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Ask to Join Pokemon Performance RP~

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kasumi Daiyamondo, Nov 6, 2019 at 2:39 PM.

  1. Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Kasumi Daiyamondo Previously Misty Diamond

    Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-performance-rp.21675/

    It was a lovely day in Lumiose city and Nika Winter was walking home from the park. "That was fun climbing trees wasn't it Leo!" She said to her Shinx. It did a little twirl. She giggled at the thought that she was going to tell her mom that she just signed up for the Pokemon Performance! "Mom is going to freak out!" Nika said. Once she got home she saw her mom baking in the kitchen. "Mom! Guess what! I signed up for the Pokemon Performance!" Mrs. Winter was very surprised, then she started crying! "Mom? Are you ok?" "Yes, I'm just so happy that my daughter is following in my footsteps!" She replied hugging her. "*gasp* We need to find you a cute dress to wear, and get your hair done..." She started, "Mom, the cake is burning in the oven!!" Nika cried. Mrs. Winter quickly went over to the oven and pulled out the burnt cake. "You and your father are better at this then I am..." She said frown. Nika laughed as she sat down on the couch with Leo think about what might happen next.
  2. Luna Stone had just gotten out of the lobby of the nice hotel she would be staying at while she was in Lumious city. Her long white hair swayed gently into the breeze as she walked. The smell of fresh baked bread was coming from some of the shops as she passed by.

    Umbre was by her side. Where he has always been. Umbre was one of two pokemon that Luna had befriended. Being that Umbre was the child of her parent's pokemon, both Umbreon as well, Umbre was naturally going to bond with the young child.

    As she walked, Luna went into smaller shops. She wanted to look for something a bit more showy for her next performance, and seeing as she would be competing with others who have had access to the fasion of Kalos, Luna had a bit of catching up to do.

    A stop in one of the more practical places to find clothing for performance that is where Luna found herself. Looking around the shop she started to pull a couple of items off of the shelf. She wanted a large selection to choose from when she had to pick an outfit.
  3. Hum, hum, hum...

    Gentle clopping filled the streets of Lumiose, one of the many sounds that flooded the busy and bustling city: the same as everyday. The strong, sturdy hooves that clicked against the roads was that of a Gogoat, otherwise known as the famous Mount Pokemon. Sat on top with a gentle grip of its curved horns was the almost young adult, Ruth Kennedi, her eyes wide with excitement as she looked around the beautifully lit up city.

    Admittedly the Kennedi daughter hadn't been in Kalos for long. Whilst it had been where she was born, at the age of around nine she had gone to live with her uncle, where they would often go from place to place for her uncle's business. Current time had been the first time she had really been able to admire the city after seven years.

    The Mount Pokemon wasn't the only one of Ruth's that was out of its Pokeball. One Pokemon that trotted along by its side was a Furfrou, its fur in the Deputante Trim. On the back of the Furfrou was a Buneary, who kept tight hold of the other Normal Type to insure he didn't fall off. He had made his self as small as possible in an attempt to not grab attention: he seemed rather nervous and shy to the bright surroundings. On her lap sat her Glameow, and her Monferno walked besides her Furfrou. In short, all her Pokemon were out and reasonably content.

    Recently she had signed up for the Pokemon Performance competition. Something new and something excited: that's how she viewed it, hence the reason she was content to attend.

