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PRP de la Lost Boys

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Belle, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Okay so
    it is on like Donkey Kong.
    If any of you were in the chat tonight you may have seen Carmen, myself, and several other members all brainstorming and throwing around ideas for a hardcore awesome PRP to be put into motion relatively soon.

    A bit of background first.
    There are two organized groups involved in this PRP; the Lost Boys, who will be further explained later, and a yet-unnamed organized crime syndicate. In order to manage eeeeeeverything that's going to be going on in this plot line, and hopefully in an effort to make things run smoother, there may or may not be two or three RPs running parallel to one another. Two for the Lost Boys, and one for the crime syndicate, should anyone choose to play the bad guys :V

    Alright, so. Lost Boys.
    Basically this is a group of mercenaries/vigilantes/whatever you want to call them who operate outside the law- or at least, perched on the precipice-in a concentrated effort to fight crime. In essence, they're a dedicated group of people from all walks of life united under on ideal, and moonlight as superheroes of sorts. During the day they live their lives as they please, but at dusk take to the rooftops in an effort to control crime. The band of heroes consists of hundreds of members across the regions, including far off regions such as Alto Mare, Orre, Almia and the like with plans to extend their reach to Unova soon. Each chapter in each city in each region holds an influence over their respective locations with regard to the amount of crime that occurs there- the variations occur in the grip that each chapter holds over the city, which may range from highly influential to being little more than a whisper of a threat. Usually this variation is a result of numbers or in the amount of crime in a city to begin with, as well as whether or not there is even a chapter stationed in a city. That aside, you get the gist of the association. They're a gang of good guys. Members range from pokemon trainers to rangers, to scientists, to coordinators. Everyone has a role in the brotherhood. (The terms 'brother' and 'brotherhood' are used loosely, of course, as it is not gender specific in the slightest. One of the founding members is actually a woman, lololololol.) Notable traits of the Lost Boys are a hero complex, an aptitude for parkour (how else would they be getting around at night? Think Assassin's Creed or Prince of Persia gameplay; this usually only applies to field workers, not researchers), and a chip in the left ear that every initiate receives as a means of identifying oneself as one of the brothers upon sighting.

    So, there it is. Those are the good guys, though this is open to being edited in the future for two reasons; the first being that I am tired and likely have forgotten some important detail, and the second being that this is a relatively new idea that I've spawned and am likely to tinker with it.

    So, now, the bad guys.
    Contrary to the typical idea we generate when we consider bad guys in the poke-verse, this is a cult-esque syndicate revolving around a religion that we have tentatively started calling Saludism, thus making the members Saludists?
    I dunno, like I said they're tentative names but for right now I kinda like them~
    What this syndicate dabbles in is gene splicing. Long, long ago, a piece of ancient scripture was believed to have been found in an even more ancient tongue. After much poring over the scripture, and much deliberation over the linguistics of this old language, the writings are believed to have spoken of an ancient creature of myth, comprised of all the known powers of the world. This creature of myth is thought to bring salvation upon its second coming (very messiah-esque, I know), which is exactly what the Saludists are aiming for. Their goal is to engineer this second coming themselves and harness the power of the chimera-creature to attain salvation and enlightenment.

    Again, subject to change for the same reasons as stated above.

    So where we sit now is at the cusp of the culmination of allllllllll
    The point of the RP will be in three parts- further establishing the story of the Saludists, should people decide to enroll as one of the bad guys, (if not, I will personally be writing a progress journal in diary-form which should be interesting), the Lost Boys' research banks who are to find out the truth of the Saludists' grotesque experimentations (which consists greatly of the versatile properties of Eevee and it's evolutions and Ditto) and who will, eventually, discover the truth behind the ancient scripture (these roles are for those who are not so much into the action of the third group, again if no one joins I will be writing this out in a similar fashion ♥), and the last roles, the field operatives of the Lost Boys. These are the men and women, boys and girls who collect information and shut down satellite chapters of Saludists and the harm that they may cause, all the while looking for more in depth information and, of course, the headquarters of the cult. Because this RP is so, so....
    itself, there will have to be a cap as to the number of members in each section, just to control progress in the sense of keeping it moving. I'm thinking five or six members to each chapter to begin with, and we'll see how it grows.

    As far as the beginnings of this RP, we'll start with the discovery of Saludism. This may be as simple as happening upon one of the failed splicing experiments, or something more in-depth and shocking as coming across a ritualistic ceremony. More input means more progress, more progress and better ideas means the faster we get this thing up and running <33

    also, for those of you who were active participants in this brain storming session, remind me if I've forgotten anything :'D

    So, that's that. Thoughts, ideas, comments on what we've got here?
    this ended up being so much closer to the templar-assassin relationship in AC than I wanted fgsfdghfsh whatevs.
  2. ...

    I absolutely, positively, love this idea.

