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DPPt/HGSS Rate My Team plz need help.

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by halls, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Okay so I am in need of serious help. this is a competitive team and i started off winning about 30 PBR wifi games in a row. Then i started this slump of losing about 20 more... I was wondering if there was something wrong with my moves or strategy. It seemed pretty good to me. Check it out please. If you even have slight comments on making my team better, just do it. Here it goes.


    was thinking about putting scizor in there somewhere..i dont know.

    Oh and by the way, I only do double battles.

    First, I lead off with Bronzong and Smeargle.

    Smeargle@Salac Berry(+spd when hp is below 1/3)
    Jolly Nature
    -Baton Pass
    -Belly Drum
    -Spore/Dark Void if I can somehow manage to get it.

    First, I put my opponent to sleep. Then I put up a substitute. Then I use belly drum. This should max out my attack, and up my speed +1 from the berry. My opponent should be waking up right around this or the next turn, so then I baton pass to Salamence. Meanwhile...

    Bronzong@Light Clay
    Relaxed Nature
    -Light Screen
    -gyro ball
    -stealth rock

    Bronzong sets up a defence against the attacks on smeargle with light screen and reflect. it will last longer with light clay. i also have stealth rock as an option if my opponent swithes out from sleep. gyro ball i there just in case all goes wrong and i end up having to attack my opponent.

    Salamence@Life Orb
    Naive Nature
    -Aqua Tail
    -Fire Fang

    My main attacker. not much to say here. With the salac berry and belly drum boost, this should be pretty much unstoppable, unless I'm facing an Uber team or a fast Weavile or something. If theres everything that this set can't at least 2HKO, thats where Alakazam comes in.

    Alakazam@Choice Specs
    Modest Nature
    -Shock Wave
    -Signal Beam
    -I think Focus Blast

    Torterra@Yache Berry
    lol i forget nature

    My tank. Its good at almost everything except ice. thats why i have yache berry.

    Gyarados@Wacan Berry
    Jolly Nature
    -Electric NG
    -Stone Edge

    To be honest, i only have gyarados because i play against alot of noobs that think its a dragon pokemon. this guy must have been hit with at least 100 dragon attacks so far and none of them have done squat. Hes a good bulky water. He is very good at the end to take out dragon types and tyranitar.

    soo thats it...i think my main trouble is ice type pokemon and metagross. someone help please.
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Some well made movesets you have there. Here are my suggestions:

    - For Salamence, consider Fire Blast over Fire Fang - Skarmory, Steelix and Forretress will hate you for it, and it'll put off Weezing to some extent as well.

    - Smeargle is asking to get completely mauled by anything that outspeeds it. Although your set is fine as it is, be VERY careful what you try and set up against, because if they outspeed you, you're likely going to end up getting OHKO'd. Spore is superior to Dark Void here due to the accuracy. Even with the Dual Screens, you must be very wary of Brick Break and anything that might possibly be wielding it. Although it probably speaks for itself, I can't emphasize enough how careful you need to be when using Smeargle.

    - Bronzong is alright, watch out for the terrible PP on Gyro Ball though, especially is 'Zong ends up being the last remaining Pokemon left on your team.

    - Choice Specs 'Zam should focus more on power moves than coverage, since the 'Specs make your coverage something of a moot point anyway to an extent. Shadow Ball and Energy Ball are OK choices - consider Trick too, which is always handy to have on a Choice Item user.

    - Torterra desperately needs another attack move - Earthquake by itself is so easy to wall it's ridiculous. Stone Edge is probably the best choice of move to alleviate this. Also, if you're tanking, a healing move such as Synthesis is good to have, and since no-one else is using it, consider Leftovers for the item too - Yache Berry and its kind are more useful on sweeper Pokemon and the like.

    - Gyarados would love to have Dragon Dance somewhere on its moveset, since it not only makes it hit harder, but also a lot faster. Since a lot of your opponents are foolish enough to mistake Gyarados for a dragon, this will give you ample time to set up some Dances and make your opponent REALLY suffer for their ineptitude.

    Scizor is very good at dealing with Ice-Types, since Scizor can usually take a blow or two from them and retaliate with STAB'ed, super-effective, Technician'd Bullet Punches when Platinum arrives. Metagross's weaknesses are a lot less clear though - typically a strong Fire or Ground move can do it in, or anything with the defenses to hold it off and wear it down until it gets KO'd.
  3. Okay thanks I'm changing Salamence right now. I can see how skarmory will be hit worse with a special fire attack.

    I was actually thinking about getting rid of Smeargle and Torterra. Maybe even Gyarados. They all don't do so well if my set up doesn't work. Does anyone know any good substitutes for them jus in case I decide to get rid of them? Thank you people.
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'm not one for choosing people's team members for them, so the choice of replacing them (and what with) is up to you. That said, all three Pokemon are good, you may just need to get used to using them, especially Smeargle and Torterra - Torterra generally is forced to flee for its life when faced by anyone with an Ice-type move, and Smeargle is generally forced to flee from any Sweeper that outspeeds it, which is almost all of the most common ones. Overall, a change of your battle strategy may be more effective than changing your team - practice more with it and see where the problems lie, and think of ways to work around them.

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