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Private/Closed Pokemon Games Retold RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Ry_Burst, Jun 7, 2017.


Which game should we basend this off of?

  1. Firered / Leafgreen

  2. Soulsilver / Heartgold

  3. Pearl / Diamond

  4. Platinum

  5. Black / White

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  1. Do you like Pokemon? I would hope so, considering you are a member of this site. Anyways, my name, as you can tell is Ry_Burst, and I'm hoping to start a Pokemon Roleplay. Now I'm sure you are curious about the details, so here they are.

    The RP I have in mind will in a sense be a retelling of one of the Pokemon games. The game that will be retold will be decided upon from the poll, but I'm sure you want more info then that.

    First off, before you go, "Do you have permission to have legendaries, because you have to have permission to have legendaries and a retelling of one of the games wouldn't be right without that game's mascot." Well stereotypical human being like person, we will not be including legendaries, but there will be some other add in and plot points that will be introduced that will replace that.

    Now first off to join this RP, you are required to show me a sample of your RPing skills and stating that you want in. I will accept depending on the sample. I will only accept 4 other people into this RP, so including me it will be five people.

    So there are some rules also to mention beforehand also, so here they are.

    Rule 1) All rules, General, RP or PRP apply. If I see you breaking these rules, godmodding, double post, one liners, I will report you and trust me, you don't want to get int trouble with the admins.

    Rule 2) Speaking of one liners I will be making a rule to help prevent them from becoming a problem. You are required to at least write two paragraphs with each one being at least four sentences. I would prefer you to do more but one can easily get stuck or are rushed, so a short one is fine (as long as you fulfill my requirements)

    Rule 3) Be courteous to other RPers, and don't put yourself as a main character/ chosen one postition. It in a sense ruins the entire RP for everyone and that is pretty cruel.

    Rule 4) I understand that life happens and there might not be some time when you can post, like a week or something. All I ask is that you let us know. I would recommend having another trusted RPer in charge if your character in your absense but that is your decision. If I am unable to respond, I'll let it be known, and appoint someone to takey position as a temporary Thread Owner.

    Rule 5) At the moment, no Mega Evolutions or Z-Moves. Later I may open to people who have permission Theo have megas, but until then, No OC should have a Mega. Legendaries will be banned, along with Z-Moves, considering Alola isn't one of the or choices.

    Anyways, here is my RP sample, because it is only fair, if you see what I am capable of too.
    1- @Ry_Burst
    2- @Icena
    3- @Crims0n
    4- @Platinum_
    5- @koopa000
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  2. Can I join? Here's my sample. I hope it's good enough:

    Eve looked out the Pokémon Center's window. The storm didn't stop, not even a little. There was no way she could make it back home before nine. Her Umbreon lied down in a corner asleep, unaware of the loud and windy storm. Eve sighed. Umbreon slept through everything. Eve sat down on one of the red chairs and closed her eyes. Maybe she'd be able to get some sleep, although she highly doubted it. She could hear the thunder from outside like it was right next to her. Despite this, Eve kept her closed. She hoped her mother wouldn't be worried. A storm like that could make her mother frantic. Even with all her worries about her mother and the storm, Eve slowly drifted off to sleep.

    A splash of water woke Eve up with a jolt. "Wh-what happened, what did I miss?" she spluttered. Umbreon climbed onto the chair next to Eve's and nudged her.
    "Umb-umbreon!" he growled, clearly angry.
    "Okay, okay," Eve said, standing up to stretch, "I'm up, alright?" Umbreon replied with a little grunt. "I know, I know, we should get going as soon as the storm is-" Eve stopped when she glanced out the window. The sun was up, and there wasn't a storm in sight. She looked at the digital clock on the wall. It read 8:30 AM.
    "Oh no," Eve muttered as she grabbed her dark blue backpack and ran out the door. Umbreon ran after her, barely dodging the closing door. She sprinted across a small wooden bridge and ran across Route 15, avoiding the grass. She didn't need any Pokémon encounters. It would only slow her down. Eve ran until she got to her town and jogged to her house. She slowly opened the door and closed it behind her and Umbreon.
    The only thing I need now is to find Mom, she thought as she ran up the stairs.
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  3. Accepted
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  4. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    The thing is, I can write really well if I take my time and depending on my mood.

    Just having arrived on the Carios Airlines, Greyson and his companion Eevee, stepped out of the plane and took their first step into becoming a Pokémon Trainer. "Alright Vivi, let's go to the Professor's lab to get our necessities," exclaimed the young soon-to-be trainer. He was filled with excitement and you could hear it in his voice. Greyson's attire was consisted of a red-black-white hoodie, some black cargo pants, red sneakers, a brown leather bag, and his ordinary glasses. He grew up with Eevee in Hearthome City. He originally was supposed to start at the Sinnoh Region. However, already knowing most of the Pokémon there, he wanted a more of a broad and new variety of Pokémon. Thus, with some persuasion and convincing to his parents, they finally allowed him, along with Eevee, to go to the Carios Region. The brown furball purred with excitement as she nuzzled the 16 year old boy.

