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Open ~Pokemon Forest Adventure~

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by FeatherstheAltaria, Jun 4, 2017.

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  1. You are a Pokémon. You are stuck in a forest and you do not know the exit. So you're stuck in a forest pretty much. But, here's the catch! The forest isn't normal, it's a mysterious forest. And it's magical. The best to evolve!~
    No Dittos
    Ask to be a legendary
    Have fun!~

    Here's the Character Sheet:
    How you got in the forest:

    Have fun everyone!~
  2. (lol I'm gunna do it here XD)
    Name: Blossom
    Gender: Female
    Level: 42
    How you got in the forest: She was exploring near the forest and accidently walked into the forest and got lost
    Species: Bellossom
    Likes: Flowers, PokePuffs and PokeBeans, grass, her best friend, Pollie the Politoed and sweet Berries
    Dislikes: Team Rocket, Slowpoke, evil Pokémon trainers and not sleeping

    RP: Blossom sat on a mossy rock and got worried. She looked up at the sky to see a beautiful sky filled with Toucannon and Pikipek. She sighed and wondered, How will I EVER get out of this humble forest? She hoped that someone would come to give her company.
  3. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Name: Amber
    Gender: Female
    Level: 24
    How you got in the forest: She was running away from a storm and got herself lost in the forest.
    Species: Vulpix
    Likes: Friends, family, flower, peace and quiet, sunshine.
    Dislike: Fighting, getting dirty or wet, bad guys, yelling, bitter things.

    Rp: Amber walked around the confusing maze of the forest until she stopped to a rest. She been stuck here in this forest not so long ago and is already craving for someone to talk to. She saw a shape on a rock and noticed that it was a bellossom sitting alone on a mossy rock. She seems lonely so Amber decided to talk to her, "Hi, my name is Amber. What's your? "
  4. Name: Midnight (N for short)
    Gender: Male
    level: 86
    How ended up in forest: Was being raised by a great trainer but the trainer eventually became very abusive and Midnight managed to escape into the woods
    Species: Lycanroc midnight form (Puppy looks just like prof pic)
    Likes: Explosions, Being hurt, PokeBeans, Darkness, Deceiving people
    Dislikes: Abuse, Hatred
    Moves: Darkness strike, Earthquake, Boulder slam, Shadow punch

    rp: Runs through the woods with bruise on leg trips over rock and slams into a tree. Sees to figures talking and creepily walks closer in the shadows.
  5. Name: Aterria
    Gender: Male
    Level: 23
    How you got in the forest: Aterria was abandoned as a child, forced to grow up on its own. He resorted to stealing, to get his way. One fateful day he noticed footprints similar to his, so he followed; curious to what is beyond the Forest he had entered.
    Species: Linoone
    Likes: Often likes adventure, thrilling moments.
    Dislikes: The reminder of his family.

    RP: When Aterria first noticed the trails, similar to his, a cold tingle went down his spine, he shook it off, and pursued into the strange forest, and began to run, (seeing as he is very proficient in the particular trait) keeping his eyes on the trail, when suddenly, they just stopped. Hmm... he pondered to himself, Its a dead end he thought. When he turned to leave the forest, a huge rock had appeared. His mouth dropped, as he examined the rock. Eh he had thought, but when he walked around it, the rock shifted into display, not allowing Aterria to pass. Strange... he thought, I will just have to go the other way. Now, you see, normally, other Pokemon would be freaked out, but Aterria was not easily frightened. So he dashed the opposite way, and had came upon a rock, he quickly glanced at two beings upon its top, he halted to a stop, but Aterria was running at an alarming speed, so he had slammed into the Vulpix, crashing to the ground.
  6. Jason gets a little surprised by his sudden appearance and eyes glow bright red so the only thing you can see in the deep dark black part of the trees are red glowing eyes.
  7. OOC: Please try to vary your paragraphs in length. Thank you.

    IC: Aterria would examine the red eyes, watching among us. He'd glance up at the forest, looming above us, and the hollowing sound it produced, he would smirk. Laying on the rough ground, he would slowly rise and look at the two other Pokemon. "Er..." He tried to muster the words out "Sorry...?" he spat out, nervous. Aterria was grateful he had run into others in the vast biome - He was tempted to aid the fallen Vulpix, but instead payed more attention to his surroundings.

    "Where are we...?" he would ponder, ignoring the others. Aterria would look at the blood rushing from his hind leg. Eh, just a scratch...
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  8. Screeches loudly and feels body growing "ERGH" small stone grow from paws. He still feels the pain and laughs and grins.
    Thinks to self: well i guess they know im here
  9. Name: Chrysler (CJ)
    Gender: Male
    Level: 31
    How you got in the forest: Is a homeless traveler and just happened to wind up in the forest
    Species: Emolga
    Likes: Flying, Tamato Berries, stealing
    Dislikes: Swimming, tight spaces, invasive individuals

    RP: CJ floated through the trees in the forest with a sack containing food, clothes, and other accessories necessary for survival tied to his tail. His stomach growled which prompted him to land and take a breather. Cj took the sack, opened it, and retrieved a Tamato Berry. CJ opened his mouth wide and stuffed the entire berry into his mouth and began chewing.
  10. Jason swings from tree to tree and runs into a emolga nest stealing 6 eggs from the bunch leaving only 1 "Dinners here hahah"
  11. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Thank you. This is a perfect example of how NOT to run an RP.

    FeathersTheAltaria: This is not how you start a thread. Not only did you double-post, which is not allowed by our global rules (See that edit button at the bottom of your post? It's there for a reason. USE IT!), your actual in-character introduction post is far too short, and your "ask to be a legendary" statement is in violation of our RP forum rules - it is not your place to approve Legendary Pokemon - that is strictly the responsibility of staff.

    Loxkey - You're mini-modding. That's not allowed by our global rules. Do not police the boards yourself - if you see a violation of the rules, report it using the report system and someone with the actual authority to tell the rule breaker off will do so.

    Nugget3D - You need to read the RP forum rules, STAT. Your posts are ENTIRELY not in the right format (Third person, past tense, PARAGRAPHS, not one-liners) and also you completely fail to interact with anyone else with your posts (if you can call these one-liners that) - you're just doing your own thing, and that's kind of missing the point of RP altogether.

    Clearly everyone involves needs to read the rules. I'm pulling the plug on this trainwreck. Next time any of you attempt to post in ANYTHING, make sure you follow the rules, or official warnings accompanied by warning points to your profile will follow.
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