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Ask to Join Pokemon Winter

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Seal Pup, Oct 1, 2016.

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    It was Monday. Great.

    Niko hated Mondays. It was the only day he'd never even be skiing over. He'd feel like a Glaceon if he would. Niko still wanted to ski, as it was one of his talents. He is also playing a football game in the nighttime, and he was a Wide Reciever for the Splashers. Niko watched the daily news today, and a suprise. Yes. A suprise is right near the corner on Niko's worst day ever.

    Mondays don't hurt Niko that much, but he'd try to clutch it out. It was the day he would be playing
    sports alot.
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  2. Sky woke up buried in a few feet of snow. Even though she had her own room, she preferred to sleep under the nice smelling Evergreen Pine Trees. She know it was weird but that's just how she rolled. Sky was a odd little Emolga. She was afraid of heights making her name really odd. She knew she shouldn't be afraid of heights but every time she tried to fly she would become stiff and her eyes would be filled with fear. But she was determined to ski at least once while she is hear. but she was to afraid to ride the ski lift to the top. Sky shooked of the snow and looked at the Mountain "Not Today, I am not riding that high Ski Lift." Then Sky Flew barely above the ground to her favorite cafe in the entire resort to get herself a nice cup of Mocha.
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  3. "Whoop!" Making a sound as she sat up in her fluffy hotel room bed, after having laid in several different positions in a failed attempt to get comfortable, a lighter-furred Lillipup folded the comforter she sat under over, so she could escape from its fluffy binds, and jumped from her bed, not bothering to remake it since she knew someone else would do it for her. With a spring in her step, Trixie trotted over to her variety of bows, grabbing her red one and, in front of a vanity mirror, placing it on her right ear. Satisfied with her appearance, she managed to open the door that led into the hallways, and skipped out, ready to get some food.

    From a room, which was filled with a wide variety of breakfast foods, from waffles to sausages to mini muffins, Trixie grabbed a plate of French toast and a glass of milk to go along with it. She sat down at a table and ate, making sure she had enough energy to get her through her plans.

    After she was done, her plate and cup were put away to be washed, and she walked out of the room, not wanting to upset her full stomach. Outside, she walked, wishing that she had grabbed her booties. A building sat not far from the resort itself, LED lights shining through the white snow that sat all around. With a smile, the shiny Lillipup walked right over to it.

    Once inside, she shook the snow off her body and legs, walking into a room. A stereo sat near a wall, plugged into an outlet. Next to the stereo was a computer, hooked up to the speakers, so any song one so chose could be played. Looking up a song she knew and loved oh so much, Trixie hopped to the middle of the room, where she could practice without the ridicule and taunting of others. As the song started up, so did she, prancing and leaping around in a rather elegant display.

    Why am I always hit on by the boys I never like?
    I can always see them coming from the left and from the right.
    I don't wanna be a priss, I'm just trying to be polite,
    but it always seems to bite me in the-

    Ask me for my number, yeah you put me on the spot.
    You think that we should hook up but I think that we should not.
    You had me at "hello", then you opened up your mouth,
    And that is when it started going south, oh!

    Get your hands off my hips
    before I punch you in the lips.
    Stop your staring at my- HEY!
    Take a hint! Take a hint!
    No, you can't buy me a drink.
    Let me tell you what I think:
    I think you could use a mint.
    Take a hint! Take a hiiint!

    T-Take a hint! Take a hiiint!
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  4. (OOC: I have been accepted for the RP, though it's not up on the RP yet oddly.)

    Yori had just gotten to room 252, which was his room. He panted a lot from the cold weather, as he felt a slight burning sensation on his arm. He tried to ignore the pain, as he quickly went inside his room, and went to the bed and curled himself in the blanket.

