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Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Rex, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Re: Don Nick's Part Time Helpers


    Rex entered the shop shortly afterward, looking around to find Nick behind the counter in a sort of zen-like state. He snapped out of it almost immediately after the Linoone entered, and smirked.

    "Well, I didn't expect for you to turn up until tomorrow!" he said, rushing over to Rex, "Nice to see at least someone in this village is proactive." With that odd comment, he began pushing the Linoone, not stopping until he had gotten him around the counter. "For your first day of work, I think it's proper for you to introduce yourself to the townsfolk, and the mayor of course. He's a senile old man, but it looks good on me, understand?"

    He pulled a shirt from a box under the desk. Ugly only began to describe it. The same shade of green as throw up, the shirt's only other noticeable feature was a deeper green four leaf clover sitting in the middle. It looked as if he had pulled it from the dump recently. "This is to be your uniform. First thing's first, strip off that ugly jacket and hat of yours and put this on. I'll let you take those back to your house."

    The Zigzagoon seemed to expect him to do this automatically, waiting expectantly. After a moment, Rex complied, taking off his hat and jacket and putting the horrible looking thing on. He was actually starting to miss his jail uniform.

    "No need to look so sour, you're only doing one thing for me today after all!" the Zigzagoon frowned, again with that same reproachful look. After a moment, he laughed again, and patted Rex on the back, "You're in luck kid. Only two other people live in town at the moment that I want you to concern yourself with. You can't miss them, an Umbreon named Chad and a Sableye named Sem. Lazy slackers the both of them, but you'll probably be delivering things to them eventually, so I want you to be sure to at least say hello before you begin the real work."

    Once again, the Zigzagoon paused, and muttered something, this time loud enough for Rex to catch something about "Bells they could be using to pay him." After a moment, he spoke up again. "Anyway, Rex, as your paper says you're named, your map should have their homes located on it, just follow it. If for some reason you can't contact one or both of them, I'll let you have some stationary, and you can write to them. The point is, no matter what, you're meeting your fellow townspeople. Now, off you go!"

    Once again, Rex found himself pushed out of the building, grumbling all the way.
  2. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    Hat and jacket in hand, Rex first returned to his own home. He left the two articles of clothing there, and picked up his map again, looking it over for the two homes Nick had mentioned. To his despair, he noticed that both of them lived on the shore, far away from his own home. It was going to be a long walk.

    All he could do was get started. Flipping a coin, he decided that the first home he'd visit would be the one marked purple, which apparently belonged to someone named Sem. Rolling up the map and putting it under his arm, and still wearing the ugly worker's shirt, the Linoone started off for the house of the Sableye.
  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    Rex left Sem's home in a sour mood, muttering darkly about all the things he'd do to the Zigzagoon if he wasn't on parole. He'd known he was going to hate living here, but not this much.

    The first stop for the Linoone was back at his own house. He pulled the squid's tank from his pocket and set it on the floor, next to the orange box. Hopefully caring for the animal would keep him sane. Still, now he had to go off and visit the other. For how, he was adverse to doing so, and wished to spite the Zigzagoon that now held his leash.

    He pulled off the ugly work shit, and threw it on the dirt floor, not caring if it got dirty. He then picked up his own hat and jacket and returned them to their proper place on his person. Then, he collapsed into the hammock, once again muttering about all the things he'd do to the Zigzagoon the moment he was off parole.
  4. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    11:10 PM

    RMA finally couldn't stand being cooped up in the claustrophobic mess that was his home, picking himself out of his bed and deducing he was going to take a walk to calm his nerves. He went out the door, straightening up his hat, and walked through the darkened town, passing by ponds, rivers and other various nature related stuff. Finally, he came across a house, one with a black roof. His map didn't say anything about this one yet, though he could've sworn he had head someone inside it. Curiosity overtaking him, he went up to the door and knocked.
  5. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Someone was knocking. At this point, the Linoone expected that god damn Zigzagoon to be at his door. So when he pulled it open rather violently and found himself instead staring at a pink fleshy thing, he was more then a bit surprised.

    "The fuck are you supposed to be?" Rex asked.
  6. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    "I could ask the same of you." RMA replied, his arms crossed. Such greetings were common back in his old town, so it didn't faze him very much. "I'm new, from the other side of town. Of course, if you're wondering what my species is, I'm a human. Name's Mr.RMA." He said. He was about to put an arm up to shake, but decided against it. This fella didn't seem to be interested in warm welcomes. "Anyways, the map I have didn't say anything about someone occupying this house, so I just wanted to see if you were perhaps new here as well." He added, though slightly uncomfortably. Something told him he was wasting his time trying to sound polite. Maybe it was the Linoone's look, or that "The fuck are you supposed to be?" greeting. Whatever it was, it made the human uneasy, though he still remained where he was to see this guy's reaction. (Bad choice...bad choice...)
  7. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Yes, I'm trapped in this hell hole too," the Linoone growled.