    Giving out a huge sigh, Greyson sought out to find a cab, he needed to get to the lab as soon as possible. "Taxi!" The young boy called out. "C'mon Vivi, let's go." The Pokémon gave a slight purr as it preps itself to be retreated. With a bright red flash, Greyson returned Vivi to her pokeball. The young boy stepped into the cab, stating his destination. "Off to Tibalt Town please!" Greyson asked with a little too much enthusiasm as he sat down. The ride was a long ride, but it was all worth it. Looking through the windows of the car, he saw many Pokémon that he have never seen before. There was a blue and yellow Pokémon flying in the sky. Some pink Pokémon with large tails climbed and glided between trees. What he thought to be was a mini oasis in the middle of a lake was to be a Pokémon with a palm tree-like tail with a large snout. Finally, for what seemed like forever, he was standing right in front of Professor Persea's lab. Popping Vivi out of the pokeball, he wanted his companion to experience what he was experiencing. "Vivi, the moment we step in there, we are gonna start our Pokémon journey," claimed Greyson. He was stuttering a bit as he was nervous, but for the most part, he is excited to pursue his dream. The Eon Pokemon cried out in agreement with excitement flashing before its eyes
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  5. So I'm gonna say a few things involving starter. Since there will be five RPers, there will be 5 starter Pokemon. For kanto. It will be Eevee, Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. For Sinnoh, Riolu, Gible, Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig. For Unova, Blitze, Axew, Oshawott, Tepig, and Snivy. Starter cannot be claimed until i say so. Also you cannot have the same pokemon as someone else, so they are first come first serve. Also you cannot claim any Pokemon after you pick a starter, until I give the clear.
  6. I don't have a RP sample where I have an amazing amount of words but I always push myself to get at least the minimum needed in a RP trust me.
  7. You asked me to join, and I'm interested, and you already are in multiple RPs with me - so you have a good idea of my style, right? If not, here are some for a refresher :)

    Ever since 80% of the human population began starting to reveal of having all different types of super-abilities, "quirks" as their names, using these powers have become the center of life. People began becoming Heroes that fought for all that is good and just, or using their quirks to cause havoc and become Villains, while some simply remained neutral, but studied under Heroes to hone their abilities.

    There was one place where every aspiring super-hero went to train and learn how to master their powers and become the best that they could be -- U.A High. It is a school where all kinds of graduating Junior High students that wish to hone their quirks go, and there they are taught each and every day in multiple departments - Heroics being the most popular, where students that wish to become Heroes are tested vigorously on what the day-in-the-life of real battling and saving lives is like. Everyone in this department has one goal...to obtain their Hero License, which they may test for in their third and final year to go on and officially gain the status, titles, and occupation of a true Hero. Until then, there are first year students who must focus and give it their all just to even get in the school...


    It was insane. Everything about it, really. This was it - the time to prove yourself worthy of venturing on to your journey of becoming a Hero. The time to show yourself off to the Academy, and to see if you have what it takes to become a symbol of hope, peace, and protection within the city district. The "Entrance Exam" was a tough and rigorous both written and physical exam. An underweight, yet intelligent, pale blonde teen boy had managed to pass the written test along many other students trying to get into U.A Highschool, but now they stood in a large and empty replica of the city district, where several upon several types of large robots stood before them, ready to attack each of these students.

    "Oh....my...god." Horu sighed, staring up to one of the tallest mechanical beasts before him. "T-This....is unbelievable!"

    The point of the exam was to test not only the abilities, but also the character of each and every student in this portion. Some of the most respected heroes/professors of U.A High were sitting far off, watching each move the students made. The students were expected to battle these robots - the largest ones holding 3 points, medium sized ones holding 2, and the smallest holding 1. The Professors would tally up the student's respectable points depending on how many of each robots were taken down by an individual. They also gave points depending upon the actions of rescuing/aiding other students shown by another student.

    Overall, it was a giant test to see who was fit to learn to become a Hero, and who cant. Those who dont score enough points, or start battles with other students are disqualified. And that terrified Horu. The countdown began, and once it hit zero, each of the uniquely talented students started off, running full speed ahead and beginning to strike, dodge, and evade the large villain-bots.

