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Private/Closed Rocket Assault

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Trucro, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Jacob took a deep breath as he stood outside the door. Butterflies flew around in his stomach, and his hand shook. Standing there, in his Team Rocket uniform, the young man was aware of the great honor he had been gifted; it was rare that a member of Team Rocket was allowed to meet the leader, Giovanni. Only the highest ranking agents generally spoke with the Leader, and they disseminated the orders to the lower downs, and then them to the grunts. Jacob, who had been a part of Team Rocket for all of three months, was now doing something many members never got to do.

    He took another deep breath as a mechanical voice told him to enter. The doors swung open automatically as he stepped forward. The room was surprisingly large, Jacob thought. Forming a rectangular shape, the room stretched longwise, a huge flat screen TV covering most of the back wall. The lack of windows was apparent, but that was what was to be expected in an underground hideout. Across from the entrance sat a single wooden desk, a small screen on top of it. Behind it was a rather large leather chair on wheels that looked like it didn’t belong.

    The man in the chair looked spiffy, however. Giovanni was a tall man with his hair slicked back in a dark orange suit. His green tie was the most noticeable thing about him; that, or his wicked smile. Jacob felt dirty just looking at the man. But he guessed that was what Gus had told him. His mentor, Gus had saved Jacob from a great fall when he was travelling in Sinnoh, and it was in his service that Jacob had joined Team Rocket. Gus had never liked Giovanni much, and Jacob often wondered why the old man had stayed in the organization so long, but he never got his answer. Just a week before, Gus had died from a chronic illness that finally caught him.

    Jacob looked Giovanni in the eye and smiled, nodding graciously. The Leader of Team Rocket stood as he saw Jacob enter the room.

    “Ah, Jacob. Nice to finally meet you,” He said motioning for Jacob to come closer before extending his hand for a handshake. Jacob grabbed the man’s hand firmly.

    “A pleasure to meet you as well,” Jacob replied, sitting down in a small wooden chair one the opposite side of Giovanni’s desk. Giovanni began to speak again rather quickly, Jacob thought, and he found it to be a bit odd.

    “I was so sorry to hear about Gus,” he said, lowering his tone. “I didn’t know he was so sick. I heard you two were close, and I wanted to offer my condolences.” The man’s face was scrunched up in distress, but Jacob knew he was lying. He could feel a chill down his spine every time Giovanni spoke. While Giovanni might not have been happy to lose such a talented master, he was not distressed at his loss. Gus was a thorn in his side, recruiting new members all the time that he had control over, not Giovanni.

    It was then that Jacob realized what Giovanni was doing. With Gus gone, he wanted to ensure Gus’s recruits remained loyal to Team Rocket. After all, it was very likely that the many of them would leave without Gus holding them there. But why would Gus set it up that way? If he was truly dedicated to the organization, why would Gus create a system whereby his followers shared no allegiance to the group? Then Jacob’s second epiphany hit: Gus must have been planning a move against Giovanni, perhaps to wrest control of the organization from his grimy hands. Jacob’s face twitched as he thought of this.

    “Thank you,” he replied to Giovanni’s condolences. “That means a lot, sir.” The Leader of Team Rocket smiled in response.

    “Good. Now then, we should discuss your promotion within the organization. I’ve had a few agents watching you, and they believe you have real potential. Your pokemon may be lacking… but you have got potential. As such, I wanted you to join me here, as my pupil.” Giovanni smiled at Jacob with the most horrid of smiles, as if he was bragging at the fall of Gus’s plot Jacob only recently discovered. He couldn’t stand it.

    “No,” he said quietly, before repeating it more loudly. “No! I won’t join you! I don’t even know why I’m still sitting here, listening…. To you! Gus wanted to take you down, and so I will finish what he started.” Jacob stood and grabbed a pokeball from his pocket. From it a flash of white light was released, and Jacob’s Blastoise, Nero, stood in front of him. The room was plenty high for Nero to reach his full height, and the pokemon roared as it was released. But Giovanni just laughed.

    “Alright, then boy, perhaps a demonstration!” Giovanni reached into his pocket, pulling out an ultraball. In a flash of yellow, another pokemon appeared. Giovanni’s Nidoking stood tall, facing down Jacob’s Blastoise. “Try it!”

    “Nero,” Jacob began. “Use Hydro Pump!” Jacob’s Blastoise released its cannons before firing a volley of water towards the Nidoking.

    “Dodge,” Giovanni commanded, and the pokemon leapt to the side, easily avoiding Nero’s attack. “Now, use Earth Power!” His Nidoking glowed yellow before slamming the ground. The floor cracked beneath them, and the cracks rushed towards Nero. As they reached him, Nero was thrown backwards with a great force, slamming into the back wall behind Jacob. “Horn Drill!” Nidoking’s horn began to spin as he charged towards Jacob’s Blastoise. Nero barely had time to stand up when the poison pokemon crashed into him, his horn cutting into Nero’s torso. The pokemon yelped in pain before dropping to the ground, unconscious and seriously injured.

    Without recalling Nero, Jacob grabbed another pokeball. “Zed, use Metal Claw!” In a flash, Jacob’s Excadrill, Zed, appeared, and it swiped forward at Giovanni’s Nidoking. The Nidoking caught Zed’s arms however, preventing him from carrying out the attack.

    “Poison Sting!” Giovanni commanded. His Nidoking ducked his head and, still holding both of Excadrill’s arms, he released a purple, horn shaped projectile into Zed’s stomach. The attack hit, and Zed began to glow purple. He slouched down to the ground, badly poisoned. “Megahorn,” Giovanni said, but his pokemon was one step ahead of him. The top of Nidoking’s head glowed as he slammed it into Zed, sending the pokemon falling backwards onto the ground, unconscious. “I think that’s enough,” Giovanni declared. “No? You are welcome to try again. But if you cannot even defeat one of my pokemon, how do you ever expect to depose me?” The man said with a sly smile. “Most of those who attack me I have killed. However, I have another proposal for you.”

    Jacob was busy looking over Nero and Zed. Both of them were in critical condition, and needed medical attention soon. He wasn’t sure what to do. Giovanni’s Nidoking was out of his league, out of everyone’s league, it seemed. How could anyone ever hope to take a pokemon like that down? He didn’t like it, but he couldn’t use his other pokemon against a pokemon like that. He dropped his arms at his side.

    “Very well. My proposal is this; I will heal your pokemon, forget all this ever happened. And you will give me two months. In two months, I will have you become the greatest agent in this organization. It’s an ambitious goal but I think you are up to it,” Giovanni said, nodding to himself. “Once the two months are over, you will be free to go, to do what you please. Of course, I’ll need you to give me your current pokemon until then; no use allowing you to lean on them. They’re a crutch that you’ll need to drop before you can run. You can have them back after the two months are up. What do you say?” Jacob didn’t react at all. “Splendid!” Giovanni replied, taking his lack of response for an affirmative. “I’ll see you first thing tomorrow!”