    I'm so into this; I'd love to join<3

    (I'm kinda in a hurry now, but I'll edit some of my ideas and reasons and shizznits later today~)

    EDIT: I'm definetly in for being one of the field operatives of the Lost Boys. Mostly because I have a love for parkour, even though I'm particularly bad at it in real life, and because being a crimefighter at night with PokeMon while leading a normal life at day is pure awesome<3

    Now excuse me while I run off to design a character and her team~

  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    As I said last night I am really interested in this and will join. Not sure if I'll use someone like Rin or design a new character. Also thinking of making a villain as well, because that's always fun =)
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  4. An Assassins Creed-Pokemon Crossover then? Sounds like a lot of fun. I'll happily take part in this. I even just finished creating a Lost Boys character for it, who is suspiciously similar to Ezio in too many ways. Though I have to ask, how old are these organizations, are they quite recent or have they been around for centuries or something? Also, how powerful are the Saludists? Do they have a powerful grip on the upper class people and control the police or something? Apart from these questions, I have full support for this. If you also want the bio I created for this, just say so.
  5. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    As I mentioned in chat while all this planning was going on, I'm very much interested in being one of the Lost Boys field operatives, as I really love the whole concept behind it. ^_^
  6. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I'm interested in joining this, actually. It looks like it would be a lot of fun.
    I'll either make an Ame cameo or I will decide to make a new character. I'll let you know either way.
  7. To answer Brendan's questions;

    The groups themselves are, as I mentioned, very much under construction. There's a lot I have yet to work out, but as of right now the Lost Boys are an organization that was originally created on a whim only about a decade ago and spread across the regions like wildfire. The cult. The Saludists are also a very much underground operation, but have a shadowy grasp on the world above them, influencing many things like under the table business dealing, which acts as a sort of poison seeping up through the ranks from below. Like the Lost Boys, the grip that they have on their locations has varying influence for several extraneous reasons, but as of yet they have yet to reach law enforcement and the justice system. They're not like the church, in that respect, because it isn't a hugely popular belief as of yet.

    That's not to say that they couldn't be, however. I see no reason as to why they couldn't have also corrupted law officials in some places, in fact if everyone seems to think it a good idea this may very well be an even more ancient practice than we originally believed it to be.

    The only problem with this is that the older and more powerful the system is, the less likely it would be that an organization as young (for now) as the Lost Boys are would be able to take their feet out from under them.

    Quite |D

    also I forgot to mention,
    I'm not really an advocate for the 'first come first serve' basis of choosing participants, and if interest in the field operatives continues to rise there are two ways of dealing with it;
    one, implementing an application process. I'm not a huge fan of this either, but it'd be easier to manage than
    option two, running two field operative roleplays at the same time. The same purpose runs through both with the advantage of having more than one group moving at a time, and they could easily be in different places and regions investigating the same thing. Only problem is that it makes it a little tougher for me to manage, but I'm a big girl and I've got Carmus so this may very well be a better option c:
  8. but Belle, even you can overload D:<

    Anyway, since I helped out, I would love to be into this, and I'll throw up an application if need be :>

    If it does split into two RPs, I'll do either one, I don't mind both ways ♥
  9. This sounds really cool; I'd love to be a part of the Saludists, that would be a very interesting experience.
  10. As I mentioned about, 1 minute ago, I like this idea! However, I fail at RPing, so bear with me. oH I also want to be one of the lost boys, if I may. She would be a girl.
  11. I'm loving that people want to be a villain or in the cult ♥ That's going to add a lot to the RP so I think that's so awesome. This is definitely one of the more ambitious RPs I've been in so, I'm going to be doing research (like watching Assassin's Creed vids) to get more of an idea of parkour, but I don't think I should have problems. Also if we indeed decide to split the RP, Belle could join one and I could do the other to help ease the burden.
  12. I figure since I contributed to this project, I might as well join in. I want to be a researcher and possibly one of the Saludists. Being a bad guy in an RP will probably be fun. I'll start working on my character bio right away!
  13. I would definitely love to be a part of this RP! ♥ I want to make a character that is part of the Lost Boys, definitely. Field operative would be fun, jumping around buildings and stuff.. but I can do a researcher as well. Either one will be fun for me. And either way, I can't deny myself a chance to make an awesome character with this.
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  14. I'm definitely digging this and would like to be a part of it.

    Not sure which side I'd have my character take but I'll have a think on it and get back to you.
  15. Yes.

    In an effort to elaborate, I suppose that I'll add: This idea is sexy, and I would love to be a part of it. Like really love to be a part of it. (and yes, I'm actually going to be around again. I've found a job and sorted out most of my schooling so free time is mine again!)

    I'd like to be a Lost Boy for a number of reasons:

    1) Lost Boys is an awesome movie :'D

    2) The prospect of running across rooftops alongside Pokemon fighting crime is awesome

    aaaaand 3) even if I wasn't a field operative I'd enjoy being a part of the "Brotherhood" anyway. None of my existent charries will really work, so it's back to the drawing board for me, depending on the role I've been assigned.

    And the villains sound neat as well. Even though I'd want to be like a pseudo-supervillain and be all crazy and a megalomaniac and Joker-esque :DDDDD

    Anyways, I'm aboard, definitely.
  16. Of course~

    As I've told you in chat, I like this idea very much, and If I haven't, I will soon~

    I'm definitely in this, and I will send you a bio if necessary. I'd prefer to be a Ranger as my Daytime job, seeing as either way I'm running about, one of them just isn't exactly legal~

    I have one question though, If the bad guys were to find out about the Lost Boy's chip in the ear, and replicate it, and try to undermine it, how would we find out/deal with it?

    Anyway, I'm still joining as a field operative, so expect me there~
  17. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I am loving this idea so much! Belle, you and Carmen are geniuses! Geniuses I say! ♥

    Both sides sound awesome, but I'm leaning toward Saludist. I like (semi-)ancient orders that subtly influence society, plus there are already a good many people jumping on the Lost Boys bandwagon. Hmm... if I go with Saludist should I use Arthias or create me a new character exclusive for this RP? If Arthias, what would his motivation be for joining Soludist? I should have a solid idea of who I'm using when the RP starts, especially if I need to apply for a position. :x

    [me:psycho Monkey]goes off to brainstorm[/me]
  18. I return with more propositions

    Basically, this is on the subject of Pokemon in the RP, since this is set in the world of pokemon. In the Lost Boys organization, characters are either allowed to keep their own pokemon with them on assignments, that have been trained alongside them. Or in other cases, such as people that didn't go in with any Pokemon, they are assigned a partner upon completion of their training. These pokemon were born, bred, and trained specifically to assist their assigned partner in their assignments, like a person specialized in hacking would be assigned a pokemon that can person hidden if they need to do it in front of a guard (just as an example).

