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Ask to Join Pokémon Masters Tournament RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by HydreigonBorn37, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. (Ooc and Charcter sheet goes here http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-masters-tournament-disscussion.15022/)

    Danny walked into the registration office. He handed the secretary his Identification card. The screen behind her showed a picture of Danny and it said" Welcome, Champion of Kalos." The Secretary handed him his hotel key card and smiled saying," Good luck, Your room is straight ahead."
  2. Dan flew on one of his flying type Pokémon. Soon, he finally arrived. The Pokémon League! He walked in and handed the Secretary his ID. "Alola, Champion of Alola" The secretary said while handing him his Hotel key card, "Your room is down that hallway, then take a right, the second door from there." Dan walked to his dorm room and opened it, he was amazed by how huge it was. He sent out all his Pokémon. He gave them cookies then he sat on the couch to watch TV for a minute to see what was on.
  3. Danny walked to his room. He sent out Greninja and gave him a Poképuff. He alyed on hia bed and looked at the TV. He truned it on a started to watch the news.
  4. Ah, the Pokemon League. It felt like ages since he last competed in it. He checked in with his "Champion of Hoenn ID and walked to his room. He arrived and collapsed on the bed, eager for some rest.
  5. Colby Took a big whiff of the fresh Kanto Pines as he and his empoleon finally arrived at the docks where the S.S. Anne was stationed he smiled as his empoleon shook herself dry "This is it Empoleon. We're finally gonna enter for the world tournament." he takes off he jacket and slips it into his bag. "it's not quite as cold here as it is back home is it buddy?" Empoleon nodded as his master patted her back. "welp, let's get a move on this contest isn't gonna win itself." he said as he and Empoleon walked off to their nearby hotel. The Hotel manager looked him and Empoleon down and said "My thats the 4th Champion today, It's an honor Mr. Gagnebin." Colby humbly shook his hand and said "no sir the honor is all mine, sorry if i'm late, and please Mr. Gagnebin is my father." Colby grabbed his hotel pass and dropped off his bag in the luxury sweet Titled 'Champion of Sinnoh' right in between the champion of Hoenn's room and the champion of Unova's room. After he and empoleon went to the lobby to sign up and take in the whole new Kanto atmosphere. "This gonna be great, Don't you think Po?" The empoleon nodded and nuzzled it's master
  6. Danny and Greninja walked out of there Kalos Champion room. He noticed a boy with an Emploeon. He walked over and waved. Greninja also waved. Danny looked at Colby's door and said with excitement," Sinnoh Champion! Well, I'm Kalos Champion, So maybe can have a heated battle in the tournament!"
  7. Arcynn heard two people conversing outside his door. He opened it to see two boys, a Greninja, and an Empoleon. "Well, well! Kalos and Sinnoh, I believe? Good to meet you. I'm the Champion of Hoenn."
  8. "Of course!" he looks him down "The kalos Champion huh? You Must be Danny." he smirks and holds out his hand. It was really cool to meet the other region's champions in person, and even cooler to meet their pokemon. "That's a really cool Greninja you got there, I've always been intrested in Water-Type Pokemon myself." he says gesturing to his empoleon
  9. " Water type is my Favourite type,' Danny said looking at Empoleon. He looked at Acrynn and said," Yeah, I'm theKAlos Champion, Danny," He turned back to Colby and said," That Emploeon looks pretty strong!"
  10. "She is, thanks for noticing, what about you champion of Hoenn? What Kind of Pokemon do you have? I'm intrested." he says holding his hand out to Arcynn. "I'm only aware of a few Pokemon, a close friend of of mine has a Sceptile and my sister has a Swampert."
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  11. "Ah, well, some of my Pokemon are from different regions, since I enjoy traveling a lot. Here, come outside and I'll introduce you to my team. Maybe you can show me yours." Arcynn walked outside and into a field. He sat down and waited for the two to follow.
  12. Colby followed Empoleon not far behind he was still basking in the beauty of Kanto's forests and really liked all the intresting pokemon. He sat next to Arcynn and said "Wait, I don't quite recognize you as Hoenn's champion, you must be new."
  13. Danny followed him saying," I won't show you my whole team, but I'm willing to battle you with just Greninja!" Danny eagerly gestured fro Colby to come. Greninja followed him awaiting a battle.
  14. "Yeah, I just defeated Steven. Anyway," Arcynn took out six Pokeballs. "Meet my team, or as I like to call it, the 'Raw Squad.'" He took out Sawk, Braviary, Sceptile, Garchomp, Tyranitar, and Feraligatr. "So, Kalos Champion, which one of my friends do you want to battle?"
  15. "I think He'll be battling me." Colby Smirked "empoleon vs Greninja should be fun, what do you think Po?" empoleon squacked and readied for battle "she's all ready danny, are you?" ((ooc: What's your pokemon showdown account?))
  16. Arcynn nodded and beamed back his Pokemon except for Sceptile. "Try to learn what you can from their battle style," he whispered. He stretched and sat on a log. "This should be fun," Arcynn remarked.
  17. "Empoleon!" DAnny said eagerly as gestured for Greninja to get ready fro battle. Danny looked at Empoleon. and said," He looks tough, but we can't let it get to our heads, we beat Diantha only using 2 pokemon!"