    Thirteen Weeks Later

    Jacob sneered as he listened to the other agents talk. He would rather not have been on the plane with others, but he had no choice; it was the only way to get to the site. The small plane was filled with only about half a dozen agents; the rest of the members were traveling by land, and most of them had already. Jacob didn’t know many of the agents on the plane. He had only been introduced to the two that he would be working with. MJ was a rather large person. He had joined Team Rocket as a young child, and had been part of the organization for nearly 15 years. Only a few years older than Jacob, MJ had nearly 60 pounds on him, and he towered over Jacob physically. Jacob knew he wasn’t the smartest of people, but he didn’t talk much and Jacob enjoyed that.

    His other teammate, Hera, was exactly the opposite. She was a small person roughly Jacob’s age as well, but she talked so much he couldn’t stand her. Because of this, he knew much more about her: she was self-centered and easily offended, but incredibly clever. Jacob liked to think of himself as very different from her, but he wasn’t certain he was, other than his preference against talking to others.

    As the plane descended, Jacob nodded to the teammates. While he wasn’t officially the leader of the group, as the apprentice of the Boss, he had an unofficial authority. The plane landed quietly in a forest, and the Team Rocket members left. Jacob, MJ, and Hera went in one direction, and another group headed the opposite way. Of course, they would both be approaching the same target.

    They walked silently through the forest for nearly an hour before finally reaching the city. Cerulean City stuck out in the darkness of the night, shining brightly. From the direction they had traveled, their target was easily visible; the Cerulean Pokemon Center. Together the three moved through the alleyways of the city, approaching the Pokemon Center from behind. They could see from across the street, a group of grunts began to make their way into the Pokemon Center; the assault had begun.

    Still outside the Pokemon Center, Jacob nodded to the group. MJ reached into his pocket and furnished a pokeball. He quickly released his Sandslash, who promptly began to dig beneath the ground. The hole the pokemon created was large enough, even for MJ, to drop down. One by one, they followed the Sandslash underground. The tunnel slowly leveled out, and then headed upwards. Jacob led the group in climbing up the hole. As the Sandslash reached the inside of the pokemon center, a ray of light shone into the tunnel from above. Jacob grabbed the ledge, and heaved himself up, out of the hole. He helped pull Hera out of the hole, and then MJ. The large MJ quickly recalled his pokemon, and Jacob lifted his finger to his mouth, instructing them to be quiet.

    The group had made it inside the storage room of the pokemon center, where rows and rows of pokeballs filled with pokemon were stored. Of course, they didn’t want to steal every pokemon; just the valuable ones. It would have been easy to just take as many as they could carry and sort through them later, but the grunts were meant to give Jacob’s group time to find the most valuable. Hera quickly rushed to the computer at the side of the room, and began searching through the records to see what they could find.

    As Jacob waited, he felt for his pokeballs one his belt. He was hoping he wouldn’t have to use them when he heard a crash come from somewhere in the Pokemon Center. It sounded like the grunts might have been having some trouble.
  2. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    The Morning before the attack on Cerulean Pokemon Center

    Sai had traveled back to Kanto region after he defeated the Sinnoh league. He held in his hand the Ribbon, Badge and Rare ball he was awarded for defeating the league.
    "On our way home huh.." Sai said.
    He had gazed down at his golden wolf Luxray. Luxray was the first Pokemon he had caught when he entered the region. This Luxray was pretty rare, He was gold and black not the usual Blue and black. Plus he had an scar across his left eye from an intense battle with a Ursaring when he was still a wild Shinx.

    Sai had traveled through the forest the morning before and as he walked he managed to see Cerulean city over the hills. He passed an old cabin just miles outside the city. He noticed an old man had been chopping wood outside his house and seemed to be struggling a bit. Sai watched from the darkness of the bushes.
    'Luux Luxx' Luxray had nudged Sai towards the old man.
    "You want me to help him..?" Sai said with a low voice. He stared at the old man as Luxray pushed him towards him. He didn't exactly know what to do in this situation. Sai had changed during his travels, he was a lot more cold and unwilling to help others. He had closed himself off to the world, his eyes were darkened out and his heart matched his eyes. Sometimes he felt that he should leave others to their own hardships. He felt he had a maniacal side that wanted to come out, but his sensible side would not let him. So he let out a soft breath and begun to speak.
    "Hello old man, do you need help.."
    The old man looked at Sai surprised to see that there was another person out here in the woods.
    'O-Oh Hello young man, Yes would you mind giving an old man some help. I can not pay you much but, I can let you stay here and give you some dinner for your kind offer.' said the old man.
    Sai nodded and proceeded to take off his jacket and lay it out over the edge of the old man's house. His Luxray pulled over pieces of wood for Sai to chop over.

    5 hours later..

    Sai had managed to do more then just chop wood for the old man, he also was able to fix the old man's heater, bring in some of his Mareep into their home, carry water from the creek that was a few miles into the forest and sand down the new kitchen table.

    With a long sigh, Sai had flopped down on his ass and leaned against the side of the house with his Luxray next to him. He was dirty and had taken his shirt off a few hours ago because he had become hot. He clenched a water bottle in his hand and brought it up to his mouth to take a few gulps of cold refreshing filtered creek water. He gazed over at Luxray and gave him a soft glare.
    "this is your fault you know that right."
    Luxray dimmed his eyes and gave Sai the "it's not my fault" voice.
    'Lux Lux Luxray ray'
    "haha.. I'm kidding buddy." Sai crushed up his bottle and stood up, he swung the axe over his shoulder and walked over to the old man who had walked out of the house.
    'Oh ho! that's it for the day, thank you so much! dinner will be ready soon please go wash off'
    Sai nodded and proceeded to walk over to the other side of the house where a little pipe was waiting for him to wash up quickly.

    One he arrived at the pipe, the sun had fallen by that time. The warm embrace of the sun had slowly faded away into the dark cold attack of the night. Sai and Luxray had stood by the pipe when he heard the sound of helicopters pass over his head. He stared down at the water as it fell and splashed on the ground. Sai's gaze was fixed on the water, his ears had zoned out on the sounds of the helicopters. He had flashed back to a point in time in his journey, He lifted his hand and ran his fingers over the scar that took its mark on the lower right side of his chin. Soon after he came back to reality when he heard a brisk sound of foot steps following each other in the forest. He slightly turnt his head enough that he saw a darker shadow bolt past some trees in the forest.
    "Lux.." he said briefly; the wolf Pokemon caught on quickly.
    "Come back into your ball for now.."
    'lux...' Luxray replied.
    Sai held out the ball and recalled Luxray into it. He looked inside the house and saw the old man had already sat down at the table. He didn't know how to say goodbye, so he didn't and grabbed his shirt. He followed behind the footsteps of the mysterious black shadows unaware of what he was going to get himself into.

