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Red's Word Vomit!!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Sir Red, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    So this will largely consist of random streams of consciousness and short stories and me working through ideas, as well as other random nonsense. So do not expect much of this to fit together.

    Today's installment will be a write-up of my adventures in the past Mafia game. This is my first life.

    Writer's Note: I never proofread. :B


    The echo of my boots clacking against the cobblestone streets rang out as I made my way home on that brisk, December night. I had just visited the home of Brendan Savem in my investigations into the recent Mafia killings that had been taking place in my town. After searching Brendan’s apartment thoroughly I had been able to deduce that he was in fact not Mafia, but that he was not exactly in his right mind. He had many Jester costumes lying about, and the various writings that were littered about were frightening to say the least. It was all so morbid and depressing; speaking of death and how that is the only way that he can “win in this game”. The fact that he considered life a game to be won is upsetting enough on its own, but that he felt dying was how he could win at it takes things to another level.

    What makes things even more uneasy is that, going through his writings I was able to realize that Brendan wanted his death to be achieved by someone else doing the dead for him. Truly a disturbing place his mind was in.

    Surely I would need to approach Brendan soon and discuss matters with him, see if he is alright. Whenever I have seen him around town he has seemed to be as dead-set on sniffing out and ending the Mafia as I have been. Perhaps we could work something out, or I can help him find a true purpose in his life through helping to protect innocents.

    I pulled out my notebook and added Brendan’s name to my shortlist of innocents, along with Elliot. It is always nice to know who to trust and not go after, but it is far nicer to know who for a fact is actually vile, Mafia scum. I do not like having to wrongly persecute innocents, whether they are detrimental to the integrity of the town or not. Sadly Blazi’s death fell under that category earlier this day.

    The day, however, was not a total loss. Both Joshawott and Riley acted very suspiciously and are my two prime suspects. I chose not to spend this night investigating either of them, however, for the simple reason that I feel that they can be caught during the day. It would appear that they both have already slipped up a decent bit, and if they are truly Mafia it will be made clear soon enough. Instead, I want to spend my precious nights looking into the lives of those that would prove harder to read. I do this either because they are very good at hiding their true motives, or simply because they do not socialize in the town enough to provide ample information to get a reading on them.

    Suddenly I heard a loud noise behind me. I jumped and turned around quickly to see a cat dart across the street away from some trashcans. I sighed in relief, wiping away the bead of sweat that had just formed on my forehead. I was a bit on edge, being the only person out at night with the Mafia running around. I decided to hurry along home and get to bed so that I could be of help at the town meeting in the morning and talk with Brendan.

    Speaking of Brendan, it was odd that when I stopped by his home he was not there. I was there at a very late hour and he was not home. Had he been a member of the Mafia, his absence would be accounted for. But that was not the case.

    As I pondered this odd happenstance I came to my humble estate. I fished my keys out of my pocket as I approached the door, only to find something amiss. My door was closed, but the locks were broken. Somebody had forced entry.

    I approached cautiously and slowly pushed open the door to my house. I stepped in, keeping my back to the wall and made my way to the light-switch. I flicked it, but nothing happened. Damn, they had cut my power. So it would appear that I was the target tonight, and not Brendan.

    I slowly made my way into the sitting room, making sure to check the corners as best I could and to be keen to keep my back to the wall. As I slowly made my way through the room, out of the shadows I saw movement. I was able to react quick enough to dodge the blade of a masked assailant. The blade imbedded in the wall where I previously was standing. I grabbed my attacker by the scruff, it was at which point I could tell I was dealing with a gentleman, I spun him and threw him over my couch. He tumbled across the room and to the floor.

    As he worked back to his feet, I dashed through my home towards the kitchen in hopes of finding something there with which to defend myself. As I entered the room, though, my back door was suddenly kicked in. I looked up to see another masked attacker rush in with a blade. They came out in force, it would appear. I grabbed a knife out of a drawer and brandished it at the Assassin. We circled each other and my attacker lunged, stabbing at me. I leapt back and to the side, narrowly avoiding another attack.

