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Private/Closed Pokemon Scorched Sand & Arid Gust: Role Play

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Crimson Sun, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Sirra clapped her hands. "Anyways, practically all of us are here," the woman exclaimed. "And the day doesn't last forever, we're losing day light as we speak."

    "I hate to admit it," Raul said. "But we can't wait any longer and should head towards the laboratory as soon as possible." The male assistant turned towards the two trainers that were with them, but not with them at the same time. "Since you two, Diana and Zack, are going to the same area as we are, might as well be in cahoots with us and join in."

    Pixell left the Pokemon group of two Eevees and an Aron to climb back onto Raul's shoulders. Both Sirra and Raul headed towards the two jeeps, each separating to a different jeep. There was no overhead roof to the jeep, but more so open air.

    "There's 8 of you in total, so we most definitely could fit all of you. 4 in each jeep. It doesn't matter which jeep, we're all going to the same destination anyways," Raul explained to the group.

    Crimson made his way towards the jeep Sirra was in. No preference here, it was just the jeep that was closer to him and Eve.

    "Quickly kids," Sirra commented. "If you want to start your journey soon, we should move fast."
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  2. Liliana tried to quash her amusement at Kei's overprotective nature, but couldn't quite hide the smile that tugged on the edge of her lips. However, the smile vanished at Kenandra's concern. Sheepishness and a bit of worry crept up the brunette as she glanced down at her legs. They weren't that bruised already, were they? She had always bruised and scarred easily, so she was no stranger to curious and concerned glances as well as the well-meaning offers to drive her to a doctor, especially after she had gotten Al. Despite how she may have appeared, she was perfectly fine. Just easily bruised. Like a banana, her mother had always said. Liliana hesitated, before saying, "I promise that I'm fine, but if you really wanna take a look at it we can do it once we're all a bit more settled in Tibalt Town. That way we all have a chance to find a hotel or something and relax after all this traveling! I don't know about you, but I'm ready to take a shower!"

    Their conversation didn't get much further before Professor Persea's assistants began speaking. Oh shoot! I didn't get anyone else's number! Liliana made a mental note to remember to get the remaining trainers' numbers once they reached the lab. Al made a disappointed sounding whine as Pixell left their little group to rejoin the assistants. However, Liliana brightened when they mentioned the jeeps. The open-aired vehicles made it seem like they were really on an adventure to unknown territory, and it excited the brunette to no end. Crimson had already began making his way towards Sirra's jeep. Turning to Kenandra, she said, "We should all ride together!" Scooping up her Aron, she shouted over her shoulder, "I'll save you a spot!" Using one hand to cling to her Pokémon and the other to help lift herself into the vehicle, Liliana plopped down into a seat in the back and shuffled until she was on the other side. Al fidgeted in her lap as she shot Kenandra a grin while patting the seat next to her. However, her attention had quickly moved onto Sirra and Crimson. "So how far is the lab? An hour? Ten hours?" Without waiting for an answer, her train of thought jumped once again as she turned her attention to Crimson. "I told Kenandra this but I can't remember if I told you, but you can just call me Lil! It's easier than saying Liliana every time, and I like it when my friends call me that!"
  3. Kenandra nodded in response, and said, “Understood. I think we’re all exhausted after traveling from so long.” Though, Kenandra was a bit nervous as she hoped she hadn’t bothered Lil by asking about her bruise.

    Though, one of the lab assistants had broken off the conversation by telling everyone to get on their Jeep. Lil had gotten on before Kenandra, though she noticed Lil was saving her a spot in the vehicle. Kenandra nodded in response to Lil and got on the Jeep sitting right next to her.

    Kei sat on Kenandra’s lap poshly and surveyed the seats around her to make sure she would be safe. Kei didn’t know if he could trust these people around Kenandra just yet, but he wouldn’t be causing and trouble to anyone except for subtle glares if they get too close.
  4. Wolf's conversation was cut short by the two professors announcing the group would be making their way to Tibalt Town's Lab. Wolf quickly recalled Kai back in its Pokéball and rushed towards the Jeep that was still empty, saving space for the other trainers. He went to sit in the front seat, so that Wolf could pay attention to his surroundings and already have a peek of what the Carios Region had to offer other than Saint Rhyme City, which was already a sight itself.

