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Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Great Exploration RP Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by What Did You Do To Snoke?, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Join the guild and take up many quests in this mystery dungeon inspired RP where humans have turned into pokemon explorers. Discussion thread for signups: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-mystery-dungeon-the-great-exploration.18316/
    Amongst a number of large rocky cliffs, stood a plain of sand- a beach. From the sea, the waves hit the sands of this beach and there was a storm. The clouds turned dark as the waves crashed harder and then the storm subsided and a blue dot appeared on the beach. He looked up.

    "Where am I?" He asked himself. He looked down at his hands but saw that they were blue stumps-flippers. "Wha-" He saw a large pink ball upon the cliffs in the distance. The man hadn't seen civilisation in ages. He had been an explorer, on a ship in the sea but it had crashed due to the storm. His crew was gone and the ship wreckage was nowhere to be seen. The man started wandering across the beach. He saw a strange fragment of crystal implanted into the sand and picked it up. It was smooth and clear and appeared to be a piece of glass. The man looked into the glass, looking at his face. He appeared to be a small penguin like creature.

    "What?!" The creature jumped to the floor. "I'm a Piplup! How did I..." At first he thought he had lost his mind, that he was crazy, but the guy threw a rock from the floor onto the cliffs. The rock bounced back onto his head and knocked the guy out. He awoke and looked into the glass again to see the head of the Piplup once more. "So...i'm not insane...i've really...turned into a pokemon!!"
  2. Salsa's head had a massive headache he got up to see darkness everywhere " Whe-Where am i his vision was a blur, but he can barely see a blue shape " he started walk but then walked on four legs " Huh? " He looked at his hands he looked him shock " Why does my hand look like this ? " He shakes his head and dashed to the blue blur
  3. Rogg jolted awake, finding a faceful of sand. "Ugh. Blech." Was his response, sitting up. Surprisingly, there was no sand in any of his face-holes. Rogg also discovered he only had one face-hole! "What?" he whispered quietly to himself. Rogg reached out to his face to figure out what the heck was going on, but nothing was there. "What the world?" He said, yelling the last word of that sentence. Suddenly, there was a flash of color pulsing out of him, only visible to him, revealing his surroundings. "A-am I blind?" Rogg asked, another wave being sent out to make better detail of what was around him. The waves revealed that he was on a beach setting, with two other beings. One was seemingly sprinting on four legs, and another, standing up, was inspecting some pointy thing. "Uh, h-hello?" he called out, stumbling towards those two other things and gathering more info about where he was.
  4. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    The Piplup looked up to the see the two others who had been transformed into pokemon-a Salandit and a Roggenrola. "Hello?!" He shouted across. The Piplup ran towards the Salandit and Roggenrola. "I need help. I seem to be lost...the last place I saw was the internal structure of a ship. I remember not looking like this...and then I awoke on this beach and found that I had been transformed into a baby penguin like creature-a Piplup! This is not who I am! I am human! What am I to do..."
  5. "Well, it seems we suffer the same fate." Rogg replied, cringing as the pulse detected all of the things down that things throat. "Not all the same things, but the not looking like this. We share that." He said. Rogg noticed that every time he spoke, another pulse went out, and identified everything that changed from the last time. Probably shouldn't talk much, except for introductions. Too bad. "But hey, at least you're not a rock." He added.
  6. " You know i don't really like being a scaly creature freak! " He exclaimed, He paused " I'm actually okay now being that you are 95% eye " Salsa tried really hard to remember his life before but he couldn't " Do you guys remember anything before this fiasco like your life when you where human the only thing i can remember is my name, Salsa " He frowned
  7. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    The Piplup at Rogg. "That's true." He nodded. "What's your name? And where'd you come from then?" He asked.

    A group of Wingulls flew around the beach and spotted the pokemon on the beach. They each parked themselves onto the sand so that they could see the pokemon. They seemed interested in them. The Wingulls were from the Wigglytuff Guild, which could be see on the rocky cliffs just north of the beach. A large Luxray jumped down from the grassy plains to the east onto the rocks before the sand and then onto the beach itself. He spotted the Wingulls roosting and dashed forwards, hitting each of them with his sharp teeth. The Wingulls flew into the air in a crazy manner. The turned around and saw the Luxray.

