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Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Lefttorightsidespin, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. im playing pokemon emerald
    im planning on playing in the battle frontier


    Held Item : Quick Claw

    Quick Attack

    blaziken's defenses are lame so the endure reversal combo works well
    and flamethrower is there in case anyone has very high defense
    quick attack is there in case my hp is high and i want to attack first since blaziken's speed is slighty below average


    Held Item : Nevermeltice

    Rain Dance
    Ice Beam

    rain dance will make the stabed surf even more powerful and also make thunder 100% accurate. Ice beam is there for dragon and grass types . with nevermeltice, ice beam will be just like a stabbed move which makes laturn better. i know laturn is mostly used as an annoyer but i prefer this set as i have other defensive pokemon in my team already


    Held Item : Leftovers

    Confuse Ray
    Giga Drain

    ingrain working with leftovers and confuse ray on top of cradily's defenses will make sure it stays green in hp most of the time. giga drain will restore even more. ancientpower is there for stab and the chance of increasing the stats


    Held Item: Chesto Berry

    Night Shade

    Toxic and protect work hand in hand with each other
    i know many people prefer mean look here but i dont see why they want to trap others when you can just poison the next pokemon if they plan to switch out. rest works with chesto berry and night shade is there to deal with steel types and poison types


    Held Item : Blackglasses

    Faint Attack
    Dragon Claw

    faint attack is weak but with blackglasses its power becomes 90 and it will deal with double teamers. dragon claw is to deal with dragon types that often have the levitate ability or are part flying. earthquake is there for stab and its awesome power and accuracy. sandstorm will increase flygon's evasiveness and hurt the opponent on top of that, and if flygon faints, i can switch in cradily to make sure my other pokemon are not affected by sandstorm


    Held Item : Leftovers / Shell Bell

    Brick Break
    Hyper Voice

    Roar is to deal with opponents who rely on setup moves and also to fend off anything exploud cant outright kill. brick break will destroy reflects and ligth screens etc. and hyper voice is there for stab and i dont see many opponenets with the soundproof ability, other than voltorb which is weak defensively and other explouds which brick break will deal with. im not sure which held item to go with as exploud as high HP but im pretty sure its gonna deal alot of damage which will make shell bell effective.
  2. Five things:
    1. Hold items do not give STAB, they only give x1.1, not 1.5
    2. Sandstorm does not increase Flygon's evasiveness. It has Levitate, not Sand Veil.
    3. Don't try to use more than one weather condition, as this almost never works well unless all of your Pokemon are dual types that benefit from both weather conditions.
    4. What are the natures and EVs?
    5. This thread should go here.
  3. KoL

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    Well, I'll move this over to the Clinic myself anyway since it does indeed belong there.

    Also, Lefty, you get a warning for posting topics in the wrong board - everyone else finds the Clinic perfectly fine, so there's no excuse whatsoever for this.

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