    A few minutes later..

    Sai had made it into Cerulean city. He had followed the group of people down alley ways, he kept his presence unnoticeable the whole time he had tracked them. A few minutes later he slowed down and waited a couple of buildings behind when he noticed they had stopped. Sai glanced down the long alley way and saw he had been following three people the whole time, One was pretty huge; he looked about the same height as Sai but bigger in body mass, the other was female; she was pretty curvy; athletic build and the other was about the same height as the girl and the same age as well, but he felt he had seen this person before even if it was just the back of him. Before he could put his finger on it, his eyes caught the movement of other bodies a little bit down the road, and saw a they run by the alley one by one. He also noticed a Red R on each of their uniforms as they sprinted by and he glanced back down at the three in-front of him and they had similar marks.
    "Hmm.. Team Rocket? I wonder.." he said quietly to himself.

    After watching them converse amongst themselves, The main three moved out once more. He stayed quiet and moved up a bit; now he had been standing in the spot the three once stood. He watched as the bigger one threw out his Poke-ball. Sai wondered what Pokemon it could be, he watched as a Sandslash exited the Poke-ball and begun to dig its way underground, and the three followed behind it. Thoughts ran through his head; Should he follow behind him or enter through the front. If he had followed the three he might risk being seen, because there is only one way in and out; If he went through the front it be easier to make his way to them.
    "Through the front it is then.." he said to himself.
    Sai reached over to his belt and threw out his Luxray.
    'Lux Lux' the electric wolf was already in battle position. Sai didn't have a plan but he was ready for a fight. Him and Luxray slowly made their way over towards the front of the Pokemon center. Sai and Luxray slowly walked over to the front of the door where they sat outside of it, He happened to notice an electric box on the other side of the door and caught an idea fairly quickly.
    "Lux.. use Discharge on the light box right there to turn off the lights in the front room."
    Luxray nodded and sprinted over to the box, being careful not to be seen by the grunts on door duty. The Pokemon stood infront of the box where his fur slightly stood up and small jolts of electricity struck the box and over powered it, which blew out the lights in the main lobby room of the Pokemon Center.

    "Hey what's going on?"
    "What happened to the lights?!"
    "Calm down.. I'll go check it out.."

    One of the grunts made his way towards the front of the Pokemon Center. Sai had waited on the outside of the door. When the door opened, He moved quickly and grabbed the Rocket member by the head and neck. The grunt had struggled for a few minutes, and gradually begun to stop and fainted. He pulled him further away from the door; Sai and Luxray walked in and hide as others came to see what had happened to their friends, one by one Sai had knocked them out. He learned this training technique from Koga and Bruno, but they were only suppose to be use during emergencies, Sai wasn't allowed to kill with these methods.

    As he made his way to the back, The lights had came back on. He was caught off guard and was soon surrounded by grunts. They had their Pokemon out; also in their hands were chains, bats, electric batons and other weapons that put Sai in a disadvantage.

    An all out brawl between Sai Luxray and the Team Rocket grunts and their Pokemon had begun.
  3. There was only three days left. Three days until what might be the greatest battle she has yet to experience, against her own mother. Cassie stared blankly at the ceiling of room the Cerulean City Pokemon Center had given her, still as a statue, as Nine laid curled around her form in place of a blanket. He was a fire type. He kept her warmer than any blanket could. It was far too early to be asleep, but she and her team would be up before dawn the next day to train, so rest was essential.

    If only she could get some.

    Currently wearing a simple white long-sleeved shirt and baby blue shorts, Cassie found everything to be too loud. The faint, muffled murmers of exiting visitors downstairs, the occasional doors opening and closing across the hall, to the ticking of the clock in her room, inching her closer and closer to the day she would face her mother, a retired veteran, in battle. To measure how far she's come in the seven years of being away from home. If she'd finally, finally, broken out of her mother's shadow.

    All of a sudden, loud sounds of struggle from the main area filled the all too silent air. Her unblinking gaze at the ceiling was finally broken, and the petite woman sat up on her bed, automatically waking her Ninetales. 'What is it?' He asked. "A struggle." She answered, quickly grabbing her belt which had her full team clipped on it, and tying her hair into a quick, messy bun. "Come on Nine."

    Cassie was shaking with adrenaline. She had been since the day her mother sent the Holo-Message that brought her to Kanto in the first place. Without her boots, her steps were almost inadible. Only the slight scrape of Nine's claws were heard as they moved to the corridor that led to the main Pokemon Center area. The said corridor was dark. They had the shadows to their advantage. Peering through, her eyes immediately widened. Team Rocket, grunts, yet dangerously armed. But also, a man she'd come to know under unfortunate circumstances and his Luxray. Her hands quickly found its way to a Pokeball on her belt, one that held a Pokemon she loved to use for strategic battles.

    There was the signature flash of a Pokemon being released from its ball. "Alright, Jade, get out there and strut your stuff. Flash."

    In a single leap, the Roserade jumped into the open and emitted a light that rivalled the brightness of a lighthouse. Cassie covered her eyes while the grunts, and possibly Sai and his Luxray, was blinded. With her eyes shut, she commanded, "Petal Dance!"

    With a jolly coo, Jade shed her petals and launched them to fly in the air. Numerous, countless petals, floated in the air and obstructed the view further than a feet ahead. "Grass Whistle, saloon style for the guys in uniform!" Amongst the slow falling petals and confusion, Jade danced through with stunning expertise, coming up behind each grunt and sending them to sleep with a melancholic song.

    Once the petals cleared, the grunts were snoozing on the ground.
  4. Jacob rushed down the aisle. He turned around to Hera who sat across the room, still searching through the computer.

    “What was the number again? 1123?”

    “No,” Her voice came from back across the room. “1213!” Jacob nodded, although she could not have seen it, and turned back to his work. He followed the numbered spots to 1213 and grabbed the pokeball in the corresponding space. He looked it over before walking back to Hera. He placed the pokeball on the table.

    “1213,” he repeated. She didn’t look up at him, but rather kept her eyes glued to the screen.

    “Alright,” Hera said again turning to Jacob. She seemed almost surprised that he was there, she had been so absorbed by the computer. “I’ve got another one. 4193.” She immediately turned back to the computer.

    “What’s that one?” he asked in response. She let out a sigh before clicking the mouse a few times in quick succession.

    “That’s a…. Magneton,” she said quickly, quickly clicking off screen.

    “A Magneton?” Jacob asked. “We’re taking Magnetons now?”

