?” Josh asked, looking at the Faunus boy before him. The kid seemed kind of annoying, but he should still deserved a chance to be his friend, it wouldn’t be fair to rob somebody of that privlage. “I am Joshua Whitman and I would appreciate if you tried to be just a little bit bearable. And don’t call me that”
    He turned around and sighed under his breath, “dumb animals.” He paused, “wait, did I say that out loud?”
  17. “Yeah. You did. But I don’t think you should act so high and mighty. I mean, technically you’re a animal too. Humans are animals. And so are Faunus. So don’t tell me you think you’re a rock or something. Then you probably are dumb if you think that, Whitty. Ah get it? Whitman? And you think you’re witty.” The boy was talking fast, unaware of how the “dumb animals” comment was directed towards him.
  18. Josh's fists momentarily curled up in anger. Dumb? He was the dumb one? This- this- animal didn't even seem to catch his accidental insult, and that joke was just-.
    He took a few deep breaths and continued, putting on a wide smile. "Just. Try not to speak too much, or at all, ok? So try not to trip over anythi-"
    The airship shook and Josh fell forward towards Yuuji, and the speakers activated. "The airship is currently in the process of landing, so we apologise for any turbulence. We will land shortly, please take your seats and fasten your seatbelts."
  19. Rotguss was surprised when Rivera approached him, he shook his hand and smiled and said "was I that obvious? It's just I was asked to inform students about my.... "unusual and alarming" Semblance to avoid fatal mistakes.... I just don't know where or with who to start...".
    Rotguss almost fell over as the airship shook unexpectedly.
  20. Topaz gripped the window edge tightly. He had been looking out for a while now, and had had enough forewarning to stabilize himself and just slightly shake. Atlas. Finally. Topaz then walked past a Faunas and other kid who had been talking to get to the door. As soon as it opened, he wanted to get out of the ship and figure out what he was doing for the night. Hopefully there was a tree he could sleep in for the first night or something.
  21. Rivera stumbled, but managed to steady himself. He grabbed the wolf Faunus by the shoulder to try and keep them both on their feet. "Well, I guess you could start with me," Rivera offered with a shrug as the airship was docking. Then he realized something. He completely forgot to properly introduce himself to the wolf Faunus, who's name he also didn't know. "Oh, by the way, I'm Rivera. Rivera Gorge," he stated. "You are?"
  22. "Rotguss Lycaon, nice to meet you Rivera" Rotguss said, "and yeah I guess I could start with you, so... um.... my Semblance allows me to turn into a Grimm, a Beowolf Grim to be exact, for 15 minutes.... or one quarter of an hour, whichever you wanna use" He added as he scratched the back of his head not sure how Rivera will react.
  23. Evelyn ran her hand through her hair. She stretched and relaxed, content to watched be world go by. The hippy shuffled in her poncho, pulling it closer. Her eyes closed and she hummed.
  24. Rivera's response was rather calm, and he simply nodded beforehand. "Alright, I can see where that would turn into a problem. It's best to just let any people who come into contact with you know. And, if you're going around with somebody, make sure they know so they can inform others if you run into people who don't." The wolverine Faunus recommended. That was an interesting Semblance Rotguss had, Rivera had to admit. "And, it's nice to meet you too, Rotguss."
  25. Just after she decided to give up and sleep, a turn from the aircraft almost made her fall head first. Platina flailed her arms as she lost balance. Right before falling face first, she caught herself by landing on her forearms. The shock woke her up as she angrily got up, getting rid of dirt from her clothing once more.
    "That was just great. Ugh..." She looked back at Ryan, this time completely awake and aware of her surroundings. "I'm guessing they're landing now?"
  26. Ryan turned back to face Platina after her little bout with the floor. "Yeah, I guess they are." He responded. "So what's your goal here? I want to become a great Huntsman just like my mother." He said before looking away and getting a serious look on his face when he mentioned his mother.
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    Rai was excited that he got to go to the school his mother previously went to, and hoped he could be just as powerful as her or even stronger.
    Rai looked around to competition and other students and wondered which ones would be his teammates in the near future

    "This school is it going to be fun, all of these students have amazing potentials."