    While the Saludists, depending on their rank, are also allowed to own pokemon. However, they are likely to have been personally experimented on, modifying their genetics to make it incredibly tough.

    These are just suggestions, any other ideas for pokemon in this will be good as well
  19. Interesting proposition Brendan, I actually really quite like that...
    Had the Lost Boys been the tiny organization that they initially started off as, this concept would have been a lot harder to wrap one's head around, but, evidently, it's growing like all hell, and enough so that this is entirely plausible. Good suggestion, I see no reason why this could not be implemented :D
    If anything, this lets me work in some of Dakota's history as a pokemon breeder which I thought I would have to abandon for the sake of continuity. So this works quite well :V

    As far as the Saludists...
    That's entirely plausible as well. My only concern is that we're treading on super soldier-esque territory, especially if one of these guys has an entire team much like a pokemon trainer would. They would definitely have to be rank-dependent, with the officers allowed maybe one of these beefed up pokemon, and each rank above maybe two or three. If anyone is going to have a full team it'd be whomever the big boss man is, with each of his/her commanders having four or so. Ja?

    Another problem that has arisen, particularly for me since I can't think of a viable excuse, is the Ranger's styler.
    No doubt the Lost Boys would have a few rangers in their midst, especially since Dakota, being one of the leaders, is himself one of them. My issue is this- what effect would the capture styler have on a pokeball-caught pokemon?
    Right now I'm thinking that it would simply reduce the opponent to a state of dormancy, kinda like if they were to be sedated a bit. Just enough to lie them down, maybe put them to sleep.
    But this isn't sitting well with me for some reason, I'm not sure why. Anyone have any better ideas?

    Also, there has not yet been a tentative date set for the start of the RP. Note, yet. I think we'll wait until the majority of the people who have expressed interest get back to me with a report of having either rounded out the character they plan on using, or at least expressing that they're ready for the start of the RP. We want to make this at a good time for everyone involved c:
  20. I've already taken the styler case into account on a separate occasion. My theory on the capture styler problem is that a trainers pokemon follows the same rules an agitated pokemon would in Guardian Signs. Agitated pokemon are expressing strong feelings of anger and/or hatred towards the ranger, thus making it harder to convey friendship. Captured pokemon are hard to convince because they have sworn a strong oath of loyalty and friendship to their trainer, at least if they have been with the trainer for a long time. Basically the styler is next to ineffective on these pokemon. Which incidentally is why rangers always have partner pokemon, so that they always have a pokemon they can use to weaken an agitated pokemon until it calms down, or to battle a trainer's pokemon to subdue it. Otherwise they could use other pokemon captured with their styler to do their bidding

    That's at least the theory I'm implementing, if you have other ideas to stand against mine and Belle's, bring them in.

    The Saludist super-soldier case actually isn't too big of a thing. I said genetically enhanced, but I never said how enhanced. Messing with genetics is tentative work, and usually results in defects. That's why the majority of such experiments are done only subtly, to prevent a massive body count on test subjects. More extreme projects however are being attempted every now and then. Plotwise, the first stages of the story could be about the Lost Boys foiling one such attempt.

    And, I'll put my bio up tomorrow, since I'm too tired to finish it. So yeah, pledge my allegiance to this RP, yadda, yadda, yadda, bye.
  21. That makes a lot of sense Brendan! I'm glad someone cleared that one up because as I'm unfamiliar with the Ranger universe as it was done in the games, I wasn't much help there. I plan on putting up my bio at some point soon as well since I just have to fine tune Taylor's character just a bit more.
  22. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Is there a due date for bios because the soonest I can have one to you ladies will be this weekend.
  23. As we don't even have a tentative date set yet, I think you're good, Psycho. If you could get it in this weekend, that would be awesome ^^
  24. Yeaaahhh there's really not even a tentative date yet, as Carmen said.
    So keep chugging along folks and round out those characters, because Carmus and I are doing just that as well~

    Also, if you have finished your bio, I think it'd be swell to have them all posted here on the discussion thread.
    We can do that right..?
  25. Here's my character bio, written in a format similar to one of Shaun's documentaries on Renaissance Templars. It's suspiciously similar to Ezio's life though, hrrmmm...

    Name: Ricky Vergis
    Age: 21
    Profession: N/A
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Personality: Quiet, reserved, and distrusting of others. However, he is friendly and loyal to those select few that do earn his trust.
    Clothes: N/A, they change so often, it’s hard to specify. Usually rotates between four different outfits though. Common factors however are gloves and sneakers, useful for his trade
    Hometown: Pyrite Town, Orre
    History: Ricky was the third of the four children of Angelos Vergis, one of the many criminal minds operating in their poverty-stricken hometown. Angelos was the leader of a medium-sized gang that made a living off of picking pockets, breaking into houses, and other petty crimes. As early as only ten, Ricky was being taught the tricks of the trade, and even developed his hobby for parkour, by Angelos’s long-time friend, Rodrigo Degal, a founding member of the Lost Boys. At the age of seventeen, Ricky mysteriously vanished from existence, and even his earlier information took several hacks and a restricted manifest to find.

    What happened was that his brothers made a daring robbery; stealing a truck containing a shipment of various capsules of Pokémon DNA samples, personal property of the Saludists. Police eventually found the HQ of this gang, where the members were brutally executed, and the stolen goods mysteriously missing. Naturally, due to the incompetence of the police force in the area, the case was dropped. However, out of the twenty-two members in the gang, only eighteen of their corpses were discovered. Four members were never found, Ricky was one of them, and Rodrigo was another.