    While he waited for the other trainers to get in, Wolf rummaged through his backpack again to check if he had all the Essentials for his trip. Some spare Pokéballs, bandana, sunscreen. Ah, sunglasses. Wolf took out his black-framed sunglasses and slid them on. He was ready to finally and officially begin his journey through this new region.
  5. "Oh thank you! That means a lot!" Diana said as she seemed overjoyed that she was allowed to travel with this group, though that curious matter of the envelope and personal letters by the professor puzzled her a bit but she figured now was not the time to dwell on it as she saw a pair of jeeps and made her way over to the one opposite Crimson given it seemed packed already.

    Hope naturally clung to her pants the entire trip as DIana would gently pick her up as she moved to a back seat and placed Hope on her lap.

    While a bit nervous, Hope had grown generally more comfortable around these new people and Diana being right that as she stroked her back helped to really calm her nerves a bit.
  6. Well, it seemed people were raring to go and Zack had no intent to waste anyone's time as he gazed upon the jeeps present. And given it seemed to matter little which jeep he picked Zack was quick to race toward the one closest to him.

    "Shotgun!" Zack called out with an eager grin as Soul hung on his shoulder before the two loaded up onto a jeep as they were all set and eager to go once everyone else had loaded up. Soul naturally aimed to peer his head out of the window in preparation for when the car would begin to move as Zack's big grin only grew as he anticipated the trip to the professor's that was to come.
  7. Roxy went to a jeep and sat down. She set Mitsy in her lap. The Kitten Pokémon happily settled in. He purred happily in Roxy's lap. After this was all said and done, she waited for everyone else to get situated. Like probably everyone else, Roxy was eager to get going. The journey wouldn't be easy, and it was possible that potential Pokémon teammates could or may be difficult or stubborn. But that was nothing she hadn't dealt with before. She could do this.
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  8. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Alright let's go!"

    Both jeeps started up and made their way downhill towards their destination: Tibalt Town Laboratory. In order to do so, they had to go through the forest and follow a pathway towards said destination. Crimson, with Eve on his lap, sitting beside Liliana, had taken up the window seat, admiring the region through the glass pane of the jeep. The latter also had saved a seat for Kenandra, who sat right beside her. each of the trainer had their Pokemon sitting somewhere on their body.

    During the drive, the trainers in each jeeps were making small conversations amongst themselves while eyeing the region before them. Through the forest, there were surprisingly trees and dirt within the area, considering how humid and arid the environment is. But there were large amounts of sand within the area too, considering they were in a desert after all. Crimson found himself looking at a group of Pokemon that he hasn't seen before. There were green felines roaming among the bushes, collecting berries that they were harvesting for a later meal. The two jeeps also passed some small avian creatures around some flowers. The forest also contained a mini lake with in, surrounded by sand, almost like a miniature beach. On the terrain held tree-looking reptilians that were either sleeping or defending their territory from the bypassing jeeps.

    Crimson's brown orbs almost left their eye socket, amazed at the new Pokemon he's discovering right before even starting his own Pokemon journey. Eve was in his lap, equally as excited as her trainer, yapping whenever she sees something interesting that the jeep had passed.
  9. Liliana was practically glued to the window as they watched the landscape go by. She wasn't expecting to see new Pokémon so soon, but as the vehicles moved along she could see species she'd never seen before. Al chirped excitedly when a bird Pokémon flew past the jeep, and the brunette couldn't help but share his excitement. Maybe I can catch a new Pokémon when we get to Tibalt Town! That was, if she remembered about it. The excitement of a new town could easily overshadow her desire for another Pokémon as Liliana was wont to get distracted easily. I wonder if this region has any cool souvenirs... It'd be nice to have something to bring back to her parents or keep for herself.
  10. StellarWind Elsydeon

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  11. Kenandra was awestruck as she looked around this deserted region, though Kenandra may have not seemed as if she was. She couldn’t believe that she was really out of Alola, and in a completely different region with different Pokémon.