    “Yea, a Magneton,” Hera said, turning back to Jacob angrily. “It’s not a weak pokemon, and we can use them to power our bases. Now go get it! 4193!” Jacob sighed and turned back to the rows of stacked pokeballs. He ran up and down until he found the pokeball in space 4193. What a dull job he had. The grunts seemed to have been lucky, after all they had the exciting job; handling any and all intruders. He wondered how they were doing. He hadn’t heard anything since that crash, so they were either doing fine, or else…
  5. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai was caught off guard by the flash attack. He closed his eyes immediately after he was blinded. His Luxray held his ground; they both did. Sai stood there and listened to the voice of the person who commanded thier pokemon. It sounds like a woman, Sai thought to himself.

    "Grass whistle saloon style for the boys in uniform" said the female.

    who is that? it was a fimilar voice, He felt as if he knew exactly who said that voice. The moment the female finished talking, it clicked in his head. Cassie.. it had to be here. Sai kept his eyes closed, he stood his ground the whole time and when the bodies dropped, it became silent.

    "Cassie..." said Sai. He stood there his eyes still fully shut, the slight pain of the bright light still effecting him now. A slow smirk crept on his face. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a blurred shadow of what was Cassie infront of him. He squinted then held his head.

    As his vision came back slowly he noticed all the grunts had knocked out on the floor. He looked side to side and grabbed a bat that one of them had held in his hand. He walked over to an escape door, and smashed the controls to it, just in case there was more Rocket gang inside that haven't noticed their presense.

    He then walked over to Cassie and stood infront of her. He looked down at her in silence for a few seconds.
  6. Her steps were quick and urgent, a smile flashed on her face for a small moment as she passed the towering man. "You're welcome." Her shoulder brushed his arms as she moved passed, before the dark haired young woman the collapsed bodies, bending down, and quickly dragging the grunts' sleeping bodies up a wall. Nine helped with the procedure, biting the collars of their shirts and stacking them up with his trainer. Jade swayed about behind them, being the flamboyant little Roserade she was, and soon took notice of the man with his Luxray. "Rooooo~" She cooed in a hello.

    Meanwhile, Cassie released one more Pokemon in the rose-covered center; A Froslass. "Alright, Aurora, Icy Wind on these guys."

    The slightly ditzy Froslass hovered from side to side, taking aim at the arranged bodies, before she took a deep breath and exhaled a stream of bone-chilling wind. Frost coated the grunts' bodies, and that frost hardened to ice, sticking them in place and against the wall. "They'll be feeling that when they wake up." Cassie mumbled in amusement, before her gray eyes flicked back to Sai. "We should probably call the police or something." Hands on her hips, brows furrowed in thought, Cassie once again paused.

    "Though that begs the question... What are they doing here just standing around?" Her eyes swirled with millions of possibilities, until one seemed to fit the glove the most. "Unless there's something else that's happening at the same time."

    She sort of forgot she was only wearing her PJs. "Sai, come look around with me."
  7. Jacob stopped in his tracks as he heard another noise from outside. Hera, Jacob, and MJ had already filled nearly two bags with pokeballs, and they had only a few more to fill. But the noise was bother Jacob. After all, if there had been a problem, one of the grunts should have warned them by now. But none of them did, which made Jacob worry even more. Of course, he always had the nuclear option; the other group of three agents whose path had diverged from theirs were not far away now. They were the clean-up crew, the group who would come in and make sure that, fail or succeed, there would be no one left to talk about it. Knowing they weren’t far out made Jacob feel comfortable going to check by himself.

    “I’m gonna see what’s going on out there,” Jacob said, walking towards the door.

    “Well that’s just great, and you’ll leave the two of us to do the rest of this? Who do you think you are? Get back here and help us!” Hera protested, but Jacob was already gone. As he left the back room and entered the hallway, he released a pokeball. At his side appeared Grey, his Hypno. Jacob had been given the Drowzee the day after he joined Team Rocket, and the two had been training together for the past few months. The pokemon’s psychic ability was abnormally strong, and it was by Giovanni’s grace that he had been chosen for Jacob. Grey was a quiet pokemon, and Jacob only needed to nod to his pokemon to put themselves on the same wavelength.

    Jacob and Grey walked to the end of the hallway, and Jacob put his back up against the wall. Looking through the empty doorway, into the main room, he could see two figures through the main room windows. Still hiding himself, he turned back away from the doorway, and looked at his Hypno. They would wait, he decided, to see if the figures entered the building. If they did, he would have the advantage. With Grey’s power, a single attack was all he would need to trap them. From there, they’d be all his.
  8. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai glared at Cassie, as she walked past him. He watched as she froze the grunts in a single stack. Sai stood there as he glared at Cassie.
    "Don't move Cassie.."
    Sai slowly walked to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. He leaned down and whispered into her ear for only them two could hear.
    "Listen.. there are three extra members here in the building, i had trailed them before the attack began, They haven't shown themselves yet and I'm sure they are waiting for us somewhere in here I don't know where."
    Sai looked forward down the end of the hall and got a weird thought in his head.
    "To prevent us from both being captured, and its going to happen, here hold onto these for me."
    Sai handed Cassie his belt of Poke balls and kept Luxray's.
    "I need Luxray as bait.. just go the Opposite direction and track me as it goes ok?"

    Sai stood up and only gave her a side glance. He waited for her conformation before proceeding with the plan. He felt a strong presence around them, One that even if he managed to predict it he'd probably still have trouble stopping it. So he had to take a chance and let them capture him and Luxray. He stared down at his rare shiny lion Pokemon, he smiled when he realized that Luxray knew what was about to happened. They had been insync since they met.

    He stood their still. Awaiting the moment to purposly be captured. His head had raddled with strategies and multiple bad and good outcomes.

    Luxray stood by Sai and looked forward. Sai could only wait till it was the right time. He constantly looked around.
    "They might have called for backup a while ago, its to quiet for them not to be suspicious of this."
  9. Cassie's eyes became half lidded as Sai proceeded to whisper in her ear crucial information. Her eyebrows knitted together in thought, her suspicions confirmed. She knew the curly-haired man had a psychic ability, otherwise they would be rotting in Glittering Cave. So putting her logic before anything else, she nodded. "I have your back." Cassie received his Pokeballs and slipped them into a bag one of the grunts dropped, slinging it over her shoulder. Then, she pulled out two of her own Pokeballs, "Jade, Aurora, return."

    In a flash, her two female Pokemon were transported back into the safety of their Pokeballs. After clipping them back on her belt, she took out one other, "Ryu, come out." Her trusted Pokemon emerged from a flash of light, and sneezed quietly. He was sensitive to the strong aroma of Jade's petals. Sai's plan was clear to her, despite him never stating it aloud. It was risky, which was why she needed to be more careful than he did. He'd thrown her into the deep end of being his last resort, after all. "Ryu will tail your Aura."