    Horu managed to close his eyes and conjure up a long steel staff that emerged from both of his palms, forming into sharp ends on both sides - but since he didn't have any projectile attacks, he was heavily reliant on his close combat abilities this time around. He rushed forwards, slightly distracted by other students who happened to already be racking up points. He hoped he could keep up - he just had to pass. Attending U.A High and becoming an official Hero, like many of the other students, was his biggest dream so far.

    Platinum's stomach dropped as he heard his name called out from the main stage.

    "Next up to take the stage is Platinum Summers!"

    He was in the back with the other awaiting Coordinators, watching the large screens that showed the events of the main stage. This was all so crazy that he still wasn't sure if this were a dream or not. He had stressed only weeks before about the possibility of him missing the annual Grand Festival, but here was!

    Platinum walked towards the stage, adorning a white long-sleeved shirt and a golden vest, along with a same colored bow-tie. He also wore black pants, and his hair done into a short wavy side-swept style. As the large silk curtains opened up, he walked on to the large platform, waving to the thunderous crowd. He attempted to keep a comfortable smile on his face, albeit the jolts of nervousness within him.

    He held a single pokeball out in front of him, encased in a ball capsule with one seal place on the front. He whispered a little pep-talk to himself more than the Pokemon inside, trying his best to stay calm.

    And shortly after the cheesy pep-talk, he launched the pokeball outwards. It burst open, numerous streams of light and jet-like water twisting around each other gracefully, before landing center stage, forming into a long and slender Dragonair. Platinum was pleased with the entrance, and got his nerves in check before he decided to begin his performance. This was the Grand Festival, and he just had to pass this first round to move on and reach his goal.

    "Dragonair, let's start off with our combination of Water Pulse, and then Aurora Beam!" He called out enthusiastically.

    After calling out its name in its signature sirenous tone, Dragonair aimed upwards, releasing multiple circular pulses of water into the air, each of them in synchronization with each other. The dragon type then began to spin, emitting a dazzling array of light from its mouth as well, the beam of multiple colors spiraled upwards and shot through each of the water pulses, leaving a spherical hole in the center of each of them. The water also began reflecting the Aurora Beam's light hues, causing the rainbow-like colors to radiate brightly throughout the stadium and on to the walls, like an actual aurora display one would see in the nature sky.

    "Alright, now use Draco Meteor, followed up with Dragon Dance - its all you from there!" Platinum called out, raising an arm to his side.

    Aiming up once again, the Dragonair quickly charged up energy, before swiftly shooting out a powerful orb of orange and purple energy. It phased perfectly through the spherical openings of the Water Pulses, but caused each of them to disperse in a confetti-like manner as the Draco Meteor passes by. The meteor also seemed to glow a bit brighter as it traveled, thanks again to the water's reflective properties. After it had successfully dispersed all watery particles that had fallen around Dragonair, the meteor of energy began descending back downwards in a quick tempo.

    Just as the spherical attack began falling back to earth, Dragonair used Dragon Dance, a purple-ish blue aura forming around its serpentine body. Dragonair moved in eye-catching fashions, the aura upping its strength and speed, as well as showing off the dragon type's coat. Dragonair then executed a quick front flip, smashing its tail right in to the Draco Meteor. The impact of Dragonair's strengthened tail caused the orb of energy to disperse itself, shooting out a horizontal pulse of orange and purple energy all across the stage - causing the space around it to ripple as if it were a lake.

    As the particles settled, both Platinum and Dragonair bowed for the audience and judges.

    "Ahahahahaha!! AHAHAHAAA!!!" A pale white-headed mid-teenager whaled as his thin legs hyper-extended from roof top to roof top, gripping a small bag of valuables slung over his shoulder. The boy's legs stretched at incredible lengths as he leaped from buildings while a group of merchants and store owners shouted curses at him from below. The wind blew harshly against his face as he escaped the crowds, and the yells of rage and discontent was like music to his ears. This was his essence. This game him fuel. This was life.

    Viserys, or "Vick", as the village called him, was the neighborhood thief - if you weren't on his good side. If you made the mistake of making a dumfound encounter with this notorious 16 year old, you were more than likely to walk without your watch, monocle, or any other jewelry that you wore on your person. A bad kid? No. A good kid, not necessarily. A misunderstood, rebel without a cause? Sure.

    It was a wonder to some that the kid had not set sail as a dirty pirate yet. He was already the local pick-pocketer, had an odd obsession with shiny things that had the potential to have historical value, and spoke a median of different languages. Hell, he even managed to worm his way into the presence of a Devil Fruit, and take it all for himself; granting him the ability of elasticity - perfect for evading the situations he constantly got himself into. Even Viserys himself recognized all of these. He would be out on the ocean, apart of the most legendary Crew ever -- if only he had the funds. Even the risen thief had money issues every now and then.

