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Ask to Join Rescue Academy Sign Up

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by uncreative, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-rescue-academy-rp.15723/ Link to the RP!
    Welcome to the Pokémon Rescue Academy, where Pokémon train to become Rescue Teams and explore mystery dungeons! Mystery dungeons have plagued the world for as long as any Pokémon can remember. In these dark, enchanted mazes, there lurks a whole manner of dangers; hunger increases rapidly, crazed Pokémon lie in wait for their victims and of course you can always get lost in the sprawling floors. The Rescue Academy is nestled in the forest, and was set up to train students to form Rescue Teams to help navigate the dungeons and help those lost in there. New students join up with others to form a rescue Team, and they learn together the skills required to graduate.

    General Rules:
    No swearing
    No excessive gore (blood is allowed but please don't overdo it)
    No humans, this is set in a mystery dungeon like world

    Character Rules:
    No Legendary Pokémon
    Must be either a basic or first evolution Pokémon (fine if it doesn't evolve. Bulbasaur and Ivysaur would be good, but Venusaur wouldn't)
    I'd prefer it if we avoided shinies, but if you really want it you can
    No Mega Evolution/Z-moves
    Real Pokémon Please

    Here's the character sheet :):
    General Age:
    Appearance (anything different than usual):
    Backstory (optional):
    New Student? (Yes/No):
    Battle Technique:

    Thanks! :D I will start the RP once I have four applicants excluding my own.
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  2. My Character:
    Name: Thalia
    General Age:
    15, although she does not know her age herself
    Appearance (anything different than usual):
    Only one band of gold ring patterns on her front legs
    A necklace with a wooden star pendant
    Brave, caring but can seem cold, prideful, likes to be in charge
    New Student? (Yes/No):
    Can create powerful electricity from tail, vicious bite
    Battle Technique:
    None, just attack
    Ability: Intimidate
    Moveset: Spark, Bite, Thunder Fang, Roar
  3. Name: Nate
    Species: Aipom
    Gender: Male
    General Age: 14
    Appearance: His fur is a little scruffier
    Clothing: He wears a teal blue bandana around his neck.
    Personality: Nate is hyperactive and sometimes mischievous. But he has a heart of gold, and will help people in need.
    New Student (yes/no): No
    Skills: He seems to never run out of energy. He also has incredible speed.
    Battle Technique: Uses his speed as a way to confuse his opponents.
    Type: Normal
    Ability: Pickup
    Moveset: Swift, Double Team, Shadow Ball, Fury Swipes
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  4. Accepted! Thank you :D
  5. Oh this looks cool.
    may i join.
    i'll post my character soon if i can.
  6. Of course you can join :D
  7. Name: Alya
    Species: Vulpix
    General Age: 15
    Appearance (anything different than usual): her fur is a lot softer than normal
    Clothing: Wears a bandana
    Personality: Sweet, kind and a little adorable sometimes. Likes to meet new people
    Backstory (optional):
    New Student? (Yes/No):Yes
    Skills: be able to take hits a lot before going down.
    Battle Technique: She rushes in and she try and take them down fast.
    Type: Fire
    Ability: Flash fire.
    Moveset: Fire fang, Bite, Tackle and Sunny day.
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  8. Accepted! :)
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  9. Accepted so far:
    Thalia the Luxio (Me)
    Nate the Aipom (Ry_Burst)
    Alya the Vulpix (Tsu)
    Two more places left! (If more people apply at around the same time, I'll still accept them)
  10. Name: Trick
    Species: Sneasel
    Gender: Male
    General Age: 15
    Appearance (anything different than usual):
    He is impatient and has very little verbal filter, which can sometimes make him come across as rude and arrogant. However, he is loyal to those he respects, and to those who can stand his slightly morbid sense of humor, he can be interesting to be around. He is also a bit of a coward, so he prefers to defeat enemies with trickery rather than power.
    Backstory (optional): He comes from a small place called Snowdrift Village in the North, which is occupied primarily by Ice types and other Pokemon that can handle the cold environment.
    New Student? (Yes/No): No
    Skills: Stealthy, quiet
    Battle Technique: Prefers to avoid direct, one-on-one fighting if possible, prefers to attack an enemy when they're most vulnerable.
    Type: Dark, Ice
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Moveset: Feint Attack, Icy Wind, Quick Attack, Leer
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  11. Accepted! :) One more place left :p
  12. Well, before I sign up here, I would just like to ask if my Bagon character can have a little sword by his side since that is what he battles with. (The sword is what makes his draconic energy more focused in so that his dragon moves don't explode all over the place. The sword is not going to be overpowering to the point where it can easily destroy others, it is just another way of his to battle since he is not good with his arms or anything. The other important thing that I should mention is that the Bagon can be disarmed in battle occassionally, which can render him defenseless.)

