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Ask to Join Region ex.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Galaxy Sylveon, May 24, 2016.

  1. Hello! This is a RP about adventures in Region ex. or Silver City. You're a trainer with one pokèmon and a egg, fighting and exploring Region ex. but one day, something happens and the sun is covered by some sort of spacecraft. Nobody was brave enough to go into space to check it out, so the earth stayed dark. You will start in a small town called Rainfort.

    Here are the rules:

    1. No duplicate pokèmon, but Shinies are ok if the normal version is taken and visa versa
    2. Your character should be 15-18
    3. You should start off with one pokèmon and a egg
    4. You are allowed to have TWO characters, but if you want more, something could be arranged.
    5. Be safe out there!

    Trainer Form:

    Future Team:
    Here are my two:

    Name: Angel Woods
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Looks: On trainer card
    Fears: Big bodies of water, small spaces
    Future Team: Espeon, Dragonite, Zoroark, Shiny Houndoom, Flygon, Mawile

    Name: Charles Hunter
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Looks: In trainer card
    Fears: Heights, Typhlosion
    Future Team: Shiny Umbreon, Ninetales, Shiny Absol, Galvantula, Seviper, Banette

    Angel sighed and looked around for her best friend, Charles. Shasta, her Espeon, sat queitly beside her on the bench, cradling the Dratini egg between his forked tail. Spotting the familiar blonde hair, Angel stood up and waved, then saw the boy wave back.

    "Angel! It's nice to finally see you again!" Charles exclaimed, smiling. The two hugged and then looked at their pokèmon, who were chatting happily together. "Wow, even your egg didn't hatch yet!" Angel exclaimed and pointed to the Vulpix egg that sat under Shadow,Charles' Shiny Umbreon.

    "Wanna play frisbee?" Charles asked, holding up a frisbee. "Sure!" Angel exclaimed, standing up. "Jeez, I only noticed now but Rainfort is very gloom" Charles said, looking around. "Yeah, can't believe that mom and dad lived here" Angel said, shaking her head.

    The two finally walked to the field, the eggs resting on Shasta's back. "Alright, Shasta, there's a bench to sit on, Shadow, you can join in if you want" Charles said. Shasta jumped onto the bench and put the eggs by his tummy, then curling his tail around them so their extra warm.

    After playing for a while, the two sighed and looked at Shasta. Someone/Two people was sitting next to him. Shadow was bouncing up and down, wanting to play some more.
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  2. Name: Victor
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Trainer card(Victor)
    Fears: Being unabe to move
    Future team: Blaziken(shiny), Tyrantrum(Shiny), Persian, Mightyenna, Kingler, venasaur
    He is starting with Persian, and an egg.

    Other(his sister)
    Name: Clair
    Age: 17
    Gender Female
    Looks: Trainer card(Claire)
    Fears: Darkness
    Future Team: Rapidash, Cloyster, Cradily, Toxicroak, Archeops, Amoongus
    Starts with Rapidash and egg

    Victor and Clair sat on benches in the park, simply observing the commotion of the people. Victor stroked the fuzzy head of Suave, the persian that laid across his Lap. he glanced over to his sister Clair, whom was busy running around with Duster, her Rapidash. The two seemed to like running all the time.
  3. Suddenly, a girl and her Rapidash were running around and by looking closer, the boy that was sitting next to Shasta was petting a Persian. "Um, let's go get Shasta and the eggs" Charles said, feeling a bit worried about the Espeon and the eggs. "Alright!" Angel exclaimed and started after Charles, who marched ahead.