    He cried on his pillow, as the pain was unbearable. He took off his fluffy jacket, as he rubbed on his left arm in an attempt to numb the pain. It felt very cold, as he grunted from the burning pain. He continued to stay in bed, as he clung onto his teddy bear, while he still cried on his pillow.
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  5. Midnight groaned. He was above the snow, and freezing. He only felt warmth in his neck and paws, but those didn't matter since the the rest of his body was exposed. Any more time outside Midnight would be frozen in an Ice Cube. He frowned walking, walking indoors, then staring back outside. "Oh Winter, your harsh cold, and bloody snow, how I hate you." Midnight sung poetically.
  6. Flame was hanging at the door of the hotel. His trainer knew he was working hard and would do anything for his trainer. But she decided to give him a break and left him at this hotel. Flame didn't like to be left behind from his trainer, but he knew his trainer wanted him to relax. But so far he couldn't relax. He didn't know why, but he had this feeling that something was going to happen. He didn't know what it was but he knew something was going to happen. To be honest he never heard of a resort for pokemon before until his trainer left him here. He was waiting for some pokemon to come out and introduce himself to them and maybe become friends with them.
  7. Niko was watching the news and munching on some cherry pokepuffs. It said a new chairlift in the pokemon ski resort was opening tomorrow, and good thing it was. He wasn't coming out to ski for long, due of the Monday problem. Mondays were his problem, so he always sang this in his room:

    (another song because why not)

    On a Monday,
    It's not a nice day
    A very big slump
    Yes, I got a bump

    Because it's Monday,
    Not a Friday
    That sucks
    I need some bucks

    Niko was chewing pokepuffs while singing, well it was his traditon while singing. He put on his skiing backpack, and a jacket and snowboots on. He also had his skis on his backpack, and he went out the door and down the stairs, down the hotel. The ski mountains ws nearby, so Niko wouldn't need to run out of strength. He walked over to the mountains and got ready to ski.
  8. Midnight sighed, sing Psychic to open his room door. He opened the door to meet an Vaporeon and trainer. He had realized he had entered the wrong room. "Wrong Room." He sighed, using Psychic to close the door. He then walked to the room next to him which was the right room. He used Psychic to meet his trainer sleeping. He sighed, lying on the bed beside him.
  9. Yori got up after the pain on his arm had been lessened, as he wore his jacket. He wiped the tears from his eyes, as his tail shook. He went out of his room, as he thought to himself, "Ow... my arm, it still hurts from the cold snow..."

    He held onto his left arm, as he rubbed it still while he also blew on it. He noticed that his arm had a light red spot, as it felt numb to the touch. He took a deep breath still, as he walked to the lobby, trying to familiarize himself with the resort, while he noticed a Greninja at the door.
  10. (@Blu Ace, I am already in the ski mountain)

    Niko put on his skis and skied over to the chairlift. The chairlift was a little broken, but he wouldn't mind it, as no pokemon was ever hurt from it. It was a 5 minute lift from above, as Niko usually got bored on the way. He started to hustle sideways down the slope, and started to ski very faster down the hill.

    It felt like he was a cheetah to him, but he was only going as fast a rabbit on skis.
  11. Yori walked around, as he still tried to ignore the pain from his left arm. It started to feel warmer, as the pain got more intense. He took in a lot of deep breaths, while he was still near the Greninja, as he clentched his teeth in an attempt to wear off the pain.