    Rai began to mutter to himself as he was in deep thought on how to make them his friends and rivals.
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  28. As Josh began to nag Yuuji, they hit a bump in the air, and Josh was knocked into the Faunus. The boy tumbled back, but his tail wrapped against a nearby seat, keeping the boy from falling. “Maybe you should take your own advice,” Yuuji said in between a laugh. He quickly sat in the seat his tail had grabbed on to. he gripped the seatbelt and snapped it shut around his waist. It was time. Soon he would arrived to Atlas Academy. The only thing he wasn’t pumped about, was wearing their uniform. It was pretty bland. But still he was excited about going to Atlas in general.
  29. Tes waited in the back end of the airship for landing. Most things didn't bother her like turbulence. Reaching back, Tes touched her weapon. Never leave home without it. Same at home though, so never leave it. Her muticolor eyes scouted the area. Interesting, the people here. Hope they are skilled, but not to skilled. Still gotta complete the challenge. Her eyes caught another person, or faunus, hard to tell, muttering to himself. Tes walked up and placed one finger on his shoulder. "Whatcha thinking?"
  30. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    As rai muttered to himself he felt a touch on his shoulder and said the first thing that comes into his mind. " hunting other to get stronger." rai just realized what he just said and tried to change the subject. ".... Huh?..wait what was the question again, oh hello the name rai, hope we can get along with each other if your my classmates or Partners in the same team."
    Rai hoped that that person did not hear what he first said.
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  31. Tes crooked her head slightly. "Deep in thought much?" She asked. That guy, Rai, spoke kinda fast. "Hunting something? Like monsters?" She asked, being polite about it. She heard what he said, but kinda felt the same way. "Anyway, why jump right to, 'I hope we get along.' Sounds kinda strange, like you expected me to be dangerous. Maybe if you didn't try to 'hunt people' you wouldn't have to worry." Tes spoke that last part quietly so others couldn't hear them. Some things shouldn't be heard.
  32. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Rai was a bit embarrassed about what he said earlier. " sorry about the hunting thing where I come from hunting is natural for us to think about and, Isn't it nice to make new friends before we start school." rai raised his hand towards the stranger and offered her a handshake with a smile.
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    @Breon I've edited your posts to put them into past tense – remember, "Rai was embarrassed," not "Rai is embarrassed." Be sure to keep an eye on your tenses – we all slip sometimes, but it's important to use past tense, as it's in the rules so RPs stay consistent. :)
  34. Slightly confused when he asked and turned away, she looked at him thinking about the question, "Hmm... I'm honestly uncertain of why I'm here really. I'm just here because?" Platina paused for a bit then shrugged, "I guess I'll find a reason while I'm here. Not looking forward to how strict this school can be, least that's what I've heard."
    She stayed silent before asking, "So you're trying to follow your mother's footsteps because you were inspired by her... I'm guessing?"
  35. Josh sighed, crossed his arms and turned away in frustration, refusing to answer. At that point, the ship had landed, and the doors slowly opened as the students spilled outwards. Behind it, the next two airships had also landed. Josh grabbed his bags and ran out to the front of the gates, which were still shut. Four teachers walked out in front of the gates, each standing facing the students.

    The one on the far left was a large man with white hair, a large beard and a balding head. He looked around at the students with a warm, fatherly expression. Next to him was a tall woman wearing a turquoise dress, and with hair of a similar shade. She looked upon the students with a stern but caring tone.

    The third was another woman, a bit shorter, and in her hands was a large scroll, possibly in control of the gate. Concerningly, despite working on the tablet, she looked on at the students with a wide smile, almost creepy. The fourth was the shortest of the gathered teachers, wearing a blue tophat, with a red umbrella on his belt around is waist. He was almost bouncing with excitement as he regarded the students new and old.
  36. Evelyn grabbed her carry bag and slung her duffle bag's strap over her shoulder. She slid off the ship before stopping to adjust it, not wanting to be caught up in the crowd. The huntress in training immediately gravitated to the closest wall. Her slight awkwardness with people helping her get around the crowds.
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  37. Indigo had tried his best to look like most of the students; surprised, baffled, and most importantly, rushing to get the front. She tried to stay away from the walls and from the middle, and was constantly being pushed around in the sidelines. He wasn't focusing on where he was going; just those teachers out in front of the gates. Was this what he had expected? Of course, it is.

    "Pfft," he murmured as he pushed through several other students to get to the front.
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  38. Tes didn't feel anything similar to the people around her, being that most architectural designs didn't suprise her. The part that really caught Tes's attention, was the teacher with the scroll. Picking her bags up, she eased forward through the crowd, maintaining eye contact with the wierd teacher.
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