    Vick took a rest as he landed on one of the building rooftops. He took a breather, grasping his bag of stolen goods, going through the items inside.

    "Lets see what we got here...golden compass, trashy necklace..." But he was stopped at the sound of shouting near the dock.

    Vick looked up, noticing a kid around his age setting out on a decent boat himself. He recognized the kid from around the town - Naru, was it? but Vick was dumbfounded. How did he manage to get himself a nice boat? The 16 year old elasta-boy spit off to the side out of bitterness. Until an idea hit him that caused a devious grin to slowly form on his face. Who's to say Vick couldn't tag along?

    He quickly made his way down the side of the building, and ran full speed towards the boat that began drifting off. As he came up to the crowd of villagers wishing Naru sweet goodbyes, he caused his right leg to stretch in place, giving him a huge boost into the air. Vick soared over the crowd, before landing directly in the center of Naru's boat. He stood in a stiff, victorious pose.

    "Howdy! How are ya!?"
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  8. I would prefer a sample though @koopa000. Just grab a few posts for some of your other RPs. I know what you are capable of, but so others know also.
  9. Also, @Platinum_ accepted. I'm like in 2/3 of those Rps, so I reconize them. :)
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  10. Naru chuckled a little when Vick said they were going to die. "We might, but like Wu said, the adventure is too good to pass up. The greatest treasure, the One Piece is at the end of the Grand Line just waiting to be found, so that exactly what I plan to do." He said optimistically. The boat arrived at the port of the island. Naru jumped out and turned to Vick. "Alright Vick, you wanted to sell those stolen goods right? Well do that now, it would win us a bit of money." He said. "I will go look for anything interesting while we're here. Wu, do what you like." He said looking at his crew.
  11. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    So when will the RP be up?
  12. First some things have to be done, and decided on. Has everyone voted?
  13. The game we are going to play, will be Pokemon Platinum.

    Pokemon Catching/ Obtaining rules

    You cannot have a pokemon from the same evolutionary line, or same species as someone else. Pokemon chosen will be first come first serve. However, in the early routes you cannot get two Pokemon from those early routes, because that would be unfair. Like say you get Staraptor and Luxray. That's two early cat capable pokemon, that no one else can have. your teams also must get approved. You can only catch Pokemon, that are apart of the Platinum Pokedex. However, first we must each pick one of the starters.

    The choices are, Chimchar, Turtwig, Piplup, Riolu, and Gible. They will be first come first serve, and I will get whichever one is left after everyone picks one. Then we will make our characters, after everyone picks a starter, and you will include your future team.
  14. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Gible pls *dabs*
  15. Okay, @Crims0n, you get Gible, and @koopa000 you get Turtwig, and @Platinum_ gets Piplup

    Okay, so @Icena, do you want, Chimchar or Riolu?

    Honestly, one of the two Pokemon, that I would prefer not to have, because my main OC uses them, is going to have to be my starter.
  16. there's no Fairy type right?
  17. We will have Fairy types and megas, though we will not ourselves have megas.
  18. ok cool

    BTW I already have my Team though up
  19. So, no one will evolve, or is that at everyone form when they are received.
  20. that when they are caught, Of course they will evolve later on
  21. who do you think I am, Ash Ketchum?
  22. You never know in this moden age of RPing.
  23. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

  24. you have 2 or 3 females I guess, but Gender is unimportant
  25. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    oh whoops i meant rp OCs

    if theres too many Male OC then ill change to a female OC
  26. I think he means the gender of the OC.
  27. My Character (Platinum)'s Team:
    (I will catch all of these in their pre-evolved form except for a few - but this is how all of my Pokemon will end up.)


    ( Will catch as Togekiss as Togetic )
    ( Will catch Mamoswine as a Piloswine )
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  28. sure we can use more females
  29. You're fine, @Crims0n. The ratio of boys to girls doesn't matter, but if needed I could RP as a girl, of its needed. Relax.

    Also, @Platinum_, just curious, but will Piplup evolve or not?
  30. No, I will have Piplup the same throughout the RP
  31. Okay. Honeslty I'm really curious what I be left for me to pick. I have a few team ideas in mind, but it all depends purely on which starter I get.
  32. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    just saying to yall, if anyone personally wants a pokemon of my team, then i can exchange it for you
  33. Ry, why didnt you choose a team first? Youre the creator so you should have first pick :D

    I agree with Crims0n. If I have taken a Pokemon you want, Ry, I can always get a different one.
  34. No, no. I will build my character based on which starter I get. Then I would chose the Pokemon that are left to create a team, that best represents my character, making the whole thing to be an interesting challenge as a writer.
  35. Crims0n offered to become a woman so why not
  36. Ah, very impressive and respectable of you, Ry! I like that about a person. Power to the writers.
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