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Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Journey for their Marks

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Welcome to a new Mystery Dungeon RP, but No Humans allowed :p.

    Fight for your marks, your stripes, your spots, your patterns. In this world, Pokemon must prove they have the skills to earn their marks. Marks are handed to those, Brave enough, those Smart enough, those Strong enough, to gain their marks.

    Form a Team, Go through treacherous lands, find your goal at the highest point in the Pokemon World. Mt, Storm Seige.

    • Romance is allowed, keep to a minimum.
    • Actually ask to Join, those who Join before asking shall be removed until successfully asking to join.
    • Shiny Pokemon are allowed, but not too many. Shinys are rare for a reason.
    • Please choose a Pokemon that have stripes, spots, etc. Good: Umbreon Bad: Espeon
    • Fill out a form, please.


    My form:

    Name: Dusk
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Umbreon (Regular)

    Let the RP Begin!

    Dusk frowned. He watched as a Caterpie crept by. Even the Caterpie had it's marking, yet Dusk hadn't. He watched as Arbok gained their patterns, and Umbreon gained their rings before his eyes. He then looked at his full black body. "No Rings." Dusk frowned. He let out a sigh, then lying on the ground.

    'Marks, they show your worth, in this Pokemon World. Gain no Mark, gain no respect. Gain Marks, be respected. Show your worth.' Marks were the only think signifying your strength, smarts, or matureness in this world. A caterpie that was younger than Dusk by five years gained his mark before him, and Dusk was 15 years old. The caterpie wasn't even a pre-teen.

    Dusk groaned, shoving his head in the ground.
  2. May I join? Here's the character (She's a completely white flabebe, so no red cheeks, yellow crown or green body)
    Name: Lilli
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon: Flabebe (normal, with blue flower)
  3. Name: Sylpha
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Shinx (Normal)
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  4. @Evenir ,@kuukestu Accepted!

    Dusk frowned, then groaned before standing up. He looked around to see he wasn't the only miserable Pokemon that wasn't blessed with their marks. A White Flabebe was just plain white, along with a Shinx with no charm. "Well at least I 'm not the only vile creature here." Dusk sighed.
  5. Hey ! can i join too ?

    Name: Bambo
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Grenịnja ( Normal )
  6. Dang, completely forgot to sign up for this.

    Name: Sien
    Gender: Female
    Pokémon: Arcanine (Stripeless)
  7. OOC: Yes, @BamboPlays , you may join, along with you @Riverrunner , but pleaase do not just enter a form, and I cannot just reply to myself here. :(


    Dusk frowned. He sat down by a near by tree, then sighed. If anything Dusk was an Emo.
  8. As the sun rose, the arcanine stood proudly, her fur whipping in the wind. Markings represented pride, dignity, and coming of age, all of which Sien wanted. "The Cerimony of Light," they called it, and it imprinted markings upon all Pokémon ready to accept them.

    Well, almost all of them.

    A newly marked Zoura stood nearby, laughing like a hyena. Small tears welled in his eyes as he rolled in the morning dew, coating his red and black fur with a shining layer of dampness. "Oh… oh man…" he choked out in between giggles. "Look!" he shifted into an Arcanine looking much like Sien, bar for the fact that it had a Zoura's stubby black tail. "I…I'm a… GREAT ARCANINE! Th…the STUFF OF… LEGENDS!" He laughed some more, practically wheezing out words between gasping breaths. Looking down at his body, he noticed a 'mistake.' "Oh! Looks like I… got it wrong, Sien! Ca… can you believe… it? I thought… they… had stri-" he burst out laughing, barely able to breathe at this point.

    Sien, clearly not pleased with the mockery, gave the Zoura (now struggling to hold his illusion) a nudge on the leg, causing him to loose balance and roll down the hill. Usually, the Arcanine was proud, but being the only one without markings made her feel… stupid, to say the least. Heck, even the nearby bug types had their colourful markings of purple and yellow.

    However, she soon realized she wasn't the only one.

    Gazing around the clearing, she noticed an… Umbreon? She thought, anyway. It was rather hard to tell without the rings. It could also be a markingless Mightyena, but she decided to go with her former guess.

    Padding over to the sulking Pokémon, the arcanine decided to initiate a conversation.

    "Hey, don't feel bad. You're not the only one."
  9. (OOC: I know that I have been accepted here, but I will still put up my OC form in case.)

