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Private/Closed Pokémon Trinity - The Island of Tribute

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Staroid, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Welcome to the Island of Tribute. The evil Team Rocket has been turning Pokemon into stone and you are here to rescue the Pokemon. They shall be kept in observation at our research chambers scattered across the Island. The first one is in the remains of Mystic Town. If you wish to save the Pokemon or become a scientist fill the form below.
    Name :
    Personality :
    Description :
    Job : (Scientist or Knight)
    Partner : (Only one and can be stone. You can revive your Pokemon.)
    Weapon : (Sword or Bow if you're a Knight)
    Here is mine.
    Name: Ere (M)
    Personality : Edgy, tough.
    Description : Wears an eyepatch on his left eye, scars everywhere. Wears dark heavy armor.
    Job : Knight
    Partner : Aegislash (Normal, shield form)
    Weapon : Sword
    Please read the roleplaying rules and no curse words here. We're a clean island. No legendaries.
  2. Ere looked at the computer monitor. It was flashing red.
    "Aegislash you can't go out there yet." Ere reminded the fleeing Aegislash. He was studying the frozen stone figure of an Aipom.
    "Aegislash can you pass me the antidote?" Ere asked, "thanks."
    Pouring the fizzing drink over the Aipom, Ere saw the Aipom was blinking slightly. It meant Team Rocket was weaker! Soon the immobilized statue sprang to life.
    "Come on. We'll bring you to the facility."
    He brought the Aipom to an enclosed area. It was a replica of the forest so Aipom seemed happy in its temporary home.
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  3. Name: Nathan
    Personality: apathetic, hard working
    Description: has white hair and green eyes and always has a clipboard and a pen
    Job: Scientist
    Partner: Froslass
  4. Ere walked over to one of the facility's scientists.
    "Hey Nathan? Can you keep this Aipom under observation?"
    He walked back to the lab.
    "Now Aegislash, how can we stop this?"
    "I know, I know. We're going to need a lot of that bottle. That's why we're recruiting!"
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  5. Name:Jack
    Personality: competitive
    Description:blue hair,purple eyes,wears a scarf,wears a fedora,and a jacket.
    Partner: Chandelure
  6. The screen flashed blue - a new recruit! He let in the recruit then shut the door again.
    "I wish to know your name. I am Ere- the founder of the Trinity knights," Ere said. The monitor flashed green ; Team Rocket had turned a Houndoom family into stone!
  7. Hello! My name is Jack,and this is my partner Chandelure
  8. Name : Rufus
    Personality : Fierce//Gentle
    Description : Messy walnut colored hair, scars littered all over his back, arms and chest. He wears raggedy clothing with the armor on top, a symbol carved into the right breastplate. Amber or as some call them "wolf" eyes, 6'3.
    Job : Knight
    Partner : Pangoro
    Weapon : Sword. ((Glaives, to be exact. Glaives are two swords, though they are short in range.))
  9. "Yes I can keep it under observation though I'm not saying it won't try to run away. I can try my best effort though." As he said that in a bored mood. He then brought the aipom to a habitat. "Hey Froslass can you keep an eye on the formula so I doesn't over flow." As he said that the Froslass went over to the beakers to make sure none of them would mess up.
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  10. Rufus entered the room, holding what seemed to be a card with different coordinates on it. He approached Ere, stopping a few feet away from him, while holding out the card of course. The knights Pangoro stood beside him, just a foot taller then Rufus.
    "Sir," Rufus began to speak, furrowing his brows together. "I've written down the coordinates of stone Pokemon I have found on my patrol around the island." He let out a short sigh, obviously tuckered out from the walk. "Sadly, I have witnessed one of the most powerful Pokemon of the island; Houndoom, turn to stone by Team Rocket when I was just a few yards away." Pangoro hung his head in dismay, along with Rufus.
  11. As Nathan was coming back he over heard what Rufus said. He then started to eavesdrop on them. As he started to listen a message just poped up which caught his attention. Nathan skimmed over the message and deleted the message. He then went back to listen into the conversation, but went back to where his beakers were.