    "He's after us!" One of the Wingulls shouted. This was followed by a great number of electric attacks which downed most of the Wingulls.
  8. Salsa turned his head to see the commotion " Uh oh, Guys we better get out of here before that Luxray comes fore us " Salsa said As he got ready to run
  9. "I'm Rogg." Rogg said, before having to turn 180 degrees to watch a Luxray attack some Wingull. "About that running thing. Where to? Where those Wingull came from?" He asked, trying to read the Luxray's current emotion through it's face. I'm gonna talk whenever i want to. I don't care about doing what i said i wouldn't do.

    (Hey, is like a miniboss or something? If so, that's pretty cool.)
  10. The commotion on the beach seemed to go right over the head of one more stray, sodden creature, who lay unmoving in the sand some meters away from the rest of the crowd, his black forepaws covering his face.

    'It's dark,' echoed his own voice in the furthest corner of his mind. 'Dark... and damp. But something feels off, as though all of this is more than just some dream. August... wake up!' The tiny, kitten-like creature shivered. It took him the longest to come to his senses, his ears drooping as he shifted once, and then slowly rolled over onto all four legs. His yellow eyes blinked open, but there was a bit of a glazed look about them. He could vaguely hear the voices of the other Pokémon, and the panicking flock of Wingull overhead, but he paid it no mind... for now, at least.
  11. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "My name...as a human, I believe it was..." The Piplup was interupted by the loud roaring of the Luxray. There were a pile of fainted Wingulls surrounding the large cat like pokemon. The Luxray looked up and ran towards Rogg, Salsa and the Piplup.

    "What have we got here?!" Asked the Luxray, pulling a devilish smile. "A bunch of babies floundering around on the sand like some kind of depressed magikarp?!" He opened his teeth wide.

    "What did...what did you do to those poor Wingull?" Piplup asked, seeing the pile of fainted seagull pokemon.

    "I devoured them. They were just a snack for me." The Luxray responded.


    "Anybody ever told you about survival of the fittest? No?" Luxray let off a small growl which became louder and louder.

    "You were picking on them for no good reason!" Piplup shouted, finally mustering the courage to confront the Luxray.

    "Was I? Ha! They were weak, useless lifeforms! You know what...i'm hungry. You three shall make my dinner!" He roared. Piplup backed away looking frightened but let off a small group of bubbles from his mouth accidently. These hit the Luxray and the Luxray got enfuriated with rage and pounced towards the Piplup.
  12. "You really want to eat a rock?" Rogg asked nervously. His attention flashed to his surroundings for a moment, noticing some other things on four legs, and the pile of bird corpses. "Ugh." He said to himself, when that Luxray thrust itself at the two-legger. "Oh crap!" Rogg yelled, and then upon instinct threw some sharp stones between the Luxray and two-legger, hopefully aiming to have that thing step on them. "D-did i just... use a move?" He asked. These thing are really rubbing off on me.
  13. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    The Luxray jumped over the rocks fairly easily. He then proceeded to attack Piplup with his mighty jaws, pouncing once again with a thunder fang attack. Piplup went flying. He got up, but was barely still standing. "Attack him from behind!" Piplup shouted. Luxray charged at Piplup but Piplup jumped up, into the air onto a rock that was next to the tide, that was closing in. Electricity flowed through the cat pokemon towards the Piplup but Piplup dodged it. The electricity went onto the ground and into the water, conducting back towards the pokemon itself. The Luxray got hurt but got up once again.
  14. Salsa mouth foamed up with gas then he let it out on Luxray " Please do something! " He thought then he proceeded with a scratch " What am i doing?!? " His body moved without him telling it to do so!
  15. "Uh, UH." Rogg rambled to himself. He used Nature Power, causing a lump of sand to mix with the seawater, and launch itself at the luxray. He used it 2 more times, and asked "Is that good?" This lion means buisness. Rogg thought, his foot tapping.
  16. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Luxray got hit from behind by the nature power attack and the claw attacks and was weakened. He growled and turned back at a Rogg and started charging towards him. Piplup fired several streams of bubble attacks at the Luxray whilst he was charging. Luxray got hit. Whilst he was charging, Luxray tripped over a small pile of sand. The sand twisted into a circle and engulfed half of his body. Two eyes popped out and a shovel, revealing a Sandgast.