    Now he reappears in society as a member of the Lost Boys Order, most likely introduced by his mentor. A lifetime expert of parkour, blending, and sneaking around unnoticed, very few agents have more skill than he does. Ricky is highly trained to accomplish his missions without failure, and to exact his vengeance.
    Pokémon: Comadreja – Male Sneasel
    Pokémon History: Comadreja, sometimes shortened to Coma or Dreja, was the close friend of a young Ricky, often accompanying him everywhere, even when on the job. Like his trainer, Comadreja was erased from existence. All that we know about this Sneasel is that it was short-tempered and often prone to violent outbursts. He also had an eye for shiny objects, especially coins. He apparently also trained with his trainer in skills. Comadreja has learned high speed maneuvers, strategic surprise assaults, and how to pick locks with his claws.
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  26. All righty doo~ I'mma post my character bios here and stuff so that you gaiz can has a look over dem, hurrrrrrrrr.

    Also... I realize that I've already got TWO FREAKING CHARACTERS LINED UP AND STUFF GRAAAAAAAAAAH! But Sem pointed something out to me that I think would be super duper neat-o. Since the Saludists(ites) are into, like, genetic experimentation and stuff; Rein's parents would be all over that. If you've read Reformation, you'll know the gist of what happened in the original timeline and blah blah blah, time travel! D:<

    Anyway, I'm going to be using an alt!Rein for my Lost Boy character, that is completely different from his actual continuity, but meh. Since I'm doing that, a confrontation with his parents would be.... awesome =o

    I won't post his parents' bios yet, though, until you get back to me on whether or not you'd be cool with that idea.

    Name: Amy Pierce
    Age: 27
    Profession: Software Developer
    Hair Color: Red-brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Personality: A total airhead who never takes anything seriously, but more intelligent than most people that she meets. She's got a brilliant mind that knows every way about a computer system, but that side of her personality is in balance with the childish side. In terms of maturity, she's still fourteen.
    Clothes: A white tank top, a black and white checkerboard skirt and dark gray leggings with black stars on them. Knee high, leather platform shoes and black and white striped armwarmers. She wears various bands and jewelery on her wrists and a ring on her left middle finger that has a miniature computer monitor; a cord wrapping itself up into a bag she wears at her side. When on the job as a Lost Boys researcher, she dons a white labcoat.
    Hometown: Rustboro City
    History: Not much is known about Amy's past. She herself can't remember much before her recruitment by the Lost Boys. Coeus, her Porygon2, knows more about her past than she does, having spent his life living in her family's home computer system. When she was young she experienced a car accident that seriously injured her and killed her mother, the trauma was too great for her and her personality fractured. She's now two separate people trying to balance each other out; the devastatingly intelligent software developer and Lost Boys researcher, and the fourteen year old airhead who's only out for a bit of fun.

    Pokémon:Coeus - Porygon2
    Pokémon History: Coeus was the operating system of the Pierce's home computer that was wired into the very frame of the house. He watched Amy grow up and, when she was in bed after the accident, watched over her to ensure she was looked after. When she woke up, he saw the change of personality, and the damage that was done to her psyche. Still as brilliant as ever she invented a mobile system for him to inhabit and the pair set out into the world.

    Name: Rein Vanguarde
    Age: 23
    Profession: None
    Hair Color: Black, streaks of pale green
    Eye Color: Pale Green
    Personality: Reserved toward his superiors, outspoken toward his peers, and generally easy to get along with on the surface. Under the surface, he's constantly obsessing over the location of his parents, incessantly desiring to exact his revenge on them.
    Clothes: Changes the main make-up of his outfit regularly, the only constant is a long, black coat, the front going half way down his thighs, the back two coattails reaching the backs of his knees. The other constant piece of the ensemble are black boots that go up to his calves; silver buckles up the side.
    Hometown: Celadon City
    History: Growing up Rein never had the love from his parents that every child needs, and if not for the care of his older sister, Alice, he would have grown up completely ignored by them. Alice became his main carer, she fed him, clothed him, and taught him how to survive in their household; let mom and dad do what they wanted, never go into their lab, and avoid them whenever possible.

    Despite the difficulties of life in the Vanguarde household, Rein led a generally pleasant life. He and Alice would spend every waking moment together, and there was nothing that could tear them apart. One afternoon, a few weeks before Rein's tenth birthday, while their parents were out, Alice's curiosity got the better of her and she decided to go into her parents' lab. Rein stood watch outside the door, until he heard Alice's cries from inside. What the children saw would forever haunt their dreams: Pokemon had been sliced open and horribly experimented on. The pair managed to save a single, female Eevee from a cage before they found themselves running for their lives from their parents; who were willing to kill the children to keep them silent.

    They tried to make it to Celadon City, where they could find help, but outside of the gate their parents caught up to them. Alice grasped Rein tightly as the gunshots rang out; Rein felt a sharp pain in his stomach unlike anything he'd ever felt before. He heard his parents' car drive away, leaving the children for dead, before he ultimately lost consciousness. When he woke up he was in a small room, and a man was their to greet him. He explained to Rein that his sister was dead; having taken the brunt of the bullets to shield him. Rein and the Eevee miraculously survived the attack, and the man explained that he had been found by the order of the Lost Boys. Rein has been an operative ever since, raised within the Brotherhood.