    Her statement was simple, and without saying anything else, she took off in the opposite direction. The front desk had two entrances to the back area. One on the left, and one on the right. Cassie had gone down the hall Sai didn't go to, followed closely by Nine and Ryu. "Keep me updated for any more presences, Ryu." She said quietly to her Lucario, who was keeping track of Sai's Aura. 'There is a man on the opposite hall. The one Sai had gone to. He has a Pokemon with him... Hypno, I believe.' Ryu informed, and Cassie was already navigating down the corridors to the general area Sai would be in.

    There were many advantages to having a Lucario. He warded off unwanted attention by getting her out of situations that were less than desirable. If any other Team Rocket members drew near, Ryu would sense them in his perimeter and give a heads up to his trainer. Nine, she kept by her side for different reasons. He was her advisor. If a plan was deemed flawed, he would surely let Cassie know. 'Get Jade out here. We may need her again.' Piped the Ninetales. As if their minds were in sync, Cassie released the Roserade once again. Drawing near the corner that would place her behind Jacob and his Hypno, Nine used Safeguard, just in case an attack was launched their way, and to hide them temporarily from the Hypno's psychic senses.

    Ready for back up.
  10. (@ItsSai I’m leaving the effectiveness of Grey’s attack up to you. His goal is just basically to trap Sai and his Luxray against the wall using Psychic. If you’ve got other plans, feel free to implement them :p)

    Jacob listened carefully. He couldn’t risk sticking his head out to see who was there; he would have to go by sound alone. He heard someone’s footsteps, and then the popping of pokeballs releasing pokemon, coming from somewhere else, but Jacob couldn’t tell from where. He would have to focus on whomever was in the main room first, and deal with the rest later. He looked at Grey(Hypno) who was standing just behind him, waiting for the signal. With a tap on the shoulder Grey stepped forward.

    Moving out from cover, Grey immediately glowed blue using a psychic attack on the intruders, with the goal of immobilizing them. Grey’s above average psychic abilities allowed him to safely use psychic on multiple targets, and with the proper strength, the two would be trapped. Jacob stepped out after his Hypno had already released the attack. Looking at the intruders, the boy’s face caught his attention.

    “Sai?” Jacob asked. He hadn’t seen the guy in months, but he definitely remembered the face.


    “Done!” MJ said in his low voice as he dropped the last of six bags filled to the brim with pokeballs on the ground. MJ and Hera looked out over their handy work; over 50 pokemon, all relatively strong put into bags. There were plenty left, but the bags were full. Besides, selling these pokemon on the black market could bring in as much as $5,000,000 from the right buyers. Now all they had to do was leave.

    But Jacob still wasn’t back, and they couldn’t leave without at least knowing what had happened to the Boss’s apprentice. The two of them gave each other an irritated look before Hera stepped forward.

    “I’ll go, MJ,” she said to her comrade. Hera stood, leaving the computer where she had been sitting for the past while, and walked towards the door. “I don’t know why he has to be like this…” Hera muttered to herself as she opened the door, leaving MJ behind to guard and pack the loot. “This guy! Why should I have to-” Hera stopped in her tracks. She had opened the door to the hallway, which made an L-shape just outside the door. Hiding behind the corner, plainly in Hera’s view, was a girl with a horde of her own pokemon; a Lucario, Ninetales and Roserade.

    She immediately stepped back, slamming the door shut to separate her from the intruder. She shot MJ a look of surprise.

    (@all here is a little Diagram I drew to show how I imagined things were laid out. Let me know what you all think:

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    Sai felt himself suddenly lifted from the floor, the force of the physic attack took him by slight surprised. He tried to resists but the strength of the attack was strong so he gave him, and with tremendous force he was hurled against the back wall with Luxray quickly after. The painful outburst from his Luxray rang in Sai ears. With one eye open and some force on his head to look up Sai tried to calm his mind.
    It couldn't be Cassie that said his name, she had already followed the slight plan and went the other way. Who else could have known him in this certain situation. When he managed to lift his head enough, he saw a familiar face.
    "J-Jacob?" he said.
    He remembered the kid from their journey in the cave. It seems that Sai past experiences and encounters have come back to haunt him again. All he could do is chuckle and smirk at the guy.
    "Ha.. So you got bored with your studies huh and decided to become a worthless piece of shit huh?"
    Sai wanted to provoke the boy, and honestly to blow off a bit of steam, he was use to getting a good beating from his training so this wasn't as close as the usual. He glared down at Jacob, he knew his words could get into his head enough, but Sai was still very calm and very in sync with his actions and Luxray.
    "Only worthless kids and weak fools join team rocket.. I expected better from you."
    He wanted to buy time for Cassie, he didn't know where she was at the time and he had hope she didn't get caught other wise his plan would be ruin and he'd have to go with his plan B; which he didn't tell Cassie plan B, so it was mostly all up to him.

    Luxray had his eyes closed the whole time Sai and Jacob was having their conversation. The shiny Pokemon was pretty wrapped down from the Physic attack.


    Officer Jenny had caught a strange call from the old women down the road. She said there were suspicious characters hanging around and running in and out of the Pokemon center.
    "Yes Ma'am, thank you for your concerned call, we will investigate."
    Officer Jenny looked down at her partner growlithe with a stern face and stood up.
    "Let's go growlithe this sounds like a problem."
    She rushed out of the room, she grabbed her hat and stormed down the hallway; down the stairs and into the garage onto her bike.
    She reved her bikes engine with her growlithe in the passenger car and pulled down, trailing down the street towards the Pokemon Center.
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  12. "Ha.. So you got bored with your studies huh and decided to become a worthless piece of shit huh? Only worthless kids and weak fools join team rocket.. I expected better from you."

    Jacob smiled at his former friend’s words. He had heard these insults many times before, and he had run through the arguments in his head many times. He turned to Grey, motioning for him to hold the attack. Jacob relished the chance to debate with someone not from Team Rocket. He rarely got to argue Team Rocket’s side.

    “Well, if you’re as close minded as all that, and if you go by the propaganda against Team Rocket, you’d certainly correct. What people like you fail to realize is some of the greatest trainers in the world are members, or are at least friendly with, of Team Rocket. Koga, is one prominent example. But others as well. I think you’ll find, if you do your research, that Team Rocket has a hand not just in creating some of the best trainers world-wide, but running the largest cities and businesses in the world. Assuming those with the most worth and the most intelligence rise to power, it would seem that the worthiest and most intelligent people have joined Team Rocket.” Jacob smiled as he looked over at his Hypno, who was holding up quite well.

