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Private/Closed Pokemon Journey through all the regions! Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by The Delivery Pancham, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. This will be a private closed role play!

    This thread will be a private closed by the tenth of March!
    To join this roleplay you will need to sign up. And remember we are starting in Kanto!
    Remember you can put N/A
    Identifying marks:


    Name: Daniel Rondrick
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Pallet town
    Age: 10
    Hair: Slick blond hair, smooth
    Eyes: Green
    Clothing: Leather jacket with messed up buttons and jeans
    Identifying marks: A scar on neck
    Personality: Daniel is always chatty and is always excited
    Skills: Can do a backflip
    History: Always loved pokemon, and looked at his mum's machamp
    Family: A mum, a sister

    There must be atleast three people or more!
  2. Name:Meeko Risen
    Hometown:Lumios City (Kalos)
    Hair:Black with on purple streak on the left side
    Eyes:A dark purple
    Clothing:A black hoodie with a Talonflame on the back, jean shorts, and a pair of black boots.
    Identifying marks:She has a scar across her eye from a wild rattata
    Personality:Clam mostly, sometimes she lashes out
    Skills:Give her a Ponyta or Rapidash and she will ride the day away
    History:When she was younger a Talonflame saved her from a house fire
    Family:None (Died in fire)

    If you couldn't tell I really like Talonflame :3
  3. :D There should only be three trainers, Three starters Three Trainers.
  4. Well yeah but then there is piakchu and eevee
  5. Name: Marina Reeve
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Mahogany, Johto
    Age: 15
    Hair: Brown, in a loose ponytail.
    Eyes: Dark blue.
    Clothing: Black scarf, green overshirt, brown undersleeves, white belt, brown messenger bag, brown boots, and khaki pants.
    Identifying marks: Rough, callused hands.
    Personality: Relaxed and mostly spontaneous. In unfamiliar situations, acts stiff and with a plan.
    Skills: Works well as a team with her pokemon.
    History: Trained hard to be a champion. Resigned from being one after a month, preferring to wander regions and train without all the popularity. Met Damian on a visit to Hoenn and helped start his journey.
    Family: two brothers, her dad and mom. Considers Damian to be a friend.

    Name: Damian
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Oldale, Hoenn
    Age: 11
    Hair: Dyed white, smooth and close to his head.
    Eyes: Blue, but lighter than Marina's.
    Clothing: Red and black shirt, shoes with wheels on the bottom, bandanna, gold messenger bag, belt, a single glove, and socks along with blue cargo pants.
    Identifying marks: a burn on the hand covered with a glove.
    Personality: doesn't get along with some people, and copies Marina since she is the best trainer he knows.
    Skills: nothing special. Instead as a setback, he is mute.
    History: Brought away from his overprotective parents by Marina, who gave him a partly trained starter along with his already owned Growlithe. He accompanies her on journeys.
    Family: Two overbearing parents.
  6. Cool. So how much longer until this is started?
  7. Tenth of march which is very soon.
  8. Can i start with a totodile?
  9. Name: Max Dragoon
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Pastoria City
    Age: 10
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Icy blue
    Clothing: white t-shirt, jeans
    Identifying marks: N/A
    Personality: Lazy, fired up when training or battling
    Skills: Very quick thinker and fairly durable
    History: After befriending a totodile he decided to be a pokemon trainer, his parents agreed on letting him start in kanto if he was so determed, but he's mother need to hold on the totodile for research.
    Family: Resarcher mother, fisherman Father
  10. Name: Sorra
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Iki Town, Alola
    Age: 10
    Hair: Long, wavy, dark brown hair
    Eyes: Hazel
    Clothing: A light blue sweater and jeans. If it's cold enough she has a lavender-colored coat.
    Identifying marks: None
    Personality: Peppy and excited, but knows when it's time to stay focused. Always up for a challenge and never gives up even if she loses. Loves to play around and have fun.
    Skills: Athletic in many ways, especially at swimming and rock-climbing.
    History: She used to live in Alola before moving to Kanto. This is because her grandparents lived in Kanto, and after her father went away to further research Pokémon in the wild, her mother sent her off before disappearing, too.
    Family: Her grandparents, who are extremely overprotective and always keep her over-prepared for any situation.
  11. I definitely like this so you are accepted
  12. As the roleplay creator has given me permission to use an unused Pokémon and to have only a Pokémon in the roleplay, I will be only having a Pokémon character in the roleplay with additional information in the modified character sheet to accompany their needs and such.