    Though, Kenandra wanted to know why Professor Persea would need all of these trainers specifically. What kind of mission does the professor want them to do? Well, the only way to find out was to talk to her, so Kenandra would just have to wait.
  12. T-this is…incredible!

    To say that Zack had been speechless would have been an understatement. The new beautiful landscape, the dazzling sights of the numerous and interesting new people and the thrill of the ride all flowed through his veins. Zack had even taken the extra mile to stick his head out the window as he gazed upon all this with wide-eyed excitement.

    “Man, this is so cool. What do you think?” Zack asked Soul, as his partner had to admit this was a beautiful sight as even the stoic fighting type could not help but stick its own head out with its trainer and had a smile on its own face.
  13. Wolf was amazed at all the different Pokémon he could see around him. In an effort to scan them, Wolf whipped out his Pokédex, only to realise it wasn't updated with the Carios mode yet, leaving their information to be acquired.

    "This is awesome!" Wolf exclaimed to himself, but loud enough for the other trainers to hear. That wasn't too difficult, seeing at how they were smushed toghether in the back of the jeep. In front was the boy with the Riolu who was in the same plane as Wolf. Along with him in the backseat were two girls with their respective Pokémon on their lap. One had a Ralts and the other a Skitty. They were all equally awe-struck at the new region.

    "This is a lot different than Kalos." he chuckled in an attempt to pick up a conversation with the other trainers. "Where are you two from?" Wolf enquired the two girls beside him.
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  14. "I'm from Kanto." Roxy said. "Mitsy here is from Hoenn originally." The Skitty looked up when his name was said. Roxy stroked Mitsy.
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  15. Diana was in pure aww as she watched the beautiful Carios landscape and its wonderful Pokemon pass by; it really was amazing, even better than she or her partner Hope could have ever imagined as the Ralts looked on not in shy worry but in wonder as her mouth was agape and she tried to soak it all in. Which when Diana saw this reaction only made it that much better.

    Then she heard a question addressed to her and the person she saw with, and decided to answer as some conversation couldn't hurt.

    "Oh, we come from Hoenn. This is my first time in a different region, it's quite exciting." Diana said with a smile to the two.
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  16. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    (Sorry folks, I am alive now)

    The two jeeps eventually arrived to a small dainty village, parking themselves right in front of a glistening white laboratory, presumably Professor Persea's laboratory. It was a little over noon in the Carios Region and the sun was pelting down hard onto the land. The two lab assistants stepped out of the drivers seat and opened the doors for the trainers to enter the laboratory.

    "Alright kids," Sirra had exclaimed to the trainers. "Here we are, come inside and we'll go grab Professor Persea."

    Crimson entered the laboratory and immediately he was hit by the refreshing air conditioning of the building, a completely different feeling from the natural arid air of the desert region. Eve jumped out of Crimson's arms to feel the cool flooring beneath her paws. Pixell waddled up beside the evolution Pokemon, almost as if introducing its fellow friend to it's home.

    Clicking of boots can be heard on the marble flooring and a thick accent of a woman ca be heard throughout the lab. "Welcome," the voice called out. "To my gracious laboratory." Out appeared a a woman with honey tan skin and red hair diva curls. The white lab coat is a for sure tell that showcases shes the professor and she brightened up her attire with an orange scarf over her shoulders.

    Raul chimed at the professor, coming after Her. "Hi Professor," the male lab assistant greeted. "Here are most of the trainers you randomly called out, while 2 of them were heading to your lab anyways." Raul explained the situation.
  17. Diana would quickly but quietly follow Crimson's lead as he seemed to be the leader of this party....least for the immediate future, and knew where he was going so she'd trust his judgement as they arrived in what appeared to be the lab within the region.

