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Ask to Join Pokemon Nursery 2.0

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. (These kinds of threads seem to attract lots of trouble, so I'm making this an ask to join thread this time. I will accept or decline you based on your previous roleplaying history, so if you're the kind of person who posts one liners and OOC spam, expect to be rejected without a second thought. I do not want this thread to be ruined by troublemakers again)

    When their trainers are busy during the day, with work, or school, or training their stronger pokemon, the Alola region's baby pokemon are dropped off at Mallow Hill Nursery, where they can play and learn as they please. Here, baby pokemon can socialise with others of their age, train in the beautiful flower field out by the playground, and eat delicious, freshly baked treats at lunchtime and snack time, made by the kindly nurse who runs the place. You can be sure that your little pokemon will be well looked after here, at Mallow Hill Nursery!


    (PM me your character sheet, if you want to join!)


    Species: (MUST either be the starting form of a pokemon, or a pokemon which cannot evolve, because you're only a baby in this RP!)

    Reason for being at the nursery: (Why your trainer can't look after you during the day, or why you're being made to attend, anyway)

    (Additional rules:

    1.) You can have crushes, but not 'serious' relationships.

    2.) You can evolve.

    3.) You can have small battles

    4.) Fakemon are allowed, as long as they are yours, or you have permission to use them)

    Name: Aoki

    Species: Pachirisu

    Reason for being at the nursery: She is being trained as a therapy pokemon, to help bring comfort to a trainer suffering with anxiety, and help them relax. Since she is not particularly good at making friends, the agency training her thought that it would be a good idea to send her to the nursery, so that she learns to socialise and get along with other pokemon. When her training is complete, she will be assigned to a trainer, whom she will care for, and act as their starter pokemon.


    Flowers, toys, a playground, and a training ground. Mallow Hill was nicely decked out, for a nursery, at least, in Aoki's eyes.

    She still didn't quite understand why she had been sent here, though. To make friends? She already had friends, back at the agency she was being trained at. They were all the friends that she needed. She shared notes with them and asked them what they did on their training programs all the time. There was no need for such frivolity as casual conversation; that only got in the way of Aoki's training, of course.

    Yet still, here she was. And thus, she thought that she'd try and make an effort here. Besides, the pidgey shaped boat swings on the playground did look fun. Maybe she'd get another pokemon here to share one with her.

    She sat down in the swing, and did her best to work it by herself, rushing back and forth to pull the ropes needed to make it swing.
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  2. A baby shark-like creature was in the playground of the Nursery, as he sat down behind the sandbox. He sniveled to himself while his tapered tail shook about along with the gentle breeze, as it could be heard within close proximity. His right leg and lower chest were wrapped around snugly with cloth bandages that were as white as the clouds were in the forenoon sky. His silver anklet glimmered along with the sunlight, while he continued to cry behind the sandbox. The pain in his body was tolerable at least, while on the other hand, another kind of pain struck his heart like a solar beam that pierced his entire body. He described this pain to himself as a monster, something that would haunt one for long in their life, or even for eternity, as it was almost invisible for the untrained mind.

    He still didn't seem to understand why his trainer had sent him here at the Nursery though. He thought to himself as he covered his eyes with his arms in an attempt to mask the tears that ran down his face like a waterfall, "No, I don't need to be treated by the Nurse.... I'm already fine here, that guy already treated me. I don't need to be treated, and I have a will to live now..." He continued to think to himself while he began to fidget about, as he thought to himself again, while he began to hyperventilate, "I don't even know if I need friends, the only real friend I had was one that took care of me like I was his kid, and one that even listened to me at times..."

    He continued to sit behind the sandbox and sobbed like a baby, as his body started to gradually fill with adrenaline. His breathing got heavier and slightly faster, as his hearing began to diminish. His heartbeat was now audible within himself, as he looked around while he felt some sound waves that bounced off of him within a close distance. He slowly got up on his feet, and inched towards what he heard to be some ropes that someone pulled on.
  3. Aoki soon became tired of working the boat swing, deciding that forever having to run back and forth to pull the corresponding ropes wasn't worth a few seconds of being airborne in one direction, and then the other.

    Exhausted, the pachirisu hopped out of the swing, only to notice a pokemon she had never seen before, heading in her direction.

    She examined the strange creature with some caution... It looked a little like a sharpedo, with its dorsal fin, but clearly, it was not of a water-bound species. It seemed upset, to say the least... This was the perfect job for Aoki! She'd been learning all about how to comfort sad people at home, so maybe, she'd be able to comfort this sad little pokemon.

    As she'd been taught, she cutely curled up before the stranger, offering her fluffy tail for him to pet.
  4. Sky walked into the daycare, and sighed. "Another day in this place." Walking into the playground, she noticed some new Pokemon. "Hello! Nice to meet you! I'm Zailia, what's your name?"
  5. Aoki got up when she realised that she'd made a bit of a mistake when approaching the stranger. She didn't have to speak, when approaching humans in distress; since they weren't able to understand her, it didn't matter if she said anything or not.

    She got up and brushed herself off, noticing another pokemon, this time, one she did recognise; a zorua, headed in the direction of her and the stranger.

    Clearing her throat, the pachirisu decided to try and introduce herself to the two.