    Gender: Male
    Pokémon: Shuckle (He's normal, nothing unusual.)

    Sakhir sat under a rock, as he liquefied the berries in his shell that he had stored. He slowly dissolved part of the rock he was under, as he peeked out and noticed an envious Umbreon that sat near a tree. He looked around while his head slowly retreated in his shell, as he noticed some other Pokémon that were around the Umbreon.

    He thought to himself as some gushing noises could be heard within his shell, "Wow, somebody's sure having a bad day here. I'd better keep it quiet, I don't need to start up a fight here. Might as well enjoy this berry juice while I'm under this cozy rock." His body quickly withdrew into his shell, as he stayed slient, while his body continued to synthesize the berry juice.
  10. Sylpha sat down in the middle of a field of grass, he stuck out like a sore thumb and it was only natural, after all a shinx that was completely blue tended to stick out especially when he was placed in the middle of a green field. He felt like burying his head in some sand, at least then no one could see his face.
    As Sylpha continued to sulk he noticed a Zorua rolling past him doing who knows what before crashing into a group of Poochyena. Well Zorou tended to be a bit weird so he didn't think much of it, but as he turned towards the direction the Zorua rolled from he noticed a gathering of markless pokemon: an Arcanine, and an Unbreon. Feeling a sense of kinship Sylpha trotted over before saying,
    "Are they really all that? Pokemon with marks I mean. They cant be that hard to get, right?"
  11. Looking down, the Arcanine noticed that a Shinx had joined in on the conversation, he too lacking his marks. At least… it was probably a Shinx. It could be a litleo that had somehow ticked off a Smeargle. Nah, probably just a Shinx.

    At his remark, Sien shrugged… well, in the best way a dog could, anyway. "I mean, it can't possibly be that hard. Just get some sort of black ink and dye your back legs and tail. Heck, I could make stripes with it too, at least that way I wouldn't look like some kind of overgrown Flareon," she looked over the Umbreon, who was still sulking against a tree. "You could probably find some kind of yellow berry or something… but that wouldn't solve the glowing problem… maybe you could grind up one of those whatever-they're-called-glowy-stone-thingies."

    It took a moment before the Arcanine realized that her method of creating marks was probably frowned upon. As in very heavily frowned upon.

    "Uhh… disregard that," she finished awkwardly. "It is a big status symbol though… maybe no one'll notice?"

    Everyone noticed.
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  12. Sylpha almost tripped as his eyes widened in shock,
    Is this Arcanine for real? Was she really about to suggest we forge our own marks?!
    Sylpha paused before staring at the Arcanine with a complicated gaze.
    This one... could be quite dangerous... She might the extreme type.
    As he stared he gradually broke out into a grin, "So, you seem like the gutsy type,I like you better already~"
    Sylpha laughed before becoming serious again,
    "But, we probably shouldn't do that... for obvious reasons..."
  13. Sien met the Shinx's grin with a smile of her own, accompanied by a small chuckle. "I think I like you better too."

    Yes, it was entirely true that Sien could go a little bit… over the top. On many occasions, more often than not, in fact, the Arcanine would jump to conclusions and prance into situations with little to no thought beforehand. While saying it, the stripeless Pokémon had been absolutely serious, but now she realized it was a bad idea. A bad idea as in illegal.

    The Arcanine averted her gaze, giving another awkward chuckle that quickly diminished. "Hah… yeah… no. We definitely shouldn't do that."

    She shrugged again, becoming more lighthearted once more. "I mean, it's not like we'll look this way forever. There's got to be some way. I'm sure this has happened before, right? After all, there's…"

    The Arcanine scanned the area, doing a relative head count of a few markless Pokémon in the area. There was obviously the Shinx and herself, as well as the Unbreon. That's three. One of the Greninja didn't look normal to her, but that could've been for a number of reasons (she counted it anyway).

    "…four of us, I think."

    She'd failed to notice the Flabebé due to its size and the Shuckle, which was cleverly hidden away, as well as any other Pokémon outside of her field of view.

    "So it's therefore probably happened before. That's how things work… right?" Sien paused for a moment before continuing regardless of weather her rethorical question was answered or not. "I've never seen an unmarked Pokémon out on the streets who hasn't attended a festival before, so there's got to be a way. And, heck, I bet we can find it."