    So, with her Pokemon, she rode around the streets: she seeked something to do, somewhere to explore or even someone to interact with.
  4. Sashley
    Sashley walked through the city streets in a bundle of joy. She had just entered a performance contest in Lumiose city and is currently waiting for the performance time. She was going through the streets and finally found the place she was looking for, a tiny coffee shop. She walked inside and her that iconic bell chime in most coffee shops. There sitting at a table was Luna, her brother. She called him here to tell him about the news. She sat down and started talking, “Hi Luna, sorry for asking you to come here, you must be wanting to go challenge the gym.” Luna just stared blankly with his smile. “I just wanted to say though that,” Sashley paused. “I entered the performance contest!” Her Pokémon came out all at the same time and each did their special thing. She had practiced this moment over a hundred times to get her brother’s approval and to impress him. Her Meganium holding a little cake, Lucario doing a martial-arts pose, her Volcarona making a ring of fire, and her Golurk standing on it’s stone pillars. She saw a big smile on Luna’s face.
    He stood up and clapped for her little presentation. “I actually wanted to tell you that entered the performance too, since it would be nice being known as Kalos King, wouldn’t it?” Sashley was surprised from what Luna could see. His Feraligatr had come out and made a water ring around him, making him look somewhat majestic. He was quite happy that they would both be in the contest but had a tiny problem. He didn’t know anything about performance contests. His sister would watch it all the time when she was little but he’d be drawing at his desk. “How does the performance contest work, Sash?” Sashley smacked her face. Sashley handed him a brochure and he took it opening it up. He read all the contents and now had basic info and what the contest would have. He was a little overwhelmed about this and wasn’t sure why Sashley was so calm about this, after all, these would be their first performances. He first had to drop two of his Pokémon to his father, since he wasn’t planning to use all 6 of his Pokémon, just like Sashley. He however, wanted to do this because they were both sick and could not participate.
    (feels weird to control 2 characters)
  5. As Dolan stood on the stage with his pokémon one of the judges approached him, "congratulations! Your the grand champion of the woooooorld!!!" Said the judge as he held up a ridiculously large trophy. The entire place was in an uproar in cheer. Dolan held up the trophy with pride as this was a proud moment for the sea king. Moments later the trophy started ringing and as he blinked he noticed he was now floating in the ocean of all places and the waters were raging as if kyogre were splashing about. Dolan then woke up to the souqnd of his alarm clock going off and his slowking nudging him in an attempt to wake him up. He looked over at Sol with a dumbfound Expression as he wasn't entirely sure what was going on. *bzzzzzz!* "YOU HAVE ONE TEXT MESSAGE!" Went Dolan's phone. He looked over as he grabbed his phone pulling it off the charger ,and he noticed it was a text message from his brother telling him it was breakfast time as Doran often did as he didn't want to stop what he was doing. Dolan got dressed and made his way to the kitchen to see the horror that lie within the kitchen. His father had placed a bottle of syrup next to the pancakes instead of honey and the juice was orange juice instead of dolan's preferred grapefruit juice. "Oooh the horror! You fool! What abhorrent abomination have you done father!" Dolan thought to himself as with a look of shock and disappointment. "Sorry we ran out of honey and grapefruit juice son..." his dad said casually as he looked out the window at the ocean as he ate his breakfast. Dolan reluctantly sat down and ate his pancakes dry with no honey and as much as he preferred grapefruit juice he still enjoyed orange juice. As Doran walked into the kitchen and handed Dolan his contest flyer "you dropped this..." Doran said as he walked by. Dolan knew his brother ate the last of the honey but he thanked him anyways. He also already knew he drank the last of the grapefruit juice himself. Sol walked over to Dolan ,and Dolan hastily grabbed his bag and waving at his father and brother. without uttering a word the the two cheerfully ran outside to headed to the monorail.
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  6. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Alright guys, break!"

    At a park within Lumiose City stood a trainer with two of his Pokemon, both each carrying a variety of bags of whatever they all, more so Crimson, had bought for themselves. Crimson had his satchel strapped across his shoulders tightly while both of his hands held onto two shopping bags each. The latter's loyal Gleam Eyes Pokemon, Luxray, held a shopping bag within his maw, as his quadrupled limbs are used for traversing areas. Volcarona, Crimson's Sun Pokemon, held onto the food baskets and groceries they had went to. The trio sat on a grassy patch of the park next to a fountain, with Crimson laying out a plaid black and white blanket first. He and his Pokemon all agreed to have a spontaneous picnic because they all deserve a nice park picnic once in a while.

    Crimson Asters released the rest of his Pokeballs midair. Froslass and Togekiss took off flying into the airs, loving the freedom of the fresh air they had in the skies. Cradily, the little diva she was, made her way to the sunniest spot near their area to sunbathe and freshen it's complexion. The lastof Crimson's Pokemon, the Brutal Pokemon, Sharpedo, as it didn't have it's own means of traveling on land, landed in the fountain, where the Pokemon could swim freely for a bit.

    "C'mon guys. You wanted a picnic, you have to help out a bit too," Crimson complained to his Pokemon in a joking manner. "If not, picnic would only be for Volcarona and Luxray because they helped out." Reluctantly, each Pokemon came closer to their trainer, awaiting instructions on what to do for their meal.