    Pokémon: Lunara - Female Umbreon
    Pokémon History: Lunara was rescued by Rein and his sister when she was a baby, next in line for the grotesque experiments of Robert and Celia Vanguarde. The defenseless Eevee had to watch helplessly as Alice was shot down with Rein in her arms, and the Pokemon couldn't do anything to protect them. When Rein woke up, the Eevee vowed never to leave his side, she would never be too weak to protect her savior again.
  27. Okay, here's my character's bio:

    Name: Henry Dillonson
    Age: 32
    Profession: Pokemon Evolution Researcher
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Personality: For the most part, Henry is laid back and a bit lazy, but when it comes to the study of Pokemon and their evolutionary patterns, he can work tirelessly for hours without flinching. He also loves quiet, peaceful activities, such as golf and reading.
    Clothes: rectangular glasses with black frames; a blue T-shirt with a thick, black line running around the middle horizontally; black jean pants; plain, brown sneakers; wears a white lab coat dotted with spots of all colors whenever he gets into his research
    Hometown: Cinnabar Island
    History: Originally residing in Cinnabar Island, Henry moved to Oreburgh City after the volcano on the island erupted. He works tirelessly on his research involving Pokemon evolution, and he hopes to one day to finally fully comprehend the evolution process in regards to Pokemon.

    When he was younger, Henry went on a journey to become a great Pokemon trainer, but gave up that dream to persue his passion in science. He stills has a few of the Pokemon he collected while on that quest all those years ago.

    He has only been recently recruited by the Lost Boys. They offered him a big job opportinity involving evolutionary research, and Henry just couldn't turn it down. It would seem that the Lost Boys are hoping that Henry's research will help them counteract the Saludists' plans.


    -Nick Nack the Sceptile
    Gender: Male
    Personality: loyal and brave, but a little brash
    History: Henry's very first Pokemon given to him by Prof. Borch, Nick Nack is one of Henry's closest friends. They've been through a lot together, and Henry always has this trusty Pokemon on hand.

    -I.Q. the Magnezone
    Gender: N/A
    Personality: extremely intelleigent; a little shy
    History: Henry first met I.Q. while doing some research in Mt. Coronet, years after he had started his career in Pokemon research. Henry originally caught the Magneton as a speciman to observe what causes certain Pokemon evolve at Mt. Coronet, but the two became quick pals.

    -Grimmy the Dusclops
    Gender: Male
    Personality: misheavous; rude
    History: Henry caught Grimmy while exploring Mt. Pyre during his days as a Pokemon trainer. It is one of the few Pokemon he still holds on to. Although, Henry and Grimmy are close friends, Henry also keeps Grimmy so he can use him as a speciman for research involving the Reaper Cloth.

    -Volt the Jolteon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: bold; always ready for a fight
    History: During his days as a Pokemon trainer, Henry found an Eevee hiding in a bush on near the Petalburg Woods, abondoned and injured. Eevee decided to tag along with Henry after he took her back to the nearby Pokemon Center. The two have been friends ever since.
  28. Allow me to post my character's profile here. I was thinking being a Saludist might be an interesting role to play.

    Name: Ephraim
    Age: 20
    Profession: N/A
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Green
    Personality: Quiet and calm, though this outer appearance masks a great anger welling up inside him.
    Clothes: Tends to favor dark clothing in varying shades of blue, purple, and black. Wears the robes of a Saludist acolyte while in ceremony.
    Hometown: Pallet Town, Kanto
    History: Ephraim always lived in his brother's shadow. His brother was a source of comfort and inspiration, and had achieved some success in the Indigo Conference and other similar leagues. Ephraim, hoping to reach that same honor that his brother once attained, started his own journey at the age of ten, with a Charmander as his initial Pokémon.

    However, he possessed none of the skill of his brother, and lost battle after battle, even as his Charmander grew and evolved. Disheartened, he returned home to Celadon City and took up a job at the department store, where he worked at minimum wage for a year or so, acting as a delivery boy.

    One night, however, his life shifted gears. He was pedaling his bike through an alleyway in Celadon City when a man dressed in a dark robe stepped in front of him. The man spoke to him in a calm voice, noticing that Ephraim looked sad and unsure of his lot in life. He then went on to tell Ephraim that he could improve his situation in life if the boy would but put a little bit of faith in him. Ephraim was a little leery of the man's proposition, but agreed to meet him in another location later that week.

    When Ephraim met with the man, he was introduced to the horrors of Saludism through a genetically-modified Charmeleon, which was able to generate electricity instead of fire, but was greatly unstable. The man pointed out that this Pokémon was one of the failed experiments, but with it they were one step closer to achieving the perfect Pokémon, and with it, salvation and enlightenment.

    Ephraim could only look on in horror until the man told him that this work would make the Saludists (and, by proxy, Ephraim himself) something that would adorn the annals of history for years to come, if Ephraim would but bow down to the Saludists' cause. These words moved Ephraim greatly, and he signed a blood oath to the Saludists.

    For the last ten years he has been living a double life. One side is the quiet, peaceful Ephraim who drives one of the Celadon Department Store's delivery trucks to and from the various PokéMarts around Kanto; the other is the dark, brooding Ephraim who dedicates himself to the cause of the Saludists and their viciously evil experiments.


    Cherry - Charizard
    Gender: Female
    History: Ephraim's first Pokémon. Despite the fact that it was defeated many times during Ephraim's brief attempt at being a Pokémon trainer, Cherry remains a steadfast friend of Ephraim. Its left eye is covered by an X-shaped scar, earned from Ephraim's futile battle against Brock in Pewter City.

    Muffles - Skuntank
    Gender: Male
    History: Ephraim caught this Pokémon in his third year with the Saludists. It, rather than Cherry, is more often seen at Ephraim's side, especially when he is with other Saludists. Muffles serves as a deterrent to those who would dare barge in on or otherwise interrupt the secretive goings-on of the Saludists.