    "C'mon Shasta, let's go" Charles said, taking a side glance at the boy who sat beside the Espeon. "Don't be rude Charles, Hi, I'm-" Angel was cut off by Charles putting his hand over her mouth. "Mmmggrrrf" Angel growled and swatted Charles' hand away. "So untrusting, just like when we were younger" Angel said, picking UK the Dratini egg while Charles picked up his Vulpix egg.
  4. Name: Grace
    Age: 17 (near 18 )
    Gender: Female
    Grace is very lean in figure, and overall she looks like she came from the beaches of Hoenn, but most times she keeps her clothing choices very modest. Most times Grace wears a magenta three quarter sleeved shirt with white jeans and black boots. She has rich brown hair that she keeps pulled back into a ponytail. Her eyes have central heterochromia, meaning her bright blue eyes have a golden brown color ringing around the pupil as well.Grace, despite leaving her Rapidash at home, is a professional horse Pokemon rider.
    Fears: She is deathly afraid of falling asleep, and never waking up.
    Future Team: Harmony (Altaria), Flash (Luxray), Frostbite (Empoleon), Minti (Glaceon), Avion (Staraptor), and Coals (Quilava).

    Name: Chris
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Much like Grace, Chris has brown hair, but it's much darker than Grace's. He is very young, and happens to be Grace's brother. He has brown eyes rather than blue, and he mainly wears a short sleeved spots shirt of some kind, and jeans. If it's hotter, he'd wear athletic shorts instead.
    Fears: Being separated from his sister or Pokemon, and most foods.
    Future Team: Muddy (Swampert), Goo (Goomy), Soar (Swellow), Sparks (Jolteon), Earth (Camerupt), Spiral (Druggidon)

    "Harmony, please. It's seriously pretty warm out and we'll have scrambled eggs on our hands if we sit here much longer." Grace said softly, reaching up behind her and placing a gentle hand on an Altaria'a neck. She was sitting in Harmony's warm embrace under a shady tree in attempts to keep the egg warm for hatching, but she was practically melting due to the warm temperature and the mountains of fluff surrounding her. Grace stood up as Harmony released her, setting the egg down back near the Altaria's warmth, and stretching up. "Ok... Now. Harmony, could you create a little padding for our friend?" She asked as she stopped her stretch. The Altaria nodded and used Cotton Guard to form a small bed of cotton around the egg. Grace was content as Harmony flew up into the air to stretch her own wings, but that was until she noticed Chris.

    "Muddy! You're doing great! Now try a Muddy Water Attack!" Chris yelled. This was so exciting! Muddy is finally going to evolve into a Swampert! He watched as the Marshtomp nodded in understanding and began to draw all the moisture he could out of the air. Chris nearly jumped out of his skin in excitement to use the new attack they had learned quite recently battling against sister's Altaria. Finally Muddy gathered so much water that a huge orb of brown, murky water swirled above his head. "Ok! Launch the attack!" "Harmony! Cotton Guard!" Chris issued the attack, but his sister screamed at the Altaria to use another attack. Were they training too?

    Grace nearly jumped out of her skin in panic. There were way too many people in the premise to practice that move. "Harmony! Cotton Guard!" She called, second after Chris launched the attack. "Altar!" Harmony cried in reply, as she was still in the air. Heaps of cotton floated around the Altaria, and before the huge orb of muddy water was released into a massive, disgusting flood, Harmony shot all the cotton at it. In less than three seconds all the water had been soaked up by the cotton, leaving brown, tainted heaps of cotton all around Chris and Muddy. Grace sighed, motioning for Harmony to land as she marched up to Chris.

    "Christopher!" Oh snap. She was mad. "What were you thinking? There are so many people here- some who probably can't swim! What if you released that attack and someone drowned?" Grace scolded him, but Chris wasn't about to back down. "Umm, he's so close to evolving though! Come on sis! Seriously. You're such a bummer." He bit back, crossing his arms, and Muddy did the same. "I was just trying to protect you from being kicked out. Where is your egg?" She asked back, much calmer for whatever reason. "Oh yeah! The egg! I left it over there..." He tried to respond, but it was gone! The egg that he put under the tree was gone! Chris was about to cry out in fear for his egg, but Grace tapped his shoulder. "Don't worry, Harmony's been taking care of it." She handed him the purple egg- a Goomy egg. "Thanks Mony! You're the best!" He said, genuinely. "Thanks too sis, I guess." Chris added, before walking off and sitting down, with the egg in is lap, talking to Muddy quickly and excitedly.
  5. Victor, sat in confusion, unsure of what was happening. "Oh, this was your Espeon"? I hope i didn't intrude on anything", he said. In the distance, Claire could still be seen running with duster, but she began to slow down, for it was always hard for her to keep up with the rapidash sometimes.
  6. Angel was blue in the face. She held her breath as she watched a miniature battle. "It's ok, the attack was stopped" Charles said and nodded at the boy. "It's fine" He mumbled, then shook Angel, making her breath out deeply.