    His arm started to turn bright red, as he felt a sharp, burning sensation. He tried to keep his cool, as he thought to himself, "I'd better run to the Pokémon Center here... I don't look so good. Hopefully the Nurses there won't be pricking me with needles and doing painful procedures."
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  12. Fletcher was not enjoying her stay. This place was a disaster for a Flying-type. Snow and ice everywhere. The Fletchling was staying holed up in her room. But the quiet life wasn't for her. So Fletcher decided to venture outside and take her chances with the frigid air. Her first stop; the gift shop.
  13. "THIS IS SO FAST!!!" Niko said while skiing downhill fast, but crashed into a tree. "Uhhhh..." he said weakly. His head kinda hurt, so it seemed like he would have to go to the Pokemon Center in the hotel. Niko stood up with no harm done to him, as he went around more carefully and slowly down the snow-covered hill. It was getting a bit slower in the ride, and Niko went down a very steep hill.
  14. Fletcher walked around the gift shop, before finally buying a scarf, a jacket, a hat, a bag of candy, and a snow globe. She thanked the cashier, who just stared at her blankly, and headed back to her room. The Fletchling packed the snow globe, put the bag of candy in her new jacket, put on her winter gear and went outside. She'd always wanted to try "skiing."
  15. Flame looked at the mountain Niko was on. He saw what happened, he almost we to save him but saw he got back up and started to ski again. Flame was bored because there was no action for him. He needed action, it was in his blood. He loved action, but there was none in sight. There was no one in the battle area for him to battle with so it was useless. He just leaned against the hotel waiting for something to do.
  16. Fletcher got tangled in her new jacket. Not pleasant. She decided to have a piece of candy for her troubles. She looked up the mountain and saw a figure crash into a tree and winced. Not trying that! Fletcher continued on her way. Oooo, a battle arena! Then she saw the Greninja hanging out there. No, thank you. Hmm. Maybe she should try skiing. She walked to the resort and rented a pair of skis. And boots. Fletcher looked in disgust at what was weighing her down. Might as well try. The geared up Fletchling found the ski lifts and perched on a seat. This was going to be soo fun.
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  17. Yori felt lightheaded, as his arm turned pale red now. He was beginning to enter the first stage of frostbite, as his arm started to swell up slightly. He took in a lot more deep breaths, as he tried to find the Pokémon Center. He still tried to ignore the pain, as he cried a little.
  18. Fletcher was at the top of the hill, looking down. She was really beginning to regret some of her life choices. The warmly dressed Fletchling drew some odd looks from the human skiers and she studied the way they skied. When she felt she knew enough, she thought to herself, here goes nothing. She launched herself off of the incline and rocketed out of control. "Waaaaaah!" She shrieked. The Fletchling desperately tried to turn and spun in a circle, getting trampled. Ow, ow, ow, ow! Then she started rolling down the hill, head over skis. "Mmph!" She shouted, muffled from being facedown in the snow. "Mmph!"
  19. As the chaos of Fletcher went on nearby, Dezi was snuggled up nice and cozy on the ski lift, making her way to the top. The snow was definitely her forte. Not only was it pretty when falling down, but her thick winter coat kept her warm enough to roll around, and even dig in the all-encompassing snowdrifts. The whir of the life was almost melodic, and she neared the top of the hill with a smile as she curled up into an even tighter ball. Whereas she was supposed to get off, she kept going, and decided that another round down the hill and back up again wouldn't hurt.
  20. Finally, some kind human rescued Fletcher and took her to the Pokemon Center, where she was now recovering. She still had her bag of candy(gummy Wurmples), that she was munching on. Fletcher retired to her room, where she hung up her scarf, hat and jacket. Skiing was hard, but the Fletchling was determined to learn. Perhaps she could get someone to help her. Fletcher remembered that bored looking Greninja. Ah…
  21. Niko somehow handled being a bit fast, doing a front flip of a ramp in the sky. It didn't fly very high or far, so he wouldn't be hurt. Some leaves rode the wind to go on his on face, and down he was almost down the ski lift, to maybe go again. Niko couldn't really resist having thrills, and he knew to take it easy, because he had a football game at night. He hasn't been injured yet in football, and he'd not plan to or do on himself.
  22. Yori still tried to find the Pokémon Center, as his arm was turning bright red now. His frostbite started to get worse, as he needed medical attention immediately. He saw a human that took a Fletchling to the Pokémon center. He went inside, as he looked like he was about to collaspe. He still blew on his arm gently, as he thought to himself, "Ow... this is starting to get worse, nevermind the needles, I'd rather get treated here."
  23. Fletcher flopped on her bird nest bed thing. Ski lessons could wait. The Tiny Robin took a short nap before heading to the cafe and ordering a birdseed bagel with beak-friendly hot cocoa. She looked contentedly out the window and ate her bagel. What a good life.
  24. Yori saw an Audino that picked him up in the Pokémon Center, as he felt scared. He curled up, as he felt the burning pain on his arm. The pain became too much to bear, as some tears fell from his eyes.