    Changing the subject entirely, as she figured it was important regardless, she asked the all important question (that wasn't really a question, but still):

    "So, I never did get your names."
  14. Dusk frowned, being accompanied by an Arcanine who also didn't receive her markings. This made Dusk feel a little greatful, but sad that he felt greatful, otherwise known as Guilt.

    He then watched as a Shinx accompanied the Arcanine. He was a bit intimidated that the shinx would walk up to the Arcanine, the Arcanine could have intimidate as well, then again the Shinx could have too.

    Midnight simply didn't feel like saying a word, him being too depressed.
  15. "Ah, right how rude of me, the name is Sylpha, or Sylph for short, but.. as you can see, its not that much shorter"
    Sylpha gave a small chuckle before making an overly exaggerated bow, as he raised his head he winked at the Arcanine, "and who would you be?"

    As he waited for an answer Sylph turned his eyes to the depressed looking Umbreon, he strutted over and began to poke it wish his tail.
  16. Dusk was sticking his head into thw ground till he felt a sudden pressure on his waist. The figure was sharp, a star like tail. The pressure he was poked with made Dusk's ear flick. He quickly removed his face from the ground, then used Bite on the Shinx, aiming for it's tail.
  17. As Sylph continued to poke the Umbreon with his tail he felt a sharp pain as its fangs bit into his tail. His face contorted as he let out a sharp cry "OW, OW, OW, OW, OW ..."
    With a sharp turn and tears in the corner of his eyes Sylph immediately tackled the Umbreon towards the Arcanine before releasing a discharge of electricity.
  18. "Sylph and 'awkward-silence-because-I'm-depressed-about-my-markings,' those are nice names," the Arcanine commented, jokingly, hoping the Umbreon would take it as such. "I'm Sien," she said afterwards, doing a completely unnecessary over-the-top bow as well, though much less graceful. "Nice to meet you."

    Getting up from the awkward position with a chuckle, she noticed Sylph moving to prod the Umbreon with his tail in the attempts of getting a response. Fortunately, it worked. Unfortunately… well, that was self explanatory.

    As the Umbreon lunged towards the Shinx, his jaws glowing in preparation for a move; bite; the Arcanine decided to make a move, diving towards the pair in an attempt to take the hit. After all, she probably had more endurance than Sylph… probably.

    Unfortunately, she was a few seconds too late as the jaws quickly made connection with the Shinx's tail. The dog Pokémon skidded to a stop in an attempt to not bowl over the pair, only to have a certain emo Umbreon tackled towards her in turn.

    No matter what happened next, seeing the Shinx's cheeks flash briefly with electricity was clearly bad news. Sien braced herself for impact, cringing in preparation for whatever was about to unfold.
  19. Midnight growled. He didn't let go, he hadn't learn his lesson yet. He allowed himself to be tackled toward the Arcanine. The Arcanine was much bigger, Midnight sliding under her legs eih ease. He dragged the Shinx with him.

    He saw the Shinx get ready for a Discharge. He realeased, Midnight being the mane source. Considering Midnight had the tail in his mouth, his insides were probably going to become charred. He frowned. He kept his stance, allowing the Discharge to hit. A cloud of Smoke appreared.

    The cloud started to fade, finding Midnight perfectly fine. "Please! I live with a Jolteon! You think some Discharge is going to help you!?" Midnight growles

    Midnight pulled the Shinx, then swinging him in the air. He let go once his momentum was great enough to fling the Shinx a great distance. He growled, watching the Shinx fly off.
  20. After getting thrown Sylph snorted
    "Hmpf, as if you'll get rid of me that easily."
    Shua curled into a ball allowing himself to fly through the air and upon landing rolled to get rid of most of the damage. As he picked himself back up his eyes flashed and his body sparked with electricity before he glared at the Umbreon,
    "hoho, a jolteon? sparks aren't the only thing I've got and as for throwing me well i cant quite let you just get away with that"
  21. The tiny Flabebe rode her little blue flower low over the ground, looking around at the big world around her for signs of any tiny flowers that she could use to crown her head. She wished she could have that pretty yellow crown like her friends, but alas, she was a coward, a wimp, too afraid to venture out and do anything to earn her marks. She'd seen others take attacks, rescue their friends, even leap into battles with much larger pokemon (which was, to be fair, most other pokemon), and later parade around with rosey cheeks and leaf-green bodies. She just... wished she could feel special, feel a little better about herself. Perhaps she could gather the courage one day to get stronger, or to help others at her own risk.

