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Rayn's Thread o' GIMP

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Rayn_Shyu, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. ...Another card for Christmas! Also has nothing to do with Christmas, woo! But here:
    Not sure what I'm gonna write on it, but my friend likes Megara. Soooooo yeah. Maybe I'll tease her about her and her BF.
    Sig sized, up for grabs.​
    So I did get a tablet, and blah blah. But GIMP is being a'tarded and making it so the pointer and the brush are not the same. I can live with it, but I got frustrated a bit... So I just drew in paint. I actually started a bit of a pixel-over... but it felt wrong to do it with a tablet... BUT I DREW THIS!
    For Virgil, cuz he's cool. And made me like Spindas. They do look like bunny pandas.......Seriously, they do!​
  3. Eeeee Toybox! :D
    Thank you vurreh much, Rayn. He looks lovely
  4. No prob, it was fun! Thanks for comments too, they make me feel good. =D
    'Nother doodle.
    Yes, that is indeed a sock puppet. I wrote a letter to my bf and said I wanted to draw one so I did draw one.
    I want a sock like this.​
  5. Heh, randomness is cute randomness. What does Sock Puppet like to do?

    Bunny panda, eh? Well, for me, the ears are too round to be that, but I like the sketch.

    Yes! So someone other than me still watches nineties Disney movies? Lol. I do like the Meg sig.
  6. Secad: Oh I do indeed still watch the movies of my childhood sometimes... My friends had a movie party about it this summer. We watched like nine Disney movies, suffice to say, it was awesomely fun.
    Sock Puppet likes to eat other sock puppets. And talk. Yeah.

    For thinking up the wonderful name of "Dorac" for my shiny Manetric charrie, I have drawn Secad her request.
    It's her and Fi fused together to make awesome! This was in the Halloween RP, if your interested. I love the Chainsaw, which I have named the Fi-Cad XI (hope you don't mind). Not only is it flaming, it's made out of adamantium! Hope you like it Secad!​
  7. OMG! SQUEE!

    *calms down*

    My heart is literally beating hard. This is epic! Thank you! This will be my new avatar. The chainsaw is awesome as well. Excellent name.

    Thank you. :D
  8. You're welcome, Secad. I'm glad that you like it. :D

    Because it is no longer Christmas, I can't exactly go around 'Charms with a chibi pixel Christmas Rotak, now can I?
    This is Tharros, the main character (along with Rotak) of my series. He got that cool scar across his nose from fighting a dragon. I​
  9. Hey mind making me an avvie? I don't know what I would like. Maybe someone with a sword like Link or someone. I'm not sure. Sorry this is so vague. Why don't you surprise me? I love your style.

    I've decided! How about a ninja from Naruto? Can be a character or just made up one. Kakashi or Sasuke are my preferences if you make one off a character. Or if it's your own, can you please make him have the Same headband as Kakashi and Sasuke have please? Sorry to change my mind on you. Thank you.
  10. Okay, when I meant "avvie" I meant like out of a siggy... but meh, I was bored and I like Kakashi!
    I don't like this one as much as Tharros, but I do hope you like it, Blisk.​
  11. Whoops. I'm sorry. At least I did something you like...... I'm really sorry.... But, I do like it. It looks pretty awesome. Instant avatar.

    Again, sorry for not understanding your post....
  12. No prob Blisk. Since it's only a head and all, it's easy. Might consider putting it in for realz. Besides, you've been supporting me!

    New stuffs.
    Ever wonder what the "Shyu" part of my username was? Wonder no more, for this being is Shyu. Shyu is obviously a fusion of Haunter, Mew and Espeon which I had made when I was like... in third grade. The very original version was in the normal colors, but after a while, I switched them up. Before that, my brother and I had made a version of Shyu for every Eeveeloution at that time... and then for the other types. 'Twas fun, I might draw them sometime too, if 'nyone's interested. Might eventually go nuts and write a fanfic for em... Which would probably be the shortest of three I got in mind.
    Now this guy is Cheadence Teller, from the novel I'm trying to write. You can't really see it now, but he's a farion (fairy... "fairy" isn't really a masculine word though, so for an entire race I changed it a little) with four dragonfly wings (two on each side). He's Tharros' magic teacher, and he has a New Yorker accent =D.