    For a while, they were all enjoying themselves prepping the picnic. Sharpedo was charged with washing the fruits and vegetables while Cradily helped slice and chop up portions of the food. Froslass was in charge with desert, making simple popsicle with her icy elements. Togekiss and Volcarona were charged with setting the plates and bowls. Luxray was Crimson's sous chef, assisting on the trainer's cooking. By the end of it, they all cheered for having finished cooking and finally getting to eat.

    During their picnic, Crimson wanted to bring a short monologue for the group for their recent accomplishment. "So guys, for our first ever Grand Festival, although we didn't win, we still got 2nd place! We made it to the finals on our first try! I wanted congratulate all of y'all for struggling with me and sticking together until the end! This time around, I signed us up for Pokemon Showcases in the Kalos Region. Hopefully, you all retained your skills because we're going to work hard to win the showcases!" Crimson exclaimed to all his Pokemon, and in excitement, all his Pokemon cheered back awaiting the journey ahead of them.
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  7. As Dolan ran outside he jumped over a ledge and over old man Willard's shop. "careful you youngin! don't be gettin yourself hurt now, ya here me!" Said the old man chuckling as he watched him run. The old man's stoutland lifted his head letting out a tired gruff as Dolan landed on the ground ,and Dolan laughed tossing the old stoutland a poffin. Not too far behind him his partner Sol jumped down too using his psychic abilities to ensure a safe landing. Dolan and the old man waved as both Dolan and Sol ran towards the monorail. Dolan jumped with joy waving at the worker standing outside the station, "I'm headed to Lumiouse City lady!" Dolan cheered as he ran inside with Sol a few paces behind him. As he approached the counter waving his monorail pass around ,and as he boarded the monorail he let all five of his other pokémon out of their pokéballs. The pokémon enjoyed the sights as they headed to route 13. As they made it past route 13 they finally made it to Lumiouse City! As they walked into the city, THE SEA KING IS HEEERE!!" Dolan yelled as his pokémon cheered. Some of the people stopped to look to sea what the fuss was. Two young preschooler kids ran over, "WOW! The sea king! the sea king! I saw your last performance! you totally should have won! that was no fair!" The little kids said. Dolan bent down as he talked to the kids ,and took a picture with them and Dolan's pokémon. The kids ran off happy ,and Dolan looked at His watch then at his pokémon and they walked towards the Lumiouse City park as he loved watching the swanna and ducklett swim in the pond. Dolan had even brought a loaf of bread to feed them with since it was okay. Dolan sat near the pond tossing bread chunks as the swanna and ducklett caught them. His pokémon ran around and played as they enjoyed coming to the park. Sol enjoyed sitting by the edge of the pond getting his feet wet while looking at the clouds, Polti and Ludio enjoyed splashing in the water, Fazel enjoyed floating in the water and taking naps ,and Barabara and Goldi enjoyed sparring.
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  8. Sashley
    As Sashley watches Luna walking out, she returns her Pokémon to her Pokéballs and finishes her cup of lemonade. Before leaving, she left a tip of a few bucks on the table, which the waiter gladly picked up.

    Sashley walked around Lumiose City and saw the most glorious thing, a summer yellow dress. It seemed so perfect and she just had to get it. She found the long yellow dress to be so mesmerizing, with the sleeves making it a complete fit. She grabbed it straight away and walked to the counter. While on her way she found something that just felt perfect for one of the themes of the performance contests, The Poképuff Baking, she grabbed that with a grin. On her final stop to the counter she had seen the very one she had needed that would fit for all the the themes, a pretty looking, pale yellow, dress. She brought all three of the items to the counter and paid. Sashley was relieved to find out that she had money in her pocket to buy all these dress, because it would’ve been a hefty price. The cashier smiled at her while she was paying. Before she had left, the cashier gave her 2 gifts because she brought 2 special dresses, each of which had an accommodating item, a blue flower, and boots.

    She was finally outside, and glad that her eyes haven’t caught anymore dresses. She dropped them off at her apartment and went back outside to give her Pokémon some fresh air, after all, they didn’t like being stuck in their Pokéballs all day, even in the cafe, they couldn’t stand the smell of coffee.