    "Good grieve, I thought I was gonna die" Angel said, petting her Espeon who was staring up at her in worry. Nearby, the boy and his pokèmon were chatting. "Maybe I should go and talk to him, Angel, stay here" Charles said and marched up to the boy, Shadow leading.

    "Anyway, I'm Angel, that grumpy bit is Charles" Angel said and smiled.

    Charles tapped the boy on the shoulder "Excuse me" He mumbled darkly. "Bre..." Shadow murmured, a growl erupting from his throat.
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  7. "Excuse me" "Bre..."

    Chris looked up, faced with someone who looked about Grace's age. He grinned in welcome, completely obvious to the dark, harsh tone in the newcomer's voice. "Yes? What's up?" He responded to the person's greeting. Muddy grinned as obliviously as his trainer, his flipper-like arms folded across his chest proudly. Chris remembered talking rapidly about evolving to Muddy, and both were super hyped up for a power boost.

    The egg in Chris's lap shook once, causing the young teenager to jump up in surprise, nearly dropping the egg. "Muddy! Muddy did you see that? It shook! Grace! My eggs' hatching!" He yelled across the feild, alerting his sister of the good news.

    Grace turned her head at the sound of her brother's excited cry, and instantly noticed the mad looking person standing over him. Swiftly, she walked across to her brother, ready to apologize as soon as she checks the egg.

    "No...no. Chris, no. Your egg is not hatching, it just shook once. It's natural." Grace sighed, taking her hands off the egg. "I'm really sorry, are you here to ask about the Muddy Water thing? I'll take full responsibility for that, Chris here can get out of control." She apologized, placing a firm hand on Chris's shoulder, but he didn't notice, he was still marveling over the egg.
  8. Charles sighed "It's fine, it wasn't for me it was for- Angel?" Charles suddenly stopped when he saw that his best friend wasn't in the spot he left her in. It was getting darker and before end body knew, it was pitch black. "Shadow, Flash" Charles commanded his Umbreon gently, who obliged and used Flash, lightning up his rings for extra light.

    Angel smiled at Shasta, who was making his gem glow brightly for light. "Let's get back to Charles, he's probably worried" She said as Shasta wrapped his tail around his beloved trainer's arm, then started walking.

    "Ang!" Charles called, then saw a bright light approaching, making Shadow point the light at it. "Angel!" Charles exclaimed as she got to them. "Yep?" She asked, then smiled at the other people. "Hi!" She exclaimed.

    Shasta growled lowly at Chris "Your the one that wanted to use Mudd-" "Shasta! Shush! Don't talk like that!" Angel scolded and clasped a hand over her Espeon's mouth. "My Bad". "It's fine, just don't talk like that in public, normal Espeon words, no human" Angel whispered in Shasta's ear, then stood up.
  9. Claire slowly began to shake slightly. For the darkness was slowly creeping up. "Relax Claire. The trainers pokemon is giving off some light. really beautiful actually' Victor said as he continued petting Suave.

    "How can you like the dark. Its so.....menacing", Claire replied as she and Duster approached closer to him, adding the light of Duster's flames.
  10. Charles grinned darkly "Because, it's just amazing, this place is dark all the time, It just gets darker at night" He said and petted Shadow, who obediently sat beside him. "Anyways, what's your names?" He asked, rather loudly, making Angel cringe.

