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Ask to Join Region of Speed (discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by FrostCrispz, Jan 1, 2018.


Time skip?

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  1. Other regions think that pokemon are ment for battling or for being friends. But the Quinella region uses them for a different purpose. Racing. Here, instead of gym battles, there are racing leagues. The pokemon government voted that battling for the sake of battling is torture to the pokemon. This is going to be a rp about a trip through this region.

    The racing leagues are run by someone called the Speed Man (bad at names) They create the racetrack and other obstacles throughout the race. There are three ways to win a race. The first is getting in first, second, or third place. Second, your pokemon must have used some kind of strategy in the eyes of the Speed Man across the race or an obstacle. Third, your pokemon has eliminated two other pokemon.

    Pokemon in this region have had their attacks changed slightly to suit racing better. Offensive moves become more passive, and status moves are used to slow others. (Ex: Stone Edge can be used as a platform to race across, not to hit an opponent) They are to be used to attack and exhibit opponents from the race, or to speed your pokemon up or through obstacles.

    There are three types of races. Air, land and sea races. Air races are made for flying pokemon. They usually involve tight maneuvering and tricks. Land races are for ground based pokemon. They involve brute running and land obstacles, like challenges your pokemon needs to beat. Sea races involve distance and endurance through the race. They are normally long. All races are done without their trainer with them, but an earpiece is used to communicate to the pokemon.

    1. No Mary Sue/Gary Sue (starting the journey)
    2. Fakemon Allowed (please PM me about the fine details and post the basics with it)
    3. Put something random in your other spot
    4. No legendary or mega pokemon
    5. Be creative with your strategies
    6. This is a region dedicated to speed, so a duncesparce wouldn't be good
    7. Normal Pokecharms rules
    8. If you want to rp as a Speed Man, ask!
    Character Forum:
    Age: (rec 13-15)
    Personality: (optional for now. We all now how characters can change)
    Partner Pokemon: (2 max)

    @Aquaman @DragonFlye
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  2. Name: His name is Uberto Raiz.
    Gender: Male
    Age: He is about 15 Years old.
    Race: He's as White as a snowy day. (No racism intended.)
    Appearance: Uberto has a pale skin tone, gray hair, and black eyes. He wears a black cloak over his gray camp shirt and his light black, short sleeved trousers. He has on tan boots, and he also wears a light brown, leathery shoulder strap bag that is under his cloak. The inside area of his cloak can be turned into a sling to carry around small Pokémon. He also has on a Pokétch that has all the normal programs plus a custom program installed that allows him to see Kyle's condition and speed. There is a little window on the left side that has a Kurusu sprite, as the sprite changes emotions and movement depending on his mood. There is a bar with the HP symbol on the left, as it goes from green to red depending on how he is doing in combat. Below the bar with the HP symbol is another bar with the PP symbol that goes from dark blue to pale blue depending on how much energy he has. There is a horizontal speedometer below these two bars that goes from 0 to 300 km/h. Below the speedometer is a gauge that has a small window that displays the status of Kyle: normal if he's fine, danger if he's not doing great, tired if he's low on energy, and so on and so forth.
    Personality: Uberto is often seen as the outcast when faced with social encounters, since he is rather uncommunicative to others due to throat problems. He usually conveys his messages by writing them in his notebook, as he has an obsession with writing in his notebook when he gets bored. Even though he might seem rather quirky to most, he can still fit in with the appropriate actions taken.
    Backstory: Uberto was a researcher in Johto, attempting to find any leads to a lost Pokémon that everyone appeared to forget about over the years. After traveling across some deserts, forests and some storms, he found the lost Pokémon at last, being chased away by some teens harassing it. He drove away the teens by using some rocks combined with the hard snow to his advantage. He decided to keep the little Pokémon after it gained some trust from quite the quick act he did. Some weeks went by, and he decided to come over to the region of Quinella by plane after stumbling upon a flyer a friend gave him once she found out that his Pokémon despised battling with other Pokémon.
    Partner Pokémon: He has a Kurusu. (Information on him is down below.)
    Other: He wears a 14 karat gold necklace that has the symbol of the royal coat of arms on its bottom area. He also may do something random from time to time if he's still bored.