    He had half a mind to slam the door on the human. If he did, it would probably knock the shack down though, so he refrained.

    "Do you need something? I imagine that god damn Zigzagoon swindled you into this bullshit too," Rex continued.
  8. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "Thanks, Marian," Sem said as he left the tailor. He had just spent the last several hours toiling over a design, only to get fed up with it and give up. He was no Robin, afterall. Speaking of which, Sem dug into his pockets and pulled out his Witch Hat and put it back on his head. Ruth tended to get a bit funny whenever Sem walked into the shop with anything he bought from Robinbells in the city. Judith used to just glare, but she and Sem were friends now.

    Sem walked past the shops, making not a sound with his ghostly-feet as he made his way home. He crossed the bridge and immediately spotted Rex, along with some hideous pink thing. Rex seemed about as annoyed as he was when he was talking to him earlier. However, the pink thing was just some giant mystery. "Maybe there ARE male Chansey," Sem thought as he made his way over.

    "Knock knock?" Sem said as he approached them.
    #8 Sem, Apr 6, 2011
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  9. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    "You'd be right...that bastard conned me as well." RMA replied. "And if my experience was as 'magical' as yours, then I'm sure you know that I'm out here to get acquainted with everybody. If I'm interrupting anything, I'll be on my way." He turned to leave, but stopped himself and turned back to face the Linoone. "Wait, I didn't catch your name." He said, though not expecting a great reply.
    Then suddenly, a voice was heard from behind him, causing RMA to turn around quickly, taking notice of a Sableye approaching. "Uh...evening." He replied, a slight tip of his hat.
  10. "What a surprise," Chadwyck commented as he walked up to the newly inhabited house, "people actually moved into town. And here I thought that the mayor had just imagined the whole story out of his senility." Chadwyck nodded to Sem before turning toward the others.

    "So, who are you supposed to be, then?" He asked to both of them at once.
  11. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The human replied, though before Rex could say anything the Sableye appeared again, wandering over to Rex's home. The Linoone quickly stepped outside, and closed the door behind him, fearful of being raided. Still, Sem's presence was nice, at least someone was here that might help out of the human attacked. He stepped away from the door and around the human until he was at a midway point between said creature and the Sableye.

    Once again, he was interrupted before he could say anything by another Pokemon, this time an Umbreon. It seemed to know Sem. This must of been the Chad the damn Zigzagoon had been talking about.

    "Hello again, Sem. Looks like Nick got another sucker," he said, motioning to the human, "Weird ass name too, must be a foreigner." Then he looked towards the Umbreon, "Thank god you decided to find me, since I was supposed to look for you. I'm Rex."
  12. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    "I've been told to keep my full name concealed, as to avoid unreasonable contact with suspicious characters." RMA replied, giving the Linoone a slight glare before turning to face the other two. "I'm Mr.RMA. I'm a human being, not exactly a species related to you Pokemon types, and yes, I am in fact a foreigner." He said, straightening up his tie as he spoke. "Well, this means I've talked to everyone here, at least, everyone aside from that Oshawott fellow I saw earlier..."
  13. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "I'm Sem," the Sableye introduced himself to Mr.RMA as soon as Rex had introduced himself to Chad. "What a funny name," he thought snidely to himself, thinking that it was actually his name so he made up the story about it being fake to avoid embarrassment.

    Sem wondered if Rex was going to explain why he was in Charming. He decided against telling the guy's history himself, since he might not like that. He was a murderer after all. Probably.
    #13 Sem, Apr 6, 2011
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  14. "Rex, eh?" Chadwyck looked the Linoone over, "no doubt that horrible Zigzagoon already told you my name, but whatever. Name's Chadwyck, but feel free to call me Chad." It was interesting, there being two new faces in Charming. Then again, it didn't really matter, since when he himself had moved in it had taken several weeks before he and Sem even spoke. New faces were something Chadwyck tended to avoid.

    He listened to the human's explanation of his name and whatnot, he wasn't really listening; he just didn't care about other people. Usually. So when the manthing gave his name, Chadwyck registered it and then promptly decided to be indifferent.