    "What is this contraption?" Luxray asked.

    "You just got trapped...by me!" The Sandygast exclaimed. "Cassandra is my name! The guild has finally gotten you!" She shouted.

    A Pelliper flew over to tend to the wounds of the Wingulls. "My brothers!" He shouted, before flying them towards the large pink building in the distance.

    A round pink figure stepped next to Cassandra. "Take them to a healer, Pellipper." The pokemon was a Wigglytuff. He looked at the trapped Luxray. "Well done, Cassandra." His voice seemed fairly old but higher pitched than some. He looked upon the castaways. "I was watching the whole thing and, I have to say, you guys did a good job helping us trap him. That Luxray, he's been a threat on our list for a long time, bullying and attacking pokemon weaker than himself, but, we couldn't get him. Thanks to you, you were able to weaken him and lure him to my friend Cassandra over here. For that, I would like to formally invite you to the pink building over there." He pointed towards the cliffs. "That's right...I haven't introduced myself. My name is Wigglytuff. I'm the leader of the Wigglytuff Guild, a group of explorers and adventurers who wish to make the world right. You see, the world isn't what it seems to be, as you can see by that Luxray attack. We send out teams of adventurers every day to find precious treasures and to stop good for nothing criminals like that Luxray every day. What do you say?" Wigglytuff asked.

    "Well..." Piplup said looking at his comrades. "I guess..."

    "What is your name?" Wigglytuff asked.

    Piplup tried to think of his original human name, but dismissed it. Then, the wounded Luxray, still in the bars of the sand prison created by Cassandra, fell to the floor on one side and coughed up his last words. "You're a little prince aren't you..."

    "Prince! That will be my name!" Piplup shouted. "We are from the human world...though we don't have much memory of it. I would...love to join this guild, if it's what you say it is!"
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  17. By now, the kitten Pokémon had been fully roused from his dreamy state of mind. Not because he had managed to collect his thoughts, but in fact, because the sounds of a scuffle and the shouts of other creatures in distress had finally broken through the blanket of fog around his brain.

    With a grunt, he managed to stand up at long last. He hadn't the slightest idea where he currently was, nor how long he had been here. But nothing around him as far as his eyes could see looked - or felt - remotely familiar. A sinking feeling like a stone in the pit of his stomach crept up on him, though there was hardly any time to sit down and try to analyze his situation. The little cat turned around just in time to see an even larger feline farther down on the beach, having a scrape with two more creatures around his own size: a sentient rock, it appeared, and a blue, penguin-like bird. For a moment he was unsure of what to do, watching the two parties exchange blows as he himself stood frozen in the sand. But a small part of him couldn't bear to just idle there and watch when the others clearly needed some help.

    Before he could figure out how to go about leaping into the fray, however, another creature had appeared to help the rock and the bird take down their assailant. The kitten watched Cassandra as she managed to get the rogue Luxray under control, and the following exchange between Wigglytuff and the penguin. He shook his head. This was all a bit jarring... He wandered down the beach towards Rogg in the meantime, figuring that now was as good a time as any to check in with the others.
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  18. Almost immediately after he did Nature Power, some, from what he could guess, sound waves pulsed behind him. "Woah hey." Rogg said, his words revealing another cat-like pokemon jumping past him, and attaching itself to that larger cat-like pokemon. "Hel-lo." He chimed. There's always someone you haven't met.
  19. (Oop. The post that introduced Wigglytuff and co. hadn't loaded up for me earlier, since I was in an area of town with really poor reception and hadn't seen it. My bad! You guys can sort of disregard the end of my last post while I go in and fix it.
    EDIT: Done!)