    Name: His name is Kyle, though he's normally referred to his species name since he doesn't exactly feel too comfortable with people calling him by his real name.
    Species: He is a Kurusu.
    Native Region: His native region is Johto.
    Type: Water
    Age: His age is currently unknown, though he does look rather young at first glance.
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Kurusu is a small, quadrupled, seal-like Pokémon that is pale blue. His head to body ratio is modest for his age, as his eyes have white irises. His small snout gives a representation of his nose, as his small mouth has no teeth however. There are two ear-like protrusions that vaguely represent spikes. His stubby arms and legs have no fingers or toes whatsoever, as they are all the same size. His tapering tail is slightly shorter than his limbs, as it also bears some resemblance to his ear-like protrusions.
    Personality: Kyle can be a bit cautious around strangers, since he can be more alert than usual when it comes to the unknown. He prefers to communicate by body language, since his voice sounds of that to a neonate. He detests hot weather and especially blazing areas since he prefers to be in the cold to let his small body cool off.
    Ability: Losian Act (If the Pokémon performs poorly in combat, the Pokémon enters a state of anxiety. The player has a short window to then blow into the microphone to restore half of the amount of all lost HP and bestow a random buff to the Pokémon. This effect can only work once per battle.)
    Primary Moves: Convulsing Edge, Rebound, Aquatic Rivulet, Arctic Pulse. (See below for more information.)
    Other: He wears a silky, dark blue scarf around his neck since it is very comforting for him.
    Fakemon Creator: @Aquaman (Technically, he's considered a Fakemon of mine now after staff approval from long ago since they said that it was my fan made works that brought him to life.)
    Poké Browser Entry: "It has been said from the ancient texts of Johto that Kurusu can be rarely found within some bodies of shallow water in cold weather. They can often be seen dozing off while being afloat on the water, or near some piles of frosty snow when tired."
    Moves Information:
    Type: Normal
    Catagory: Physical
    Power: 30
    Accuracy: 100%
    Power Points: 30
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: Close Quarters Combat / Front Tile
    Description: The user swiftly attacks the target with a quick, impulsive strike, which may put the target in a state of slight daze.
    Effects: May inflict Stupefy on the target, making the target move around aimlessly and occasionally using moves unintentionally in a random direction. (In racing, the same principle would apply here.)
    Type: Psychic
    Catagory: Special
    Power: 1.5x Power of Opposing Attack
    Accuracy: Sure Shot
    Power Points: 10
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: Entire Area / Entire Battlefield
    Description: The user creates a barrier around themselves that alternates between the colors of blue and red for each turn cycle elapsed. When the barrier is blue, it will reflect all special attacks back at the attacker. On the other hand, once the barrier turns red, it will instead reflect all physical attacks back at the attacker. The barrier lasts for five turn cycles, and cannot be pierced by any means.
    Effects: Reflects all attacks, alternating between special attacks and physical attacks for five turns. (In racing this would alternate between reflecting each type of attack along with being able to protect the Pokémon against obstacles and other things.)
    Type: Water
    Catagory: Special
    Power: 50
    Accuracy: 100%
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: 10 Meters / 4 Tiles
    Description: The user launches a concentrated blast of water at the target, which may leave them vulnerable to water.
    Effects: May inflict Saturation on the target, halving the target's resistance to Water-based attacks for five turns. (In racing this could be used to create puddles to slow the target or even make them slip, or even make Kyle move bit faster.)
    Type: Ice
    Category: Special
    Power: 75 (Direct Hit), 30 (Splash Damage)
    Accuracy: 100%
    Power Points: 20
    Target: All enemies in range
    Range: 10 Meters, 2.5 Meters Area of Effect / 4 Tiles, 1 Tile Area of Effect
    Description: The user launches a pulse of ice or frosty air at the target, which may leave them vulnerable to the dreadful cold.
    Effects: May inflict expose on the target, halving the target's resistance to Ice-type attacks for five turn cycles. (In racing this could be used to create piles of snow and/or ice to slow other Pokémon and even used to make Kyle propel higher into the air or do some crazy tricks to get him ahead of his opponents, at the cost of damaging himself a little. If you know where this is inspired from, you'll get a huge cookie and a load of respect hehe.)
  3. Accepted. Will post my own later.
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  4. Alright got it, so when are you going to start the RP? (Is it going to be when X amount of people sign up or if it's said day?)