    So yeah. Comments, crit??? REQUESTS??? Still taking those guys.​
  13. I really like the Shyu. Until I read its caption, I didn't even think of Pokemon. Now, I really do see it. I think it's a really cool concept: two Psychic types and a Ghost type. I would love to see you're other versions that you mentioned.

    Cheadence Teller is cool. I think it's nifty how the race is farion instead of fairies. It doesn't sound masculine at all. I would love to see the whole body eventually if you could take the time to draw it. You do a great job on people. I really need to work on them. Especially to be as good as some of the people on Charms, including you. Great job, as always!
  14. Hey, dragonfly wings on a fairy-I mean farion? Cool! That's a lot different than the stereotypical butterfly wings.

    Yay! A new drawing of Shyu. How did you come up with the name?
  15. On Cheadence: Just call him Cheadence... Yeah, I decided that if my only main fairy character was going to be a dude, then they'd might as well call themselves something vaguely more dignified... and that he'd have dragonfly wings. Then a lot of character development went from there.

    On Shyu: I originally thought that creating a fusion = original Pokemon, cuz that's what my brother told me to do when he was creating all of his crazy new Pokes. So it kinda has a distinct look.
    As for the name...​
    S from Espeon
    H from Haunter
    Yu from the pronunciation of Mew (we had an official guide book that said that...)
    Tee hee. Oh, the originality of a child... It's a good name, and it helps sometimes if there's multiple people on a forum with a name like Rain, or Ryan to single me out. Oh, and it's Shy-yu. Yah.

    Right, I should've done a full pic of Cheadence for y'alls, but I decided to do a sig of my WoW charrie.
    The WoW Armory sees models now, so I can look at her cuz we got rid of our account...
    Yadda, yadda, you know the drill.​
  16. Bump.
    Cheadence, full bod. I have better pics, but I'm a lazy person, so here you guys go.
    Annnd, me. Current avvie. I like how I shaded my hair.​
  17. Never got a chance to post here. You did a great job on Cheadance. Looks great.

    The self art is amazing! You made the hair look 3-D-ish because of the great shading. A job well done, Rayn.
  18. Aww, thanks Blisk! I did try pretty hard on shading.
    So, this chick is an OC I've had since I was twelve. Her name was Starky, then Stella (going by Stel), then I went full out recently and decided to give her the full name of StellaMaria Rosalina Valquez III. Yeah, she uses her grandma/mom's last name, because Valquez women are like that. I originally created her for a Kingdom Hearts/ Legend of Zelda crossover thingomobobber thing that my brother and I made up. She's gone through a lot of changes, this is one of the most recent. Like now, she has freckles and darker skin than she used to. If I ever get around to doing some RP'ing, then she'd be used in a Final Fantasy world place thing.
    Requests are still cool guys.​
  19. That looks great. You did a great job on her hair too. You seem really good at shading hair.

    And I still can't get over the self art! I love it so much.
  20. Moar stuffs!
    So this is like... my interpretation of my boyfriend as a dragon. I love doing complex designs and stuff, mostly cuz I'm at school when I draw so I just add more to a drawing that I love. This is actually a little simpler than it has been... anyways, I like it. This is like my first time using Dodge/Burn for shading... I like the background cuz I actually did one for once. Suuu yeah.
  21. This is sweet. The background is great. Love it! And you did a great job on the wings. Amazing detail there. My favorite part would have to be the claws. They look realistic. Great job Rayn!
  22. *Punts thread up*
    A doodle.
    This is Squid the dog. It's actually S.Q.U.I.D., Special Quester Uniting Important Destinies or something. He's a dimension traveler/shape shifter that's capable of taking many forms, excluding a squid (cuz Squid the squid would be lame). He helps important people get together; like one person follows a mutt with a monkey tail and another person sees a brown monkey with a blond mustache and they find each other (both are Squid). Blah blah blah, may eventually write more about him, probably not.
    Would like more reply than Blisk (​
  23. Looks awesome. I love the concept behind it. The individual brush strokes gives it a cool effect.