    “But that’s irrelevant here. It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not, because I’m assuming you never will. A closed mind is a terrible thing; and once its closed its closed forever. You are already lost to mediocrity. So let’s not dwell on that. The question now, is what to do with you.” Jacob thought for a moment, remembering that he had heard others before he moved to take Sai. “First off, how about you tell me about the others with you? How many are there? And why are you attacking us?”
  13. 'There's two more.' Ryu's head whipped around to the other end of the corridor, where a door meant for staff stood. Instantly, everyone's head whipped there, just as the aforementioned door opened.

    A girl the same age and stature as her stood there, locking gazes with her in stunned silence. The moment the door shut, Cassie's eyes darted to Nine. Without needing a command, the Ninetales rocketed to the door where he melded it shut with Flamethrower. Hopefully it would hinder her, and whoever else was behind the door long enough for her to regroup with Sai. She knew there were only two people, but did not want to leave anything to chance. Her objective was to be back up for Sai, but considering the people behind that door had Pokemon with them, it won't hold them long. In unison, Sai had been thrown back to the center's main area by the Hypno. She'd just slung another Pokeball, releasing Aurora once again.

    She and Jade were her favorite combination. Their contrasts complemented and strengthened each other, and their combos were one of the most effective. Now, she planned on having Jade use Grass Knot to grow generous amounts of thick grass from the floor to wrap around Jacob and Grey's bodies. However, it was still just grass. So to reinforce it, she would need Aurora to use Icy Wind and give more of a restraint.

    However, Ryu eyed the door cautiously, the melted door seeming far too worn to hold anything off, and his gaze was matched with Nine's. Cassie knew that meant she had four Pokemon to supervise, at the same time, but there was no other choice. "Grass Knot!" As planned, thick, generous amounts of grass burst through the center's tiles, attempting to grab and wrap around Jacob and Grey. The ice attack can only be launched if Grass Knot hit. At the same time, she had Ryu and Nine to instruct if and when the door broke down. And she knew it would be soon.
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    ( I basically had to rewrite the whole thing so.. I just deleted it.)

    The moment Sai was about to reply to Jacob, he heard the floor shake and felt it slightly rattle. Then he saw a stream of green quickly make its way towards him. He kept a close eye on it as it crackled up the floor. Sai had been struggling to talk, since Jacob's Hypno had a tight grip on him.

    How was Sai able to distract Jacob so he would not see the grass knot heading his way.
    "You are right, there is another person here but I dont need or want to tell you who."
    Sai thought to himself.
    "It's simple really, I saw you in the forest, i followed, i saw, I didnt like and i decided to crash the party-"
    Sai was interupted by a strain on his chest from fighting the Hypno.

    "You're statement makes my insides laugh, and I'm a very emotionless man Jacob. Team Rocket is pretty much worthless, Your leader is horrible and so are most of the grunts and upper commandeers. Your so called leaders had to bribe and cheat their way to greatness. If you're the all mighty, why most you steal from the innocent. Wouldn't it be easier to raise and show off your true strength. What you call greatness, is pure laziness. What you call leadership is desperate fools following even greater desperate fools. Any respect I've had for you before, Is probably gone by now. My left eye doesn't even acknowledge you as someone worth battling. If you think about it, didnt it take me a couple of minutes to get to the corner so you could capture me? If you truly knew me back in the caves, would i have fallen for such an easy trap of yours as simple as that?"

    Sai had to keep the man as distracted as he could. His mind wasn't to much on the situation at hand, more so on the fact he hasn't eaten yet today so his body wasn't up to any serious hand to hand or Pokemon combat. He wanted to rile up Jacob's nerves a bit.
    So after he had finished talking, he turned his head to the side and let out a deep sigh and his eyes turned a black/gray/brown color after and leaned his head back.
    "Im very uninterested in it now Jacob, very hungry as well."
  15. “Hah,” Jacob scoffed at Sai’s words. “Steal from the innocent?” Jacob rubbed his nose before dropping his hand back at his side. “No one is innocent.” As he finished saying this, Grey(Hypno) turned back to him.

    “Hyp!” He said rather urgently. Jacob furrowed his brow.

    “What is it?” But it was too late. Vegetation grew up from the ground, grabbing both Jacob and Grey in separate coffins. Grey’s attack ended, dropping both Sai and his Luxray to the ground. Jacob spun around to see an Aurora release a gust of icy wind at them, freezing the vines and sticking them in place. They had been trapped. “Wait..” Jacob thought to himself. “Sai, vines, Aurora… this had to be Cassie.” He had met her pokemon as well, and he knew the two of them were close. He should have known she was the other person, and he could’ve predicted this. But he didn’t.

    Jacob took a deep breath as he relaxed his shoulders inside the mess of frozen plants. Grey could probably still use some of his psychic attacks despite being trapped, but it wouldn’t matter. With Sai and Luxray on one end, and the horde of Cassie’s pokemon on the other, even with his Hypno’s powers he wouldn’t be able to defeat them.

    “Well, I guess you caught me,” Jacob began. “But what will you do now?” Jacob said, slowly shimmying his hand towards his belt, where his pokeballs had been held in place.


    Hera blinked a few times as she heard the door being welded shut. She had begun to recover from the surprise of the encounter, and she began to think straight again. She turned back towards MJ, who had organized the bags of pokeballs into a big pile. After another short pause, she did what she did best; she opened her mouth and began to speak.

    “I guess it’s time for us to leave,” she said, looking down at her watch. “The clean-up crew should be here any minute, and we won’t want to be around when they get here. Help me with the bags!” Hera walked over to MJ’s side and picked up too of the bags, heading back towards the hole from which they had entered.

    “What about Jacob?” MJ asked, halfheartedly.

    “He’s a big boy; let him take care of himself. After all, he didn’t have to go out there; he chose to. I have no doubts he’ll be totally fine,” she said smiling disingenuously. MJ thought she was a bit creepy whenever she was like this, but he didn’t want to argue. He picked up the rest of the bags and disappeared down into the hole.


    The cleanup crew for this mission was rather small; only about three of them. They had been in place for some time now on the roof across the building from the Cerulean Pokemon Center. It had a good view of the front of the building as well as the road leading up to it. It was here that they saw Police Officer Jenny riding towards the Pokemon Center at a great speed. One of the agents looked over at the others.

    “It’s about time, isn’t it?” The agent asked. A second agent looked down at his watch, and then back up at the first. As he did, the alarm on his watch went off, releasing a sharp beeping sound. It wasn’t particularly loud, but it was definitely audible to the entire group.