    *All unknown things may be revealed in the roleplay with a certain action triggering it.

    Name: His name is currently unknown.
    Species: He is a Kurusu.
    Hometown: His hometown is located within New Bark Town, which is in Johto.
    Type: Water
    Gender: Male
    Age: His age is currently unknown, though he does appear to look young.
    Moves Known: He currently knows Tackle, Growl, Water Gun. It is currently unknown if he knows a fourth move however.
    Skills: Although he may have trouble moving on land sometimes, he can swim much faster and also thrive better than others in colder envionments.
    Ability: Torrent (Increases the potency of Water type moves if the Pokémon is in a pinch.)
    Appearance: Kurusu is a quadrupled, pale blue seal-like Pokémon that has a slightly big head to body ratio. His modest eyes are black, while the irises are white. There are ear-like protrusions on top of his head, as they are often used for hearing or detecting any unusual sound waves within the seas. His arms and legs are stubby and the same lengths. His tail is slightly shorter and tapers greatly.
    Personality: He is rather timid around others, as he can be rather silly due to his vast differences that he has from being alone for long periods of time. He can be rather strange at times, as he likes to put his right hand into his mouth when no one is looking or when no one is around him. Although he may seem like a baby to most, he can still get most tasks done with some time and effort involved.
    Backstory: Most of his past remains unknown, as this will be revealed later on in the roleplay when the appropriate conversation with him starts with another Pokémon or Trainer.
    Family: He has a mother that is an Aculatide, which is the final form of Kurusu. His father is also an Aculatide, though he is in his shiny form instead.
    Other: He wears a silver anklet around his left leg that has his name etched on it.
  13. Wow ok! Yes this could do some more research but have you researched him all you can? If you want to reveal things in the role play that is fine. So you are accepted
  14. I have made most of his information unknown here since I will be revealing it in the roleplay when others have the appropriate conversation with him. The other important thing is that Kurusu is a scrapped/unused Pokémon, and thus no one would really know about him here.

    The only official things that were generally known about him with the few people were that he knew Tackle, Growl, and Water Gun at the start. His Pokédex number was 212, and he was actually given out at level eight instead of level five as the original starter Pokémon of Johto.

    Now, since most of his official information was too vague or absent, I have done his future moves and evolution on my own Fan Made work here; along with giving him his signature move that I have made for him myself. As a result, I do technically have the Fan Made Pokémon rights of him now since no one has claimed it before.
  15. Right, everyone, @Charlespark is a Pokemon and if you want to do anything with him please say in the discussion since you might do something accidentally with his character. Ask @Charlespark first. Thank you
  16. Almost too late D:

    Name: Azure 'Stryund' Cendria
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Quatzil Town, Sandolyn (Eh yeaaahhh...)
    Age: 13
    Hair: Blond with one part of his hair being lightblue
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Red cap, dark red and blue hoodie, black pants and brown shoes, mostly meant to hide himself from fans.
    Identifying marks: A scar on his left cheek because he fell off a cliff
    Personality: Aiming for one main goal, serious and a bit closed because he's hiding from fans. Although in battle, his hoodie might slip off and reveal him.
    Skills: Able to do some freerunning
    History: Very known for going through a journey and becoming the famous champion of his homeregion. When travelling, he wears this outfit to hide himself from fans.
    Family: His parents are both alive and live in Quatzil Town

    Luckily i'm not too late so here it is!
  17. Ok this is like a mystery figure I like this. Ok accepted
  18. Guys here are some rules for this role play !