    Finally she found a bush with cluster of tiny yellow and orange flowers that she determined were perfect to weave into her crown. Just as she was about to pick the first one, she heard the loud sounds of a fight breaking out nearby. She looked over with large, curious eyes to see an unmarked Shinx and Umbreon tumbling around towards an Arcanine. She was enraptured by the battle... until the Umbreon flung the Shinx. Right. At. Her.

    She froze in place, terrified, and let out a loud, high pitched squeak, clutching tight to her flower and curling up into a ball. Luckily, however, her panic activated her Fairy Wind, which didn't really take aim at anything but had enough force to send her tumbling a little bit away, just enough not to get crushed.
  22. The Arcanine jumped as the Umbreon slid underneath of her, despite the obvious height difference. Opening her eyes, she realized nothing bad had happened… to her, at least.

    The Umbreon hadn't let go of Sylph until the discharge hit, leaving him enough time to snap an angsty comment about sibling relationships. At least Sien assumed it was a sibling. After all, she had three brothers and a sister herself.

    Just when she thought it was over and they were through with smacking the crap out of each other, the Umbreon proceeded to bite the Shinx's tail again and chuck him across the hillside.

    It was then that Sien heard a high-pitched squeak, turning to see the pure white Flabebé on the ground. Five, she'd missed one. Desperately hoping the tiny creature was okay, the Arcanine ran over to the squabbling duo of markingless wonders in an attempt to peacekeep. If they were going to have to get their marks together somehow, step one was getting along well enough to not tear out each other's throats.

    "Alright, this is unnecessary. You're wasting energy. Can we just… not attempt to kill each other as well as the Flabebé in the area??"

    Boy was she horrible at talking.
  23. The terrified little pokemon looked around at the world with big eyes, still frozen in place and shaking with terror. The voice of the Arcanine snapped her out of her stupor and she dove into the flower bush for safety, peaking out at the others. Wait, had the large dog pokemon actually noticed her? Rarely did any of the larger pokemon take notice to something so small unless they were attempting to attack her. Too many times had she'd seen others stomped underfoot and the bigger pokemon never even seemed to look back. Peaking out of a little bundle of flowers as if she was imitating tiny Florges, she looked around at the pokemon.

    "P-please stop," she whimpered. She couldn't help but wonder if these pokemon thought they could earn their marks this way, but she wasn't so sure that needlessly fighting was the way to go about it.
  24. Glancing at the Arcanine who attempted to mediate Sylpha responded immediately,
    It was short and curt, but carried across his intent clearly."By the end of today he'll have a new bite mark or i wouldn't even be worthy of getting marks"
    Saying this Sylph charged, however it wasnt towards the Umbreon but rather he charged right at the Arcanine.
  25. In all honesty, the only reason she'd noticed the minuscule Pokèmon at all was due to its high-pitched cry that was almost at a frequency that only dogs could hear in itself. Otherwise, she would have been completely oblivious to its appearance entirely, not even realizing it had existed.

    Changing mindsets, the Arcanine took a step back at the sight of the charging Shinx. Any sensible Pokémon would've continued to negotiate in a pacifistarian manner further if that was their plan. Sien, however, was anything but.

    "Welp. I tried."

    Heck, if the Shinx wanted to get burned, she was more then happy to dish it out. The Arcanine prepared an attack, a spinning trail of fire appearing seemingly out of nowhere in front of the Pokémon; fire spin. Aiming at the small creature, she fired, a wicked grin spreading across her face.
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  26. Sylph had no real intention to attack the Arcanine, he just wanted to use her as a spring board so that he could get a better shot at that Umbreon, but he obviously had no time to explain his plan, and she obviously thought he was attacking her. After seeing the grin on her face he did considered forgetting about the Umbreon and just fighting this Arcanine but that didn't look like it would end well, though maybe he would consider it again once he was a luxray.
    As he stared into the eyes of the Arcanine he smirked before releasing a Flash attack and causing her Fire spin to miss. Not wasting anymore time he jumped onto her back an from there onto her head and finally launching himself into the air, he did however leave a few small electric charges along her body, its the least he could do after she tried to fry him extra crispy. As he hurtled through the air towards the Umbreon he emitted a blinding Flash which stole the vision of all in the vicinity. Using this chance he landed atop the stunned Umbreon and left a fresh bite mark on its ear.
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  27. The Shinx, clearly not having time to explain his intent on jumping the Arcanine, had to resort to plan B. Of course, Sien didn't realize this, having been intent on… well, heck, even she had confused herself. Instead, she conjured up a relatively weak version of Fire Spin, put on her game face, and waited. Maybe she could knock him back? Heck, maybe she could hit him in the back. Then he'd have legitimate markings (did singed fur count as markings?)

