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Rayn's Thread o' GIMP

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Rayn_Shyu, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Hi guys. It's been a while and well, I guessed it was about time to do another thread here, because I've been GIMP'ing again.
    So without further ado...​
    A Sora card for my friend. I like the colors
    A card for my brother, featuring Gambit. I had to erase all the white around Gambit too... grrr.
    For my friend, Mat. Long story, but basically I couldn't go to his birthday party, and he's a hot fairy.
    I might actually use this as a sig... tell me your thoughts. Mostly, I had a lot of fun using filters on this one.
    For my bf, Daniel. He's two years older than me, so he's already graduated and junk. D: But I did figure out how to make the sparks brush not yellow without it having a gross yellow outline on some of them. And I used LoN's last lesson technique... which is awesome.
    Yeah... if you want a sig or something... PM me with a transparent pic and color choice and junk.
    I'll post my other crap later.
  2. Coooool, never thought about cards. Thats a nice idea, and they've turned out really nicely too.

    I like how you've blended the render in using different techniques, and I can't wait for the rest :p
  3. Thanks LoN! I like how it looks too... Here's some more of my stuffs. I'll probably end up posting stuff that was in me old thread too.
    It's Sheriff Woody from Toy Story! I watched said show today, and remembered how he was my favorite character in from just about any show ever. Might use for sig.
    For SPPF... I was pretty lazy with this one, but I liked using all my brushes that I got.

    And here is some ye olde stuffe...
    Purple and dilate filter. Yus.
    Delibird :D
    Luxray sig. Garsh, it's probably one of my best.
    My brother has a WoW charrie named Nevermour, and likes Scizor. I'm not liking how the purple looks, but the effect is cool.
    Rayn sig.
    Shiny Espeon sig, before I edited the Espeon render I got more.
    Cool effects on the Feraligatr... can't read the text though.
    Lion-Sora. :D
    He come to town...
    I really like this one too.
    Looks all bubbly!
    I love this one too.
    And any others will eat the page. I have a picture that I'm currently coloring... You'll see that soon.
  4. I love the very first one you posted. I want to do effects like that... you must tell me! Yeah, I know that Lon's probably already mentioned it and everything, but I'm a forgetful person... And I disagree with you. That Delibird one is the best you've done!

    The Sheriff scares me... and I'm yet to find out why... >.>
  5. Thanks Aura. It's probably somewhere in the tut thread (it should be stickied!)... I used a stripey BG if that helps a little. I might PM you the .xcf if you're really interested. I like the Delibird one too, but still liking the Luxray one better...

    And I've done a Blaziken sig for Hunting Rifle, who PM'd me. I am taking requests through PM BTW...
    I'm loving the colors on this. Used two different techniques, Displace and Noise Pick + GreyC. Really like the effect.
  6. The lixray one is the best, but I sure do like Blaziken
  7. I wasn't really going for "Which Sig is the Bestest" type thread thing, but hey, go ahead and voice your opinions on the matter, I don't mind. Just don't say it is, tell me why!
    This I did because I downloaded G'Mic and wanted to mess with it. And because Hitmonchan needs more love. Should've done the frames slower... but right now, I'm too lazy to change it. Now I want to try to do more animated sigs! :3
    And here's the non animated version.
    Looks like some sort of painting style or something...

    Hey, I figured out how to make it loop kinda!
    And nonanimated version...
  8. Meh, bumpage. I have two new sigs, and it's been a day now...
    I wanted to have a sandy effect with this one. Also edited the Flygon pic a little, brown coloring and the stripe on the neck. I like this one.
    This one ended up with a grungy effect. Not entirely on purpose, but I like it anyways.

    The purpose of these really is to go with my current sig, which I want to animate together. Now I just have to figure that out...