    And sure enough as they arrived inside, with Hope right by her pants leg cautiously the entire trip, a woman in a lab coat appeared who introduced this place as her own....this had to be the professor, and when she was referred to as such and between her and the assistant named Raul there had been mention of 2 trainers not part of whatever group she set up she knew she should speak up so she cleared her throat.

    "H-hello, my name is Diana. This is my partner Hope....w-we are not part of this "group" or those letters but I came here cause I needed to get this region's Pokedex and begin my journey." Diana explained simply.
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  18. Zack and Soul had been quick to follow, well follow as much as they could while being towards the front of the pack as Zack had been perhaps a step too eager for his own liking as he almost bumped into one of the other trainers on his way through the door.

    A soft smack from Soul and minor bicker ended when they were led inside by Crimson where they were soon greeted by a woman with tanned skin and red curled hair decked out in a white lab coat who introduced herself as a professor. This instantly caused Zack's own eyes to widen as he had tuned out what the woman or Raul said generally about the letters or reasons for being here as moments after the girl named Diana made her statement he moved up to the professor; an eager grin on his face and Soul on his shoulder.

    "Hey professor! I-I didn't get some special invite but I came here because I desire to be Champion of the Carios Region and need you to get me started on my path. My name is Zack and this is my partner Soul." Zack said as he introduced himself and his partner Riolu who merely gave a polite nod.
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  19. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Oh oh oh there's no issues at all," Professor Persea replied to the duo. "I'll give you all a Pokedex, the assignment I'm giving out will be related to the Pokedex after all." Raul and Sirra on the side gave a simple nod, going along with what Professor Persea has stated. "This is mainly going to be a research mission if you're willing to take up the task." The Cariosan Professor approached a table besides her and grabbed several pokedexes in several colors for variety if any of the trainers wanted a specified color. "I don't know if you have heard any rumors, but..." The female paused for dramatic affect.

    "Lately, there has been a mini surge of mysterious energy going around. Cursed may you even call it. It's been put on the low side and hidden from most of the Carios citizens. Some Pokemon have been affected by this cursed energy and it's not a pretty sight. They're being treated in a secluded area as we speak. Though the numbers are quite small right now, their numbers have steadily increased lately. We don't know what exactly is going on and we need to conduct research on this phenomenon that has occurred. As you have seen, I mainly had reached out to those outside of Carios to not insinuate panic within the region." Professor Persea explained the situation at hand and her face reading quite seriously. "That's why I have called you young folks and asked for your assistance on this phenomenon. You have every right to decline of course, but I plead you to keep quiet about this. You still however are able to go on your own journeys if you would like, it's just a small favor that I ask of you."

    Crimson took in the information that he had heard before him. He honestly thought this would be some small research assignment and internship that allowed him to travel. But hearing that there's more behind it, he's really questioning if he wanted to partake. Eve could sense her trainer's worry and sat quietly, not to disturb her trainer if he didn't want to be bothered. Crimson really wanted to take up the opportunity, but it could be dangerous. He peered over to the other trainers, wanting to hear their opinion on the situation before he made his choice.
  20. Diana let out a sigh as the Professor seemed okay with her presence despite not being one of the chosen trainers for this research mission. A research mission that seemed a bit more troubling than a simple exploration of the region, as Diana had all sorts of questions. A cursed energy? How many Pokemon had been infected? Were the researcher's own Pokemon at risk through this? This was a bit nerving, and at this stage she had merely been an onlooker to the events as Hope clung to her leg at that description.

    Irregardless she focused on the Pokedexs on display that seemed to come in various colors. Immediately she was drawn to a white one as she went to pick it up and inspected it closely.

    "Look at that, matching colors~" Diana said with a smile as she crouched down and showed it to Hope, more to lighten the mood as the Psychic type smiled in response. Though even with this Diana's focus was on the trainers that the professor had requested for...would they take this up? And even if it had not concerned her she could not help but feel that...that maybe she shouldn't just be an observer. Though the risk of all this entered her head soon after and she was unsure what to do so she waited to see what the requested trainers would do.
  21. As Zack listened in to what the professor said, he began to think long and hard about it. Naturally he was glad he wasn't in trouble for appearing here when he had not been requested to come. Of course his eyes widened and he had that stupid grin on his face when the colorful batch of Pokedexes had been laid out as his hands quickly snagged a gold-colored one and really beyond general questions to ask the professor such as Pokeballs and other tips he could have left at any time now.