    As I tried to catch my breath and fend off the next attack I felt a piercing pain shoot through my back. My first attacker had fished his blade from the wall and gotten me from behind. This distraction allowed the other Mafia member to lunge in and stab my in the chest. They spotted each other now and withdrew their blades.

    I fell to the ground, two deep knife wound in my torso. I was bleeding really rather badly. What surprised me, though, was that my two murders began to attack one another. They struggled briefly before fleeing in separate directions.

    As I lie there, bleeding out from both my front and back, I realized that my attackers were acting against one another. They bought decided that tonight was the night of my demise. So there were two Mafias running around the city, things appeared far worse than I had previously thought.

    Damn it, I should have told somebody my findings before coming home. I got cocky, and it came back to bite me in the ass. At least with both Families coming after me, the death done to the town was greatly lessened. Nobody else had to suffer this evening.

    I do not really remember much after that, other than watching the pool of blood around me slowly seep outward towards my carpet. I am not exactly sure when I died; it is like sleep in that manner. You remember the moments leading up to it, but when you try to recall the shift in consciousness afterwards you cannot recall it happening. It just does.

    I thought I had died, but I remember one last thing. I opened my eyes, it was morning. Sunlight was streaming in through my broken backdoor, the splintered doorframe littered about, the nearer pieces soaked in blood. I heard a noise coming from the direction of my kitchen table. I tried to turn my head, but had no strength to do so.

    “Oh, don’t do that. I’ll come to you,” a male voice stated politely to me. I heard a chair push back and a cup be placed down on a saucer. The person walked over to me and bent down. As he came into view I came to see the visage of my dear friend Shocari. I was puzzled as to why he was in my home, seeing me in this state and doing nothing. My blood-loss addled mind had me thinking slowly, as it took him telling me to realize that he was Mafia.

    “However, I did not kill you,” he started. “No, I knew somebody else would take care of you. Instead I went after Brendan, and it would appear that I gave him his wish no less. The man seemed far too cheery for me to do him in.” I cussed to myself, saddened that Brendan had in-fact been done in this past night.

    “No matter, though. Two of my biggest threats are out of the way. I just need to be sure that my partner doesn’t slip up and out himself. He’s new to this whole thing, but so long as he’s smart things will go alright,” he said as he stood back up and straightened the wrinkles in his suit.

    I don’t believe he intended to, but Sho essentially told me who his partner was; none other than the new man in town, ShinyZekrom.

    Sho smiled down at me, “Well, I guess this is goodbye old friend. I have some grand designs for this town and you getting taken out by the competition was just step one. I’m sure the townfolk will come spot your body soon enough and give you a proper burial.”

    Things faded back out again, and this time I did not awaken for quite a bit longer. Though, this second time things were a quite a bit different.
  2. Re: ChaWriMo - Red's Word Vomit!!

    I like this, it reminds me of the ones I used to do. In fact, this story reminds me so much of the very first one, there are so many elements that are identical, such as the end result of it all. I was tempted to do one for this game too, give you townies a look into the unstable mind of the jester. But time and effort are things I am rather short on at the moment, by the time I do have those, it'll be long overdue.

    Overall though, this is a thrilling short story, with a handful of dark themes. Still, I personally felt that the somehow being left for dead by two families so another one could come and mock you later in the morning is a little out of place. Personally, it would have been a little more gripping if Sho was talking to your gravestone or already deceased body. Because all evil geniuses talk to corpses. That's fact.
  3. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: ChaWriMo - Red's Word Vomit!!

    Brendan: I was originally going to do it that way. But when I mapped things out more, I decided that this works better. Seeing as I'm essentially playing it that when you die you're dead and can't hear what people say. :p But Sho telling me he was Mafia and unintentionally revealing Zekrom as his ally right after I died was important to how things shook out after I was revived.