    It lives!
  9. Read the thread, Poh? :-\

    Interesting stuff you have here Rayn... looks like I'm gonna have to look into this G'Mic thing. :) Whats it do?
  10. Well LoN, it's basically GreyCRestoration's big brother with filters in it. I have normal GreyC for image helping, but there's some nice filters/effects in there that I really like.
    Pretty fun. I've yet to use all the filters really... Mehbeh next sig.
  11. [​IMG]
    ... Mostly because I was looking at Planet Renders and it was there.
    I used a lot of G'Mic filters on this, Arrays and colors mostly. There are some that will use different layers and such, so I couldn't use them. But the over all effect turned out fine so yeah.
    I'd be fine if someone wanted to use... just gimme some credit plz. ​
  12. These works are incredible, I think it's safe to say that these are in the same league as Lon's sigs (3 thumbs up)
  13. Your Belle sig looks truly great, but I must say after looking at it for a few moments the lower part of her hair really started to bug me - it's faded out like most is around the edges, but for this it's a large amount and it looks slightly out of place. I think if you could make the lower bit less uniform (and reversly more in keeping with the rest of the hair XD poor old 'uniform') it would make this sig look better.
  14. Well, Tatile, I read what you said and so I went in and tried to fix it. Unfortunately, it was my first filter I put on it that would eventually make her hair do that... whodda thunk that one filter would eventually do that? I'm not going to do the whole thing again... so her hair will stay annoying like that. Sorries!
    Zingi, I don't think putting artists in leagues really works well... LoN taught me a lot of what I know and use. I wouldn't be half as good as I am now if he hadn't offered to give tutorials. :D
    Anyways, I was on TVTropes and I found this link of Cookie Monster on the Martha Stewart show. He was freaking amazing, so I made a sig of him.
    I couldn't really a good font for him... But I do like the effect. With G'Mic, under colors, it has this filter called "B&W dithering". It's a really nice effect, although I wouldn't recommend using it more than once a sig. ​
  15. Aww, no one posted for Cookie Monster? D: Oh well, bumpage.

    Here's a sig with Kenshin and Kaoru from Rurouni Kenshin. I wanted a softer white look with this one, also wanted to see if I could do the trippy part transparent thingomobob. I think it worked.
    I made another desktop, cuz yeah. Linked for size.
    And well... because I think I might go crazy, any suggestions of what I should do would be nice. Please PM me if you want a request!​
  16. I'm loving the squares you've got going in that last one... really interesting idea. I'd try and develop that, myself. Maybe not do it loads in one image, but splitting things off like that does look intriguing. Can't wait to see more of that! :)
  17. Well, I made a Batman sig.
    And one with transparent bars.
    Wanted to border it, but yeah...
    If you seriously don't know how to PM, just request in-thread. I'm getting bored :p.
  18. I love the one with the: P.S, I love how this has nothing to do with Luigi.

    THese are all very nice Rayn =3

    ...I'd PM, with a request, once I figure one out? X_X

    Can you make avatar sized ones as well? =p (because I'll probably be requesting an avaatar sized, ish one then, I'm long overdue for a new one XD)
  19. Thanks for the comments Shado!
    Yeah, Avvie sized are no problem. I've actually revamped your avvie into my new sprite style, but I'm really lazy and blah blah blah. I'll PM it to you now...​
  20. Heh XD

    I'll be waiting patiently for it ^^
  21. Here's a request I did for Shado.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Personally, I like the sig size better. I am doing avvies, and if I knew you before you came in this thread to poke around and request, maybe even a desktop. :O​
  22. I like my desktop though =<

    He looks awesome =3
  23. Wow, you have some really neat things in here :D

    You choose some interesting things to make into signatures, and I love all the little textures and effects and junk~

    I think my favorites are the one with the transparent bits and the boxes of not transparent things, the cookie monster one, the Belle one, and the really colorful greeny Flygon one.

    Keep up the good gimps!
  24. I'm quite sorry I haven't looked in here lately. I'm rather fond of the the Cookie Monster one. It looks appropriately fuzzy.
  25. Thanks for the comments and support guys, it makes me feel happy. :D

    Anyways, I decided to line and color something on GIMP.
    So like, yeah, it's Rayn. Usually, when I scan things in, they're ginormous. But then I realized that I could scale it down to a manageable size, I lined it. It took me only like an hour. Woo! And yeah, I'm not very steady on the mouse...