    "Good day," she began, "My name is Aoki, and I'm a therapy pokemon. How can I be of assistance?"
  6. "Hi. No help needed, thanks. I'm all right." Zailia took the shape of a Pidgeot, and flew over the Pachurisu
  7. Akuma was next to arrive, their dot-like, black pupils surveying the surroundings, It was a strange, strange place... there were always so many people here, and the shivering little Mimikyu was never comfortable around so many people, apart from Ghost-Types. And... unfortunately, there seemed to be a... significant lacking, in people they were happy being around. Their imminent terror and paranoia of socialising was probably a contributing factor to why they were here, it was just... unfortunate, that they had to be there. At... this moment. Hopefully, everyone would think they were a Pikachu... then, maybe, just maybe, they'd be friendly?

    Aku could only hope.
  8. Zailia flew back over to the new arrival, a Mimiku, and landed next to it, still in the shape of a Pidgeot. "Hello! Welcome to the Nursery. I'm Zailia, what's your name?"
  9. "A-Ah!" Akuma jumped, their tiny eyes widening in fear as the energetic individual in the form of a Pidgeot came up to them. Hm, why was a Pidgeot here? They weren't a first-stage Pokemon.... or perhaps, Akuma was just being silly? That was always a possibility. "I'm, I'm, I'm Ak-Akuma. I'm a... a Pikachu. Yes, yes, um, a P-Pikachu." Akuma stuttered, scared that they would be found out.
  10. Zailia's guise melted away, leaving her standing there. "Mmm, but wouldn't there be a Pichu here? I mean, you are an evolved Pokemon. Unless my sense is right."
  11. "Um... uhhh... I was b-bred! As a Pikachu! I was n-never a, a P-Pichu..." the Mimikyu stammered. Ah, this is why they didn't like socialising... they hated being found out. The other seemed to not be a Pidgeot anymore, so... that was a little more reassurig, but they were a Dark-Type. Dark-Types scared them. "What... are, um, y-you?"
  12. The baby shark Pokémon looked around the area, as sound waves kept bouncing around him like a party that went on. He walked over towards what he heard to be a Pachirisu, as he quietly took in a deep breath. He attempted to make the adrenaline in his body diminish as quickly as possible, since he thought that the Nurse was here due to the constant sound waves that were rampant. He stood next to the Pachirisu with a hesitant posture, as she appeared to be a vague, whitish squirrel-shaped creature to him.

    He stood near her with a slient outlook, while he examined the area for other Pokémon with the diverse sounds that were all around him from the other voices. He used his left leg to rub on his right leg in an attempt to nullify the pain, as he took in another quiet breath, while he looked over what he heard to be a strange voice. He looked over towards the direction where the voice came from, as he quickly pinpointed the location to be in the direction that he glanced at. He continued to stay near the Pachirisu, as he sat down next to her while he was speechless with anxiety.
  13. With the zorua clearly busy with someone else, presumably, a strange kind of pikachu, no... Pikachu were too big to come to nursery. This place was only for baby pokemon, after all. The nurses here had bigger pokemon, but they were all standard service pokemon, like chansey and audino, and wigglytuff...

    Aoki peered over at the creature, and soon realised that in spite of its costume, it was not a pikachu. Its lower body was too dome-like. That, and its head and neck appeared to be made of fabric. And it looked like its neck was broken, in spite of it being able to move around, clearly, without any difficulty.

    She turned her attention back to the quadrupedal, sharpedo-esque pokemon, who seemed to have settled right by her, yet still hadn't found the courage to even speak to her, yet.

    Inhaling sharply, the pachirisu softly repeated, "Good day, my name is Aoki, and I'm a therapy pokemon. How can I be of assistance?"
  14. Socks arrived at the nursery, defiantly determined to ensure they didn't meet the same fate they had nearly met in the woods before their trainer had saved them, and then eventually brought them here.

    The little Mimikyu scooted from shadow to shadow, observing without being seen, surprised to see another Mimikyu in the nursery but also curious to see how the other pokemon would treat it. So they continued to just watch, and wait.
  15. The baby shark Pokémon looked over towards the Pachirisu while he didn't seem to respond to her question. He felt rather frightened around her, as he thought that it was the Nurse saying this, since the vocabulary that the Pachirisu used made it sound like his typical Nurse. His breathing got faster by the second, as he turned his head sideways, attempting to find a place to hide. He sent out a small sound wave towards a tree, as he attempted to keep his cool in front of the Pachirisu.

    His body shook like an unstable tower, as his eyes started to water up from the anxiety that surged throughout his body. He emitted out a quiet cry towards the Pachirisu, as he attempted to sit in an awkward position in an unavailing effort to hide his right arm and his chest that were snugly wrapped around with bandages. His cry started to gradually get louder as his nervousness was now in abundance, while he didn't seem to have the courage to speak to the Pachirisu yet.
  16. Aoki stepped back, apparently having frightened the stranger even more. Maybe she hadn't spoken gently enough? Or... Was it perhaps, her choice of words? Being a trainee therapy pokemon, she was much better educated than most members of her species, however, she had never before had the opportunity to socialise with pokemon her age who weren't being trained to serve humans. At least, not for medical purposes, anyway.

    Aoki paused a while, lost in thought... How did other pokemon her age speak? They'd probably use simpler words, wouldn't they? Yeah, that was it. And what else? What would they talk about? Not medical stuff... Food, maybe? Battles? Toys? Maybe, she could try and strike up an age appropriate conversation with this pokemon, about age appropriate things. Conversation could be a great distraction from blind panic.

    Mustering the least intimidating, least grown-up sounding words she could find, Aoki cordially said, "Say, that merry-go-round looks like a lot of fun. Would you, perhaps, like to play with me on it?"

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