    *Kurusu could be seen fidgeting with a jar in an attempt to get the peanut brittle out*
  5. If I remember right, you mentioned land, sea, and sky races; is that still gonna be a thing? Also, are players limited to basic evolution Pokémon, or is any stage fair game?
  6. The land, air, sea is going to be later on. Right now, we're just starting.
    And keep the stage around first and second stage please.
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  7. *Kurusu seems relieved that he won't be battling a final evolution Pokémon, as he recalls his prior experience with a nurse's Wigglytuff*

    Well alright, so... how will we be starting off? (Going to town together, arriving via transportation like plane, boat, etc or something else?)
  8. Name:
    Rosalina White
    Rosalina is a pale 4"5 with long white hair and icy blue eyes covered by a rectangular wire frame of glasses, she has a small build and slim structure. Her white long-sleeved shirt comes down at the waist while exposing her shoulders, with a pair of slate-colored jean shorts and grey sneakers.
    Personality: (optional for now. We all now how characters can change)
    Rosalina is very shy, hardly speaks and tries her best to look brave. Her small body makes her feel like she's weak but when it comes to battles her strategy always comes in handy. AND DON'T CALL HER SMALL she will close up and look at the ground feeling like everyone thinks she's weak.
    Rosalina was born in Unova, she wanted to travel the world and learn all she could about it so thats what she did, when she found out about these new pokemon races she just had to try them out
    Partner Pokemon: (2 max)
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  9. Race is mainly for skin tone and other facts. Basically black or white.
  10. Ah got it I will edit it now I also switched out one of my pokemon
  11. Name: Tanner Harrison
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Race: White
    Appearance: Tanner has scruffy blonde hair, and brown eyes.
    Backstory: Tanner grew up on a ranch, but loved racing. Blue was originally bred for Pokemon Contests, but Tanner loved her so much that he took her (with his father's permission) to go do races. The problem is, his Mom doesn't like that her prize Ponyta is being used for "stupid racing".
    Partner Pokemon: Blue the Ponyta, and JPEG the Natu
    Other: Random Stuff
  12. Is Blue shiny?
    Anyway, accepted. Will make rp later.
  13. Naw, just a normal Ponyta named Blue.
  14. Name: Alex Coleman
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Race: Caucasian
    Physical Appearance: Alex has black curly hair, sky blue eyes, with a thin, hard to see, line of freckles across his nose. He is thin, well built, and has a good amount of endurance. He has tanned skin, and a good amoun of upper body strength.
    Clothing: He has a pair of goggles he wears on his forehead, in which sometimes, he puts over his eyes, but mainly when doing something crazy. He wears a dark blue navy shirt, with a white leather jacket over it. He wears blue jeans, and white converse. He is somewhat thin. He has a blue bag, similar to the style of Nate from Pokemon Black 2/White 2.
    Personality: Alex is a kid, who loves adventure. He is best described as an adrenaline junkie, because he over to take risks. He can be hot headed, sometimes. He sometimes gets into circumstances where things don't turn out okay. He loves to feel wind blowing trough his face, and hates to sit still. He doesn't seem to feel fear of anything, including things where fear would be important. He has a feeling of invincibility, which can get shattered if he loses. However with his attitude, he can get back up, from even the lowest of situations.
    Backstory: Alex was born and raised in Lumiose City Kalos. When he was about 9 years old, he saw a man claiming to be a Sky Trainer. Young Alex, watched in amazement as the man flew around the sky with his Talonflame, giving orders. Alex watched how the man, amazed the growing crowd and the crowd's faces of joy. He decided he wanted to have the same effect when he battled. From that day forward, Alex decided to become a racer
    On his 14th birthday, his father caught him a Fletching, that was causing problems to the people of Lumiose. Alex and the Fletchling (Arrow) became close friends, and seemed to share a mind. They had similar personalities. After a while, he decided to travel the Kalos Region. He didn't collect badges, but he caught new friends, and became stronger.
    Partner Pokemon: Arrow (Fletchinder)
    Other: Random
  15. Wow, people are taking the random thing seriously.
  16. Name: Luna
    Gender: Female
    Age: (rec 13-15) 14
    Race: White
    Appearance: Pretty Much USUM female
    Personality: (optional for now. We all now how characters can change) Happy,Cheerful, Hates when guys hit on her
    Backstory: Family owned a pokemon ranch so she can understand pokemon
    Partner Pokemon: (2 max) Dodrio, Mantyke
    Other: Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow
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  17. Two things:
    One, my character:
    Tessa Hemity
    Gender: Female
    Age: (rec 13-15) 14
    Race: White
    Appearance: Decently sized, built light. She has brown hair and bright blue eyes. Tessa wears a silver v-neck with black trim and black jeans. A personalized logo, shaped of a silver mountain and a river, is placed on the left side of her shirt.
    Personality: (optional for now. We all now how characters can change) Kind and likes to joke around. Tessa doesn't mind losing any and likes a challenge. One of her biggest pet peeves is when other people try to bring her down.
    Backstory: Tessa's father was a champion racer in his day, so he lead his daughter down a path of races. Any loss was unacceptable. When she became old enough for her first pokemon, she chose a Rockruff. The two grew close very fast. On Tessa's 14th b-day, they decided to start racing, after alot of practice.
    Partner Pokemon: (2 max) Lycanrock.