    ...and there you have it. Let me know if there's anything there that needs fixing, more explanation, or what-have-you.
  29. I'm still interested, I always wanted to model a character after my Grammy ♥

    Name: Herta 'Granny' Taburre
    Age: Old enough
    Profession: Languages Expert
    Hair Color: Grey, but she often dyes it a blonde color which goes well with her short, curly locks.
    Eye Color: Soft Blue
    Personality: Herta is pretty much your ideal grandma. She's pretty old, a little plump, smells like strawberries, and has that feeling about her that you could tell her anything. She takes her time to speak, and is always overjoyed to see her 'little ones' come back safely. She's usually referred to in some form of Grandma, as she would prefer not being called by her first name. Most people do anyway, she's essentially the oldest person around. She's often quite forgetful; it comes with someone of her age. She often forgets what she was doing entirely. Her mind is still quite sharp when it comes to languages - She knows quite a few dialects and many of the ancient languages. The only other thing about her is that she refuses to let the Lost Boys go anywhere unless properly dressed. It's a habit of hers to make clothes for the other members.
    Clothes: Herta pretty much wears the regular old lab coat. Outside of work, and sometimes in it when she forgets, she often wears a sweater that she had knitted for herself, and usually a knee-length dress of any color or variety. She carries around some sticks to do her hair up in a bun with. She also wears reading glasses; it comes with the job of pretty much reading all day.
    Hometown: Solaceon Town
    History: Granny grew up in Solaceon Town. It's where she first learned languages, deciphering the relatively simple Unown Dialect. That's the most she'll say about living there, but it's safe to say that nothing much happened there. She was unwillingly married off to some man from birth, and she was whisked away to Kanto under this arranged marriage. She stayed with the younger man for quite a few years in Celadon City before running away after an unfortunate accident that resulted in the death of her children. She eventually came across the Lost boys brotherhood or whatever it is called, and decided to join it for her talents with language and dialects.
    Family: Granny was known to have a husband and two children. All of them are deceased, or atleast the children are. THey were involved in a murder case.

    Deborah 'Debbie' - Delcatty
    Gender: Female
    Info: Debbie used to be a strong-willed Delcatty - now, however, she is content to rest in the small home of Herta, curling up besides the fireplace with Gabe

    Gabriel 'Gabe' - Persian
    Gender: Male
    Info: The father of Katie, Gabe was and is a fiercely proud Persian, who stays guard over Herta's home. Despite this, however, he and Debbie are both old and becoming rather frail. Herta worries for them.

    Kaitlynn 'Katie' - Skitty
    Gender: Female
    Info: Katie is the Skitty that Herta almost always brings to work. She's fairly young, about a year old, and has a lot of energy. She often keeps Herta's spirits up, despite the Skitty's habit to sleep on her work.
  30. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Name: Victoria Knowles
    Age: 18
    Profession: N/A
    Appearance: Victoria is of an average height of 5'5". She's thin and her skin is fair.
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Gray
    Personality: While outwardly joyful most of the time, she struggles with maintaining an inward joy at times. She is mature for her age because of her lifestyle, but despite being perceived as independent she is heavily dependent on others whether she realizes it or not. She has a strong sense of justice and how it should be, and she will execute it whether it is within the law or not. This can cause her to clash with other Lost Boys at certain times. She is generally sociable, though many find her to be creepy or unsettling.
    Clothes: A sleeveless yellow top, with thick ruffled shoulder-straps. The bottom of the blouse is loose and flows away a bit from the body. On her legs she wears a pair of skinny white jeans, and on her feet are a pair of yellow boots that only go up past her ankles. The shoes have a rounded toe and a two-inch heel. Victoria also wears a white, sleeveless trench that goes down to her mid-thigh - the ruffled sleeves of her blouse are visible from under the coat. Around her neck hands a silver, heart-shaped locket and a yellow blossom is pinned into her hair.
    Hometown: Viridian City
    History: Victoria lived the typical normal life until she was thirteen, when one night she was attacked along by her parents by a random shooter. Her parents did not survive the attack, but she did, but only barely. She was hospitalized for months, being in a coma. She woke up and found that the attack had left her body paralyzed. With her parents dead she was entrusted to the care of her grandparents, who lived in Lavender Town. Confined to a wheel chair and no longer able to do a single thing on her own except breathe, she was left with her bitter thoughts and feelings, which only brewed as the weeks and months passed by. How could the man who had robbed her of so much be running free?

    Not long after her arrival Victoria gained the friendship of three Pokemon: a Gastly, a Haunter, and a Gengar, who had found her only because of her strong emotions. After telling them her story, and after they saw the utter rage and sorrow she felt that her parent's killer had not been brought to justice, the three agreed to help her. One night the girl vanished from her grandparents house, returning to Viridian City, stalking the streets and ridding them of the unjust. She soon became somewhat of an urban legend of the city - a demon girl who preyed on evil-doers.

    *Shade - Gastly
    Shade is a Gastly which inhabits Victoria's body. Its sole purpose is to provide her with attacks to use.
    *Wraith - Haunter
    Wraith's purpose within Victoria's body is to work together with Revenant to control Victoria's body when needed, and to protect her.
    *Revenant - Gengar
    Revenant's role is to help Wraith move Victoria around. Revenant is Victoria's shadow, and supports her body using ghostly arms that reach out of the ground and cradle her and move her around.
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  31. Posting here to say I look forward to joining ('cause Belle said I cannnn :D)
    I'm leaning more towards the Lost Boys but don't mind switching if I have to.

