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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The World Just Won't Stay Saved

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Cyan, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. Ava lashed out with a tawny forepaw, blue eyes blazing angrily at the Rhyperior. Her partner, Riley, a Riolu, unsuprisingly, was darting in from the back, landing a swift blow every now and then to assist. Ava was an Eevee. She had previously been human, but transformed, the only similar characteristci between her human self and Eevee self being her unusual blue eyes. Right now, they were on a rescue request. The pokemon they were rescuing? They had no clue. They only knew this Rhyperior had kidnapped the subject of their search. The Rhyperior let out an angry roar and smacked Ava aside, her weight being less than adequate for this fight. Riley called her name in alarm, but Ava's vision had begun to darken. Riley dealt the final blows to the Rhyperior, sending it running, and a pokemon, one Ava had never seen the likes of before, timidly approached her battered body. Ava searched her mind for the term she had heard the Rhyperior say before. Right. Vulpix. Ava guessed this was the unusual pokemon's species, and the golden Vulpix neared Ava. "My name is Lotus," it said in a young and feminine voice. "Thank you for rescuing me. I'll go get you some help." With that,the little creature darted away, and Riley promptly took a seat beside his partner, guarding her. "I'm fine," Ava protested, but Riley gave her a firm look. Ava rolled her aquamarine eyes, and unsteadily got to her paws. She heard an unfamiliar pokemon in the undergrowth, and her ears pricked. "Hello? Show yourself!"
  2. A Torchic peered out from the undergrowth, watching the Eevee and Riolu defeat the Rhyperior. Her eyes had widened in surprise. She had never really seen anything like it. The Torchic, startled, had moved ever so slightly, causing the undergrowth to move. She stiffened as the Eevee called out, but she knew that the Eevee had heard something. The Torchic stepped out of the undergrowth, meeting the Eevee's blue eyes with her own dark eyes.
  3. Ava watched the Torchic with caution, scanning her to check for any hostility. "May I help you with anything?" she asked, sounding a bit aggressive. Riley whipped to ace the intruder, frowning, and circled the Torchic warily. Ava cocked her head slightly, wondering what the Torchic was doing here. She hadn't seen any other Torchic on the way in...
  4. The Torchic's gaze flickered from Ava to Riley for just a moment. "I do not need your help with anything at all," she replied, her voice somewhat frosty. Her dark eyes had narrowed here so slightly, more curious than hostile. The Eevee seemed to be.... different than others, but the Torchic couldn't tell why.
  5. Ava shrugged. "Kay. Well, Riley, let's find Lotus and get going..." She took a step in the other direction, and found herself back on the ground, pain searing through her. The golden Vulpix then returned, and stepped up to Riley. "Do we need to go?" she said softly.
  6. The Torchic narrowed her eyes, even more than they were, until they were dark slits. She didn't say anything, but edged ever so slightly back towards the undergrowth she had emerged from. She tilted her head upwards to gaze at the sky, her thoughts racing. She lowered her gaze. "My name's Aura," she said at an almost whisper. "What are you doing here anyway?" she questioned, curiosity getting the better of her.
  7. Ava got up again and nodded. "I'm Ava, my partner is Riley, and we were here on a rescue mission. We were rescuing the golden Vulpix over there. Her name is Lotus." She finished, flicking her thick tail a few times. "We're Team Blazeleaf."
  8. Aura's dark gaze raked over them. "Team Blazeleaf, huh?" she murmured. "Well, good job saving Lotus and all that and good luck on your next rescues and such," she continued, straightening up. She turned to move back into the undergrowth, her thoughts racing. She briefly wondered if they could help her find her partner that had been missing for a while now.
  9. Ava dipped her head tp Aura. "Thank you. You know...you don't really look at ease somehow. Is anything wrong?" She frowned slightly. Riley and Lotus watched them from the background, remaining silent.
  10. "Huh? Oh, no. Nothing is wrong," she answered, stiffly. She froze, her guilt eating at her. "Yes. My partner is missing," she admitted, looking back at Aura. Her eyes shimmered slightly with a sense of loss. Aura didn't know where she would go if her partner wasn't found. She wasn't sure if her partner could handle herself.
  11. Ava pricked her ears. "Well, why didn't you tell me that earlier? What pokemon is your partner, and what's their name?" She circled Aura a few times, mildly concerned. Riley cautiously stepped forward. "We'll help you find them." Lotus slipped up next to Ava, who was twice her size, not speaking, only watching.
  12. "I didn't tell you before because you had your own problems. My partner is a Mudkip named Storm," she answered, a hint of caution entering her voice. She gazed at them. "Do you really think you could help me find him?" she asked, hopeful, but not entirely trusting of them yet.
  13. Ava laughed. "Well, duh. Of course we'll help you. Where did you last see Storm? She's probably not far from where you saw her last." Riley nodded, agreeing. Lotus gazed up at Ava, then at Aura, then back to Ava. "Can I help find her friend?" she said, her voice small and almost inaudible. The blue-eyed Eevee swung her head to Lotus, more than a little suprised.
  14. "Let me think... We were trying to track down a Tangela and Storm just vanished," she answered, more stunned than anything. "I don't know how he could just disappear!" she said, a trace of fear entering her voice. "I went back every day, but there was no sign of him," she muttered, confused.
  15. Ava tilted her head, thoroughly confused. "My bet is if we find the Tangela, we find Storm...can you lead us to the place where you lost him?" She ignored Lotus' request for the moment, deciding to give her time to think over what she just said. Lotus poked Ava with her nose. "Please?" Ava sighed, glanced at Lotus, and nodded. The golden Vulpix simply smiled, making Ava even more unsure of her decision. She's so little...
  16. Aura nodded slightly. "Of course I can," she answered. A grateful look crossed her face before she turned and headed back into the undergrowth, pausing every so often to make sure that they were following. She was heading towards a massive mountain in the distance, her eyes alight with determination to find her best friend.
  17. Ava followed, observing the mountain with a berating look. She had been through there before, and it was a favorite hiding place for rogues. Lotus was struggling to keep up, as one of Ava's pawsteps equaled two of her own. Eventually Ava sighed, and picked up Lotus by the scruff, continuing near the back of the group.
  18. Aura glanced back. "We're almost there," she commented. She pushed her way through the last of the undergrowth between where they were and the mountain. "This is where Tanglea has been hiding out," she said, gazing up at the mountain.
  19. Ava placed Lotus on the ground and nodded. "I know this place. Let's go." She swiftly stepped forward, Riley and Lotus close behind. The mountain stood large and forbidding, and Ava didn't doubt for a second that Aura's partner was here.
  20. Aura followed last, glancing back one more time at the safer undergrowth. She shook of the feeling of dread that had grown as they had come closer to the mountain. She held her head high and strode after Team Blazeleaf.
  21. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    This is not an RP. In fact, this isn't much of anything. Locked on grounds of quality control, and next time, make your posts more than two lines each.

    Also, this level of similarity between you two makes me highly suspect this is the same person talking to themselves regardless of mismatching IPs. This will be looked into.
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