    Two: The thread might be slightly delayed because where I live in Florida, the temp is 40'F and we need firewood. Time is not of essence.
  18. Accepted, but a Mantine? Could you lower it to a Mantyke please?
  19. Name: Jack Chandler
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Race: White
    Appearance: About 5”9, has black hair, brown eyes, and wears a black racing shirt and blue pants. He has a very muscular build.
    Personality: Jack is usually very mean to people, and sees them as obstacles in his way. He tries every single legal trick to win tough races, and it usually works.
    Backstory: His mom died when he was very young, and he ended up being raised by his dad, who was a big jerk to everybody. His father was his only role model in life, and when he didn’t do what he was told, he would get lashed. Basically, he had an abusive father who was a jerk.
    Partner Pokemon: Zebstrika, Arcanine
    Other: Meh, not that many other things to say about Jack.
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  20. I would like to see more of a backstory...
    But otherwise accepted.
  21. Oh, wow. 40 degrees. That sounds rough XD.

    Up here in Ohio, it's 7. Just 7.
  22. Ohio is not Florida. Our adverage yesterday was 98. Now its 37.
  23. Character Forum:
    Name: Ken Blake
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Race: Asian
    Appearance: has a pretty fit build, average height medium black hair with one strand of hair over his right eye. wears a black jacket over a red T-shirt, wears grey pants and black boots
    Personality: Ken is a very laid back and relaxed character and is often lazy. But He can get very excited, enthusiastic and serious during Races
    Backstory: Ken grew up in the Sinnoh region until he was 9 when his parents and him moved to the Kanto region right before he turned 10. He witnessed his first Pokémon race when there was an event in Viridian city where people had their pokemon race each other and that event sparked Ken's interest in pokemon racing. Once he heard about where pokemon racing originated from, he decided to visit that region once he gets older.
    Partner Pokémon: Cro the Crobat, Ness the Ninjask
    Other: something random
  24. I feel bad for you. I live in the Midwest, and it's roughly around -30's to -40's today. That and I have a old house with practically no insulation.
  25. Wow, accepted.
    Never thought this would become so popular.
    How do you guys want to begin this off?
  26. Now I feal bad. But our logsplitter can devide a stump of solid wood in seconds. Redneck engineering at it's finest.
  27. And my sleep cycle is off once again, also it’s 15 where I am.
  28. Man, i wish it was that cold on the west coast. We had a heat wave during September and October, and it was miserable.
  29. Oh woah, this exploded XD

    Name: Lilah Harper
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Race: Caucasian
    Appearance: Lilah stands at a fairly average height of about 5'3, with a sturdy build. Her hair is blonde with dark lowlights and usually held up in a high ponytail. She wears a light denim-colored button-down shirt and darker jeans, with brown boots.
    Personality: She's aggressively competitive, but still treats most people in a casual and friendly manner. She's stubborn in almost everything she does, and hates to lose.
    Backstory: She was born and raised on a Quinellan ranch. The Skiddo that her family raised were mainly bred to be beasts of burden, so docile dispositions were common among them. However, one of these Skiddo was born a 'problem child,' and would regularly quarrel with the others and misbehave. Rai had always wanted to be a Racer as opposed to a rancher like her parents, and she knew that this Pokémon couldn't be given a normal job, so she asked her parents if she could keep him. They agreed that if she could tame the temperamental Skiddo, she could take him. It was almost like taming a Tauros, and
    Partner Pokemon: Skiddo (Quil)
    Other: Random stuffs.
  30. Accepted. Should I close the rp, or what?
  31. *Kurusu looks a bit puzzled*

    K- Kur, Kurusu? Kurusu Kur! (Wait, why close? I was about to post!)
  32. I think he just means the sign up?
  33. Wait is the RP thread up?
  34. Changed one of my Pokemon once again! also, will we be able to get more Pokemon later on?
  35. Yes we will. Remember, this is the start.
  36. Is the RP thread up? Because @Aquaman said he was about to post, like it was already up, but if it is, there’s no link to it...
  37. Oh, sorry, i missed that.

    This is... embarrassing...

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