    But, with this kinda of issue that seemed to plague the region...Zack was unsure if that had been the right move. No, he was certain it was the wrong move and it had not taken much longer than once glance at his partner Soul who nodded in kind for him to make a decision as he turned to the professor.

    "I am not part of your selective group, but perhaps we can help to. I desire to be Carios champion so I will explore this region head to toe, and if what you need is for people to go and conduct "research" on Pokemon in the region me and my buddy here are more than willing to lend and hand and paw." Zack replied.

    "Riolu!" His partner Soul cried out in agreement as their stance had been made clear.
  22. Roxy snatched up a sky blue pokedex before chiming in. "I'm up for it." Roxy said. She turned to Mitsy. "How about you, Mitsy?" "Skitty!" Mitsy replied gleefully. The Kitten Pokemon then started chasing his tail on the floor.
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  23. Kenandra thought about the situation, and it was quite difficult to make a decision. In one hand, Kenandra wanted to help the professor, since it was the reason of why she went to Carios in the first place, but on the other hand it may be risky if this strange energy were to affect any of her Pokémon.

    Though, after a while of thinking it through, Kenandra had made her decision. “I will help you with your research on this phenomenon,” Kenandra responded, “You graciously invited me to come to the Carios region, and I would not want to disappoint you. I would also not want any more Pokémon to suffer due to this strange energy and would like to stop it.”
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  24. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Crimson sees the other trainers had very willingly accepted the mission given by Professor Persea. He, personally, was surprised at how fast they were able to take in the information and immediately acted upon their thoughts. Crimson on the other hand had to be given some time just to let the information finally process into his brain. Crimson stared down at Eve, who was somehow able to interpret the situation at hand and gave a confident look towards her trainer. Although Crimson knows what the right thing to do is at this point, he still felt a bit pressured to suddenly take on this research mission. However the pressure of his answer and morality outweighed the pressure of the research project.

    "Yes." Crimson said aloud suddenly with confidence. "I-I mean...yes, I'm willing to participate with this research case. It's a threat to Carios as we speak and could potentially become a threat to the world as we know it. So it would be the best to act now than later." The brunette approached Professor Persea to claim a red tinted Pokedex; a color fitting for his own name. Eve nudged her trainer and yapped as if to say she was proud of her trainer's decision. But who knows, he can't understand Pokemon language.

    "Excellent," Professor Persea exclaimed. "I would personally like to thank you and apologize at the same time for accepting this mission albeit without any prior knowledge."

    "We're truly thankful," Raul chimed in while Pixell chirped simultaneously with it's trainer.

    "There's risks to this mission," Sirra explained. "But we are eternally grateful for your cooperation."

    "From the get go, we need to spread out to cover more of Carios. So it would be best to split you guys into two teams, each headed in a different direction. One team should go east from here, which should lead you straight to Fuede City, where a gym is held there. And the other should go back through the forest where a path would split in two. You can decide amongst yourselves where to go. The Carios Council should be set up at the gyms and they can also assist on your research mission if needed."

    Professor Persea headed to a elongated table at the back of the laboratory grabbed a box full of Pokeballs. She handed out about five monster balls to each trainer. "Your Pokedex should act as a cellular device too. So if you need to call any of us three," Sirra called out, gesturing to herself, professor Persea, and Raul. "Then you can directly call us through those dexes."
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  25. Diana herself had remained....quiet, throughout all of this. In truth this issue had not been her matter, she just came here to partake in an adventure; to seek our gyms or showcases to try and make a name for herself in. She wasn't given a letter, yet in spite of it not being her "problem" she could not help but feel guilt as everyone else in the room seemed willing to jump to the chance to help. Including one trainer who like her had not been requested to come along which caused her to feel a bit shamed for being the only one not to spring up to say yes.