    "And I see Nick has you doing his dirty work," Chadwyck said to Rex, "introduce yourself to the whole town. What a joke. At least when I moved in it was only Sem and the crazy old mayor." A thought occurred to Chadwyck, "I'm guessing you haven't met Wartimer yet, have you? Oh, you'll be in for a treat. Talk highly of the elderly, he likes that."
  15. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    "It's a pleasure to meet you, Sem." RMA replied with a slight nod. He looked towards the Umbreon who had Just introduced himself. "Good to meet you as well." He looked up towards the sky, which was now pitch black. "Seems to be getting pretty late...and I've got quite a bit more of that damned slave labor to do tomorrow. I think I'm going to try once more to sleep in that pile of planks Nick calls a house. If I possibly see any of you tomorrow, I would definitely like to discuss more." He walked past the group turning back once more to give a small wave. "Till then, you all have a good evening." He said before proceeding to head back home.

    (Basically my excuse to actually get some sleep...)
  16. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Sure you were," Rex smirked at RMA. He then turned to Chad. "That he does. Though thankfully I was only to meet you, Sem, and the old fart of a mayor."

    Talk well of the Elderly, he'd keep that in mind. He nodded a slight thanks at the Umbreon. After that, the human quickly left. Rex didn't like him, not one bit.

    "Odd thing, that human," he frowned.
  17. "Odd being an understatement here," Chadwyck chimed in as they watched the human go. His limit on social contact was nearing the top, and he was eager to get on with his walk and return home. Not to mention that if there were really people moving in, Nick would have them all knocking on his door eventually. The thought was enough to make him consider sleeping in a cave for a few days.

    "Well, I'm heading off too. Nick will have all of his part-time 'employees' visiting me when they arrive, I may as well go and get some sleep before they decide to break down my door." The Umbreon rolled his eyes as he started walking home. "Eventually he'll just send you all to rob me or something, paying off that mortgage is going to be the death of me." He mumbled just loud enough for the Sableye and Linoone to hear. "Catch you later."

    After that he was gone, the only visible part of him being his glowing rings in the darkness.
  18. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Sem waved at Chad as he left.

    "Well, just came by to see what the commotion was since there's never any. Ever," Sem explained. "Maybe we'll meet that Oshawott that guy talked about tomorrow. Anyway, I'm going to head off now. Sleep well in your new... 'house'," he said, glancing at the poor shack Rex had to live in. "If you need anything don't be afraid to drop by." It was always a good idea to be on good terms with murderers.

    "See ya, Rex," Sem nodded before walking off towards his house.
    #18 Sem, Apr 6, 2011
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  19. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Rex nodded as Sem and Chad left, then returned to his shack. No point in staying awake now. He'd go find that god damn Zigzagoon in the morning. For now, the Linoone simply climbed onto his hammock, and soon drifted off to sleep.
  20. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    He awoke the next morning with a start. Still in the hammock, and not in his prison uniform. The events of yesterday hadn't been a dream after all. The Linoone wasn't sure if he was happy or annoyed about that. He actually was to be trapped in this town for a whole year, doing the bidding of that Zigzagoon and the annoying Sheriff. He still had one person he had to meet before the Zigzagoon would let him off the hook, and that was the Mayor.

    And so, bedrudgingly and with much hesitation, Rex slipped out of his coat and hat, and pulled on the puke colored work shirt, now fairly dirty from its night on the floor. When he slipped outside, he was glad he'd chosen to wear it instead of his actual outfit. It was raining out. Grumbling to himself, the Linoone grabbed his map and took off in the direction of the Town Hall, putting his species' natural speed to use.
  21. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    Rex ran, the muddy ground pushing up slightly under his feet. He'd finally met all three of the people that damn Zigzagoon wanted him to, and now it was time to get back to him so he could strangle the damn Pokemon. Well, he wouldn't do that, he didn't need that kind of trouble so soon after getting out of prison. Still, he wouldn't be pleased.

    However, grumbling and death glares to the sky aside, he entered the shop without a complaint minutes later.
  22. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    Once again, the Linoone found himself running, quite literally, across town. This time it was down towards the shore, where the waves were pounding ever so slightly harder against the shore. Rex noticed Chad fishing when he neared the beach, but he decided it was best to leave the Umbreon alone. No doubt the Pokemon was rather focused on his own task.

    Instead, Rex ran past Chad's place, and on until he got to the house that was marked purple on his map. The home of the Sableye named Sem.
  23. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    Running again across town, the Linoone had to be very careful of where he was going, otherwise he might crash into something. The fog made visibility poor, and it annoyed the Linoone greatly. There was no time for him to even stop at his home. After a few minutes running, and one close call with a tree, Rex made it to the store.
  24. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    The fog had cleared away, thankfully enough, allowing the Linoone to run to the Post Office without any further near-incidents with trees. On the way, he stopped at a small pond, crumpled up each drawing individually, and threw it in. The papers quickly sunk, absorbing water. He couldn't let Sheriff get a hold of those drawings, it wouldn't look good.