    "H-hello, there," the cat stammered at first before composing himself a little. "My name is Augustus, although... you're more than welcome to just call me 'August' for short." That was one of the few details about himself that he currently could remember right off the bat. He frowned, half listening in on the exchange between Wigglytuff and Prince in the meantime.

    At the invitation to join the explorers' guild in particular, he hesitated. As enticing as the Guildmaster had made the idea of becoming an explorer sound, August still wasn't entirely sure of what he would be getting himself into by agreeing to sign up. He stared down at his paws, deciding to wait for everyone else to give their answers before he made his choice.
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  20. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Wigglytuff looked at Augustus, then the others. "All of you should come. If we see any stranded pokemon on the beach, do allow them to follow us. We're a rescue guild too, you know." Then Pellipper flew back and grabbed Cassandra, with the help of a bunch of flying type pokemon. The sand prison containing the downed Luxray was placed in the usual area in the guild. Wiggltuff started marching towards the guild in question and Prince started following. "Come on, it's this way!" Wiggltuff shouted.
  21. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Razor felt himself falling, and he was falling fast. When he next came to, he was on a beach and out of the corner of his eye he spotted a Roggenrola. He realized that he was kind of thirsty so he went to the ocean to get a drink, and that's when he saw his reflection, "How did I become a Bulbasaur?" When the young Pokemon finished his drink, he decided to talk to the Roggenrola, "Hello, who are you, and how is your day?"
  22. Rogg kinda watched as the Wigglytuff thing walked away, making a lot of sounds. Too many. "Uhh, sure." He mumbled, almost to himself. Then, some sound did it's thing behind him, so he turned to find another four-legger behind him. "Uh, hello. I'm Rogg, and I'm pretty sure my day is fine." He answered. "Hey, you're stranded, aren't you?" Rogg asked. "Follow us." He didn't let the dinosaur-shaped thing answer, because that Prince and the Wigglytuff were getting pretty far ahead. Rogg stumbled up, and then stumbled more to catch up with the others.
  23. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Razor struggled to keep up with the three Pokemon as he wasn't used to having four legs. When he caught up to Rogg he decided to ask, "So where are we going?" He hoped he hadn't been kidnapped and was going to be subjected to torture.
  24. "I, uh, I think we're going up to that pink thing on the mountain." Rogg replied, hoping that there really was a pink thing on the mountain, as the sound waves couldn't detect color and just didn't go that far. "I guess that's where the two legged thing lives. The taller one." He said, squinting to no avail. If I'm stuck here, might as well make a living.
  25. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "So, what are we going to do on the mountain?" Razor asked, still suspicious of his new companions. He knew nothing about them, but then again he knew nothing about this new world he was forced into so he was forced to trust whomever he met.
  26. Salsa shrugged " I guess we walk up there but i don't understand why they couldn't take us there " He gestured for them to follow him as he ran across the sand on four legs
  27. "That," Rogg replied. "I don't know." Rogg used sounds surrounding him to inspect the newcomer. There seemed to be some bulb-shaped thing on it's back, and some expression that he linked to thinking. Aw geez, he thought. I hope we won't mess up on anything.
  28. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Wigglytuff looked back at the group. He saw the new member that Rogg was talking to. "So you're Rogg." Wigglytuff worked out. He looked at the Bulbasaur. "You want to come along now? What's with this beach and stranded pokemon suddenly washing up ashore here? We've found at least five pokemon on this beach today if you're like the others! Listen, follow me up the cliffs, and I can promise a home for all of you. So long as you join our guild and help us with jobs!" Wigglytuff exclaimed. He then ran forwards. Prince waddled up to the pink ball and looked up as they approached the cliffs.
  29. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Razor nodded, "I'l do aything within reason so long as I have a place to stay and a job that earns me money." He started to run as they approached the cliffs and hoped he could get a job soon. The Bulbasaur excitedly asked, "When do I start working?"
  30. Salsa quickly proceeded along side with Razor and Prince " I need some sleep after what happend! " He yawned " Wait is there food also i'm starving! "
  31. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Wigglytuff ran up the cliffs and looked down on the group. "You can start working today if you want!" He shouted down to them. "Come on, it's this way!" Wigglytuff ran into the large tent like building, through the mouth of the larger Wigglytuff. There were market stalls set up and lots of little houses next to the Guild's main hall, where pokemon lived. Prince dashed up to see them and saw a grand clock tower chiming to the east of the guild. They had created a whole society here!
  32. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Razor was stunned at the spectacle of the guild. He wanted to touch everything but decided to refrain from the idea as he didn't want to break anything. He then asked Wigglytuff, "So where is the request board as in the place where all of the available jobs are? He had read a little about guilds when he was a human so he had a small idea of what to expect. "I agree with the Salandit over here, I can't work on an empty stomach, so where is the food?" He did feel a little bad for bombarding Wigglytuff with all of these questions but he thought as he was the guildmaster, he was used to this kind of thing.
  33. Salsa smirked at all the glorious sights to behold him, Who knew Pokemon where capable of this! " He looked around he saw a fresh apple on the ground, " Bottoms up!, " He swallowed the apple he felt refresh now " So where is this guild of your I'm getting hyper and want do something! "
  34. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "Well, it's normally over here." Wigglytuff pointed towards two wooden stumps. "Today's the day the board gets changed. You see, we update the board with new requests once every week." Then, a group of Timburrs marched passed, carrying the board. "There!"