    Got bored.
    Scanned it in, colored on "Darken only" then went and did the "Dodge/Burn" thingo and tried to do the thing that Hax did one time. I like it. I REALLY want a tablet next time I try to do this...​
  26. Rayn looks very, very thin... She should be given a proper meal! The sig you made for Shado is really, really awesome! Love the picture!

    Can't say I like the animation on the Rayn sig, it looks... odd somehow. Anyway, keep up the good work!
  27. I know what Rayn reminds me of! A Sphinx cat. *grabs electric razor* It just needs to be bald...XD

    The Ferligator looks cool. I like how you put an alternate to the 'RAAAWR' expression it usually has in the sprites.
  28. Thanks for the comments guys.
    -Rayn is leaner than most Espeons... she's tougher and has a Lucario father (also explains her black tail... I'll eventually[never] write a fanfic explaining the whole back story). I don't like how they portray Espeon as some waify type thing half the time, so yeah. PLZ DON'T SHAVE HHHHHHEEEERRRR!!!!
    -I'm not good at ferocious expressions and stuff, so basically my Feraligatrs end up looking a lot more calm than they're "Official" counter parts. I usually end up liking my portrayals better...
    -Experimenting with GIMP animation is annoying... so that's why it's kinda weird looking.

    AAAAAanyways, I made a card for my friend's birthday.
    Red = Blood. I had to start from scratch three times before the background didn't make me want to throw up.
    XD I love the pun. ​
  29. Yay! Bad puns!

    Okay, I won't shave her. I'll be nice. :)

    In my opinion, the red is too pinky-purpley to be blood, but the blur effect looks quite cool.
    #29 Secad MS, Nov 25, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2014
  30. -Yeah, it is a little too light for blood. But well, that's about all I could think of when I see it.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Charmisans! If you live somewhere that celebrates it, hope you had a nice turkey dinner with your family. I did. And, I'm showing my gratitude for my artistic abilities by using them.
    Okay, well, I'm writing a novel/series right now, and this is a kinda cool scene I made up like yesterday. Tharros (the dude) and Aclessica (the chick) are in the realm of dream right now. They're pretty sure it works like a dream, so Aclessica is pretty scared; she has had dreams where she was in space and she just falls. Tharros always had good dreams about flying, so he promises that he won't let her fall. Aww.
    So, I drew Tharros and Aclessica on white paper, colored it in GIMP on "Multiply" and then took the background from google. Took a while, but I like it.​
  31. Aww, no one posted about my picture... m'oh well.
    I gots sume nue picterz.
    ...That hurt.
    Rayn again. Just a little muggy this time, used the same tech with me Feraligatr picco. (I should mention that the Feraligatr's name is Ricky...)
    This is Sasha, who's from my crazy fan region of Daiho. Which is Idaho (NW US) kinda... the Pokemon there are a little varied from there other region counterparts. Flygons from Diaho have brown instead of red, the Vibrva also have brown instead of green. Aaaaaand that's all I can really say about Diaho, cuz I haven't really thought about it past that...
    This is a shiny Manteric, with spiffy markings. If I ever decide to go out on a limb and write the dang fanfic that Rayn stars in, it would be explained that after all the crazy trainers went everywhere and caught everything, it was decided that trainers could no longer catch Pokemon from the wild. They could now either buy Pokemon from a breeder or, with a trainer card, get one bred Pokemon from each region for free. At any rate, shinies are a little bit more common because they bred them. This guy is owned and trained by a son of the Electrike breeders.

    Alas, I have no name for him. But you guys might!
    I'll have a little contest mijig for you guys: Who ever comes up with the name I like for this guy gets a request of a hand-drawn picture (colored in GIMP or what not), something I don't do for people really. So yeah, go make up some names.
  32. Ooh, excellent idea for a fic, Rayn. I do have a suggestion for a name as well. My suggestion is Dorac. For some reason, that Electric type looks like a Dorac.