    But I certainly agree, talking to my corpse is better. Plus, that way he gets built up as a villain more. Because yes, Sho was totally a villain!
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Re: ChaWriMo - Red's Word Vomit!!


    I really missed things like this. ;; I remember the thrill of reading through Brendan's in the first game and how good it felt to put things down into words in the second game for myself. It's always great to read these mafia writing stuff, since they give the game a new perspective and allow people to put down their true thoughts (once the game is over) with some creativity~

    brb fangirling over this little piece and dying over and over from it
  5. Re: ChaWriMo - Red's Word Vomit!!

    Loving this so far, can't wait to see the others deaths especially my own ♥
  6. Re: ChaWriMo - Red's Word Vomit!!

    You know, the funny thing is, I was considering doing something like this, but I see others have already done so. Oh well, Red's will probably be a lot better than mine would've been.

    Anyway, this has been very interesting so far, and I cannot wait to see more.
  7. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: ChaWriMo - Red's Word Vomit!!

    Shiny: Yes, I had been meaning to write one for several of the previous games, but never got around to it. This game fell right around a time when I was getting into a writing mood and was also a rather eventful game. So it all came together.

    Riley: Thank you very much. Though you are mentioned in here, I do not go over your death. This is a first person account of what happened to me during the last game, and sadly I was dead when you were lynched.

    Zekrom: Hey, feel free to write your own too. You clearly experienced the game in a different manner than I did, plus you were actually alive for most of it. Where as my entire story revolves around dying twice. :p

    Anyways, this is the conclusion of my Mafia stories.


    At the time I was not sure how long I was dead for. It really was just like sleep, especially seeing as I came out of it not too long afterwards. That is not supposed to happen, actually. I guess I was just lucky, if that is what one wants to call having your soul returned to your two day old corpse. The feeling of being back in your body when it has been cold for that long is odd. Nothing really seemed to fit right and it felt rather gross to be back in my own skin. I am not sure if this is how one’s body is supposed to feel after being resurrected or not, seeing as the only one I could ask is Jesus. And I am fairly certain that asking him is out of the question.

    It was not a sudden thing, my return to the world of the living. My senses slowly began to return to me. First I felt the tingling sensation of my body, gradually spreading outward. It was such a thing that I did not even realize what I was feeling at first. I was just vaguely aware of it on the edge of my consciousness.

    Next I began to hear things; again I did not really comprehend it at first. It started pleasant, an insistent murmuring in the background. At first it was very quiet and soothing, but it gradually grew louder and louder. Soon the noise began to register, as my brain gained more and more consciousness and higher brain-function began to return I suddenly became aware that I was alive.

    I tried to open my eyes, to sit up, to do anything; but found that to be far too hard to do. So I lied there, on what I was now aware was a hard stone. It was not cold though, nor was the place I was. I was not sure where I was, but the openness I felt of the place lead me to the deduction that I was not in a grave. My keen intellect had returned to me, at least. That was fantastic. Now I had to figure out where I was and why I was alive again.

    I could still hear that noise, it was getting quite loud too. It was a constant, incessant noise that I could not quite figure out. Then I heard something the really kick-started my heart, forcing my eyes open in shock. A loud bang rang out, echoing around the place I was in. I was afraid that I was going to have a heart attack and die, again.

    My eyes slowly began to adjust and perceive what I was viewing. I looked up and saw a high, vaulted ceiling. Wooden buttresses soared upwards and met in a peak. I could also make out stain-glassed windows on the tall walls. So, I was in the Church; interesting. I wondered if I was had been at my funeral and somehow not been dead. But that was not right; I was not in any kind of coffin. How very queer this whole situation was.

    While I was trying to figure out how life had been breathed once more into my body and why I was in the church, I was once more roused from my thoughts by that bang. I yelled in shock this time, my first vocalization. Things were going swimmingly for me now. Now if only I could just move.