    As she was given her Pokeballs, she heard the Professor explain the procedure to those who had volunteered. That there would be two teams, one that would head towards a city with a gym and one to the forest with a divergent path. Useful as a map to know where some landmarks were here, but as she glanced down at Hope she had a lot to think about. And before long, a sigh escaped her lips as she crouched down to look her partner in the eye.

    "Like they said, it will be dangerous. And it isn't what we came here to do. But...if we help we may be able to make sure many Pokemon here do not suffer. M-my gut tells me we should help, but I won't do it unless you'd be willing to as well." Diana said to her partner, as the Ralts had a frown as naturally the risk of danger had been alarming. However, even with her fearful tendencies she could see like Diana what the right thing to do was for the better of other Pokemon here and after a while gave a nod.

    Diana let out a nervous sigh but nodded. As she walked over to Crimson and the larger group. "S-so how do we split this up?"
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  26. As Diana asked that question, it had not taken Zack long to come to a decision. Given the way the two paths were described, one led to a city with a gym almost immediately which naturally had gotten his competitive juices going. Granted, he still fully intended to do this job the professor asked of him, as he wanted to ensure that whatever this plague was over the native Pokemon was removed so other trainers could get the best experience. And he'd do that, it just so happened this path worked well with his own goal so it had been a case of killing two birds with one stone.

    With one glance at Soul, and a nod from his partner in kind, Zack came to his decision as he turned to Diana and the group as a whole.

    "We'll volunteer to go to Fuede City and the east." Zack said as he had been the first among the party to make clear which of the two teams he'd rather go to as he seemed more than eager to begin.
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  27. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Crimson decided that it would be best to go towards Fuede City first. No genuine reason to be honest. He just felt that if he wanted to go towards the forest path rather than the city path, it would seem like Crimson didn't like Zack, which was not the case at all. His head turning towards Zack, Crimson gave a slight nod. "I was planning to head to Fuede City first," Crimson blatantly lied, but probably no one noticed because no one really cared enough as they were still strangers after all.

    Eve understanding her trainer's decision made her way towards Zack's partner, the Riolu, and started to socialize, as if she knew they may be stuck together for a while. The professor and the assistants left the trainers up to themselves and had long gone deep within their laboratory to continue their research. Crimson accessed his Pokedex, seeing as three numbers were set up already for Professor Persea, Raul, and Sirra respectively. Remembering that they were going to head towards Fuede City, Crimson took out the Carios Map he gained access to at the airport to see how far that would be.
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  28. "I think I'll take the forest." Roxy said. Hopefully they would be fine. As long as Mitsy didn't take off. She then waited for the rest to make their decisions. Hopefully she wouldn't be traveling with just Mitsy to keep her company.
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  29. Diana had a decision to make. On one hand, going to the city would give her access to the gym right away and that could not be undersold. But on the other hand was she ready to take on the challenge so soon? All she had was Hope with her and Hope needed some proper battle experience and really the idea of going to any gym with just one Pokemon seemed silly. "What do you think?" Diana asked Hope quietly as the Ralts seemed unsure of itself as either option came with pros or cons. Eventually though a decision seemed to be made as the Ralts seemed to slap its hands together twice. As if she picked the second path which was the forest, and Diana gave a nod to that.

    "W-we'll go to the forest." Diana said, joining Roxy's team as she figured it was good experience to get and a chance to train or even find a new partner to add to the team. Not to mention it sounded just beautiful to see so she could not resist.
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  30. “I doubt I’m capable of taking on the gym as I am now, but I would like to head towards Fuede City,” Kenandra said, “I would like to see if there are any shops that would help me conduct my research, as I plan on heading towards the forest after exploring the city if possible.” Kenandra honestly wanted to explore the entire region, that way she could get as many clues as possible to what may have been effecting the Pokémon of Carios, but she knew she had limits and must focus herself.