    The Rayn mug is pretty cool. The sharp angles suit the skinny little kitty Pokemon.

    Daiho, eh? Lol. Is there any reason why the Flygon has brown instead of red? Is it some sort of adaptation?
  33. Secad: ...Dorac eh? It might fit, but if other peoples want to submit names, I'm giving them a chance :p.
    Yeah... Daiho has brown sand and such. It's more of a cosmetic thing with that... I don't really like Flygons being Christmas colored.

    I usually wait to bump my thread with art rather than just bump w/ text.
    So in the long novel series I'm trying to write, these two are a couple.
    The girl is Rotak, a name I've been using since WoW... she's significantly different from my Hunter now, promise!
    The dude's name is Esais, and he's the Death of my world, Azkera. Yeah... in Azkera, demigods, or Zy-la, are Azkerans who show certain qualities that would help Azkera with their abilities. IE: The Zy-la of love would be able to love everyone and show couples that they were meant for each other, because it would be their job to make sure that everyone doesn't hate each other and that people can find true love.
    To be the Zy-la of death, you have to have compassion, because they show the way to the realm of the afterlife, Azturva, and people are a bit unnerved that they died. So he comforts them. Aww.
    Why is he carrying her? Cuz it's cute, and even in seventh grade when everything was different but this couple kind of existed, I was drawing them like this. So yeah

    Sorry for wall of text... tee hee. I could use some more options for that shiny Manetric's name, guys! So yeah, think of some! Dorac is sounding good...
  34. Sand? *slaps forehead* I should have known, coming from a place that sounds like Idaho. XD

    Interesting choice of characteristics for a Death figure, as they are usually menacing figures, but it would make sense due to people being *ahem* scared to death already.

    My only complaint on the drawing is that the right arm is slightly too long. It doesn't seem proportioned correctly.
  35. Indeed. Although other places have sand, Daiho's sand is just different. ...That's really all I've got...XD Idaho's sand is pretty much the same as everybody else's sand, I just like my brown Flygon.
    My characters tend to suffer from SAS, or stretchy-arm-syndrome when it comes to holding each other and junk like that. I'll get better eventually. Guh.

    'Mnyways, some more! Woo!
    Another banner! This is the first one on this page. This is for Blisk. I personally don't like this one much, but it's not the worst I've ever done.
    And this is as close to a real picture of me as anyone will see on about anywhere that isn't Facebook. I was doodling, and well, this turned out. It was originally in pencil, but I did it in pen afterwords. Yeah. This is what I look like. ​
    Still taking requests and names for my Manetric people!
  36. You're right. The Sonic one isn't your best compared to others. I still think it looks great though. I don't think it's possible for you to create a bad sig though.
  37. Daww, thanks Blisk. I have made bad sigs, but they didn't get out of GIMP alive!
    GIMPICIDE. ...*Clears throat* Annnnnyways...
    I made a sig for Magpie for practice. I have a technique that'll let you use one smaller image twice that looks good (used it on Cookie Monster sig) cuz no one's really requesting. Or giving names for my Manetric... I think Secad might win by default... So yeah.​
  38. I really like how my sig looks like it's icy kind of. Fits the season perfectly. Plus, you really get the sense of motion of Sonic's running.

    Magpie's looks sweet too. The roaring Manectric looks sweet. It looks like it's using fire blast sorta above the text.
  39. Well, I made a Christmas card. With Simba on it. And no green or anything, just a cool picture of Simba.
    "I know, what does a retelling of Hamlet set in Africa have to do with Christmas? Well, I actually don't know, you can tell me, if you want to. Simba just looks cool, and I wanted to do my best for a Christmas card." Inside of card. I like The Lion King okay?
    My new siggy.
    Still taking requests, yadda yadda. Getting a tablet for Christmas (I saw the box :p) so yeah, moar arts latah.​
  40. Ahhh-di-ben-ya! Lulz. That's a great piece o' art Rayn, keep it up. If you do this well with a mouse, I can't wait to see your tablet stuff. ;)

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