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Rain's Art.

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Power Metal Maiden~, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Blarrrr!!!





  2. Gah, why are you so amazing Rain? *0*

    I love the Midna and Zelda ones, especially how clean the lines look.
  3. Nice art! Looks very genuine, and doesn't look like you copied anime artists. Your style is great!
  4. This drawing took the longest to color and shade out of all of my drawings... >> Probably about 15 hours total...It had better be worth it~

    I present..Rain and Switch ♥


    It's good to see your thread's up and running again Rainy ^^ your new art looks simply amazing. It's also good to see you finally got that Dragon - Trainer down on paper, too. Kudos for the LoZ pictures - they made my day, as Legend of Zelda is one of my favourite RPG series. I smiled at the piccu of you and Switch. It was a treat for the eyes, looking at a gelled - up Raichu instead of the sleek furred ones (the mohawk is win. WIN I TELL YOU.). Nice job on the hands, too; I normally have a really hard job on drawing hands, but you pull it off really well. Besides that, keep it up! May your felt tips stay moist!
  6. *Squee* Thats such a cute fluffy Raichu!
  7. afiuehwfhiud

    Best midna pic I have seen in a while! The one below it looks almost official, what program did you use? Roserpent and the mugshot both look amazing. Also, that is the best-styled raichu EVAR!
    Moar arts nao!
  8. Bwahahaha, it has been a long while since I posted in this dusty place. >>; NOW IS THE TIIIIIEMMMS!

    This is a chibified preview of my main character for the Isshu region (my first male main OC for anyone interested in that tidbit of info). His name is Quinn. His main team consists of (all of these are yet to be named) Janoby, Emonga, Baokki, Koromori, Zuruzukin, and Monozu. Quinn is a cocky, arrogant teenager with a passion for skateboarding and for battling. The only difference between him and other arrogant teens is that Quinn always steps up to the challenge after talking big, he never backs down. He will refuse to back down even if he's talked himself into a life or death situation and will stop at nothing to succeed. He will also protect his Pokemon before himself, always. He may seem rude, but he is the most courageous person you will ever meet.


    There is one girl who sees all of the good in Quinn...she will be seen soon enough.
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  9. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Win. And Effing. Awesome. That is all.

    But then when ISN'T your art win and awesome? ^^
  10. What. What is this.

    ilu so much Rain. The fact that Darkrai can't get out of Iris' nightmare hair is hilarious.
  11. Oh, I just love the eevees and zelda and the roseserpent!
  12. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....volutions ♥

    Oh gawds, that piccu is so adorable <33

    I especially love the bright colors and how they look all glossy and shiny. Too adorable for proper commenting, Rain. Simply too adorable. Great job!
  13. Thanks everyone for the comments <333

    Upon Zacky's request, I am posting this sketch I did of his OC, Zacky. >> It shall be colored soon.

    #16 Power Metal Maiden~, Oct 6, 2010
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  14. ...Apart from the shawl, that drawing's a perfect example of how I'vs always pictured Zacky :3

    I think that'll become a wonderfull drawing~
    Your art is wonderful, Rain, as always. The eeveelutions look very detailed and also very cute!

    But the drawing of you and your Raichu is my favourite so far~
  15. It's the hairspray. Yes, for your past three pictures, it is hairspray that makes the hair/fur be like that. XD
  16. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Right, posting this here, like you said...

    Anyway, I have a request, if you don't mind! I'll put their descriptions separately, and tell as much info as I can, as to minimize confusion. If you'd rather only do one, then the first one of Flynt is the more important of the two to me. You can choose the pose(s). If you need more info, I will gladly give it. Thanks!

    Flynt is a bipedal weasel. He is two feet tall, and weighs in at a light 19lbs, 13oz. His hands are noticeably human, with five developed digits each, though his feet remain animal-like three-toed paws. He has dark gray fur, and wears a pair of black pants with blue stitches around the pockets, made to fit him, given his appearance. Hidden under his left pant leg is a metal brace with the last link of a chain on it, though there doesn't appear to be any keyhole on it. He also wears a small black hooded jacket, that obviously started out as a human hoodie. It has been cut down in size, terminating a bit below his waist, the sleeves have been shortened, which now hang loosely around his wrists, and the middle cut open. Finally, there is a black bandanna around his neck. His most common weapon of choice is a Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle, with the weight, length, and recoil lessened to be of more use to the small creature.

    Alexander is tall man, standing around 6'8", who is unhealthily thin, weighing only 154lbs. He is also a bit pale. His hair is black, and nearly hides his gray eyes. He wears a gray fedora, a white dress shirt, gray waistcoat, gray dress pants, black dress shoes, a black tie, and a gray trench coat. Alex seems to have ice based abilities, and uses it in combat in place of a proper weapon.
  17. So, I haven't had my tablet around or had access to any good programs. So Rex, sorry your drawing isn't done. I also had a request from PokeTeen that I was supposed to get done, and I haven't got around to that either.. Anyway, I've been practicing some in paint.




    Obviously the Rain one is the better-looking of the three, but hey, thought I'd show you guys my progress.
    #20 Power Metal Maiden~, Jan 8, 2011
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  18. Ah, new updates~ We'd all been hoping to see some here soon<3

    ...Also, you are like, one of the best OC-drawers on the forums (*Points at third drawing*)- Wait, scrap that, you are one of the best drawers on the forums. Period.

    The second picture would've looked slightly better without the single loose hair over the face, in my opinion. I'm also probably and idiot for asking this, but is the pink oval on her face a blush on her cheek or her mouth?

    I like the first picture a lot as well! I love how all of the colours in the picture match with eachother, and how it's simple and subtle, while great~

    I can't wait to see the requests and coloured Zacky~ (Plus the rest of the Eeveelutions, in the same art style? Not a request, purely a suggestion.)
  19. The white pixels on the first drawing are rather distracting. The lack of shading also makes it seem way too flat.

    The second and third drawings are better, with more shading and such, but the lines look a bit too jagged for my taste. Did you use a mouse for these?
  20. Ajlkdddd coming out of thread lurking to comment :>

    I just have to say how much I love that Rain picture- I love the motion in it, it really makes the picture flow :3

    Something about the first one is rather adorable too :> Can't put my finger on it though.

    Also since your tablet is AWOL I assume you did these with a mouse? Mouses are jerks so have a thousand more awesome points, even though you already has billions :>
  21. Cool art! I am stalking this thread from now on, 1... 2... 3... BEGIN!
  22. To answer Secad's question, yeah I used a mouse. A rather annoying one at that >>;
    #25 Power Metal Maiden~, Jan 17, 2011
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  23. ... I love you and your art. Even with MS Paint, they're all so awesome ♥
    Also original eeveelutions are really adorable.

    Just saying.

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