    "Um, yeah, Charles, Your giving off that weird dark vibe again...I don't like it" Angel whispered, but Charles couldn't hear a thing. "Espe" Angel heard Shasta call from behind. "What's up?" She asked her lilac pokèmon.

    Gazing at the sky, it was pitch black, just like that Typhlosion's heart. "Shasta...he won't come back...hopefully..." Angel mumbled the last part out. "Eon..." Shasta whined and rubbed his face against Angel's leg, making her stroke him soothingly.
  11. "My name is victor, and this is my buddy Suave", he said as the Persian rose up when victor adjusted the egg case in his bag.

    "And i....im Claire and this is Duster. I'm a little edgy when its dark", she said as she clung to Rapidash. Victor giggled a little at her, which made her stomp a little in anger, almost rocking her own egg out of her bag.
  12. It was getting dark, but that never bothered Grace. Jasper always provided light, but since he wasn't here, the Espeon provided enough. For some reason she thought she heard the Espeon talk to Chris and Muddy, and when his trainer reminded him to use Pokemon words, that confused her theory. However, she didn't mention it. Grace gave a small bow, due to family customs, and introduced herself. "Hello, I'm Gracelyn, but please call me Grace. It's a pleasure to meet you." She said. Harmony did a tiny bow herself, and Grace began to talk again. "And that's Harmony. She's happy to meet you as well." The Altaria lay back down and hugged the egg again.

    Chris noticed that Grace was doing intorductions, so he decided to follow Suit. Like his sister, he gave a bow as well. "Hello! I'm Christopher, but call me Chris. It's nice to meet you! That's Muddy, he's my Marshtomp." He gave a large grin as the Marshtomp cried out happily.
  13. Angel did a small nod "Alright, do you want to come with me and Charles back to our camp?" She asked "We have extras and so happen to have enough" She continued. Shasta nodded in approval "Espe!" He exclaimed.

    Charles smiled "Well, we should head back, but maybe it's one of those three-minute nights agaib" He said, then looked at the Shiny Umbreon that was the best light source they had. "Shadow will lead, either way, he is our best light source" Charles said with a brief nod.
  14. "Camping? That sounds fun. I've never camped before", Victor said with a smile.

    Claire once again looked a little confused. "Three minute night? Is that a thing? That sounds like a dream come true"
  15. Charles laughed "Yeah, it happens, the sun comes and goes as it pleases, one minute your sitting in the normal darkness, then suddenly you can't see a thing, then it goes back to normal" Charles said. "Angel told me this while we were playing frisbee".

    "Yep, like so-" Angel stated and pointed at the moon going down and the covered up sun coming up. "Eon!" both Eeveelutions yipped.
  16. Victor gazed up at the sky, rapidly changing, as if it were being controlled by a switch. "thats.......amazing, but....how, is this possible? I could have sworn it was getting night time with how dark is was", Victor said. Suave sat next to victor, preferring to stay close to him.
    Clair was still looking more relieved by the second. "Is this natural here? We're not from this region. We're drifters you see......your Umbreon and Espeon seem excited about the changes i see", she said.
  17. "It's natural, I've lived here my whole life, of course I'll know" Angel said, nodding at the sun and moon pokèmon. "Well, should we be heading off or what?" Charles asked, feeling a bit impatient. "Charles, you know how dangerous it has become in the city, we can't keep our pokemon out, or else, the stupid Meteor's will take them" Angel said, sadly returning Shasta.

    Charles returned Shadow back into his pokèball and sighed "Your right" He mumbled and shoved the pokèball into his zipper-pocket. Angel pulled out a ribbon and tied her hair with it, hiding Shasta's pokèball in it too. "I suggest you call Yiur pokèmon back too, you don't want then stolen, do you?" Angel asked, pointing at the Persian.