    "Hello leader!" One of the Timburrs shouted cheerfully.

    "Hello. Has the board been finished?" Wigglytuff asked.

    "Yep!" One of the Timburrs exclaimed. They placed the board onto the stumps and on the board, pieces of paper with requests could be seen. There was a counter next to the board where an Azumaril took her place after going off for a break.

    "This way! Into the main guild tent!" Wigglytuff ordered as he led the group. Wigglytuff led the group into the pink tent where numerous adventurers in the guild were. They saluted their leader clearly. Wigglytuff opened a door to fairly large room. "This is my room." He said to the group. "If you ever need me, i'll be here. I'll be giving out orders to guild every so often. Best get you newcomers somewhere to stay too. I'll get the Gurdurrs on that project. As for food...why not stop at the Inn Swanna has? Let me show you." Wigglytuff went back into the main hall and ran to the left to where there was a door and a sign that said 'the good neighbour.'
    "Swanna sells food and drink here, at this tavern. She also takes care of wounded newcomers."
  35. Augustus listened quietly, doing his best to keep up with the Guildmaster and the rest of his teammates-to-be throughout their tour of the facility. As awe-inspiring as the place was, he still wore the same grim facial expression that he had had since washing up on the beach outside. But deep down, a small part of him was impressed. "Understood," he mumbled by the time they had reached Swanna's place. His legs were already beginning to feel wobbly with exhaustion. A bite to eat did sound good, even in spite of the dozens upon dozens of other things on the Litten's mind. He peered up at Wigglytuff. "Are there any other parts of the guild that we need to see?" he asked, wanting to know before they settled down for lunch.
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  36. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Razor saw some coins with his peripheral vision and he used them to buy himself lunch but he had some difficuty choosing what he wanted, "If I order the fruits, vegetables, and grains, I'm technically commiting cannibalism, and if I order the meat, I'm technically eating other Pokemon.";He finally decided on eating candy as it was the only thing that had none of those things. He sat down next to Augustus and asked Wigglytuff, "So where is the request board?" He started eating the candy he bought while smiling whenever he took a bite.
  37. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Wigglytuff pointed to the right of the building, continuing to give the new pokemon a tour. "Over there are the offices of the other important members who run the guild. If i'm out or something's happened to me, one of them will take over. Outside, to the east, you'll find a clock tower which will display the time. Once we've created living spaces for you guys, we'll tell you to come and look at what we've created, but they should be outside, with the other homes the Gurdurrs have created. If you wish to form a team and set out on a mission, do contact me or Azurmaril, the pokemon we just passed, with the request board. She runs the requests you see. You must talk to her if you want to see the requests people have. We also have a canteen set up around early morning, midday and in the evening for food. One last thing- there are elections coming up for the next leader of the guild. Everyone in the guild gets to vote. I've won pretty much every time but it's looking like it's gonna be the other way around this time. Would you guys mind voting for me? The others will most likely turn the guild into something it's not." His voice died down into a whisper at the end.