    The Shinx seemed to be getting awfully close, almost a bit too close for comfort. Sien was beginning to have second thoughts about burning the small creature. Just as she'd been about to jerk her head away and hope she wouldn't hit anything, the flash practically did it for her, causing her to look away quickly and to fire the attack in a random other direction that, thankfully, wasn't towards the Flabebé bush.

    Needle sharp claws pranced down her head, leaving static shocks in their wake as Sylph had revealed his intended use for the arcanine; higher ground. The doglike Pokémon shuddered, shocking herself all the while as the static crackled among her long fur. Painfully lifting up her head, Sien checked to see if the pair had stopped, only to be hit straight on with another, much brighter, flash attack, forcing her head down once more.

    Sien didn't get to see the Shinx's acrobatic final move, having been practically blinded (temporarily, of course). Purple spots danced at the corners of what little she could see of the grass, leaving the dog Pokémon with no practical ability of sight. Shaking her head, she attempted to regain recovery, but to no avail.

    "Arceus…" she started, still blinking. Thank goodness she could still rely on her more dominant sense of hearing. "I really need to stop underestimating the little ones."

    Or stop wimping out at the last second…
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  28. Darn i'm late srry bout that

    Bambo woke up outside the river but he didn't remember anything about why he was there . All he remember is something about his town being invaded and burned. He stood up and walked through the woods to find an answer.

    And the adventure begin.

    As Bambo walked through the woods he noticed some pokemon were having a fight with something. He wanted to help but he also did not want to get involve with this. So he used the so called "greninja" skills. He sneaked up onto a branch and waited there to get his time.
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  29. The flabebe squeeked again seeing the Arcanine let out a firespin. She let out another squeak, concerned it was headed her way. Luckily, it barely missed and dissipated just a few inches from her. Clearly staying this close to the fight was dangerous, but she doubted she was still enraptured with watching it. She decided to take the clump of flowers she was peaking out from and fly upwards a bit, hoping that the pokemon wouldn't be aiming any attacks up higher. She wasn't too much of a fan of heights though, but she'd feel better with a branch under her flower. Closing her eyes, she bolted full speed to the closest branch she could, clutching the bundle of tiny flowers.

    With her eyes closed, she wasn't paying much attention to where the branch was, or if anything else appeared there. She ended up charging full speed right toward the leg of a Greninja.
  30. Sakhir had been deeply asleep, as he slept through everyone talking and even fighting each other. Later though, he had woken up to the sound of some other Pokémon fighting! He slightly peeked his head out of his shell, as he noticed a Flabébé and an Arcanine fighting each other!