    Come on, people. I shouldn't be the only one commenting :3
  24. I got bored, so I reused the base that I made my avvie with.
    I tried to do Disney style. Did it work? I have sexy eyes with this, lol. And softer shading. Blah blah, comment please. PWEASE?​
  25. OMGZ That's my eye color!

    I like the new drawings, especially the boyfriend one. Looks a little like Latios. And the background is EPIC WIN.

    I wonder why when you draw something, Ryan Haunter/Mew/Espeon, your computer doesn't explode from awesomeness.

    Your avvie's hair is about as long as my hair, too.
  26. D'aww shucks, Dark Soul. I'm not that awesome... My hair is about that length more or less in real life, but being a girl, that's kinda average. My eyes are hazel, but I'm lazy so I just represent them with that color.
    New siggeh.
    I haven't seen this movie in FOR EVER, but I lurve it so much. (Balto FYI). It's bluuuuuuuuuuue. I really like the new brush I used on it.​
  27. I like the way the picture has the softer shading, brings more focus to the eyes (well it did for me). personally I prefer amine eyes, but those disney eyes are great!
  28. Wow, the dragon is gorgeous. I love the vines and the intertwined blue and white. I think you did an excellent job.

    :p Heh, I think squid are cuter than dogs, but I think you have the most kickin' dog I have ever seen.

    The Disney-fied avatar doesn't look bad. However, something seems to be strange with the ear. It looks a little too harsh.
  29. Thanks for the comments guys. I'll try to fix me Disneyfied avvie thing later, if I ever look at in GIMP ever again...

    I should really stop drawing myself...
    So this is like, my alter ego in Pokemon land. This is Rachel Eon, and no, she does not evolve from Eevee. Her family are Eevee breeders though. She started in Johto, with Rayn (who isn't bred, it's a long story) and Ricky, the Totodile who eventually evolves into a Feraligatr. There's a lot more to the story, but I'm tired right now. But yeah, this is me ala Pokemon. My hair was almost that long at one point... ​
  30. Meh, three days, update.
    So cuz it's Valentine's Day tomorrow, I decided to draw this piccy of Esais and Rotak KISSING!
    Then, I got bored, so I did it so Esais was facing us.
    I think I like the Esais on top better... And drawing people kissing is weird. Like, you're invading their privacy or something crazy like that. Yah... Background is a desktop of Shoujo bubbles that I did! Linked so the post doesn't do that weird stretchy thing.
    Happy Valentine's Day!​
  31. T-t-t-t-rip-p-le poooosssst!
    Yup... I tried lineless today.
    I think I like the results. This is a line from the song Black Water by the Doobie Brothers. I heard it today, remembered that I loved it, drew a simple doodle, then thought that I should probably do something more constructive than just tracing it normally, so I did it linelessly. I think I could do this more often, I'm happy with the result. If only I had better handwriting...
    C&C? ​
  32. It's been eons since I have posted here. Sorry!

    Rachel Eon (didn't mean to connect my above phrase^^) is well drawn. I think one thing could be worked on with this drawing. 1. The hands. (Everyone is horrible at this so don't worry). Her right hand is a little too pointy in my opinion.

    You did a great job with the kissing scene(s). I also prefer him on top in this. I just love the style you use for pictures like this. Keep it up!

    Finally, the dancing scene. You do a good job lineless, and I think you should try it more often. It's well done; there's nothing more I can say about it.

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