    "Ah-ha! Got you!" From the end of the hall, a large Gumshoos swaggered in, on it's two behind legs, it's front limbs behind his back and he swaggered up towards Wiggltuff. Behind him, there were a large group of Yungoos giving a strange smile.
    "I've caught you red-handed!"

    "Donovan! What a suprise to see you while i'm showing some newcomers the guild!" Wigglytuff grinned.

    "You were trying to get those newbies on your side, weren't you?!" Donovan the Gumshoos roared.

    "No I...I was clearly showing them around."

    "I heard you whispering to them! I know the next line, you were gonna bribe them with money and food! Ya do that with everyone around here!" He shouted.

    "I do not! Are you accusing me of bribery? That's messed up, you know!" Wigglytuff shouted. "You know, I could get you suspended from the guild. I could get you kicked out! Do you want that?"

    "Ha! Try me!" Donovan shouted, laughing. He poked his finger at Wigglytuff's chest and Wigglytuff saw the taller body of the Gumshoos loom over him. "You're going down mate. In the election, I will rule! I'll turn the guild into the Gumshoos house and I shall be it's President!" The Yungoos army beside him gave off a shrieking laugh as Donovan led them out of the building.
  38. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "So this guild has a Donald Trump I see." Razor said as finished his candy, he then went over to Azumarill and asked her, "So where is the requests, I'm new here and I want to start working right away." He wondered how the Gumshoos would respond to his comment as he knew it couldn't be that bad as if he hurt a newcomer, that would give Wigglytuff an opportunity to exploit it.
  39. Rogg has followed near the middle of the group, nodding every time Wigglytuff said anything. For some reason, he wasn't hungry, He turned around to see that Wigglytuff whispering something to them. Yeah. I'll do that. Rogg thought. Suddenly this tall thing with a booming voice came up to the Wigglytuff, and they started arguing about something. Bribery, he guesses. Missions? Food? Time? Teams? Rogg was almost overwhelmed, and also not listening to what Wigglytuff is saying. "Uhhh. Is this place always this loud?" He asked, noticing pulses from every direction. Even if the waves help him see, it is a mindsore to have things going everywhere. Rogg noticed he was following mindlessly, but he didn't mind.
  40. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Prince turned to Razor. "Didn't you hear? He said the requests were on the request board. We passed it outside, remember?"

    "Yeah the guild tends to have quite a lot of pokemon talking at once." Wigglytuff said to Rogg. "But you won't have heard anything until you've heard the alarm to wake people up!" At that instant, a Loudred appeared. "Here's one of them!" He pointed.
    "Loudred, go get Exploud, these are our new recruits!"

    "Right away!!!" Loudred roared.

    A Conkeldurr crashed his way through the crowds of pokemon and approached Wigglytuff and with two Gurdurrs. "Yo Wigglytuff my man!" He shouted, with a grumbling voice.

    "This here is Conkeldurr!" Wiggltuff pointed to the pokemon. "He and the Gurdurrs work on construction projects, such as the building of new recruits' homes."

    "These folks look new! Would we be required to build for them?" Conkeldurr asked. "Welcome to the guild, by the way."

    "Yes!" Wigglytuff responded. "Get the Gurdurrs on the job too. Build them some nice homes out of brick and stone but throw in some iron here and there. I'm sure most of them will enjoy the cave like interiors you make!"

    Conkeldurr nodded. "It'll take us most of the day to do it, but we won't fail." He smiled at the new recruits, before leaving.

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