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Open Pokemon Highschool

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Princess Lilia (Lilly), Jan 16, 2017.

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  1. Welcome to Pokemon Highschool!
    No Legendaries
    No Shinies
    Family Members:
    Have Fun!
  2. Bio:
    Name: Tyler
    Team: Pikachu
    Age: 15
    Crush: (KirliasNature (MAYBE)
    Family Members: Mallow (Sister)
    Other: born in Sinnoh
  3. My Bio:
    Crush:Hau(Tyler Maybe?)
    Family Members:Shauna(Mom)Calem(Dad)Jeanette(Sister)
    Other:Sister is a Champion
    Yes i do Believe in Shauna is Gen 7 Mom Theory :D
  4. Tyler was running into his first class when he saw Audrey "Pikaaaaa!" Pikachu screeched when he saw Tyler clearly immediatly liked her but he tried not to show it.
    "Hey i'm Tyler you're new right because I think we're in the same class!" He said to her
  5. Name: Ethan
    Team: Sceptile, Heracross, Gliscor, Garchomp, Toxicroak, Greninja
    Age: 15
    Crush: Audrey
    Family members: Brandon ( Final frontier brain of the battle frontier and Ethan's dad)
    Other: Is from Hoenn and has left most of his Pokemon with Prof.Birch
  6. Ethan was walking down to Tyler and said " Hi Tyler I see you met the new girl."
  7. ''I'm Audrey'' Hau and Lillie Ran Towards us ''Hey Audrey!'' Hau Said ''Hey Hau!'' Audrey was Holding her Brionne Opal ''Nice to see you Lillie and Hau!'' Opal tried to Wiggle her Way out of Her Arms ''Brionne!'' Said Opal
  8. Tyler laughed a bit "So who is our first teacher, I slept in as usual!"
    "Yes alright, alright you woke up first!" Tyler said as he began to pet Pikachu who was sat on his shoulder
  9. " I heard we're getting taught by Prof.Rowan today." Ethan said smiled at his friend.
  10. A Female Adult Walked up to us ''Glad you could make it!'' The Teacher said She was Wearing Tan Clothing and a Green Rowlet Bowtie Scarf And a Diamond Ring ''Jeanette!'' She Said Excited and Hugged her Tightly
  11. " Who's that are you a teacher?" Ethan said confused about who she was.
  12. "No! it's her sister, you're that Audrey I didn't recognise you!" He said shocked
  13. ''I'm a Teacher and a Champion'' Jeanette Said ''And Shes my Sis!'' Audrey Said,Her Brionne Hugged Jeanette's Decidueye,She Also Hugged Jeanette ''I'm so Excited your Here Jen!'' Jeanette Hugged Audrey Tightly
  14. Tyler smiled and shook jen's hand "it's an honour to meet you mam!"
  15. ''Nice to Meet you too'' Jeanette Said ''Anyway Care for a Battle I always Battle New Trainers!'' Jen's Decidueye Looked at Tyler's Pikachu ''Oh Yeah a Battle!'' Audrey Said Excited
  16. "but if I beat you I become champ right?"
  17. " Hey Janette I'll battle you next alright, Right guys."
  18. ''No'' Jeanette Said ''Lets get this Battle Started! Go Decidueye!'' ''You can go First'' Jen Said ''Go Jeanette! Go Tyler!'' Audrey Cheered ''Go Jeanette!'' Said Lillie ''Go Tyler!'' Said Hau
  19. ( GTG guys cya don't carry on too much of the story without me k)
  20. (k) "right Pikachu use iron tail!"
  21. Jeanette Then did the Decidueye Z Move Pose ''Decidueye Sinister Arrow Raid Now!'' Jen's Decidueye Then made a Arrow Out of her Wing and Shot it at Pikachu
  22. (we should go back to the other rp so that we don't get carried away ;)
  23. (you'll still rp right?)
  24. (I'm going to take a Break i'll tell you when my Break is over)
  25. (kk imma go on instagram for a bit)
  26. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    This is not how we RP around here.
    For one, this is not how you start a thread. There is absolutely nothing for any RPer to go on, just a character bio template. Second, this thread basically fell into nothing but OOC blather, which is out of place in the RP forum. This is NOT the discussion board, and this is NOT a discussion thread. That's where that sort of nonsense goes, and here, it is practically considered SPAM.

    Also, forums are not an immediate form of communication. You do not need to announce any delays, and people should not expect immediate replies. TL;DR, you do not need to announce having to 'be back later' or 'going to instagram for a bit'. That's also practically SPAM.

    Also, one-liners. One-liners everywhere. PARAGRAPHS. Are paragraphs so hard to grasp? I don't think so.

    Thread locked, and next time there will be official warnings. Read the rules - both the RP forum rules and the global rules - before posting anything else in the RP forums again, please.
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