    If you look at the two, you would never suspect them to be pokèmon trainers. But, you'll see it in the way they act, watching pokèmon battles intensely, helping pokèmon in danger, heck even shouting at trainers that don't look after their pokèmon properly.
  18. Claire tilted her head in confusion. "No, i dont want my friends stolen. Their precious to us", she said as she scrambled around in a frantic manner to find the pokeball in her bag. She found it after a few seconds of catch and release with other items in her bag. "Duster return", she said without hesitation.

    Victor simply pulled a pokeball from a pocket on the inner side of his jacket, and returned Suave. "Stolen? Someone is stealing pokemon? This has been a problem in every place we've been to so far. Why does it keep happening", Victor asked looking a little more serious now.
  19. Charles shook his head "This place is where it all starts, it's like a death wish for Pokèmon" He said. Angel sighed knowingly "It's for the best to hide your Pokèmon, even though it's very hard to do so" She said smiling sadly.

    "Well, would you like to join us on our adventure?" Angel asked. Charles nodded "It would be really nice" He said, then cringed at his kindness. "Wow, Charles, being kind is not that bad" Angel laughed. "Yes it is" Charles muttered under his breath.
  20. Victor nodded his head in agreement. "We'd love to! Its always fun having adventure buddies.

    Claire was hesitant at first, for she wasn't always comfortable around new people. Eventually, she decided that if they were ok with her brother, they were ok with her. "Ok, it should be fun. "Where shall we be going first", she asked looking a little more excited now.
  21. Angel and Charles laughed in union. "We're travellers, we don't stay in places for too long, we're actually planing in getting to Sunset Island, the only place that has light" Charles said. "Yup, that's also where they say some sort of legendary sun pokèmon stays" She said, gesturing for the two to follow.
  22. Victor and Claire both followed the two. "Legendary sun pokemon....hm, i wonder if we could......", he began to say before being interrupted by Claire. "Good, the more light the better! We're right there with you", Claire chimed it. Victor looked u again from is deep thought. "Has anyone have any idea how this darkness is happening", he asked unsure if it was caused by someone, or something.
  23. "Yea, time in this place has gone off, the moon is blocking the sun like a Solar Eclipse. No matter where our Earth is in the revolutionary circles of awesomeness, the moon will always cover up the son" Angel said, then closed one eye and traced the moon with the other hands' fingers.

    "Mmmhm, like Angel said, time has gone out if whack, that's why we sometimes have three-minute nights and only half-minute days" Charles said, pulling Angel so she doesn't get whacked in the face by the tree branch.
  24. Name: Rapheal
    Age: 16 near 17
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Fairly tall ( 6' 2"), has long black hair with a slightly red highlight (sort of like an emo), purple eyes, skinny black jeans with a belt, black t-shirt with a lose brown leather jacket.
    Fears: Garvantula and being alone.
    Future Team: Shiny Infernape (Wukong), Shiny Greninja (Kakashi), Shiny Scizor (Fullmetal), Rotom (Motor), Rhyperior (Dwayne), Salamence (Meliodos)

    Rapheal was walking in the darkness with his Rotom and his Infernape to guide him through the dark. Suddenly he saw two glowing lights in the distance with multiple people gathered around them, but the lights shortly went out, He began rushing towards the spot he had last saw the lights calling back his Infernape stumbling around in the dark but Rotom lit the way with surging electricity.

    He finally got ao tired of looking for the group of people tht he ordered his Rotom to use Discharge and power up the street lights. The lights went on for about 5 seconds and then flickered off with the cracking of light bulbs, Rotom had Discharged to much electricity and fried the power "Damn it" he said "good try though" he didnt have a chance to get a clear look around the area and had no clue where the groupe could be

    "HEEEY!" he shouted at the top of his lungs " ANYBODY OUT THERE!" he stood and listened, waited for any sign of life. "Alright Motor, return" he said calling back his Rotom. "Guess we really are alone, huh buddy" he said while putting away the pokeball and begining to shake he started to have a mental breakdown.
  25. "hm.....did you hear that just now", Victor asked as he looked around.

    "Yes....i heard it too! Well, naturally if you heard it, i also heard it. That's how the connection works", Caire said as she also looked around before moving closer to Victor. "I thin someone else is here guys"!

