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Pokemon: Let's Go, Onwards! (Pokemon Anime/Let's Go! RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Everyone grows up eventually.
    Let's Go, Onwards! is an alternate universe RP focused on a potential new season of the Pokemon Anime that returns to Kanto. We'll be following Ash as our main protagonist once again, but this Ash is actually 13 - yes, he's aged! Ash is 13 thanks to his adventures in Unova, Kalos and Alola, which will all be treated as canon during the RP with some crossover from the previous seasons - think of this as the DC: Rebirth of the Pokemon anime. Alongside Ash are Serena and Brock, who join him as he travels across the Kanto region once more. This new journey for a shot at the Kalos league brings with it several new challenges, such as revitalized gym leader battles, intense rivals, fierce contests and Team Rocket's expanded motives! It's time for Ash to revisit the Indigo League and truly prove he's the best there is.
    Ash, Serena and Brock are the main characters in the RP, but that doesn't mean there aren't others as well! Namely the Team Rocket trio, as in Jesse, James and Meowth, return to a starring role during the RP. Other mainstays, such as Alain, Clemont and May will also pop up from time to time - let's call them Secondary Characters. There's also the Gym Leaders and Elite 4. All of these characters are available to be taken, and will be reoccuring! Only one member of the main trio may be taken per RPer, same with the Secondary Characters. Ash, Serena and Brock all have three main Pokemon with them already, but the other three catches are up to RPers' discretion. Team Rocket has free reign over their Pokemon. Each of the Gym Leaders will have teams similar to both their anime and game counterparts.
    Main Characters
    Ash Ketchum (Age 13) [Pokemon: Pikachu, ______, ______, ______, Charizard, Greninja/Ash-Greninja]: @Fraseandchico
    Serena (Age 13) [Pokemon: Braixen, Pangoro, Sylveon, ______, ______, ______]: @Eeveechu151
    Brock (Age 18 ): [Pokemon: Steelix, Croagunk, Crobat, ______, ______, ______]: @BlueMew392
    Jessie (Age 28 ): @Rohan Kishibe
    James (Age 28 ): @AnimeTail
    Meowth: @Rohan Kishibe
    Tracer: @~Aura~Slashz~

    Gym Leaders
    Forrest (Pewter City Gym):
    Brock (Formerly Pewter City Gym): @BlueMew392
    Flint (Formerly Pewter City Gym):
    Misty (Cerulean City Gym): @Fraseandchico
    Lieutenant Surge (Vermillion City Gym): @Rohan Kishibe
    Erika (Celadon City Gym):
    Koga (Fuchsia City Gym): @AnimeTail
    Janine (Futurely Fuchsia City Gym):
    Sabrina (Saffron City Gym): @BlueMew392
    Blaine (Cinnabar City Gym): @Eeveechu151
    Gary (Viridian City Gym): @BlueMew392
    Giovanni (Formerly Viridian City Gym): @Eeveechu151

    Secondary Characters
    Professor Samuel Oak: @AnimeTail
    Professor Augustine Sycamore: @Fraseandchico
    Professor Kukui:
    Professor Burnet:
    Tracey Sketchit:
    May: @BlueMew392
    Clemont: @Fraseandchico
    Bonnie: @Fraseandchico
    Lillie: @~Aura~Slashz~
    Mallow: @Eeveechu151
    Alain: @Fraseandchico
    Some original characters will be allowed for the sakes of things such as the Pokemon League, but be aware that any original characters created for the sake of the RP will not have a major role. Furthermore, OC inclusion will be sporadic and temporary.
    When it comes to Mega Evolutions like with Alain's Mega Charizard and Brock's Mega Steelix, they’re not 100% needed for their characters and Stellar has said their RPers will have to fully elaborate on Mega potential on a case-by-case basis, just like any regular Mega situation. Just know that it shouldn't happen anyways during the early stages of the RP, it's why Ash will be getting his more powerful Pokemon back later - I'd like to try and power-scale appropriately if possible.
    As for plot? I already have the basics for Team Rocket's plot figured out, but for the moment it will start off like any other season of the Pokemon anime. We'll talk about how the main group will meet up when people sign up.
    But for the moment? Let's get to it! ONWARDS! (...see what I did there?)