    The Audino carried Yori to the emergency room, as she placed him in a incubator. She used yawn at him in an attempt to get him to fall asleep, but he resisted it. He squirmed and attempted to use pound, as Audino used yawn again and made him drowsy.

    Yori shortly fell asleep after, as she hooked on several needles, tubes, and wires on his left arm and chest. She slowly drained off the excess liquid that caused the swelling on his left arm, as she also covered him in a light blanket to warm him. She said to herself while she yawned, "Huh, a grass type here... well that's a first. Well I might need to give the Treecko something so he doesn't freeze easily."
  25. Fletcher went outside and shivered. Too cold. She scooped up some snow and patted it into a snowball. That would be fun. A snowball fight. She headed to the arena and built a goodly stack of snowballs. Now, just to wait for some unsuspecting victims… Fletcher chuckled evilly.
  26. One
    Get your hands off my...
    Or I'll punch you in the...
    Stop your staring at my- hey!
    Take a hint! Take a hint!

    I am not your missing link.
    Let me tell you what I think:
    I think you could use a mint.
    Take a hint! Take a hiiint!
    T-Take a hint! Take a hiiint!

    Get your hands off my hips,
    'fore I'll punch you in the lips.
    Stop your staring at my- hey!
    Take a hint! Take a hiiint!
    T-take a hint! Take a hiiint!

    As the song ended, Trixie landed on the floor in a dramatic stance, a wide smile on her panting mouth. She loved that song, and was very proud of the dance she had thought of to go along with it. Pondering for a moment what she should do next, be it going back outside into the cold or practicing another routine for a different song, the shiny Lillipup had to go with the latter. Bounding over to the computer/stereo, she wondered if anyone could see her through the one-sided window that sat at the front of the room. Shaking her head to herself, pausing all other actions to do so, she searched up another one of her favorite songs, and, once again, got into position, heart racing as the music started up.

    Everybody line up! (Line up! Line up! Line up! Line-!)
    The show is about to start! ('Bout to start! 'Bout to start! 'Bout to-!)
    Places! (Places! Places! Places!)
    The show is about to start! ('Bout to start! 'Bout to start! 'Bout to start!)
    You have to show a look,
    have a look, or give a look... (Give a look...)
    No one. Ugly. Allowed.
    Are you ready? Here we go.
  27. Yori woke up a little later, as he noticed he was still in his incubator. He saw that Audino had watched him, as she said, "Well, looks like the sleepyhead finally woke up. Now before you go I just need to inject some medicine into your arm. Also, be careful going outside, the cold can really damage you."

    Yori saw a syringe that Audino took out, as he screamed and cried. He backed away to the edge while he was still in his incubator, as he tried to use Energy Ball at her. Unfortunately, he was weakened, as he had ran out of power already from trying to use Pound. He saw Audino pick him up and carrying him tightly, as she said, "Look, I understand that you're scared, but this will be over soon if you stay still." She quickly inserted the needle, and injected the medicine into his left arm, as a surge of pain eurpted throughout his body. Tears began to flood his face, as Audino gently cradled him.