    After a short pause, Victor Called back out into the air. "I didn't know other people were here", he said.
  26. Angel frowned, calling Shasta out. "Right, there's someone else out there, be careful and go find them" She told Shasta, who nodded and bolted in the direction that Raphael was in. "Shasta is a good tracker, he will find the guy" She said. "There we go, night time, Shadow, flash" Charles said as he let the Shiny Umbreon out of his pokèball.

    Shasta yipped as he stopped in front of Raphael. "Espe?" Shasta questioned, stepping forward and lighting his gem. Pitch black, night time was gonna be long, Shasta could sense it.
  27. "Wha-what!?!" Rapheal scurried backwards calling out his Scizor "get rid of that thing with X-Scissor!" Rapheal was slowly going crazy, he had been alone for so long he started hallucinating. The espeon that had been right in front of him looked more like a deformed cat that got mauled by a dog.

    He began to sweat and heard a voice call out but he was to freaked out to think about it and assumed it was his mind playing tricks on him. The Scizor resisted to attack the Espeon for as long as possible before he gave in to his trainers orders and had to attack. Scizor lunged at the Espeon ready to attack.

    Suddenly a flash of light illuminated from beyond the darkness. He saw human figures in the distance but made the false assumption that it was a his imagination trying to coupe with his loneliness. The Scizor continued to go through with his attack but purposly missed the Espeon hoping his trainer had not noticed.
  28. "Well, that was an interesting display, but are you sure it was necessary", Victor said as he walked up closer to the crazed trainer. He was about to say more, but he was pushed out of the way by an impromptu yelling sister.

    "What are you a crazy person? We have to be careful around here, who knows whats lurking in the dark", she yelled towards Raphael as she began shivering slightly out of fear. She was unaware that Raphael was hallucinating.
  29. Angel sighed "Shasta, come here" Angel mumbled as she moved towards her Espeon. "Shasta, come here..." Charles mumbled, realising that if Angel got too close to the crazy man, she could get seriously injured. "Espe..." Shasta growled, stepping forward, closer to the man.

    "Shadow, shine your light on the crazy man" Charles said to the Shiny Umbreon, who stepped forward and shined the 'torch' at him. "Bre...Umbreon" Shadow mumbled as he watched the Scizor.
  30. "G-Get away from me you freaks!" Raphael said backing up slowly from the Espeon and prople approaching him "Your just my imagination!"

    Scizor went up to Claire and Charles holding out its arms wanting them to hold on so that he may guide them over to Raphael to show him that everything is alright. "No Scizor what are you doing get back!" He called out to his partner pokemon, but it resisted the command of its trainer for the greater good.
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  31. Charles jumped away with a terrified look on his face. "T-Typhlosion!" He cried, turning and running away, Shadow quickly following. Charles slowed down when the group was out of sight and sat down under a tree, feeling like an idiot.

    "Where the hell did a Typhlosion come from?! Shasta, Psybeam!!!!" Angel shouted and her Espeon shot a multicoloured beam at the Typhlosion, who instantly collapsed. "W-what? Charles! Where did he go?!" Angel suddenly exclaimed, knowing that her childhood friend had a mental disorder called insanity.
  32. Victor stood on guard as he tried to keep Claire and himself calm. "Whats going on here? Where DID that Typhlosion come from", he said before looking over at Claire.

    "What.....are you trying to tell us something.....he is ok you say? Should we do something", she asked beginning to shiver again. Her own shivering began to annoy her slightly, as she could not stop doing it. "Why cant i stop shaking, the darkness isn't scary", she said trying to convince herself.
  33. Angel sighed shakily and started shaking too. "This is not good, if we can't find Charles then he's..." Angel stopped herself from saying anymore. "Espe!" Shasta exclaimed, looking in the direction that the blonde went in.

