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Pokemon of History

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Shōbō-shi, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys! Well, in my last topic, I made you think about life in a pokemon world. Well, as I was reading over this, I realized that if pokemon had been around forever, famous people would obviously have pokemon as well. I'm aware of how history would be altered significantly if, say, George Washington had a charizard, but for the sake of disscussion, let's just say that history has stayed the same. Basically, why I think would be cool, is if you all replies with the names of 3 famous people (celebrities, warriors, etc.) from all world history up until now, and tell me what they're pokemon team would look like. Please try to be as original as possible, and try to post at least 3. I'll start it off:

    Alexander the Great: Rapidash, Pidgeot, Scizor, Absol

    Lady Gaga: Mr. Mime, Tentacool, Sableye, Drowzee

    Elvis Presley: Loudred, Ludicolo, Chatot, Electabuzz

    Oprah Winfrey: Jirachi, 2 Ludicolos, Loudred, Hypno
  2. Julius Caesar - Rapidash, Luxray, Tauros (trying to keep the kinds of animals they used in his time)
    Attila the Hun - Staraptor, Lucario, Sneasel, and Houndoom

    I'm sorry, I'm just not able to focus right now, but I will be able to revisit this thread later on with a better list.
  3. In my opinion, Lady Gaga would have a Gothitelle, a Wigglytuff, and Girafarig. She deals with style, music, and different personalities, so why shouldn't her possible Pokemon reflect those traits?
  4. Hmm... Intermaresting question.

    Let's see,

    Richard Simmons (I'm sorry but thanks to Whose Line he's been stuck in my head @_@) : Jynx, Ludicolo, Female Wobbufett, and Spinda.

    Abraham Lincoln: Togekiss, Dusknoir, and Wargle (Braviary).

    Chuck Norris: Even though he doesn't need any, in the realistic perpective I'd say Blaziken, Hitmonlee, Tuaros, and Quagsire. In Internet meme perception, Arceus, Arceus, and Arceus.

    And for the heck of it,

    John Wayne: Rapidash and Blastoise for the guns.
  5. Michael Jackson would've probably had a Kirlia and Roserade with him at ALL times xD

    George Lucas would have Dialga and Lucario or something like that ...

    Christopher Columbus would've had a Lapras and Pidgeot , i think .
  6. Jack the Ripper: Sneasel, Scyther, Weavile, Zangoose, Dusknoir, Sableye
    Steve Irwin: Sandile, Waruvile, Waruvial, Croconaw, Feraligatr
    Micki Dahne: Shandera, Gardevoir, Lunatone, Solrock, Shinbora, and Goruugu
  7. In my opinion, Steve Irwin should also have a Mantine. XD
  8. Steve would have also had a Haderia or something as well, representative of his 'girlfriend' Sui.

    Heck his entire zoo would have had pokemon in it, especially Feraligatrs.

    Every professional musician out there would have had Loudred, a walking speaker can carry itself.
  9. That and a Magnemite family member for all the rockstars to power their instruments.
    So who would Yo Yo Ma have?
  10. A Chimecho, as a tuning accessory. :p
  11. Quick pun moment:

    Obama: Obamasnow

    all credit goes to the master of puns, Cody
  12. ...What?

    Would it be in poor taste to say Hitler with some Weezing and Koffing?

    Cleopatra: Persian, and Ekans (you know, the whole asp thing...)

    Otto Van Bismarck would have Metagross. (Blood & Iron anybody?)
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Hmm... How's about this~

    Madonna: Lopunny, Jynx, Ninetales, Glaceon

    Harry Houdini: Mime Jr. <--- For some reason, this one feels so right.

    Jackie Chan: Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Lucario, Medicham, and probably quite a few other Fighting types.

    I was trying to think of some Pokemon that would suit John Lennon, but everything was just coming up stereotypical hippie-related. Meganium and Parasect would be the ultimate hippie Pokemon, and Tropius just screams "tree hugger enviornmentalist". XD
  14. Doesn't this sort of speak for itself? :p

    Picasso would've had a Smeargle, of course. I think he would've had a Mr. Mime, a Jynx and a Jumpluff maybe. The last one I don't know why, actually, it just sounds logical for some reason.
  15. Picasso was also sort of trippy, so wouldn't the trippy Musharna also work?
  16. Ossie Osborne: Zubat.


    Do some homework if you don't know what it means~
  17. He'd probably keep a bunch...poor things :'<


    Jamie Hyneman likes to tinker with technology, so I bet he would have Klink, Klang, Klinklank, Porygon Z, and Scoutland for the stache =)

    Adam Savage likes kerplosions, so he would probably have Electrode, Forretress, and since I think he's an alien from outer space, I think he'd also have a Beheyeem, and I also think he likes robots, so Golurk too. Then I guess the rest of the teams would consist of Voltorbs >:D

    I lurv Mythbusters :3
  18. Not you, diff cody. Someone I know.
  19. Daft Punk
    Guy-Manuel: Aron, Magneton, Rotom
    Thomas: Magnemite, Gigear, Bronzong
    They would also share a Metagross nicknamed 'Human'

    Chopper Reid: Machoke, Zuruzukin, Kabutops
  20. Queen Elizabeth - ninetails, skarmory, gallade

    hitler - weezing, among other poison types
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  21. I'm gonna say Hitler would've had a Banette and a Weezing at least. Weezing for obvious reasons, and Banette... I can just imagine a Banette with a svastika band on it's arm :X
  22. Charles Darwin: Monferno, Butterfree, archeops and maybe a Zweilous.

    The first two just for mimicing two animals often associated with him. The third because its an archaeopteryx fossil and the fourth because Zweilous reminds me a bit of an Iguana, some of which populate the Galapogos Islands.
  23. Ho Chi Minh:Krookodile,Hydreigon,Tentacruel... >:(
    Yeah,that's right!HE MUST HAVE THOSE POKEMON!
  24. Napoleon Bonaparte's best friend would be a Bagon, and he would probably have a Regigigas (over compensation)
  25. Don't forget his Duduo :>
  26. Here are some celebs and the pokemon they would have:
    Michael Jordan would have a dodrio (jumping high)
    Harry Houdini would have a Gengar, an Alakazam, and all the unkowns
    Rocky B. (sorry I dont know how to spell it) would have a Hitmonchan, a Machamp, and an Infernape
    Lady Gaga would have a Jynx and a Gallade
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