    That done, he rushed off in the direction of the post office, arriving minutes later.
  25. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Re: Post Office


    When Rex entered the post office, he was happy to see that the pleasant Pelipper was still behind the counter. He approached it, and handed over the six letters. The Pokemon smiled, accepting each one and looking over it in turn. She promised they would be delivered tomorrow morning, and, after thanking her, Rex ran out, deciding it would be best to return to the store for any other tasks.

    Letter is being delivered to Sem, Chadwyck, Belle, Mr.RMA, RX, and Linkachu.
  26. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    He was sick and tired of running today. Hopefully Nick wouldn't force him on another meaningless task that would send him all over the damn town. He really was getting sick of wearing this work shirt as well. The Linoone missed his coat and hat. Still, he returned to the shop, hoping for the best.
  27. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    Not too far away from the shop, the Linoone slowed to a walk. God he was tired. He continued to walk, ever slower, until he finally made it to his home. He slowly pushed the door open, yawning to himself as he did. Closing the door behind him, he slipped out of the work shirt Nick continued to force him to wear, and all but collapsed on top his hammock, fast asleep seconds later.
  28. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    Rex awoke groggily sometime the next day. How he'd managed to sleep for so long was beyond him, but today was Saturday, and that meant checking in with the Sheriff concerning his parole. The Linoone got off his hammock and stretched, yawning. He grabbed his coat and hat from where he had left them neatly on the orange box and put them on, kicking Nick's work shirt into the corner of his home.

    Exiting his home, he found the town in the grip of another sunny day. It was nice he supposed. He really wished he didn't have to do more work for the Zigzagoon today, but there was little more he could do. With a sigh, he made his way to the Town Gate.



    After suffering through Sheriff for several minutes, the Linoone was able to escape the pair and return to the town. Still, Nick had apparently been feeding Sheriff stories of what Rex had been doing for him, and the Arcanine seemed pleased with his progress. What the Zigzagoon was telling Sheriff to make him so pleased was beyond Rex, but he guessed he should thank Nick for it, no matter how much the words would burn his tongue like acid.

    Still, he returned home, taking off his coat and hat and placing them back on his orange box. He then picked up the work shirt and shook off as much dirt from it as possible, before putting it on. He had to at least look presentable. With that, he made his way to the shop, slipping through the doors.
  29. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Re: Don Nick's Part Time Helpers


    Nick noticed him the second he was through the door.

    "My! I thought I'd never see you again!" the Zigzagoon smirked. "No matter, I'm sure you're here for more work, how nice of you. I hope you at least remembered to check in with Sheriff before coming here?"

    The Linoone nodded, "I don't know what you said to him but... Thanks." Just as he had thought, the words burned his tongue and clogged his throat for a moment.

    Nick didn't seem to notice, "I only say what I need to to keep you here, you owe me a mortgage remember?" He walked over to Rex and dragged him behind the counter, giving him another stack of stationary and a pencil. "Today's job is simple enough, devise an eye catching ad for me to put up on the bulletin board. Simple enough, yes? And just think, after this I'll have nothing more that I can do with you, and you can begin paying off your mortgage!"

    Rex muttered something sourly, and picked up the pencil. The moment the Zigzagoon disappeared amongst his wares, the Linoone's efforts had devolved to him doodling a picture of the Zigzagoon being hung.
  30. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Re: Don Nick's Part Time Helpers


    It wasn't until hours later, long after Nick had left and gotten replaced by Stocker, that Rex actually finished the bulletin. It was a simple thing, art really wasn't the Linoone's strong point. A plain background, adorned with the somewhat snarky "Come to Pick N' Nick, the only shopping center for miles!" in big lettering. Still, it was good enough.

    He handed it off to the Sneasel, and left the store without a wood, taking all his drawings of the dead Zigzagoon with him.
  31. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    Free of the shop, and his last job for Nick done, the Linoone ran to the river. He crumbled up his drawings, and one by one threw them in, watching them wash towards the sea. He then tore off his work shirt and threw that it too, glad to be free of its clutches. That done, he returned to his home, and pulled on his coat and hat, happy that he'd never have to wear the ugly shirt again.

    Rex took a seat on his hammock, and then laid down. Tomorrow was a new day, and the Linoone was actually happy to finally not have work for the Zigzagoon bearing over him, even if it now meant he owed a shitload of money to the Pokemon for the mortgage.
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