    Charles peeped around the corner of the old ruins, feeling like a little kid again. "Shadow, remember when Angel and I were still five and you and Shasta were still Eevees? We found a place that nobody found before!" Charles exclaimed as he clambered up the mossy stairs.
  34. Name: Marcus ''Mark'' Soul
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Looks: 5 foot 8 tall (around 160 cm), black hair, dark brown eyes, always wears a brown jumper and jeans.
    Fears: Being in small and closed spaces, he has claustrophobia.
    Future Team: Empoleon, Sableye(Shiny), Gardevoir, Volcarona, Electivire, Staraptor
    Current Pokemon: Gardevoir and Larvesta(In Egg)

    Marcus was walking around holding a flashlight to illuminate the darkness before him. He looked around to see if anyone was there, in his bag was a pokémon egg and his Gardevoir was safely stored in his pokéball. He was eating a chocolate bar while walking with the flash light. After some walking he noticed a few people. He decided to walk towards them, shining his flashlight at them, even though there was a light source there.

    ''Hey there, what are you guys up to?'' He asked as he stared at them, taking a bite of chocolate. He spoke clearly and loudly, trying to get their attention.
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  35. Claire turned to the wayward boy with the flashlight. "she still had slight worry on her face, but not as much. "She....she lost her friend....Charles I....think her Espeon knows where he went", Claire said slightly stammering.

    "Its dangerous to go anywhere alone after that pokemon attacked. We should stay together. We should find Charles, and take shelter.....is there shelter", Victor asked as he held Claire's hand to calm her.
  36. After a few moments Raphaels mind began to clear, "Why aren't they doing anything? Their acting so weird... So, human." Concentrating really hard he began to see that they were real people and not just his imagination.

    "Fullmetal, return!" He said calling back his trusted pokemon " thanks pal you did what you had to. He walked over to the group of people and bowed his head "im truly sorry for acting like that, i dont know what came over me. Its just that my group all disappeared one day and i have no clue what happened to them. At first i thought it was just a stupid prank... Here i am a month later acting like im a psychopath" he said laughinga little. "Could you guys ever forguve me? I could help find your friend" he said looking at the girl shaking with her Espeon
  37. Mark looked at Claire and Victor. ''I have no idea who this 'Charles' is, but he sounds like a friends of yours. I could help looking for him.'' He held the flashlight towards them, not revealing his own face unless light was shining on him. Mark licked off his fingers which had some chocolate on it from the chocolate bar he ate.

    Marcus now looked at Raphael. ''I have no idea who you or what you did, but you should help look for that 'Charles'.'' He took another chocolate bar from his pocket and took a bite. ''Any idea which way he went?'' he asked the people there. (Detective Marcus accepted the Case)
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  38. (X3 So detective!)

    Angel didn't even have to say a word to her Espeon, he instantly bolted after Charles, who was possibly long gone from that place. 'Charles, where the hell are you?' The Espeon asked in Charles' head. "Shasta?" Charles called down from the ruins that he finally finished climbing and was heading down the steps.

    "Where's Ang-" Charles was cut off by the girl hugging him. "Are you alright?" She asked, looking up at Charles after she let him go. "Yeah! I found some ruin-" "That's not what Angel's talking about" Shasta butted in, stepping forward. "Shush, Espeon, this is between trainers" Charles said, grinning slyly.
  39. "Hey, wait up! Come on marcus", Victor said as he lifted him over his head an carried him in a cartoony sort of fashion.

    "All id forgiven. you wee a little manic, but you probably just need some rest. Lets go get everyone together and have some nice tea. It will calm everyone", she said as she tugged on Raphael's shirt.
  40. Marcus blinked as he was raised into the air and carried somewhere, probably towards Charles. He just let himself be carried, saved him some energy. He was pretty light so Victor shouldn't have too much trouble carrying him. After being for a bit, he noticed Angel and Charles, holding his flashlight towards them. ''I think that's them. One of the two is the girl from just now. The other may or may not be Charles.'' The boy said, waiting for Victor to either put him down, or carry him towards them.

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