  18. "Well C'mon Tough guy, lets battle!" Empoleon stomped and let out a large squack
  19. "Greninja, jump and use water shuriken at Empoleon." Danny said to his greninja. Greninja looked at him with absolute trust and jumped into he air. He fired three stars at Empoleon.
  20. "Empoleon use Flash Canon and rip through his attacks!" the metal beam connects and nails greninja in the face
  21. "Greninja," Danny shouted as he watched Greninja tank the blow,' USe Scald!" Greninja opened his Mouth and fired a boiling hot jet of Water at empoleon... The jet hit Empoleon in the face and burned her.
  22. the Empoleon flew back in pain. Scald had hurt it badly in the past but it wasn't gonna stop him now "alright Empoleon Finish this use Flash Canon once more!" The Empoleon took a knee suffering from her burn. Finally when the time was right the greninja charged and empoleon nailed it perfect timing ((ooc: I GTG for the night see ya))
  23. Greninja flew back and hit Empoleon with on more night slash before it went down. " Good job," Danny said to Colby as helped his Greninja off the ground. He walked back to Acrynn as he gave his Pokémon medicine" I want fight Tyranitar!" Danny looked at the beast In awe ( Ooc: we will use Showdown fro this battle.)
  24. "Alright, then! Come at me!" Arcynn said, smiling.
  25. Kendall just arrived at the Kanto region, she and her Pokemon were really tired from the flight. "*Sigh* I'm so tired. You guys are too right?" said Kendall as she went into her dorm. Her Pokemon nodded in agreement. She was quite surprised that there were dorms this big. She had all of her Pokemon out, she didn't like having them in it because she likes to be close with her team. As soon as she got into her dorm, she heard a conversation. It was the champion of Hoenn, Kalos, and Sinnoh all in the same spot. "OMG, I would have never thought to see the champions of three different regions!" thought Kendall as she was hiding from plain sight. The champion of Kalos and Sinnoh than decided to battle each other. Kendall was looking in awe at the whole battle, but then the Sinnoh champions Empoleon won in the end. Now the Kalos and Hoenn champions are about to battle and all Kendall could do was look in awe. "This is going to be so cool!"
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  26. The battle was fierce (not really lol), but Arcynn's Tyranitar emerged as the victor. Arcynn, grinning, walked over to the Kalos Champion and shook his hand. "That Greninja of yours is really strong! No doubt it'll do well at the tournament. Anyone else wanna face me? I'm still pumped from the battle."
  27. The Hoenn champion emerged victorious, but Kendall still had the expression of awe. "This tournament sounds so amazing! I have no idea how well I'll do, but these battles have made me so pumped up!" thought Kendall. Then Arcynn exclaimed if someone wanted to battle him. The exclamation made Kendall very nervous, but she then exclaimed, "I'll battle you!" Kendall than became very awkward because she shouted it out of nowhere.
  28. Arcynn noticed the trainer accepting his challenge. "Very well. What format of battle do you prefer? TO be honest, I'm comfortable with all of them." He sent out his Pokemon. "If you want one-on-one, I'll let you choose who you want to battle, and who you want to use in the battle."
  29. Arcynn looked at the crushed trainer. "Hey, don't worry! I'm sure you'll do just fine. You just need some more practice. Few trainers have ever defeated me. The best way to prepare is to look at your opponents' battle style, and exploit their weaknesses."
  30. Kendall still in shock of what she did still decided to go through with it. "Um, if it's Ok with you I would like a one on one battle. My Garchomp against whoever you want to choose." said Kendall.
  31. "Okay, then. How about a battle between Garchomp? Come on out, my friend." Arcynn sent out Garchomp. "Alright, then, I'll give you the first move! What'll it be?" Garchomp roared mightily.
  32. OOC: I thought we were going to battle on Pokemon Showdown.
  33. OOC: What's your username?
  34. Kendall shook Arcynn's hand, still in shock in how she won. "Uh, thank you. You were amazing." replied Kendall. "So may I ask, why are you guys here in Kanto? I'm here to study an important subject with Professor Oak."
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  35. "Oh. We're all here for a world tournament. It's gonna be between all of the Champions of each region. So far, the Champions here are from Hoenn, myself, and Kalos and Sinnoh." He gestured to the two boys. "Danny, Colby! Come say hi!"
  36. Danny lifted himself off the ground and said," why the Pokémon masters tournament!" Danny brought his Pokémon back to their balls and leaned against a nearby wall.
  37. Jakob worked in the building with his Gardevoir and walked up to the desk. "Vanders." he said to the secretary, who replied, "You are not on the list, sir." Jakob just stared, speechless. "You will sign-up Jakob Vanders right now. Professor of Sinnoh and expert in Pokémon medicine. You have to be a great trainer to get to my role and guess what? Now I spend my days running after eleven year olds who are destined to become famous. And they never succeed." The secretary started to look scared, so she just took his idea and signed him up. Jakob looked at Gardevoir, "Utter idiot..."
  38. Isaac entered, talking to the secretary. He showed his ID, and the rather intimidated looking Secretary signed him in. "Isaac Willow, Battle Maison Master." He guessed that she had just had to deal with the angry looking Professor he had seen. He noticed a battle had just ended, and he supposed that he stood out like a sore thumb among the Champions and Researchers here. His Pokemon and battle style were intentionally showy, people watched the Battle Maison 24/7, even the rich. He had to impress.

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