    She sat down at the bench and watched as her Pokémon played around. Her Meganium, Melody, was giving out tiny flower to parents and their kids, Kingi was beating a nearby punching bag, which attracted all the children, Vall was flying around, leaving little fire dusts on people, giving them a good laugh, and finally, her Golurk, Gold, could be seen sitting on top of the buildings, looking for someone in need or just feeling the breeze. Her day had gone pretty well.
    Luna was running to his father’s apartment, in need of someone to take care of his Pokémon. He passed by an Electric Blue Hair person, which seems oddly specific to be a hair color he thought, and his Pokémon playing in a pond. Few moments later he also saw a Pokémon trainer having a picnic, which just made him smile continually. He finally was in what he liked to call the "Main City Area" and saw some shoppers, he passed by his sister and gave her a quick wave.

    He finally made it to his father’s apartment, who was of course, sleeping. He shook his dad and woke him up, explaining him to take care of 2 of his Pokémon, which were sick. His father agreed to this and held Luna gave his 2 Pokémon’s Pokéballs and waved goodbye to his father and Pokémon.

    He finally started walking, exhausted from all the running he had to do. He passes his sister, Sashley, sitting there looking after her Pokémon, who were all doing their own thing. He then saw something that hit him right in the head. He saw by Sashley, 2 shopping bags, from the store across her. He had not bought his performance outfit. He didn’t know what he was gonna wear. "This is stressing me out a bit, wonder how Sashley is doing," he whispered out softly, but before he would go buying clothes, he needed rest. Luna does all his best thinking after being well rested, and this included choosing a performance outfit that first, had to go well with the performances, and second, had to appeal to the audience. He walked to his apartment which wasn’t too far away, next door to his father’s. Before going in his apartment, he let all his Pokémon out to give them some fresh air. He let the window open, Incase one of them wanted to go inside. He walked in and fell on his bed.
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  9. Luna Stone had been in the dress store for awhile. She had been indecisive about what she wanted to get. In her hands she had three dress each one was black, but had different colored details to them.

    The first one was a long floor length dress. It was your classic princess gown that layers of lace on the bodice of the dress. To go with the dress, Luna picked out a pair of sparkling sliver 5 inch heels. The seemed to have sleaves made of lace that accentuate her slender frame.

    The next dress was a bit more form fitting. It comes to about her knees and shows off her body well. Below her bust, the dress has a dark purple belt that tend to give her a cinched look. The sleeves do not come all the way down to her hands, they stop just below the elbow. For shoes she paired a pair of dark purple heels with them.

    The last dress is more on the casual side of things. It is looser and has a slit up to her thigh. The dress looked to be made of lace with a sparkley fabic underneath. Luna decided to pair this dress with a pair of shimmering white leggings, and a pair of black combat boots.

    After deciding on what she wanted, Luna walked over to the woman behind the counter. She had gotten there just as another girl was paying for her dresses. Setting the items on the counter, the cashier rung them up and said the total. Luna took out a black amex card from her bag and paid for everything.

    With her purchases in hand, Luna and Umbre walked back to the hotel. She wanted to get her clothes put away before she found somewhere to eat. She did not realize how hungry she was until she started back.
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  10. As Dolan fed the swanna and ducklett he noticed a light blue haired boy with pigtails run by. After Dolan ran out of bread he sat outside a few minutes of enjoying the nice weather he returned all of his pokémon to his pokéballs except Sol. Dolan decided before he would head to the contest he would eat a meal at his favorite restaurant, "Restaurant Le Nah" as the food was cheap, good, and they let him bring his slowking inside. Dolan was pretty hungry and ordered the same soup he always had. Along with some pokétreats for his pokémon. As Dolan made his way down the street a fisherman recognized him, "Ahoy! Ahoy there! Sea king...over 'ere!" Said the jolly man. As Dolan approached the man he smiled and they talked for a few minutes about the ocean and Dolan signed an autograph for the man along with a picture. The two waved and parted ways as Dolan was determined to get there now. Dolan walked over to one of lumiouse's many taxis ,and paid the driver to take him to Restaurant Le Nah. Dolan in the back with his slowking as he talked to the driver along the way and when they arrived the man gave him a discount. After Dolan paid the man he entered the restaurant and spoke to the worker at the front desk and ordered a meal. It was a good meal and he really enjoyed it too. Sol sat beside him and enjoyed the treats in front of him. He enjoyed his soup and bought some extra treats before leaving. After he left he gave his other pokémon some treats and they sat outside for a few minutes then Dolan returned them to their pokéballs. Dolan looked up at the sky and at Sol, "Are you ready for the contest?" Dolan said as he grinned at Sol ,and Sol smiled back as they were now headed towards the contest hall.
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