    His head quickly retreated into his shell when the fire spin had been launched from the Arcanine, as he took in some deep breaths and sweated a lot. He thought to himself as his body made some gushing noises, "Ahh come on... there's a fight already?! Do I have to seriously launch another sticky web again? Oh for crying out loud, I'll have to do it if they keep disturbing my sleep!"
  31. After getting his revenge on the Umbreon Sylph swaggered about proudly before turning to the Arcanine and sticking his tongue out.
    "Ah, by the way, I never did get your name." He posed the question to the Arcanine who still had sparks flying in her fur. Sylpha almost felt bad, but then he remembered that she had no qualms with frying him, so what was a little static shock in return?
  32. Midnight let out a sigh. He placed his paw on the Sphinx's head, he then pushed pressure on it, shoving his head to the ground. He let out a growl. A bite's not very effective. I'm sure you know that, but then again, I wouldn't expect that from a shiny." Midnight groaned.
  33. A sudden feeling of pressure came down on Sylpha's head before he was shoved into the ground. He twitched in slight annoyance,
    This Umbreon really wants to fight this out with me... andif it's a fight he wants i'll be happy to oblige.
    Shua whipped his tail into the Umbreons face before twisting his body and planting a Double Kick (an egg move), firmly into the Umbreon's side. Sylph shook the dirt from his fur and scowled,
    "How's that for effective?"
  34. Midnight caught one of the Shinx's kicks, but failed to dodge the other. He was propelled back, dust flying from the ground. He growled. "So we're playing this game then? So be it. I was always warned when using this move, but now I simply don't care." Midnight growled. His eyes lit Blue, then Sylph's body being outlined. He was using Psychic, a TM move he found during one of his many travels. Midnight smiled, then lying on his side. "How does flying sound to you?" Midnight smirked. He sent Sylph flying up, then stop once he was a few feet in the air. "This way I don't have to fight, and you don't have to fight me." He smiled, devilishly.
  35. As Sylph floated in the air he glared defiantly at the Umbreon, and snorted, alas there wasn't much he could do without touching the ground.
    He vented his annoyance under his breath,
    "Just wait till i'm a Luxray, i'll deal with you..."
    But for now there was nothing he could do, so he simply glared.
  36. Dusk sighed. "Yea, I probably won't be able to use Psychic because you will probably be a Luxray and a Dark Type, yea yea, whatever." Dusk sighed. He dropped the Shinx then continued to his regular moaning, as usual. He let out a sigh. "Stupid Shinx." He muttered.
  37. Sylph cursed the Umbreon under his breath,
    "If he didn't have psychic....."
    Letting out a sigh he once again turned towards the Arcanine, whose name he had attempted to get at least 5 times with nothing to show for it. Pawing the dirt from his fur he swaggered up to the Arcanine while staring at her expectantly.
    As he awaited her response he complained in his head,
    This Arcanine is too tall, looking up to her hurts my neck... hmm wasn't there a Flabebe somewhere?
  38. Name: Freedom
    Gender: male
    Pokémon: Butterfree with no black streaks in his wings. Also, he wears a yellow hoodie.

    A group of Pokémon stood not too far away from the butterfly. As much as he wanted to go introduce himself to them, the odd feeling of bareness stopped him. He knew that most Butterfree like him had some form of black stripes on their wings, but his own were pure white. Knowing of what he would have to go through in order to earn said stripes, he sighed, flying over to the group. They, too, were lacking a design, but this didn't lighten his mood. "Uh, hi," he started, awkwardly, waving a hand at the others, a half-smile on his face. His hood sat on the top of his head, making his antennae pop out in random and rather awkward directions, but he stayed strong. "Name's Freedom. What about you all?"
  39. Sakhir's head peeked out of his shell, as he looked up and noticed a Butterfree! He barely heard him, as his left arm came out of his shell. He waved at him, as he hesitantly said while he sweated a lot, "Uhh hello... I'm Sakhir, and I think you said you were Freedom right? Well I'm kinda s- scared here... people are f- fighting!"

    He still stayed under the rock, as he didn't want to move out of it. He looked up at Freedom while his body was almost done making his berry juice. He noticed that it started to give off a sweet aroma, as he gulped and knew that some Pokémon might go over to him now.
  40. The arcanine flicked her ear, static crackling on her fur all the while. She dug in her claws, leaving scores in the earth once she was shocked again. This'd better wear itself out soon, it was getting difficult for her to walk.

    Funny, she could've sworn she'd said her name to the shinx. Huh, guess she hadn't. "I'm Sien… greetings, I guess," she said with a mock sense of formality, completely botching it at the end with the 'I guess.' She had forced herself into a small, (ironic) bow, and would've been giggling if not for the crackling sparks. Arceus, did she hope this wore off soon.

    Luckily, her all-important sense of sight had returned, even if spots were still dwindling at the edges of her vision, fluttering around and distorting her view.

    Painfully standing back up, the arcanine had turned a blind eye to the battle. No one was visibly hurt… not that she was the best one to judge, however. Darned flash attack.

    "Also, uhh… maybe give a little warning before vaulting someone… and… ow… then you won't be at risk of getting fried," after a moment of thought, that was a really crappy idea, in hindsight. It's completely remove the element of surprise.

    "Actually, scratch that. I won't try to burn you anymore, if you don't graciously charge my fur again."

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