    This bang was quickly followed up by a third, even louder one. This time I heard concussive crashes, followed by the roar of a crowd. With great difficulty I turned my head towards the source of the noise. Flowing in through the large oak doors of the Church was an angry mob, decked out with all the clichés.

    There were all chanting something as they made their way down the aisle towards me. I still could not move, and had only just been revived, were they really coming to kill me again so quickly? I struggled to try and roll over. Through gaining my new vantage point I was able to see that I was on the Alter at the front of the church, so if I could simply roll over I could get onto my feet and stagger away. This is easier said than done, though.

    I was still struggling to figure out what it was they were chanting as I wiggled myself, feeling more helpless than a tortoise on its back in a riverbed. They were suddenly right at the Alter, circling around it. They were chanting something, but as they saw me and what was lying on the steps leading up to the alter they trailed off. As somebody yelled it once more I could finally make out that they were yelling “Karu”.

    Karu was the one that they had chosen to lynch this evening, but before they ever got the chance Karu made a mad dash from his home to the church. The bodies of the dead from the previous few days were here, as a memorial service was to be held the next day. Karu, a man very in touch with his religious side and possessing extraordinary spiritual abilities actually was able to summon my soul back to my body. However, it cost him his life. That was the deal, a soul for a soul. Karu knew that he would die this day one way or another, so he decided that he would go out on his own terms. Reviving me was not a bad move, either. I had quite a bit of living to do, anyways.

    I was not naïve, though. I knew that there would be attacks on my life almost immediately again. Thus I had to try to make a difference with this limited life I had.

    After the mob calmed down, they helped me off the alter and into a pew. They brought me some food and water, as my body gradually continued to return to full functionality. I discussed many things with various people, mainly asking them to fill me in on what had transpired since I had been so rudely murdered by two people. Those speaking with me were very insistent to inquire as to what being dead was like. I told them it was dark and boring and to get back to explaining the demises of Riley and Jada.

    I had pegged Riley as Mafia before my death. Jada was a complete surprise to me. Apparently she and Riley were lovers. As the mob came to claim Riley’s life and lynch him the two did themselves in before the mob could get a hold of Riley; choosing to spend the next life together if they could not do so in this one. It was a sweet sentiment, for sure, but I was more happy to find out that they were both Mafia, and from different families no less.

    After talking for a while more I stopped home and gathered some things, trying my best to avoid the kitchen. I really did not want to have to see my blood splattered all about if I did not have to. After collecting what I needed for the night, I set out to do some investigating. My subject of investigation this night was none other than Demelza.

    Investigating Dem was not a particularly difficult task. Poking around her house for a brief bit I was able to deduce that she was nothing more than an innocent townsperson. Fair enough, it simply limited my list of suspects to a select few. I already knew that Shiny Zekrom and Shocari were Mafia. I was also absolutely sold on Joshawott being Mafia, despite having no actual evidence.

    Looking at the remaining possibilities I knew that it could either be Katie or Luckii. I was foolish, at this point. Part of me truly suspected that Katie was the remaining Mafia member. However, I tried to convince myself that it could still very well be Luckii. Besides, I needed to trust Katie with information.

    I went back to my home and wrote up three identical letters. Detailing my investigations, as well as who I suspected as being Mafia. I gave nothing away for sure, and omitted Shocari from the letter. It had to be widely suspected that Sho was Mafia by this point, but I wanted to beat Sho personally. He had taunted me as I died, and did not even have the decency to be the one to do me in. No, Sho deserved a proper confrontation from me. I just hoped that I could make it through the night to get him lynched.

    My three letters in hand, I set off and delivered them. The first two letters went to El and Dem, knowing that I could trust them. I really wanted my information to get out there, though, and the two of them were rather quiet individuals. Thus, I took the gamble of writing Katie a letter. I slipped the letter through the mail slot in Katie’s door and walked down her front steps.

    I had not taken more than three steps when I heard somebody call to me.

