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Pondering on Random Questions

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by lucarioteen, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Can you answer any of these questions?:
    1. Why don't people just make mice flavored cat food?
    2. Can you eat a sea cucumber?
    3. How important do you have to be to be considered "assasinated" than just murdered?
    4. What happens inside a Pokeball when the Pokemon's in it?
    5. What's the point of an erasable pen?
    6. How would average life be like if Michael Jackson was the President?
  2. Well...

    1. How would cat food makers get mice flavor?
    2. Yes, you can!
    3. You would probably have to be a household name.
    4. I always wondered that, too... Lets ask Nintendo :p
    5. To use a pen and be able to erase it...?
    6. I would finally learn to moonwalk!
  3. 1) People buy cat food, not cats. This is why there are cat and dog foods which contain vegetable supplements; most consumers would be put off by the idea of mice flavour.
    2) Only certain types, just like everything else in the world.
    3) You have to have a certain amount of political significance. Politicians are assassinated, whereas celebrities are murdered - also there is usually an underlying political motivation behind the killing. Clegg being randomly stabbed in a pub would be murder, but being sniped at a Lib Dem rally would be an assassination. Why anyone would want to take out Cameron's fag is beyond me, though.
    4) Pokemon are likely stored as suspended data (think the transporters from Star Trek), so nothing.
    5) You get the "official" look of ink, but with the handy correction abilities of a pencil.
    6) Probably no different as when you had Bush because he'd be a mere puppet to his advisors?
  4. 1. Do you even know what mice taste like? How do you know that cats even like the taste of mice?
    2. Yes you can. But you wouldn't want to if you knew what they spend half of their life doing. The ocean is their toilet.
    3. "Assassinated" is when someone pays another person to commit the murder, which is commonplace when security is tougher around your victims and you have the money to not be there when the person dies. Murder is when you go out and do it yourself. It shouldn't have anything to do with importance, but it just does.
    4. They seem to notice what's happening around them, and don't come out exactly as they come in. So suspended motion is out of the picture. Instead, the inside of a pokeball is a private pad with cocktails, couches, and a dozen female servants that will take care of everything for you. You don't believe me? Why don't you come inside one and find out?
    5. Because people think that pencils look ugly, but useful because you can correct mistakes without having to scrap the paper and redo everything. So the top leading scientists got a pen and a pencil drunk and trapped in a room together, and they went through all the kids with the genetic fusions of pens and pencils until they found the one they wanted. Then they cloned and mass-produced it.

    There are my answers, and I hope they help you in the times to come.
  5. 1. Because it would be highly addictive and all the cats would become obese ? xD
    2. I guess you would ....
    3. I've been thinking about it too .
    4. The Pokemon transports to another world where everything is perfect for Pokemon , just like a Pokemon "heaven" . I think .
    5. No clue .
    6. No one would get anywhere and people would probs be the same as they were back in the 70's ? xD
  6. oh wow. I would have never known....XD
  7. 1. Because they like mice and don't want them to get eaten. I say they should make mice flavoured cat food.
    2. I think you can eat some, but others will be poisonous and make you die.
    3. I have no idea.
    4. I think they go to a small room with berries in it, where they just chill into they have to kill a turtle or something.
    5. To rub out pen.
    6. We would all become homosexual and die of cancer. That or we would kill the president.

    That is what I think.
  8. 1. Well, maybe it's the mice making the cat food so they don't get eaten :3
    2. Yes, just certain kinds.
    3. Assasinated is when you are killed from long distance, last time I heard. I also thought it was when you were killed and noone else knows.
    4. Maybe it's like Toy Story and the Toy Box, where they explore.
    5. Well, darker marks make for better reading.
    6. Well, we would probably have a really really awkward pledge of allegiance. THRILLER!!!

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