    I can get a real bio up later, but for now my character is named Teagan. She's been a coordinator forever, and has very girly friends who she fits in with. Nobody has any idea she is really a member of the Lost Boys and would probably never suspect it either. As a coordinator, Teagan is polite, charming and innocent looking. As a Lost Boy she goes by the name Tag and is loudmouthed, brutally honest, and a bit of a bitch.

    she's a work in progress but I'll work on her!
  32. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Name: Joseph Wright
    Age: 26
    Profession: N/A
    Hair Color: Dark Brown, nearly black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Personality: Joseph is a pretty serious guy, and generally doesn't have much to say until he's on a mission. When he is on a mission, however, his personality does a near 180, as he becomes excitable and hungry to get into the thick of the action. With Pokemon, he is far more tender than with people, having lived and trained with them all his life.
    Clothes: Generally wears a black duster and fedora combo over jeans and a t-shirt. On cold days/nights he may also wear an impractically long scarf that mysteriously never gets tangled up.
    Hometown: Veilstone City
    History: He was raised in Veilstone until the age of thirteen, whereupon he and his Togetic set off to obtain one of the starters offered by Professor Rowan of Sandgem Town, then battle their way through the region of Sinnoh, as Trainers are wont to do. As Trainers are also wont to do, he took on the gym challenge, fighting tough battles against the eight leaders of Sinnoh, and even challenging and losing miserably to some of the Elite Four.

    More recently, Joseph joined up with the Lost Boys in order to feed the hunger for adventure hidden beneath his normally cold attitude. During his Training days, Joseph trained vigorously with his Pokemon to increase his own stamina and agility, and after joining the Lost Boys, he took up free running and has become rather adept at it thanks to his previous training.

    Pokémon: Eglantine (Female Togekiss)
    Pokémon History: Joseph's first Pokemon, she was recieved, newly hatched, when he was 6 years old. Under his care she evolved into a Togetic, and finally into a Togekiss during their journey through Sinnoh. She appears whenever Joseph needs a lift, or to unleash strong Special attacks in battle. Her ability is Serene Grace.

    Pokémon: Brian (Male Infernape)
    Pokémon History: Acquired from the Pokemon Professor, Rowan, at his lab in Sandgem, Brian is one of Joseph's most loyal, as well as among his most powerful, Pokemon, and is the most common appearance on missions, as he is the most nimble Pokemon on the team. His fighting style is Ba Gua, and his ability is Blaze.

    Pokemon: Mac (Male Gliscor)
    Pokemon History: Captured as a Gligar on Route 206, Mac grew quickly into a powerful defensive combatant, only gaining in this capacity as he evolved into a Gliscor. Mac is a boisterous sort of Pokemon, and enjoys shrugging off physical attacks while taunting his opponent before beating them down with his own attacks. His Ability is Poison Heal.

    Pokémon: William (Male Alakazam)
    Pokémon History: Captured on Route 203 as an Abra, William was a stealthy one, and it wasn't until he was caught by Eglantine's Thunder Wave that Joseph finally got him inside a Poke Ball long enough to stay there. William is peculiar in that, as he evolved, he never quite grew out of some Abra habits, meaning he hovers often and barely ever opens his eyes, using his psychic powers to sense his surroundings. His ability is Magic Guard.

    Pokémon: Piotr (Male Steelix)
    Pokémon History: Captured in the Oreburgh Mines while still an Onix, he is often helpful in moving large obstacles, and physical attacks glance off him even more pathetically than Mac. Piotr evolved in a mutual trade and trade back for another Trainer's Scyther, where both held Metal Coats as they were traded. His ability is Sheer Force.

    Pokémon: Orin (Male Quagsire)
    Pokémon History: Joseph's most recent capture, he was found in The Great Marsh doing only slightly more than nothing, as Quagsire are wont to do. Joseph simply lured the creature over with a Marsh Ball, then tossed a second one for a strangely easy capture. After a bit of coercion and many round objects, Orin proved he was capable of action beyond moving, and became a capable battler, as well as the team's water transport. His ability is Water Absorb.
  33. Name: Melissa Jackson

    Race: Human

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Height: 1.79 M.

    Weight: 60 KG.

    Hair: Long, black, shiny and slightly curly.

    Eyes: A deep sky blue.

    Clothing: Normal life; Vintage T-shirts, a shiny black bodywarmer, skinny jeans, a brown leather belt with iron studs, and black semi-combat boots (Semi as in, they look normal enough but are durable and good for parkour.) During field missions, she switches her bodywarmer for a black leather vest and puts on gloves of the same colour and material along with a ragged, black scarf.

    Identifying marks: A small scar on her left jaw.

    Musculature: She is quite muscled, because she has been training and working out for years.

    Personality: Melissa seems like a distant and bossy person, and mostly is; She has a serious and brutal personality, although she is friendly to the ones she knows and trusts.

    Skills: Melissa is fast, flexible, swift and quite strong, because of training from a young age on. She used to be a gymnast when she was younger. Melissa specialises in fighting with Dark, Psyhic and Fight-type PokeMon, although she is good with other types as well.

    Past: Born in the aquatic city of Alto Mare, Melissa was originally a quiet girl who led a boring life. She almost never expressed her true emotions like anger or sadness, afraid to be judged by others. But when she was a Junior, she got into a heavy fight with several classmates, resulting into the scar on her jaw. But from that point on, she showed her true personality, making her lose friends and getting new ones as well. Her first PokeMon was a Sneasel she got at her eleventh birthday, that she has trained into a Weavile. She became a gymnast around the same age, but quit when she was sixteen because she didn’t feel like it anymore.

    Family: Her Dad, Matthew, and Mom Zoey.