    “Evening, Red,” I turned to see Shocari step out from behind a car. He was sporting a jovial grin. “Fine night for a walk, wouldn’t you say?”

    “Couldn’t risk somebody else doing the job for you this time around, huh?” I called back to him, gripping the knife I had concealed in my pocket.

    “Well, the last time I left the job of killing you to the other families and seeing as here you stand talking with me they clearly have different interpretation of ‘killing’ than I do.”

    “Oh Sho, we both know that I need at least two attackers to be killed,” I said with a wink, trying to rile him up a bit. I needed to buy myself some time, or get him on edge, do anything to give myself any kind of advantage.

    Sho pulled a knife from his pocket and advanced on me, and I pulled mine out to stave him off. Much to my shock this did not deter him at all. He lunged at me suddenly. I stabbed at him, but my body was still thawing out and shaking off death. Sho swatted my arm out of the way, sending my knife clattering across the street. I felt his blade plunge into my chest and twist. Sho slowly lowered my body to the ground, leaving me in a seated position as he withdrew his blade from my flesh.

    “Now this time, stay dead,” he said with a grin, tapping me on the nose with a bloody finger.

    “Not…not g-gonna gloat…this time?” I coughed out, blood splattering the cobblestone with each hack.

    “Nah, I’m keeping my endgame under wraps now. Don’t want you finding some other way to circumvent death again and muddle it up,” he said playfully. “Now I really must be off.”

    I watched as Sho walked off down an alley, leaving me for death for the second time in the past three days. I figured that this would have to happen, but I really would have preferred to not die. It is just the preferable outcome, if given the choice.

    Sitting there I heard a door behind me open and somebody run down their front steps and towards me.

    “Oh my god, Red! What happened?!” It was Katie. Sho and I must have awakened her, and she came out to see the aftermath. I had omitted it from the letter, but I needed to tell her about Shocari now.

    As she fussed over me and tried to check my wound I kept trying to get her attention and tell her, but she kept brushing me off. Finally I yelled for her to stop for a moment, because I needed to tell her something about Sho.

    “Oh, Red, quiet…” she said soothingly, stroking my head. “It’ll all be okay, I promise.” She smiled down at me, and then I saw a glint of light as Katie quickly slashed a blade across my neck. My neck sliced open, my blood spraying into the night air. Katie dropped me onto the pavement.

    “Twice I’ve chosen to kill you, and twice somebody else had the same idea and attacked you first. You’re a much sought-after man, Red. I really would have preferred to not have to waste my night on you, but better to make sure you died tonight than to risk it.” I watched as Katie headed back towards her home, wiping her knife clean of my blood as she did so. “Oh, and thanks for the letter. I’m sure I can find a use for it.”

    Damn it, I should not have been so quick to trust Katie. But I knew at the time I did it, and even then as I lie dying in a pool of my own blood for a second time, that trusting Katie with that information was my only option.

    Reaching that point of faded bliss was much quicker this time than it was last time, though I suppose having your jugular vein and the puncturing of a lung will do that to a person. Soon enough I was once more dead, again attacked by two different people. This was beginning to become an annoying trend.
  8. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Re: ChaWriMo - Red's Word Vomit!!

    "annoying trend" I bet. XD *hugs Red* I guess that shows just how much of a threat people think of you? Or how good you are at the game~

    Gosh, it's just too easy to imagine Sho and Katie acting that way. I'll say, you captured their personalities really well. ♥
  9. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Re: ChaWriMo - Red's Word Vomit!!

    I haven't played any of the Mafia games before, but your description of it has caught my interest. I doubt Mafia 8 will be starting anytime soon since 7 just ended, but I'll have to check it out when it does.

    Great writings so far Red! I look forward to see what else crawls out of your mind! 8)
  10. Re: ChaWriMo - Red's Word Vomit!!

    I'm loving this latest chapter. And Brian you should totally join us :) Hopefully it might be April :)

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