    Character Bio is below!

    Species: Bagon
    Gender: Male
    General Age: He is about 9 Years old.
    Appearance (anything different than usual): The only differences that he has are that the ridges on his head are white instead of gray. He also carries a small sword that is sheathed on his holister that is on the left side of his hip.
    Clothing: He wears a light blue scarf around his neck.
    Personality: He is observant around himself, as he tends to be cautious most of the time. He tends to get carried away with his emotions, as he can have mood swings from time to time. Even though he may seem rather childish, he gets things done on time for the most part.
    Backstory (optional): This will be revealed later on in the roleplay with a certain action.
    New Student? (Yes/No): No, he is not a new student.
    Skills: He is excelled in close quarters combat, as he knows how to line up some attacks at once; although the attacks do not do as much damage since they are executed with haste.
    Battle Technique: He tends to engage enemies on one on one battles, as he uses quicker attacks to try to take down the enemy's defenses.
    Type: Dragon
    Ability: Rock Head (Nullifies the effects of recoil damage.)
    Moveset: Rage, Leer, Dragon Breath, Headbutt.
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  13. Accepted! Of course he can have a sword. I will post the RP as soon as I can, probably tomorrow morning my time :D
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  14. Closed for sign ups, but you can use this as a place to discuss the RP
  15. Is it to late?
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  16. Yes, sorry, :( but you can still apply and I'll consider it
  17. K thank you and if I don't get accepted I understand
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  18. As a fun fact, the Bagon character is one of my characters that I have made a while back. (I just made him a lot younger and having his sword smaller to balance him out since he is new.) I'll also be giving a huge cookie point to the person who can guess who the character is an allegory towards.
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  19. Thanks for understanding.
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  20. Name: Felix
    Species: Eevee
    Gender: Male
    General Age: 16
    Appearance (anything different than usual): Blue paws
    Clothing: A beanie with holes for the ears
    Personality: Felix is shy worrisome and as a bit of social exiety but he dosnt let that stop him
    New Student? (Yes/No): yes he's a new student
    Skills: None really
    Battle Technique: Fight from a distance
    Type: Normal
    Ability: Run away
    Moveset: Tackle Gyro ball Hidden power
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  21. Ok, I'll accept it :)
  22. Thank you!!!!
    *hugs @HeartStamp almost to death* thank you
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  23. No problem! :D
  24. Well, I suppose that the roleplay has started now! Let's do this. (Also recommend the link to be at top post by the way.)

    -a Raviauna flies over while smiling-
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  25. hehe...oops... thanx, though
  26. Name: Eva
    Species: Eevee
    Gender: fm
    General Age: 14
    Appearance (anything different than usual): nothing much just a longer fluffier tail
    Clothing: pink bow on left ear
    Personality: shy, nice, wants friends but a bit too shy to get them
    Backstory (optional):
    New Student? (Yes/No): yes
    Skills: great at art
    Battle Technique: dodge, dodge, dodge, and land a hit whenever possible
    Type: normal (DUH)
    Moveset: Baby doll eyes, charm, swift, and tackle
  27. Be very careful... I've already seen what happened @HeartStamp.

    I'm being forced to execute Code Frost pronto... (I'll explain it via PM.)
  28. What do you mean?
  29. Denied. Sign ups are closed. Please don't defile my RP and join without permission.

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