    -Brianna, Weavile
    Brianna was given to Melissa by her parents as a present. Melissa has been training her ever since. Brianna is very similar to Melissa; Swift and strong like the Weavile she is. She is Melissa’s main PokeMon and always runs alongside with her during field missions. Personality-wise, Brianna is the exact opposite of Melissa though; Feisty and mischievous.

    -Ace, Staraptor
    A very arrogant PokeMon, Ace has a soft spot for Melissa, who rescued him when he was attacked by a flock of Spearows during the annual Starly trek, when he was a Starly himself. In combat, Ace goes full-out against the enemy, being a strong and fast attacker but not very good at defense. Melissa uses him as her flyer.

    -Aurora, Gardevoir
    Aurora is a very calm, silent and mysterious PokeMon. Like every Gardevoir, Aurora sees it as her duty to protect Melissa; But she takes this job so seriously, it’s all she focuses on. Melissa sees her as her backup during field missions, along with Thrystan, as she can teleport around. She’s one of the two Ralts’ Melissa caught when she was fourteen…

    -Thrystan, Gallade
    …Thrystan being the other one. He evolved into a Gallade after Melissa got hold of a Dawn Stone. Thrystan wears a turquoise scarf around his neck, that he is attached to for some reason. Somewhat klutzy and nervous in normal life, but he grows serious in combat. He’s always trying to impress Aurora, his girlfriend, often to no avail.

    -Luno, Starmie
    Melissa’s surfing PokeMon; Caught as a Staryu. Melissa uses him on aquatic missions mostly. Luno is slightly hyperactive, but also really fast. He’s good at defense, but not so much at offense.
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  34. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Name: Malcolm Ediction. Goes by Mal.
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Historian
    Hometown: Ecruteak City, Johto
    Age: 27
    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 132lbs.
    Hair: Natural blonde. Dyed black.
    Eyes: Grey
    Clothing: Baggy white pants, a white T-shirt, a black sash wrapped around his waist, white shoes, and a white jacket with black lining on the inside. Wears Saludist ceremonial robes when appropriate.
    Identifying marks: Walks with a limp from having both legs broken
    Musculature: Thin build. Not very strong.
    Personality: Distant, prefers not to talk about himself, has no interest in present affairs, easily gets wrapped up in his work, crippling fear of heights
    Skills: Highly knowledgeable about ancient civilizations across the world.
    Born Francis Almark, he was once an up and coming Trainer in the Johto region having raised a strong team of Pokémon and collected four of the badges. After getting thoroughly beaten by Jasmine’s Steelix in his attempt to win his fifth badge, Francis decided to try his luck at the Cianwood City Gym instead.
    Deciding to do some training in preparation for Chuck, Francis travelled to the cliffs of Route 47. Unfortunately, tragedy struck that day when a Graveler rolled down the side of the mountain and nearly collided with Francis. He was able to dodge the Rock Pokémon, but was still knocked off balance and went over the edge of the cliff. In a desperate, yet uncharacteristically cruel bid for survival, the trainer sent out all six of his Pokémon while in freefall to use as cushioning to break his fall. The impact with the rocky shores below killed the Pokémon, and left their betrayer on the brink of death.
    When Francis finally regained consciousness, he was aboard a Saludist research vessel that had been nearby. After determining he was still alive, the Saludists gave him the medical attention he needed in order to survive. They had healed his body, but not his aching heart. He simply could not forgive himself for what he had done to his Pokémon. By all rights, Francis Almark should have died along with them, so he changed his name to Malcolm Ediction. A new life, a new identity to go with it.
    As the Soludists were the only relation Mal had, he decided to join them. Having spent his past life growing up in the culture rich City of Ecruteak, Mal had a deep thirst to understand the past. He was already well versed in the history of his home region Johto and, after a field trip to the Ruins of Alph in Elementary School, had done some side research into ancient cultures and civilizations as well. With his interest in the past, Mal became a valuable asset to Saludist’s goal. In exchange, Mal hoped that by helping the Saludists he would also find the salvation they were seeking and be freed from his ‘Malediction’.

    Pokémon: Deceased. Mal could not bring himself to train new ones.
  35. I'm not going to be able to join in in this PRP anymore, due to having waaay too many things on my agenda at the moment...

    So yeah, just thought you guys should know...
    Just posting to say thatttt Belle got me into this RP so I'm going to make a bio ASAP :x

    I really like the parkour/Assassin's Creed-iness of this RP and so yeah I'd love to be part of it :>
    I think I'm finally going to use another male character |D

    ... gosh short post is short but I just wanna say that I'm still in this to Belle :>
  37. Belle we've had a talk about this RP once.

    But you know that our sweet sweet lovechild of an RP character cannot be real until Gen V is available for us to use.

    So until then my character will have to remain...

    A mystery.

    But yeah I'm totally in this. I hope I'm not doing a cop-out for not posting a bio, but I don't want to cross any lines with the staff until Gen V is usable. So I'm just putting my foot in the door here!
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  38. So.
    Because I'm curious and because I finish the semester off in about a week, can I get a show of hands;

    Who is still interested in breathing life into this thing?
    Asking for personal reasons because I'm mentally pacing between two courses of action for this. Three if you include letting it die.
    Which will not be happening ♥
  39. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Memememememememeeeee. I'm still interested.
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  40. Well, I've been busy with exams and school lately, so that took time out of everything for me, especially writing. However, since the former will be done in just over two weeks, then that's most of it out of the way and leaves me free to get back into the swing of things. I still have interest in giving vengeful but loyal Ricky and his spanish weasel pal Comadreja a spin in the front seat. Yup, I'm in!

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