    • I am not allowing legendary Pokemon
    • Mega evolution will not be allowed but we will learn about it from professor sycamore
    • Z-moves will not be allowed but we will learn about it the same as mega evolution
    • Don't swear
    • Don't be horrible to each other
    • And finally we will all be at home and say goodbye to our parents before we get our starter Pokemon
  19. Great idea! Can't wait to begin this tomorrow!
  20. Malgai

    Malgai Previously Snappy

    Name: Samson
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: New Leaf Village, Aegean
    Age: 12
    Hair: Dirty Blond, Swayed to the right
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothes: Neon Green tee-shirt, Dark grey jeans, occasionally has a dark Green hoodie when it it cold/raining.
    Back-story: He lives with his uncle because his parents who were archaeologists were captured by Team Abyss. When he appears in the role-play, he takes his pokemon he had since he was a kid and sets off on his journey to conquer the pokemon league and also save his parents.
    Personality: Serious, Enthusiastic, careful, loves a challenge and tries his hardest to overcome it.
    Identifying Marks: A slight scar on the left of his fore head.
    Family: His uncle he lives with, his 2 younger siblings in the Johto region, His older Brother is the second gym leader, his parents were captured.
    Skills: A great battle strategist.
    Pokemon: Growlithe
    #25 Malgai, Mar 9, 2017
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2017
  21. Malgai

    Malgai Previously Snappy

    Me too! But my guy raised his pokemon from when he was young, so he always had a starter. Is that okay?
    #26 Malgai, Mar 9, 2017
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2017
  22. Hmm, I might not really allow others to catch my Pokémon characters since these are not any official Pokémon. The other reason is that it would be a lot harder for both me and the other person to control them, and it would certainly cause a lot of chaos and such.

    The other thing is that I'd have to most likely assume that Shelmite is a Fan Made Pokémon here... since I can't seem to find him in the National Pokédex at all... (I might maybe also have another Pokémon character that will go along with Kurusu a bit later or as the roleplay gets going, since he might be a little lonely here. The only thing that I would need to decide on is if the Pokémon is going to be official or one of my Fan Made Pokémon, since I am not sure if the roleplay creator allows Fan Made Pokémon in the roleplay yet.)
  23. Malgai

    Malgai Previously Snappy

    I can accept that so i'll make it another pokemon then.
    #28 Malgai, Mar 9, 2017
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2017
  24. Malgai

    Malgai Previously Snappy

    There I changed it to Growlithe because in my region, Rock, Ground, Fire, and Dark type pokemon are more common due to its enviroment. There are some vegetated areas too, so Grass, and bug types can be found there.
  25. @SamTDG that is fine to have growlithe but @maxoutdragon couldn't have toto die because it was a jhoto Pokemon. Accepted Sam
  26. Malgai

    Malgai Previously Snappy

    Thank You :D
  27. So, when the RP starts we'll be picking our starters? Is there enough of them to have everyone get one? Pikachu and Eevee are included, I'm guessing.
  28. @spookyscary: I'm assuming that this is for the people that do not have their starter Pokémon, because some people already have their own starter Pokémon it seems.

    @Sandyplayz: Now, I might maybe consider introducing in another Pokémon character that will be going with the Kurusu here, though I am still deciding if I should introduce it; and if I am going to introduce it that I still have to decide when I am going to introduce him.

    The other thing is that this one was also an unused Pokémon that was forgotten way back, and the other thing is that I might need to put in quite a bit of my Fan Made work into this little guy in order to bring him back into life; as I will be explaining about him more with my rationalizing on him for his type especially if needed.
  29. Malgai

    Malgai Previously Snappy

    So the role-play starts tomorrow? Just making sure.
  30. I'm assuming it is going to be tommorow most likely because of what the roleplay creator said earlier to me when I privately asked him.

  31. Malgai

    Malgai Previously Snappy

    Can't wait, but it will be a while until my guy shows up in the role-play.
  32. 6 hours guys! I can't wait! This has taken me months to put this all together and there are 8 of us but @DragonWarrior has two characters. Can we say what Pokemon we want to choose from gen 1. @Charlespark is a Pokemon so he doesn't need to worry @SamTDG you have growlithe so the rest of us need to choose. I like squirtle.
  33. Oh has everyone read the rules? Because we don't want this thread to be locked. If not please read them
  34. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Just a question, Is this Rp already Private Because i'd like to join.
  35. You now still have three hours so hurry up maybe.

    (Also, in three hours it's 15:00 in my timezone)

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