    “It is,” the second said. As he did, each of the three released their pokeballs, revealing three Magmortar. On the agents queue, the fire pokemon released a barrage of fire towards the pokemon center. The first agent used his to block off the road on either side, creating walls of fire and preventing Officer Jenny from reaching the building. The others poured flames into the roof of the Pokemon Center. As soon as the building caught, they turned around. A larger number of police and fire fighters would be congregating around the pokemon center soon, and the last thing Team Rocket wanted was their agents just hanging out when they arrived.
  16. Despite the ongoing conversation between Jacob and Sai, the world in her ears was completely silent, making the speech between the two men that much louder, even as they spoke with nonchalance. Eyes glued to the door, ears listening to the corner. From the gust of freezing wind being released, and crackling frost, Cassie deduced that both attacks launched had hit. Ryu proceeded to press his paw against his head, appendages raising as he tuned into the activity on the other side of the door, and opened his eyes in surprise. 'They... Left.'

    And Cassie knew instantly that trouble was just around the corner. And it wasn't Jacob.

    "Hm..." Her brows knitted together as both Nine and Ryu withdrew to their trainer's sides. She spun around, bare feet gliding across broken tiles and frozen floors as she made her way to Jade and Aurora, who seemed very interested in Jacob and Grey's trap. The Froslass was already tormenting Grey with dark, chilling auras, for she was not fond of Psychic types. It was one of the reasons why she didn't have a Psychic in her team. "Hello again, Jacob." Cassie said as she glided past him. As if, once again, she hadn't just caused massive carnage. It was much colder being only in your pajamas.

    The young woman crouched down to help Sai on his feet, but her eyes flicked back to the man ensnared in frozen vines, still being observed by Jade and Aurora. She noted his comment about successfully subduing him, but the way the two other agents simply left picked at her suspicion. "You know, I don't think we actually did." Eyes thinking, focused. "Your friends left rather hastily. Ht me thinking, did they simply not like you? Or is something else being planned that they didn't want to stick around for?"

    Absentmindedly, she touched her chin in thought. "I like your new uniform, though. It's a very flattering design. Jade thinks so too." The Roserade gave a pleased, 'Rooooo~' in response. However, around that time, Nine's tails bristled. He bared his teeth and glanced up at the ceiling, just in time to see red plasma seep through and drop to the floor. Fire flowed in like a waterdall in not long after. "Aurora!" Surprised, the Froslass rushed with great speed to her trainer and Sai, attempting to blow out the fires but fell short, only managing to redirect a flow that would've roasted her and Sai. She was exhausted from the consecutive attacks she'd launched. "Froooo..." Cassie clicked her tongue and pulled out four pokeballs.

    "Everyone, return!" All four of her released Pokemon were sucked back to the safety of their Pokeballs, and quickly she drew two more, "Ace! Fang!" The Swanna and Garchomp appeared in a burst of light and gave magnificent cries, taking notice of the situation right away and was between Sai and Cassie, anticipating their trainer's order. "Ace, Aqua Ring! Fang, watch for debris!"

    In an instant, Ace conjured a sphere of water, which separated into rings, and swiveled around them, extinguishing licking flames while falling debris were obliterated by Fang. Cassie remained silent for a moment, waiting to see if her makeshift defense would hold, before her attention returned to Jacob. "Is this the last resort your partners didn't want part of?" She murmured quietly, seemingly lost in her own thoughts. The frost reinforcing the vines would soon melt away, but that also meant the exposed vines would be able to catch fire, and, potentially burn Jacob and Grey alive. However, with Grey's power, that could easily be avoided, not to mention, what kind of high ranking Rocket Agent only carried around one Pokemon? A rather sorry one, most likely.

    Whatever the reality, Jacob must've known this attack was coming. He knew the risks and threats and surely, he didn't come unprepared. No, she knew that Jacob was far too clever for that. Thus, Cassie could only say one thing. "Jacob. Just remember, who saved your life in that cave." Her eyes were one the ceiling now, so fragile and broken. The heat and fire and were excruciating, and the smoke would render them all unconscious if they didn't move soon. "I know despite what it seems, you're the person with the upper hand right now." Fang barely managed to block the part of the ceiling that collapsed above her and Sai, throwing it to the side. "You're clever, Jacob. You wouldn't have come out here without a back up plan. You must have exceptional planning abilities to be the rank you are. You can just escape and lose us in no time. But see, here's the thing." The young woman shielded herself from light rubble. "How clever are you in decision making?"
  17. Jacob took a moment intensely in thought. He had already worked out a plan some time back, but now he was thinking about the others. Obviously, the clean-up crew had already arrived. But his team, Hera and MJ; they probably had left him. This made sense, as there was no honor among thieves. But he wondered what they thought of him as they left. Did they want to save him, but decide to stick to the rules? Or had they been just waiting for a good excuse to ditch him? Either way, he needed to focus at the dangers at hand.

    Cassie was truly an exceptional trainer for someone her age. It hadn’t taken her long to create a safe little circle around her, Jacob and Sai. But even inside the circle, there was a time limit. Once the fire spread to the building’s main support structure, the entire thing would collapse; there would be nothing her Garchomp could do about it. Luckily for Jacob, he had already seen her pokemon before. And since he received new pokemon upon joining Team Rocket, she had no idea what he was capable of. Pokeball in hand, he waited for the perfect moment to implement his plan.

    “I’m pretty sure they didn’t like me,” Jacob responded to Cassie, talking about his fleeing comrades. “As you can see, this pokemon center is about to be wiped off the map. It’d be wise of you to do the same as the other Rocket members.” He looked over at his Hypno who was patiently waiting, still trapped in frozen vegetation, seemingly un-phased by the fire and the collapsing building around them. Jacob waited for just a second as Grey(Hypno) looked at him. With a nod, Grey began.

    Using his psychic powers, Grey yanked out several beams from the walls, sending them flying across the room. As he did so, the building failed its final test. Already heavily damaged, losing several more support beams was all it could take. The far side of the room, that closest to the windows and further from the hallways, began to fall in first, but it would only take a few seconds before the entirety of the Pokemon center had crashed to the ground.

    At the same moment, Jacob opened the pokeball he held in his hand. The vegetation surrounding him snapped to pieces as his Onix, Cato, appeared. The pokemon wrapped its rock body around Jacob and Grey, sheltering them from debris as the ceiling and walls closed in on them.
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    (OOC: Oh jeez.. I was confusing myself reading both of your replies, but here I go )

    Sai had hit the floor and was mesmerized by the ceiling for a few seconds, until a small hand was held over his eyes. He snapped to and leaned his head back, It was Cassie, he wasn't surprised that the female understood his plan with a bit of ease. He grabbed her hand and pulled himself up, his weight hopefully not being to overwhelming for her. Sai stood tall and looked over at Luxray, His lion Pokemon looked tired and weak, so he took out his Poke-ball and recalled him back in.
    "Take a break buddy you've been working all day." he kissed the ball at the top and held it in his hand. He realized that Cassie still had his belt with his Pokemon on it. He waited patiently as the female and Jacob talked. Their voices started to stop like water drops slowly falling into a pool of water. He zoned out a bit, his mind was full of questions like:
    Why is Jacob Team Rocket worthy?
    Where are his regular Pokemon?
    He's not working alone here..
    Jacob wouldn't get caught this easy? or would he?
    To many questions in his head he had completely missed the conversation Cassie and Jacob were having. But.. his nose started to irritate him a bit, a rather insightful delicious smell had hit it pretty hard, but, was soon turned into a horrible burning smell and it became hot. His mind snapped back to real time he heard:
    'Everyone, return!' ''Ace! Fang!'
    In a flash Cassie's Garchomp and Swanna appeared around her and Ryu, Nine and her other two Pokemon were gone.