    Also, for reference, I'm looking for high-quality RPers for this. If your RPing fails to meet the quality I'm looking for, I'm afraid I'll have to reject you.
    Just gonna tag @Godjacob, @Excalibur Queen and @Pro Hero Dekiru quickly, la-di-dah...
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    Last edited: Nov 19, 2018
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  2. I'll take Meowth, Rival, Clemont and Bonnie. If that's okay.
  3. Meowth and the Rival are both main characters, so I'm afraid you'll only be able to take one. Clemont and Bonnie are yours, though!
  4. I guess I'll take Gary, May, and Sabrina. If that's alright.
  5. Sure, but do you want any of the main characters as well?
  6. Probably not. Just those three. But I'll think about it.
  7. I'll not take the Rival then, just Meowth.
  8. Right, then. We’ll start the RP when the seven main characters are taken.
  9. I'm just gonna expect more Amourshipping(best ship, fite me) moments in this rp.
  10. Screw it, I'm taking Alain and Misty, if that's okay.
  11. Sounds good, they’re yours!
  12. Me too. I'm also expecting an awkward moment between Ash and Serena.
    #13 BlueMew392, Nov 15, 2018
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  13. Serena is my character and I’m an amourshipper also Ash is currently going through maturity in the RP so~
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  14. ...I'm starting to wish I took Ash instead of Meowth in order to secure that. SCREW IT I'M DROPPING MEOWTH, ASH PLS.(God I need to make up my mind.)
  15. Hah, alright. We needed someone to take Ash anyways, and I feel comfortable with him in your hands.
  16. Me:

    Also wouldn't be nice if Ash won a league, and we got to see a new main character take the spotlight for a new set of seasons? I think it would be neat
  17. If this was 10 year old Ash, then I would've said no. But since he's aged and matured a bit, I guess it's about time he won one. In before plot twist, Tobias shows up and screws Ash a second time. XD
  18. The tag line of this RP is that Ash has grown up a bit, being 13 and all, and carries with him the experience of the last three regions like he carries his experience from Unova to Kalos. And as such... Dream ship plus puberty = ROMANCE IS GO
  19. On the suddenly getting screwed over by an old character, it could be Alain. So close, that battle was, so close. But they had brought in the Black and White team for that episode(The guys who made Ash lose to a guy who didn't even know that he needed 8 badges).
  20. YES!!! Also after thinking about it, I guess I'll take Brock. I think I can pull him off.

    *gasp* I just realize we can bring in Lyra as another secondary character! Since she was trying to be cupid-like in the anime. Of course it's just a suggestion.
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  21. Lyta has been added to the group.
    Also, we need some more RPers for this. You two mind tagging some folks you think might be interested?
  22. ~Aura~Slashz~

    ~Aura~Slashz~ Previously Airslashz

    I'll take Lillie and Rival.
  23. Me: *Relooks at character list* *Realises a thing*
    Main characters:
    Serena is there
    Secondary characters/gym leaders:
    Every other character who has been shipped with Ash

    This is what truly confirms Amour shipping.
  24. ~Aura~Slashz~

    ~Aura~Slashz~ Previously Airslashz

    oh wow, I'm an amourshipper and I'd wish to be Serena but ehh
  25. Don't worry.
    I am an Amourshipper who is rping as Ash, and Eeveechu is an amourshipper rping as Serena.
    I swear if someone suggests pairing Clemont with any of the past companions, I will eat my pants-(JK)
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  26. Serena’s already my character, sorry. But I just checked your writing quality, and it looks good! Welcome to the RP, @~Aura~Slashz~!
  27. ~Aura~Slashz~

    ~Aura~Slashz~ Previously Airslashz

    Alright! Thanks!
  28. Quick question: If Megas are approved for the characters that have them, would Alain have his?
    I'm asking because he seemingly didn't have his key stone or the Charazardite X in the last few episodes of XYZ.
  29. I talked with Stellar about that, actually. There's no guarantee Alain found another Mega Stone, and he's competent enough without it, so Alain won't be getting a Mega Stone. Brock only had one for the sake of convenience, and I wouldn't personally be allowing Brock to use it for a while even if he had it. So for the time being, no Megas.
  30. ~Aura~Slashz~

    ~Aura~Slashz~ Previously Airslashz

    I'm probably going to make Rival's personality quite teasing towards Ash. (This may help the Amourshipping stuff.)
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  31. To be fair, Alain's Charazard when mega-evolved is a tad overpowered, Y'know, since in the mega-evolution specials, it managed to defeat Mega Raquaza, as well as the Omega forms of Kyorgre and Groudon, all at once.

    Those specials were weird. Then again, if it weren't for Chespie, not even one of Zygarde's cores would've escaped. Yea that was weird.
  32. Sounds great! We'll name him whatever his canon name is in Let's Go!, which I can maybe inform you guys of tomorrow and definitely inform you guys of on Saturday. We'll start whenever we get Team Rocket's two humans filled out - Meowth can be mutually-controlled by both members. Mind tagging anyone you think might be interested?
  33. ~Aura~Slashz~

    ~Aura~Slashz~ Previously Airslashz

    I don't really know anyone who'd be specifically 'interested'.
  34. Me either.

    Also could I make a little change to Brock's team? Maybe replace Geodude with Croagunk?
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  36. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

  37. Soooooooo
    Imma just sit in this corner while wondering what Ash's other 3 pokémon will be.

    I swear to god if someone suggests giving Ash a pokémon associated with love because amourshipping I will scream.
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