    Audino said to him while she gave him a bottle of Gecko friendly supplements, "Alright, well it's over now little buddy. You should be fine, but just try to avoid the cold stuff if you can." Yori nodded at her, as she bandaged his arm, and placed him down outside the Pokémon Center, while she waved to him. He wiped the tears off his face, hoping that no one noticed. He walked around, while he attempted to resist the urge to rub on his arm, as he went to the Cafe, and ordered a tall glass of water.
  28. Fletcher got bored and was that an icicle forming on her beak? She decided it was time to head in. Abandoning her pile of snowballs, the Fletchling walked back inside. She stopped by the cafe, ordered another cocoa(it was good here!), and sat down. She noted the other customers, which included some humans, some Pokemon, most notably a shaken looking Treecko, and herself. She was starting to like the snow, though it was bad for her and she got so cold she would puff up, almost comically. Fletcher sighed and continued slurping down her drink.
  29. Niko wasn't even cold one bit, and he bit the cold. It felt like summer instead, being hot, warm, and dry. He did a back flip on the next ramp, of course, taking it easy all the way until the back flip was over. He used Water Pulse in the air, making sparkles appear. It seemed like he was in a pokemon contest, as his trainer was top coordinator, and he was in the final battle. Niko did feel it a bit harmful, as faced a Raichu and Leafeon. He was a water type, and that was great of him. His type was only weak to Electric and Grass, and he was effective against Fire, Rock, and Ground.
  30. Alpha had been sleeping with his Laptop turned on the entire night, he took his charger and charged his Laptop turning it off. Alpha yawned and looked outside the window, it was still cold outside so he took his green scarf and left his room, Alpha went to the store to buy some coffee.
  31. Fletcher went back to her room to watch TV. She tried to find the remote, but her efforts proved fruitless. That's what books are for, right? Small problem. Fletcher couldn't read. Argh! Coloring book? No colored pencils. Or any writing utensils for that matter. Uh, uh explore more? That sounded good. Fletcher was restless and bored and longed for action. So she headed to the arena and waited for someone to challenge her.
  32. Alpha stored some coffee on his small fridge and went to the arena for someone to challenge, he was bored but he knew a fight would cheer him up, "Just a simple fight and my Laptop will be totally recharged" he said as he went inside the arena.
  33. Fletcher saw Alpha. "Why, hello there! Care for a battle?" The Fletchling was cold and wanted something to do. She figured she would be easily beaten by this Porygon-Z, but at least it would warm her up!
  34. (OOC: sorry, forgot about that mistake of the attack)
    Alpha didn't knew about Fletcher's strategy so he kept shooting Signal beams and d Tri-attacks aiming at Fletcher.
  35. Yori went to an empty table, that was vacant of others, as he opened the supplement bottle, while he then poured a few tablets onto his hands. He had a hard time moving his left arm, as he noticed that his arm was in a cast. He leaned his head down to grab the tablets from his mouth, as he chewed on them. He then took a large sip of his water after, as he continued to drink it after he finished swallowing the chewed up tablets.
  36. Fletcher kept dodging with Quick Attack, but she knew she couldn't keep it up. Her plan was to slowly deplete Alpha's energy. It didn't seem to be working. So Fletcher took a slightly more offensive tactic. She actually attacked Alpha with Quick Attack, but that went worse. The Fletchling got hit by a Tri-Attack and froze. I thought I was going to be warm!
  37. Yori tightened his jacket, as he went to the arena, while he shivered. He quickly ran, as he gotten to the arena shortly after. He was supposed to stay at the hotel under Audino's orders, as he couldn't really go outside or even battle under his circumstances.

    He looked around while he panted, as he coughed. He stood near the corner, as he watched Fletcher and Alpha battling each other. His cast made him stand out, since he was the only one that was hurt so far.
  38. Fletcher was still frozen, and was suffering from it. Darn it! Wish I was a Fletchinder then I would have Flame Body… Fletcher, being a flying-type, trapped in ice, faints.
  39. Yori hesitantly walked to Fletcher, who had just fainted, as he shook her gently and asked in a faint voice, "You.... o- ok- okay?"
    His throat was very sore, as he had a hard time talking to her. His body felt exhausted, as he thought to himself, "Audino, I'm sorry for disobeying you... but I had wanted to see what outside is like."
  40. Gemma woke up. She checked her clock. It said, 2:12 (anyone see what I did there?). "Well, crap." said Gemma. Gemma usually slept in a dog bed, but this time she slept in a human bed. It was VERY uncomfortable, as this was her first time using a human bed. She tossed and turned. Yeah. You get it. Now it was nearly 9:00. She stepped out of bed with a BIIIIIGGG stretch and yawn. She was planning to go out and play in the snow but since of her sleeping issue she decided to stay home for a little. She ate a little breakfast. She stepped outside. "Ahh, fresh snow." said Gemma.

    After that, Gemma had a lot of fun. She built snowmen, she made Snow Poke-angels, and she skied. She laughed and giggled. Soon she saw Niko going down the track. She smiled and put the board(s) on. She smiled more and slid down in a S way.

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