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Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Doubled, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. Okay, since this place helped me with my past problems (Pikachu, Togekiss, Pikachu), I'd figure I'd ask for more advice. THis time for a random one, Primape! Now, I haven't captured it yet, but I would like to know what nature I should look for and what attacks I should teach it. So thanks in advance.
  2. Sir Red

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    Before any advice is given, I'm going to have to direct you to the Clinic Rules, namely rule 7.

    You're going to have to put in at least some effort before people can help you work out the kinks of your team. So do that, and things will run a whole lot smoother. ^^

    (And sorry if I shouldn't have posted this, just trying to help. >>)
  3. Okay, sorry. I basically want him for a powerhouse in my team, as I'm not neccesarily good with stat changing moves. So I was thinking of maybe these moves:

    Cross chop/Close Combat
    Fire punch
    Ice punch.

    I know they're not the best moves but like I said I'm not that good with numbers and stat changes. I also don't know exactly what nature is best for one, so I would relly appreciate some idea of what to look for.
  4. KoL

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    Here's a possible set for you to use:

    Primeape @ Choice Band/Muscle Band
    Vital Spirit
    252 ATK/252 SPEED/6 HP

    - Close Combat
    - U-Turn
    - Ice Punch/Rock Slide/Stone Edge
    - Seed Bomb/ThunderPunch

    That's a basic mish-mash of moves that Primeape can use if you're looking for a simple, easy-to-use moveset for him, although it's not really the best he can do - I'll get to that part later. Close Combat is the best choice for STAB since its power and accuracy both out-do Cross Chop. U-Turn is a nice revenge-killer move on a Choice Band set and is just a very nice move in general, and the final two slots are filler really - Ice Punch can cut down stuff like Gliscor and dragons nicely, Rock Slide and Stone Edge are a general blanket coverage for enemy Flying-types, Seed Bomb is specifically for stuff like Swampert, who will get a very nasty shock since not many will be aware that Primeape gets Seed Bomb, or you can go ThunderPunch for stuff like Gyarados.

    Really though, I prefer this set:

    Primeape @ Salac Berry
    Anger Point
    252 ATK/252 SPEED/X HP

    - Reversal/Close Combat
    - Punishment/Stone Edge
    - Endeavor
    - Substitute

    A bit of a luck-oriented set, but overall you aren't risking a huge amount and the potential pay-off can be amazing for you and horrifying to behold for your opponent. First things first, X is the value for your HP here because your HP must NOT be divisible by four for this to work - if your HP would, without any EVs, end up being divisible by four, stick 6 EVs in to increase your HP by 1, so that way it won't be divisible by four anymore. If it wouldn't be divisible by four with no EVs in it, then just leave it be and stick the 6 EVs into Defense or something. You'll need to get an exact IV value (which can be gotten via IV calculators) for your HP to do this, but that's another explaination for another thread.

    Anyway, how does this set work? Well, the aim here is to get a maximum-power Reversal, a Salac boost to your Speed as well as a huge boost to your Attack via Anger Point, which would basically make you impossible to wall. Anger Point can only be triggered if Primeape suffers a critical hit though, and this is where the luck factor comes in - basically, set up Substitutes against a slower opponent and hope that they crit the Substitute with an attack - you'll survive, and your Attack will end up through the roof thanks to Anger Point. Sub up until Salac activates and your HP is almost zero, then proceed to murder the opposition with Reversal, which will now have 300 power. At this point, if this all works out, you'll be able to OHKO basically everything that isn't immune to Reversal with ease. The second slot is coverage, in case Ghosts turn up - Punishment is more reliable here, but Stone Edge covers Flying-types at the cost of accuracy. Finally, Endeavor can drop the opponent's HP to match your own - if done at the end of your setup (remember, you'll be near-death at the end of it) then the opponent will suffer immense damage, possibly dropping their HP to 1 point - this is more of a desperation move against something you know you can't kill, and will probably see more use if you're unlucky with Anger Point.

    Whew...so, take your pick. Keep in mind that the Anger Point set doesn't NEED the attack boost the ability provides - it can still sweep very efficiently without it. The Attack boost just helps a great deal since your already high damage output from Reversal would increase to near-unstoppable levels.
  5. Wow 0_0 Thanks a bunch KoL. I had no idea he coulld learn Seed Bomb, mehehe >:D This'll help bunches.

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