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Returning Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Doubled, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Now we have a topic for general XY discussion, and a topic for what Pokemon we would like to see evolve, but what about returning Pokemon? Obviously we'll be getting quite a handful of returning beasts such as...Patrat (one thing we really could have gone without, IMO), the elemental monkeys (or at least Pansear), Golett and Golurk, Ralts and its line, Dratini, and obviously Pikachu. So, what do you hope will be coming back? Now to be clear, these are just Pokemon you want back, not evolution.

    I imagine that, since Generation 2 and 4 were basically expansions of the generations before it, we'll see about as many returning Pokemon as in BW2.

    Personally, if they're bringing back Dratini, I would really love to have my Gible line back. Why? Because I like variety~ And I might build a team with a Garchomp if they would just make a claw based Ground Type move.

    Another? Ditto. I have a feeling that since we'll be dealing with some sort of genetics in X and Y (look at the Japanese titles, there are DNA strands in the name), and that, perhaps, Ditto may be the key to unlocking something.

    And I'll just list some others (in no particular order)(any names with evos should just be treated as said Pokemon and evolutions)

    and while I know it won't happen, I'll throw at least the Unova or Kanto starters in there.
  2. I have a feeling we will be seeing quite a few Gen 3 Pokemon because I feel they maybe the main focus for evolutions and would fit well if Gen 3 remakes are in this generation. From the areas we've seen I'm going to guess


    I've left a few off there because they are the Pokemon I mentioned in the evolution thread
  3. Well, just because they appeared in the trailer, doesn't automatically mean we'll encounter them in these new games, at least pre-nationaldex. And personally, I'd find that Patrat being in this game is a blessing in disguise. It hopefully means we won't be getting an annoying rat thing for this generation. Generation 2 almost did it, and if you happen to like Sentret, then they completely did it. I'm glad it's Patrat though, it could have very much have been... *shudder* Bidoof.

    As for evolutions though, Farfetch'd is still in dire need of one, we need a badass samurai duck somewhere in this franchise. And here's to hoping that Souleon appears, because apparently everybody wants another eeveelution. I'd say Sableye and Mawile as well, but to be honest, I don't really know what you can do to them. Mawile is weird enough, any evolution will just be... ugh. And Sableye, same idea, except you can't really change perfection. Although I don't really think Cofagrigus needs any evolutions, it would be so awesome to have a Sphinx pokemon or a Pyramid pokemon, one can only dream. And finally, Castform. I think something similar to what Burmy already has will do fine for Castform to evolve into one of multiple different forms. To be honest though, this is me trying to not connect him to the Kami trio.

    So yeah, that's my hopes for Gen VI and its returning mons, although they're entirely just for evolutions. I broke the rules of the topic, sue me!
  4. Brendan what are you saying

    Bibarel is the best HM slave ever he needs to be in every game.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Why not all of 'em? I think it'd be really nifty if post-National Dex we were able to choose one starter from each of the previous generation trios (a total of 5 out of the 15). Not only would it save us time transferring them all over from our Gen 4/5 games, it'd be very nice for newcomers who don't own any of the previous generation games.

    Beyond that, I'd just like to see a good mix of Pokemon from each type in X&Y's regional 'dex. Don't just give us 2 or 3 Fire-types and Ice-types like usual! 5-7 unique lines for each type would be a decent number (excluding possibly the Dragon-types, which I personally find to hold more meaning when less of 'em are included). There aren't really any specific Pokemon that I'd like to see within the next regional 'dex because we can typically trade for anything that doesn't make the cut, but I'd rather see Pokemon that didn't appear in Black 2 and White 2's 'Dex make a return for X&Y's. It's only fair, eh?
  6. Since when has Nintendo been nice to newcomers? Look at every event legendary ever.
  7. Event legendaries have literally nothing to do with whether or not someone is new to Pokemon. The reason they are distributed only at events is because otherwise, people would just continually farm them, thus lowering their rarity to nothing. Having them as event-only only furthers them being "special", which honestly isn't a bad thing.

    Just because some fans aren't able to get them doesn't mean it's a dumb idea. If you actually look at the event 'mons, they keep bringing them back as the years go by because they expect fans to acquire a method of getting to said event location(which after a few years, means that for some people, they'll have drivers licenses and such).

    Pokemon isn't the only franchise to do this. Look at any MMO ever. Every single one of them will have special events that last for only a limited time, provide unique rewards, and then are never seen again, thus making anyone who got anything from the event a little more unique. And that's all the event legendaries do. You get one, good for you; you don't, well maybe next time.

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