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DPPt/HGSS Primape

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Crabmeat, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. I need a good moveset for this mean monkey. Currently he looks like this:

    Primape @ nothing
    Mild (Ironic or what)
    Cross chop
    Focus energy
    Brick break

    I will breed another one for a better nature if need be this was a wild mankey caught at the begining of the game.

    Ps. What do you think of his stats based on his current level

    Attack 145
    Defense 81
    Sp.Attack 85
    Sp.Defence 97
    Speed 133

    Obviously I didn't do any EV training this is just how he ended up after random battling.
  2. all other moves r ok 'cept screech delete 4 a move like focus punch or fire blast
  3. Doctor Oak

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    Ban Evasion is Bad.
  4. Soooo...is Kamonegi Farfetch'd then?
  5. NonAnalogue

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    It would seem so.

    As for the Primeape, don't use both Cross Chop and Brick Break. I would use either Cross Chop/Focus Energy or Brick Break/Screech. Its Sp. Atk. is crap, so no Fire Blast, like Kamonegi suggested. I would suggest Rock Slide, and maybe Earthquake. But ultimately, there are loads of better people who could give a rating.

    What I would do: Breed for a Mankey with the Adamant nature. He won't be needing that special attack.

    Primeape (Adamant) @ Leichi Berry (if you're using Brick Break) or Lansat Berry (if you're using Cross Chop)
    Brick Break/Cross Chop
    Screech/Focus Energy
    Rock Slide

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