    Cassie had quickly reacted to something Sai had zoned out on. Just as soon as they came out, a ring of water had surrounded him, Cassie and Jacob all at the same time, Her Garchomp, Fang, was frantically scanning the area for debris that could have fallen through the wall. They worked together in harmony, He was captivated by the beauty of their team work. All he could do was watch for a couple of minutes, but soon after realize that he had to put in his own weight, he couldn't rely on Cassie, that wasn't the kind of man he was.

    Sai turned his head slowly towards Jacob, His eye was piercing Jacob's face. It wasn't the fact that he was upset with him more so that he seemed way more weak then before. He felt as if Jacob honestly wasn't himself and that he wanted to figure it out. Sai loved the challenge, but he slowly felt a sudden black anger creep up on him when he looked at Jacob. He held his stare for a couple of seconds but turned his attention back on Cassie.
    he noticed she had turned her attention to Jacob, and for minute, a silence came over the three, only the soft muffled echos of Fang destroying debris and fire being drowned
    'Jacob just remember who saved your life in the cave' said Cassie.
    no reply from Jacob​
    Sai had no idea what Cassie was talking about, for during their cave adventures he was separated from the group until the end when his Volcarona flew them towards an exit. That was also.. the first time he saw Cassie in her weakest of states. Sai looked around time begun to flow back in real time again. he thought to himself, this situation is pretty bad isn't it..

    Once Cassie was done talking she finished with,
    How clever are you in decision making
    Still no reply from Jacob, it seemed as if they boy was in his own world. As if he thought he had the upper hand, which Sai couldn't deny that he did.
    'As you can see, this Pokemon center is about to be wiped off the map. It’d be wise of you to do the same as the other Rocket members.' said Jacob.​
    Sai couldn't help but laugh to himself, but he turned to Jacob, you could sense the chilling anger in Sai's voice.
    "Jacob, don't compare us.. to your worthless companions okay?.." He said.

    Soon after, the sounds of breaking ice and ripped pieces of vines echoed in Sai's ear. He looked over his shoulder to see Jacob and his Hypno, Grey, soar over his head, out of the aqua ring and over to the other side of the hall. Sai stared him down the whole time, having not noticed that a small piece of sharpen medal had bypassed Ace's ring and Fang's sight and pierced Sai in the shoulder. He was mentally immune to the pain at the moment, he only felt anger towards his once ally, not for joining team rocket, but for having become weaker. As the walls and rooms begun to cave in and Jacob summoned his Onix to form a physical strong rock barrier around him. Sai's eyes had caught the gaze of Jacob's. The pure hatred and lifelessness might have been the same as Giovanni, the team rocket leader. Who knows. It all depended on how Jacob felt after taking a look into Sai's eyes at that very moment. The walls finally covered half the hallway and they lost sight of Jacob.

    Sai put his hand on Cassie's shoulder. He hadn't said a word. He grabbed his belt and hooked Luxray back on it, and without placing the belt around his waist, he pulled out a second ball and held it in its hand.
    "Golurk.." Sai said with a Monotone voice.
    With a red flash, a blue white and brown Pokemon emerged from out of the ball. 'Gooooo!!' with an powerful wale, Golurk, One of Sai's many Pokemon. One thing Sai will always do is switch around his team, He gives all of his Pokemon an Opportunity to grow and become strong if they choose.
    "Cassie.. I got it from here.." He said. "Golurk.. Phantom Force.."
    soon after the Pokemon smashed it's hands together then against the floor, a dark pool large enough for him Cassie and her Pokemon appeared below their feet and they slowly sunk in until they were fully through the floor.

    Moments later..

    Sai, Cassie, Ace, fang and Golurk all appeared in the front of the Pokemon center. The sound of Ambulances and Police sirens filled the air, they were soon surrounded by Cops that held their guns at them.
    "HOLD YOUR HANDS UP AND DON'T MOVE!!" said officer Jenny.
    Sai's body faced the burning Pokemon Center, the firemen were quickly rounding up in front of him to put out the flames. He stood their the crimson, orange and yellow glow of flames reflected off his face and eyes.
    "I REPEAT HOLD YOUR HANDS UP!!" Officer Jenny yelled again.
    Sai slowly put his hands up, still facing the Pokemon center, he whispered over the Cassie. "Just.. do as they say Cassie.."
    and as Sai held his hands up, the cops slowly crowded around him and Cassie.

  19. “Alright Cato,” Jacob began, with he and Grey(Hypno) safely beneath his Onix, as well as the debris from the building. “Well done,” he commended his Onix. He grabbed onto the side of Cato with one hand, and Grey with the other. “Let’s go, Grey,” he added, calmly.

    “Hypno…” The pokemon said, concentrating. His eyes began to glow purple as he focused, and Jacob closed his eyes. Then all of a sudden, Jacob, Cato, and Grey vanished. The rubble fell inwards, falling to the ground and covering the space Jacob and his pokemon used to be.

    Jacob opened his eyes. He was standing in the center of the Team Rocket hideout’s storage room, which was plenty large for Cato(Onix). Jacob quickly recalled both Cato and Grey. He looked around the room to see a rather large group of Team Rocket members arranging pokeballs along the shelves on the side of the wall. Hera and MJ must have done pretty well, he thought, as the grunts added more and more to the collection.

    “Jacob!” One of the grunts called out to him directly. Jacob spun around to see a young-looking grunt, maybe a bit too young to be working for Team Rocket. But Jacob had no say in recruitment.

    “Yes?” he asked the boy.

    “Boss wants to see you immediately.” Jacob sighed. He didn’t enjoy is interactions with Giovanni, but he knew they were necessary, not just for his growth, but his survival. Without it, he was just another rocket grunt; he didn’t even hold any more official title. His influence with the Boss was all the soft power he had.

    “Sure thing,” Jacob said, wiping some sweat off his brow. He realized just then how dirty he was, covered in wet plants, dirt, and dust from the collapse. But he sucked it up, and headed towards Giovanni’s office, whining to himself quietly all the way.

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