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Pokemon Splices

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Merciless Medic, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. If any of you guys have any POKEMON Sprite Fusions/Splices/Recolors/Overshading/Undershading/Revamping, then you shall request them here. ALSO, I will not be able to do any of the 3D sprite fusions because of how complicated and how many pixels there are. I will do them when I'm able and have found a way to "git gud" at them, but for now, I'm quite limited for requests.

    I will explain a few up here:

    Fusions/Splices: Basically mashing two or more Pokemon together. It's easier to do with creatures with a similar body style, but you can request any number of Pokemon with any kind of creature.

    Recolors: Putting another Pokemon's colors (or more) onto another Pokemon, which also includes patterns (like the spots of Bulbasaur on a Pikachu). You can also request to recolor my other splices with other Pokemon. :)

    Overshading/Undershading: Now, these are quite simple. Overshading is basically turning four or five shades of a single color, and then adding four or more colors and making it look almost realistic. Undershading is basically going back to the shading of two or three shades of colors and making it look like the games of old.

    Revamping: This is very similar to undershading, but it's either going back or forward in generations and you only use ONE sprite to "revamp" backwards or fowards in time. It's basically giving a Pikachu sprite from Gen II the colors from a Pikachu from Gen I, or colors from a Pikachu from Gen III.

    Have fun requesting :D I will never turn down a request, unless it destroys the Creative Corner rules.
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  2. could you merge mimokyu with pumpkabu
  3. If I could find a Mimikyu and a Pumpkaboo that are not a 3D Sprite, then sure :D I'll tag you in my work when I'm done :)
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Yeah, I'm afraid that is not in the cards.
    You see, our rules specifically prohibit the use of other people's custom sprites in sprite edits - pixel art is a detailed, time-consuming process and we simply cannot allow users to hitch rides on other people's hard work and receive credit and recognition for modifying the works of others without their permission.

    There is a literal sticky thread about this at the top of the Requests forum, for frell's sake. Sticky threads are there to be read, not ignored. Same goes for the rules.

    Keep that in mind as you continue your activities here.
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  5. I'm so sorry. I will never do that again. :( I remember reading it, but I never thought that this would count against me, seeing how that I took two sprites and fused them together to make my own. :/ I'll make my own sprites from now on. ^^'''''
  6. Are you still taking requests or no?
  7. I am still taking requests :) Just not with 3D sprites, as I haven't made them just yet.
  8. Ah, ok. Well, I was kinda thinking of a Samurott/Serperior fusion.
  9. I can do that for ya :) I might get it done tonight or tomorrow morning. Just depends on my work schedule. :) Thank you for requesting. Would you like it if I made a Mega form of it, too? That would require scratch work, but XD oh well.
  10. Well, if you want to make a Mega, you can. I'll be looking forward to this! Thanks!
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  11. How goes the project? I'm so excited for it!
  12. Sadly, I couldn't get it done last night or this morning, since I would've been late for work otherwise. I'm doing it right now, though, and it'll be done by tomorrow. Sorry for the delay ^^''' I really thought I was going to get it all done this morning, but didn't have time.
  13. That's quite alright. I understand.
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  14. I was very impressed with the work you did with Samperiott. Would you consider another work? I was thinking for this one, (and it might be a little strange) a Samurott/Eevee fusion.
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  15. I'm down for it :D This one might take longer, as I have work and college stuff to attend to. Maybe I can get it done tomorrow (as well as the other projects I have to do for this site), but we'll see.
  16. Alright then
  17. This needs to be done...

    Sylveon and Lucario fusion, if you are still taking requests? XD
  18. I shall do that :D But this may come later, as I do not have enough time between work and college. I'll attempt to get at it, however. :)
  19. Okay XD Lol, can't wait to see it!!! XD
  20. So... I forgot that I made a second request here... but now that I remember, how is that going?
  21. I have had quite a lot go on in my life. After I'm done with my homework tonight, I'll get it done for you :) sorry for the delay ^^'''
  22. That's fine. I've got plenty going on myself.
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  23. Can you mix the zubat line with the rhyhorn line

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