  12. Name: Kyle
    Personality: Brave and passionate
    Description: Tall, brown hair, scar running across torso
    Job: Knight
    Partner: Garchomp
    Weapon: Bow
  13. Kyle walked into the room to where Rufus and Ere were speaking. "I can head out and save the Pokemon with Garchomp, if you would allow me to." Kyle was a new recruit to the knights and was eager to go on a rescue mission.
  14. "We shall go together. The last thing I want is you guys be turned into stone," he sighed.
    "And Rufus, thank you for locating the co-ordinates of each location - we may proceed to find each one. My only worry is your Pokemon, so you may leave them here or in their Pokeball." He returned Aegislash into a Luxury Ball.
  15. "I'll return him to his Pokeball. Having him turn to stone is indeed one of my many worries." He took out his Pangoro's Great Ball and returned him. "Though, if we were to get ambushed, that's when I'll call him out." Rufus lifted his head back up, regaining his composure.
    "May I tag along with you two? After all, we don't want you two to be turned to stone."
  16. "Sure. Where is the first co-ordinate?" Ere asked while fiddling with Aegislash's Luxury Ball. It wanted to get out but Ere managed to keep it inside. The screen was flashing again. "Hmm, Team Rocket is advancing near the Houndoom. We'll go there first."
  17. "Hey if you're going somewhere then you should put these on your Pokémon." As he said that he gave the three of them a little chip. "It is a temporary device that neutralizes the stone transformation, but it will only work once so use it when you really need it." As he said that he walked back to his beakers and started to test with the contents.
  18. "Thanks Nathan," he said whilst equipping the chip on his pokemon. Nathan was one of the best scientists in the facility so his inventions would not be underestimated by Ere. In fact, Nathan was the only person Ere thought the best of.
  19. Rufus took the chip and attatched it to a loose circuit of the Great Ball, its data merged with Pangoros.
    "It'll definitley be useful." He hooked the Great Ball back onto his belt and patted the hilt of one of his two glaives. "May we proceed to find the stone Pokemon? We should get them before Team Rocket gets to them." Rufus asked, walking over to the door. "After all, it's for the best."
  20. Jack attached the chip to Chandelure's pokeball. Ok lets go
  21. "Well if you get in trouble you could communicate me and I can come." Nathan said with a half asleep expression. "Plus if I don't get there fast enough at least Froslass can be of use." As he said that the Froslass came out of the lab area. "Or I could come along just in case if there is something that I need to research or unlock."
  22. "Nathan, I think you could use a bit of action, so you can come along with us. I do not want you to be too bored," Ere said, "Now, the nearest Pokemon is a Seedot but Team Rocket are advancing towards the Houndoom. I think we shall go to the Houndoom first."
  23. Yeah i think thats a good idea
  24. "Yes, Pangoro and I can drive them away and give you enough time to transport the stone Houndoom to the research center." Rufus replied, patting the Great Ball that held his intimidating Pokemon. "Let's go before Team Rocket gets to it first." He then left the center, giving the two other knights enough time to catch up with him.
  25. "Ok let me get Froslass and a few other things so I can try to make a few other anti stone syrum." Nathan then went back the lab area and returned Froslass into its poke ball. He then left a room with a satchel full of notes and testing equipment. "I'm ready to go when you are though I might not be useful if we end up face to face with team rocket."
  26. Ere stepped outside and revved up his buggie. Despite looking rusty and old, it was fast and could outspeed almost anything.
    "Your Froslass is a Pokemon of potential Nathan, you need to bond with it. You are very useful indeed," said Ere. "Now everyone hop in my buggie and we'll set off."
  27. Nathan got into Ere's buggie and started to think of what Ere said. "I guess that can work, but Froslass rarely battles so I'm not sure how I can deal with them." Nathan said with a confused look. He then looked forward and was trying to make out which way they should go and also the natural surrounding to make sure that they can get to the houndoom the quickest way.
  28. In at least 2 minutes, they had reached the Houndoom. Ere looked around - Team Rocket were near them.
    "Guard the statue at all cost. Nathan, when they advance," he took a breath, "use Blizzard on both the statue and the admins."