    Kei looked as Eve went to socialize with Soul, a Riolu he hadn’t interacted with nor with his trainer for that matter. Kei wanted to go and socialize as well, it was very apparent in his face, but he decided he had to stay with Kenandra. After all, there were too many new people in this one building. Who knows what would happen if he let his guard down for a second? These people could be tricking Kenandra for all Kei knew. Whatever the case may be, Kei stood close to his trainer.
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  31. Liliana fretted quietly after the Professor's big speech. Cursed energy? It didn't sound good, but the other trainers took the information in stride and accepted the mission given to them by the Professor. Pokédexes were passed out and the brunette hesitantly accepted hers. The features were pretty standard. It could record Pokémon information, a map was already installed, the Professor and her assistants' numbers were programmed in, etc. While the Professor and the others continued talking, Liliana quickly transferred Crimson's and Kenandra's numbers onto the Pokédex. It's better to have everything on one device. The rest of the trainers seemed excited for their journey, but the lack of information on this 'curse' was nagging at Liliana. Gazing down at the Aron in her arms, she wondered if she should worry about him being affected. Chewing on her lip, her eyes flickered from person to person. Is it a bad time to ask about it? Should I wait? Deciding to wait until later to ask, Liliana brightened as she exclaimed, "I'll join the forest group!" Pokémon were bound to be out there, and if they were going to be facing some sort of mysterious evil then the more Pokémon on her team the better. That, and Al could use a friend. Liliana eagerly eyed Roxy and Diana. Speaking of friends...

    The brunette bounded over to the two trainers with a bright smile. "Hiya! I'm Liliana, but you can just call me Lil! This is my Aron, Al; he's very friendly." Holding out her new Pokédex, she asked, "Could I get your numbers? I have Crimson's and Kenandra's already, but I want to get everyone's in case of an emergency." Liliana usually thought of emergencies as getting lost or running into a tough Pokémon that was blocking a path, but now that the Professor had given them a dangerous assignment a potential emergency could be a lot worse. Loud enough for everyone to hear, the brunette said, "We should all exchange numbers! That way if we find out something or run into trouble we can keep each other updated." Better safe than sorry.
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  32. So it seemed the core of the two groups were made, unless anyone else wanted to come in and be a volunteer, though her thought on that was broken when she saw one who introduced herself as Liliana or "Lil" come over and request that the group exchange numbers while she gave a personal introduction to herself and the one named Roxy given they made up the forest group. "Hello. My name is Diana and this is my partner Hope the Ralts." Diana said as she introduced herself and her partner.

    Quickly, she also pulled out a Pokedex as she seemed to understand and support the suggestion. Communication with each other could only help in case things went south as she quickly pulled out her number after she recorded Lil's. A number she showed to the room. "Here is my number." Diana said to everyone as Hope glanced at the Aron Al as the Ralts appeared to be shy though she tried to not show it too much no matter how obvious it had been to anyone who looked at her.
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  33. "Of course." Roxy said. She showed her number to the group. "I'm Roxy, and Mitsy here is my Skitty." "Skitty!" Mitsy said upon hearing his name. Mitsy was not as shy as Hope. He approached Al, then curiously sniffed at the Aron.
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  34. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Well," Crimson started off, turning towards the people that are headed towards Fuede City with him. "We should start heading there while there's still daylight I guess." Crimson interrupted Eve's slight playtime with the Riolu by picking her up and holding her within his arms. Crimson decided that it would be safer to do another introduction to his small group, just in case they don't know him yet. "I don't think both of you know my partner and I yet," the male brunette informed. "And I don't think I remember what your names are again, sorry 'bout that."

    "Well my name is Crimson Asters, and right here is my partner Eve." Crimson stated, introducing himself, possible once again as he doesn't recall if he ever made an introduction to those two yet. His Eevee yapped hearing that she had suddenly been relevant to her trainer's conversation. "It would be nice if I can set your numbers on our devices since we may need to be in contact each other for a while." Crimson joked with a slight smile.
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