    Ere knew what he was doing - the Houndoom would unfreeze a bit, less serum would be used and it would make it much easier to carry the Houndoom.
  29. Nathan threw out Froslass. "Froslass use blizzard at the houndoom and team rocket." When he said that his Froslass almost froze everything near it including the rocket admins. "Guess I should prepare a little bit of the syrum for the houndoom." Ignoring the fact that everything is pretty much frozen. "Though I'm not sure if I brought the necessary equipment I can at least make a little." As he said that he started to pull random things from his satchel until he got everything to make a little bit of syrum.
  30. Ere's face remained straight- he was known by small children as 'The Grumpy Leader Of Tribute'. He wasn't actually leader of Tribute but the Pokemon Metagross was. He brought out his notebook and began to flick through it.
    "Nathan, that blizzard was strong. If you had used it twice, it would have thawed the Pokemon out but it would have side effects : amnesia, death, et cetera," he said this as if it were nothing to be frightened of.
  31. "This is what I mean by Froslass rarely battles it freezes everything around it. Even if it is a weak attack." Nathan said as he started to grind a few ingredients together. "Well this syrum is ready so do you want to use it now or back at base?" Nathan questioned with the same tired look he has. He then held it towards Ere so if he wanted to use it he could do it.
  32. "Hmm. I think we will need to observe his behaviour then use it at base. Learning of a stone Pokemon's behaviour may give us a clue on how to stop Team Rocket from coming back to Tribute." he decided, "Nathan, should we rescue the other Pokemon first? My buggie's big enough for at least 12 pokemon and 8 people."
    He then carried the Houndoom into the back of the buggie.
  33. "If you want to. I don't really mind if we go anywhere else." Nathan then looked at their surroundings to make sure there is nothing that is hidden. "If we do go what would be the next Pokémon we would be rescuing. Plus if it involves a Pokémon fight then I think you should take care of it cause froslass would freeze everything as shown around our area." Nathan then returned Froslass into its poke ball and put his equipment back into his satchel.
  34. Ere pulĺed out his watch.
    "Hmm, there seems to be a stone Seedot and Krabby near our base but that's all. I think that we'll pick both of them up while we're going back to base."
    One of the admins were moving a bit so Ere picked them up and dumped them into the nearest lake.
  35. "Ok then lets go and save them if we can. But are we going to bring them to the habitat like the aipom or bring them to the wild?" Nathan questioned as he was checking the houndoom to make sure it wasn't hurt. "At the same time what will become of them if team rocket disappears." He then brought out a potion to heal its scratches.
  36. "Ah, Nathan. We shall bring them to a habitat like Aipom. Ever since Giovanni quit Team Rocket, the admins teamed up with both Team Galactic and Team Flare and by observing the behaviour of each individual, we can determine the strength of any team and," he stopped to look at Houndour, "judging by Houndour's behaviour, it is safe to ambush them. I am currently studying where their secret base is.
  37. Rufus looked around, checking just in case if anyone from Team Rocket was spying on the group.
    "Sir," He looked past the two other knights (and scientist), seeing nothing but the rugged dirt path and trees. "Perhaps I could be of assistance and observe the area from above? From a birds eye view, I just might spot a hiddden Team Rocket base and we can assemble a ambush on them." Rufus suggested, gesturing a hand to one of the larger trees that appeared to have thick vines hanging low.
  38. "Sure, Rufus. For now, I think the rest of us shall stay at base. I shall inform you of any information," he said, whilst looking at his note book, "Ah. You may want to look to the west, potential bases may hide in the empty crater of the never-erupting volcano."
  39. "I'll head out with Rufus if that is what is needed," responded Kyle. "Is that what is needed, sir?" He really wanted to be a part of something on this quest, and this was his chance!
  40. "Yes, Kyle. Here," he gave Kyle a watch, " this is used for communication. Upperranked members use them to communicate from distances. You are now an official Tribute knight amd not just some new recruit."

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